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If you truly want to be well there are no "Quick Fixes". That is why I refer you to my materials, because it takes time, study and patience to get well.

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To ask Dr. Day a Question

Q1. I didn’t see anything about my particular diagnosis in the Frequently Asked Questions or in the Testimonials.  I need to know specifically what to do for my particular disease because I’m sure it’s different from all other disease and it will require special treatment.

A1.  As I say repeatedly on my website, we give ourselves diseases by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.  The ONLY way to reverse the disease – no matter what the specific diagnosis may be – is by CHANGING the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.  We have become so brainwashed by the doctors into thinking there is a very unique, specific, different, cause for each disease that we find it difficult to realize that they are ALL caused by the same factors. 

So, if you don’t happen to find your exact diagnosis on my website or in my DVDs, CDs, and books, it makes no difference.  God promises to “heal ALL our diseases” (Psalm 103:3) but ONLY if we do it HIS way.  (Deut 7:11-15)  That applies to EVERY disease.

Q2. My doctor tells me that chemotherapy and radiation are necessary to get me well from cancer but I've seen a lot of my friends get very sick and die with this treatment and I'm concerned. Will this treatment really make me well?

A2. Chemotherapy and radiation do not make the body well. They destroy, they do not heal. The hope of the doctor is that the cancer will be destroyed without destroying the entire patient. These therapies do kill cancer cells, but they kill a lot of good cells too including the cells of the immune system, the very system that one NEEDS to get well. If a cancer patient survives the treatment with enough immune system left intact, the patient may appear to get well at least temporarily, but he will have sustained major damage to his body and his immune system. How much better it is to nourish the immune system directly by the use of natural therapies to assist it in getting you well instead of destroying it by the use of these therapies. Then the immune system itself can kill the cancer cells without any side effects and heal your body at the same time.

Q3. I have heard you say that your health plan works for many different diseases. How can this be true? Isn't there a specific drug or treatment for each disease?

A3. Drugs NEVER cure diseases. Drugs, such as antibiotics, kill bacteria but they kill bacteria indiscriminately which leads to serious bowel problems. In addition, ALL antibiotics have side effects, many that are very severe and can sometimes cause death. But in most cases drugs cover up the symptoms of the disease allowing the disease to get worse. If a patient recovers, it is the immune system that has done the job. If you nourish the immune system by diet, by decreasing stress and by the use of other natural methods, it can keep you free from ALL disease.

Q4. If there really are CURES for cancer, why wouldn't my doctor tell me about them?

A4. Your doctor is trying to provide the best treatment for you within his or her knowledge. But doctors are not taught about health in medical school - only about disease. Most doctors do not receive even ONE HOUR of training in nutrition during their four years of medical school. The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. It provides much of the funding for research in medical schools and nearly all of the advertising in medical journals. It's the old GOLDEN RULE: he who has the gold - rules! So doctors learn ONLY about drugs!

Q5. Do you have TESTIMONIALS from people who have followed the Ten Step Natural Health Plan that you used to get well?

A5. Yes, there are a number of live, spontaneous Testimonials on a video on the top of my home page at, as well as on my DVDs "Believing is Seeing" and "Drugs Never Cure Disease." There are also many Testimonials that have come by letter or e-mail. Posted on this link are just a few, as we are in the process of compiling and posting large numbers from our files. Many more testimonials will be added as we have time to post them. So please check back again.

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124 Q. Did Angelina Jolie REALLY Have Her Breasts Removed? (Maybe Not!)
If she did, was that “Heroic” – or Medically Stupid?

A.  Click here to read the answer.

123. Q. What is your opinion of the recent Consumer Reports study targeting arsenic in rice?  Is this something to be concerned about? 

I have not changed my eating habits one bit - even with this "new information."   

A. The arsenic that can appear in rice and some other vegetables comes from the fertilizer (manure) made from the waste of chickens and other animals that non-vegan vegetarians eat ALL the time. Those animals are actually fed arsenic-containing compounds to make them grow faster.  So the animals people eat have FAR MORE arsenic in them than the highly diluted run-off from the fertilizer made from their waste that can be present in the surrounding soil and the water in which rice is grown. 

But no one seems to be warning those who eat the chickens and other animals about the high levels of arsenic in THOSE animals.  Why?  Because the meat and poultry lobby is far more powerful and has a lot more money than the producers of vegetables. 

This is just another way for the New World Order to frighten people away from eating healthy vegetables, fruits, and grains and instead encouraging them to eat meat, poultry, and fish - which are much more heavily contaminated - and encourage the development  ALL diseases - including cancer and heart disease.

122. Q. Is there such a thing as a “Smart” Cancer?  I have a question regarding something the oncologist told my husband today concerning his type of cancer.   The oncologist said that his cancer which is metastatic adenocarcinoma from the esophagus is a "smart" cancer and that it hides, and the immune system cannot recognize it.  She explained that the immune system bypasses it and will not attack it. But if the immune system is the only defense for fighting cancer, what do we have?

 A. As I have said so often, diseases - ALL diseases - including ALL Cancers - do NOT "fall from the sky" nor do they "just happen."  We give them to ourselves slowly, one day at a time, over a long period of time, by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.  Your husband has given himself his cancer just like I gave myself my cancer.  Neither one of us did it on purpose.  We did it ignorantly, but we did it just the same.  We suppressed our own immune system continually for many years by the incorrect way we were living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress.

Our immune system is the only system in our body that is designed to get us well and keep us well.  When we suppress it by our bad habits, then it can no longer keep us well - and we then develop a disease, such as cancer.

 Your husband’s oncologist is way off base with her analysis, but that's the kind of misinformation all of us doctors are taught in our medical training.

 Your husband’s cancer is not “smart” – nor is any other kind of cancer “smart.” The cancer isn’t "hiding" from your husband’s immune system. The real problem is that your husband’s immune system has become so suppressed over so many years, from the way he has been living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress, that his immune system is now helpless to fight the cancer.

The Health Plan that I used to Get Well is designed to Rebuild your husband’s immune system, so it can function properly and get him well and keep him well. 

Everything your doctor wants to prescribe for your husband will suppress his immune system even more! 

It is impossible to develop cancer - or any other disease - if one's immune system is functioning properly. 

Cancers don't "hide" from the immune system.  Your husband’s immune system can't attack the cancer because it is so damaged from the way he has been living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress.   

If you have a race horse that you are feeding poorly, withholding water from it,  you won't allow it to get enough rest, and you stress the horse by beating it regularly, yet you expect it to win a race for you - you aren't going to have any success.  You don't have to "hide" from the horse the fact that there is a race going on; the horse is incapable of running the race because it's too tired and too sick. 

Your husband’s immune system is incapable of “attacking” the cancer because his immune system is “too tired and too sick.” 

In answer to your last question: If the immune system is the only defense for fighting cancer what do we have? 

Indeed, our immune system is the only defense we have for fighting cancer, that's why we need to take care of it, nurture it, and Rebuild it - so it can function properly - - - which is exactly what I did in order to Reverse my cancer.  And it’s exactly what your husband can do to Rebuild his immune system.  

But everything your doctor wants to prescribe for your husband will horribly damage his immune system even more.  Both chemotherapy and radiation suppress the immune system, and both of them cause cancer.  And no cancer has ever been caused by having “too many” body parts, so cutting them out or cutting them off will not make a cancer patient well. 

Your husband didn't develop cancer of the esophagus because his esophagus was "too long."  That's why cutting some of it out will not cure him. 

Your husband can get well – but not by damaging his immune system more than it already is.  He can get well by changing the way he lives, thinks, acts, eats, and handles stress, and thus rebuild his immune system so his immune system can get him well and keep him well as it was designed to do. 

Please read ALL the articles on my website, particularly the one entitled: "You Aren't Sick because you have Cancer: You have Cancer BECAUSE you are Sick.”  The link is at the bottom of my home page.

121. Q. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy:  My friend’s child was diagnosed with Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy when he was 3 years old.  Do you have any experience regarding this disease?

A. There are very few genetic diseases.  Cancer is not genetic, nor is heart disease, nor any of the other major diseases people are developing. Those diseases we give to ourselves one day at a time by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.

But Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy is genetic.  But most genetic diseases such as hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, etc., can be modified by how well one takes care of his own body, by doing what will give maximum health, namely by being very, very, careful about the way one lives, eats, and handles stress - specifically by following God's Natural Health Plan that is in my materials in order to live within all the natural laws of health.

Please see my website at

If one already has a genetic disease, it makes no sense to make things worse by ignoring the immutable laws of health, but it makes a LOT of sense to learn what they are and to live within them.

120. Q.  Dry Eyes.  I have your “Eye See” CD but I have questions on “Dry Eye.”  I have consulted several eye specialists and currently take DHEA and lots of fish oil, and I am a vegetarian, but the larger part of my days are spent with my eyes closed due to the pain because nothing is working.

A.  Dry eyes are caused primarily from dehydration.  I discuss the causes for dehydration on my DVDs, particularly “You Can’t Improve on God” and “Diseases Don’t Just Happen.”  Dehydration is much more complex than just “not drinking enough water.”  Dehydration involves how one handles stress (Stress is VERY dehydrating), and how one eats, and how one lives, thinks and acts.  You say you are a vegetarian – but are you a vegan vegetarian – no animal products whatsoever?  And have you stopped eating ALL processed foods and all sugar and all food additives?

I personally suffered from “dry eyes” for over 20 years before I found out I had cancer.  I had gone to my ophthalmology colleagues asking them about it and they had NO clue as to what to do about it!  They just told me to use commercial eye drops.  But I knew there had to be a better answer.

When I learned how to get well from my severe cancer by totally natural methods, and I learned how to live, think, act, eat and handle stress correctly, my dry eyes went away – completely – as did my cancer, because ALL our diseases and disorders are caused by the same factors:  the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.

No doctor is ever taught how to get a patient really well.  We physicians are ALL taught – including the ophthalmologists – only how to give drugs to “treat” symptoms – or to take out organs or cut off body parts.

Fish oil – an animal product - will not help your dry eyes, nor will DHEA, which is a drug.  Supplements will not help you either, because they are ALL man-made, and the actual vitamins and minerals etc. are obtained from toxic cow livers and sewage sludge.  We should get ALL our vitamins and minerals directly from food – the way that God made it.  

Most everyone’s next comment is, “But the soil is SO depleted.  That’s why I need supplements.”  I discuss that on my DVDs – and how to overcome that problem.  I also point out that I didn’t get well from cancer a hundred years ago when the soil was better.  I got well in the last 15 years, when the soil was “depleted.”

You need to watch the materials that you have, again and again.  And you ought to obtain the other ones I recommend as necessary for Getting Started on the Health Plan.

The Health Plan is NOT a “diet.”  The proper nutrition – a totally vegan (not just “vegetarian”) natural diet – is critical for recovery from all diseases as well as maintaining good health.  But the proper nutrition is ONLY ONE Step in the Ten Step Health Plan.

It is surprising to me that even though you have my CD series “Eye See” you are still depending on drugs for your glaucoma.  Glaucoma is CAUSED by the way a person lives, eats, and handles stress.  The glaucoma medications NEVER cure glaucoma, and they have numerous SERIOUS side effects – INCLUDING “DRY EYE”! 

Your “dry eye” problem is so severe that I’m sure that it is being strongly exacerbated by the drug medication you are taking for your glaucoma.  That is why Drugs NEVER Cure disease – because they ALL have side effects which cause OTHER diseases and disorders, for which doctors give you - - - - - MORE DRUGS!

If you want to solve your health problems, you really need to get on the whole health plan, and do it with 100% commitment, because the things you are doing in the way you are living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress are CAUSING your glaucoma.  And they are also causing other diseases to “brew” in your body.  Unless you address the true, underlying cause of your glaucoma (which is detailed on my CD series, “Eye See”) you are just “waiting” for additional serious diseases to develop in your body.

I never suggest stopping drugs abruptly because that can be dangerous.  But unless you begin changing the things in your life that need to be changed, so you don’t have to use the drugs to artificially lower the pressure in your eyes, you are in for much more serious problems with your health.

I would suggest that you go on my website and read EVERYTHING there, including ALL the links at the top AND bottom of my home page.  You should especially read “Are Doctors a Gift from God?” accessed from another one of the red, oval, navigational buttons on the top left-hand side of my home page, plus, read my article “You Can’t Twitter Your Way to Health” accessed from a link at the bottom of my home page, as well as my article on how the body is designed to heal itself, if we will only let it – by CHANGING the things that are causing our own problems.

119. Q. Depression.  I began suffering depression acutely at the age of nine years. I have undergone much counseling and pharmacotherapy with little benefit noted.  Additionally I have a history of chemical dependency (clean three and one half years) and chronic fatigue.  I was raised to believe in a punitive God of judgment who would either cause or allow the vast majority of humanity to be tortured without hope of release forever. Believing this has certainly contributed to mental stress and caused me to be resentful of God and actually hate him.  I am trying to resolve this religious problem because I need a GOOD image of God in order for the A.A. program to work.

A. Unfortunately, that is the view of many organized churches - in fact MOST of them teach this blasphemy against God.

Who wouldn't hate a God like that?  It is beyond belief that people who profess to be "Christians" can claim to "love" a God who they believe will "torch" the majority of His children in burning hellfire – FOREVER!

Please do two things:

1) Go to my website at and read everything there, including ALL the links at the top AND bottom of my home page, including my article on how the body - and mind- are designed to heal themselves - when we STOP doing the things that are making them work improperly.  

Then, when you are through, go back to the upper left-hand side of my home page and click on the red, oval, navigational button that says, "What Do I Need to Get Started on This Health Plan?"  You will come to a page that says "For Patients with Cancer."  Keep scrolling down until you see the words, "For Those with Diseases Other than Cancer." THAT is the information you need to Get Started on the Health Plan - PLUS - my DVD entitled "Turn on the Light: Overcoming Anxiety and Depression WITHOUT Drugs."

Then, also go to my other website at and click on the red, rectangular, navigational button that says, "Spiritual Truth" where you will find a very different - and totally Biblical - view of God.

When you understand who God really is, and how much He loves you and is with you ALL the time - to help you through every difficulty - you won't even need A.A.

You can be totally well.  But there is NO "Quick Fix."  You have had this problem for a long time, and it will be a process reversing it.  But fortunately it doesn't take nearly as long to REVERSE the problem as it took to develop it.

When you begin to understand who God is, and how He has given us the information to Get Well from EVERY mental AND physical disease, you will be embarking on the most wonderful adventure of your life.

118. Q. Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccinations.  It seems likely from what I've read on your site that our government may force us to be vaccinated for the swine flu. This is very upsetting because this vaccine is designed to kill us from what I've read.  

That is correct.

Do you have any advice on avoiding these vaccines?  

Yes.  I will refuse to take it.

Will you get one if we are forced to?  


Should we get the vaccine shot because our government decrees it and trust God with the outcome?  

If we do that, we will NOT be standing for God.

God says, "Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  He that destroys God's temple - him will God destroy."  We cannot participate in the destruction of our own body and health.

Or should we refuse knowing it is harmful, and take the consequences.  

That's what I will do.

Do you have any plan in the event that this happens?  

Yes.  To refuse the vaccine - and to trust in God.


It would be nice to have a second home in another country to go to, or a cabin in the woods to disappear to, but my husband won't go along with this.

There is no place to hide – anywhere in the world - except in the Lord.

According to him, I'm just digging up "doom and gloom" and he doesn't want to hear about it!

He apparently wants to be an ostrich with his head in the sand. The reality you speak of - IS coming.  It's better to KNOW about it than NOT to know about it.

I'm including another question I recently received on this subject with my answer below.

Also, I am including a link to an article I wrote about "What do we Do? And Where do we Go" regarding what is happening in this country.  The link is directly below.


Hi Dr Day,

We've just been watching your interview on Edge Media TV regarding the 'Fake' swine flu epidemic. We have never believed that this is a real disease and have always believed it is manmade somewhere in a laboratory.

It doesn't make sense for it to have mysteriously appeared overnight in Mexico.

However, we are confused about what we should do about the vaccine. We know we aren't going to have the vaccine, but are getting very worried because Gordon Brown (our PM) is going to be rolling out the vaccine in the next five days with our National Health Service. We do not know yet how this is going to be done but we are worried that it may be forced upon us and we will not be given the right to refuse.

So please can you give us some advice on what we should say to these people in order to refuse the vaccine, and if there's any legal documentation we can hand to them in order to stop them giving us the vaccination.

A. If you have read the political information on my website at  you will realize that both the U.S. and the U.K. have Communist governments.  It matters not that many people, and the leaders themselves will deny that, the facts prove it to be true. Virtually ALL Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto are in working order in the governments of BOTH countries.

I have no knowledge of the UK or European laws.  But as I say above, it really doesn't matter.  Communist countries make up their own laws as they go along.  And the U.S. and UK are certainly Communist countries. This is a fact, whether or not people want to believe it.

So presenting "legal" documentation is not going to be very successful.  

That's where trust in God comes in.

If you read my article on the Coming New World Order on my website (noted above) AND its companion article "What is Happening to this Country?  What do we do?  Where do we go?" you will see the answer to your question.

There is NO place to hide except in the Lord.

Trusting in the Lord does NOT mean that they will not put you - or me - in prison.  They may well do that because we will refuse to be vaccinated. Then, after they have us in prison, they will probably tie us down and give us the vaccination anyway.

But here is the difference.  God is fully capable of inactivating the vaccine IF we are imprisoned for our refusal, and the vaccine is given to us against our will.  I'm not guaranteeing that He WILL inactivate the vaccine in that circumstance, but He certainly CAN.  But He WON'T inactivate it if we take it willingly just to stay out of prison.

Remember, when Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego were threatened with being thrown in the fiery furnace because they would not bow down to King Nebuchadnezzar's pagan image, they said, "Our God CAN protect us from the fiery furnace.  But EVEN IF HE DOESN'T - we will NOT bow down."  (Daniel, Chapter 3)

THAT is the same strength and trust in God that we must exhibit.

In the Bible, God tells us not to worry about what we will say when we are brought up before government officials, kings and rulers when we are arrested for standing up for what is right.  If we trust Him He says He will put the right words in our mouth - to speak.

Please begin to read the "Spiritual Truth" section on my website.  Click on the red, rectangular navigational button of that designation on the home page.  

There are going to be many other WORSE things happening in the near future. The U.S. and the UK are going to end up like Zimbabwe, because the SAME group that controls Mugabe and Zimbabwe is running the U.S., the UK, and the world.

117. Q. The Carrot Juice thing AGAIN!!! First I have a comment - I have read your FAQs and you have stated over and over again that Carrot juice does not turn your skin orange.  But, I have to correct you as my skin definitely turned orange from all of the carrot juice that I drank on your plan.  This could be seen in my face and the palms of my hands and feet.

A. Please read the following.  I hope we can finally lay this ridiculous subject to rest.

Please tell me, how often does ANYONE look at the soles of his or her OWN feet?  Virtually NEVER, except when someone says, "Oh, you're drinking carrot juice? I thought you looked orange."

When one handles carrots, it is true that their hands can get stained with the color of the carrots, just as your hands get stained red with beets, and blue with blueberries.  And when a person is truly following the Ten Step Health Plan they become healthy, the soles of their feet can look more ruddy because there is more blood flow to the area.  But the vast majority of people don't have anything to compare it to, because virtually NO ONE looks regularly at the soles of their feet.

And when a person is living and eating healthier, their skin - particularly of the face - will also be pinker and not so pale.  And if a person is getting out in the sun, as they should, they will also be tan.  So, when a person is living a healthier life, which includes drinking carrot juice and getting sunshine, this healthier look gets falsely interpreted as looking "orange."

People are so propagandized to think that drinking carrot juice is "weird" that the power of suggestion is overwhelming.

If your skin is really "orange" then you are suffering from JAUNDICE, and that means that you are either in liver failure, or suffering cirrhosis from alcoholism or some other life-threatening disease, or you have obstructed your bile duct with a gall stone, or you have some other very serious liver disease.

In addition, there are over TWO HUNDRED DRUGS, many of which are very common over-the-counter drugs, that can cause jaundice.  Here is a list of just some of the drugs that people may recognize, drugs that many people, unfortunately, take regularly, or at least frequently: Advil, Aldomet, aspirin, Bumex, Butazolidine, certain Antibiotics, Chemotherapy drugs, certain Antidepressants, certain anti-diabetic drugs, Cimetidine, Coumadin/Warfarin, Darvon, Darvocet, Depo-provera, Excedrin, Haldol/Haloperidol, Hydroxyprogesterone, Ibuprofen, Indocin, Lasix, Mellaril, Midol, Motrin, Niacin, Estradiol, Oral Contraceptives, Pamprin, Premarin, steroids, sulfa drugs, taxol testosterone, thorazine, valium.

People, particularly women, unfortunately, take many of these drugs regularly.  But it never dawns on them that these HARMFUL DRUGS – made by “man” - could be the source of their JAUNDICE!  They prefer, instead, to blame it on something that is actually GOOD for you – Carrot Juice – made by God, and one of the healthiest foods on the face of the earth!

So, if you are really “Orange” you are suffering from JAUNDICE!  STOP blaming it on carrot juice.  Instead, take a hard look at the other things you are doing in your life.

116. Q.  Erectile Dysfunction (ED).  Can Erectile Dysfunction in older men be reversed by following your books and tapes?

A. Yes, absolutely.  When men are not living, eating, and handling stress properly, they will develop arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) that causes a decrease in the blood flow to the areas that the arteries “feed.” This affects the arteries in the penis as well as the arteries everywhere else in the body.

In addition, arteriosclerosis is associated with high blood pressure and other disorders that are often treated with drug medications, many of which cause impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction.  Once the man learns how to live, think, act, eat, and handle stress properly, the arteriosclerosis (and other diseases) will begin to reverse, his blood flow will improve dramatically, and he will also eventually have no need to take medications for any disease, and ED will no longer be a problem.

If one really follows all Ten Steps of the Health Plan that is on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books, the ED can be reversed in as short a time as 3-4 months.  Sometimes it may take longer.  Of course, it requires a real commitment to all of the steps of the Health Plan.  One cannot just do a little here and a little there and expect to reverse YEARS of BAD living, eating and handling stress.

Viagra, Cialis, and other drugs are NOT the answer to erectile dysfunction.

The following are just a few of the side effects of Viagra, as reported in the Physician’s Desk Reference, the “bible” of drugs for doctors, produced by the pharmaceutical companies who make the drugs:

Cardiac arrest, stroke, heart failure cardiomyopathy, rectal hemorrhage, low white blood cell count, bone pain, joint pain, depression, abnormal ejaculation, genital edema, seizures, priapism (a painful erection lasting longer than 6 hours) that can lead to tissue necrosis (gangrene) of the penis.

Here are just some of the side effects listed for Cialis by the pharmaceutical company who makes it: sudden cardiac death, stroke, heart attack, retinal artery occlusion causing blindness, priapism (painful erection lasting longer than 6 hours which can result in necrosis (gangrene) of the penis, heart pain, chest pain, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, difficulty swallowing, abdominal pain, vomiting, joint pain, difficulty breathing, blurred vision, eye pain, swelling of eyelids, spontaneous erection.

If tissue necrosis (gangrene) of the penis is severe, it could require surgical amputation.

These are very dangerous drugs, drugs that can maim and kill! 

115. Q. Tetanus shots.  Do tetanus shots work or are they a hoax? My doctor wants to give me a booster but I don't take any vaccines. Should I make an exception?

A. Incidence of Tetanus in the U.S.

Between the years 1995 and 2005 (a period of 11 years) there were just 386 total cases of tetanus in the U.S. That's about 35 cases per year out of about 300 million people.  Of that amount, approximately 4 of those each year died from the disease.

How is the Tetanus Vaccine made?

Vaccines made for children (under seven) and for adults and children (over seven) BOTH contain thiomerosal (a mercury compound that causes autism, learning disabilities, and many other neurological atrocities), formaldehyde - a poison used to embalm the dead, aluminum (strongly suspected to be a factor in Alzheimer's) and, of course, the tetanus organism itself - which when injected into your body CAN GIVE YOU the disease.

The cell cultures in which the vaccine is made must be fed with fetal calf serum (obviously from cows that may have Mad Cow Disease, plus other diseases).

How Safe is the Vaccine?

Numerous studies have linked Tetanus vaccination to Severe and even Fatal reactions, including neurological and paralytic disorders such as Guillain-Barre syndrome, demyelinating diseases, arthritis, joint inflammation, anaphylactic shock (which often causes death), cerebral palsy, grand mal seizures, autoimmune diseases, and other life-threatening allergic reactions.

One study shows that FIFTY PERCENT of diagnosed asthma cases (2.93 million) in U.S. children and adolescents would be prevented if the DPT (diphtheria, pertussis - whooping cough - and tetanus) or isolated tetanus vaccine were not given.

The vaccine is definitely NOT safe!

How Effective is the Vaccine?

Several studies have shown that Tetanus can occur in fully vaccinated people, even when their tetanus anti-toxin levels are substantially above officially established protective levels.

In the September 2000 issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal there was reported a case of tetanus in a patient whose tetanus antitoxin level was more than 20 times higher than ‘protective levels’ reported by the Provincial Health laboratory in Toronto.

The Vaccine is definitely NOT effective!

Is the Vaccine being used for Population Extermination?

Yes, definitely.

Vials of the vaccine were tested in the Philippines and found to contain hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) a hormone that helps ready the uterus for fertilization.  When included in the vaccine, the human body makes antibodies AGAINST hCG, thus making the woman infertile.

This diabolic plan was the result of collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank, the Population Council of the Rockefeller Foundation, and the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH).  The NIH supplied the hCG for some of the original anti-fertility experiments.

How to avoid developing Tetanus if exposed

Careful attention to wound hygiene will eliminate the possibility of Tetanus in most cases.  Wash the wound thoroughly and repeatedly with voluminous amounts of soap and water.  Deep puncture wounds and wounds with a lot of dead or crushed tissue should be thoroughly cleaned, the dead tissue removed surgically and under sterile conditions by a surgeon and the wound should not be closed surgically.  It should be allowed to heal from the bottom up.

A Tetanus immune globulin - an antitoxin - (obtained from people who HAVE BEEN immunized with Tetanus toxoid vaccine) can be administered when one has already been exposed to the tetanus organism.  This will give the injured person ready made tetanus antibodies when they need them.  Although this also has some risk because there is a slight chance that the immune globulin could have come from a person with AIDS or hepatitis, even though testing on the immune globulin should have been done. 

I'm not recommending that someone get the tetanus antitoxin necessarily, I am only remarking that it is available - after the fact - after the person has been injured.  So the injured person can decide at that time whether he or she would want to take the immune globulin antitoxin.

With all this information, you can understand why I, personally, would NEVER be vaccinated with tetanus - nor any other vaccine. Nor would I recommend that anyone else be vaccinated.

The information given here was obtained from the book, Vaccine Safety Manual, by Neil Miller.  The book can be obtained from the website or probably from

I strongly recommend that everyone have a copy as it is fully documented with hundreds of medical references and contains a huge amount of life-saving information.  There is much more information in this book than I have told you here, on the adverse effects of Tetanus vaccine (as well as every other vaccine known to man) in this book.

114. Q. Shampoo, deodorant, make-up, toothpaste, etc.  What is safe to use?  Have you published a list of products and or companies?  Can I trust the labels? 

A. No, I don't publish a list of products and companies - for several reasons.

1.  Even though I don't endorse putting knowingly bad cosmetics on one's face, getting well and staying well are FAR more related to what one puts in their mind (the way one thinks), heart (the way one treats others), mouth (the food one eats), ears (what one listens to i.e. the type of music, etc), eyes (what one watches on TV and in movies), than what one puts on their face.

2.  Companies change their products so often that it would be impossible for me to try to keep up with them.  And as I said, that is such a small part of being well that it's not worth my time to do that.

3.  Here are a few rules that are helpful.

a.  Don't use a deodorant with aluminum in it.  Go to a Health Food store and read the labels.  Try to find one with natural ingredients.

b.  Don't use any toothpaste with fluoride in it.  Fluoride is very harmful.  It causes brittle bones, rapid aging of the skin, it suppresses brain function (it is a major ingredient in some general anesthetics we use in the operating room to anesthetize a person for surgery), and it does NOT prevent cavities.  There is a DEATH Warning on every tube of toothpaste with Fluoride.  Read it and take it seriously.  It is TRUE.

There is a brand named Tom's of Maine that is carried at many health food stores.  However, you must carefully read             the label because they make toothpaste WITH fluoride and WITHOUT Fluoride.  The toothpaste WITHOUT fluoride will say "Propolis and Myrrh" and will NOT say "Fluoride."  That is the good one.

c.  As far as cosmetics go, it's a "crap-shoot."  You just have to do the best you can with reading labels.  The cosmetics in health food stores aren't necessarily healthier, they have just been developed without experimentation on animals.  That helps the animals but it’s not that helpful for people, because many of the ingredients are the same as those found in regular commercial cosmetics.

d.  I don't endorse sunscreen at all.  Some of them actually cause cancer.  One needs the sun to be healthy, but one should not get burned.  I explain how to do this on my DVD 'You Can't Improve on God."

Again, diseases - including all cancers - are CAUSED by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.  In order to REVERSE diseases - including all cancers - we must CHANGE the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress. 

I agree that we should be careful about the cosmetics we put on our face and skin, but except in highly unusual cases, that is a miniscule part of the problem.

113. Q. Can a blast of light really kill Breast Cancer?  There is a “new” technique promoted in the media suggesting that strong beams of laser light can kill Breast Cancer?  Is that true?

A. You are referring to Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) in which “a drug is injected into the patient’s bloodstream that makes the cancer cells extremely sensitive to light” according to the promoters of this “therapy.”  They say that when a low-level laser beam is shone at the cancer through the skin, the cells self-destruct.

The problem is the same here as with every other technique that is aimed at “destroying” cancer cells.  “Destroying” cancer is NOT the answer to cancer.

In order to Get Well from ANY type of cancer, one must STOP doing the things that have CAUSED the cancer in the first place, and START doing the things that will REBUILD the Immune System, the ONLY system in the body that can Get us well, and Keep us well.

How many times have I said that Cancer does NOT “fall out of the sky” nor does it “just happen”?  We give it to ourselves one day at a time, by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.

If one keeps on living, eating, and handling stress as they always have – in the same way that CAUSED them to develop their cancer in the first place – the cancer will obviously come back, either in the same place or in a different place in the body, or the person will develop another life-threatening disease.

112. Q. How important is the pH?  What should I do to make my pH alkaline?

A. A lot is being written about the pH these days – in fact – WAY too much!  It is true that for good health the pH of the blood must be kept at approximately 7.4 - which is alkaline.  It is also true that cancer thrives in an acidic pH, a pH lower than 7.4.

But it is not beneficial to try to arbitrarily manipulate one’s pH by taking certain drugs or supplements.  If one follows ALL Ten Steps the Health Plan including the proper totally vegan diet, with no sugar, no processed food, no coffee, tea, or alcohol, and all the other steps, including learning to handle stress, one’s pH will automatically be maintained at 7.4 - the proper alkaline level - the way God has designed it.

It is technically possible to manipulate the pH to “normal” at 7.4 (by administering intravenous solutions of various types in a hospital setting) even in a person who is still very sick.  But that, of course, is foolishness and futile.  The person may have a “normal” pH by laboratory tests - but he is STILL sick!

True health will be achieved only when the proper pH is being maintained by a healthy body that is functioning properly.  That is the result of following God’s Ten Step Health Plan, as detailed in my materials.

111. Q. Mannatech glyconutrients.  What is your take on Mannatech products?  Some people say they are necessary for good health.

A. Mannatech is a multinational firm engaged in multi-level marketing of glyconutrients, combinations of isolated sugars that are more appropriately found in natural whole foods.  All the glyconutrients one needs to be healthy are provided in natural whole foods - fruits, grains and vegetables in their natural form – the most perfect form for the body’s use, and the way God created them.

Unfortunately, “man” is always trying to improve on what God has created.  But “man’s” attempts are always unsuccessful because “You Can’t Improve on God” – which is the name of my DVD that explains in detail exactly HOW God wants us to Get Well and Stay Well.

When “scientists” attempt to take food apart in order to isolate, concentrate, and patent certain constituents of the food, the result is a drug-like product that can be harmful to the body.  Whereas, in natural whole food, God has, in His wisdom, surrounded the essential nutrients with all the other factors that make the nutrients easily assimilated by the body in a form that is never toxic.

God has commanded us NOT to take apart the food that He has created for our health.  The Bible says,

“What God has joined together, let no man put asunder (take apart).”  Matthew 19:6

Usually one hears this Bible passage read at weddings in regard to the married couple being joined together for life.  But God’s command also applies to food.  God has made our natural whole food in the most perfect form possible.  We are not to take it apart to try to make it “better” – because – You CAN’T Improve on God!

110. Q. 13 year-old being forced by the courts to take chemotherapy. Recently a family has lost a battle with the court system concerning the treatment of their son who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma.  A judge ordered chemo for the 13 year-old boy against his parents’ wishes.  I didn't know that they could force chemo on children!  I am familiar with your story and experience and expertise.  Please help this boy, his parents, and his seven siblings by becoming involved.

A. Indeed, Organized Medicine can use the courts to force parents to give chemotherapy to their child with cancer, a "treatment" that CAUSES cancer. That reveals the extreme arrogance and stupidity of the Medical Industry and the Judicial System.  They think they are helping the young boy when they are actually harming him.

It's a crime of the worst kind.  But there is an answer to the problem.

The Health Plan that I used to get well from life-threatening cancer requires that ALL Ten Steps must be followed with 100% commitment. One off the steps in the Health Plan is learning to Trust God.  God has promised that He will never leave us or forsake us - IF we trust Him.  I had to learn to trust Him with my very life at a point when it looked like I was going to die.

When problems are too big for "man" to solve, that is when we must turn to God. There is NO problem too big for the Lord. 

When everything is going well, we don't need God.  We think we can run our life just fine.  But when trouble hits, that's the time to turn to God. Unfortunately, most people still don't turn to God, because they have never learned to know Him.  It is daily Bible study and prayer that gets us in touch with the Lord.

The place for these people to turn is to the smartest Person in the Universe, the One who knows exactly what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, and a year from now, the One who has ALL the answers - Jesus Christ.

That is where I turned when there was no place else to go.  And that is where they should turn also.   That is certainly what I would do if I were in the same situation.   

God makes sure that all of us, at some time or another, have problems that are TOO BIG for us to solve - because there is nothing too hard for the Lord.  If we can fix all our own problems, why do we need the Lord?!

The hardest thing we must do is to learn to Trust Him.  In fact, that is the ONLY reason we are all on this earth - to learn to TRUST God.

109. Q. Farrah Fawcett’s cancer.  I know this may sound “gutsy” of me, but I saw Farrah Fawcett’s story on television and I couldn’t help but think of you and your story.  I believe you and Farrah are both in California, correct?  My question is, can you help her?  I think this could be a great way for people to understand natural healing vs. orthodox medicine.  Farrah’s story is very “high profile” right now and if she was cured by your help, it would be big news and the world will hear about “natural healing”!

A. ALL Cancers - and ALL Diseases - are caused by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.  In order to Get Well, one must be WILLING to CHANGE everything about his or her life. And even more importantly, one must BELIEVE that God's Health Plan WILL work. The only way to come to that conclusion is to diligently study the Health materials and God’s Word, and understand WHY the Health Plan works.

Fame and fortune are huge disadvantages to understanding how to get well from illness. The more money and prominence a person has, the more he or she wants to "trust the (supposed) experts."  They care VERY MUCH about what other people think, and they believe they know what is best, and they frequently judge the method of treatment by how expensive it is. The more expensive it is, the better it is - they erroneously believe.

They are not independent thinkers nor do they want to do anything that would bring disapproval from their family and friends.  

In addition, nearly ALL the rich and famous are atheists or agnostics. They don't believe in God.  It is impossible to understand Truth unless God opens one's mind to the truth.  The Bible tells us:

"The Natural man (the unspiritual man - or woman - the person who ONLY understands with the five senses, as one understands a book of physics, literature, or philosophy - the person who does NOT believe in God) does NOT receive (CANNOT understand) the things of the Spirit (Spiritual things); they are FOOLISHNESS to him; neither can he know (understand) them, because Spiritual things are (ONLY) Spiritually discerned (understood)."  1 Corinthians 2:14

Jesus spent most of His time on earth in Galilee - what we would now consider a blue-collar, relatively uneducated, area - "because the COMMON people heard Him gladly."  All of the disciples Jesus picked were common men - fishermen, tax collectors, etc., except one - Judas - and the Bible says he was a thief, a traitor, and ultimately responsible for the betrayal of Christ to His death. 

Jesus did NOT spend His time in Jerusalem trying to convince the Pharisees of the truth. They were all puffed up with themselves.  They were the "rich and famous" of Jesus' time.

To the people of the latter days of earth's history (right now) Jesus said,

"I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot (spiritually): I wish you were either cold or hot.

"So then because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of my mouth,

"Because you say 'I am rich, and have become wealthy and have need of nothing' but you do not know that you are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked (spiritually).  

"I counsel you to buy from Me gold (God's Word) tested in the fire (of trials) that you may be rich (spiritually) and white raiment (Christ's righteousness) that you may be clothed and that the shame of your nakedness (not knowing Jesus Christ) may not be revealed, and anoint thine eyes with eye salve (God's spiritual understanding) that you may see (understand truth)." 

Revelation 3:15-17

Jesus also said:

"I thank Thee O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that Thou hast hid these things from the (supposed) wise and prudent             (the rich and famous who do NOT understand God's Ways because they trust in "MAN" (doctors) and NOT in God) and you have revealed them unto minors (meaning those who are NOT rich and famous - those who just want to learn Truth   and Trust in God), even so Father, for it seemed good in Thy sight."  Luke 10:21

It is ONLY when a person truly seeks after God and HIS righteousness and HIS wisdom, that the person can properly understand Truth, because Jesus said:

"I AM the . . . TRUTH."  John 14:6

If a person truly TRUSTS God,

"God's Spirit will lead us into ALL truth."  John 16:13

If a person does NOT trust God, he or she will be unable to understand Truth.

Why does Micheal J. Fox continue to drink Diet Pepsi containing Aspartame (Nutrasweet) a dangerous compound that has been shown in medical studies to contribute in a major way to Parkinson's and many other diseases?

Why does Patrick Swayze allow the doctors to continue to give him poisonous chemotherapy - a "treatment" that CAUSES cancer?  And why does he continue to push himself to work when a sick body needs REST?

The reasons are the same.  They have NO ability to understand God's Truth about how to be well.

If you are interested in getting the Truth about how to get well to someone with cancer or any other disease, go ahead and contact that person and suggest they visit my website at then pray for them.  Pray that he or she will decide to seek God and learn to understand Truth!

But remember, as one wise philosopher said, " A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still."

In this situation, the old adage is true:  "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

It is only Jesus who can open our mind to understand the Truth of His ways!

But Hollywood, in particular, mocks, denigrates, and scoffs at Jesus Christ, Christianity, and the Bible.  The actors and producers make films that glorify violence, sexual degradation, filth, atheism, and the adoration of "man."  They don't understand that the worst thing about sin is not recognizing anymore that it IS sin!

108. Q. Is Swine Flu serious?  Will it really be a Pandemic?  What is your opinion of the swine flu outbreak in Mexico?  I live in Mexico City, and know some doctors, but not one of them has seen a case of the swine flu.  So far the media says that they have confirmed 20 deaths from swine flu in the whole country (out of 100 million people), but can’t figure out if they were men or women, or any other details about them.  They also say that so far 143 died from swine flu, yet they admit that only 20 of those were confirmed swine flu.  It seems so vague to me.  I strongly suspect all this is media hype to affect Mexico’s economy, to enrich pharmaceutical companies who will most likely order mass vaccinations, etc.  What is your opinion on all of this?

A. The Swine Flu "Pandemic" is a total HOAX! Please click here for my complete answer.

107. Q. Shingles.  I am a 42 year-old man who has been suffering with recurring shingles for approximately 18 years.  I lost my spleen at 13 years of age so this hasn’t helped.  At the moment I am taking drugs constantly, famciclovir, penicillin v and ibuprofen.  I run my own business so I also know this is not helping.  If I stop my tablets then immediately get a severe outbreak on my head, can you advise me please.

A. I never endorse the idea of a person stopping his or her drugs abruptly.  One must first get on the Health Plan that is in my materials and begin to follow it with 100% commitment.  Then the person can, if they so choose – as soon as their health begins to improve - begin cautiously to cut back on their drug medication.

The doctors will tell you that Shingles (Herpes Zoster) occurs when the virus that causes chicken pox starts up again in your body.  They say that after you get better from the chickenpox, the virus “sleeps” (is dormant) in your nerve roots, and it “wakes up” again when disease, stress, or aging weakens the immune system. 

Well, they are partially correct.  When the immune system is weakened from stress, or the terrible way we eat, or from harbored anger or grudge-holding or destroying our minds from listening to the wrong music or what we watch (on TV or what we read in books) or how we live, then diseases appear – including shingles.  However, what about the people who develop shingles who have never had the chickenpox? 

A major cause of shingles is stress.  And in addition, because of the stress and the way one lives, thinks, act, handles stress, and eats, shingles can often be the harbinger of a more serious, life-threatening, disease.

ALL disease is caused by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress (whether or not one has had the chickenpox).  The ONLY way to get rid of shingles - or any other disease - is to change the things in one's life that are causing the problem. THAT is the information on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books.

Even though I don't mention Shingles specifically in my materials (it’s impossible to name each disease individually), as I said, ALL diseases are caused by the same factors:  the way we live, think, act, eat and handle stress.  So the Health Plan applies to ALL disease, including Shingles.

DRUGS NEVER Cure Disease - which is the name off one of my DVDs.

They only cover up the symptoms while the problem continues to get worse.  And they ALL have side effects that harm the body and often lead to even more serious diseases.  Please see my website at  

There is NO "Quick Fix" as you have learned.  But one can get rid of the shingles by learning to change, in a major way, virtually everything about one's life.  When you eliminate the factors that are causing the disease, then the disease will go away.

106. Q. Neuroendocrine cancer.  My mother has Stage 4 neuroendocrine carcinoma (very rare form of cancer) and she is convinced that natural therapies as an alternative to chemotherapy will work better for her in the long run.  The oncologists in both Singapore and Malaysia have advised her to do otherwise.  Without chemotherapy, they say her survival rate is zero.  I realize that natural therapy has been used for the more common types of cancer (adeno-carcinomas), but I’m afraid it might not work as effectively for the neuroendocrine carcinomas since they are hormone-secreting and travel through the whole body.

A. I don't want to trivialize your mother's situation in any way.  I realize that it is very serious.  But cancer is cancer!  It doesn't matter if the doctors say it is "rare" or "very difficult to deal with.”  ALL cancer is caused by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.  And ALL cancer is Reversible, by changing the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress. That is the GOOD NEWS!

My cancer was diagnosed as "terminal" - yet here I am 17 years later, alive, well and cancer-free!  

Chemotherapy CAUSES cancer.  And so does Radiation.  Every doctor knows that - including the doctors that are telling your mother she should have it.  Chemotherapy DESTROYS the immune system - the ONLY system in our body that can get us well and keep us well.

The reason the doctors say that your mother should have chemotherapy is that they don't know what else to do.  That is all we are ever taught in our medical training - to give POISONOUS chemotherapy, or BURNING radiation - or MUTILATING surgery.  NONE of these things cure cancer, because cancer is not caused by a deficiency of chemotherapy, or a deficiency of radiation, or a deficiency of mutilating surgery.

As I said above, Cancer IS caused by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.  If your mother is willing to change just about everything in her life, she CAN get well - totally well.  

But chemotherapy will - in the long run - make your mother worse, and may even lead to her death.  Just think about it.  It is impossible to get a sick person well by giving them Poison!

ALL cancers 'travel throughout the whole body" because the same blood that runs through the tumor runs through the whole body.  

By the time a cancerous tumor is large enough to be diagnosed, it has been there for several years.  And the same blood that has been circulating through the tumor has been circulating through the whole body.

But even cutting out the tumor does NOT cure a person, because they still have the rest of their body left.  And the rest of their body is what allowed the cancer to develop in the first place.

Cancer is a disease of the whole body - just like chicken pox is.  You would never ask a surgeon to cut out all the pox marks on the skin of a child with chicken pox - "so the child would be well."  That would be silly because chicken pox is a systemic disease.  The pox marks in the skin are only a local manifestation of a body that is totally sick.  When you get the sick body well - then the chicken pox marks will go away.

It's the same way with cancer.  When a person gets the whole body well, the cancer will go away.

I know how you feel.  When I developed cancer and got so terribly sick, my 2 sons were ages 16 and 21 - way too young to lose their mother - as you are.

Your mother CAN get well, as I said.  

ALL disease, including ALL cancer, is a "Spiritual problem."  It begins in the "heart" because we want to live, think, act, eat and handle stress OUR way rather than God's way.  I'm not saying that we do it on purpose.  Most people don't know that the very things that they are doing every day are the things that are making them sick.  I sure didn't - and I'm a doctor.  I didn't know any more when I first developed cancer than your mother's doctors know now.

But one thing I DID know was that I was not going to have chemotherapy, radiation or mutilating surgery because I had seen too many thousands of patients DIE from the "treatment" we give them for cancer.  That is why I began searching around for a real way to get well.

Once your mother learns about the things in her life that she must stop doing, and the things that she must start doing - and actually does them - she will be on her way to getting well.

105. Q. Pregnant with breast cancer.  I am writing you on behalf of my 28 year old sister who is 30 weeks and 4 days pregnant. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer on Thursday and met with her doctors for a consult yesterday. They want to deliver the baby at 32 weeks (in 10 days) so they can begin chemo and then surgery. The doctors think chemo is safe while pregnant in the third trimester but my sister said she refuses to undergo chemo while pregnant so the doctors want to deliver the baby soon. The doctors are not sure yet but they think the cancer is stage 2 or 3 based on the size of the growth.  Is the aggressive juicing diet is safe for pregnancy due to the detox that will occur. I am ordering many of your materials. We only have 10 days until the doctors plan to deliver the baby. Do you have any advice or instructions to follow because she is pregnant?

A. I cannot tell your sister what to do, but I CAN tell you what I would do if I were in the same situation as your sister.

I would NOT have chemotherapy - EVER, nor would I allow the doctors to terminate my pregnancy early.

Your sister gave herself this cancer, just like I gave myself my cancer. Neither of us did it on purpose.  We did it because we were ignorant of what causes cancer.

The Health Plan that I used to get well is NOT a "diet."  I repeat, the Health Plan that I used to get well is NOT a "diet."  The proper nutrition is critical for recovery but it is only ten percent of the Health Plan.  In order to get well, one must follow ALL Ten Steps with 100% commitment.

ALL disease - including Cancer - begins in the "heart" because we want to live, think, act, eat, and handle stress our way, rather than God’s way. The ONLY way to reverse Cancer is to STOP doing the things that are causing it and START doing the things that will REBUILD the immune system - the ONLY system in our body that God has given us to get us well.

Neither your sister nor anyone else can develop cancer unless their immune system has been severely suppressed by the way they have been living, thinking, acting, eating and handling stress their whole life. Chemotherapy is poison!  It will suppress her immune system even MORE!  And that is the system she needs in order to Get Well.

Again, if I were in her "shoes," I would get the materials that I recommend on my website at (click on the red, oval, navigational button at the top left-hand side of my home page that says, "How to Get Started on This Health Plan") and DIG IN and begin diligently studying ALL the materials.

Again, if I were in her shoes, I would not be at all concerned about what you term the "aggressive juicing program."  I assume that your sister is not diabetic.  That would be the only reason that I personally would go slower on the carrot juices, until I reversed the diabetes - which is reversed rapidly when one is eating and exercising properly.

The juices are FOOD - as God made it - in the concentrations that God created it.  Ob-Gyn doctors give pregnant women their vitamins and minerals in MAN-made pills.  Why do they think they can improve on the way God made vitamins and minerals in natural food.

One more thing, God's Plan cannot be combined with "man's" way (chemo, radiation and mutilating surgery) and be expected to succeed.

Your sister must make a choice:  will she follow GOD'S way - or will she follow “man's" way (the doctors’ way)!

God has PROMISED to "heal ALL our diseases" (Psalm 103:3) but ONLY if we do it HIS way - and NOT "man's (the doctors') way.  God says, in Deut 7:11-15, "IF you follow My LAWS (that includes the Ten Health Laws on my DVDs) My Commandments (ALL TEN of them - I talk a lot about what that means on one CD in my CD series "Stress Success: Overcoming Stress in a Stressful World"), and My decrees (including that things I mentioned about loving one's enemies, forgiving all who have ever wronged you, etc), I WILL keep you FREE from EVERY Disease."  That is the wonderful promise of God.

God PROMISES to heal ALL our diseases - but ONLY if we follow HIS ways and NOT the ways of the doctors.  Naturally, that requires one to really learn to trust in GOD - and not in a "church."

Cancer is a wonderful opportunity to learn to trust God.  It was the BEST thing that ever happened to me.  I admit, at the time it was pretty traumatic and I would not have recognized the "benefits" of what I was going through.  But looking back, I realize that God got my attention through my having cancer - and He showed me how to straighten out my whole life.

The Health Plan WORKS - but ONLY if you actually DO it!

104. Q. Young man, age 32, with ALS.  My friend who is 32 was just diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), and I was wondering if your plan can help him.  I have known two people with cancer who have followed your plan and it totally cured them.  My friend is a new father and he is scared.  He believes in the Lord and the power of prayer.  Can your plan help him? 

A. ALS is caused by the SAME factors that cause every other disease, including cancer.

Your friend has given himself ALS by the way he has been living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress - the very same way I gave myself Cancer.  The good news is that we can REVERSE these diseases by CHANGING the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.

Your friend is very young to have been diagnosed with ALS.  That suggests that his lifestyle, diet, and ways of handling stress must be very bad.

But he can reverse his ALS if he learns the things that he is doing that are causing the problem and decides to change almost everything in his life - so he can get well.  I have seen it happen.  Everything your friend needs to know to get well is in the materials on my website at

Drugs NEVER cure disease - whether the disease is ALS, or Cancer, or any other disease.

But he CAN get well.  It's up to him.  He can live a healthy, disease-free life and live to see his grandchildren grow up.

103. Q. Gum and Bone loss around the Teeth. Is there a cure for severe gum and bone loss?  I'm a 50 yr old male and my dentist says there isn't anything to help me but a drug that is very expensive or maybe surgery which is more expensive. I take care of my teeth, brush, floss, use mouthwash but it doesn't work.  My dentist says its hereditary.

A. Bone loss, in general, in the bones of the body is called Osteoporosis.   Bone loss around the teeth (called Periodontal disease) is caused by the same factors that cause Osteoporosis - or bone loss - in the rest of the body.  I discuss Osteoporosis in great detail in my Workbook entitled "Getting Started on Getting Well" and also on my DVD, “Diseases Don’t Just Happen.” The Workbook cannot be used alone. It is designed to help one implement the Health Plan that is on my DVDs, particularly the DVDs, "You Can't Improve on God" and "Diseases Don't Just Happen."  Please see my website at

I have more interest in Periodontal disease than most physicians because I was a Dental Hygienist for 6 years before I went to medical school, and continued at that occupation for an additional 4 years while working my way through medical school.

102. Q.  Femur fracture in my 80 year-old mother.  I've just bought your DVDs "You Can't Improve on God" and "Diseases Don’t Just Happen" and am now viewing them as often as I can.

One question I'd like to ask is, last week my 80 year old mother fell down and broke her left femur bone. Doctors have scheduled her for metal screw operation in a few days time. I'm not a fan of conventional medical treatments but in her case is there any other alternative therapy?  Is putting in metal screws in her bone the only option left for her?

A. God PROMISES to "heal ALL our diseases" (Psalm 103:3) but ONLY if we do it HIS way (by the things that HE has made - in the form that HE made them) and ONLY HIS way.  (Deut 7:`11-15)

But episodes of Trauma - including broken bones and poisonings and accidents of any sort - are not in the category of "Diseases."  They are in the category of Trauma.  Trauma, in the strictest sense, is not caused by the way we think, act, live, eat and handle stress.

Diseases are caused by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress. Diseases can be reversed by changing the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.

But trauma - such as broken bones – is not primarily caused by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.  If you break your femur, you need to have it repaired by an Orthopedic Surgeon - as soon as possible, with hardware, either metal screws and a plate or a metal rod or whatever is appropriate for the specific fracture.

Broken bones occur more often in the elderly because 1) they fall more often, and 2) their bones have become fragile.

The important thing to understand is that the number one cause of falls in the elderly is the DRUGS prescribed by their doctors (virtually all of which make them less mentally alert and more unstable in their walking).  The elderly are on often on multiple DRUGS because they are suffering from many different diseases that they brought on themselves (as everyone does) by the way they have been living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress ALL their life.

Then, their bones have become fragile – not just because of "old age" - but because of the way they have been living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress ALL their life.  One’s lifestyle, the type of food one eats, what one drinks, how one handles stress, and the drugs a person is taking, are ALL contributory factors to the development of Osteoporosis. 

All the things that cause brittle and fragile bones (Osteoporosis) in the elderly are covered in my materials, with all the medical references that support what I say. The medically documented causes of Osteoporosis are very different from what the media will tell you, and even very different from what your doctor will tell you.  Drugs will not reverse osteoporosis.

Your mother needs to have her broken femur fixed surgically as soon as possible. It is not good for an older person to lie around in bed.  They will become disoriented and they may develop blood clots that can go to their lungs and cause them to become very ill, and maybe even die.  She needs to be up and out of bed as soon as possible.  The best way to accomplish that is for her to have her broken femur surgically stabilized with some type of hardware.

So your mother did contribute to her weak bones by years off living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress wrong.  Of course, she didn't do it on purpose. (None of us do it on purpose.)  But she did it nonetheless.

Now the doctors will probably want to put her on an osteoporosis DRUG, which, in the long run, will only make her medical condition worse, because Drugs NEVER Cure Disease.

I discuss Osteoporosis and its causes and prevention in my DVD, "Diseases Don't Just Happen" plus in my Workbook, "Getting Started on Getting Well."

101. Q. Give me a guarantee that your plan will cure my wife’s cancer.  My wife has invasive ductile carcinoma, we just got the diagnosis. I will document every single day that she works your plan.  Will you give me a guarantee that your plan will cure all her cancer?

A. You can document what she does and says and the way she acts, but you cannot document her "heart."  You cannot document whether she is holding envy or grudges in her heart, whether she has false pride, whether she truly trusts in God.  Only God knows her heart – NOT you!

Cancer is a "spiritual" problem. It always begins in the "heart" because we want to live, think, act, eat, and handle stress OUR way rather than GOD’S way.  We want to be in control of our own life and not be in subjection to God.  We don’t want to follow HIS rules.  Even Christians don’t really “know” God.  They “know” their church, and they trust in “man” (pastors, doctors, the government, etc.) rather than trusting in God.

As I said, Cancer begins in the “heart.”  Only much later do the symptoms actually appear in our physical bodies.  Once the cancer is large enough to be diagnosed - even microscopically - it has already been there for several years, sometimes many years. That’s why it is so ridiculous for doctors to treat cancer as an emergency - and scare the person into being poisoned or burned or having their body parts cut out – or cut off - IMMEDIATELY!  

I'm not suggesting that anyone should ignore their diagnosis, but a person certainly has a few weeks to get educated about his or her options.

Your wife has given herself cancer by the way she has been living, eating, and handling stress - just as I gave myself cancer by the way I was living, eating, and handling stress.  We give ourselves cancer - and all other diseases - one day at a time - ignorantly, because we don't understand that we are damaging our body with the routine things of life.  Our habits are killing us!

The Good News is that we can REVERSE those factors - and Get Well.

Once we understand how the routine things we accept as "normal" are actually harming our body - and we STOP doing them - and START doing the things that will rebuild our immune system, we will get well.

But that requires that one study the Health Plan enough, including the SEVENTEEN pages of excerpts from numerous articles in the finest medical journals that appear in my Workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well (that is designed to help one implement the health plan on my DVDs), to understand WHY the Health Plan works – both Biblically AND Scientifically.

Cancer is a disease of Old Age.  Sixty years ago, cancer was rare - and it virtually only occurred in the elderly.

But now, because of the terrible way people are eating, living, and handling stress and because of the fast, stressful pace of "modern" life, cancer is occurring in younger and younger people - even babies - even newborns!  Why does cancer appear in newborns? Because of the way the baby’s mother was living, eating, and handling stress while she was pregnant, with the additional major problem of deadly vaccinations given to newborns before they even leave the hospital, when their immature immune systems cannot resist the deadly toxins in the vaccinations.

The ONLY way to get well is to REVERSE the cancer by refraining from doing the things that CAUSED the disease in the first place.  If we keep on doing those same things - living, eating, and handling stress the wrong way - we will never get rid of the cancer.

Certainly poisonous chemotherapy, burning radiation, and mutilating surgery will never cure cancer because it is impossible to get a sick person well by poisoning them - or burning them - or by cutting out their organs or cutting off their body parts.

Now about your request for a guarantee.  Yes, there IS a 100% guarantee that goes with the Health Plan.

But I’m not the one who gives it.

I, personally, have never given a guarantee that the Health Plan I used to get well will cure cancer or other diseases.  But there IS someone who DOES give a 100% absolute guarantee that this same Health Plan will work 100% for Cancer and virtually ALL other diseases - and that is God.

He promises to "heal ALL our diseases" (Psalm 103:3) but ONLY if we do it HIS way - GOD'S way - and NOT "man's" way (the doctors' way).  Deut 7:11-15

And we cannot combine GOD'S way (the totally natural way - using only the things that God has created, in the form that God created them) with "man's" way (the doctors' way) that includes Poisoning, Burning, and mutilating surgery.

Every doctor KNOWS that BOTH chemotherapy and radiation CAUSE Cancer. That's why it makes no sense at all to use any of those supposed "treatments" on a person who already HAS cancer!

And one certainly cannot combine GOD’S way with New Age techniques that are ALL anti-God.  I discuss this in detail on my DVD “Sorting Through the Maze of Alternative Medicine: What Works, What Doesn’t and Why.”

And the Health Plan is NOT a "diet."  I repeat, the Health Plan is NOT a "diet."  The proper nutrition, though critical for recovery is ONLY TEN PERCENT of the Health Plan.  In order to get well one must follow ALL Ten Steps with 100% commitment.  

There are many things that your wife may – or may not – be doing that YOU CANNOT document because they are in her heart - a place that only God can access - no matter what your wife tells you she is doing.  Those things include:

learning to LOVE her enemies, 

learning to FORGIVE everyone who has ever wronged her, 

learning to ADMIT (to herself and everyone else) that SHE gave this disease to herself by the way she was living, eating, and handling stress,

learning to give up anger and grudge-holding, 

learning to be Unselfish, 

learning to give ALL her stress to the Lord, 

learning to trust the Lord with her very life, 

learning to live, think, act, eat, and handle stress GOD'S way - rather than her own way,

learning to be thankful for everything in life,

learning to have an attitude of gratitude,

learning meekness and humility,

learning to develop patience and let God change her heart - and everything else about her life, allowing God to give her - and her family - an Attitude Adjustment!

Those things cannot be documented either by you or someone else sitting beside your wife with a pencil and paper recording her actions.  Much of the work necessary to get well from cancer and other diseases occurs in the "heart" where it cannot be seen.  Only the results can eventually be seen.   If one thinks that a person's commitment to the Health Plan can be documented by what is observed with the five senses ONLY, he or she has missed the complete essence of the Health Plan.

As I said, ALL disease begins in the "heart" because we want to live life OUR way.  Frank Sinatra sang, “I did it MY way.”  He certainly did, and HE died of a heart attack and Alzheimer's - something the family didn't want the public to know.  “His way” was the same as most people’s way.  It leads to disease and premature death.  

So it is in the "heart" that disease must first be addressed.  That is why doctors are powerless to find a cure for ANY disease.  Drugs NEVER cure disease - because they ALL have side effects that harm the body.  And no disease is caused by a deficiency of drug-taking.  That is why "taking" a drug CANNOT reverse the disease.  Drugs only cover up the symptoms, while the disease continues to get worse.  

One does not develop cancer because they have not had enough chemotherapy in their lifetime.  That is why chemotherapy CANNOT cure cancer. Sure, chemotherapy kills a lot of cancer cells - but while it is doing that it is also killing a lot of GOOD cells - particularly the cells of the person's Immune System - the ONLY system in our body that God has given us to get us well and keep us well.

Only when we are willing to live, think, act, eat, and handle stress the RIGHT way - the way that will make our body strong and disease-free - will we be able to get well. 

So, YES, there is a 100% guarantee that the Health Plan works, but I have never claimed to be the one who gives the guarantee.  I just took advantage of the guarantee that IS given by God, and decided to follow the Totally Natural Health Plan with 100% commitment.  And here I am alive and well and cancer-free over 16 years since my tumor first appeared.

But one of the necessities for getting well is a pure and contrite heart, and a belief that God WILL do what He has already promised to do.  One cannot come to God’s Health Plan with a “jutting chin and a set jaw” that says, “ You PROVE it to me.”  A person with that attitude will never understand how to implement God’s Health Plan because his arrogance will keep him from understanding Truth! 

100. Q. I have cancer.  Can I still color my hair?  I know I am vain.  I am completely gray and I'm only 54.  So, I have been highlighting and not allowing them to put anything directly on my scalp.

A. The main ingredient in the hair LIGHTENERS is hydrogen peroxide, which is not harmful.  I'm sure there are other chemicals in the "lighteners" but they seem to be insignificant and not a problem for one's health.  So I think you are probably all right in continuing to lighten your hair.

If you were to ask me about DARKENING your hair, I would say NO. Many of the henna colors are clearly carcinogenic.  I would also be very suspicious of the black and brown hair dyes.  I have not studied into them as much, but I would not recommend them.  

The bottom line is that the DYES that darken the hair are not good.  But the Lighteners don't seem to be a problem, particularly if they don't get on your scalp.

So, I think it is acceptable for you to continue to lighten your hair as long as you don't let the chemicals get on your scalp.

A few other things I'll answer before you ask:  buy your deodorant from the health food store and make sure it does not have aluminum in it.   Try to get one with has many natural ingredients as possible.  The type of deodorant you use IS important.

As far as make-up is concerned, don't worry too much about it.  When I was terribly sick, I didn’t wear any make-up because I had more important things to think about – like staying alive.  While I was getting well, I tried all  sorts of "natural" cosmetics from the health food store, but the major promotional points with those brands is that they don't test them on animals - NOT that they are so "natural" and healthful for the person using them.

But I do recommend that you refrain from using perfume.  It's ALL chemicals and is not necessary.  And when one is sick, it can cause allergies.  And don’t use sunscreen - many of them are carcinogenic.  I discuss sunlight and how to use it healthfully on my DVD, “You Can’t Improve on God.”

The whole point is that you do the best you can.  God knows your heart, so He fully understands whether you are doing everything you possibly can, or if you are cheating because you want to do it YOUR way and not His way.

That's why GOD guarantees the Health Plan 100% (Psalm 103:3) - and not me. He knows everyone's heart, and I don't.

I finally realized that it is far more important what we put into our:

Mind:  Finally my brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.  Philippians 4: 8

Heart: forgiveness, loving our enemies, an attitude of gratitude, unselfishness, praying for others, including our enemies, learning to TRULY trust God, etc.), 

Eyes: what we read, watch - such as movies, TV, books, etc. 

Ears: what we listen to - such as gossip, the type of music we listen to, refusing to listen to our friends or family who lead us AWAY from trusting in God, and

Mouth: eating the proper food and eliminating the harmful food,

- - - than what make-up we use or whether we lighten our hair.  

99. Q.  Yoga exercise.  Please can you tell me why Christians should not do yoga exercise?  I have seen the benefits it can do but before I embark on it I would like to be sure I am not displeasing the Lord?

A. Yoga is promoted as nothing more than a harmless series of exercises, but it is part of eastern religion that includes meditation ("clearing the mind" supposedly for stress relief) and visualization (for goal setting and even for "healing").  But eastern religion (New Age) is the antithesis of Christianity.  Christians believe - or SHOULD believe - that Jesus Christ is the answer to all our problems.  Eastern religions believe that the "healing" and "energy" is "within YOU" - NOT outwardly from Jesus Christ.

Eastern religions also believe in Kundalini, which is the "coiled SERPENT at the base of the spine" that is the source of "energy."  ) That coiled "serpent" is actually Satan.

The whole goal of Yoga and meditation of the Eastern religions is to empty the mind - so it can be taken over by other "forces."  It is diabolical and a Christian should not have anything to do with it, even though it is "pleasantly" billed as just a series of exercises.  It is the Adversary's way of getting people ignorantly involved with something that appears harmless, and then leading them further into deception.

When I first developed cancer, I was not a Christian, and I was searching for ways to get well without drugs or surgery.  I started Eastern-type meditation (for stress relief) that seemed "harmless" to me.  But was I in for a BIG surprise.  I had horribly frightening visitations from evil beings that scared me silly. I realized that what I thought was "harmless" was NOT "harmless" at all.  It was diabolic!

My secretary then told me that her mother (who was a Christian at the time) had had a similar experience when she innocently started "meditation" to lower her blood pressure.  She stopped it immediately.

When a Christian has anything to do with Eastern religions (New Age), it opens the door to eventual possession by the forces of the Adversary. Remember, Jesus said, "If you are not with me, you are against me."  Matthew 12:30

A very good book to read about the New Age religion is, "Deceived by the New Age" by Will Baron. 

98. Q. Mixing God’s Health Plan with other therapies.  Is that good or bad?  My sister has Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Grade 3, triple negative breast cancer. She is so excited and has great respect for you and follows your therapies religiously.  I have noticed that she is so desperate to beat this cancer that she has started using other alternative treatments such as Budwig’s (cottage cheese and flax seed oil) with yours.  I am very concerned that if she mixes all of these therapies they will not be effective.  Could you please let me know if she is jeopardizing her recovery by doing this.

A. First of all, it doesn’t matter what “Grade” her cancer is, or if it is “triple negative” or “quadruple negative” or anything else.  She has Breast Cancer.  Cancer is Cancer.  None of the rest makes any difference.  The SAME Health Plan works for ALL cancer, no matter how severe.

You say that she “follows my therapies religiously” but in the next sentence you say she is adding “other alternative treatments.”  That is an oxymoron.  If she were truly “following my therapy religiously” she would NOT be using any other “alternative treatments.”

She apparently does NOT have all the materials that I recommend for a person to Get Started on the Health Plan.  Those materials are listed on my website at  (Click on the red navigational button that says, “How to Get Started on this Health Plan.”) 

As I have stated a thousand times, the Health Plan is NOT a “diet.”  The proper diet is critical for recovery but it is ONLY ONE step in the Ten Step Plan.  In order for a person to get well, he or she must follow ALL TEN STEPS.

Yes, indeed she IS jeopardizing her recovery by doing this.  Cottage cheese is an animal product (obviously) and ALL animal products PROMOTE the growth of cancer.  

Your sister must not have my DVD, "Sorting Through the Maze of Alternative Medicine: What Works, What Doesn't and Why."  In that DVD I discuss over SIXTY different Alternative therapies, including over FORTY I tried myself.  I discuss the Johanna Budwig protocol on that DVD and why it does NOT work.

God PROMISES to "heal ALL our diseases" (Psalm 103:3) but ONLY if we do it HIS way, and HIS way ONLY (Deut 7:11-15).  One cannot "mix and match."  When the sick person does that, it PROVES that he or she does NOT trust God.

The real problem with your sister is she does NOT “believe” that God’s Health Plan will heal her.  Remember, when Jesus was on earth, the ONE requirement for healing to take place was that the person had to have FAITH.  The person had to “BELIEVE” that Jesus COULD accomplish the healing.

When the two blind men came to Jesus for healing, Jesus said to them, “Do you BELIEVE that I can do this?” 

They said, “Yes Lord.”

Jesus touched their eyes saying, “According to your FAITH (your BELIEF) be it unto you.”  Matthew 9:28,29

Jesus said that He could not do “many might works” In Nazareth, His hometown,  “because of their UNBELIEF.”  Matthew 13:58

Without FAITH (BELIEF) it is impossible to please God.”  Hebrews 11:6

Your sister does NOT “believe” in God and His promises.  She needs to watch my DVD entitled, “Believing is Seeing,” and spend a whole lot more time in Bible study and prayer AND in truly following God’s Health Plan - and God’s Health Plan ONLY!

97. Q. Acne. Can you recommend any topical treatment to treat acne along with the diet recommended?

A. Acne is caused by the same things that cause cancer and Parkinson's and heart disease.  Now don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying that if you have acne you're going to develop cancer, but I am saying that ALL diseases and disorders are CAUSED by the way we live, eat, and handle stress.

The Health Plan is NOT just a "diet."

The reason people develop acne is that they are full of toxins because of the way they are living, eating, and handling stress. There are four main ways that the body eliminates toxins: 1) through the urine, 2) through the feces (bowel movements) 3) through the breath (that's why a lot of people have bad breath), and 4) through the skin.

Actually the skin is a major source of elimination of toxins, particularly when a person is constipated.  I discuss constipation in depth in my Workbook, "Getting Started on Getting Well" (that is designed to help one implement the Health Plan that is on my DVDs and CDs)  and show why virtually ALL diseases begin in the "colon" because virtually EVERYONE is constipated.

A person should ideally have a bowel movement after EVERY meal.  It is called the gastro-colic reflex.  When a person eats a meal, that gastro-colic reflex triggers the elimination of the waste products from a previously digested meal (and the waste products the body produces in the course of daily living) from the intestine, making way for the new food to come through.  That's what babies do - BEFORE they start growing up and begin eating wrong, living, wrong, not exercising, eating sugar, eating animal products, not drinking enough water, drinking caffeinated drinks, and begin worrying about everything in life - ALL of which (and many more things) CAUSE constipation.

"Modern" life is very conducive to SEVERE constipation - which leads to ALL sorts of diseases, including Acne!

So then the body starts filling up with toxins, these toxins begin to come out through the skin - and Voila! - you have Acne!

So, to get rid of acne, it takes a lot MORE than just changing one's diet. One needs to follow ALL Ten Steps that are in the Health Plan that is on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books, in order to get the body working correctly in every respect so the toxins can be eliminated rapidly and properly.  

Please see my website at and you will see the items I recommend for people either 1) WITH cancer, or 2) with a disease OTHER than cancer.  Click on the red, oval, navigational button on the top left-hand side of my home page, that says, "How Do I Get Started on This Health Plan" and continue to scroll down.

Anything that you would put on your face (other than soap and water) will NOT cure acne.  It will only cover-up the symptoms while the underlying CAUSES of the problem will only continue to get worse.  So if you do not REVERSE the underlying causes of acne, you WILL - eventually - end up with a far worse disease.

In addition, anything that you would put on your face (other than soap and water) will contain lots of harmful chemicals.  And your skin is not only an organ of excretion (to help get rid of toxins) it is also one of the largest and "best" delivery systems for getting DRUGS into the body.  That is why there are dramamine PATCHES (for sea-sickness) and estrogen PATCHES, etc., because the skin absorbs these drugs.  So when you put chemicals on your face, your skin absorbs them and takes them into your body - which is NOT good.  Those chemicals will only INCREASE the amount of toxins you have in your body, eventually making the whole problem WORSE!

96. Q.  Allergies and Asthma:  I need to know about allergies and asthma.

A. That information is on my DVD, "Diseases Don't Just Happen." Please see my website at

95. Q. Infection, antibiotics and colitis.  Recently I had to have several teeth extracted due to gum infection.  I was prescribed several antibiotics.  I knew that antibiotics are bad, but with all the infection going on I felt I had no choice but to take these antibiotics.

After being off the antibiotics for a little over a month - I started have bowel trouble.  Currently, I have bouts with diarrhea several days a week.  On the other days I feel o.k.  I did seek medical advice because I was going crazy trying to figure out what was wrong.  The initial diagnosis is that I may have an infection from these antibiotics.  This diagnosis hasn't been confirmed yet.  My question is:  If this is colitis, will God's Ten Step Health Plan heal or reverse this?

A. The reason you have had a gum infection is because your immune system is not working right.  A person's immune system becomes suppressed because of the way they are living, eating, and handling stress.

When one takes antibiotics, the immune system is suppressed even more, and the good bacteria that are in the colon are destroyed, the bacteria that help form Vitamin B12, and the other good bacteria (called – normal flora) that contribute to other healthy body functions.  When those good bacteria are destroyed by the antibiotics, then bad bacteria overgrow and cause all sorts of problems - such as the ones you are now experiencing.

In order to get everything working right, one must CHANGE the way he is living, eating, and handling stress, in order to REBUILD the immune system.

The way to do that is on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books.

So, in answer to your question, Yes, God's Ten Step Health Plan CAN reverse colitis - just like it can reverse cancer, and Parkinson's, and every other type of disease.

God says that He "heals ALL our diseases" (Psalm 103:3) but ONLY if we follow HIS ways and NOT the ways of "man" (the doctors) (Deut 7:11-15).

Everything that the doctors do only "treats" the symptoms - NEVER the underlying CAUSE of the problem.  God's Health Plan always treats the underlying CAUSE of the problem so it will go away.

94. Q. Sciatica. I just did some physical work on a fellow who has had a significant re-emergence of Sciatic Nerve disorder.  He is looking for other than tradition 'system relief' medication.  Can you help us here?  I would really appreciate any direction or instructions you can provide.

A. I discuss sciatica and back problems (in addition to many other diseases and disorders) on my DVD "Diseases Don't Just Happen" and I show what causes Sciatica and how it can be prevented and reversed.

Please see my website at

93. Q. Cervical/uterine/bladder Prolapse. My wife is 73 years young and weighs about 90 Lbs. She has had 4 large babies over the years and it has caused her bladder to drop near the opening of the vagina. She has tried Kegel exercises, slant board, walking, and the use of light weights. However they have not solved the problem.  She is a vegetarian and has live juices from our Norwalk juicer every day. My understanding is that many women have this problem.  What should she do?

A. It is usually all the pelvic contents that start to sag (prolapse into or through the vaginal canal) - including the uterus and cervix, as well as the bladder.  The several things you mentioned will not solve her problem.  Kegel exercises are particularly useless.

When you say she is a vegetarian, is she a vegan vegetarian?  And how many juices does she drink a day?  And how much water does she drink every day? And which of my DVDs, CDs, or books do you have?

In order to solve the problem, one must follow the Health Plan with 100% commitment, as well as doing vigorous exercises to strengthen the abdominal and pelvic muscles, including knee-chest exercises, bent-knee sit-ups, Roman-chair sit-ups, crunches, and many other abdominal and pelvic strengthening exercises.  You can find a book illustrating these types of exercises at any bookstore.

92. Q. Chelation.  Do you believe in Chelation?

A. I discuss Chelation on my DVD entitled "Sorting Through the Maze of Alternative Medicine:  What Works, What Doesn't and Why."  Please see my website at

91. Q.  Myositis.  I took a few hours to check everything on your web site. I could find nothing about my rare muscle disease called Myositis.  Apparently nobody knows what causes it or where it comes from.  I get weaker all the time & have trouble walking without falling down. My fingers are so weak I can't open a drawer or hold a pencil to write. Also there seems to be no treatment or cure. Is all of this true?  Is my problem the only thing doctors don't know anything about?

A. You are still in the mode of thinking that each individual "disease" has a different cause from every other disease.  If you really read all the answers to the questions in the Frequently Asked Section of my website at you would realize that ALL diseases and disorders are caused by the SAME factors - the way we live, eat, and handle stress.

Let's get a little REAL here.  You obviously went to your doctor complaining of pains in your muscles.  Your doctor "brilliantly" gave you the diagnosis of "Myositis" and probably CHARGED you for your visit.  Let me tell you how IGNORANT your doctor really is - and how thoroughly he has tried to Con you.

"Myos" means "muscles" in Latin.  "itis" means "inflammation of" in Latin.  

So YOU went to your doctor complaining of pains (inflammation) or weakness in your muscles - - - and your Doctor gave you a Diagnosis of "Inflammation and weakness” in your muscles."  But HE said it in Latin - Myositis - and CHARGED you for telling you exactly what YOU told him. But he said it in Latin - so you are impressed with his "diagnosis", and you PAID him for telling you (in Latin) exactly what YOU told HIM in English!  

And he even admits he doesn't know what is causing it.  Yet you STILL paid him (or your insurance did - or the state did.  Somebody paid him for your visit.)

What your doctor is really saying is, "I don't have any idea what is going on in this man's body, so I'll just give it a Latin name, and he won't KNOW that I don't know.  Then I'll give him DRUGS - and usually the patient will think I have done something for him.  Then I can CHARGE him.  And he'll keep coming back to me over and over again, for MORE drugs, so I now have another patient who will be coming to me for the rest of his life."

Don't you see the medial Con Game going on here?  We doctors are NEVER taught how to get a person well from ANY disease.  ALL we are taught is to give out harmful DRUGS - and take out organ (or cut off body parts).  Neither of those cure anybody of anything!  And the patient has to come back - and back - and back - until he eventually DIES!

And I'm sure your doctor wants to give you DRUGS - which will only make things worse

You ask in your e-mail, “Also there seems to be no treatment or cure. Is all of this true?”

No, this is not true.  It's ALL a lie.  But the doctors believe the LIE!

You have "myositis" because your body is all filled up with toxins because of the way you have been living, eating, and handling stress - for all your life. (By the way, you didn't tell me how old you are, or what other medical problems you have, or how many drugs you are already on.)  If you CHANGE the way you are living, eating, and handling stress - your "myositis" will go away.

The way you are living, eating, and handling stress is adding daily to the burden of toxins that your body can't get rid of.  You are not feeding your body properly, you are not drinking nearly enough water to help eliminate the toxins in your body (and you are drinking and eating many other things that are HARMFUL to your body), and you are not exercising regularly to help your body eliminate the waste products that are building up in ALL your cells, including your muscle cells, which are causing you pain, and you do not know how to handle your stress - ALL of which contribute to your muscle pains and weakness, along with all the other Ten Laws of Health that you are violating.

No, your “disease” is not the only one that doctors don’t know anything about.  The doctors don't know how to get anyone truly well from any disease.  They just give people DRUGS which never cure any disease, but the patient feels temporarily better - UNTIL they develop more problems from the side effects of the DRUGS - then the doctors tell them they have another disease (but they don't tell you that the DRUGS caused the other disease), and then they give you MORE drugs for the other disease.

As I said, it's the biggest Con Game of ALL time.

You CAN be well - totally well - but not by taking DRUGS.  Drugs will only make you worse.  If you begin on the Ten Step Health Plan, you will be amazed at the improvement you will see and feel, once you start living, eating, and handling stress properly.

90. Q. Trusting God when I have cancer.  I started to cry when I was in the middle of reading your email.  It is so fearful to trust God completely.

A. Are you suggesting it would be LESS fearful to trust "man" - doctors?   God knows everything, including how to get you well, because He created your body.  And He promises to heal you if you stay close to Him and follow HIS ways, and NOT the ways of the doctors - ways that only harm your body and do not heal it.

God LOVES you!  Do you think that any doctor would care about you like God does?  I’m not saying that doctors don’t care about their patients, but let’s face it - you are not the daughter of your doctor.  “Doctoring” is his or her business.  But you are a daughter of God!  And no one can LOVE you as much as God does.

God knows the future!  Your doctor does not know the future?

God is with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  And He makes “house calls.”  He comes to you!  And you can talk to Him at any time, day or night – by praying.  With your doctor, you’re lucky if you can get in to see him or her if you call a week ahead of time.  And then you may have to wait several hours once you get to the doctor’s office.  But there is no waiting for God.

God has promised to "heal ALL our diseases" (Psalm 103:3) if we follow HIS ways (Deut 7:11-15).  There is no doctor in the world who would guarantee that he could make you totally well.  Yet God freely gives you that 100% guarantee that He will heal you.

So, who would you rather trust - God or "man"?  Whose Plan for Health contains more wisdom – God’s or “man’s”?  Whose Plan for Health will heal your body and not harm it – God’s or “man’s”?  Whose Plan for Health comes with a 100% guarantee of success – God’s or “man’s”?

You know the answer.  And that should make you smile – not cry.

89. Q. Multiple Sclerosis:  My health question is: I have a number of your videos and workbook.  Can you comment on Multiple Sclerosis, it's cause, and how about the Histamine Prokarin patch, or low dose Naltrexone?

A.  Both of the items you mention are DRUGS, and DRUGS Never Cure Disease!

I discuss Multiple Sclerosis on my DVD "Diseases Don't Just Happen." Apparently you do not have that one.

Also, on ALL my DVDs, CDs, and in my books, I point out that ALL diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis, are caused by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.  So the ONLY way to REVERSE disease is to STOP doing the things that have CAUSED it, and START doing the things that will REVERSE it.

We give ourselves disease one day at a time by injuring our body a little bit more every day by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress, until - one day - we find out we have a really BAD disease.  And then we foolishly go to the doctor, who gives us DRUGS - which only hurt our body MORE.

As I said, these two items you mention are DRUGS.  And Drugs NEVER cure disease.  They only cover up the symptoms of the disease, making you FEEL better (for a while) while your disease continues to get worse.

The side effects of Naltrexone are truly FRIGHTENING, and that drug should NEVER be put in ANYONE’S body.  In the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR), the “bible” of drugs for doctors, that drug has a BLACK-BOX WARNING, which means it can KILL you.  The other side effects, besides DEATH, include: convulsions, stroke, migraine headaches, mental impairment, high blood pressure, potentially fatal blood clots to the lungs, heart attack, heart failure, total body swelling, hardening of the arteries of the heart, muscle spasms, chest pain, lethargy, irritability, agitation, delirium, pneumonia, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, and MANY, MANY other horrible side effects.

DRUGS do NOT make a person well.  They just add to the burden of illness, and eventually ALWAYS make a person WORSE!

The two main ingredients of the Prokarin Patch are Histamine 2 and caffeine.

On my DVDs, especially my DVDs, “You Can’t Improve on God” I discuss the severe problems caused by caffeine.  MS patients say that their fatigue and lethargy are improved when they use the Prokarin Patch.  NO SURPRISE there!  Their fatigue and lethargy would also be improved (for a short time) with a big cup of Starbucks, or an energy drink – BOTH chock full of CAFFEINE!  But that will eventually make them much worse!

Caffeine is a very harmful DRUG.  It is a diuretic – meaning that it takes MORE water out of your body than comes in with the drink.  And one of the MAIN causes of MS is Dehydration.  So, by taking ANY substance with caffeine in it, you are getting a short term “Quick Fix” that peps you up for a little while, but will in the long run, make you much WORSE.  In addition, caffeine has many other harmful side effects.

Histamine causes inflammation, ASTHMA (which can be life-threatening), and allergies.  That is why people with those conditions often take ANTI-histamines.

ALL these things are DRUGS.  And, as I have said thousands of times, DRUGS NEVER Cure diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis is CAUSED by the way one lives, thinks, acts, eats, and handles stress.  The ONLY way to REVERSE MS and Get Well, is to STOP doing the things that have CAUSED it and START doing the things that will make a person well.

THAT is the information on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books.  Please see my website at

88. Q. Male Infertility:  I am in my 40’s.  My wife and I have been married for several years, and she has not been able to conceive.  I went for a sperm count test and it revealed I was azoospermic (no levels of sperm in the semen) and the urologist said the only way for me to have a biological child with my wife would be to have a biopsy to investigate whether I have sperm in my testicles, and if so, have an in vitro fertilization.  But then the chance of pregnancy was 25% at most.  I knew this route could not be taken because we cannot afford the costs.

A. Infertility is caused by the SAME things that cause every other disease and disorder (assuming that you have not been knowingly poisoned in some way, or had your testicles irradiated).   It is caused by the way one is living, eating, and handling stress.  If you CHANGE those things, you will not be infertile anymore.

Your body can't work right to make sperm (and everything else it needs), if it is not nourished properly, if the body is under too much stress, and many other things that are covered in the Ten Step Health Plan that is on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books.

ALL diseases and disorders are CAUSED by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.  These problems do not just fall out of the sky.  But we doctors in our training are NEVER taught how to get people really well.  We are ONLY taught how to give out DRUGS and cut out organs. But those things NEVER cure diseases and disorders.

The Health Plan that is on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books does not cost NYTHING to follow (except for the healthy food you have to buy), once you get the materials and understand what you need to do.  You just need to get your body functioning properly and THEN your body will form sperm that are alive, healthy, and motile and you and your wife can have a child.

Your wife should go on the Health Plan as well, so she will also be in the best health.

By the way, God gives an ABSOLUTE guarantee to REVERSE infertility. It is found in Deut 7:11-15.  Essentially it says, "IF you OBEY My laws (that includes the TEN Health Laws that are in my materials), My Commandments (ALL TEN of them - and I discuss HOW they are to be kept, on one of the 5 CDs in my CD set entitled "Stress Success: Overcoming Stress in a Stressful world") and My Decrees (learning to LOVE your enemies, learning to be Unselfish, learning to FORGIVE everyone who has ever wronged you, learning to TRUST God) I WILL keep you FREE from EVERY disease, and NONE of you will be BARREN."

At the end of my DVD "Believing is Seeing" there are a number of Testimonials, including one from a young woman who had uterine cancer and polycystic ovaries who was told she would never get pregnant, and needed a hysterectomy.

Instead, she got on the Health Plan - and indeed GOT PREGNANT and had TWINS - with NO fertility drugs.  The little twin babies are also shown on the DVD.

Just go to my website at and click on the large oval red button at the top left hand side of my home page that says, "How Do I Get Started on This Health Plan?"  Then scroll down until you see the words, "For Diseases OTHER Than Cancer."

THAT is the material I recommend for you and your wife to GET STARTED on getting healthy.  Because you don't have cancer or some other life-threatening disease (I assume), you don't need to drink all the 13 home-made fresh vegetable juices I speak of on my DVD "You Can't Improve on God" but the more you drink per day (in between your healthy meals, of course) the faster you will nourish your body.

But also remember, the Health Plan is NOT just a "diet."  It has TEN STEPS, and ALL Ten steps must be followed to get your body healthy.

One more thing.  If you wear Jockey shorts, get rid of them and switch to boxer shorts.  When a man wears jockey shorts, the testicles in the scrotum are held too close to the body and the heat of the body decreases the sperm count as well as the activity of the sperm.

The testicles, in order to function properly, MUST hang free and not be pressed close to the body, so they can be maintained at a cooler temperature.

Many men have become fertile just by changing the type of shorts they wear. I know it sounds a little strange, and men like to make jokes about it, but that is true.  And every doctor KNOWS that - or they should.  If your doctor didn't already tell you to do that, then I wouldn't put much faith in him or her.

But just think about it.  With the doctor making SO MUCH money on infertility treatments, why would he or she tell you something to do that is totally FREE, that has a MAJOR chance of reversing, or at least improving dramatically your chances of becoming fertile!!

Doing that, plus following the Health Plan with 100% commitment, is GUARANTEED - by God - (in Deut 7:11-15) to make you fertile!!

And again, the Health Plan on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books costs NOTHING to follow - except the cost of food - and one has to buy that anyway.  The only difference is that you buy NOURISHING food, rather than NON-nourishing junk that most people eat.  ALL the other steps in the health plan cost NOTHING to follow.

87. Q. Eye floaters. I've been to a specialist who said there was nothing the medical profession can do to heal eye floaters.  I just have to live with it.  It seems that this is beyond the reach of the medical world.

A. Eye floaters are caused almost entirely from stress.  Life is stressful for everyone, but you can learn how to HANDLE your stress so it won't cause symptoms.  THAT is the information on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books.

ALL diseases and disorders are caused by three main things:  the way we live (and think and act), what we eat and drink, and they way we handle stress.  Please see my website at 

86. Q.  My cancer keeps “coming back.”  I have just had a mastectomy after having a lumpectomy in 2003.  My cancer has come back for the third time and I am 39 years old.  The only good thing is that it seems to come back locally and does not spread, thank God.  But my prognosis isn’t really great as my medical team says my cancer may return in the scar tissue of the skin graft that has been recently done, just as my cancer came back in the skin of my reconstructed breast.  Now the breast and skin have been removed I am thinking if it does come back there is only so much of my skin and underlying tissue they can cut away.  I really would like your opinion as to how I can best ensure this does not come back for a 4th time.  I have ordered your DVDs and am waiting to receive them.

A. ALL cancers - and ALL diseases - are caused by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress. That's why it is impossible to "cut out" the cancer!  If a person has the cancer "cut out" - they still have the rest of their body left, and THAT is what allowed the cancer to develop in the first place.

Until we CHANGE the way we are living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress, the cancer will ALWAYS come back - either in the same place, or in a different place, or else the person will develop a different type of life-threatening disease.

The reason your cancer keeps "coming back" is that you have continued to do the things that cause cancer.  

When you understand the things that you are doing that are causing the cancer, and stop doing them, and start doing the things that will rebuild your immune system - you will be able to Reverse the cancer and it will NOT come back.

85. Q. Cancer in Children.  How do young children get cancer?  A lot of people debate with me on cancer and ask about young children.  They haven't had much time to "live bad.”  Just curious. Please also read everything on my website at including ALL the links at the top AND bottom of my home page, including all the Frequently Asked Questions and my answers, including ALL the Testimonials, including my article on how the body is designed to heal itself (once we stop injuring it daily by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress) and my article entitled, "Are Doctors a Gift From God?"

A. Ah-ha!  I caught you!   You had to get my e-mail address from my website at where in the section, "Contacting Dr. Day" I ask you to please read my website (including the Frequently Asked Questions) BEFORE you write to me.

You obviously did not do that, because the answer to your question is right there under No. 2.  Just scroll down until you see it.  It is about “Babies being born with Cancer.” 

(Most people who ask questions that are already answered in my Frequently Asked Questions don’t get an answer because there is just not enough time for me to repeat individually, by e-mail, the information already posted on my website.  But you lucked out today.)

In addition to my answer in question No. 2 below (please read it), the vaccinations that babies are given in the hospital (when they have virtually NO immune system to protect them from the horribly dangerous substances that are in the vaccines) and the multiple subsequent vaccinations the government orders them to receive (in order to literally KILL these little ones) ALL contribute to the development of Cancer, autism, meningitis, and many other life-threatening diseases.  By the time a child goes to school at the age of 5 or 6, they have been forced to receive close to FORTY such life-destroying vaccines.

Please also see my other website at and click on the red button on my home page that says "Political Truth" and scroll down until you see the title, "Population Control."  You will see how vaccinations are one major way that the New World Order is NOW, and has been for a long time - KILLING children! 

Your government does NOT love you – OR your children -  nor do they want you or your children to be well.  They want you DEAD!

The Presidents, Vice Presidents, ALL Presidential candidates, the Neo-cons, the Wall Street bankers who we have just bailed out with over a trillion dollars (that will have to be paid for by all of us and any of our children who survive their diabolic plans) refer to all of us (privately, of course) as “useless eaters” and the “disgusting public.”

Doctors are nothing more than unwitting, ignorant, brainwashed, stooges (brainwashed by the pharmaceutical companies) in this diabolic plan of using vaccinations as one of the tools to wipe out the population.  I know, because I used to be one of them until I fortunately learned the truth. 

In our medical training, we are all taught that vaccinations are “safe and effective” – just another one of the many BIG lies we are taught in medical school.

In addition, with the terrible and careless way parents are feeding their children now, it doesn't take long to give the children cancer:  Fast food, processed food, soda with caffeine and sugar, Nutrasweet, MSG, hot dogs that ALL contain Nitrites - which are CARCINOGENS (Cancer-causing substances), fluoride in the water and in toothpaste, which can KILL a child even in the quantities used to brush a child's teeth.  And these are just a FEW of the things that these children are taking into their little bodies.  Plus they don't drink nearly enough water.  And many of them are already on harmful drugs like Ritalin or Prozac, and many other drugs.

The second leading cause of death in Children is Cancer (second only to Accidents).  That was NOT the case sixty years ago, BEFORE all these vaccines were mandated, and BEFORE the introduction of all this rotten, non-nutritious, fast food and processed food, and the chemical additives in the food.

It doesn't take long for “loving” parents to KILL their children (ignorantly and unknowingly, of course) by indulging their children in what the kids LIKE to eat (rather than the nutritious food that they should be eating), coupled with the parents allowing them to be POISONED by the doctor with vaccines and other types of DRUGS!

When a grieving parent looks down into a little casket into the face of their dead child, they must understand that THEY are the principle CAUSE of that child's death.  I know that sounds harsh - but it IS the truth!

God has entrusted that child into the care of the parents until he or she is grown.  That is a sacred trust and a solemn duty to raise the child by following God’s way of living, eating, thinking, acting, and handling stress, instead of following “man’s” way – the way of the world – which only leads to pain, disease, and an untimely death.

84. Q. Abnormal cells in the Uterus.  Should I have a hysteroscopy?  I have recently had an endometrial (lining of the uterus) biopsy due to postmenopausal bleeding in which atypical cells were found.  I have a D&C (Dilation and curettage – surgical scraping of the lining of the uterus)) with hysteroscopy (a look into the uterus through a small scope) scheduled for 3 weeks from now.  I came across your tapes last week and ordered a number of them, which I have viewed and am studying.  I have started the 10-step program and will continue it whether or not the results of the D&C show cancer.  My question is: I have read about the hysteroscopy, which can have rare but serious side effects.  Would you have this test done?  I will not have surgery, chemo, or radiation either way.  On the other hand, If the test is negative I would like the peace of mind of knowing that.

Also, I have been using Coco-pure for a few weeks. It is cocoa without sugar or fat, and is supposed to be very high in anti-oxidants.  I mix it with water.  Do you have an opinion on this product?

A. Here is the question you must answer for yourself.  You already know that you have atypical cells.  Atypical cells are cells that are NOT normal. That should be enough for you to say to yourself, "I MUST change the way I am living, eating, and handling stress because my body is NOT working right."

The first step in developing cancer is the development of "atypical" cells.  

What we physicians know, that the lay public does not know, is that when a person is developing cancer, it is a whole continuum in what the cells look like.  Let me explain.  You don't just "have cancer" on Wednesday, when you did not have cancer on Tuesday (the day before).  Before a cancer is large enough to be detected microscopically by the pathologist, it has been there for several years, often as long as five years.  

You see, when one lives, eats, and handles stress WRONG, the toxins slowly begin to build up in the cells (as if you were accumulating garbage in your house and you couldn't get it out), and these toxins begin poisoning the cells.  The cells are NOT “normal” one day - and abnormal the next day.  The cells SLOWLY become abnormal and become out of control.

Almost ALL pathology slides (of biopsy specimens) are examined by many pathologists, even in the same office, and often the slides are sent to expert pathologists in other cities for that very reason - because the cells look VERY atypical (NOT normal) - - but, "Can we say," the pathologists say, "that it is frankly cancer right now?  Or is it just dysplasia?" (atypical cells - to some degree or another - on their WAY to becoming cancerous.)

As I say on one of my DVDs, when I was a medical student, I actually saw a number of pathologists (after each had looked at the slides of a patient) stand around discussing whether or not the person actually had cancer. (The cells on the pathology slides were clearly atypical (NOT normal) - but could it really be called "cancerous" at that moment in time?)  Finally, after much discussion - - - they flipped a coin!!  Yes, they flipped a coin - to decide WHAT diagnosis they would put on the pathology report.

Pathology is NOT an exact science.  The pathologists did that, NOT because they were crass and insensitive, but BECAUSE the changes in the cells are slowly progressive – the cells don't just become cancerous ONE DAY – or at ONE moment in time.  They have been becoming atypical (abnormal) – slowly - for a LONG TIME.

You have already received a diagnosis of "Atypical cells" (your cells are ABNORMAL) which to ME - as a Physician - would be a BIG wake-up call. Knowing what I know about how a pathologist makes the diagnosis of cancer - and how the cells become cancerous slowly, one day at a time, over a long period of time, I would Get On the Health Plan - NOW!

The Health Plan is not a "treatment" per se - it's not just something you do – or something you take - WHEN you have cancer, it must be a PERMANENT lifestyle change, a change in everything in your life.

You already know you have atypical cells in your endometrium (the lining of your uterus).  You already know (if you have my DVDs) that you CANNOT "cut out" cancer, because the SAME process is happening in OTHER cells in your body that is happening in your endometrium - because your endometrium is NOT disconnected and isolated from the rest of your body.

Even though you may not FEEL sick, your body IS sick, or it would not be producing atypical (abnormal) cells.

If you have a hysteroscopy and your doctor tells you that you DON'T have cancer - yet they have ALREADY found atypical (abnormal) cells, you say you will be “relieved.”  That would be a FALSE sense of "relief." Because, as I said, in order for you to develop atypical cells ANYWHERE in your body, your WHOLE body has to be sick – and functioning improperly.  Just think about it, the SAME blood that runs through your endometrium is running through your WHOLE body. The waste products that are not being eliminated from your endometrial cells are not being eliminated from ALL the OTHER cells of your body, as well.

That means that there is a “disaster” in your body – just waiting to happen!

We, as physicians, are taught to concentrate on the "tumor" or on the "lesion" (the group of atypical - or outright cancerous - cells) as though the problem in the body is ONLY there.  But the "tumor" or "lesion" is only the RESULT of a total body that is NOT working right - a body that is producing toxins by the improper nutrition that is being taken in to the body (and circulating THROUGHOUT the body), the lack of water drinking so the cells cannot eliminate their waste (THROUGHOUT the body), not handling stress properly causing suppression of the immune system (THROUGHOUT the body), and violation of ALL the other Ten Steps in the Natural Health Plan.

I think you can see my point.

Again, you would be living in a delusional world if you can have "peace of mind" when you already have "atypical cells."  It’s time to DO something.  It’s time to get on the Ten Step Health Plan Now!  It's a whole lot easier to PREVENT cancer - to turn things around right now - by PERMANENTLY changing the way you live, eat and handle stress - than it is to REVERSE cancer - like I did.

In addition, you can - right now - be developing other types of diseases as well, because ALL diseases are caused by the way one lives, eats, and handles stress.

You say you have my materials and you are "studying them", but if you are taking Coco-pure (chocolate tea combined with green tea) or anything else like that, you have MISSED my point completely.  You have missed the essence of what I'm trying to tell you in those materials.

"Processed food" means anything in a box or a can.  Cocoa, and tea, and green tea ALL contain a caffeine-like compound that is a diuretic - like coffee or caffeinated soda.  It will dehydrate your body.  PLUS these so-called “foods” also contain many other harmful substances.  

Besides, Cocoa is so harmful, that it should not really be categorized as "food."

The food industry is controlled by charlatans and outright criminals who want to make money - NOT help you stay healthy.  They'll tell you ANYTHING in order to sell their product.  Our society has wandered so far away from the truth about health that doctors and "researchers" are telling people that wine is good for you, that sugar is good for you, that cocoa is good for you - just because they contain SOME anti-oxidants – even though ALL of those things just mentioned are VERY harmful for you.  

I don't want to be crude here, but the eliminated waste material from a dog or a human also contains SOME anti-oxidants - but that does NOT mean that we should eat it!

Doctors and these researchers know nothing about health.  Neither did I learn anything about health from my medical training.  I didn't learn anything about health until I got sick, and started studying on my own.

Please read EVERYTHING on my website, including ALL the links at the top AND bottom of my home page.  And I assume that you have obtained ALL the materials that I suggest that are necessary to Get Started on the Health Plan.

Once you have implemented ALL that material into your heart, your mind, your lifestyle, and your diet, then you can progress to getting your body in TOTAL HEALTH, by continuing to follow the "Curriculum for Getting Well" that is in my Workbook, "Getting Started on Getting Well."

83. Q.  Hormone “treatment” for ‘estrogen sensitive’ breast cancer?  Am I crazy to refuse hormone treatment of "estrogen sensitive" breast cancer?   Unfortunately, I've already had chemo and a lumpectomy but now I am focused on, and dedicated to, restoring and improving my immune system.  These drugs the doctors want me to take are for the rest of my life, and to my logical mind--and per your DVDs -- will undermine my immune system.  But everyone--including breast cancer "survivors" -- look at me like I'm crazy or suicidal.  I guess I just need a reality check.  Thanks.

A. Even though you have had a lumpectomy, if you have my materials, you KNOW that it is IMPOSSIBLE to "cut out" cancer.  The cancerous lump is ONLY a local manifestation of a systemic disease (a disease that is affecting your WHOLE body).  As I say on one several of my DVDs, and in my article (on my website at about how the body is designed to heal itself, you would never dream of taking a child who is very sick with the chicken pox, to a surgeon to ask him or her to "cut out all the pox marks on his skin - so he will be well."  That would be ridiculous, because chicken pox is a systemic disease (it affects the WHOLE Body).  The pox marks in the skin are just LOCAL manifestations of a whole body that is sick.  Once you get the whole body well, the pox marks in the skin will GO AWAY.

That is the SAME way with Cancer.  When the whole body gets sick, because a person is NOT living, eating, and handling stress properly, then the body starts developing problems.  Those problems can manifest themselves as a cancerous area in a certain part of the body, or the body can demonstrate the problems it is having by developing symptoms in the muscles and nerves (such as in Multiple Sclerosis) or in many different ways.

But it is the BODY that is sick.  One must get the WHOLE BODY well - not just cut out the certain area that looks bad (either to the eye or under a microscope) because if you just cut out that area, you still have your WHOLE BODY left - and THAT is what allowed the cancer to develop in the first place!

If you develop a headache – does the doctor recommend that you have your head cut off??  That would make about as much sense as cutting off your breast or even doing a lumpectomy.

In addition, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a sick person WELL by POISONING him or her - but THAT is what chemotherapy is - POISON.  Also, it makes NO difference whether your breast cancer is “estrogen sensitive” or not, even though the doctors will tell you it does.  Cancer is Cancer.  It is ALL caused by the way we live, eat, and handle stress.  And it ALL responds to CHANGING the way we live, ea, and handle stress.  Giving you more drugs will just harm your body more. 

As you know from my DVDs, CDs, and my workbook, it is IMPOSSIBLE to develop cancer, or any other disease, if your immune system is working properly.  So, in order for you to have ALREADY developed cancer, your immune system HAD to have been suppressed by the way you were living, eating, and handling stress.  

So THEN, you had the lump cut out (which does NOT cure cancer), and you PAID the doctors to POISON you with chemotherapy - causing even MORE damage to your immune system.  ALL chemotherapy SUPPRESSES the immune system.

NOW, they want you to take hormones - MORE DRUGS - that will have MORE SIDE EFFECTS - that will HARM your immune system MORE.

You will notice that they tell you that you have to be on them "for the rest of your life" because the doctors KNOW that the DRUGS will NOT Cure you.

You must decide whether you want to POISON yourself some more - with DRUGS - or if you want to start REBUILDING your immune system.

The ONLY way to REVERSE Cancer is to STOP doing the things that CAUSED it, and START doing the things that will REBUILD your immune system.  THAT is the information on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books, on my website at

I realize it is difficult to "swim against the tide" of all your friends who believe the doctors know what they are talking about (which they don't - ALL the doctors are doing is "parroting" what we ALL have been taught by the DRUG-dominated medical training we have had. They NEVER really THINK about the IDIOCY of what they are doing) but in order to be fully "grounded" in what you believe, you must continue studying and learning, and studying and learning, and studying and learning some more.

Make sure that you have ALL the materials that I recommend in order to Get Started on the Health Plan (see the Red Navigational button on the top left hand side of my website that says, "How Do I Get Started on This Health Plan?" Then, when you have implemented ALL that information into your heart, mind, diet and lifestyle, you can continue on to total health by following the "Curriculum for Getting Well" that is in my Workbook, "Getting Started on Getting Well."

YOU are the one who has your head on straight.  Your friends - and other supposed cancer "survivors" are just mindlessly following the "White Coats."  If the Doctors in the White Coats are so smart, why do doctors have a shorter life expectancy than the general population, and why do doctors have a HIGHER suicide rate than the general population, and why do SO MANY of THEM DIE of cancer after they have had the treatment THEY recommend for others?  - - - - And WHY, in surveys of doctors, do 75% of them say they would NEVER take chemotherapy?

As I say on one of my DVDs, Doctors are MORE AFRAID of Cancer than the general population, BECAUSE Doctors KNOW that the "treatments" that orthodox medicine prescribes for Cancer (POISONOUS chemotherapy, BURNING Radiation and MUTILATING Surgery) do NOT cure cancer - and are horribly painful, and often CAUSE the patient's death!

It is the people who are trying to PUSH their archaic, brutal, and sadistic "treatments" on you that are in DARKNESS - NOT you.  They are not even THINKING about what they are saying.  They are just mindlessly "believing" the so-called "experts" who are leading them astray.

When I was getting well, you can imagine the negative comments I received from all my medical colleagues.  They thought I was crazy. But, I'll tell you a few personal experiences.

One of my colleague doctor friends at San Francisco General Hospital developed Breast Cancer at the same time I did.  (I was in Southern Calif. by that time, and she was still at San Francisco General Hospital.)  She (I will call her Connie) and I had been in residency at the same time - she in Internal Medicine, and I in Orthopedic Surgery.  We were even pregnant at the same time in 1978 - she with her first child, and I with my second.  We had the same OB/GYN doctor.  We delivered our babies in the SAME hospital, in the SAME delivery room at almost the SAME time.  She was coming OUT of the delivery room, as I was going in.  We talked to each other as we passed in the hallway, each of us on our individual gurney. So her oldest daughter is about 15-30 minutes older than my younger son.

And, as I said, later she and I both developed breast cancer at the same time - in 1992-1993.  SHE had the "finest treatment" money could buy - right there at UC San Francisco Medical Center - chemotherapy and radiation and mastectomy.  ALL of it done by our medical colleagues in the University – who believed they were doing the right thing.

I chose to have NONE of those things and I got well by REBUILDING my immune system.  She, of course, thought I was crazy!  

But Connie DIED in 1996.  Her daughter and my son were only 18 years old at the time.  She NEVER got to see her "little girl" get married, or have children. She will never see her grandchildren, the children of that daughter.

On the other hand, I am alive and totally healthy and cancer-free, and I DID watch my son get married and I will be able to see my grandchildren as they come along.

I have had DOZENS of my doctor friends DIE from Cancer - after they have had the orthodox  "treatments" that your friends are trying to push on you.  The reason the doctors DO get chemotherapy, radiation, and mutilating surgery, after saying that they WON'T (because it is so PAINFUL, and they KNOW it doesn't work) is that they don't know what else to do.  And they become just as frightened as the patients do. So they take the "treatment" - - - - and DIE!

My cancer first appeared in 1992, and here I am alive, well, cancer-free - and strong as a bull - SIXTEEN years later.  I work full time, go to the gym 3 times a week, play tennis, snow ski, water ski, and do everything I did when I was 25.  I have NO aches or pains, I take NO medications - and have the same energy I had when I was 25.  

YOU can be the same way.  Just stick to the Health Plan and become so educated about what you are doing (from studying ALL my materials) that you will not be bothered by what people say.  In fact, a good way to handle the pressure is just to say, "You have the right to decide on YOUR "treatment" - and I have the right to decide on MINE."  And leave it at that.  Don't get into discussions with them about it.

On my DVD, "Drugs NEVER Cure Disease" there is the testimonial of a nurse who went through the same type of thing you are going through. After a while, people in the hospital - who had at first thought she was a little “nutty” - started asking her for advice, when they saw her getting well.

All my medical colleagues who thought I was a little “nutty” CANNOT argue with the fact that I am totally well and cancer-free.  And there are many physicians who have obtained my materials.  Fortunately, at least some doctors are interested in actually learning how to be well – and learning how to get their patients well.

82. Q.  Insomnia.  My Dad is on the 10 step plan, but he is not sleeping at night which you say is very critical to getting well.  I tried giving him nighty night tea, valerian, and nothing seems to help, which I think is why he is not getting well.  Is there anything you can suggest that he take, or maybe something he can do, to get a good night's sleep? I am very worried that he is not getting the proper rest, and therefore slowing the progression to getting well, any suggestions will surely be appreciated.

A. You have sort of missed the point about the importance of sleeping at night. Sleep IS very important - but only if it comes NATURALLY - NOT by drugs or valerian, etc.  That is forced sleep and is not healthy.

When one follows the health plan - ALL TEN STEPS - with 100% commitment, THEN the body will progressively become healthy, and the person will be able to sleep at night - UNAIDED.

While I was trying to learn how to get well - BEFORE I understood the Ten Step Plan - I didn't sleep for more than 2 hours a night for over a year.

Insomnia is a signal that the body is not working right.  The answer is to follow the Ten Step Plan and GET the body working right - NOT trying to give the person something that will FORCE them to sleep.

Your father’s Insomnia is a RESULT of his body not working right - NOT the CAUSE of it not working right.

Your father needs to focus a whole lot more on the spiritual aspects of why he is sick.  

Has he FORGIVEN EVERYONE who has ever wronged him?
Has he learned to LOVE his enemies?  
Has he learned to be Unselfish? 
Has he learned to TRULY TRUST GOD with EVERYTHING in his life?  
How much time is HE spending - alone - with the Lord in Bible study and Prayer? 

Does HE have the book "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers?  Is HE reading it every day?

Please read, in my workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well, the section on "Reasons For Failure."  

As you know, Disease is a Spiritual problem.  It began in your father's '"heart" and THAT is where it must be addressed.  But ONLY the LORD knows your father's heart.  So your father must spend a LOT of time with the Lord in Bible study and prayer, so the LORD can show him what he needs to CHANGE - or get rid of from his heart.

81. Q. Will Carrot Juice leach the calcium out of your bones and damage the kidneys?  I have begun the Ten-Step program and ordered my juicer, and I am going to ask for a leave of absence from my job to fully do everything that needs to be done.  I read a book today by an author who agrees with many of the principles you use, but he states that the oxalic acid in carrot juice (which he says is a good thing as long as you don't get too much) can damage the kidneys and leach the calcium from your bones.  He states you should not have more than one glass of carrot juice a day.  Can the oxalic acid and vitamin A damage the kidneys?

A. Unfortunately, this author, like many others, doesn't know what he is talking about.  He has NO scientific evidence for what he says.  First of all, carrot juice is NOT high in oxalic acid.  Carrot juice will NOT damage the kidneys, and the vitamins in carrots (including beta carotene - a precursor of Vitamin A) will NOT damage the kidneys either.  

That author needs to drink MORE carrot juice so his thinking mechanisms and his ability to do research will improve.

And can I ask a question of you and all the other people out there who e-mail questions to me:  Would you please make this the LAST QUESTION about Carrot Juice?

Carrot Juice is GOOD for you.  It is NOT bad for you.  God made carrots – and He made them FULL of healthful nutrients.  The Adversary certainly wants to attack Carrot juice – precisely because it IS so good for a person.  The ONLY times when there must be some caution taken with carrot juice or other fluids is when a person is in kidney failure or heart failure and is on fluid restriction, or if a person is a diabetic.  (The answers to those situations are in my Workbook, “Getting Started on Getting Well.”)

A person will sit down in front of me eating a chocolate and caramel candy bar with about a half a cup of refined sugar in it (that will SUPPRESS their immune system for FIVE HOURS), and talk to me about how BAD the (natural) “sugar” in carrot juice is for one’s health! 

I just shake my head in disbelief!

Here’s the Bottom Line:

1. Carrot juice contains NATURAL complex carbohydrates – God’s NATURAL “sugar.”   This is GOOD for you.  This is VERY different from the REFINED sugar that is in cakes, cookies, candy bars, sodas, toaster tarts, fast food, processed food, etc. - which is BAD for you (which so MANY people LOVE to eat!)

2. Eating Carrots will NOT cause you to turn orange, any more than eating blueberries will cause you to turn BLUE, or eating raspberries will cause you to turn RED.  Please, let’s use common sense here!  Carrots, and blueberries, and raspberries can stain the skin of your hands temporarily, while you are handling them, but the staining of the skin is localized ONLY to the places these foods touch.  And the staining of the hands from carrots lasts no longer than the staining from blueberries or raspberries.  But NO ONE has ever asked me, “If I eat blueberries, will I turn BLUE?”  WHY do so many people ask the same question about carrots turning a person orange???  None of these foods will turn your entire skin ANY color – except the color “healthy”!

3. Carrots are NOT high in oxalic acid.

4. Carrots will NOT leach the Calcium out your bones.  Carrots will STRENGTHEN your bones.  However, Meat, poultry, fish, milk and dairy products, eggs, caffeine, and sugar – things people LOVE to stuff themselves full of - WILL leach the Calcium out of your bones – CAUSING Osteoporosis!)

4. Carrots DO contain beta carotene (the precursor of vitamin A) and other wonderful vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  Beta carotene in carrots is GOOD for you.  The vitamins in FOOD – the way GOD made them - will NOT harm you.  However, man-made supplements, with concentrated high doses, such as in vitamin pills, MAY harm you, yet people supposedly trying to be healthy will take handfuls of these detestable things. 

When a person gets his vitamins and minerals by eating natural food - the way God created it, they will NOT harm you.

(Also, please see Question # 74, below)

Please, let’s have NO MORE questions about Carrot Juice!

80. Q. Can carrot juice and green leafy vegetable juice be frozen?  I read where you said frozen food is dead food.  Does that apply to juice that is made in the Norwalk Juicer, if the juice is frozen to be used at a later date?

A. Freezing destroys the enzymes in food.  Enzymes are necessary for life and health.

Is juice - - FOOD?  The answer is YES.  So, if juice is FOOD, and food is dead if it is frozen, then juice is also dead if it is frozen.

There are people who promote freezing food as though it is superior to fresh, raw food, because they are only thinking about the vitamins and minerals - and NOT the enzymes - which are ALL destroyed by freezing. But the enzymes are one of the MAIN things about juicing that helps a person get well - because ENZYMES are in RAW food.  Enzymes are alive – and promote life and health and help rebuild the immune system so it can reverse disease.  Homemade vegetable juice is RAW and ALIVE - until you freeze it.

If your grandmother, or your wife, or your child is alive, and you FROZE them completely - they would be dead.   Then later, if you thawed them out, they would still be dead.  They would NOT come back to life.  They would still be DEAD because ALL their enzymes had been frozen and killed. 

I hope that illustration is dramatic enough for you to remember!

Frozen food, when later thawed out, will still contain vitamins and minerals, but ALL the enzymes will have been destroyed.  And ENZYMES are necessary for life. If the enzymes are dead, the food is dead.  The food will still contain some good nutrition, such as vitamins and minerals, as I said, but the food is NOT alive because the enzymes have been destroyed by the freezing.

And ENZYMES are necessary for life and health.

A raw potato, if placed in water, will sprout - and it will grow if it is planted in the ground.  It contains enzymes.  If you COOK the potato – or FREEZE the potato – and THEN plant it in the ground, it will NOT grow – because ALL the enzymes are DEAD.  The potato will rot and become garbage.

The best way to drink the homemade vegetable juice is within 5 minutes of the time it is made, so you will get the greatest benefit from the enzymes. However, the juice can be refrigerated for a day or two, in small jars, with the lid screwed on tightly, but it will still lose some of its enzymes and nutrition from oxidation.  But the juice should NEVER be frozen.

79. Q. Multiple Myeloma.  I’m from Santiago, Chile.  My wife was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  What can I do?  Please, can you help us?

A. Multiple Myeloma is a form of Cancer.  ALL Cancers (and ALL other diseases, as well) are CAUSED by the way we live, eat, and handle stress.  Multiple Myeloma is REVERSED by the same Ten Step Health Plan that I used to reverse MY cancer.

The only way to reverse ANY disease is to stop doing the things that have caused it, and start doing the things that will rebuild a person’s immune system.  That is the information on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books on my website at   Please read EVERYTHING there, including ALL the links at the top AND bottom of my home page.

Your wife CAN get well - completely - from her Multiple Myeloma, but NOT by taking Chemotherapy or Radiation - BOTH of which CAUSE Cancer, and BOTH of which will do MORE damage to her body than she has already done by the way she has been living and eating and handling stress.

78. Q. Wasn’t Luke a doctor?  I began reading your article entitled “Are Doctors a Gift from God?”  I agree with what you have written, but a question came to mind.  What about Luke?  Wasn’t he a physician and follower of Jesus Christ?  How do you categorize his physician status as he is mentioned in the Bible?

A. You will notice that Jesus NEVER sent anyone to Luke for healing.  Jesus did NOT say, “Go see Luke, I heal through doctors.”  When someone came to Jesus for healing, Jesus did it HIMSELF - either through His "Word" - which we have today in the form of the Bible - OR through Natural Methods (water, clay, etc).

Luke is referred to as a "healer" in the Original Greek – NOT a physician. The word used is #2395 In Strong's Concordance (which is derived from #2390 in Strong's Concordance) which means "to make whole."  It is the TRANSLATORS that have translated the word “healer” as physician, because they - the translators - (erroneously) have supposed that doctors make people well - which they DO NOT!  Doctors give people HARMFUL DRUGS that cover up their symptoms.  They do NOT make people well!

Luke may well have healed people by using natural methods.  But nonetheless, Jesus NEVER sent a single person to Luke for healing. Jesus ALWAYS healed the person Himself, just as He does today - through HIS word (the Bible) and through Natural Methods - the things that HE has made - in the form that HE made them.  This is exactly the same way I got well - by using God's Totally Natural Ten Step Health Plan.

Remember, the proper food is important, but it takes a whole lot more than just eating the right nutrition in order to Get Well and to Stay Well.  That's why the Health Plan has TEN Steps - and NOT just one.

77. Q. Is Cancer caused by a fungus?  I know you receive so many emails, but I wanted to forward this article to you and see what you say about the idea that 'Cancer is fungus'.  The author’s answer is sodium bicarbonate?  Yet I know that in your book you say that sodium bicarbonate is harmful to the body.

A. Indeed, sodium bicarbonate IS harmful to the body.  But the bigger question is, “Does fungus CAUSE Cancer?”  And the answer is, “NO!”  I cover this question on my DVD "Drugs Never Cure Disease."  In that DVD I show that GERMS (including fungus) do NOT CAUSE disease anymore than flies CAUSE garbage."  Please see my website at

The false idea that fungus causes cancer is as old as the hills.  It does NOT.  (The SAME thing goes for bacteria.  Bacteria do NOT cause cancer).  The fungus only appears AFTER the person already HAS cancer.  Just because fungus is found in association with cancer does NOT mean it has CAUSED it - anymore than finding flies in association with garbage means that the flies CAUSED the garbage.

Flies don’t cause garbage - garbage attracts flies!  Fungi don’t cause cancer – the cancer (the dead and dying tissue CAUSED by the way the person has been living and eating) ATTRACTS the fungus organisms and the bacterial organisms - to clean up the mess of the dead and dying tissue that is CAUSED by the way a person lives, eats, and handles stress.

This is ALL explained in detail on my DVD, “Drugs Never Cure Disease.”

76. Q. Meniere’s Disease:  I am 43 years and I have been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease this year. My ENT specialist has prescribed Sec24 that I take twice a day which is trying to abort the imbalance that I suffer terribly and to prevent my left ear from going deaf. I would like to know if using the prescribe medication is the only solution to my problem,

A.  The symptoms of Meniere’s disease include hearing impairment, ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and disturbance of balance and equilibrium (vertigo).  There are literally thousands of drugs of all different types on the market.  I have never heard of Sec24, nor is it listed in the PDR - the Physician's Desk Reference of Drugs - that lists virtually EVERY drug manufactured in America.

But you can be sure that Sec24 has some serious side effects - which ALL drugs do - and it will not cure your problem, because drugs do NOT cure disease.  They only "treat" symptoms, NOT the underlying cause of the disease - and they ALL have side effects that harm the body, whether the person is aware of experiencing the side effects or not.  They are still doing damage to your body, and they are NOT reversing your problem.

Actually "medication" is NOT - in any way - a solution to your "problem."  It only treats your symptoms with harmful chemicals, and does nothing to actually solve your problem.  ALL diseases and disorders are caused by the way we live, handle stress, and eat.  So the only way to REVERSE a health problem is to find out how we should live, handle stress and eat.

One of the major causes (there are others) of Meniere's disease is dehydration  - because it upsets the fluid balance in the inner ear.  Dehydration is CAUSED by the way we live, the way we handle stress, AND the way we eat - and what we drink.

That is the information on my DVDs, CDs and in my books.  Please see my website at

Diseases and Disorders are REVERSED by changing the way we live, handle stress, and eat - NOT by taking Drugs!

75. Q. Kidney failure: My mother was given too many diuretics (by the doctors) and it caused dehydration and damaged her kidneys.  Now they (the doctors) are trying to push her toward dialysis and I believe the kidneys can heal themselves.  What is your opinion on this?  Thank you for telling it like it is.

A. That's exactly what I talk about in my materials.  Please see my website at  The body is designed to heal itself.  The doctors have already made her sick with the medications, now they want to make her sicker - instead of reversing her problem (because they don’t know how to reverse her problem - because ALL we doctors are taught in our medical training is either to give DRUGS - all of which harm the body - or they take out organs.  We are never taught how to actually get someone WELL).

But, in my materials, I do show that there are NO incurable diseases, and I describe what one needs to do to get well.

74. Q. Breast Cancer and a HORROR story of “treatment” by Doctors!  How does a person who has daily problems with vomiting manage to not only drink the juices and keep them down, but to drink the daily quantity specified in your program?

My 81-year old mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003.  She underwent the traditional lumpectomy, with two lymph nodes removed,

chemotherapy, and radiation.  In 2005, she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.  Although she had had no symptoms, she was told it had already metastasized.  There followed a complete hysterectomy and more chemotherapy.  When her platelet count did not rise following her last chemo treatment, she was informed that she now had a third type of cancer, MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome – a pre-leukemic condition), which was directly caused by the chemotherapy.

In April of this year she underwent further surgery for a small bowel obstruction, where it was discovered she was full of adhesions (most likely the result of the hysterectomy), and more cancer was found in that area. 

She came out of surgery with an ileostomy bag and she no longer experiences bowel movements in the normal way.  She also has a Foley catheter in her bladder.  After all this time, we are still changing dressings covering her bowel incision site, as she is still leaking feces through the incision. 

In June she was back in the hospital again after 3 days of uncontrollable vomiting.  She had a urinary tract infection and an infection in the IV through which she received TPN (Total Parental Nutrition – “Nutrition” through an IV line), her only real source of nutrition.  Her arm swelled to twice the size and that IV line was removed.

She is back home and although she is bedridden, I try to get her up in her wheelchair every day possible to get her outside for some fresh air and sunshine.  She is terribly weak, unable to stand up on her own, but is mentally alert.  She originally came home from the hospital with Hospice, but I could not reconcile their philosophy of keeping a patient drugged until they die, plus my intense desire to see my mother live.  We transferred her from Hospice to a Homecare Nursing Service.  Since she is no longer with Hospice and doesn't have an IV line, she no longer receives TPN. 

Obviously Mom's situation is grim.  Her doctors have given her no hope, thus she has no hope.  My boyfriend and I are the only ones in the family who feel that there is still a chance for healing.  We struggle daily to convince her that as long as she's alive and there's a God, there's hope.  I think she views it as an unlikely miracle.  I do see her taking little baby steps in faith though; her willingness to do her exercises, her willingness to drink the juices, her willingness to go outside, her willingness to begin reading your book.

As Mom's exhausted primary caregiver, I felt the urgent need to get her started on your program the day she came home from the hospital.  I'm doing the best I can but I have yet to get anywhere near the full amount or number of juices down her.  And I'm not sure it matters because she vomits back up just about everything she takes in.  She's unable to eat solid food and now she's vomiting up blood.

So back to my original question: When a person has continuous vomiting, how do you keep the juices down?  Do I simply have to persist?         Should I back off on the amount and/or quantity?  Do I allow her more than 5 minutes to drink it? 

I know the juicing is not the entire plan, in and of itself. But it is an important part of the plan.  The body needs the nutrition to rebuild the immune system.

Obviously I am desperate for any advice and encouragement you can give me.  We are nowhere near attaining 100% compliance with the program, but we ARE trying.  Is it too late?  Is there any Hope?

I appreciate your research and testimony and anxiously await your reply.  Thank you for your help.

A. Let me recap your mother's history to see if I have it right.

1)  2003:  Breast cancer "treated" with chemotherapy and radiation by the doctors.

2)  2005  Endometrial Cancer (By the way, THIS was also CAUSED in large part from the chemo and radiation that she received for the Breast cancer, which was prescribed by the doctors.  Both chemo and radiation destroy the immune system and BOTH cause Cancer.)

            "Treated" by the doctors with hysterectomy and MORE chemo.

3)  Recent diagnosis of Myelodysplastic syndrome - ALSO CAUSED BY the previous chemo and radiation prescribed by the doctors.

4.  April 2008, Small bowel obstruction CAUSED by the adhesions CAUSED by the previous hysterectomy done by the doctors.

"Treated" with colectomy (removal of the colon) and ileostomy (bag for the feces), performed by the doctors.

Now she has an indwelling Foley catheter (in her bladder), and has an unhealed abdominal wound that is leaking feces.

5.  June 2008:  Back in the hospital for uncontrollable vomiting.  While in the hospital, had UTI (and probably received antibiotics).

Was fed with TPN (which is nothing but chemicals) and her arm swelled to twice its size because of the IV line placed – by the doctors - for the TPN.

Wow!  And this is what the doctors call “treatment”??  This is Medical Torture!  They are slowly and cruelly dismembering your mother, and they have charged HER hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it!

Now, let's analyze this.  First of all, your mother's breast cancer was CAUSED by the way she has been living, eating, and handling stress all her life (just like mine was), all of which suppresses the immune system.  

After her diagnosis of breast cancer, she did not change the way she was living, eating, and handling stress, but instead, took the "treatments" the doctors recommended, ALL of which suppressed her immune system EVEN MORE, and all of which CAUSED even more Cancers, plus additional serious medical problems.

So, her endometrial cancer, her myelodysplasia, her hysterectomy, her colectomy and ileostomy, her unhealed wound that is leaking feces, her uncontrollable vomiting, and her hugely swollen arm, plus her present inability to eat solid food, and her ability to take only small amounts of fluid, have ALL been CAUSED by the "treatments" given to her by the orthodox medical doctors.

It is truly AMAZING that people believe that doctors can “make them well”!

I agree with you that your mother's outlook IS grim, particularly since, during this entire time, she continued to take enormous punishment to her body - as much punishment as the doctors’ could imagine and prescribe.

However, where there's life, there is ALWAYS hope.  Your mother STILL can reverse her cancer, but she can only do so if SHE wants to do it with ALL her heart.  You cannot do it for her.  Certainly, you can provide care for her, and provide the proper nutrition - as much as she can take - and try to get her outdoors in the sunshine, etc., but the Health Plan I used to get well is not a Plan in which one "takes something - like taking a pill - or like taking intravenous medications.  Your mother has to get involved, to study the material herself - since her mind is clear - to spend time with the Lord in Bible study and prayer every morning and every night, to learn to know the Lord personally, not just to know "about" the Lord.

Then, she has to follow as much of the health plan as she can.  And remember, the food and juices, though important for recovery are only part of ONE STEP of the total health plan.  Your mother needs to learn how to FORGIVE everyone who has ever wronged her, to learn to LOVE her enemies, to learn to be Unselfish, to learn to TRUST GOD with her very life, and to be 100% committed to God and all the other steps of His Natural Health Plan and do everything that she can (within her limits) to follow the Plan.

If she is not 100% committed - herself - she cannot get well.  

God has PROMISED to heal ALL our diseases (Psalm 103:3) but ONLY IF we do it HIS way - and NOT "man's" way (the doctors' way) (Deut 7:11-15).

It's all up to her.  She has to make a choice:  Will she obey GOD - or will she obey "man" (the doctors)?  And just LOOK at where they – the doctors - have taken her!!

73. Q. Carrot Juice – Does it turn a person’s skin orange?  My Dad has recently been diagnosed with bladder and prostate cancer. I really believe in your Ten Step Health Plan.  My parents have both started juicing carrots. They have 2 tall glasses a day, but they have been told by people that carrot juice will turn your skin orange.

I wasn't sure, because I have seen your videos and you have beautiful skin. It doesn't look orange at all. Is this a myth, if not, what do you do so that your skin does not turn orange?

A. First of all, it takes a whole lot more than just drinking carrot juice to get well from cancer, or any other serious disease.  The Health Plan has TEN steps, and ALL TEN steps must be followed with 100% commitment in order to get well.  The carrot juice is only a PART of the nutrition part of the plan - and the nutrition part of the Plan is ONLY ONE STEP in the Ten Step plan.

And 2 glasses of carrot juice per day is NOT NEARLY enough.

In order for your father to get well, he will need to get the items I recommend (on my website at that one needs to get started.  And he must study them diligently, and watch/read/listen to them over and over again.  He cannot just let your mother do it for him.  They need to study the materials together.

One of the FIRST requirements in getting well is to NOT listen to "other people."  One must learn to study hard to find truth, and then NOT listen to what "other people" say.  Other “people” will almost always try to discourage you from following God’s Natural Health Plan.  They prefer to go to doctors and take DRUGS – which NEVER cure anything!

The SECOND requirement is that your father and mother need to understand that your father has a very SERIOUS, life-threatening disease and who cares if his skin turns yellow - if that's what it takes to get him well? 

But, in fact, his skin will NOT turn yellow.  The skin of the hands of the person who makes the juice may turn a little yellowish from handling the carrots, just like one's hands will turn red from handling beets, or even raspberries or blueberries.  But WHO CARES?  (Would you stop eating raspberries, or blueberries or beets, just because the handling of them might temporarily stain your skin a little?  That would be foolish.)

Your mother and father need to get their priorities straight.  When I was getting well, I didn't care what color my skin turned – just as long as it didn’t turn GRAY (for being dead!), if whatever I was doing could make me well.

Would your father rather be ORANGE and WELL?  Or GRAY and DEAD?

My point is this.  In order to get well, one has to STOP dwelling on irrelevant minutiae and start looking at the big picture, and your father must say "WHATEVER the Health Plan requires - I'll DO it!

And your father can't just "nibble around the edges" of the Health Plan, by drinking a couple of glasses of carrot juice a day and think that that will make him well.

Getting well requires a lot of hard work, dedication, 100% commitment to the complete Ten Step Health Plan, self-discipline, and the willingness to change EVERYTHING in his life.  If he is not willing to do that, he will NOT get well!

I drank EIGHT glasses of carrot juice and FOUR glasses of green leafy vegetable juice EVERY DAY for a FULL 6 and 1/2 years, (2 of those years I was still trying to figure out what ELSE I needed to do to get well, in addition to the proper nutrition - and then 1 1/2 more years while I was actually getting well - and then another 3 years after I was TOTALLY well). And THEN – only 3 years AFTER I was completely well – did I start to decrease the number slowly until now - 16 years later, I still drink about 3 glasses of carrot juice and 3 glasses of green leafy vegetable juice every day.  And you can see from my DVDs and my pictures on my website - I am NOT orange!

That Old Wives’ Tale is a TOTAL myth!

But, again, the biggest point about all of this, even if carrot juice DID turn a person orange (which it does NOT), I would rather be ORANGE and ALIVE, rather than GRAY and DEAD!

"People" will tell you all sorts of things - but a person with cancer must learn to STOP listening to "people" and start educating himself about what is truth.  Otherwise, he will always be totally confused.

Everything that your father needs to know to get well is in my DVDs, CDs, and in my books.  But it only works - if he actually DOES it - and DOES it ALL!

72. Q. Multiple Cancers and another HORROR story of “treatment” by doctors in a YOUNG woman.  On July 13, 2008 my daughter was admitted with the diagnosis of "Neck Pain" (She had been complaining of this 'Neck Pain' ever since the Mediport for the Chemo, was put in.)  I notified the doctor and told him that she did NOT have 'Neck Pain" prior to the port being put in.  The pain progressively got worse and on July 13th, the port was removed.  Then, on July 16, it was discovered that she has a tumor in her neck near her spine which was causing all of the pain.  As I stated earlier, she started on Radiation four days ago.  She just turned 29 years old.  Now she is having some problem with her kidneys.  She's not eating or drinking much and is either in horrible pain or totally doped up.  She is on ELEVEN different drugs.

Originally, she had been diagnosed with cancer, Stage 1, almost 2 years ago.  She took Megase for 7 months.  When she was first diagnosed with Cancer of the Uterus, she laid on the sofa for 3 months--she was so weak and sick.  Cancer cells had been detected in her cervix almost 3 years ago, but because she was on a Government Health Plan for Working Adults (She was going to college, and working) the Plan did not cover a Biopsy. 

When she was finally able to get the biopsy done--cancer of the uterus was discovered.  Then the doctor discovered that the cancer had gone into her vagina.   The surgeon wanted to remove her uterus, ovaries, lymph nodes, bladder (replace it with a bag), colon (replace it with a bag), rectum (sew it up), vagina (sew it up)--and she was only 28 years old with no children!

She went on the Chemotherapy, Radiation and had the surgery, but she was insistent on no bags.  On June 20, the following were removed:  The uterus, ovaries, tubes, 21 lymph nodes, part of her stomach (a growth there from when she was born), appendix and part of the vagina.  There was only cancer in her uterus. The biopsy showed No cancer in the lymph nodes, ovaries, etc. We were so happy that there would be no bags--that I had never even thought of insisting that the doctor biopsy the ovaries and lymph nodes prior to removing them--even though we had discussed it him previously. 

What our concern is now:  Can she still recover with those lymph nodes removed?  I know that they're the first line of offense.  Also, I'm sure in some form all of these drugs and radiation (and she had two more CT scans done--for a total of 5 CT Scans in the last 2 months) are causing the kidney problems and probably even the tumor in the neck.  I don't know what to do!  She's my only child.  She's such a wonderful, godly, lively, vibrant young woman who is now just lying there pale, bald, in a neck brace, barely able to talk!  I don't know if I could go on without her!  Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated!

A. Since you have my video "Cancer doesn't Scare Me Anymore,” you know that chemotherapy is poison, and radiation will burn her body, and both chemotherapy and radiation CAUSE Cancer and both of them DESTROY her immune system, the only system in her body that can get her well.  And both chemotherapy and radiation can cause serious kidney problems.  These supposed “treatments” will NOT make her well.  

Since you have my video "You Can't Improve on God" - you know that Cancer is caused by the way we live, eat and handle stress.  So the only way to REVERSE it is to change the way we are living, eating, and handling stress. We must do things GOD'S way and NOT "man's" way (the way of the doctors).

ALL of those drugs are harming her immune system even more.

Yes, she can still recover, even with the lymph nodes removed.  But her biggest problem - and your biggest problem too - is that neither of you BELIEVE in God's Natural Health Plan.  I don't know how long you have had my videos, but your daughter certainly is NOT following the Health Plan I used to get well.  

She has chosen to trust "man" (doctors) instead of trusting God and His Natural Health Plan.

As you learned on my video "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore" - disease is a "spiritual problem."  It begins in the "heart" because we want to live, eat and handle stress our own way, rather than following GOD'S way.

You are absolutely correct.  The more "treatments" the doctors give her - the worse she gets!!  The more "treatments" the doctors give her - the more they DESTROY her immune system.

Q. I don't know what to do! 

A. How can you say that you "don't know what to do"?  

Why don't you and your daughter decide to give your allegiance to GOD - and follow HIS way and HIS way only - rather than giving your allegiance to "man" (doctors).

If your daughter wants to get well, she will have to follow the Health Plan with 100% commitment, which will take a whole lot of self-discipline, determination, hard work, and total trust in God.

And you and she need to read everything on my website including ALL the links at the top and bottom of my home page.  And then you need to click on the Red Navigational Button on the upper left hand side of my home page at and then click on "What Do I Need to Get Started on this Health Plan?"  And then get that material and study it diligently and your daughter will have to be willing to CHANGE virtually everything about her life.

Everything your daughter needs to get well is on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books at

She has done herself a lot of harm with the supposed "treatments" she has received from the doctors.  So she better get to work doing God's Health Plan - and she better start following it right away - with 100% commitment.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       71. Q.  Essential Oils:  I was recently diagnosed with ductal carcinoma In Situ (cancer of the breast) from a needle biopsy.  Fortunately, I found your website and ordered two of your videos along with the workbook before committing to the traditional treatment plans.  Please advise me on your thoughts concerning using essential oils such as frankincense, myrrh or sandalwood as a topical healing method in conjunction with your Ten Step plan.

A. There are NO diseases – including Cancer – that are caused by a deficiency of essential oils.  Therefore, NO disease can be CURED by using essential oils.  Diseases are the result of people living, eating, and handling stress their OWN way rather than the right way – God’s way.  In order to get well, one must CHANGE they way they are living, eating, and handling stress by making a 100% commitment to the Ten Step Natural Health Plan that is in my materials.  (See

70. Q.  Polycystic Ovaries:  My daughter's doctor has prescribed Birth Control Pills for her supposed PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries).

A. You don't say how old your daughter is, or how they diagnosed her PCOS - or what you really mean by PCOS.  I am assuming you mean Polycystic Ovaries, but the same initials can be used in different branches of medicine to mean different things.  So it is always prudent to actually write out the diagnosis, rather than use initials.  If you mean a different syndrome, please let me know.

Does your daughter have any symptoms?  How was the diagnosis made?

On my DVD, "Believing is Seeing" there is the testimonial of a woman with Polycystic Ovaries PLUS Uterine Cancer (No, the two don't necessarily go together, she just happened to have both) and the doctors wanted her to have a hysterectomy and said she could never get pregnant.  That, of course, was very disappointing to her and her husband.

Well, how WRONG the doctors were.  After going on the Health Plan, not only did she cure her uterine cancer, but her ovaries began working properly and she gave birth to two darling twin baby girls, (with NO fertility drugs) and the baby girls are also shown on my DVD.

Her testimonial may also be, in abbreviated form, on the "Testimonial Slide Show" accessed from the box at the top of the home page of my website at

Your daughter's polycystic ovaries are NOT caused by a deficiency of Birth Control Pills.  So those pills cannot cure her problem.  And ALL birth control pills have significant side effects.  Taking birth control pills contributed to my developing breast cancer - plus all the other factors I talk about on my DVDs.

Learning how to live, eat, and handle stress properly is the ONLY SAFE way to prevent and reverse diseases and disorders.  THAT is the information that is on my DVDs, CDs and in my books.

69. Q. Multiple Sclerosis:  I have had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 25 years, and being a strong believer of "change your thinking change your life, Louise Hay's book, I have had only minor problems. Along the way at 36 I was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder. Without the medications, I have severe depression and mood swings.  Is there anything that may help? 

A. Although you may find it hard to believe, both your bipolar disorder and your MS are caused by the SAME factors.  ALL disease - whether physical or mental - is caused by the way we think, act, live, eat, and handle stress.  And ALL these diseases can be completely REVERSED by CHANGING the way we think, act, live, eat, and handle stress.

When I had cancer I also suffered from symptoms of MS, Parkinson's, Reynaud’s, and severe anxiety.  But when I began following the Totally Natural Ten Step Health Plan, eventually, ALL those problems went away over the same period of time that my Cancer was reversed.

You can be totally well and free from BOTH problems.  Please see my website at and read EVERYTHING there including all the links at the top portion of my home page (the large red navigational buttons) and the links at the bottom of my home page.  Then click on the button that says, “What Do I Need to Get Started on This Health Plan?”

68. Q. Brain Cancer - Glioblastoma Multiforme:  Is this a disease that fits into your category for healing?  Doctors at Mayo Clinic removed about 80% of the tumor recently and say that he has about 18 months to live.  He’s scheduled for radiation and chemo very soon.

A.  ALL Cancers - including ALL brain cancers - and, in fact, ALL diseases of all types, are curable, because they are ALL caused by the way we live, eat, and handle stress.  Once we STOP doing the things that have CAUSED the cancer, and START doing the things that will REVERSE the cancer, we can get well.

The doctors will say, "No one knows what causes these tumors" but they are wrong.  They haven't read their own medical literature.  I would have said the same thing 20 years ago, because we are NEVER taught these things in our medical training.  Why?  Because the pharmaceutical companies control most of what we are taught in our medical training, because THEY provide most of the funding for research for the medical schools (to develop MORE DRUGS) and so it's the old "Golden Rule - - -  "He who has the gold - rules!"

It's IMPOSSIBLE to cut out Cancer, because all the factors that caused it to develop (the way a person lives, eats, and handles stress) are still operating in one's body.  Unless a person CHANGES those things, naturally the tumor will come back and still continue to grow.  And since the brain is enclosed in the skull, there is only a limited amount of tumor growth that can occur without killing the patient.

BOTH chemotherapy and radiation CAUSE Cancer.  And they BOTH DESTROY the immune system, the ONE system we need to be able to get well.  Not only will this NOT make the person well, it will make his or her life MORE MISERABLE until they die.

Please go to my website at and read everything there, including ALL the links on the red navigational buttons at the top of my home page and all the links at the bottom of my home page.

Glioblastoma multiforme is just as curable as my breast cancer, and just as curable as EVERY other kind of cancer. It has been 16 years since my tumor first appeared, and I am alive, totally well, and cancer free and as healthy, as agile, and as energetic as when I was 25 or 30 years old.

67. Q. Dr. Day’s Ten Step Natural Health Plan vs. the Ten Steps on the HA website.  Dr. Day, Is YOUR Ten Step Health Plan the same as the Ten Steps that are listed on the Hallelujah Acres website?

A. Absolutely Not!  The Ten Steps that are listed on the website of Hallelujah Acres (HA) are NOT – I repeat – NOT - the Ten Steps that I used to get well. For many years, HA promoted nutrition only, as the way to get well.  It was called the HA “DIET.”  But the proper nutrition by itself cannot reverse a serious life-threatening disease.  

It is good that HA has decided to include more factors in their plan, but it still is very different from the Health Plan I used to get well.  Please don’t get confused.  Over 11 years ago, in 1997, I first revealed on my DVD, ‘You Can’t Improve on God” how I got well using God’s Ten Step Natural Health Plan. 

But it has been very confusing to people now that HA has recently posted “Ten Steps” on their website.  But their Plan is VERY DIFFERENT from the Ten Steps that I began publishing over eleven years ago, the Ten Step Health Plan that I used to get well.  My Ten Steps are NOT listed anywhere on the website of Hallelujah Acres (HA).

Please don’t get confused 

FIVE of the Ten Steps on the HA website are ALL related to FOOD, whereas “nutrition,” important as it is for getting well, is ONLY ONE step of my Ten Step Health Plan.

And ONLY THREE of the other steps in my plan are even suggested on the HA website.  But even those four steps (nutrition, and the three others) do not have the detailed explanation and the scientific, medical, documentation that I give in my materials for why the Health Plan I used to get well - actually works.

Without that detailed knowledge of WHY you are doing WHAT you are doing, you are likely to fail in the long run.

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that the Ten Step Health Plan that is listed on the Hallelujah Acres website has anything to do with My Ten Step Plan that is detailed on my DVD “You Can’t Improve on God” as well as being found in all my other materials.

SIX of the Ten Steps that I used to get well are not even mentioned on the HA website – even though they are critical for recovery from Cancer, or any other serious disease.

Getting well from Cancer or any other serious disease involves MUCH MORE than just the right diet, exercise, and rest.  ALL diseases begin in the “heart” because we want to think, act, handle stress, live and eat OUR way rather than GOD’S way.  In order to get totally well, one must follow – with 100% commitment - ALL of the same TEN STEPS that I used to get well, which are detailed in my materials, and are NOT included in the ten steps listed on the HA website.

66. Q. Celiac Disease:  My friend is suffering from something called Celiac disease.  She can’t eat any grains.  She has to eat a gluten-free diet.  Dr. Day, is Celiac disease also caused by the way she has been living and eating? Would she be able to eat the diet God has given us to get well and stay well?  She says she can’t, but I know there aren’t any “cant’s” with God.

A.  Celiac Disease, like virtually all other intestinal diseases, is caused by the way we live, eat, and handle stress.  Once we start following God’s Natural Ten Step Health Plan as detailed on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books, the disease can be reversed. 

It is true that many grains seem to make the disease worse, so while one is following the plan, at the beginning these particular grains can be avoided.  Wheat, rye and barley are particularly problematic and do not have to be included in one’s diet while he or she is getting well.  But rice and oats are generally well-tolerated and can be included, along with the rest of the nutritious vegan diet.

And remember, Celiac Disease is not caused by an improper diet alone.  The ways one lives and handles stress are also big factors.  That’s why ALL Ten Steps of the Health Plan are necessary in order to get well.  So, your friend should have no problem with following the Health Plan.  And when your friend gets well, he or she will be able to eat all the grains without developing symptoms.

65. Q. Dry Eye Syndrome.  I was recently diagnosed with moderate to severe eye syndrome.  My ophthalmologist says that it is an incurable condition and that I will have to learn to live with it.  But since my eyes are part of my body and it all works together.  I don’t buy his answer.  Can you your program help me heal my eyes?

A. "Dry eye syndrome" is totally curable.  All you have to do is to understand the CAUSES of "dry eye syndrome" and then STOP doing those things, and START doing the things that will reverse it.

I used to have dry eyes and I was also told by my ophthalmologist that there was nothing I could do except use drops.  That was over 30 years ago.  When I developed cancer and learned what was causing the dehydration of my body and I CHANGED my way of living, eating, drinking, thinking, and handling stress, I now have NO problem with dry eyes whatsoever.  And I use NO drops - even though I am 30 years older than when the ophthalmologist first told me it was "incurable."

ALL one has to do to REVERSE the problem with “dry eyes” is to follow the Health Plan that I discuss on my DVDs, particularly, "You Can't Improve on God" – and my other materials.  Please see my website at

64. Q. My friend and I want to copy your DVDs and have our own “ministry” – but at your expense.  My friend and I would like your permission to give out your DVDs free to pastors and ministers at the churches, and to doctors, and to pass them out among the people.  We do not intend to charge, change, remove or add anything to them.  Neither of us has the means to buy as many as are needed as we are on set incomes, however we do know of someone who would be willing to copy them.  Please give us your permission in writing.

A. Thank you for your letter and for your interest in my materials.  You requested that I give you permission to make copies of my DVDs for missionary purposes only, however I cannot do that.  Rockford Press holds the copyright to these DVDs and they cannot be copied.

You undoubtedly want to give them away because you believe that your fellow church members or friends are not able to afford the DVDs.  But I have a problem with that, because the DVDs are only $19.95 plus shipping and handling.  That’s less than it costs for a woman to have her hair cut at a beauty salon.  And the haircut only lasts a month or two, whereas this information on health will last a lifetime. 

If a person is not able to afford that price, then they couldn't possibly afford a television set and a VCR or a DVD player on which to play the DVD/video.  Somehow, everyone seems to have the money to buy a television set and a DVD player.  But if they have the means to buy a television set and a DVD player, then they certainly have the money to buy a $19.95 DVD.  

It all boils down to where people put their priorities.  Not only that, if they can't afford to make a one-time purchase of the DVD, they could not afford even to buy the carrots to make the carrot juices required in the plan.  One week's worth of carrots costs more than the DVD.  And people would have to buy the carrots week after week after week, and there are other foods that they would have to buy as well.

Remember, God says that He will supply all our needs.  If someone is really determined to follow God’s Health Plan, God knows the heart and HE will supply whatever he or she needs.  And we don’t decide the way God supplies it, God decides the way.  In addition, I have found over the years that people don’t value something they get for free.  They value what they have bought with their hard-earned money much more than something that is given to them free.

Passing DVDs out like “candy,” is not a good idea anyway.  The Bible tells us not to throw “pearls before swine” which means that the ONLY people who will benefit from the DVDs are the ones whose heart and mind has been opened to be receptive to God’s Word.  And only God knows exactly who those people are.  And, as He has promised, HE will provide their needs.

We often choose to be an “amateur providence” and we decide what God needs done – and then we set about doing what we want to do – for God.  But we end up doing “God’s work” or OWN way.  Abraham did that when he “helped God out” by taking Hagar to have a son - Ishmael.  But that was not God’s way – and it ended up as a disaster!  Abraham finally learned that GOD makes the specific plans – we do not.  Abraham was not allowed to do “God’s work” his OWN way.

Noah was told that God would save him from the flood.  But Noah was not allowed to make the plans on HOW God would save him.  God told Noah that He would save Noah and his family by Noah building a boat.  But Noah was not even allowed to consult the most respected boat builders of the time.  No, it was GOD who told Noah exactly how to build the boat.  The ONLY way Noah and his family could be saved was if they let GOD make their plans for them.  Noah was not allowed to do GOD’s work his OWN way.

If you want to spread the word about God’s Ten Step Health Plan for natural health and healing, just refer people to my website at and if they are truly interested in getting well God’s way, God promises to make it possible for them to buy the materials.

Not only that, if I allowed you to copy my DVDs, why shouldn’t I allow everyone to copy the DVDs?  And if I did that, I could not even pay my own expenses to make the DVDs, or to pay my employees to work in the office, or answer the phone, or type this letter, or ship the merchandise.  I would soon be out of business with no resources to make another DVD.

When I say this, I realize there are some who might say, “Oh, you’re just in it for the money.”  But I assure you I could make a lot more money by practicing as an orthopedic surgeon than by what I’m doing now – helping people learn how to get totally well by God’s natural Ten Step Health Plan.

God has given me a job to do and He expects me to be a good steward and run my business prudently.  And as I said, God has inexhaustible ways to work through other people by giving them their own special job to do.

The very best witnessing tool for you, your church, or your community would be for you and your family to live the health message with 100% commitment and then share your own testimony with others. 

If you are following God’s plan with 100% commitment, then you can make your own DVDs or CDs, then you can give away as many of your own DVDs or CDs as you wish.  If God wants you to do that, He will provide the way.

However, if you are asking to copy my DVDS, then you are deciding what ministry you want to have, and you are asking me to fund it.  I help out a lot of people in many ways as God directs me, but He is the One who directs me.

If God wants you to have a ministry, He will show you what to do, and how to do it so you can fund it yourself, without using someone else’s property.  God will always provide - if you are obeying all His directions and following His will.

Remember, God is not nearly as interested in what we "do" for Him, as He is in wanting us “to be one” with Him.  It is our personal relationship with Him that allows Him to work through us rather than for us to do things and then ask Him to bless the things we decide to do. 

Remember also that when Jesus was on earth, He was never sick.  If you look at His ministry, He actually led a leisurely life.  He was in constant communication with His Father and each day He received the information on what He should do that day.  That's the way we should live.

God does not need us to finish the work.  He can do it all by Himself.  He allows us to participate because it is great fun to work with God and we can grow in knowledge of Him.  However, as I said before, God really wants us to concentrate on our personal relationship with Him.  And when we do that, then He works through us and frequently we're not even aware of what He is doing.

Jesus said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all unto Me."  When we lift up Jesus, when we demonstrate our personal relationship with Him by following the health message with 100% commitment, Jesus promises to bless us and bring us people who really want to know truth.  If you are aware of people like that, you can just refer them to my website.  There is a huge amount of information there.

So, I cannot give you permission to copy my DVDs or other materials, but I appreciate your interest.  And I’m sure God will help you find and fund your own project that will glorify His name. 


Lorraine Day, M.D.

63. Q. Hyperthyroidism/Graves’ Disease: I've read most of the information on your web site but I didn’t see anything that related to Graves’ disease.  If you have any more information regarding this please email me this information.

A. Did you read all the links down at the bottom of my home page at especially my article on how the body is designed to heal itself?

Diseases do not fall out of the sky.  We give them to ourselves one day at a time by the way we think, act, live, eat, and handle stress.  In order to REVERSE the disease, we must CHANGE the way we think, act, live, eat, and handle stress. Graves' disease is no different.  In order to reverse it, one must REBUILD the immune system so the body will work properly. Then everything will normalize.

But remember, the Ten Step Health Plan that I used to get well is NOT a "diet." The proper diet is critical for recovery, but it's only ONE step in the Ten Step Health Plan.  In order to get well, one must follow ALL TEN steps with 100% commitment.

THAT is the information in my materials.  There is NO "Quick Fix."  But Graves' disease (hyperthyroidism) is curable just as cancer is curable.

If you scroll down on the home page you will see a box that says, "What do I Need to Get Started on this Health Plan?"  Click there and then scroll down until you see the words, "For diseases other than Cancer."  Those are the materials one needs to get started.

But then one must continue studying and learning and progressing to total health by following the "Curriculum for Getting Well" that is in my Workbook, "Getting Started on Getting Well."

62. Q. Trigeminal Neuralgia (Terrible nerve pain in the face.  Also called Tic Douluoreux or Tic Doloreaux): Thank you for your time and I’m hoping you can advise me on this.  A good friend of mine is 27 and has been diagnosed by 3 doctors with trigeminal neuralgia.  She has been in and out of doctor’s offices and emergency rooms where they treat her while she is there with a morphine drip or pain medications but has found no relief from the pain.  What options does she have other than the pain medications to control her pain? She is on prednisone, Tegretal and Vicoprofen to control the pain for the last week but was in the ER last night due to how severe the pain is.  It has only been about 2 weeks since her pain has started but does not know what to do to alleviate the pain. 

A. (First, please see the Testimonial on the CURE of Trigeminal neuralgia.)  Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) can be totally reversed by following the same Health Plan I used to get well. TN is caused by the way a person lives, eats, and handles stress.  It is reversed by CHANGING the way one lives, eats and handles stress.

Please tell me which of my materials either you or your friend already have, so I can know what you already know, then we can go from there.

Also, have you and your friend read everything on my website at including all the links down at the bottom of my home page, especially my article on how the body is designed to heal itself?

Also, have you read all of the Frequently Asked Questions and my answers?  Even though you may not think they directly apply to TN, they actually DO and you will learn a lot about how to get well, because we GIVE ourselves disease, one day at a time, by the way we live, eat and handle stress. Diseases and disorders do not just drop from the sky, we CAUSE them ourselves.

The Good News is that we can REVERSE them by CHANGING the way we think, the way we act, our lifestyle, what we listen to, what we read, what we watch on television or in the movies, how we handle stress, and what we drink and eat.  It requires a permanent change in our lifestyle.

61. Q. Mesothelioma.  Last month my husband was told he has malignant mesothelioma.  This, as all the Doctors here say, is a rare and slow moving disease.  He's already had all the tests and it was confirmed.  My husband is 78 with no problems until he had the chest pain.  We have always lived a pretty healthy lifestyle

A. Unfortunately, when people say, “we have always lived a pretty healthy lifestyle” – and someone is sick with a potentially fatal disease - that is a rather deadly mindset.  Cancer – of ALL types – is caused by the way we think, act, live, handle stress, and eat.  If one has decided that he or she has “lived a pretty healthy lifestyle” then he or she is more prone to think that this disease just “fell out of the sky.”  We GIVE disease to ourselves one day at a time, by the way we think, act, handle stress, live and eat.

In order to REVERSE the disease, we must dramatically change the way we think, act, live, handle stress and eat.  I think you will have to admit that your husband WAS “having problems” before he had the chest pain.  His body had to be VERY sick in order to develop the cancer.  It was just silent for a long time BEFORE it was large enough to cause symptoms or to be diagnosed.

He doesn't want to do Chemotherapy and Radiation as we do believe in what you have to say and are trusting in the Lord.

You say you are “trusting in the Lord” and yet, in the next sentence you say you are talking to the Doctors, as though the Lord works through doctors.  Doctors give drugs, which the Bible identifies as sorceries– (Rev. 18:23 – “The WHOLE WORLD will be deceived by their SORCERIES.”  That word “sorceries” is the word “Pharmacy” – pharmakeia in the Greek.  God calls the “treatment” that doctors give – sorceries and witchcraft.)  The Bible tells us we “Ought to obey GOD – rather than “man” (doctors).

Doctors aren't giving us much help on the Nutrition side since my husband is losing weight too rapidly.

Doctors don’t know anything about nutrition.  And it takes a whole lot more than just the proper nutrition to get a person well from Cancer.  The Health Plan I used to get well has TEN steps.  In order to get well, one must follow ALL TEN Steps with 100% commitment.  ALL disease begins in the “heart” because we want to live, think, handle stress, and eat in the way WE want to rather than the way GOD wants us to.  So, it is in the “heart” that ALL disease must FIRST be addressed.

We had already gone to the raw veggies, salads and no red meat and now a power drink for energy. 

You can’t be following the health plan that I used to get well, because that requires you to get rid of ALL animal products – ALL meat, poultry, fish, milk, cheese, ALL dairy, and eggs – and ALL processed food, and all refined sugar, and ALL additives, and ALL restaurant food, and ALL fast food, and ALL caffeine, and ALL alcohol, and many other things, because they ALL CAUSE the Cancer to GROW!  And that is ONLY the beginning of the “nutrition” part of the Plan.  And the Nutrition part of the Plan is ONLY ONE Step in the TEN Step Health Plan. . . . . . And “power drinks” are definitely NOT a part of God’s Health Plan!

Someone sent us a NO SUGAR cancer starving (cells) diet. It's pretty much the same suggestions you had but we are worried about the weight loss. The pain is the only thing that bothers him (same area as the Biopsy).

It takes a LOT MORE than just “no sugar” to Reverse one’s Cancer.  And I discuss what to do about weight loss, in my Workbook “Getting Started on Getting Well” which is designed to help one implement the Health Plan that is on my nine DVDs on health.

The “pain” should NOT be the only thing that is bothering him.  He has CANCER!  THAT fact should be bothering him the most!  The few changes he has made in his diet will NOT get him well.  In order to get well, he must follow the WHOLE program – ALL Ten Steps - with 100% commitment.

You need a lot more information than you have if your husband is going to get well.  You didn’t tell me which DVD of mine you have.  But if you want your husband to live, you must go to my website at and read EVERYTHING there, including ALL the links at the bottom of my home page, especially my article about how the body is designed to heal itself, AND you must read ALL the Frequently Asked Questions and my answers, even if you do not think they relate specifically to your husband’s condition because you will learn a lot about what it takes to get well.

Then, you should return to my home page and scroll down until you see the box that says, “What Do I Need to Get Started on This Health Plan?” and click there.  That is what I recommend to Get Started.  But that is ONLY a beginning.  Once he has implemented ALL that information into his mind, heart, life, and diet, THEN he must continue to progress to total health by following the “Curriculum for Getting Well” that is in my Workbook, “Getting Started on Getting Well.”

ALL the information your husband needs to get well is in my materials that are available on my website.  But HE must be fully committed to doing the Health Plan.  And HE must study and learn – and study and learn – and KEEP studying and learning.  You cannot do it for him.  You can help him, but HE is the one who must be committed.

He does take pills for the pain as it is pretty bad.  He has a high pain tolerance but finally gave in to taking two every 5 hours.

Any help?  We are going to California soon to see our children.

I discuss Natural Methods of Pain Relief in my Workbook, “Getting Started on Getting Well.”

The LAST thing your husband should be doing is traveling.  Traveling is very hard on the immune system and it is virtually impossible to follow the Health Plan while traveling.  If your husband really wants to get well, he must stay home and get serious about getting well - - and start REALLY following the Health Plan.  Otherwise, he is just fooling around with the “plan” – and that will NEVER get him well.  Your family should come to you – rather than you going to them.

This is your husband’s life that is at stake.  You and he will have to make some hard decisions.  And the sooner the better!

60. Q. Memory Improvement?  I am a 65 years old professional man and follow your plan. Recently I bought all your DVD's.  What I would like to know if it would help to improve my memory?   I am in active service and find my memory is letting me down.

A. If you really follow the whole plan with 100% commitment, your memory will improve very significantly.

The body is 75% water.  The brain is 85% water.  When you don't drink enough water, your memory will be impaired.  When you eat animal fat or refined sugar, your arteries to your brain will be clogged.  When you regularly eat the other harmful substances that are in fast food, process food, and restaurant food that are KNOWN to harm your brain and DECREASE your memory, you cause major damage to your thinking processes, decision-making and your memory.  When you don't exercise regularly, you don't get enough oxygen to your brain.  When you take medications, they ALL have adverse effects on your brain.  When you don't get enough rest, your brain can't function properly.  When you don't learn to truly handle ALL your stress by giving it ALL to the Lord (and not taking it back again as a burden), your brain will be so cluttered with all that stress that your memory will be impaired.

How could following the Ten Step Health Plan NOT improve your memory?  A good memory is a result of following the Ten Step Health Plan with 100% commitment.  Please see my website.

I am now 71 and I have the memory and the energy of a 25 year old, even after going through a terrible struggle with cancer that almost killed me and destroyed all my muscle mass from my long episode of being bedridden.  It has taken me years to rebuild my stamina and my muscles to what they were before I got sick.  But now I can work full time, do heavy work outs at the gym three times a week, do 40 minutes of vigorous aerobics at least 5-6 days per week, snow ski, water ski, play tennis, and briskly walk 8-12 miles at a time.

If YOU really follow the plan, YOU will be able to do all of that, too – and you will even be able to REMEMBER that you did it!

59. Q. Arrhythmias: are they a disease or trauma - more like a broken leg?  I am currently taking Cartia a calcium channel blocker to control SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia) and Sinus tachycardia. My doctor says I do not have heart disease, thank the Lord, but that this is caused from an electrical circuit problem with the heart’s electrical path.

They tried doing radio frequency ablation but that did not work because they could not find the right spot to ablate.  I feel fine now but I do not like the idea of needing to use drugs to control or prevent these arrhythmias, yet I do not see how diet or the other steps of the plan would help since this is an electrical problem that occurs sometimes. 

A. Of course you have heart disease!!  The SVT is in your HEART!  It is ABNORMAL to have SVT.  Therefore, by definition, you have HEART DISEASE!  You're even taking a DRUG for the Heart disease.  You’re even taking a DRUG named “Heart”! - "Cardia" is the word for "heart" in Greek (kardia).  The DRUG companies just changed it a little and made it "Cartia" because the word "Cardia" probably cannot be patented.  It's ridiculous, and profoundly ignorant, for your doctor to tell you that you don't have heart disease.

Do you realize how dangerous (and ineffective) it is to try to DESTROY a part of your HEART with radio frequency?  "Ablation" means to DESTROY!  Even if it had "worked" - it WOULDN'T have "worked" - because your problem wasn't caused by not having had enough radio frequency destruction done to your heart.

You shouldn't "feel fine" now. You may be temporarily free of symptoms - but you have NOT solved the problem.  The DRUGS are just covering up the problem, while YOU are making it worse by continuing to do the SAME things that CAUSED the problem in the first place.  So, sooner or later, the problem will return - and it will be MUCH WORSE, because you have done NOTHING to solve it.

Everything in the body is "electric."  There is a tiny charge on the surface of EVERY cell in your body.  The brain puts out electrical charges constantly when you think.  When a person is bleeding in the ocean, a shark will find him - NOT by "smelling" his blood - but by the electrical current that comes out of the wound WITH the blood.

How one LIVES, EATS, and even THINKS - affects the electrical currents in the body and brain - ALL of them.  So just because you cannot "see" how that can happen, nevertheless, it does

Q. In 2005 I had several episodes that drove me to get help from the emergency room.   After that, about once or twice a year I have an event in which I can control it with Valsalva maneuvers (Dr. Day explanation: A maneuver in which one holds his breath and bares down, which is known to reverse an arrhythmia, on occasion, because of stimulation of the Vagus nerve), but not always.

I realize you cannot diagnose this or offer specific advice to me but generally speaking is this something like a broken leg?  In other words, you say doctors are great if you have trauma - a broken leg or arm, etc. but they do not treat or prevent diseases properly. Put another way, is this electrical problem similar to treating something mechanically broken, rather than like treating a disease? If you get what I am asking.

I do not use any illegal drugs or stimulants, and have no, to very little, caffeine or alcohol intake.

A. NO!  This is a DISEASE that YOU have brought on yourself by the way you have been living and eat.  The things you are eating and drinking (or not eating and not drinking) and the way you are living, including the stress in your life – and how you are handling it – are the culprits.  You have done this to yourself!  And the ONLY way to STOP it is to FOLLOW God's Health Plan with 100% commitment and get your body healthy again.   It is NOT ONLY the food that you are eating, but the violation of the OTHER TEN STEPS in the health plan, TOO, that are causing your problem.

You CAN reverse the problem.  But DRUGS - and attempts at ablation therapy” (attempts at destroying part of your heart muscle!) - are only COVERING UP your problem, NOT solving it!  I discuss heart problems on my DVD, “Diseases Don’t Just Happen.”  Please see my website.

58. Q. Is Carrot Juice BAD because of all the “sugar”?  My wife is on your program. She had a lumpectomy 5 years ago, had radiation and was OK until recently when she was found to have bone cancer throughout her body. She must get another cat scan to determine if her organs are affected. She has a broken rib because of the cancer and is hurting quite a bit. I ordered two of your books and tapes.

I have started her on the program but she is very concerned that all the carrots will cause a large amount of sugar to be consumed, and we understand that sugar is forbidden.

A. Your wife was NOT "OK until recently” because she had done NOTHING to REVERSE her cancer in the previous 5 years.  In fact, she had done MORE damage to herself by taking radiation - that harms the body tremendously and weakens the immune system, and CAUSES cancer.

I realize that at that time, she probably didn't know any better, but the Radiation she took actually was in LARGE part responsible for her present condition in which the Cancer has spread dramatically.

One CANNOT develop Cancer unless he or she has a severely weakened immune system - from the way they have been living and eating.  Then, when one takes Radiation OR Chemotherapy - BOTH of which HARM the immune system even MORE - and BOTH of which actually CAUSE Cancer, they weaken their body's ability to resist disease, and the disease, (Cancer - or whatever other disease they have) gets EVEN WORSE !

The Radiation that was ordered by the doctors to supposedly "help" her - actually HARMED her body even MORE by suppressing her immune system, which allowed the Cancer to spread everywhere.

I explain on my DVD "You Can't Improve on God" that there is a BIG difference between the NATURAL sugars that God, Himself, placed in healthy FOOD, as opposed to the REFINED sugars that are in Twinkies, Ho Ho's, cakes, candy, sodas, etc. – placed there by “man.”

The Media and Orthodox Medicine want you to believe that coffee, wine, meat, poultry and fish, MSG, Nutrasweet, etc. are ALL "good" for you (yet they ALL do IMMENSE harm to your body), but somehow home-made CARROT JUICE, they say, will do you harm!  Those are the LIES of the Media and Orthodox Medicine – groups who have NO ability to understand how one can get well by God's Natural Health Plan.  ALL they know are DRUGS and SURGERY!

Look where Orthodox Medicine has gotten your wife with their “treatment” - almost on her Deathbed.  And their “treatment” only made her Cancer WORSE, because it harmed her immune system SO much (and she did NOTHING to REVERSE her disease) that her Cancer re-appeared with a vengeance!

I would think that would make you – and her - very skeptical of "man's" way of doing things (the doctors and the media), and she would, instead, start wanting to trust in GOD, and in the FOOD that God has made, rather than trusting “man-made” chemicals and other “treatments.” 

And remember, the proper diet is ONLY Ten Percent of the Health Plan.  In order to get well, one must follow ALL Ten steps, including learning to LOVE your enemies, learning to FORGIVE EVERYONE who has ever wronged you, learning to give ALL your STRESS to the Lord, and all the rest of the Health Plan as well.

57. Q.  New Age Medicine. A couple of days ago I received what appears to be some outstanding research and treatment information related to cancer.  When you have about 30 minutes, please view the two links I have e-mailed to you and let me know what you think, and if you've heard of this person and what he's doing, before now. 

A. This man is combining the horrors of orthodox medicine with the errors of New Age Eastern Medicine.  The "health" practitioners doing that are a dime a dozen. There is NOTHING new or "outstanding" about any of it.  It DOESN'T work because it is NOT of God.  It is "man's" way of doing things - NOT God's.  I discuss all these things on my DVD "Sorting Through the Maze of Alternative Medicine:  What Works, What Doesn't and Why."  Please see my website at

56. Q.  Supposed “Autoimmune” Diseases –  such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ankylosing spondylitis, aplastic anemia, Grave’s disease, Lupus, Wegener’s granulomatosis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Multiple Sclerosis, Celiac Disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and a HOST of other diseases that Orthodox medical doctors put in this category. 

A.  None of these diseases should be classified as “autoimmune diseases.” This is just a convenient way for doctors to “classify” a disease for which they have NO CLUE about what to do.  In almost every case, they end up giving either DANGEROUS Prednisone (or some other cortisone derivative) which NEVER cures the disease and only weakens the patient even MORE and has terrible long-term consequences to EVERY system in your body, including causing Osteoporosis, glaucoma, Cancer, and many more horrible diseases, or they will give an equally DANGEROUS Chemotherapy drug that has horrific side effects and can end up giving you Cancer – that AGAIN will weaken you and will do NOTHING to permanently Cure your condition.

The doctor will tell you that your immune system has become “too strong” and it is now “attacking your own body.”  That is ABSURD!  That is utter FOOLISHNESS!  But THAT is what we doctors are ALL taught in our Medical Training.

To suggest that your immune system is “too strong” and therefore makes you SICK – is like saying that if you get really, really healthy – being REALLY “healthy” will eventually make you SICK!  That is ridiculous and stupid on the part of Orthodox Medicine to even come up with such an absurd line of thinking.  The immune system is what keeps you WELL and free from disease.  Your immune system is what FIGHTS diseases.  If it is STRONG, it will do a GOOD JOB of keeping you well.  If it is STRONG, it will NOT make you sick!

ALL of these diseases are CAUSED by the way a person lives, thinks, acts, and eats resulting in a “sick” immune system – NOT an immune system that is “too strong.”  Fortunately, ALL these diseases can be REVERSED by CHANGING the way one lives, thinks, acts and eats and, by doing so, RE-BUILDING their immune system.

I discuss this “category” of diseases on my DVD “Diseases Don’t Just Happen.”  The way to REVERSE these diseases is the SAME way that I got well from Cancer – by CHANGING the way one thinks, acts, lives and eats and, thus, RE-BUILDING the immune system.  That Health Plan is on my DVD “You Can’t Improve on God” with my Workbook, “Getting Started on Getting Well” to help one implement the Health Plan that is on my DVDs. 

There is NO “Quick Fix “ – NO “silver bullet” – for these diseases.  It took a LONG time for the sick person to GIVE THEMSELVES their disease (unknowingly, of course).  Fortunately, it takes LESS time to get well than it took for them to makes themselves sick, but it still requires a strict regimen and a major commitment and dedication to the complete Ten Step Program in order to get well.  Please read everything on my website at  including all the links down at the bottom of my home page, including my article on how the body is designed to heal itself.

55. Q. Severe Criticism of you. I have read some severe criticism from one individual in particular on a web site on the internet.  I realize this man is full of lies and is a loser.  It is well established in my mind now that his words are nothing that can be trusted.  Thank you for the direction, and your response to him on your website at in the section entitled “Dr. Day Responds to Her Critics.

This still leaves the question and I hope it doesn’t offend you, but I do need to know why the results of your last debulking procedure are not made public when you are so open about everything else.  Also, the question remains as to the lymph being involved.  Can you please provide any insight on this?  You have just been so open with what you lovingly provided for us to learn from, and I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.  I found out 4 months ago that I have the same cancer as you had and the lymph is affected.

Thank you again, and I look forward to your response.

54. Q. I want you to do my research for me, and I still don’t believe you are alive. The website of _____________ says it can cure cancer.  What is your opinion?  Does the stuff have any merit?

A. I would like to follow up on every website that people send to me, but unfortunately there is not enough time to do that. The ONLY way for a person to truly get well from ANY disease, is to rebuild their immune system by NATURAL Methods, and that does NOT include "man-made" pills and supplements.  And the plan to rebuild one's immune system includes a LOT more than just the proper nutrition.  The Health Plan has Ten Steps.  And ALL of them must be instituted with 100% commitment in order for a person to get well.

Please tell me which of my materials you already have, and if you've read everything on my website at including all the links at the bottom of my home page, including my article on how the body is designed to heal itself.

Q. I have read everything on your site.  I have ordered all material pertaining to cancer.  I have esophageal cancer.

I was in the line for the 11 week cancer treatment at the ___________ cancer center.  They say I have Stage 4 Cancer and pronounced me as terminal.  I have been studying alternatives to the established medical torture.  After one week I decided by myself that the normal treatment would kill me faster.

I have found that everything happens to me for a reason.  I have some psychic abilities.  I may or may not die from this cancer.  I not totally sure it is still up to me.  That doesn’t mean I have given up.  Many of my friends have been doing Natural cures for years.  Many of them do not work.  But some do.

Living in the great red desert area of Wyoming it is tough to get to much fresh anything.  I am not sure totally if you have the complete answer or not.

I read the FAQ question asking if you were still alive.  Even though you answered that your are alive, something is telling me something is wrong.  It appears that the answers that are given on your website and emails are “Buy my materials” based. Your Materials are not that expensive, and any good Advice is worth a lot.

Maybe your answers are computer based.  Regardless, I am looking forward to the materials.

Are you really part of this?  Are you Alive? 

A. I'm not sure what I could do to convince you that I am still alive short of coming to your house and knocking on your door.  

I made my first video/DVD "You Can't Improve on God" because so many people were asking me HOW I got well by natural methods.  You gave yourself cancer, just like I gave myself cancer.  We GIVE ourselves cancer one day at a time, by the way we think, live and eat, so in order to REVERSE it, we must CHANGE the way we think, live and eat. In order to do that, one must learn a LOT of information that is quite different from what the commercial media, or orthodox medicine has been brainwashing people with for decades.  

Then, I made my second video/DVD on how to get well from many diseases OTHER than cancer, called "Diseases Don't Just Happen." Then I kept on making DVDs, in response to the many letters I received.  I began to understand that people know so little about health and their body and what actually CAUSES disease, that I kept on making DVDs, and then finally I wrote my Workbook to help people implement the Health Plan that is on my DVDs. I realized, from the mail I received, that people have gotten so FAR away from health and spiritual understanding of their heart, mind, as well as their body, that I really had to start from "scratch."   One of the most frequent questions I was asked was, "How big is a glass?" Then, I KNEW I had to start from "scratch."

There is NO WAY I could tell a person, in an e-mail, or even in many e-mails, what they need to know in order to get well.  THAT is why I put it all on DVDs, CDs, and in my books. But people will have to obtain them and start STUDYING and LEARNING what they need to know about how to be well.  If they don't want to do that, then they won't be able to get well.

I refer people to my materials, because THAT is what they need to start studying.  And they have to watch/read/listen to the materials repeatedly until it really sinks in.  It is a process.  There is NO “Quick Fix.”

People have gotten so used to the doctor "taking care of them" that they don't really want to study and learn what it takes to take care of themselves.  But if they don't want to do that, they'll never get well.

If someone bought just ONE of my DVDs, "You Can't Improve on God" for $19.95 plus shipping and handling, and REALLY followed it, they could be totally well for the rest of their natural life - and keep their whole family well, too.  In fact, if a person purchased EVERYTHING I have on my website, it would cost under $400.00.  Whereas, the average cost for Orthodox "treatment" for Cancer is somewhere between $300,000 and $1,000,000, and the sick patient is happy to pay it.  They’ll even mortgage their house to pay to be poisoned with chemotherapy or burned with radiation, or have surgery that mutilates their body.  And yet the result of those “treatments” is to make a person violently ill, destroy their immune system, and in many cases - it KILLS them.  They have PAID the doctors to KILL them!

But if THAT is what people prefer, it is a FREE country!

And if you think that THIS answer is computer-generated, there is nothing I can say to convince you otherwise.  I, personally, answer ALL the e-mails on health. They are not computer-generated, nor are they answered by ANYONE other than me.  And if you are really psychic, you would know that!

Many people think it's sophisticated and erudite to doubt everything!  They think there is NO "real truth."  It's just what each individual THINKS is "truth" they say.  Well, THAT also is a result of the dumbing-down of the school system and the swallowing of propaganda from the commercial media. There IS truth, but one must really search for it.  But that takes time and hard work, which many are not willing to expend.

As one philosopher aptly said, "Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true."  

At least one motivation for people spreading the rumor that I have died is that they can then say, "See, her plan DOESN'T work, because SHE died." Then they can feel free to live and eat any way they want.  They don't have to have even the least twinge of guilt for indulging themselves in any activity or any food that they want.

People LOVE to be skeptical about what they don't really WANT to do.

53. Q. Restless Legs Syndrome.  Could you please tell me what causes Restless Legs Syndrome?  I have in the past purchased e-books on 'salt elimination', and   " voiding the bladder " but none of these were a so-called "cure”, far from it.

One does need to sleep at night and the only medication which has helped me is levodopa /carbidopa  100/25  and I will not use more than 1 1/2 tablets daily in divided doses.

It is just frustrating when after a long day, I put up my legs to rest, and there it is again! 

Any information will be much appreciated.

A. "Restless Legs Syndrome" is a totally NEW disorder.  It was never talked about, treated as a "diagnosis" or even experienced by people until the last five or ten years, or maybe even less.

I'm going to lead you through some questions to make a point.

1.  Is it reasonable to conclude that if you constantly poke a crocodile with a stick, he may get agitated?

2.  Doesn't over-stimulation cause agitation?

3.  Isn't agitation essentially the same as "restlessness"?

4.  Do you think it makes sense to conclude that if your legs are "restless" that over-stimulation may be the cause?

5.  What types of things in your life can cause restlessness or agitation or over-stimulation?

There are MANY things, in MANY areas of your life, that can cause over-stimulation, agitation or restlessness.  It is a Multi-factorial (meaning it is caused by many different factors) problem.

Let's start with what you eat and drink:

If you really think about it, you already KNOW many of the things that you eat and drink cause stimulation, including: 

Caffeine (in coffee and in soda and in chocolate), 

Refined Sugar (in soda, sweets, and in most processed foods and fast food)

Additives to processed foods and fast food

Artificial flavors (dangerous chemicals) in processed foods, fast food, sodas and almost everything else in bottles and cans.  They are ALL dangerous

Artificial colors (dangerous chemicals) in processed foods, fast foods, sodas and almost everything else in bottles and cans.  They are ALL dangerous

Preservatives (dangerous chemicals) in processed foods, fast foods, sodas and almost everything else in bottles and cans.  They are ALL dangerous.

MSG (a non-nutritive flavor enhancer that is added to virtually ALL packaged, processed and restaurant food) and Nutrasweet and other artificial sweeteners - they are ALL deadly and contribute to a host of terrible conditions, including Restless Legs, Parkinson's, blindness, CANCER, MS, and many other life-threatening conditions.

Eating flesh food (meat, poultry, fish, ALL dairy products and eggs).  Not only does factory farming add hormones to the animals, but the animal or fish itself POURS OUT adrenalin from its OWN body when it knows it is about to be killed.  When YOU eat that dead animal, YOU get a HUGE shot of that adrenalin (it is NOT destroyed by cooking).  Plus you get ALL the additional hormones that are given to the factory-farmed animals.

And this is just a START in itemizing the things that the average person eats every day.  The rest of the things are on my DVDs, CDs and in my books

Then, look at medications.  ALL medications, including over the counter medications, such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, antacids and every other kind of drug, including thyroid pills and anti-depressants - that now seem to be taken by half of the people in the world, and virtually ALL other medications - prescription or non-prescription.  They ALL have a negative, and frequently stimulatory, effect on the body.

Lack of water drinking (in the proper amounts) contributes to Restless Legs.

And what you watch on TV, what you read in the newspaper, the type of music you listen to in CDs or on the radio - - ALL of these cause certain chemicals to be produced by your body.  If you watch, read, and listen to the WRONG things, it will cause BAD chemicals to be produced in your body.  If you read and listen to GOOD things, it will cause beneficial substances to be produced in your body.

Lack of the proper amount of sunshine can cause agitation and contribute To Restless Legs.

And how you handle stress can contribute to Restless Legs.

I think you now understand that there is NO "Quick Fix."  There are MANY things that you are doing to contribute to this problem.

But you can CURE it COMPLETELY, if you are willing to do what it takes, and that means changing just about everything about your life.  But if you do, your entire body will benefit from the changes, and your health will improve in EVERY area.  You need to learn how to fix the proper food that your body needs to heal itself, what to read, what to listen to, how much exercise is necessary and of what type, how you must learn to handle stress, how you need to hydrate your body, and how you should view life.  All of this, and more, in my materials on my website.

Please go to my website at and read everything there, including ALL the links down at the bottom of my home page, including my article on how the body is designed to heal itself.  Then go to the box on my home page that says, "What Do I Need to Get Started on This Health Plan?" and click there.  Scroll down until you see "For Diseases Other Than Cancer."  THAT is what you need to Get Started.  THEN you can continue to progress to total health and freedom from all symptoms by continuing to follow the "Curriculum for Getting Well" that is in my Workbook "Getting Started on Getting Well."  The Workbook is designed to help you implement the Health Plan that is on my DVDs and CDs. 

However, if you choose NOT to change these things, and take drugs to cover up the problem (and just decrease your symptoms temporarily), you will be on the path to much more serious and life-threatening diseases. THIS should be a wake-up call for you to CHANGE the way you are thinking, living, and eating.  If you don't, you are heading for a disaster somewhere down the line - sooner or later.

These same things that contribute to Restless Legs, contribute to every other disease as well.

The reason Restless Legs is a "new" condition, is that people are living and eating SO MUCH WORSE than they used to, and they are more stressed than ever before - so they're getting all these "new" diseases and disorders that the doctors don't seem to be able to figure out!! And the reason they can't figure them out is that the ONLY way they know how to  “treat” these conditions is with DRUGS.  

And Drugs NEVER Cure Disease, they only cover up the symptoms while the disease keeps getting worse, and moves to other places in your body. Drugs only change the FORM and the LOCATION of the disease - they NEVER cure it.  The disease just goes underground and smolders and smolders until it erupts in Cancer, or MS, or Lupus, or Parkinson's, or ALS, or one of a host of terrible life-threatening conditions.

The drug you are taking is very, very dangerous, and has numerous, deadly side effects.  Even though you may not be experiencing them right now, the drug is silently doing damage to your body.  So you will eventually end up in WORSE condition than you are now.

Here are only some of the side effects of this drug.  I am quoting directly from the PDR – the Physician's Desk Reference - the "bible" of drugs for doctors.  It is published by the Pharmaceutical industry, and the following are the side effects of this drug - that they ADMIT to.  There are, undoubtedly, MANY more.

Again, I am quoting here just a FEW of the many side effects listed:

Chest pain, heart irregularities, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, gastrointestinal bleeding, duodenal ulcer, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, destruction of red blood cells, destruction of white blood cells, destruction of blood-clotting cells, severe hives and intense itching (urticaria), massive swelling with hives and itching (angioedema), back pain, muscle cramps, psychotic episodes - including hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, confusion, agitation, dizziness, nightmares, headaches, insomnia, depression with or without suicidal tendencies, dementia, convulsions, hair loss, heart attack, leg pain, gait abnormalities, memory disturbances, muscle twitching, increased tremor, malignant melanoma, urinary incontinence, fainting, bizarre breathing patterns, and numerous abnormal blood tests.

Again, this is a list of only SOME of the adverse side effects that are listed in the PDR.

Frankly, I would stick with the "Restless Legs" and not put myself at risk for ANY of these side effects by taking the drug the doctors have given you. Did your doctor tell you about ALL THESE side effects?  Probably not. The Drug the doctor has given you is capable of producing FAR WORSE problems for you than what you already have!

But you CAN get rid of the problem.  Because YOU GAVE YOURSELF the problem by the way you have been thinking, living, and eating.  The GOOD NEWS is that YOU can REVERSE the problem by CHANGING the way you think, live and eat.  But you must be willing to do what it takes in lifestyle and dietary changes to get well.  And remember, it's NOT just  what you eat that you need to change.  Changes must be made in many other aspects of your life as well.

I hope you are motivated to do that.

If so, then ALL the information you need to REVERSE the situation by totally natural methods - that have NO adverse side effects - is on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books on my website at

52. Q. Herniated Disc (“Slipped Disc).  I read everything on your website and when I visited my Primary Doctor today we spoke about you and like you, she believes in natural healing.

My medical problem is that exactly 28 years ago I had a Laminectomy and I've had terrible difficulty every since.  The latest MRI indicates that the two lower discs are completely dehydrated and appear black on the x-ray.  I'm now 65 years of age and the pain is becoming worse and I have considered disc replacement.  However, every doctor I speak with says there are no guarantees and I could become worse after the procedure.  Other than the lower Lumbar areas L4-5, S-1, I'm in very good health and I try to remain active.

I was wondering if there is any natural way to re-hydrate the disc without surgery? 

A.  Yes, indeed, you could become worse – much worse – after disc replacement.  Back surgery is not very predictable.  There are a lot of people around with “failed” surgical procedures on the spine and on the spinal discs.  On my DVD “Diseases Don’t Just Happen,” I discuss how to RESTORE and re-hydrate dehydrated discs.  I actually did it myself.  I used to have severe disc problems, but I have REVERSED that problem by the same plan that allowed me to reverse my Cancer.  Please see my website at

51. Q.  Prostate: Elevated Enzyme (PSA).  I have an elevated PSA of 64. I have no serious side effects, however, I wonder why the high number.  I read an article saying that an increased PSA level indicates a GOOD response by the body. Meanwhile, allopathic medicine wants to slash, burn, and poison me. Any suggestions and/or comments would be greatly appreciated. I am 82 years old going on 60. Thank you and God Bless You

A. A PSA of 64 means you have a very high chance of having prostate cancer.  The way to REVERSE this is in my materials on my website.

If you want to REVERSE this problem, go to my website at and read everything there, including ALL the links down at the bottom of my home page, and ALL the "Frequently Asked Questions" whether you think they apply to your condition or not (because you will learn a LOT from doing that), and then go to the area that says, "What Do I Need to Get Started on This Health Plan" and get that material and start following it with 100%.  

In order to get well, you must change everything about your life.  We GIVE ourselves Cancer, and ALL other diseases, one day at a time by the way we think, live and eat.  In order to REVERSE the disease, we must CHANGE the way we think, live and eat.

You can REVERSE that PSA down to Normal - which is about 4.  But it will take dedication and 100% commitment to the WHOLE Health Plan that is in my materials.

50. Q. GERD (Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disorder – formerly known as plain old Heartburn.)  Thank you for the information you have so graciously imparted to all the world.  I know we will all be healthier due to your commitment to share medical knowledge.  I am a follower of your practices and I believe in your teachings.  I have one question: 

I heard that apples are helpful in absorbing acid in people who suffer bouts of Acid Reflux.  Have you any experience using apples as a help tool for this ailment to absorb excess acid? 

A. It's actually a whole lot easier, and much more efficient, to eliminate gastro-esophageal reflux than trying to use apples.  And the CURE is totally natural. The same things that eliminate this condition also prevent and eliminate stomach ulcers.  I discuss this condition, and how to eliminate it entirely, on my DVD, "Diseases Don't Just Happen."  Please see my website at

49. Q.  “Recurrent” Cancer.  A friend of mine referred me to you.  My father has recently had a recurrence of cancer.  For the last two years, we have battled colon cancer, liver cancer, and now it has returned to the lining of the abdomen.  For several months, the PET/CAT and blood tests showed him to be cancer-free.  He went to his routine check-up two weeks ago and received the bad news.  The doctors don't give a great prognosis and want to begin chemotherapy again next week.

We need a miracle.  Please advise.  We are overwhelmed with the abundance of options available.  What would be the first step?  Is there a clinic he can visit?  He is 62 years old, a beloved man, very strong man, and willing to try anything!

Please, please advise. We are devastated at the Doctors report and need hope and help!

A. Your father can STILL get well, even after all the terrible damage the orthodox doctors have done to his immune system, but he'll have to dig himself out of a very deep hole.

The first thing you and your father need to do is read EVERYTHING on my website at, including ALL the links down at the bottom of my home page, especially my article on how the body is designed to heal itself.  And you need to read ALL the Frequently Asked Questions on my website, even though you may think they don't directly apply to your father's problem, because you will learn a lot by reading them.

Your father's cancer NEVER was actually gone.  It is impossible to get a sick person well by giving him POISON - and that is what chemotherapy is.  All the doctors did was suppress his cancer temporarily while at the same time DESTROYING most of his immune system - the ONLY system in the body that can get him well.  So as the immune system got more and more suppressed by the damaging "treatment", the immune system could not stop the cancer from spreading.

If your father has MORE chemotherapy, it will very likely kill him.  In his weakened state (weakened MOSTLY because of his "treatment" rather than from his cancer), he won't be able to survive being POISONED some more!

You will find by reading the information on my website that the ONLY way a patient with cancer or any other disease can get well is to STOP doing the things that made him sick in the first place, and START doing the things that will rebuild the immune system.

God has PROMISED to "heal ALL our diseases" (Psalm 103:3), but ONLY if we do it GOD'S way, and NOT "man's" (the doctors') way (Deut 7:11-15), because "man's" way always destroys the body and GOD'S way always heals the body.

It is God's way of healing that got me well and can get your father well, but ONLY if he follows it with 100% commitment - and if he follows God’s way ONLY.  That is what is on my DVDs, CDs and in my books.

The Health Plan is designed to be done at home, the way I did it.  ALL the information one needs to get well is in my materials.  In those materials, I lead the patient "by the hand" telling him exactly how to do it.

One other thing, ALL disease begins in the "heart" because we want to think, act, live and eat OUR way, rather than God's way. Only much later does one develop symptoms in his body.

ONLY when we have a "heart" change, can we get well.  The doctors can NEVER address the "heart" issue - which is where ALL disease starts.

We must have a change in our "heart," mind, actions, lifestyle and diet.  And we must REALLY learn to trust God, and NOT "man." 

No matter how much we have been propagandized, doctors are NOT of the Lord if they “treat” diseases with Drugs, because ALL drugs are HARMFUL and DESTROY the wonderful immune system that God has given us to get us well.

You will see this addressed more fully in the "Frequently Asked Questions" on my website and in great detail on my DVDs, CDs and in my books on my website.

Everything in God's health plan is totally natural, and made by God Himself, and used in the form God made it.  "MAN" CANNOT Improve on God!

God's Health Plan has been available for 6,000 years, to every person on earth, in every country on earth, to the educated and the uneducated, and to the rich and poor, because God loves everybody the same.  If it WASN'T available 6,000 years ago, then it is NOT part of God's Health Plan.

Begin forwarded message:

48. Q.  A child with Neuroblastoma and experimental drug treatment.  My nephew was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and has undergone extensive chemo, radiation, etc.  Six months ago he was said to be cancer-free. He went to the doctor yesterday and it has come back on his cheek and they are looking at other areas of his little body.

The mother is on the fence about the direction of treatment. I have shared your info, God's 10 Step Health Plan, etc. Her question to me is, “How do I get a 2-year old to drink carrot juice, drink water and eat right?”  The doctors say that neuroblastoma is caused by a development problem in infancy. 

They are going with another round of chemo for a period of 4 days.  After that they are going to use an experimental antibody treatment (I have heard what you say about experimental drugs) that is supposed to work with his immune system 

A. The cancer has not “come back.”  It was never gone in the first place.  The doctors had poisoned the tumor cells – temporarily – but in the process they also poisoned the child’s normal cells, so his immune system is now less able to fight his cancer.

Regarding getting a young child to eat properly:  First of all, if a child - or an adult - is receiving chemotherapy, he or she won't want to eat much of anything - because he or she is being POISONED!  People who are being poisoned aren’t very hungry!

Secondly, the mother must spend a lot of time with the Lord in Bible study and prayer, and commit herself and her son to getting well TOTALLY GOD'S way and she asks Him for help with her child's eating habits. Then the mother ONLY gives him the food and juice that is GOOD for him. Sooner or later, he'll get hungry and start to eat the good food.

If the mother thinks that her child has a will that is stronger than God's will - then she certainly does NOT know God! But the mother must be willing to commit herself and her son totally to the Lord and HIS ways of getting well - something she certainly has not been able to do up to now.

She has trusted in "man" - the doctors - and she has NOT trusted in God.

Thirdly, LOTS of kids like carrot juice and water - unless of course they have been given sugary, sweet drinks all of their little short life so far, or unless of course the child's parents turn up THEIR nose at delicious, healthful carrot juice and turn up THEIR nose at drinking water.

Just the fact that the child has a brain tumor suggests STRONGLY that the child's diet may well have been abominable - as the parents' diet probably has been. As I repeatedly say, the proper nutrition is NOT the only thing that is necessary to get well - but it is a critical part of the health plan.

The child is TWO. The mother is an adult. Just who is in charge here? It should be the MOTHER and NOT the child. There are many ways to help a child learn how to eat healthfully. The mother needs to learn to be creative.

One of the BEST ways for a child to want to eat healthy is for the Mother and Father to be excellent examples.

In addition, even though the child is only two years old, a child can be impacted by stresses in the family.  How do the parents get along?  How do the parents handle stress in their individual lives? 

All these things must change.  The Health Plan has TEN steps.  It is NOT just a “diet.”

Drugs don’t work “with” the immune system.  It is a cruel joke on the doctors' part - even if they believe their own lies – to suggest that a drug works “with” the immune system.  NO DRUG works "with" the immune system.  ALL drugs suppress the immune system because of their side effects.

Neuroblastoma is Cancer - pure and simple.  It is NOT a genetic disease NOR a developmental abnormality - except for the fact that WE cause damage to our OWN genes by the way WE live, think, act, eat and handle stress (or - in the case of a newborn - the way the mother was living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress while she was pregnant with the child - and breast feeding him). One other cause of cancer in children is vaccinations.  (There are very few actual genetic diseases - and Neuroblastoma is NOT one of them.)

The ONLY way to cure disease - including neuroblastoma - is to REBUILD e immune system by following the TEN Natural Health laws that are on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books.  Drugs will only make his disease worse in the long run.

47. Q.  Anxiety and Panic Attacks.  How do you treat panic attacks or anxiety?  Is it better to see a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist?

A. The best treatment is to Get Well - so you don't HAVE panic attacks or anxiety anymore.

Both psychiatrists and psychotherapist will promote drug treatment for you, or they will bankrupt you financially with prolonged psychoanalysis.  But neither will solve your problem.

If you are interested in getting well, you have to REVERSE the things that are causing your panic attacks and anxiety in the first place, not cover them up by allowing yourself to be drugged.

If you watch my DVDs "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore" and "Turn on the Light: Overcoming Anxiety and Depression (and all other mental disorders) WITHOUT Drugs" you will see that I suffered from SEVERE panic attacks and anxiety when I had cancer.  But when I instituted the things in my life that REVERSED my Cancer, the severe panic attacks and anxiety went away simultaneously.

If you are interested in learning how to REVERSE your problem, and be free of the problem permanently, the materials to begin with are listed on my website.

After you have read my entire website thoroughly, including all the links at the bottom of the home page, especially my article on how the body is designed to heal itself (including from mental problems), then return to my home page and scroll down until you see the Box that says, "What Do I Need to Get Started on This Health Plan?"  Click there, then scroll down until you see the words, "For Diseases Other than Cancer."  The only change I would make for you in that group of items is that in place of the DVD "Diseases Don't Just Happen" you should get the DVD "Turn on the Light."

But all the other items in that list are important for you to Get Well.

You can be totally well and FREE from this problem, as I am.  But it doesn’t happen over night, although it does happen quite rapidly once you understand what to do.

46. Q.  Can we get enough Calories on a Vegan Diet?  I have a couple of questions.  First, my husband is concerned that if he eats a vegan diet he will not get enough calories. He is a security guard and walks eight to twelve miles a night. We understand the difference between empty and nutritious calories, but I am basically ignorant as to what role the number of calories play and where to get them.  He recently had the flu and lost a lot of weight and he wants to bulk up a bit, but I am concerned that he does it in a healthy way.

A.  Is your husband bigger than an elephant?  You might remind him that elephants, horses, and camels, and other beasts of burden, ALL eat a vegan diet - and THEY get plenty of calories.  Also, these vegan animals have more endurance and strength than any of the meat-eating animals. In my Workbook, "Getting Started on Getting Well," I give a whole list of famous athletes who are vegan vegetarians.

My husband is over 6' 1" and weighs 192 lb. and is very strong.  He eats totally vegan as I do.  My two sons, ages 30 and 35, are also both over 6 feet tall, and also are very strong, and they are both vegan vegetarians.

You say your husband walks eight to twelve miles per night.  Horses can continuously walk triple to quadruple that distance, and not be tired.  And they are ALL vegan vegetarians.

You mentioned that your husband recently had the flu and because he lost weight, he wants to “bulk up.”  "Bulking up" does NOT make one healthy. He should be more concerned about building up his immune system by changing his lifestyle and changing his diet to a vegan diet, both of which will dramatically decrease his chances of getting the flu.

One other point on this issue that few people realize.  There are many people who think they have the “flu” when what they really have is food poisoning - from contaminated meat, fish, poultry, shellfish, dairy products, fast food, or processed food.  They think they “caught” the “flu” from someone, but it was really from the “garbage” they are eating.

45. Q. Constipation: I looked and didn’t see this addressed…for years I have had chronic constipation.  My mother was addicted to laxatives and I’ve been trying not to be like her.  I have been under my doctor’s advice for this and he told me I needed more fiber.  I took Metamucil for years, drank plenty of water, exercised (and continue to do so), tried to eat well with vegetables and fruits, still I have the problem.  I have also done some colon cleansers.  I use enemas a lot just to stay on track.

I have also had one colonoscopy and it was clear.

I would so long to go every day.  I’d even settle for every other day.  I read that I really need to go every day.  One thing is sure, when I go I feel so great and have such energy and a new outlook even. 

Otherwise, I am basically healthy.  I do suffer with sinus infections and menopause.  I notice I have bloating and a full-feeling since being in menopause, so I take a probiotic acidophilus.  I’ve been this way most all my life.  Can you suggest anything else?

I notice a lot of women I talk to have this problem. 

A. I have a section on Constipation in my Workbook, "Getting Started on Getting Well." But the workbook is designed to help one implement the Health Plan that is on my DVDs.  It cannot be used alone.

If you truly follow the information (with 100% commitment) on my DVD 'You Can't Improve on God" and in my Workbook, "Getting Started on Getting Well" - you will get rid of your constipation problem forever.  No one needs probiotic acidophilus, or fiber pills or capsules, or anything else that is man-made.

You are correct to be concerned about Constipation because it is a major CAUSE of virtually ALL diseases, including Cancer.  When one cannot eliminate his waste rapidly, then the intestinal contents putrefy and the disease-causing toxins are re-absorbed into the body.  This is deadly. 

Ideally, one should have a bowel movement after every meal, just as normal babies do.  I explain this in my Workbook.

There is NO "Quick Fix" for constipation, bloating, sinus infections or the problems women have with menopause.  But they are ALL REVERSED by getting the body healthy again.  There are a number of factors involved in each problem, and they are ALL addressed by getting the body healthy again.

When you learn to get your body functioning properly by following the Ten Step Health Plan, you will have no problems with constipation.

I show how to do that on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books.

Please see my website at and read the entire website thoroughly, including all the links down at the bottom of my home page.

44. Q. What is in Processed Foods? Where would I find a list of what they are putting in processed foods?  I am single and I do not use a microwave at all but I do buy frozen dinners. 

A. With all due respect, I would like to suggest that you are asking the wrong question.  A better question is:  How do I learn how to be healthy?

On my DVD "You Can't Improve on God" I talk a lot about processed foods.  Anything that is in a can or a box, or any frozen dinner is bad for you - period!  On that video/DVD, I go into great detail about the adulteration of the food, and what we should eat to be healthy.

However, the proper nutrition is ONLY ONE step in the Ten Step Plan to be healthy.  It is just as important to put the right things into your head (how you look at life), into your mind (whether you believe in "Science" - doctors - or in God), in front of your eyes (what you watch on TV and what you read), and in your ears (what you listen to), as what you put in your mouth, if one really wants to be totally well.

Please see my website at  and read everything there, including all the links at the bottom of the home page.

43. Q. Breast Cancer and Vitamin B 17 – Laetrile.  Last Feb 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Inflammatory right breast Carcinoma.  I just finished the 6th cycle of Chemo.

In March 2008, I had a CT scan.  I was told that the tumor is gone.  I had Bone Scan and No tumor was found in my bones.

March 31, 2008 I am scheduled to have a mastectomy.

If I refused mastectomy to save my breast and take Vitamin B17 added to your recommended regimen, is this advisable?

A. Please think this through before you do anything rash.  

Your breast cancer was NOT caused by having too many breasts.  Cutting one off will NOT cure the problem.

Breast cancer, and ALL other types of cancer as well as ALL other types of disease, are CAUSED by the way we live and the way we eat.  The ONLY way to CURE a disease is to find out WHAT CAUSED it and then STOP doing those things, and START doing the things that will rebuild your immune system.

Your breast cancer didn't just "fall out of the sky" nor did it "just happen." You GAVE yourself breast cancer, just as I GAVE myself breast cancer. We didn't do it on purpose, we just didn't realize what we were doing that was causing it.

If you have your breast cut off, and you still continue living and eating the way you have done all along - which CAUSED your breast cancer in the first place - then you will be likely to develop breast cancer in the other breast, or develop cancer somewhere else in your body.  So cutting off parts of your body is NOT the answer.  

The answer is to LEARN what you have been doing that has CAUSED the breast cancer and to STOP doing it.  THEN you will not have to have your breast removed (which, as I said, will NOT really solve the problem anyway.)

But you need to find out the factors that CAUSE cancer.  And THAT is the information on my DVDs, CDs and in my books.  Your doctor does NOT know this information.  Neither did I - because none of us are taught this in our medical training.  We are ONLY taught how to give out DRUGS and how to CUT OUT organs, or CUT OFF body parts - NEITHER of which actually solves ANY problem.

Please go to my website at and read everything there, including all the links at the bottom of my home page, especially my article on how the body is designed to heal itself.

You have already had a lot of damage done to your immune system by the chemotherapy given to you by the doctors, which is nothing more than POISON.  Your immune system is the ONLY system in your body that can get you well and keep you well, but chemotherapy drastically suppresses your immune system.  You now need to learn how to rebuild your immune system, because that is the ONLY way you can actually be well.

So, before you do something drastic that is irreversible, like having your breast cut off, you need to learn how to get well – Naturally – without drugs and without cutting off your body parts.

I discuss Laetrile (Vitamin B 17) on my DVD "Sorting Through the Maze of Alternative Medicine:  What Works, What Doesn't and Why.”  There are no "Quick Fixes" in getting well.  You must CHANGE everything about your life in order to get well. Laetrile is not bad, it just won't get you well.  In order to Get Well, you must STOP doing the things that CAUSED your cancer, and START living and eating the way that will REVERSE it.

You say the doctors say that the "tumor is gone."  Yet you are still LIVING and eating the same way you always have, which is what CAUSED your cancer to develop in the first place.  So it will be back again - either in the same breast or in the other breast, or some place else in your body, UNLESS you CHANGE those things.

The Health Plan that I used to get well shows you how to change everything about the way you live, from what goes into your mind (how you think), your "heart" (your attitude toward other people, how you handle your stress, etc) your eyes (what you see on TV, movies, etc., and read in books, magazines, and newspapers), and ears (what you listen to), as well as what goes into your mouth.

You CAN be totally well, and never have to worry about cancer again.  But the ONLY way to do it is the way I have discussed above and in my materials.

I am totally well and Cancer-free and my tumor first appeared SIXTEEN years ago.  I can do everything I did when I was 25, and I'm just as healthy.  I just turned 71 - and I NEVER have to worry about my cancer (or any other disease) coming back.

42. Q. Avascular Necrosis (AVN).  I was recently diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis (Osteonecrosis) and will have to have Hip-Replacement surgery within the next 3 years. I would like to avoid surgery if you know of another way of getting blood to my dying hip joint.

A. Avascular Necrosis is a condition in which the head of the femur (the ball portion of the hip joint) gets soft and crumbles, eventually resulting in a deformed, very painful hip joint.  There are many causes for Avascular Necrosis (AVN), all of which result in the disruption of the blood supply to the head (the ball part) of the femur (the hip joint), including a hip fracture that occurs right at the neck of the femur (right below the head of the femur) injuring the blood supply to the femoral head.  AVN can also be caused by taking steroids, such as cortisone (Prednisone) and other prescription drugs for disease conditions, or by other types of steroids taken by athletes to give them bulky muscles, or by alcoholism, or by certain types of diseases – all of which are the RESULT of the way we live and eat.

If your AVN is early and was not caused by a hip fracture, maybe you can slow its progress by CHANGING the way you live and eat.

But once it occurs to a significant degree, the head of the femur is destroyed and it cannot be restored by changing the way one lives and eats. The only way to treat it then is with a Hip Replacement.

However, even if one must have a hip replacement, a person should be anxious to change the way he or she is living and eating because most of the SAME factors that usually cause AVN also contribute to the development of other diseases, even though the symptoms may not be apparent - - - - YET!  But sooner or later they will become apparent.

And it’s a whole lot easier to prevent disease than to reverse it!

Please see my website at

41. Q. Isn’t there something NEW in the Health Plan?  You made the video/DVD “You Can’t Improve on God” in 1997.  That’s over ten years ago.  Does this Health Plan still work?  Aren’t there new scientific advances in health that we should know about that should be added to the Health Plan?

A. The Health Plan I used to get well is actually about 6,000 years old.  When God created the earth and everything in it, He gave us everything we need to stay well and to get well if we get sick.  Natural things have been around since creation – since God first made them. 

God is no respecter of persons.  He loves everyone the same.  That is why He made this Natural Health Plan available to every generation since creation, and to every country on the face of the earth, and to every individual, rich or poor, educated or uneducated.  If it wasn’t around 6,000 years ago, then it’s NOT part of God’s Health Plan.

And remember, God is the author of ALL “science.”  So if “science” doesn’t agree with the Bible and God’s way, then “science” is wrong!  That’s why “man’s” view of science is constantly changing, as I point out on my DVD “Double Blind:  What Science Can’t See.”  But God’s scientific ways – His Natural Ways – always remain the same.

God’s Natural Way NEVER changes.  The information on my DVD/video “You Can’t Improve on God” is just as true – and just as current – now, as it was in 1997 – and just as current now, as it was  6,000 years ago.

40. Q. Doesn't EVERYBODY Die from Disease - of Some Kind?

A. This world is run by laws – laws of chemistry, laws of physics, laws of astronomy, etc.  These laws have an impact on us whether we know about them or not.  If we are ignorant of these laws, or if we know about them but attempt to defy them, they are still controlling us whether we like it or not.

Take, for example, the Law of Gravity.  The law of gravity works on everyone on earth.  A baby, when he first gets up to walk, learns about the law of gravity because when he falls, he falls DOWN and not UP!  And he may even hurt himself when he falls. 

The baby may not know the name of the law of gravity, but he understands the law of gravity nonetheless, at least in its most primitive form.

If an adult chooses to defy the law of gravity by jumping from a high building, he still is going down, and he may seriously injure, or even kill, himself.  It is clear that the law of gravity is working on everyone whether we like it or not.

One must learn to live within this law – and the other natural, scientific laws that govern our world - or we may reap serious consequences, even death, as a result of our disobedience to these natural laws.

Ten Natural Health Laws

It is the SAME with our health.  Our health is governed by Ten Natural Health Laws whether we know about them or not, or whether we like them or not.  These laws are immutable.  No one is exempt from them.  If we are ignorant of these Health laws, or if we deliberately defy these health laws, we have an overwhelming likelihood of developing a serious, life-threatening disease and dying a long, slow, extremely painful death.

However, if we understand these Ten Natural Health Laws and learn to live within them, the chances are great that we will live a long, healthy, pain-free, enjoyable, full, active life – without disease.  And when we are very old, we will just wear out, and die by going to sleep – without disease and without pain.

These Ten Natural Health Laws are given on all of my DVDs/videos, but are explained in detail on my DVD/video entitled “You Can't Improve Upon God.”

The ONLY way to become healthy and to remain healthy is to follow these Ten Natural Laws of Health.  Any other way to attempt to regain - or retain - one’s health is nothing but a transient “Quick Fix” – a treatment of symptoms rather than addressing the root cause of the problem.  This may make you feel better temporarily but the disease will continue to get worse while you are deluding yourself.

In order to be REALLY WELL, one must address the root cause of the problem.  And that is ONLY done by following the Ten Natural Laws of Health.

39. Q. Your Body is Designed to Heal Itself. Why Not Help it - Rather Than Hinder it?

A. Your body is designed to heal itself. 

If you cut your hand – it will heal automatically, unless you deliberately put dirt in it, or you keep picking it open, or if your immune system is severely suppressed by the way you have been eating and living resulting in some very serious illness that causes delayed healing.

If you smash your thumb with a hammer, it will eventually heal, unless you keep smashing the same thumb with a hammer - EVERY DAY!

The point is that your body WILL heal itself UNLESS you keep injuring it.

But most people don’t realize that they are “injuring” their body every day by the way they are living and eating.  When we eat wrong and live wrong, these small daily “injuries” will result in a disease of one type or another.  Unfortunately, doctors ONLY learn how to treat the symptoms of disease rather than addressing the root cause of the disease itself.  Why?  Because they are never taught the causes of diseases.

Doctors give DRUGS – ALL of which have side effects – and ALL of which harm the body!  And DRUGS only cover up the symptoms. 

The ONLY way to really get well and remain well, is to STOP doing the things that cause disease and START doing the things that rebuild the immune system, the ONLY system in your body that can GET you well and KEEP you well!

In my DVDs/videos, CDs/audiotapes and my Workbook, “Getting Started on Getting Well,” I reveal the causes of disease.  These causes of disease are ALL in the medical literature, but doctors don’t know about them because we are never taught about them in our medical training.  Why? 

Because Medicine is BIG BUSINESS – a multi-billion dollar business.  But getting well by Natural Methods is NOT expensive - and does NOT require a doctor.  It can be done at home – WITHOUT drugs!  And it REALLY does get you WELL by addressing the root cause of the disease rather than covering up the symptoms. 

Drugs allow you to feel better, at least temporarily, but your disease is actually getting worse!  Drugs don’t heal your disease!

The prospect of getting well inexpensively by Natural Methods does not sit well with the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries.  Their goal, instead, is for you to feel helpless and hopeless when you are sick, so you will have to rely on expensive doctors and costly, harmful drugs!

But you don’t have to GET sick or REMAIN sick!  Diseases ARE curable once you STOP doing the things that CAUSE them.  YOU can take charge of your health – as I did – and GET WELL!

38. Q. Barleygreen is Back! I’m just curious about the new BarleyGreen product.  I remember you were concerned about some changes they were going to make to the original formula.  Did they decide not to make those changes after people voiced their concerns?

A. The BarleyGreen that is "back" is the original BarleyGreen that I have always had available on my website.  Fortunately, the makers of Barley Green were smart enough not to sell their trademark name to the marketing company who wanted to change the product.

The makers of BarleyGreen found out, after a short time, that the marketing company with whom they had made a short-term agreement, was not going to market BarleyGreen in its pure form.

So the makers of BarleyGreen now have their own original product back in its pure form.  That is what is now available on my website - the original, unadulterated, pure BarleyGreen. 

37. Q. Retired?  Have you retired from medicine?

A. Not at all.  Somehow the public has only ONE view of a physician – that of a man or woman in a white coat, with a stethoscope hanging around his or her neck, talking to a patient in a small examining room.  

But that is the “TV view” of a physician.

A very large percentage of physicians never even see a patient when they finish their training.  There are radiologists who read x-rays, anatomic pathologists who only do autopsies on dead people or examine dead tissue specimens from the operating room for diagnosis, clinical pathologists who supervise the technicians in clinical laboratories, physicians who choose to spend their time doing medical research in a laboratory, physicians who specialize in Public Health, physicians who become administrators, including hospital administrators, or deans or chancellors of medical schools, or administrators in government positions, such as the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, or even the Surgeon General of the United States. 

These physicians rarely, if ever, actually see a patient in a private office setting.  Yet no one would suggest that these doctors are not practicing physicians.  As you can see, there are many, many different ways to practice medicine. 

I was trained as an Orthopedic Surgeon, and specialized in Trauma Orthopedic Surgery, which includes operating on the most severe injuries that can occur, including victims of gun shot wounds, gang wars, beatings, or other major violence, victims of unsuccessful suicide attempts – jumps from buildings or jumps from high bridges, victims of motor vehicle accidents, whether pedestrians or passengers inside a car that crashes, victims of domestic violence, falls that cause a fractured hip, broken ankles, broken legs, broken arms, spine injuries, ski accidents, massive pelvic injuries from being run over by a car, amputations caused by crushing injuries, etc.

When you are injured, you need a surgeon to put you back together again.  I have no problem with that.  And I am still licensed as a physician and as a specialist in Orthopedic Surgery, so I could go back to that at any time.

But DISEASES are caused by the way we think, act, live and eat.  So the way to REVERSE them is to CHANGE the way we think, act, live and eat.  But we must make those changes ourselves.  A doctor cannot do that for us.  The only thing we need is to learn WHAT changes we must make, and WHY.  And THAT is the information that is on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books.

When I developed severe cancer that almost took my life, I learned things I never knew before, and things I was never taught in my medical training.  I learned how to GET WELL from Cancer and other serious life-threatening diseases by Natural Methods.  Fortunately, I already knew that Drugs NEVER Cure Disease – they only make things worse in the long run.  And taking out one’s organs doesn’t make any sense at all.  We don’t have ANY spare parts in our body that we don’t need.  ALL our organs are necessary for our health or God would not have put them there.

There are many fine Orthopedic Surgeons in this country, including many that I personally had a hand in training when I was an Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, and when I was an attending surgeon, and eventually Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital.  And those Orthopedic Surgeons can take care of patients’ injuries and orthopedic problems very well.

But there are few, if ANY, physicians who really KNOW how to get patients WELL from Cancer and other serious, life-threatening diseases by Natural Methods.  And fewer yet who have actually “walked the walk” as I have done – actually “practicing what I am preaching.”

I have been to death’s door – and back - with severe, advanced, Cancer, and now I am totally well and cancer-free and today, and it has been sixteen years since my tumor first appeared.  My mission is to share my information with anyone who wants to know how to get well.

So I am still practicing medicine just as much as any of these other physicians I have mentioned above, but I am doing it in a different way from what I did before.  Instead of spending long hours in the operating room putting severely injured patients back together, I have changed my focus.  I now share with people how I REVERSED my Cancer and the symptoms of my other serious diseases, by major changes in my “heart,” mind, behavior, lifestyle and diet. 

I believe this is practicing Public Health in its highest form.  I consider myself a physician-educator.  Instead of taking care of patients one-on-one, or educating medical students and resident physicians to take care of patients as I did for the major part of my career, I am now sharing directly with the people the way to take care of their health – which is the ONLY real way to be well anyway.

The only one who can really REVERSE his or her disease is the one who HAS it, because it requires the patient himself or herself to CHANGE the way he or she is thinking, living, and eating.

My previous medical life as an Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon was certainly exciting and rewarding, but no more rewarding than sharing with people what I have learned about getting well from virtually any disease.  And when they learn how to get well by Natural Methods and really change their life, they will never have to worry about being sick again.

36. Q.  Hepatitis C, B, A, herpes, shingles, HIV/AIDS, Lyme Disease and Candida.   Can you advise as to eradicating the Hepatitis C virus as I have a daughter with it and would like to help her to get well.

A. I discuss this on page 203 of my Workbook, “Getting Started on Getting Well,” that is designed to help one implement the Health Plan on my DVDs/videos and in my other materials.  (The Workbook cannot be used without the DVDs/videos.) 

Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, herpes, shingles (herpes zoster), HIV/AIDS (viral disease), Lyme disease (a bacterial disease) and Candida (a fungal disease) are ALL reversible.  They cannot occur or persist in a person whose immune system is functioning properly. When the immune system is rebuilt by following the Ten Steps of God's Natural Health Plan which is the Health Plan on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books, then the immune system can overcome and REVERSE these diseases that the medical establishment claims are incurable.

Please see my website at and read everything there, including all the links at the bottom of my home page, especially my article on how the body is designed to heal itself.

35. Q. Trusting in Science and the Scientists. I came across your website and found some troubling information.  You seem like a very decent human being, so I am bringing these things to your attention because I know that you would want them explained or fixed.

1.  Under the "When is Jesus Coming?" page, I noticed you wrote that Jesus will come when the earth is 6,000 years old.  But astrophysicists, geologists, astronomers, and other scientists have calculated the earth is already 4.55 billion years old.  Why is the scientific consensus so off the mark?

2.  What are the names of the computer programs and scientists you cite for computing the age of the earth?

A. I am also a scientist in addition to being a physician.
I was 3 months short of finishing my Ph.D. at the University of California, San Francisco (which I took while I was an Associate Professor at the Medical School), before moving to Southern California.  As both a physician and a research scientist, I know very well how Science is constantly changing!

What was considered "absolute" one year - was totally outdated the next - in both the medical and research journals.  All physicians are required to complete a certain number of Continuing Education units every year in order to remain licensed.  But the medical journal articles are only "good" for credit for one year after they are published - because - what is "true" this year - is no longer true next year.

All one has to do is look at the subject of the treatment of breast cancer over the last 40 years.  It is almost unbelievable the flip-flops that the so-called "experts" in Orthodox Medicine have performed over that period of time.  Millions of women have been terribly maimed and left with immensely swollen arms that are entirely useless - as well as being horribly painful - and the medical profession says, "Oh, THAT is how we thought we should treat breast cancer 40 (or 30 or 20) years ago, but now we know that wasn't the way to do it.  But NOW, we do know how to do it!"

But they DON'T!

Orthodox physicians and research scientists are responsible for killing FAR more people than are killed by 1) guns, 2) traffic accidents, and even 3) wars!  People want to ban guns, and give heavy fines and imprisonment for manslaughter by vehicular accident, and there are huge protests against war. Yet Doctors are the biggest “Killers” in our society!  Why don’t we outlaw doctors?

Physicians are viewed as "saving lives" - and that is what a Physician should do. But, in reality, the medical profession (backed by the so-called Scientists) have become Agents of Death!  (Abortion, death by chemotherapy, surgical mistakes, and dangerous prescription drugs with their deadly side effects.)

I personally have seen thousands of patients DIE from the "treatment" we doctors have given them.  Finally, I woke up - to see that "Science" is a gigantic FRAUD!

My point is that Science is Constantly Changing!  So I don't trust "Science." Astrophysicists, geologists, astronomers and other scientists are ALL just people - and ALL fallible.  I even made a DVD about the subject. It is called "Double Blind:  What Science Can't See."  It is on my website at

The reason I am totally well and cancer-free today, well over a decade AFTER I was sent home to die (by the Doctors/Scientists!), is that I learned NOT to trust the "Experts."  I WAS one of the "Experts" and I found out that NO Orthodox Physician knows ANYTHING about getting people well from ANY disease.

We are ONLY taught to "treat" symptoms, NOT the CAUSE of the disease.  And the "treatments" we are taught to use are ALL terribly harmful to the body.  And they NEVER cure!  It is true that some people actually survive the "treatment" but that is only a testimony to the amazing, superb, body that God created that can take SO MUCH punishment - - from the so-called "Experts!" 

THAT is why I don't put my trust in "man" –  in scientists and doctors.

I choose to trust God.  Because I know that the so-called "wisdom" of man is foolishness with God.”

God was around when HE (God) created the earth. There is NO scientist alive today who was around when God created the earth - NOR when the earth supposedly "just happened."  I know how they figure the age of the earth as billions of years old, and their figures are all based on nonsense and  "shifting sand."

When one studies the theory of evolution vs. creation, it is clear that there is overwhelming evidence for creation - AND for a "young" earth, and there is NO evidence for evolution, except for man-made models in museums that are based on the imagination of the scientists.  These models are based on NO documented evidence whatsoever.  

The reason many scientists refuse to believe in a Creator God is NOT because of insufficient evidence.  It is because if there IS a Creator God, then the scientists are beholden to Him and they’ll have to live their lives differently.  In addition, they cannot control God.  

But if YOU choose to trust in error-prone and fallible "man" - that is your right. And I support your right to do that.

I, however, having been an agnostic for most of my adult life, finally realized the utter foolishness of trusting in "man" and "man's" fraudulent, constantly changing, and totally inept "science."

In fact, one of the reasons I developed severe cancer that almost took my life, was that I TRUSTED in "man's" knowledge.  I trusted my Physician Professors and my Science Professors in my medical training - ALL of whom were DEAD WRONG.  And many of them are also literally -- DEAD - from disease - because they did not know how to get well! 

By the way, the man considered by Science to be the most brilliant  theoretical physicist alive today, and the man many believe to be the smartest man on the earth, is Stephen Hawking.  But his “brilliance” is only in the eyes of “man.”  The Bible tells us that the “wisdom of man is foolishness with God.”

Stephen Hawking is so “smart” that he is a total invalid, confined to a wheelchair, without any understanding of how to be well.  He is unable to walk, speak, write, bathe himself, comb his hair, or go to the bathroom by himself.  He is totally helpless because he suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), a disease he GAVE to himself (ignorantly, of course) due in large part to his reported tyrannical, domineering, selfish, self-centered attitudes (Yes, anger is one of the leading causes of disease and death), as well as his total ignorance of God’s simple Ten Step Health Plan that could have prevented and reversed his disease.  But he is so blinded by his “intelligence” that he will have nothing to do with God – or real truth! 

For thirty years, Hawking was married to a Christian but he totally rejected any interest or belief in God.  He could have prevented his disease by thinking, acting, behaving, and eating GOD’S way rather than his own way (“man’s” way).  He is now “reaping what he has sown.”

Is that is your idea of a “brilliant scientist”?  Are you suggesting I put my trust in the supposed “brilliance” of Stephen Hawking and others like him, instead of trusting in the wisdom of the Almighty God of the Bible?

There is NOTHING that needs to be “explained or fixed” as you put it in your question.

If I had trusted in Science and the Scientists like Stephen Hawking, and the other supposedly “brilliant” minds in medicine -  I would now be dead!

34. Q. Can I make an appointment with you?  Do you still have your practice in Irvine, CA?  If so do you take appointments for cancer patients?  Please advise and thank you in advance.

A. I have never had a practice in Irvine, CA.  I did have a practice in San Francisco for many years BEFORE I developed cancer and learned how to REVERSE diseases - virtually ALL diseases, including life-threatening diseases like Cancer - by Natural methods.

But the Health Plan I used to get well is designed to be done at home, the way I did it. ALL of the information one needs to get well is on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books available on my website at

If you scroll down on my website home page, you will see a box that says, "What Do I Need to Get Started on This Health Plan?"  Click there and you will see two sections: One for those who have cancer, and one for those who have a disease other than cancer.

Once a person has implemented THAT information into their heart, mind, lifestyle, and diet, then they can continue to progress to total health by continuing to follow the "Curriculum for Getting Well" that is in my workbook entitled "Getting Started on Getting Well." The Workbook is designed to implement the health plan that is detailed on my DVDs/videos and other materials. The workbook cannot be used alone.

In order to get well, one must understand WHY and HOW the Heath Plan will get them well.  This is not a Health Plan that you can just sit there and have someone do "to you" like a doctor gives you pills.  YOU must be totally involved and learning all the time.  You must educate yourself about the harmful things you have been doing unknowingly all your life, things that have harmed your body that you had no idea were harming your body.  It is only when you have a full understanding of this that you are very anxious to STOP doing the things that have given you your disease. Then you can START doing the right things that will REVERSE your disease.

But YOU must keep studying and learning so YOU will understand, because there will be all sorts of people who will want to pull you off track, including members of your own family or your close friends.  People who are drinking alcohol heavily at a party are frequently "pushing" on any person at the party who does NOT drink.  The drinkers down deep feel guilty because they know their heavy drinking is wrong and they don't want a non-drinker around to make them feel guilty - just by his presence.

It is the same way with becoming healthy.  When you really decide to change your life to get healthy, and REVERSE your disease, including those who have a life-threatening disease, there will be plenty of people, even possibly many in your own family, who will talk against what you are doing.  Why?  In large part because THEY will feel guilty because THEY'RE not thinking, living, and eating the proper way for ultimate health.  They want to continue in their old ways, even though they KNOW it's not good for their health.

You must be prepared for that, so you must be fully grounded in KNOWING WHY you are doing what you are doing.

That is why I put ALL my information on DVDs, CDs and in books, so YOU can study them over and over and over again.  If I were to see you in a private office, the most time I could spend with you would be an hour or so, and I would have to give you so much information verbally that you would never retain it.  THAT is why I put all my information on DVDs, CDs and in books, so you can have it in your home and review it repeatedly.

As I said, ALL the information to get well is in those materials on my website at www.drdaycom

I realize that people have, for all their life, been taught that when they are sick they must go to the doctors - to the so-called "Experts" - not realizing that the Health Plan to get well - even from serious life-threatening diseases - is actually SIMPLE.  You just have to STOP doing the things that are CAUSING your disease and START doing the things that will REVERSE it.

The body is a very complex organism, but the maintenance of it is VERY SIMPLE - it is SIMPLE but it is NOT easy.  The only hard thing about the Plan is that YOU must CHANGE the way you think, act, live and eat.  And I CAN'T do that for you!   YOU must do that yourself. 

A lot of people don't like to change.  Change CAN be difficult.  But once you understand the things that you are doing that are actually CAUSING your disease - and that if you don't STOP them you will CAUSE your own death - it makes it a whole lot easier to STOP them.

THIS is the reason I don't see patients in an office. THIS is the reason I put ALL my information in my materials, because in order to CHANGE your way of thinking about health and total freedom from disease, you must study the materials over and over again.  

The American people, and most of the rest of the world's population, have been brainwashed by television and every other media to "Go to the doctor, at the least sign of any medical problem."  

But doctors DON'T KNOW how to be well themselves - or how to get YOU well.  If they did know, they wouldn't be dying of Cancer and other horrible diseases at the same - or greater - rate than the general population. Doctors have a shorter life expectancy than the general population and they have a higher suicide rate.  So why would you go to THEM for advice and direction about YOUR health?  They don't know, themselves, how to be healthy!  So how can they possibly tell you?

Doctors ONLY know how to give out DRUGS - ALL of which have VERY HARMFUL side effects, and NONE of them cure ANY disease.  The drugs ONLY cover up the symptoms of the disease while the disease continues to GET WORSE!  And if THAT doesn't work, then they start cutting out your organs - as if you have spare parts in your body that you don't really need!

Again, ALL one needs to get well is in my materials. Once you study them, and read everything that is on my website including all the links down at the bottom of my home page, it will finally sink in how SIMPLE it is to be healthy.  And once you begin living your life the proper way, you will NEVER have to worry about being sick again.

33.  Q. Osteoporosis.  I am on Actenol for Osteopenia and my chiropractor would like me to get off of that drug and find a natural substitute.  Do you have any suggestions on what would be as effective for me. I have scoliosis besides and I take a multi-vitamin and calcium with Vitamin D and magnesium.

A.  You are right in wanting to get off of Actenol.  ALL drugs are harmful - and unnecessary.

Osteopenia and Osteoporosis are essentially the same thing.  I discuss Osteoporosis in great detail on my DVD "Diseases Don't Just Happen" and in my workbook "Getting Started on Getting Well."  Please see my website at

You don't need to TAKE drugs or even vitamin supplements.  You just need to learn how to live and eat - and that will heal your bones.  The Health Plan that will do that for you is the SAME one I used to reverse my severe Cancer, and the same way I continue to live and eat.

32. Q. Cancer of the Testicle. I have read that with testicular cancer the testicle must always be surgically removed.  My question is, could you cure it without doing so?

A. NO disease, including Cancer, can be CURED by removing the involved organ.  Testicular cancer is NOT caused by having too many testicles.  Cutting one or both of them off will NOT cure the cancer because Cancer is CAUSED by the way we live and eat.  If we cut out an organ, and still keep living and eating the same way, the cancer will just return in the same place, or in another place, or we will get another, different, life-threatening disease.

Testicular cancer, just like every other type of cancer, as well as every other kind of disease, CAN be cured - by totally natural methods.  The testicle does NOT have to be surgically removed in order for a person to get well.

I discuss this in detail on my DVD "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore" and its accompanying CD entitled "More on Cancer."

Please see my website at and read everything there including ALL the links down at the bottom of my home page.

31.  Q.  Commercial “Wonder” Juices (Tahitian Noni, Mangosteen, MonaVie, NingXia, XanGo, etc.).  Dear Dr. Day:  I would like to send you some information on a wonderful juice called Tahitian Noni.  It has helped me enormously and I’m sure you will find it useful.

A.  Please don’t send me ANY information about any of these juices, Noni, Mangosteen, NingXia or any others.  I am well aware of all these terribly over-priced, unnecessary, commercial juices.  They are very effective at putting money into the pockets of those who sell them, but they are not much good for anything else.  They are priced at $40.00 - $50.00 per bottle, but they are virtually no better for one’s health than the juices one buys at the grocery store for $3.00 - $4.00 per bottle.  If anyone believes they are healthier by drinking these juices, it is only because their regular diet is so poor that even a little nutrition makes them feel better.

Independent lab tests have been done on at least one of these juices at the request of the Associated Press, and the results have shown that, on average, it contains no more anti-oxidant activity (its supposedly BIG selling point) than the bottled juices one can buy in the grocery store. 

All of these commercial juices are cooked – which destroys their enzymes. (The enzymes in raw food help prevent aging and help prevent disease.) Then the juices are bottled for a long shelf life - which usually requires preservatives.  And who knows what else is in them, since the ingredients in some of them are considered proprietary and are not revealed.   In this situation, you don’t even KNOW what you are drinking!

I have one acquaintance who swears by one of these types of drinks.  But when I see how it affects her when she drinks it – and when she doesn’t drink it– I can guarantee you that there are “uppers” of some type in that drink.  Whether they are pharmaceuticals or herbals, it is obvious that the ingredients of the “juice” are forcing her adrenal glands to pour out adrenalin, just like strong coffee does.  For a time she is alert and feels great, but then she crashes – and needs another “fix.”  This yo yo effect occurs with all caffeinated drinks and all foods that contain sugar or refined carbohydrate.  This yo yo effect always contributes to the development of disease.

The problem is that everyone is looking for a “Quick Fix” so they can continue to eat junk food, stay up half the night, eat sweets, drink “energy” drinks, get angry if they feel like it, not exercise - - - - and STILL stay “healthy.”

But it doesn’t work that way.  The ONLY way to be well is to obey the Ten Natural Laws of Health that are on my DVDs.

Again, there are NO “Quick Fixes.” 

30. Q. Dr. Day, Are you Dead?  I was listening to a radio program the other night, and they announced you had died.  I hope I was dreaming. Please write me back if you are still with us.  I have searched obituaries and have not found you listed, so I am hoping I heard that wrong.

A.  As Mark Twain said, "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."  I don't know who is spreading these rumors, but they go around about every two years, and within the last few months, they have been rampant.

Not only am I alive, I am totally well and cancer-free - a full FIFTEEN years after my tumor first appeared.  Last spring, to celebrate my 70th birthday, my husband and I and my two sons participated in the 7.5 mile Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco.

I still work full time, a full week every week.  Plus I water ski, snow ski, play tennis, and go to the gym three times a week.

That's pretty good for a DEAD person – wouldn’t you say!

29. Q. Artificial Sweetners. I will appreciate your thoughts regarding the above specific alternative sweeteners for any health concerns, or benefits.

A. They are ALL bad. You'll have to get RID of your sweet tooth and learn to taste the food the way God made it.  This Health Plan requires that you develop a whole lot of NEW habits - healthy habits.

After a while, you will learn to appreciate the flavors of natural food.  There is plenty of NATURAL sugar in fruit - where its mixed with fiber - the way God made it and therefore - - - - SAFE to eat.

The answers are on my DVDs, "You Can't Improve on God" and "Diseases Don't Just Happen."

28. Q. Acupuncture.  I would like to know your opinion of Acupuncture Doctors?

A. ALL diseases, including cancer, are CAUSED by the way a person lives and eats.  The ONLY way to reverse diseases and disorders is to STOP doing the things that CAUSED them and START doing the things that will rebuild the immune system, which can then get the person well.

NO disease on the face of the earth is caused by a deficiency of Acupuncture, therefore Acupuncture CANNOT actually cure ANYTHING.  Acupuncture is part of Eastern medicine, which is NOT of God.  It is New Age, and therefore is the antithesis of God's way of living, eating, and getting well.

I discuss Acupuncture on my DVD, "Sorting Through the Maze of Alternative Medicine: What Works, What Doesn't and Why."

Please see my website at and read everything there, including all the links at the bottom of the home page.

27. Q. Liquid Zeolite. What is your opinion?

A.  Zeolite is volcanic rock.  It cannot be utilized by the human body.  We must get ALL of our nutrition from fruits, grains and vegetables, the way God made them.  God did not intend for us to eat rocks - even when they're ground up.  The body cannot assimilate them.

This is just another scam

26. Q. Fibroids. I have a cyst and a small fibroid tumor  and a nodule on my thyroid.  I may have a polyp in the lining of my vagina. I'd like to know if just following your way of eating will get rid of all of these problems.  They’re not too bad now but I don't want them to grow.  I'm taking control of my own health and don’t want to take drugs they all, as you know have, side effects. One doctor suggested a hysterectomy, but I am 38 and desire to have children.

A. The Health Plan I used to get well is NOT just "a way of eating."

The answer to your question is that you CAN get well from all of these things, but you must change EVERYTHING about your life.  You GAVE these things to yourself by the way you have been LIVING and eating (It's NOT just the food), just as I gave myself cancer.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can REVERSE all these things by CHANGING the way you are LIVING and EATING.

I discuss women's problems on my DVD "Diseases Don't Just Happen."  Also there is a testimonial of a woman with fibroids on my DVD, "Believing is Seeing" in the Question and Answer session that occurs after my presentation.

Please see my website at and read everything there, including all the links at the bottom of the home page, especially my article on how the body is designed to heal itself.  Then, when you are finished, return to the home page and scroll down until you see the box that says, "What Do I Need to Get Started on This Health Plan?"   Click there, then scroll down until you see the words "For Diseases Other Than Cancer."  THAT is what I recommend to Get Started.

Then, when you have implemented all that information into your life, you can continue in your progress of getting well by following the "Curriculum for Getting Well" as found in my workbook "Getting Started on Getting Well" on page 236

25.  Q. ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease. While I may have missed it, I did not see ALS addressed at all. My father is in the process of succumbing to this disease and I have been unable to locate anything of help on the web.

Is there anything that can be done at this point? He is also insulin dependent.

A. ALS is CAUSED by the way we live and the way we eat.  It can be REVERSED in the same way that I REVERSED my cancer ( which was ALSO caused by the way I was living and eating).  In order to get well, your father must be willing to CHANGE the way he is living and eating.  A lot of people don't want to do that.

But if one DOES, he CAN get well.

I discuss ALS and dozens of other diseases (and how to get well) on my DVD "Diseases Don't Just Happen."  The Exact detailed plan is on my DVD "You Can't Improve on God" and in my Workbook "Getting Started on Getting Well."

Please visit my website at and read EVERYTHING there including all the links at the bottom of the home page especially my article on how the body is designed to heal itself.

Then when you are finished, return to my home page and scroll down until you see the box that says, "What Do I need to get Started on this Health Plan?"  Click there and scroll down until you see "For Diseases Other than Cancer."  THAT is the information necessary to get started.  Then one can continue on the path to TOTAL health by following the Curriculum for Getting Well" found in my Workbook, beginning on page 236.

But remember, ALL diseases starts in the "heart" because we want to live and eat OUR way, rather than living and eating the way God designed for our body.  Only when WE want to do what is right, will we be able to turn things around.  

This is not a program that someone else can do TO a person.  The sick person himself must decide that HE wants to change everything and GET WELL.

24. Q. Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV). I have a 5 year old son who was diagnosed with EBV last October.  We recently found out that he still tests positive for high levels of EBV and due to my ingorance, I simply don't know what to do.  His pediatrician said that he may show high levels for some time.  My concern with the research I've done is that EBV is linked to several other diseases such as MS and Burkitt's Lymphoma as well as Hodgkins disease.  My son's symptoms were a severe fever for about 17 days, sore throat, swollen spleen.  After being admitted to the hospital and given numerous anitbiotics, he developed a severe rash and I was worried about tick-borne illnesses as he was possibly exposed during a previous trip.  But after testing negative to EBV the first time, he was transported to Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston and the doctors advised us that he was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics.  It seems he is allergic to Rocephins, etc.   Anyways, they sent him home to follow up with his pediatrician who is drawing blood every 6 mos.  Well, it has been a year and he still has high levels of EBV and this is worrying me. 

My question to you is, if your son contracted this possibly during our hurricane evacuation last Sept. and is still testing to high levels of EBV, what would you do as far as treatment or the seeking of other medical help.  I don't know where to turn other than to pray but it seems that this is a common virus.  I'm just worried for his health now and in the future.  He has recently started complaining about his back hurting and now I'm wondering if this has any relevance, or am I being paranoid.  Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

A. I realize this may be a difficult answer for you to understand because it requires a whole different way of thinking, but here goes.

Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) is NOT the problem.  It ISN'T EVEN the diagnosis, though doctors have told you that.  Viruses CANNOT cause disease in our body UNLESS our immune system is not working properly. We are surrounded by bacteria and viruses ALL the time.  Why isn't EVERYONE sick ALL the time?

The answer is:  It all depends on the condition of your immune system!

You are concentrating on the SYMPTOMS rather than concentrating on the underlying cause of the problem.

In order to get rid of the EBV you must build up your son's immune system.  The way to do that is to follow the Health Plan I used to get well from Cancer and that others have used to get well from all different kinds of disease. (DVD - You Can't Improve on God)

You must concentrate on building up his immune system, NOT on "destroying" the EBV.  All the antibiotics he has received have caused even MORE problems than he had before.  They have wiped out the good bacteria in his colon (that are needed for health) and allowed the "Bad" bacteria (and viruses) to overgrow.  

In fact, it is entirely possible that the EBV problem actually started from his being given antibiotics (or other medicines) in the past (for ear infections, for a sore throat, etc.)  

In addition, vaccinations are very harmful to the immune system and contain all sorts of dangerous contaminants, including harmful viruses which can take hold BECAUSE the immune system has been suppressed.

On my video/DVD "Drugs Never Cure Disease" I explain why Germs Don't CAUSE Disease anymore than Flies CAUSE garbage!  You know that flies DON'T cause garbage.  The garbage (the dead vegetable and animal tissue in the garbage) attracts the flies.  Well, that's what happens in the body.  The dead and dying tissue in the body (caused by the way we are eating and living) attracts the "clean-up crew" - the bacteria and viruses.  THEN we develop symptoms and we think the bacteria or viruses are the CAUSE - when the REAL cause is the bad food we have been eating, junk food, fast food, processed food, sugar, Nutrasweet, MSG (hidden in ALL processed food), our improper sleeping habits, lack of exercise, lack of water drinking and instead drinking sodas with caffeine and sugar or harmful sugar substitutes, etc., etc., etc.

This is all explained on my video/DVD "You Can't Improve on God."

If one has a "clean" body with a properly working immune system, the viruses WON'T take hold because there's no "garbage" in the body to "clean out."  The ONLY way you can get your son truly well is to rebuild his immune system so his IMMUNE SYSTEM can fight the disease.  But this will take MAJOR life-style changes for your son and your whole family.  Are you willing to do that?  

ANY DRUG that is given him to "Kill" the virus will end up causing more problems.

You will understand it better if you watch that DVD.  

The PLAN to rebuild one's immune system is on my DVD/video "You Can't Improve on God."  Another DVD/video that would be helpful is "Diseases Don't Just Happen."  

It's impossible for me to write in an e-mail what you need to do to get your son well, that's why I put it all on DVDs/videos, CDs/audiotapes, and in my Workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well.  You'll have to study it out in order to understand it.  But your son CAN be well.  It's just that DRUGS will NOT make him well.  And that's ALL doctors know how to do - give DRUGS! 

As I said, you CAN get your son well, but NOT the way the doctors do it.

23. Q. Autism. Autism is being diagnosed at an astonishing rate and I have heard all sorts of theories on the cause.

What are your thoughts on Autism and it origin?

A. Certainly the MAJOR cause of autism, if not the ONLY cause of autism, is vaccinations.  The diagnosis of autism is increasing at an astonishing rate BECAUSE more and more - - - and more - - - vaccinations are being given to children at younger and younger ages.

Vaccinations DON'T work and they are NOT safe.  I discuss autism, and vaccinations in general, in my Workbook entitled "Getting Started on Getting Well."

22. Q. Are you really a doctor? I would like to start your Plan curing my cancer but I need to check your credentials. Stating on the net that you are a doctor does not prove to me that you are one.

AMA does not have any record of you being a doctor. Can you help me to find some credible info from a government facility about you, your practices and where I can get references? I would appreciate a personal answer by replying to my e-mail.

A. Here is enough information about me to prove that I, indeed, AM a physician.

You can also check my credentials as a medical doctor by going to the Google search engine, type in "California Board of Medical Examiners", then when the list comes up, click on "Medical Board of California: A-Z"

Then on the left hand side about half way down it says something like "Check on your doctor online."  If you click there, then type in my name, you will see that I am currently licensed by the State of California and I have had my license since 1969 or 1970.  I can't remember the year exactly.  I graduated from medical school at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine in 1969, then took my internship at San Francisco General Hospital from 1969-1970, then we (all  in my class) took our "Medical Boards" in 1970, I think.  After that I took my residency in Orthopedic Surgery (another four years of training) again at U.C. San Francisco Medical school and finished in 1974.  After that, I was on the faculty of that same medical school for 15 years - until 1990, when I moved to Southern California.

You can check it all out.

The AMA could have told you how to check my credentials.  But obviously they didn't. The reason the AMA doesn't have any information on me is that I am not a member of the AMA because I do not believe in what they do.  The AMA is nothing more than a Union for Doctors.  It is ONLY interested in what is good for the doctors and cares little, if at all, for the patients.

If you trust the AMA and the government so much, why are you not planning to take the conventional treatment of chemotherapy and radiation?  THAT is what the AMA and every government institution would recommend.  All they know how to do is give out dangerous, poisonous chemotherapy, damaging radiation, and perform mutilating surgery.  And that's all I learned in my training too.

And, unfortunately, that's what I taught my medical students and the residents I trained.  But I didn't know any better at that time.

The AMA and the government institutions are never happy with doctors who want to get people well naturally, without drugs.

Everything I learned about how to get well from cancer, I learned OUTSIDE of my formal medical training.  Everything I recommend to get people well and build their immune system has NO harmful side effects.  The AMA and government institutions HATE the natural way.

Yet the documentation for the Plan used IS in the medical literature. You will see it in my Workbook, 17 pages of it. It's just not taught to doctors in their training. You'll see why on my DVD's.

ANYONE can get well the same way I did, and it doesn't take a medical doctor to do it.   The plan is designed to be done at home the way I did it. All the things that are necessary to build one's immune system are FREE, except for the nutrition part, but you have to buy food anyway.  It's just that with this Plan, you have to buy nutritious, natural, wholesome food.

You appear to want to get well, the natural, non-harmful way, yet you want the approval from a government agency.  I'm afraid that will never happen.  The very institutions that you look to for their expertise and approval are the very institutions that use terribly harmful methods of treatment for virtually every disease.

I do hope that if you decide to go the natural route as I did, that after you see and read my materials, you will learn NOT to trust the AMA and government "experts."

21. Q. Autism and Seizures. I am just desperate for my daughter. My daughter is autistic she is 36 and severely retarded with no language. At 32 she started having seizures and no one can help. It only is about once a month around her period (week before & or after) and now she is almost always upset and cries for no reason, hits her head and shows some other emotional behaviors. I have talk to her doctor and many others but so far no help. I do not like drugs and she has problems taking them too, so i give her liquid skullcap and acupuncture but the crazy emotional stuff is driving me crazy. If you can help it would be great.

A. The major cause of autism is the administration of vaccinations, because of their contents, specifically mercury and other harmful substances. 

The most important thing one can do in the case of an autistic patient is to rebuild the immune system by the method I talk about on my videos/DVDs, "You Can't Improve on God''  and "Diseases Don't Just Happen."  You will learn the things that can cause hyper-excitability of the nervous system that can lead to seizures - and the things you can eliminate from her diet that will help decrease this excitability, as well as the things that you can add to her life and her diet that will also decrease this excitability.  All without drugs.

On these DVDs/videos, I don't specifically talk about Autism, but you will learn a lot about the nervous system and the brain which is the area where the seizures are occurring.

I have letters of testimony from many people who have eliminated their seizures by this Plan, and who have reversed their trigeminal neuralgia (also called tic douloureux - another nervous system disorder) as well as other neurological conditions

20. Q. Portions for children. How many juices would a 45 lb. 5yr old autistic child need? How much Barley Green? How much fiber cleanse? Is there a children's section in your CD, DVD, or books?

A. The amount of fluid per day (fresh home-made vegetable juices and water) I talk about on my videos/DVDs is for an average adult person of approximately 150 lbs. A 45 lb child would need a little less than a third of the number of juices of a 150 lb adult. The same would go for Barley Green, and probably for fiber cleanse. But I suggest you read the label on the fiber cleanse.

There is no specific "children's section" in my CDs, DVDs or books, but you can figure things out with the same general percentages, based on weight.

You may be interested to know that I have started to put together a book on children's health. I can't even give you an estimate of when it will be completed. I have several other projects going all at once, so it may be about two years until I get it finished

19. Q. Neurologic Disease. Do you offer any treament for a 78 year old man with OPCA? If so, I would be anxious to know what you have to offer!

A. Please realize that initials such as you used in your e-mail can have different meanings in different medical sub-specialties. So I don't know what specific medical sub-specialty area you are speaking of. It's better if you use the whole term, then we'll both be on the same page and we won't have any miscommunication.

Q. Thank you for responding and the following is a description of OPCA.

Olivopontocerebellar atrophy (OPCA) refers to a group of ataxias characterized by progressive neurological degeneration affecting the cerebellum, the pons and the inferior olives. OPCA may be classified based on clinical, genetic, or neuropathological findings; thus, there are many classifications of the disorder. Among the different classifications there is wide variation in severity and age of onset. The symptoms of OPCA differ from person to person. Most patients experience difficulty with balance and coordination of the legs and arms (ataxia) and slurred speech (dysarthria). Other symptoms may include muscle spasms or weakness and stiffness of the muscles; numbness or tingling of the hands or feet; tremor (shaking) of the hand or arm; reduction or slowness of movements; loss of thinking and/or memory skills; difficulty controlling the bladder or bowels; and feeling faint when standing up. Some patients also have fatigue and/or trouble with sleep. Generally symptoms of OPCA begin in mid-adult life and progress slowly over the course of many years.

Please review and let us know your imput.

A. You will notice that in this diagnosis, Olivopontocerebellar atrophy, as in virtually all diseases diagnosed in allopathic (orthodox) medicine, the "Diagnosis" is just a description of what YOU, the patient, ALREADY know is happening.

In other words, if you as a patient come to the doctor telling him or her that you are having trouble with your balance, or slurred speech or tremors or loss of memory, etc., they'll give you some big word that describes some area of the brain that may be involved.

The "olivopontocereballar" just designates a specific area of the brain. The "atrophy" just means it is either literally shrinking, or that it is not working properly. The description in NO WAY tells you what is causing it or how you can prevent or reverse it. It just describes your symptoms - which YOU already told them! And THEY want you to pay them for giving an undecipherable long name to the description of the symptoms you just told them.

They DON'T know what to do about it except to give you DRUGS - ALL of which have harmful side effects - and NONE of which will cure or reverse your disease. The drugs will only, in some cases, cover up your symptoms for a while, while the disease continues to get worse.

If you look at the description of symptoms in your e-mail above, there is NO way that one can distinguish THOSE symptoms from Alzheimer's or even from Parkinson's.

If some, or all of these, are your symptoms, what can be said is that you have a neurological disease that is progressive. But neurological diseases CAN be reversed. They don't have to progress!

Neurological diseases occur from the way we eat and the way we live. I discuss neurological disorders and diseases on my video/DVD entitled "Diseases Don't Just Happen," and how we can prevent and reverse them. If you go to my website at and look at the "Frequently Asked Questions" portion which you can access at the bottom of the home page, you will see the materials I recommend for "Diseases Other Than Cancer."

You don't have to just sit around and wait to get worse. You CAN change what is happening to you by changing the way you eat and changing the way you live. I describe how in the materials I recommend in that area of my website.

18. Q. High Blood Pressure. I am a forty year old male who last year was diagnosed as borderline hypertensive.  I was put on 20 mg per day of Benacar.  My father had recently and unexpectedly died of a heart attack. My blood pressure has ranged from high 140s over 90s to recently as low as 95 over 66.  At my last doctor visit my pressure was measured at 128 over 80, though I was somewhat nervous over the result.  I am 5' 8" and last weighed on a bathroom scale at 182.  My pressure seems to vary a lot.  In the evening after work it can get down in the teens over seventies or lower, but it seems to be going back up recently.
Just this morning the highest I measured my blood pressure was 145/87 when I first put the cuff on which dropped in a few minutes to as low as 120/82 at rest.  I may have forgotten to take my medication yesterday.
Last month I took a stress test on a treadmill and the results were normal, there was no underlying heart disease.   
I averaged my blood pressure a few days ago for blood pressure taken several times during the day and it was around 120/77.
 I am really out of shape and am inactive and have been all my life, though I walk the dog 20 minutes a day and am on my feet all day at work.
I have recently changed doctors, I am only seeing a physician assistant.  I have not been recommended any lifestyle change.
My previous physician said that I am borderline hypertensive, but since I am not gaining any more weight, he said he wasn't too worried about it.
The physician assistant when I first saw her changed my prescription from Benacar to Benacar HCL. 
What kind of regimens or lifestyle changes would help my blood pressure?

A. You have identified TWO of your problems in your e-mail.  I have "bolded" them in your e-mail above.  You are overweight, whether your doctor wishes to recognize it or not, and you, by your own admission, are inactive and out of shape.

You are WAY too young to have high blood pressure.  I'm not suggesting that there is ANY age where it is appropriate to have high blood pressure, certainly not if one is following the Ten Step Health Plan.

Also remember that ALL medications, including high blood pressure medications, have harmful side effects!

You don't say which of my video/DVDs you have.  Remember, the rules for writing are that I will only answer questions that are not answered in my published materials, otherwise I would have to say the same thing over and over and over again.  In these cases, I direct you to where you can find the answer in my materials.

There is no "Quick Fix." You will have to learn how to take care of your health. That will take time and study.

The information about preventing and reversing High Blood Pressure is specifically in my DVD/video, "Diseases Don't Just Happen."  In fact, High Blood Pressure is one of the disorders specifically mentioned in the information on that DVD/video on my website at

In addition, you would be helped by the Ten Step Plan as detailed on my video/DVD "You Can't Improve on God" and my Workbook entitled "Getting Started on Getting Well."  

You may wish to go to the "Frequently Asked Questions" on my website at where I write about other materials that are helpful.  It's about the 4th or 5th question down: "What materials do I need to start the Plan if I have a diseases other than cancer?" is the question - followed by the answer

17. Q. AIDS. I would like to know if any one has been cured of  AIDS using your system? 

A. The term AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.  That means that the person has a deficient immune system (an inability to fight disease) that was ACQUIRED - meaning he or she was not born with it.  He or she ACQUIRED it sometime after birth.

Cancer is ALSO an Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in that one can ONLY get cancer if his or her immune system is deficient (not working right).  Generally people are not born with cancer, but it develops because of the way we eat and live.

Because one's immune system becomes deficient from the way we eat and live, the way we get well is to STOP doing the things that suppress our immune system and START doing the things that will nourish it and build it up.

I discuss the way one strengthens the immune system by natural methods on my video/DVD "You Can't Improve on God" and "Diseases Don't Just Happen" plus in my workbook, "Getting Started on Getting Well."

And for a direct answer to your question - YES, it is possible to reverse AIDS (totally) by using the Ten Step Natural Health Plan that I used to get well from Cancer.  And Yes, people HAVE done it!

There are NO incurable diseases.  However, remember, in order to get well it is necessary to STOP all habits and activities that harm the body.  One CANNOT get well from ANY disease if he or she continues to harm his or her body and continues to suppress the immune system

16. Q. Mad Cow Disease. My question is about mad cow disease. Is it possible that this disease is a result of cows being fed cow remains in the form of meal? Cows are herbivores not carnivores and is it possible that the undigested cow remains as it passes thru the 7 stomachs of a cow begins to mutate or develp into the disease. I am not a doctor nor a scientist. Its just that God did not intend any humans to eat human flesh and if God made cows herbivores then they were not intended to eat cows. I know from the little research I have done that other countries allow cow remains in the feed of their cattle.I have not found that to be the case in the US. At least up until the late 90's when I had done the reseach on this.

A. You are exactly right!  Cows are meant to be vegetarians - to feed on grasses.  But now, due to factory farming, they are feeding the cows ground up dead animals - calling it "Nutritional Pellets."  These "Nutritional Pellets" are reported to be composed of ground-up dead animals who died from deadly diseases, ground-up animals that have been euthanized at the animal shelters, and even road-kill.

The first "Mad Cow-like" disease that was reported was Scrapie, which is Mad Sheep Disease.  It's called "Scrapie" because, when the sheep become diseased, they start acting crazy and, among other things, scrape their bodies along the fences, sometimes until they're bleeding.

Well, the sheep that died from Mad Sheep Disease (Scrapie) were not "wasted" by the evil people who do the factory farming.  No, they were ground up and fed to the Cows, in order to save money on feed, and to make the cows grow bigger - faster.  So what did the cows get?  Mad COW disease!

But, the question still remains, Why did the Sheep get Scrapie (Mad Sheep Disease) in the first place?  The answer is the one that you gave in your e-mail.

Sheep (AND cows) were both created to be vegetarians.  If they are fed MEAT (animal products of any type), eventually they will get sick!  And that is exactly what has happened.

But that scenario also carries over into human beings.  Human beings were created to be VEGETARIANS.  I explain that scientifically on my videos/DVDs.  When they eat meat, poultry, fish, dairy products and eggs - eventually they WILL get sick from that diet.

In my workbook entitled, Getting Started on Getting Well, I have many pages of excerpts from the finest medical journals PROVING the terribly damaging effects on human beings caused by eating a diet of meat, poultry, fish, dairy products and eggs. 

The documentation is overwhelming!

But the next question I always get is "But didn't God SAY we could eat meat?"  That question is answered in my videos/DVDs, CDs/audiotapes and Workbook, as well

15. Q. Insulinomas. I am looking for information on natural alternative treatments for insulinomas. Is it possible? Can you please lead me in the right direction for my research? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Books, articles, sites, testimonials.. anything.
My husband has an insulinoma in his pancreas and he believes the only way out is through surgery. Please help me provide him with good information on the alternative treatments.

A. As I'm sure you know, an Insulinoma is a tumor (of the insulin-producing cells of the Pancreas) that produces Insulin resulting in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

The real question is this:  Do you, or does ANYBODY, believe that your husband's insulinoma was caused by not having had enough operations in his lifetime?  

The answer is "Obviously, No!"  

And you might think that is a silly question.

But, I'm trying to make a point.  Insulinoma, as EVERY OTHER TUMOR - whether benign or malignant, is the result of a body that is not functioning properly.  And the "improper functioning of the body" is caused by the poor way we eat and the poor way we live.

A body that is functioning properly will NOT produce tumors of ANY kind!  

As I say on my videos/DVDs and in my books, Insulinomas and other medical problems DON'T "Just Happen" even though that is what we doctors are taught in medical school.  Instead, these diseases all have a cause.  And the causes ARE known.  But they are NOT taught to doctors because the proper treatment of these "causes of disease" does not require Drugs or Surgery, the ONLY two methods of treatment EVERY doctor is taught.

It appears that you are not familiar with my DVDs, CDs and books, since you ask that question.  My materials discuss the causes of virtually ALL diseases - and their prevention and reversal, particularly on my video/DVD entitled "Diseases Don't Just Happen."  Even though I don't specifically mention Insulinoma, I DO tell what causes these types of diseases and how to change one's life in every respect, in order to prevent and/or reverse them.

In order to get rid of his insulinoma, your husband will have to STOP doing the things that caused it in the first place.  But he may well resist the fact that his diet and life-style were significant factors in the developement of his Insulinoma.  

But if he believes THAT way, then he is at the mercy of the doctors - with their drugs and surgery.  If he has the insight to at least investigate the possibility that his diet and lifestyle were the CAUSE of his Insulinoma, then HE has the power to change things and - GET WELL!

Just think about it, if he has the Insulinoma surgically removed - but then keeps doing everything he was doing when it developed - it will either come back again, or he will develop some other type of serious, possibly life-threatening, disease.  And he will be powerless to prevent it because he will have NO understanding of what he is doing to his body that is resulting in these problems.

I realize that the doctors will tell him "We don't know what causes Insulinoma," but that's because all any of us doctors were ever taught in medical school was "Drugs" and "Surgery."  The average doctor knows NOTHING else.   We are NEVER taught how to get people REALLY well! 

But there IS a way to be well, and it does NOT involve Drugs and Surgery.

14. Q. Building the Immune System. I am on your diet because I want to build up my immune system. I have become a vegetarian and isn't it funny how everyone questions my sanity. My friend is not very receptive to changing her eating habits. I have given her all your tapes, and your workbook. What do I do? I have said it all and nothing? My heart is broken she has gone the traditional way (all the x-rays, etc.). I feel completely helpless.

A. Please remember that the Health Plan I used to get well (and still follow) is NOT a diet!! The proper nutrition is absolutely essential to getting well and staying well, but diet is ONLY TEN PERCENT of the Plan. ALL the rest of the NINE Steps must be followed with 100% commitment in order to get well or stay well.

About your friend. She has the right to eat and live as she chooses. If you have told her about God's Natural Way, the only thing left to do is Pray - and Pray fervently, then leave it in the hands of the Lord.

The problem is, many people don't want to take charge of their own health and take the time to study and learn by reading or viewing the materials. They're used to the DOCTOR just giving them a pill and saying, "You let me worry about this. Just enjoy your life and don't be concerned about your illness." The person with an illness has given over his or her entire life - and health- to the white coats.

Well, my materials tell a person how to proceed so they can take charge of their own life and health. It's all there for anyone who wants to know. The problem is, a lot of people DON'T want to know.

But that is their right, so I don't interfere.

13. Q.  Is it too late?  Two and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma (head and neck) unknown origin.  I had surgery to remove the tumor in my neck, 16 lymph nodes, one tonsil and saliva gland.  Six weeks of radiation and 2 chemo sessions.  CTs, Pet-Scan, MRIs, & X-rays.

The back of my neck was injured at age 19 (now 57) and I've taken anti-inflammatory drugs for many years. I've taken Celebrex for about four years.  If I don't, the fire-like pain through the back and around my head is unbearable.

3 C-Sections, Gall Bladder Removal, Appendix Removed

Has there been so much damage for too long, that it's too late to repair and heal what I've done to myself?

A. As long as a person is breathing, it is never too late.  You have had a lot of medical problems and they have all been caused by the way you have been living and eating, just like my cancer was caused by the way I was living and eating.  But you have also added to that the damage caused by your “treatment” with chemotherapy, radiation and lots of other drugs, ALL of which suppress your immune system in a MAJOR way!

If you continue to live and eat the same way, your cancer will return, either in the same place or in some other place or you will develop some other life-threatening disease.  So it's a very good time to STOP doing those things that have been causing your health problems.

When you find out HOW to live and eat properly, you can rebuild your immune system so you will truly be healthy again. 

THAT is the information that is on my DVDs, CDs and in my books.

You say that you are taking anti-inflammatory drugs for many years because of a neck injury at age 19.  That may be true, but it is far more likely that your neck pain has been caused by stress, rather than a 30 year old injury.

It is never too late to learn how to be healthy.  All the information you need to learn how to be well is available on my website at

Read everything on my site, including all the links down at the bottom of my home page, especially my aricle on how the body is designed to heal itself.

12. Q. Breast Cancer. In your video, "You Can't Improve On God", you refer to ductal adenoma as a potentially fatal growth. I did some research on the Internet and discovered that ductal adenoma is generally classified as "benign," it is not life-threatening. What are the facts? Read everything on my site, including all the links down at the bottom of my home page, especially my article on how the body is designed to heal itself.

A. You didn't listen carefully enough to my words in that video.  If you listen to my video again, you will hear that I say "ductal ADENOCARCINOMA of the breast" NOT "ductal adenoma."  

You can go to my website at and click on "Dr. Day responds to her critics" on the home page.  Then click on "Loma Linda University."  In that information, there are links to both of my biopsy reports, one from Loma Linda University Medical Center, and one from Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, CA, both of which reveal that my diagnosis was carcinoma of the breast.  Carcinoma means Cancer!

You can SEE the facts there for yourself.

11. Q. The Medical Industry. I have been browsing your web sites.  Your story of how you cured yourself of cancer through natural means is fascinating and inspiring.  You also have stated that these natural means are known of by science but are being suppressed because they would adversely affect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.  Doctors in the United States at least are only trained in allopathic medicine, which uses drugs and surgery to treat disease mostly only on a symptomatic level but doesn't really address the root cause.
I have done some research and questioning about how allopathic medicine came to monopolize the medical profession.
Prior to 1847 there was a wide choice of treatment options in America ranging from native American and naturopathic remedies to allopathic remedies.  Then in 1847 an association of allopathic doctors was formed called the American Medical Association which began a propaganda campaign to turn public opinion against herbalists and naturopaths, labeling them as quacks in order to eliminate competition to drug oriented medicine.
Another event instrumental in the creation of this monopoly was the appointment of Daniel Coit Gillman as president of Johns Hopkins University.  Gillman had been a member of the Order of Skull and Bones at Yale College and had helped turn it into a privately owned corporation in 1856.  Under Gillman, Johns Hopkins began to set the standard for medical training in the United States.
Another factor was John D. Rockefeller, who through his tax exempt foundation helped propagate allopathic medicine and financed the establishment of the modern pharmaceutical industry.
From reading your web pages I gather that you have researched some into the subject of secret societies and the New World Order. 
Q. What is the underlying belief system of modern conventional medicine and how are doctors indoctrinated into it? 

A. I discuss this in great detail on my videos/DVDs Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore, Double Blind:  What Science Can't See, and also some on "You Can't Improve On God." 

Q. What are doctors taught about health and disease and how are they taught to treat it?

A. This information is also found on these videos/DVDs and many of my other nine videos/DVDs on health.

Q. Who or what at the very highest levels really controls modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry?

A. I give lots of information on this question on these same materials listed above, as well as on my website, in the medical/health section

10. Q. Showing the videos/DVDs. I am a missionary serving in __________.  I am preparing to purchase your materials to help with my own health issues (Celiac Disease, Diabetes, Candida, Parasites).  Your website makes it clear that these materials are for home personal use only.  Here in this country, the people are not very well off and have very little access to the health message.  May I have permission to share your materials with others here in this country?  That could involve having people watch it in our home or possibly showing it in a church.
Thank you for taking the time to respond when you are able.  May God bless your work.

A. I have problems with requests like this one.  

This is the reason:  Learning to follow God's health message is NOT something one can understand from seeing a video in a congregation, it doesn't even work very well if someone sees it in a group in someone else's home, even though the latter way is much better.

It only works if a person is highly motivated to investigate it (usually because they have serious health problems - or some other life-threatening reason) and has the videos/DVDs and other materials themselves and watches them (or listens or reads them) over and over and over and over again.

You may think that showing my videos to a group will excite their interest and they'll want to know more.  I can tell you that it will probably have the opposite effect.  The people who are NOT sick (or at least don't know they are sick because the serious disease that is brewing in their body has not yet surfaced) will say, "I already eat pretty healthy" (even though they're eating a "garbage" diet of fast food, etc.), OR they will say to themselves "I could NEVER live and eat that way" (which of course, they can't - at least not without God's help), OR all they will concentrate on is the diet, and they will not even understand ALL the other TEN STEPS of the Plan which MUST be followed with 100% commitment for a person to get well.

But you will respond, "But these people are poor and they can't afford to buy a video."  But my answer is, "What good is Christianity if Christians don't believe in God's promises?"  God has promised to "supply ALL our needs."  Do your church members and friends actually BELIEVE that?  If a person is truly interested in following GOD'S way and NOT "man's way, God will lead them into truth as He has promised and provide for them individually, not corporately.

In addition, they can only watch my videos or DVDs if they have a television set and a VCR or a DVD player.  If they are that poor, they won't be able to afford a television set!  But you know and I know that almost EVERYONE has a television set!  So where did they get the money to buy the TV set?  People somehow find the money for what THEY think is important.

Even more, if they have a serious disease, they will have to start eating highly nutritious food and drinking fresh home-made vegetable juice, which will require money for a lot of produce and also a juicer.  Who is going to supply THAT?  Well, God, of course.  Again, HE promises to supply all our needs IF we are really serious about doing it HIS way and NOT "man's" way!

Many, many "poor" people spend much more than the cost of a video on non-essential things, including trinkets, unnecessary recreational activities, and even improper, non-nutritious "food" that satisfies their tastes but actually harms their body. 

But God is NOT going to supply the needs of people unless they themselves recognize how MUCH they need God and STOP going to man (doctors) for the answers to their problems.  Christians profess to trust GOD, but when there is a problem (with health, finances or anything else) they actually trust "MAN" - and NOT God!

In addition, people RARELY cherish what is GIVEN to them.  They cherish what they buy themselves, because they spent their own hard-earned money for it.  In the past, I have given huge amounts of materials away, but I realized after awhile that many people didn't even look at these materials.

ONLY when they have a real need that THEY THEMSELVES recognize and when they have a REAL DESIRE to know truth, will they study the materials and put them into practice in their life.

Look at all the people Jesus, Himself, spoke to who turned away from Him and went their own way.

The very best way to witness to your congregation is for YOU, yourself, to go on the Health Plan and turn your OWN health around FIRST (ALL TEN Steps), then you can personally witness, in an individual one-on-one way, to anyone who is willing to listen, whether IN your congregation or group or outside of your congregation.  You can then share YOUR story with your congregation or group, publicly from the pulpit, and privately on a one-to-one basis.

YOUR story of getting well will be just as powerful as mine.  You may say, "Oh, but you're a doctor and people will listen more to you."   But we must remember, that it is God's spirit that quickens the heart of people, so it really doesn't matter whose testimony it is.  If we witness, and pray for those we witness to, then we just leave it in God's hands.

SOME will listen, but the majority will not.  We have to understand that and accept it.  Remember that at the end of Jesus' ministry, ALL had left Him except one disciple, John, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene and a couple of other women.  In human (corporate) terms, Jesus was a BIG failure.  But we know that He was NOT a failure, even though He had very few followers at the end.

So, my suggestion is to get started on the Health Plan yourself, and then YOU can be the primary witness about how WELL the plan works, reminding people that it takes ALL TEN steps in order to get well.

9. Q. Immunizations. Which one of your books talks about immunizations?

A. My Workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well.

8. Q.  Search Engine.  We need a search mechanism for your site.  I have a question about prions and the advisability of colonoscopy procedure. 

A.  A search engine would be desirable for someone looking for a "Quick Fix."  True "Health" doesn't work that way.  

You apparently do not want to know how to reverse your colon problem by natural methods.  You just want to know if a colonoscopy is risky because of prions.  Well, THAT answer is already on my website.

But if you want to know how to be well so you won't have to have a colonscopy, that information is all over my website,  And a search engine would just undermine the process of learning from my whole website.

7. Q. I have Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs).  I have seen two heart specialists and both have said more or less to “learn to live with it.”  The beats are very annoying and distracting to my daily living.  Obviously, I did something to myself to cause these irregular beats, but not sure what it was.  Sometimes I think it is stress from my job, or what’s happening in the government.  Can you point me in the right direction?

A. You are correct in deducing that you have done this to yourself.  We give ourselves disease every day by the way we eat and live.

Yes, stress can be a major factor in PVCs.  So can the caffeine and caffeine-like compounds in coffee, soda, chocolate and tea.  There are also irritating substances in meat (as an example, arachidonic acid) and harmful substances (for instance, MSG and Nutrasweet) in fast food and processed food. 

You CAN get rid of the PVCs, but you have to change the way you live your life, including the things mentioned above.  But there are more steps that are necessary and they are all detailed in the TEN STEP Plan, which is the subject of my DVD/video “You Can’t Improve on God.”

6. Q. What is the cause of heart failure?  Is it a congenital defect or the result of arteriosclerosis?

A. Both of the above can cause heart failure.  Other causes include high blood pressure and cardiomyopathy (damage to the heart muscle by infection, inflammation, drug use, regular prescription drugs or street drugs, etc.)  I discuss cardiovascular problems and their prevention and reversal in my DVD/video “Diseases Don’t Just Happen.”

    5. Q. Lung Cancer. My husband has already had chemo and radiation for his lung cancer.  He now is very weak and hardly eats anything as I’m sure the cancer has spread to other areas like the bone, etc.  Is it too late to start the Ten Step plan to curing cancer?

A. It is NEVER too late.  As long as there is life, there truly is hope!  I was sick for two years and bedridden for 6 months.  At one point I was so seriously ill that I was not expected to live through the night.  And now I am totally well and cancer-free and it has been 14 years since my tumor first appeared.

    Is your husband's lung cancer caused by smoking?  If so, has he given up smoking?  One cannot get well while continuing to destroy his or her body.

One reason your husband is so weak and has such a poor appetite is that he has been given large doses of poison (that's what chemotherapy is) and radiation (which also kills good cells as well as bad cells).  This type of treatment would destroy a healthy person, and even more so someone who is already sick with cancer.

When one has already had huge damage from chemo and/or radiation, he can still get well, but it's harder and takes longer because he has to dig himself out of a deeper hole because the "treatment" has done so much damage.

And remember, the Ten Steps must be done with TOTAL 100% commitment.  This is no time to play around with the plan, and do it "sort of."  That approach will never bring success.

The TEN STEP PLAN is given on my DVD/video “You Can’t Improve on God.”

God is the Healer.  He just does it through His natural Health Plan that is on my videos/DVDs and in my Workbook.

If your husband is willing and interested in doing what is necessary to get well, you can go to my web site and click on "Frequently Asked Questions."  About the third or fourth question will tell you what materials he needs to get started.  After he masters that material, he will then, over time, need to get additional DVDs/videos or CDs as his understanding progresses.  There is a very specific Curriculum given in my Workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well, on how to proceed after that.

I can't be your husband’s doctor from a distance, but all the information he needs to get well is on my DVDs/videos, CDs/audios and in my Workbook, Getting Started On Getting Well, and in the other information on my website.  He'll eventually have to turn to the Physician I had, the Great Physician who taught me how to get well, the One who still directs my life - Jesus Christ.

4. Q. Losing Weight From Cancer. My sister has Fourth Stage cancer and it is now in her liver.  She is losing weight.  What should we do to fatten her up.

A. I discuss this problem and give the answer in my Workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well, in the Workbook section entitled “Frequently Asked Questions.”

3. Q. Bitter and Fatalistic. My husband recently passed away from kidney cancer.  I tried all of the things you and everyone else suggested for 3 years and he passed away anyway.  My belief is that after going through the hell I went through with him for those 3 years that no matter what you do, no matter what you eat, if it is your time, it is your time.  I spent a lot of money over the last 3 years of his life doing everything anyone suggested to help get rid of the cancer.  One thing I do know is that all cancers are different.  Breast cancer is different from kidney cancer.  So the intent of this letter is just to say that it does not matter in the end, we will all pass away from something.  None of us is meant to live forever.

A. I know how hard it is to lose a loved one, particularly after seeing him suffer for so long.  I also know what It is like to be the one suffering.  So, I can sympathize with you from both sides. 

You are bitter now and fatalistic, saying things that I don’t really think you believe.  It DOES matter how we eat and live.  That has been proven over and over in the medical literature.  In fact, I have included in my Workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well, seventeen pages of abstracts from the finest medical journals in the world showing just how IMPORTANT it is to live and eat right if you want to be well.

Of course, everybody dies eventually.  But who wants to be old and sick?  Or even more, YOUNG and sick?  That’s what’s happening more and more because of the increased stress, eating terrible food, and drinking huge amounts of caffeinated beverages that seriously dehydrate the body, etc.,  (Caffeine – in coffee, soda, and other foods and drinks -  is a diuretic.  It takes more water out of your body than comes in with the drink.)

Regarding your statement that “all cancers are different,” that is what the orthodox medical profession propagandizes the public to believe.  That is what they want you to believe, because then you will feel totally helpless, totally out of control, and you will RUSH to put your life in the hands of the doctors.  You will willingly fall on your knees in front of the white coats.

I explain on my videos, particularly the one entitled “Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore,” how all cancers are virtually the same.  Cancer is Cancer!  It doesn’t matter what organ or body area it is in.  Oh, I know, the doctors will tell you that each cancer is very different from all the others.  But, if that is true, why do the orthodox doctors treat ALL cancers the very SAME way – with chemotherapy (chemotherapy is poison – the doctors just pick a slightly different type of poison for each type of cancer, but they ALL seriously harm the patient’s immune system), radiation (which burns the patient and also seriously harms the patient’s immune system), and surgery (as though the cancer were a localized phenomenon that you can just “cut out” like a rotten spot in an apple, and as though cancer were not caused by a very sick body in the first place).

We give ourselves cancer (and every other disease) one day at a time, by the way we eat and live.  We “injure” our body daily in many different ways, by not feeding it the proper nutrition it needs to make healthy cells, by being angry and damaging our immune system, by not exercising our body, and in many other different ways that I explain on my DVDs/videos and CDs.  When we keep daily injuring our body over a long period of time, eventually we will get sick.  It’s inevitable!

But we CAN reverse the problem by STOPPING the injuries.  All we have to do is learn what we are doing that harms our body and then learn how to develop the willpower to do the right thing.  I specifically discuss that in the materials I mention in “Frequently Asked Questions” on my website at

2. Q. Babies with Cancer. You say that we give ourselves disease by the way we eat and the way we live.  What about babies and very young children?  Some babies are born with cancer.  How could babies have done anything wrong and when did they have the time to do it?

A. Where does an unborn baby get its nutrition – its oxygen – its blood supply – its EVERYTHING?  From its mother.  That is why it’s SO important for a pregnant woman to be so careful about her nutrition – REAL nutrition, not the “food pyramid” type of “nutrition” that is controlled and contrived by greedy companies with commercial MEGA-FOOD Corporation interests.

How can an unborn baby have stress?  The physical, mental and emotional condition of the mother when she is pregnant surrounds the unborn baby.  The baby cannot escape from that situation.  When the pregnant mother is emotionally upset, angry or seriously stressed, hormones and other substances are produced in the mother’s body, many of which cross over into the baby’s blood stream and into the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby, relaying the results of the mother’s stress directly to the unborn child.

Illnesses of the mother or exposure of the mother to toxic substances, (including some of those found in processed food), while she is pregnant will also affect the baby, as will prescription drugs and street drugs.  Alcohol and smoking, even in small quantities, have a seriously detrimental affect on the unborn child.

These are just some of the factors involved in producing disease in a baby before it is born.  And since the baby’s immune system is not well-developed before it is born and in the early months after it is born, the factors affecting the mother have an even greater effect on the unborn child.

1.  Q.  MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus)  I am writing to ask about MRSA.  Where is this type of Staph coming from? More importantly what do we do if our family member becomes infected? You talk about antibiotics not working but isn't vancomycin effective?

A. It would take too long in an e-mail to answer your question.  The answer is on my DVD, "Drugs NEVER Cure Disease."  Please see my website at

Germs (like MRSA) are NOT the problem, as you will see on my DVD.  Germs don't CAUSE disease anymore than Flies CAUSE Garbage.  Flies DON'T CAUSE Garbage - the Garbage attracts the FLIES!

Germs are everywhere, but most of them never cause any problem at all.

 You will see the entire answer to your question on my DVD


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