WWII is the most well-documented war in history, but not a single photo exists to show a gas chamber extermination program of Jews and others.


 Years of savage Allied bombing of Germany led to nationwide and work camp starvation by war’s end. . . yet this photo (above) of malnourished prisoners is still used endlessly to prove’ an organized genocide.


This photo (above), shown as ‘evidence’ of the holocaust, actually is a Typhus epidemic at Germany’s Bergen Belsen Camp.  Liberated in 1946, the Brits discover a horrible scene of Typhus, spread by lice.  Bulldozers buried the victims. This is an example of camp health conditions ruined by war, but not evidence of organized extermination.  No photos of gas chamber victims exist, for the very good reason – it never really happened.  Deesillustration.com

Truth Does Not Fear Investigation