The Supposed Attack on Elie Wiesel:
Another Jewish “False Flag” Operation! 

 Lorraine Day, M.D.



The supposed recent “attack” on Elie Wiesel by a so-called “holocaust denier” reeks with deceit!  Now that the supposed “holocaust” is being exposed in a major way, by legitimate Revisionist historians, for its lies and its shameful use as a money-making extortionist racket by the Jews, the Jews are stooping to new “lows” to try to counteract the Truth!

The “fingerprints” of the Jews are all over this one!

The recent Holocaust Revisionist conference held in Iran with its invitations to many Revisionist scholars from around the world to meet together to promote free speech and a search for the Truth, has given a new credibility to the effort to expose the lies of the “holocaust.”

The Jewish Holocaust” lobby is very concerned that the masses will learn the truth, and no longer believe their propaganda.  Their lies are starting to unravel

- - - and they are becoming more desperate than ever!

True Historical Revisionists, those who want to know the TRUTH in history, are pacifists.  They want to counteract the propaganda lies of history, vocally - by telling the truth.  They have never embraced or, in any way, encouraged violence.  They are against it.  All they want is honest, open, debate of the “holocaust” issues.

The Jews, themselves – and NOT the “Holocaust” Revisionists - are the ones who promote violence!

Over the past decades, the Jewish organizations who support Elie Wiesel and his ilk, have attempted to assassinate those who tell the Truth about the “holocaust” hoax, including pacifist, German/Canadian Publisher, Ernst Zundel, whose home was set on fire in an attempt against his life resulting in over $300,000 property damage.  Fortunately, he was not at home at the time.  And Zundel was the victim of two additional attempts on his life by pipe-bombs sent through the Canadian mail with the knowledge of the Canadian Postal authorities. 

Dr. Robert Faurisson, another Revisionist scholar and highly esteemed Professor at Lyon University in France, was beaten several times by those who wish to silence him.  One of those times, he was left for dead.  Many other Truth-tellers on this issue also have been viciously, physically attacked, and a number have been imprisoned, including those presently imprisoned, such as Ernst Zundel,  German-born Chemical expert, Germar Rudolf, Belgium Revisionist scholar, Siegfried Verbeke, and recently released Best-selling World War II historian, David Irving.

Rather than debate the “holocaust” issues publicly, the Jews have stooped to physical beatings and imprisonment of those who tell Truth. 

Obviously, the Jews are terrified that their lies about the so-called “holocaust” will be exposed and their continuous extortion plans will come to a screeching halt. 

In addition, since most Jews believe “God is dead” and no longer are held together as a group by their religious beliefs, the supposed “holocaust” has become their new religion, necessary, as one rabbi put it, to give the Jews a “WE” feeling.  The supposed “holocaust” is now the “glue” that holds Jews together.

The idea that THEIR suffering is greater than the suffering of anyone else or any other group in the world – or in history, the suggestion that anyone who says anything against the Jews, even if it can be proven in a Court of Law to be the TRUTH, might start another “holocaust,” is used by the Jews to falsely justify their oppression, denial of free speech, and even genocide (of the Palestinians and Iraqis by their proxy, the United States) of anyone who exposes their corruption.

The supposed “holocaust” is the Centerpiece of the Jewish Illuminati Plan to take over the entire world – the One World Government.

Without the supposed “holocaust,” the Jews could not extort money from nation after nation, such as Germany – for phony reparations, Swiss banks, and the United States – in loans that are never repaid! 

Without the supposed “holocaust” the Jews could not pass laws in country after country to imprison ANYONE who looks for TRUTH in history.  This has already taken place in Germany, Austria, Canada, France, Australia and other countries.  It won’t be long until the same draconian law is passed in the United States.

The Jews will stop at nothing in order to keep their “holocaust” racket going!

But now, because they want to portray the “holocaust” revisionists as violent, they obviously have hired someone to “attack” Elie Wiesel, then claim that the “attacker” is a “holocaust denier.” 

This person apparently has taken responsibility for the “attack” and is purported to be associated with the phony, supposedly anti-Zionist website, an Australian website, run by Andrew Winkler!!!, that is translated into 6 (I repeat – SIX) languages, and states it is “goyim certified.  This is obviously another “false flag” operation, run from behind by the Jews.  There is not a non-Jew on the face of the earth who would claim that their website was “goyim certified” nor would any individual, without huge money behind him (from obviously Jewish sources) be able to have the website translated immediately into SIX different languages.  Who do they – and Elie Wiesel – think they’re fooling?

Their attempts to vilify and demonize true Revisionist Historians by this gross deception of the supposed “attack” on Elie Wiesel, may be temporarily successful since the Jews own ALL the major media – including Fox News, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and all the major newspapers.  Their media cohorts will give them major press attention and many in the public will fall for their vicious, repugnant, lies.

This phony “attack” is an attempt by Elie Wiesel – and his Jewish cohorts in deception – to brainwash the public into believing that the Historical Revisionist Scholars who investigate the TRUTH of the supposed “holocaust” are actually dangerous and need to be “put away.”

But sooner or later, TRUTH will win!  It ALWAYS does – because it IS TRUTH!



Please read French Professor and Revisionist Scholar, Dr. Robert Faurisson’s assessment of the lies of Elie Wiesel, who in his (Wiesel’s) memoirs, claimed to have survived FOUR – yes, FOUR - of Hitler’s supposed “extermination” camps – Birkenau, Auschwitz, Buna, and Buchenwald! 

If Hitler was so intent on, and efficient at, exterminating Jews, how could ANY Jew have survived FOUR of Hitler’s supposed “extermination” camps?


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