The "Holocaust"

 Agree With the Jewish Version –
Or Go to Prison!

"...if everyone who claims to be a Holocaust survivor actually is one, who did Hitler kill?"..Norman Finkelstein (son of two survivors), in "The Holocaust Industry."

Lorraine Day, M.D. 

"The reason men are silenced is not because they speak falsely, but because they speak the truth. This is because if men speak falsehoods, their own words can be used against them; while if they speak truth, their is nothing that can be used against them -- except force." John "Birdman" Bryant

The Jews have demanded, in country after country, legislation to imprison not only those who don’t agree with the Jews’ version of history, especially in relation to the “Holocaust”, but even those who are in any way critical of the Jews – their characteristics, behavior or their culture – even if the criticism can be documented as TRUE in a legitimate court of law!

The information in the articles linked below has been written largely by Jewish authors, about the characteristics, behavior and culture of their own group – the Jews.

If a particular Jew does not think and behave in the manner described below in these articles, then this information doesn’t apply to him or her. 

But if these characteristics, behavior, and culture DO apply to Jews reading this, as many Jewish authors have documented, and they are offended - - - they must examine whether they are offended by these characteristics, behavior and culture that are common among Jews - - - OR - - are they offended because their characteristics, behavior and culture have been EXPOSED!

The mature, adult response on the part of the Jews would be to denounce their cultural anti-social behavior, and work to change it among the Jews in their Jewish community and in their dealings with the non-Jewish community.

But if they are immature, petulant, vicious and suffering from low cultural self-esteem, their response will be to attempt to silence their detractors by heaping slurs and smears on the heads of their critics, to destroy the Truth-teller’s credibility and reputation.  (That is their instruction right from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.)  Then, they will attempt to pass laws to criminalize any statements critical of Jews, even when they can be proven to be true, in a legitimate court of law!

This has already been done by the Jews in many countries, including Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and Austria.  Right now, there are a number of people languishing in prison in these countries because they have thoroughly investigated the “Holocaust” information, and they have been telling TRUTH that the Jews don’t want known. 

Here are the names of some of these Truth-tellers who either are now, or have been, in prison in these countries:  Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Germar Rudolf, Dr. Robert Faurisson, Siegfried Verbeke.  Some of these have survived severe beatings and more than one assassination attempt.  But some assassination attempts on others of these Truth-tellers have, unfortunately, been successful.

But the Jews don’t understand that no one CAN destroy TRUTH!  No matter how many people they demean and slander, no matter how many people they send to prison, no matter how many people they brutally murder, the TRUTH will still rise again - - - because it is TRUTH!

With this information in mind, please examine the articles below.

Jews refuse to
debate the Holocaust
Tell the TRUTH
about the holocaust
and go to PRISON!

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