You, too, could be a Holocaust Denier!

As quite a few of us now understand, the "history making events" of the 20th century occurred as the result of a secret program of internationalist interests to acquire global control, a monstrous undertaking which may fittingly be described as the ultimate in diabolical social engineering - we might say social engineering of cataclysmic proportions.

For such a deception to succeed, the truth about its hidden origins must be not merely concealed, but must be eradicated altogether, and not merely from the history books, but from the minds of people as well. There must be nothing remaining of this truth. Everything is at stake for those who impose this deception. If the tide turns against them, their social engineering monstrosity will fail.

What this massive attempt to erase the truth relies on is the strategy of the big lie, by which a complex web of lies to replace the truth must be created and propagated as if it were the truth. This they have done and are doing. The body of lies so created is intended to have a life of its own, radically detached from the truth it is to replace. Those who contribute to the creation of the big lie must take care that the accumulation of lies, the big lie, is as internally consistent as they can make it. The other thing they must do is put every form of pressure possible on those whose minds must be cleansed of the truth.

Deep truth eradication occurs as thought control, that is, internally as thought suppression followed by thought eradication. The concept of "thought crimes" is shocking precisely because it represents an assault on the internal citadel of the self. Above that we see externally operating devices such as the elimination of books that reveal truth and expose lies; the publication of false history and other dishonest works; control of education and the media; the effort to criminalize free speech and thought; the silly political correctness game designed to con those who are never quite sure of anything; and so on. All the apparatus of truth eradication is directed ultimately at thought control. When the evil deeds are no longer retained in the minds of people, the eradication of the truth is finally accomplished.

The understanding of the big lie as, (1, coherent and cohesive only with itself and, (2, created to be a complete replacement for the truth makes it easy to understand why Ms. Lipstadt and her friends should elevate the term "holocaust denial" to cover any challenge whatsoever made to any part of the big lie. What the very nature of the struggle requires of us is to expand our understanding of what we face by studying the matter from the widest possible perspective.

In recent years more and more media attention has been devoted to the supposed danger of "Holocaust denial" in relation to Jewish suffering during World War II. Politicians and the media warn about the growing influence of those who question various aspects of the Holocaust story. In several countries, including Canada, France, Germany and Austria, "Holocaust denial" is against the law. Heretics who are guilty of this thought crime are punished with stiff fines and long prison sentences, serving side-by-side with pedophiles, rapists and murderers. If you think that those accused of "denying the Holocaust" are only charged with raising questions about what Adolf Hitler did - or didn't do - to the Jews of Europe during World War II, prepare yourself for a shock.

The fact is that the term "Holocaust denier" means much more than that, at least according to Deborah Lipstadt, author of the book, "Denying the Holocaust," which is said to be the last word on the subject.

Many people mistakenly believe that Lipstadt and others who purport to be fighting "Holocaust denial" are only concerned with preventing public debate about the historical details relating to the subject of what we remember as "the Holocaust." This is not the case at all. In fact, according to Lipstadt, if you believe, as Revisionist historians do, that:

_____ The seeds of World War II were planted in the unjust treatment dealt Germany following World War I, you are a "Holocaust denier."

_____ Adolf Hitler did not want to go to war with Poland in 1939, you are a "Holocaust denier."

_____ Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were secretly maneuvering to bring the United States into the war in Europe despite the opposition of some 90 percent of the American public at the time, you are a "Holocaust denier."

_____ FDR set the stage for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to force the United States into the war against the Axis powers, you are a "Holocaust denier."

Lipstadt says, within these historical views outlined in 1952 in Georgetown University historian Charles Callan Tansill's monumental Revisionist study "Back Door to War" - which does not address the question of whether or not Nazi Germany killed six million Jews - are "a number of arguments that would become essential elements of holocaust denial."

So don't kid yourself. Even if you have never raised any questions about "the Holocaust" per se, you are still subject to being smeared as a "Holocaust denier" if, by chance, you dare to run counter to the politically correct stance dictated by those who decide what one may - or may not - say about events of history including, but not limited to, the Holocaust.