Did Angelina Jolie REALLY
Have Her Breasts Removed?
(Maybe Not!) 

If she did, was that “Heroic” –
or Medically Stupid?

 By Lorraine Day, M.D.

There is not a single case of breast cancer that has ever been caused by having “too many” breasts.  That’s why cutting off one’s breasts does not cure breast cancer, nor does it prevent breast cancer.  Unfortunately, we physicians have always been taught to work at the “wrong end” of cancer. 

If you had a young child who was very sick with chicken pox, with pox marks all over the skin of her body, would you take that child to the doctor and ask him or her to cut out all the pox marks in the child’s skin – or burn them out – or poison them out - so the child “would be well?”  

Of course you wouldn’t.  That would be absurd! 

You would know that the pox marks in the child’s skin are a local manifestation of a systemic disease – a disease that affects the child’s whole body.  You would also know that when the child’s body gets well, the pox marks on her skin will go away automatically.  You would understand that your focus should be on supporting the child’s recovery systemically – meaning the recovery of the child’s whole body – rather than focusing on the pox marks in the skin. 

The pox marks are not the cause of the disease.  The pox marks are the result of the disease.  The child is not sick because of the pox marks.  On the contrary, the child has pox marks on her skin because her whole body is sick with the chicken pox! 

Even though chicken pox is a contagious disease (it can be transmitted from one person to another), and cancer is not contagious, the analogy is still true.  If a person has cancer, she is not sick because she has cancer, she has cancer because her is sick – because her whole body is sick. 

The cancerous tumor is not the cause of the person being sick, the cancerous tumor is the result of a body that is very sick, whether or not the person “feels” sick at the time he or she is diagnosed. 

The focus must be on getting the whole body well – not on getting rid of the tumor.  Because when the body gets well – the tumor will automatically go away – just like the pox marks on the skin of a child with chicken pox will go away when that child’s body gets well. 

Unfortunately, we physicians are all taught to focus on the tumor.  We are, by default, taught to ignore the patient’s general physical condition and do everything possible to make the tumor go away by using poisonous chemotherapy, by using burning radiation, or by mutilating surgery, even though those “treatments” will do serious harm to the patient’s immune system – the one system the patient needs to reverse his tumor, the one system the patient needs to get him well and keep him well – from every disease. 

Both chemotherapy and radiation cause cancer.  Every doctor knows that.  It makes no sense to “treat” a cancer patient with a “treatment” that CAUSES cancer –the disease he already has – the disease the patient wants cured! 

And no case of cancer has ever been caused by having “too many” organs or “too many” body parts.  That’s why cutting off one’s body parts or cutting out one’s organs will not cure cancer.  The cancer will just come back in the same place, or a different place, or the person will develop a different life-threatening disease. 

That’s why it is absurd, outrageous, tragic, and really criminal for any doctor to advise any woman with – or without - a family history of breast cancer to have her breasts cut off for supposed prevention!  Her breasts are not the problem.  Her total health – or lack of it – is the problem.  

Cancer is not passed down by heredity, in the genes.  It is “passed down” by the children living, eating, and handling stress the same way as their parents have done.  All one has to do to eliminate the risk of developing the diseases of either of one’s parents is to change the way he or she lives, eats, and handles stress. 

Additionally, by living, eating, and handling stress in the wrong way you can damage your own genes.  But you can also repair your own genes by changing the way you live, eat, and handle stress. 

The only way to cure a disease is to understand the factors that have caused it, then to change those factors. 

Cancer Doesn’t “fall from the sky” 

All Cancers, and all other types of diseases as well, do not “fall from the sky” nor do they “just happen” nor are they genetic. We give them to ourselves slowly, one day at a time, over a long period of time, by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress, factors that suppress our immune system, the only system in our body that can get us well and keep us well. 

In order to get well, we must reverse the damage we have done to our body over many, many years.  We must learn how we caused our cancer, then we must learn how to stop doing the things that caused our cancer and start doing the things that will rebuild our immune system. 

Everyone has the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.  Those genes only become a problem if they have mutated.  Even then, only about 5% of all breast cancers are associated with a mutated BRCA gene. 

What causes the BRCA gene to mutate? 

Answer:  The way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.  We cause mutations in our own genes (our DNA) every day by our damaging lifestyle.  That fact has been known for many decades.  According to Dr. Carol Bernstein from the College of Medicine, University of Arizona, the estimated average number of DNA damages occurring per hour in human cells is about 800, and the number per day is about 19,200.  Most DNA damage is removed by DNA repair enzymes, but these repair processes are not 100% efficient. 

When the incidence of DNA damage is even higher than “normal” in cells subject to unfavorable conditions such as improper nutrition, use of caffeinated beverages, sugar, energy drinks, lack of drinking enough water, lack of sleep, inability to handle stress properly, use of illegal drugs or drug medications, anger, or other negative emotions that trigger the “fight or flight” reaction causing the body to produce cortisol that suppresses the immune system, the DNA repair enzymes can’t keep up with the damage.  The person’s immune system is overwhelmed and cannot prevent disease as it was designed to do. 

Certainly, when one investigates Angelina Jolie’s background of illegal drug use, cutting herself, her obsession with blood (it is reported that while married to her second husband, she wore a vial of his blood on a chain around her neck), her decades long rift with her father, and her mother’s recent death from ovarian cancer, she certainly has more than enough physical and emotional problems to cause overwhelming damage to her genes, just like her mother caused damage to her genes. 

Furthermore, her own live-in lover, Brad Pitt, has stated publicly that Angelina has terrible breath, information that is rather disgusting for a “sex symbol.”  For Valentine’s day Brad gave Angelina a huge box of - - - breath mints!  Bad breath of that severity is usually caused by putrefaction occurring in the person’s body, usually from eating a diet mainly of flesh food, such as the Atkin’s diet, that can cause severe constipation.  Many women eat mainly animal products to stay thin.  And they do, indeed, stay thin, because such a diet causes their body to become “sick.”  The thin person is thin because she is sick.  And she is absorbing the end products of digestion of all that filthy, rotting meat slowly moving through her intestine.  Those putrefying toxins are then picked up by her blood stream and circulated to every cell in her body.  This is one of the ways that the cells become damaged and gene mutations take place. 

Somehow it doesn’t conjure up a pleasant image of Angelina Jolie, a supposed sex symbol, who will have been neutered (when she has her ovaries cut out, which she apparently is planning to do) who has horrible breath, severe constipation, blobs of silicone on her chest instead of breasts, and an intestine full of, rotting, putrefying, flesh “food.” 

Without breasts and ovaries, she’s not much different from a man.  Not a pretty picture at all! 

Nor does it bode well for her present and future health! 

It is well documented in the medical literature that a diet high in animal products promotes the growth of cancer. 

All Angelina Jolie has to do to reverse the mutation in her BRCA gene(s) is to change the way she lives, thinks, acts, eats, and handles stress and allow her DNA repair enzymes to do their job.  Dr. Dean Ornish, a California physician and researcher on Preventive Medicine, has shown that we can repair our DNA and “turn off” the damaged genes that contribute to cancer by a vegan diet, aerobic exercise, and stress management techniques. 

That’s a whole lot simpler and a much more healthful way to address the issue of cancer, and far better than undergoing mutilating surgery to have one’s breasts cut off, a procedure that will not prevent cancer forming somewhere else in her body because she has not changed the factors that caused her BRCA genes to mutate in the first place. 

Dangers of Breast Implants 

Another major problem is the use of silicone implants after surgery.  Silicone implants leak – all the time – not just when they rupture.  I have personally held a brand new silicone breast implant in my gloved hand in the operating room before it was implanted into a patient by the plastic surgeon.  Immediately, my gloved hand was covered with the greasy silicone that leaked right through the implant’s outer covering.  I have also seen pathology microscopic slides of many different parts of the body of women who have had silicone breast implants in place.  These pathology slides show numerous droplets of silicone in many different places in the body, including along blood vessels.   Many women with silicone breast implants complain of symptoms that occur in autoimmune diseases.  

For  a number of years, silicone implants were taken off the market because of their potential dangers, but the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that is supposed to police the drug and device manufacturers – and protect the public – yielded to the enormous pressure from these corporations and allowed the implants to be again approved as “safe.” 

There is a “revolving door” between the drug and device manufacturers and the FDA, a federal agency that is supposed to police the corporations.  But instead, in many cases, the corporations control the FDA. 

In addition to the potential for the development of autoimmune disease from the silicone implants, the implants make it more difficult to detect a lump or beginning cancer in the breast.

Another thing Angelina Jolie forgot to mention 

At the precise time that Angelina Jolie made her surprise announcement about her multiple operations for bilateral mastectomies, surgical placement of expanders, as well as surgery for her final implants, a very important and lucrative legal case was in the hands of the Supreme Court, getting ready for a decision by the Supreme Court justices. 

The justices had just weeks to decide if Myriad Genetics’ patent on the two genes that can identify, in a small percentage of women, an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer, is legal.  Critics complain that the company’s monopoly leaves them as the sole source of the $4,000 tests needed to determine a woman’s risk. 

Without Myriad Genetics’ patent, the cost for the test would decrease from $4,000 per test to about $100.00 per test. 

As you can see, this legal case is about millions of dollars in profits for the company who owns the test for the mutated BRCA gene by Myriad Genetics.  How convenient for Angelina Jolie to make her surprise announcement just a few weeks before this case was to be decided. 

It is also puzzling, if Angelina really wanted to “help” young women, why she wouldn’t have followed the lead of Farah Fawcett who allowed the cameras to document every step of her arduous fight against her cancer.  Why didn’t Miss Jolie do the same?  And was she really “out of sight” for these many operations?  Did all those operations really take place?  Why didn’t the ever-present paparazzi and the sneaky investigators for the tabloids notice her absence? 

Lest you think that Angelina Jolie would not be aware of such a Supreme Court case, she is a member of – and sort of the “poster girl” for – the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), whose goal is a One World Government and the elimination of all nation/states, which requires the destruction of the economy of the United States, as is now happening.   The membership of the CFR includes most of the heads of the major corporations in this country. 

Additionally, lest you think that the Supreme Court justices don’t pay attention to what happens in the news, they often comment on current events in their legal remarks and opinions. 

“Summarizing his dissent in an Arizona immigration case from the bench last June, Justice Antonin Scalia referred to a recent Obama administration decision benefiting the children of illegal immigrants.  He even quoted President Obama’s remarks from a press conference held 10 days earlier,”  according to the Detroit Free Press. 

“The news of Angelina Jolie’s ‘preventative’ mastectomies sent Myriad’s stock soaring by calling attention to the genetic tests available for increased cancer risk.  The company performs about 250,000 tests a year, and more than 1 million women have been tested. 

“Critics of Myriad’s exclusive gene patent say Jolie’s case also shows that women with wealth and power can get the test, while others may be unaware of its existence or lack health insurance to cover its cost.” 

However, it may be that Angelina’s announcement actually backfired in this instance, because the Supreme Court has, indeed, ruled in this case - but against Myriad Genetics’ right to patent these genes. 

Young Women will be Misled into Allowing Mutilation of their Body 

But the biggest tragedy that has been perpetrated both on Angelina Jolie and her millions of young adoring female fans, is the fraud by the Medical Establishment that having one’s breasts and/or ovaries removed will eliminate the risk of cancer. 

As stated above, there has never been a single case of cancer – in the history of the world – that has been caused by having “too many” organs or “too many” body parts.  That’s why cutting off – or out - one’s body parts or organs, does not eliminate cancer.  Angelina still has her sick body – and that is the cause of cancer.  Even if her breasts and ovaries are gone, her sick body can still generate cancer in any one or more of her many remaining organs and body parts. 

If she really wants to live a long life, and be there for her children and grandchildren, she needs to CHANGE the way she is living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress so she can rebuild her immune system, the one system in her body that can get her well and keep her well.