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Eye Problems and Breast Cancer: This  is not a question. I just want to thank you and God for your program and exercises on the CD series “Eye See.”  I quilt a lot and I was getting blind in my right eye.  Now I have it 98% back to normal. The eye Doctor here wanted to stick a needle in the back of eye, but I said no thank you!! I  did order your CD series “Eye See” and I’ve been doing the program and now I can see with out my prescription glasses.  Amen!!  

Thanks again.  I’ve been knowing you since the year 2000 when I got a breast cancer which is now cured because of your diet and health plan - which I then quite doing for a while and got in trouble with my eyes. Thanks again and God keep blessing you and your beautiful children and grandchildren!!!

Anti-Depressants Almost Killed Me: "I was doing well in business and my social life was fine, in reality I had it better than most. But something was not 'right'. I felt disconnected and stressed so I made an appointment with my providers facility to see a doctor who prescribed a sleeping pill and an anti- anxiety pill. Later I went to a 'specialist' - who prescribed two or three anti -depressants, that I had seen commercials for on TV, where the patients seemed like that had a great new dream life!  But in my case it turned into a nightmare. My symptoms snowballed and I developed NEW ones. An inner voice told me to call my friend of many years because I knew his mother (who happened to be Dr. Day) could help me..  He called her and she was kind enough to have me to dinner and explain what these 'medications' were doing to my mind and body. None of my caregivers ever mentioned healthy, natural and clean foods, water and spirituality. I imagine because they would not make any money at it. With Dr. Days guidance and her son’s friendship I was able to vastly improve my condition and health. They saved my life and I am most grateful." J.S. San Diego 

Pancreatic Cancer:  Six years ago I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the doctors gave me almost no hope for long-term survival with their methods of massive surgery and chemotherapy.   Shortly after my diagnosis, before I had started their recommendations for treatment, I was fortunate to hear you speak and I decided to use the Ten Step Health Plan that you used to reverse your breast cancer.  I am so glad I did because I am now in excellent health, and as I said, it’s been six years since my diagnosis.  My doctors are astounded and can’t figure out how I am alive, much less so healthy and full of energy.  Thank you so much for sharing your information.  F.C.

Multiple Myeloma: In 2000 my Mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, stage 4 and given 3-6 months to live.  On her birthday, she was put in the hospital and given chemo.  It almost killed her.  I saw her about a month after with no hair and some loss of height.  She was on Percocet and not well.

I had just heard of you and your tapes and she reluctantly began the diet and your tapes. That was on a Wed.  By the weekend, she was off all pain meds and beginning to taste food again.  My father got so excited he went to the grocery store and bought 50# of organic carrots and a juicer.  The Doctors told her she was “nuts” and would poison her liver.   She began walking 2 miles per day with my Dad and swimming 2 times per week. 

She literally wore your tapes out!!  They were a constant source of encouragement to her.  She dropped the Myeloma cell count in her spine fluid from originally in the 90’s to in the 50’s.  When I asked the doc if she was in remission, he said, “We have no protocol for remission with this cancer, because no one gets better”. 

Well, that was her life for about 5 wonderful years.  She was a constant source of amazement to her children and grandchildren.  Even her skin was amazing.

Then 5 yrs into it, she got a new doctor.  He was young and told her he wanted to try a drug since she was doing so well.  My Mom let him talk her into it.  That drug was Thalidomide and just one dose sent her reeling.  Within 6 weeks she was dead.

Her life was a huge lesson in so many things and I know it was not a waste, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your hard work, and sacrifice.  May God bless you and your work and protect you as you try to educate the world on these amazing bodies that God gave us.  Thank You.  K.P.  

Multiple Sclerosis: Six years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, told there is no cure, told that I could take shots for the rest of my life that would only slow the progression, and sent home with pamphlets to give me more info about the disease.  Hopeless doesn't even come close to describing how I felt.  I had 4 young children and I was only 32 at the time.  I felt like my life was over.  Then my mom gave me your workbook and videos and I began to have some hope that maybe I wouldn’t have to live with it for the rest of my life.  I began to feel better and had more energy and eventually went into remission.  I have not had a major relapse in six years.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the information and its help and lifeline to me physically and spiritually.  It came to me at a time that I most desperately needed it, and I know it was no accident. Thank you again, and God bless you.  J.H. 

Heart Disease: I just wanted you to know that my husband no longer takes drugs (he was taking, depending on the doctor, between 8 and 9.)  Neither the heart specialist nor his local doctor is yet aware, and neither have noticed that he hasn't filled his prescription in 9 months.  We know all is back to normal because he had cause to go to the emergency and, after all the tests, he was in better condition than he had been a year ago.  He will be 67 yrs old in a few months and is back playing soccer each week.  Thanks again for your amazing work!  E.G. 

High Blood Pressure:  My B.P. was 175/90 a couple of years ago, and I was given 20 mg. Lisinopril, which did artificially bring it down to normal levels.      Recently (45 days ago) I began walking 3-5 miles per day, and cutting my caloric intake drastically and my B. P. is now 130/70.  I knew you are correct about natural cures, etc., but it’s especially nice when I can actually prove it in my own life.  Praise God.  All the very best to you.  R.M. 

Psychotic Depression and Delusions: I am writing to tell you how good this health plan has worked for me.  I wrote to you before talking about the illness that I had I experienced symptoms of psychotic depression.  I experienced delusions, I had difficulty driving, difficulty on school work.  Before, I had very few friends.  Now I have made more friends.  I am 20 years old and I am in the best shape of my life.  This is my last semester in community college.  I still have symptoms of this illness sometimes but only when I am not giving up my problems over to God.  I am truly thankful for God's health plan that you organized.  I have been on this health plan for almost 2 years.  This is amazing.  I feel and look better than I ever have in my entire life.  Thank you. S.J. Virginia  

Stomach Cancer: I have bought ALL your DVDs, books, CDs, etc. I am a product of success from the plan God gave you. I had stomach cancer and healed it without the use of any drugs, surgery, etc. I used God's health plan and sure enough here I am 10 years later healthier than I have been in my whole life. You are an inspiration and I would LOVE for more people to know about you. I tell EVERYONE about you. God Bless you. M.L.

Just a thank you:  My mother died of the Breast Cancer several years ago. I am a healthy active 47 year-old male and bought your books and tapes out of curiosity after she had passed away. Thank you. I now have a better understanding of how the doctors killed my mother. Not intentionally of course. I have been on the plan and never felt better in my life. I always went to the gym my whole life.  Thanks again.  S.H. Ohio

Colon Cancer: I just wanted to thank you.  Years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer, I had a complete block with the tumor. Surgery had to be done or I would have died. Two months later they told me I needed 6 months of chemo but the Lord gave me no peace about it. He led me to your website and my change began. Now, years later I am healthy and I never get the flu or even a cold and there is no sign of cancer. Thanks so much.  You were the beginning to my way to health.  By the way I am a pastor.  Thanks so much. J.R. by e-mail

Breast Cancer: I am a Christian Naturopath.  I had the blessing yesterday of meeting one of your patients from 12 years ago who wanted me to give you the message that they're eternally grateful to God and to you!  His wife did your program for Breast Cancer and is 12 years clear...no surgery, no chemo or radiation!  The husband teared up when he spoke of you and how incredibly grateful he is.  C.B. California

Lymphoma: I have recommended your material over and over since my husband was diagnosed with cancer in January of ’96.  He was given 6 months to live per the Director of the Lymphoma Program at Johns Hopkins.  Not so.  He’s been alive and well all these years—thanks to the Lord and the wisdom and direction given to us via the Holy Spirit.  I have several of your videos and appreciate the information you share in your website (which I recommend in my paper).  Your testimony was very helpful to us, so I wanted to thank you.  God is using you mightily and I simply wanted to write today to encourage you. P.B. Maryland

Basal Cell Skin Cancers Invading My Eye Area: I am 58 years old and have had basal cell skin cancers most of my life.  A CT scan shows a spot that has gotten under my skin (from the side of my face) and has moved into the area of my right eye. It is not in the eyeball, which I see perfectly out of, nor is it near the optic nerve or anywhere else that they feel constitutes an emergency, yet they're talking about taking out my eye as that's "usually what we do". When pressed on that he said we could possibly explore just removing the tumor......!  Anyway, I'm afraid if they aggressively, through surgery, follow the path of this cancer and "get it all", I won't have enough of a face left to step out in public.  So I got your materials and began following the Health Plan. 

I had to let you know what's been going on. I'm definitely better! Very gradual but noticeable not only when I look in the mirror, but I'm feeling the difference. The swelling is down, I can open my eyelid much more, the eye is turning white (around the iris) again, and there's no pain or pressure not only in the area around my eye but in other areas as well. When you have skin cancer you can feel it in there and those sensations in all areas are not only diminished but almost gone in some spots.

But that's not all. I've had asthma all my life, was actually wheezing as a newborn before I was released from the hospital!  Numerous bouts of pneumonia, 2 collapsed lungs, etc, etc. Well, my asthma is better by 80 to 90% in 5 weeks time on your regimen!  I’m almost completely off inhalers. For instance, this is normally a bad time of year for us, pollen like you wouldn't believe. I haven't been able to mow the lawn in 2 years.  I ended up in emergency the last time. So, what used to be a 2 day job I have now done twice, 1st time 2 weeks ago - no asthma, not even a wheeze. Mowed the entire lawn at one time (energy like I haven't had in years) with no problem.

I'll keep you posted. Believe it or not, with all the progress I've already seen, my family is still slow to get on the band wagon. They still want me to take the "modern medicine" or surgical route, where my eyes are concerned, just to be "safe".  So, I'm just going to have to plow through on this one, because I believe that The Lord has put me on the right track with evidence to show in more ways than one!

Cervical Cancer:  Thank you!! Cervical Cancer Cured!!  It’s been over 14 months on God’s Natural Health Plan and the results are in.  The AMAS test came back NORMAL!!!  I wanted to thank you, because I know I would be dead (just like my 6 other friends and family members) had I gone the way of standard medicine.  Plus, everyone around me is so impressed with how I now look, that I have been able to help several friends.  And my church has asked me to give a talk on health and nutrition.  Thank You!!!  God Bless You!!!  K.D.  Arizona

Lung Cancer:  Just a note to thank you.  I conquered my inoperable lung cancer using your methods.  Thank you so much.  J.P. by e-mail.

High Blood Pressure:  I got some of your tapes.  Best money I’ve ever spent.  I had high blood pressure.  About the 5th or 6th week on your Health Plan it got right back to normal.  Now I have perfect blood pressure.  I feel better than I’ve felt in years.  Don’t need the blood pressure medicine anymore.  E.C.  Tennessee

Bladder Cancer:  It's been 2 years since I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and they wanted to take out a growth and give me chemo.  But I refused all and never went back to them.  I immediately got on God's Health Plan that you meticulously outlined and bought your DVDs and workbook.  All the blood in my urine stopped within 2-3 months and has NEVER returned.  And guess what!  I have NEVER FELT BETTER and it's been 2 whole years since that frightening diagnosis!  I still have my carrot juice EVERY SINGLE DAY and I follow a mostly raw food vegan diet as you outline in your Workbook.  I've written you several times throughout the past 2 years, but had to write again to tell you things are still GREAT as I continue to follow God's Health Plan.  I am forever grateful to you for laying it out for all of us and for your fine example and your help.

The doctors killed my baby granddaughter with chemotherapy:  I met you about 10 years ago when my granddaughter was born with leukemia.    I ordered all your books and tapes.  The hospital called and said if my daughter did not bring her 3 month-old baby to the hospital the police would come for child abuse, so they were young and afraid and took their daughter to the hospital.  The hospital killed her in 9 months with the chemotherapy.  She lived in the hospital for 9 months and never came home. Her parents should have trusted the Lord instead of the threats of the hospital

I wanted to thank you because at that time I read your spiritual teachings and even called or wrote you once.  I have kept the Sabbath since I met you and I wanted to thank you for that revelation of Truth.  The Sabbath is the truth.  And God, is a good God.  Thank you and bless you.  M. in the Midwest

Lyme Disease: My sister right now is becoming so excited and well from Lyme Disease in a matter of a couple of weeks after four years of pain and "medical" attention.  Less than two weeks ago she improved her nutrition and she is learning anew the privileges God has given us.  She is beside herself with joy at her increasing freedom from pain, and new-found faith in our Creator.  Of course, you were one of the first people I directed her to, in order to be inspired with confidence in God's desire and provisions for us to be healthy!  R.M. by e-mail

Hypothyroidism and Uterine Cancer: I'm not sure how many people let you know how your plan worked for them, but I wanted to let you know how successful it has been for me. 

The only medication I was taking was levothyroxine, but after several months on your plan, I cut my pill in half, waited 3-4 months and went for a blood test; the TSH was within reference range--normal.  I then quit the pill entirely, and in 3-4 months had another blood test and it was normal also.  The bonus is that all the deleterious symptoms that accompanied TAKING the pill have disappeared:  chest pains when climbing stairs, skin breaking out, inability to wake up in the morning, and weight gain (all of which are supposed to be remedied by taking thyroid replacement!). 

My weight is now at its former level of 130, and the symptomatic bleeding from the diagnosed uterine cancer lesion has disappeared completely.  I have not returned to the gynecologist who said it was necessary to remove my uterus and undergo radiation, since he mocked the idea of nutrition restoring health.  The physician’s assistant is incredulous that I have achieved a normal thyroid reading, since it's meant to be "required" for a lifetime!

I also quit sugar; eating anything from a package, box or can; and coffee--since reading an article describing coffee as a "bladder and kidney irritant" allowed me to quit immediately without desiring it.  An additional plus is that my incontinence has improved a hundredfold for the first time since 2001.  I feel immensely better without the symptoms associated with taking thyroid replacement, and have always been disconcerted about the prevalence of this drug's use in the U.S.

Thank you for making your regimen available for building the immune system for those who choose to pursue it; I do see a slow-but-sure reversal in the general population toward more healthful living. It is a matter of time before physicians will have to get on board with more than their minimum advisories in preventive medicine, since patients at some point will demand their considered opinion and enlightened attitudes, or will go elsewhere.

I do appreciate the work you have been doing to keep people informed through lectures and multimedia.  Thank you!  S.S. by e-mail

To Live or to Die?  Dear Dr. Day:  I met a gentleman the other day that shared with me his story of his wife who had cancer.  They came across you and your program and she faithfully followed it and she lived for 8 years with no problems.

Then she listened to her doctors, and got mainstream medicine and treatments, and in a short time she was dead.  Her husband regrets that his wife ever listened to her doctor.  He sings your praises and has tried many times to reach you.  I thought I would help him by writing to you with his story.  He thanks you from the bottom of his heart. C., Oklahoma 

Breast Lump:  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr Day.  I have been following God’s Health Plan I learned about from your DVD, “You Cant Improve on God.”  I had a lump in my breast and was told it needed surgery.  I had no faith or trust in what the doctor was saying.  After talking to others in the hospital waiting area, I could see the doctors didn’t have the answers to help all these sick people.  But God does!  I no longer have the lump after following the Health Plan fully, and am now blessed with perfect health.  So thank you with all my heart and soul.  K.C. by e-mail

Leukemia, Cataracts, migraines, hair growing in dark again: I am 66 years old and was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I have been on a healing program like yours for 10 years and have never looked or felt better in my entire life. My cataracts disappeared! My hair (which was 80% gray 18 years ago), is growing in dark again, I have no more migraines, and I lost my excess weight! Miracles and rejuvenation! I bike, jog and go camping. M.G., California

Ovarian Cancer:
I know this plan works because I'm getting well from Ovarian Cancer. I refused chemotherapy and was told at the Cleveland Clinic that I would be dead in a year unless I took their treatments. Praise God - that was over three years ago. I'm not dead yet and I'm back to work and I celebrated recently by taking my 3 granddaughters to a big amusement park where I rode with them on all the rides. I appreciate each and every day. P.F., Ohio

Lupus: I have been on God's Health Plan for 2 years and I am completely cured of Lupus. I take NO drugs. M.W. by e-mail

Asthma: I wrote to you once about the asthma problem I had. I really appreciate your help. I began following the Natural health plan and my breathing has really improved a lot. I want to say, Thank you, Thank you, very much!! J.D., Tennessee

Brain cancer:  I have watched all of your videos and follow all ten of the health commandments in my battle against brain cancer.  Since my diagnosis three years ago, my doctors tell me I’m doing remarkably well, especially for someone who had a Grade II Astrocytoma, a form of primary brain cancer.  Thank you for all you do.  P.R., Florida

High Blood Pressure and Hypothyroidism:  God and you have changed my life.  I thank God and you for this Health Plan.  I am off all blood pressure and thyroid medications!   J.O., Florida

Breast Cancer:  I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 40 years old.  As a Christian I was fearful and uneasy with the prescribed methods of treatment suggested by my own surgeon and a second opinion from a Breast Cancer Specialist.  The prescribed treatment was wide excision of the tumor, removal of the lymph nodes and radiation and chemotherapy. 

I was so blessed and filled with hope when I came across your website and felt that I had nothing to lose by following God’s Plan for healing.  I refused further treatment from my doctors for the standard therapies suggested.  Within 10 weeks my AMAS cancer test came back “normal” and has been normal for the past three years. 

God is so good to us we need only to follow His way.  I still have my lymph nodes and my breast that God gave me in the first place and for a reason!  And my immune system is not destroyed.  Thank you for being so bold to put your story on the web for others to have hope.  God bless you.  C.G., Georgia

Sick All Over:  I can’t find words enough to thank you for ending my 45-year search for the cause of my sickness by backing up with personal experience and facts what I’ve long suspected.  Your video, “Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore,” is superb and answered so many questions for me.  I am now a well-watered vegetarian! 

I just never could quite put the puzzle together, despite all my research and experimenting.  I always believed that God created us and that He provided everything that we needed to live wholesome, productive lives.  But I, too, was programmed wrongly and allowed myself to be confused by the perverters of the truth.  I have many of your videos and books and find them all most helpful.  I am so thankful that after my wasting a lot of money and precious years of life and suffering much pain and anguish, God finally lead me to you and your information.  I am also growing spiritually.

I have to commend you for your courage in exposing the diabolical elements who have caused so much pain to so many for so long.  We who would dare to impart what we know for the liberation of those who have “bought the lie,” have our work cut out for us.  Most are in total denial.

I’m praying the Lord continues to bless and protect you in your laudable mission.  V.W., Mississippi

Breast Tumor:  Your videos have made such a life-changing impact on my life and the lives of my loved ones stricken with cancer.  I followed your advice on the videos, and a tumor in my right breast completely shrank down to nothing.  M.V., California

Diabetes, Heart Attack, Stroke:  I saw you on television and ordered your videos.  I LOVE THEM and am so in tune to where you are coming from.  I have been a diabetic since 40 years of age, insulin dependent, and had had many health problems as a result.  I have had two back operations, the latter one resulting in a heart attack, followed by open-heart surgery twice, and a stroke.  And I am only 58 years old.

Three years ago, I went into cardiac arrest and was on life support for 3 days.  I underwent open-heart surgery for the second time and although the medical staff gave me “no hope for survival,” here I am!

They had sent me home in the spring to die, but I was not ready to die. I came home and after four days of tears and despair, I said, “O.K. God, what do I have to do to be healed?”  People thought I was crazy when I said I was going to be healed, but I just knew I was.  During this time, I started walking, and finally progressed to 5 miles per day.  I started swimming in a pool every day and eventually lost 40 lbs.  With God’s help, I was working through a lot of negative feelings, e.g., denial, anger, jealousy, rejection, before I finally accepted my final devotion to the Lord.

It has been 3 years since my cardiac arrest.  I am very happy and well.  I don’t want to just lose weight and get healthy.  Above all, I want to become what God created me for, a healthy life, so I can serve Him longer.  S.S., Canada

Heart disease and Arthritis:  My husband and I were most impressed and delighted to hear your story and what a change it has made in our life.  We bought your videos and workbook.  My husband is 83 and I am 76.  He has a heart condition and arthritis.  Almost immediately after we stopped eating meat, dairy products and sugar, we began to see an immense change.  We were so amazed not to have the pain in our bodies, etc., as we also increased our daily intake of water.  We praise God for you, for not only touching our lives but the lives of many others.  We are so glad you encourage others in the wisdom and power of His Word.  C.B., Tennessee

Breast Cancer:  A year ago we were on vacation in a cabin, and the TV was on.  I heard your voice, your words, and stopped dead in my tracks.   You were saying everything I had come to embrace as truth over four years of searching after being told to have a radical mastectomy, a procedure I rejected.  We obtained your materials and I too decided to work with God and nature.

Thank you so much for your unbelievable love and devotion to truth.  I have become a disciple of yours in more ways than one, sharing your videos with many people.  I send you my love and gratitude.  R.D., New York

Ovarian Cancer:  Thank you for making and distributing such wonderful information.  You are a very special and wonderful person.  My wife died of ovarian cancer three years ago and it was just as you said, with the chemotherapy and operations, and finally a new tumor at the end.

Somehow I felt all the time that it was all a charade and that she might as well have avoided the treatment altogether.   But she believed in the medical system and trusted whatever they recommended.  It is very sad that so much suffering and so much deception is just accepted as the way of the World.

Again, thank you for being a “voice in the wilderness.”  What a magnificent contribution you have made to the lives of so many, and also for your wonderful witness.  C.B. California 

Poor Health:  I bought your tapes and Workbook and it has renewed my spiritual journey.  Also I have changed my diet and I am feeling great.  You are one powerful lady!  C.I., North Carolina

Breast Cancer:  God is so good.  I want to thank you for the Ten Step Plan.  It truly has been a blessing in my life.  In May, I was diagnosed with early stage invasive breast cancer.  At the time, my faith was extremely high and because of that I wasn’t too alarmed.  But as the days went by, my doctor insisted that I first have a radical mastectomy, then chemotherapy, then radiation. 

All this did not seem right, and after much prayer with my husband, I told my doctor that I would only do the chemotherapy to try and shrink the tumor, but I would not have a mastectomy. 

After the first chemotherapy treatment, I knew in my heart that God was telling me, “Do NOT do this!”  It almost killed me.  I refused any more chemotherapy, but my doctor insisted on a lumpectomy.  Well, I didn’t feel right about it, but because of the pressure of friends and doctors, I agreed.  After the surgery I realized I was mutilated.  My breast was totally deformed. 

After one week, my doctor said I had to have one more surgery in case he didn’t get it all the first time.  That didn’t seem right to me either.  After he did that surgery, my breast looked even worse!

Thank God I got your Ten Step Plan.  I then refused the radiation and know truly that I am finally going in the right direction.  After starting the Ten Step Plan, I have lost 10 lbs.  And my skin looks so much better.

Thank you again for your bold stance and speaking up for people with cancer and other diseases.  God has used you in my life.  L.L., California.

Terminal Breast Cancer with Liver Metastases: In  2001 I heard you speak at a meeting in _________.  I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread to my liver.  Just prior to attending your meeting, I had my breast lump removed and around 20 lymph nodes removed, as well. Mayo Clinic told me my prognosis was hopeless. 

But after listening to you and viewing your videos that a kind friend had sent me just before the meeting, my husband and I decided to follow your plan.

Not only am I now in perfect health, but I recently had a thorough eye exam and was told that my vision had “greatly” improved.

I also have a friend who works at City of Hope in Pasadena, CA, and even he admits that they are discovering that chemotherapy and radiation are NOT the way to treat cancer, and they are setting up a whole research section to study how the proper nutrition is one of the factors necessary for reversing disease.

I will end this note to you with a big “Thank You” for sharing your story, which saved my life. T.G., Arizona

Asthma/allergy symptoms:  Thank you, Dr. Day, for producing the tape “Diseases Don’t Just Happen.”  The information on the tape was very helpful to me because I was able to reduce my asthma-allergy symptoms by 90-95%.  Since learning this information, I have had no asthma attacks for over two years.  A.P., Saskatchewan, Canada

Breast Cancer:  I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with the world.  I was diagnosed and scheduled for a mastectomy in June of 1997.  I was totally against the treatment offered to me, but was told, as you say in your video, that this was the only treatment that they (Kaiser) would treat me with.  I told them that I would rather keep the cancer, than to take surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, or tamoxifen. 

Shortly afterward, I received a registered letter from Kaiser saying I could not cancel a surgery such as this. (Note from Dr. Day:  The truth is, a person ALWAYS has the right to cancel an operation or refuse medical treatment of ANY kind.)  I did go back and after much persuasion, talked the doctor into just doing a lumpectomy and did not sign to have any lymph nodes removed.

I prayed and asked God to help me make the right decision about this, since I witnessed what they had put my 46 year-old sister through with their standard “treatment” in 1980.  I thank God I was prompted to turn on the TV and there you were as a guest on a Christian program.  I felt exactly as you did about the “treatment” that was offered to me, so I cancelled all treatment with confidence, and started on the program.  I changed everything about my way of living and eating.

My sister died after receiving their torture for one whole year.  I am 71 now and still here to testify of God’s healing power, five years later.

Thank you again for having the courage to produce these informative videos with all the opposition you have had from your colleagues.  May God bless you and keep you in His care.  T.P.  State not given.

High Blood Pressure:  God bless you.  Thank you for taking the time to visit with me the other day.  Thank you also for the book and video.  It’s my FIFTH day on the Health Plan.  My blood pressure, which was 220/125 before I started the Health Plan, was 128/95 this morning.  I couldn’t believe it.

I’ve also struggled with insomnia for the past four months.  Not long ago I slept only 2 hours a night for five days straight.  But the last two nights have been sweet and peaceful as I slept like a baby.  You are a gift from God.  S.K., Idaho

High Blood Pressure:  Thank you so very much for replying to my letter that I received yesterday.  I started your program a few days after I wrote to you.  I’ve already seen some results in my blood pressure for the first time in 47 years!  I’ve been on hypertension meds since I was 17 and went into Toxemia of pregnancy with my first child.  I now have been able to stop all my medicines and my blood pressure was normal this morning.  I’ve made a commitment to God to follow ALL 10 steps the rest of my life.  Thank you so very much for your help.  God bless you.  E.G., Wisconsin

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure:  I have followed your Ten Commandments of Good Health to the letter.  I have good news for you.  It really works!  After the first 3 weeks, I was off all high blood pressure medicine and off all diabetic medicine.  I have remained off both those medications for 4 months s and feel wonderful.

I have lost 30 pounds and am still losing.  I have 20 more pounds to go to be at my proper weight.  I monitor my blood glucose and my blood pressure daily and the numbers have been great.  M.L., Connecticut

Schizo-Affective Behavioral Disorder:  I watched your tapes, “Diseases Don’t Just Happen” and “Sorting Through the Maze of Alternative Medicine.”  I was stunned!  I was diagnosed with Schizo-affecive behavioral disorder a few years back.  I am presently 46 years old.  I also had agoraphobia and panic attacks.  My life was a nightmare.

My husband and I started the Ten Step program 3 months ago.  By the 5th week, I began to notice that my husband was more pleasant consistently and was having fewer and fewer fits of temper. He was calmer, more composed AND more affectionate and loving.

As for myself – WELL?? LET MET TELL YOU!  By the 7th week on the plan I felt like the human being was emerging in me. My anxiety would bubble up, but I was able to suppress it – a miracle in itself!  The 8th week tells the story.  My paranoia and suspiciousness have all but disappeared.  My mood swings are so minor they’re practically nonexistent.  I am now able to go out by myself – without fear – for 3-4 hours at a time.  I am becoming more and more courageous with each passing day and week.  With each good experience, I am becoming bolder and more confident.  Panic attacks are minor, and only once in awhile, and these too are going away, it seems.

As for the symptoms I got rid of?  Rage, compulsions, being driven by all this negative pseudo-energy, crying jags, depression - - the list goes on and on. . . paranoia, suspiciousness, mania.

I feel good.  I feel together.  I feel almost in control.  I feel stable, more consistent, calmer, more pleasant, joyous if you will.  Praise the good Lord.  It’s over.  I can feel it, Dr. Day.  I feel different than I’ve every felt since I was 15 years old when it all began with a bout of severe depression that escalated until a suicide attempt at age 39, and my first of three hospitalizations.

I have a life again!  Praise the Lord’s infinite wisdom.  M.L. in New England

Seizures:  I have spent a lot of money on doctors for seizure treatment, and on Dilantin level tests, and one doctor sent me to take a test where they asked me who is the president, what state are we in, what season of the year is it, etc., and then billed me for everything.  And nothing helped or changed anything.

And now you tell me how to get rid of Dilantin and the seizures, and feel good, but you didn’t send me a bill!  Dr. Day, you have changed my life so greatly.  I have made all the needed changes in my diet and lifestyle and I'm feeling so much better.  I’m not taking Dilantin anymore and I have had no seizures.  I have changed my diet to a totally vegan vegetarian diet, and no sugar or processed foods, and I have changed the other things necessary to be well.  I am 73 years old and I feel wonderful. 

I appreciate you kindness so deeply.  May God continue to bless you.  M.K., Washington

Breast Mass:  In December 0f 1999, a suspicious mass found on my mammogram and was confirmed by ultrasound.  A biopsy was scheduled for March.  My friend dropped a videotape of yours into my hands, showing how you had healed your cancer by changing your lifestyle and diet.  “I can do that,” I thought.  The name of your tape convinced me, “You Can’t Improve on God.”  My kitchen underwent a radical change.  I packed all the cupboard food into boxes and took it to a shelter.  Knowing I had nothing to lose I plunged into this new plan, including a new way of eating, and all the other steps in the Health Plan. 

By mid-February I began to get the hang of it and realized I was finally giving my body what it needs to be immune to disease and illness. 

On March 10, I showed up at the hospital for a biopsy.  Everyone was amazed.  The mass in my breast was completely gone!  I told the three doctors what I had done since December and they were significantly impressed.

Often when I inquire of people I meet, “How are you today?”  The usual answer is, “Tired.”  And that is at the beginning of the day.  I wish everyone who was sick or tired would use this natural way of living and eating.  Never will I go back to my old ways.  Needless to say, I am delighted with the results. 

Sometimes I am so overcome with gratitude I begin to weep before the Lord.  How great He is!

Cardiac Disease – Supraventricular tachycardia:  Praise the Lord for your testimony!  Two years ago, my husband and I heard you speak and we were greatly inspired.  We decided to live “more healthfully”!  The wonderful benefit I received was a great help to me due to the fact that I have a syndrome, supraventricular (paroxysmal) tachycardia.  I have had this for 25 years and it causes my heart to race up to 180 beats per minute periodically.  Often I would have to go to the emergency room.

Since beginning the Health Plan two years ago, my heart rate rarely zooms up and I have not had to get medical help at the emergency room once since then.  I take no medications for my heart, even though the doctors try to advise me to do it.  I refuse.  The side effects of the medicines cause low blood pressure.  Mine is already 90/58.  If I took their advice, I might faint.

I am an R.N. and have my Masters in Public Health, so I hope that helps people believe even more – because I have seen the “medical professions” push to prescribe drugs for everything!  The “lifestyle” change is the best “prescription pill” that anyone can take, but most people (dumbly enough) don’t want to take that “prescription”!

Anyway, thank you for advocating God’s ways.  Again, God bless you my healthful neighbor.  M.N., California

Heart Disease:  I have been a heart patient for twelve years.  I refused Bypass surgery and was told by my cardiologists that I was going to die within three months.  My wife and I went on a frantic search for an alternative cure for my heart disease.  First I had chelation therapy.  But I did not get well.  I had three more heart attacks in the next ten years, despite the chelation therapy.  I tried all the various vitamins and herbs that so many Alternative practitioners claimed would cure me.  I must have spent $25,000 on these various remedies over the past eleven years, but I still felt sick.  The angina and arrhythmia just did not want to go away.

Then I saw you on T.V.  I ordered your tapes and began following the Health Plan.  I am working hard on the Ten Step Program you bring out in your videos and I can feel the difference already.  Now there is hope for a cure!  There is healing in God’s nature.  All I had to do is look in the right places.  I wish I had found your tapes sooner.  If I had, I could have stopped searching in the dark and I could have been cured of my heart disease years go.  Thank you, Dr. Day! 

G.S., Arizona

Menopausal symptoms:  Dr. Day, your testimony has inspired me to follow your Health Plan.  Even though I wasn’t really sick, I was feeling the fuzzy headed effects of menopause which made my full time job as a physician, plus my family responsibilities, difficult to keep up with. 

Now I can thank God, I have my brains back!  It is easier now to study and think about spiritual things.  There are no hot flashes, and I have energy to do the things I want to do, and sleep soundly at night.  It has been 6 months since I made the commitment to change, and I have no intentions of changing back. 

In my private practice, I will be using the videos as loaners for my patients, and encouraging them to purchase their own.  Thank you for making this information available in such a clear persuasive form.  Physician in Kentucky

Migraines, neck and knee pain, overweight:  I have been watching and re-watching your video, “You Can’t Improve on God.”  The video has helped me stick more closely to God’s way of living and eating.  I want to tell you all the things that have disappeared since I have been following the Health Plan:  Serial migraines, debilitating neck pain, an acid feeling in my throat, my finger nails are long and strong (for the first time in my life).  I’ve lost 18 pounds over a year without trying.  And my knees are no longer painful.

So I think I’ll follow your advice and go with God and His ways for my future plans.  I thank God for sending you and your information to me.  M.P., California

Very ill and in pain:  Dr. Day, I really believe in what you are doing and I am trying to promote your message.  I had been very ill and suffering so much pain.  Then I got on the Health Plan that you promote and it is doing wonders for me.  I am doing so well that I am off all medicine and people constantly remark about the difference in how I look.  I am very grateful to the Lord for His Health Plan and to you, Dr. Day, for bringing it to my attention and to the attention of many others.

Multiple Myeloma:  I have to start by saying “Thank you” for your videos of great information you produce. You have been such a huge inspiration to my Mom and me. Mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma 4 years ago when we found your story and purchased your videos. Mom is healthy and doing great! We are so thankful to God for you and your resources.  A.J. by e-mail.

Malignant Melanoma:  I have almost all of your books and videos.  3 years ago I was diagnosed with a very severe rapid growing melanoma.  Thanks to you and your 10 step program I am a changed person.  I tell everyone who will hear me about you.  I am more healthy now that I was 3 years ago.  I have no more cancer.  J.A., Ohio

Bladder Cancer: I think of you all the time and always keep you in my prayers.  I am putting some of the final tweaking on the dietary portion of the Health Plan via your book and DVDs.  (I'd been diagnosed with bladder cancer, refused surgery & chemo---got on the 10-Step Health Plan, after a few months, all bleeding stopped.  The Health Plan has made a WORLD of difference!)  This lifestyle has surely been an adjustment and not all of it has been smooth, but I am very proud to say I have at last begun to adjust solidly thanks to your wonderful DVDs and book, Dr. Day.  And then to hear Ted Kennedy has brain cancer, even with all his money to buy the best food, etc., it really drives home just how important following God's 10-Step Health Plan truly is.  L.M. by e-mail.

Severe Skin Cancer and Severe Asthma: Purchased and just finished your video "You Can't Improve On God". I took notes and I am going after this.  Here's my situation. I'm 58 & had skin cancer (all basal cell) most of my life.  A CT scan shows a spot that has gotten under my skin (from the side of my face) has moved into the ocular area of my right eye. It is not in the eyeball which I see perfectly out of, nor is it near the optic nerve or anywhere else that they feel constitutes an emergency, yet they're talking about taking out my eye as that's "usually what we do".  When pressed on that he said we could possibly explore just removing the tumor......! Anyway, I'm afraid if they aggressively, through surgery, follow the path of this cancer and "get it all", I won't have enough of a face left to step out in public.  

So, what do you think? Have you had many folks with skin cancer that have responded well to this treatment?

Bottom line, I'm a Christian, love the Lord and KNOW he can do miracles (he's done them in me before) so like I said previously, I'm going for it regardless. I love the story of Naaman!

Thanks for your testimony Dr Day, it has given me hope. (Continued below.)

FIVE WEEKS LATER: Had to let you know what's been going on. I'm definitely better! Very gradual but noticeable not only when I look in the mirror, but I'm feeling the difference. The swelling is down, I can open my eyelid much more, the eye is turning white (around the iris) again, and there's no pain or pressure not only in the area around my eye but in other areas as well. When you have skin cancer you can feel it in there and those sensations in all areas are not only diminished but almost gone in some spots.

But that's not all. I've had asthma all my life, was actually wheezing as a newborn before I was released from the hospital!  Numerous bouts of pneumonia, 2 collapsed lungs, etc, etc. Well, my asthma is better by 80 to 90% in 5 weeks time on your regimen!  Almost completely off inhalers. For instance, this is normally a bad time of year for us, pollen like you wouldn't believe. I haven't been able to mow the lawn in 2 years.....ended up in emergency the last time. So, what used to be a 2 day job I have now done twice, 1st time 2 weeks ago....no asthma, not even a wheeze. Mowed the entire lawn at one time (energy like I haven't had in years) with no problem.

I'll keep you posted. Believe it or not, with all the progress I've already seen, my family is still slow to get on the band wagon. They still want me to take the "modern medicine" or surgical route, where my eye is concerned, just to be "safe".  So, I'm just going to have to plow through on this one, because I believe that The Lord has put me on the right track with evidence to show in more ways than one!

Thanks so much & God bless.

PS  Funny, I went with my wife and teen-ager last night for the first time and joined them in their exercise program. We went to the local track for a 2 mile fast walk, and they could barely keep up with the pace I set. I even threw in some push-ups for good measure. One year ago I couldn't walk up the driveway without stopping & gasping for air.  Impress them? Not in the least...they're still cynical...lol!  T.  by e-mail.

Trigeminal Neuralgia/Tic Doloreaux (Severe Nerve Pain in the Face):  I have had Trigeminal Neuralgia for years.  My search for a cure started with a cranial therapist who then sent me to a neurologist.  I was told the only thing that was available to treat this condition was an invasive procedure, but I refused.  I was desperately looking for a way to cure the problem, when I heard you speak at the _________ Convention Center.  Everything you had to say made so much sense to my husband and to me.  We were so buoyed by your message that when we got home, we went through the cupboards and pantry and got rid of all the things in the food department that were contributing to the problem.  We purchased your videos and books and began following the plan and have benefited so much from the information you have put together. 

How wonderful the healing of my trigeminal neuralgia is.   It has been almost 17 months since I have experienced the last pain!  God’s Health Plan is so good that I want to shout it from the rooftop! .

You came along at my darkest moment and through what you have said and my praying to God for help, I am certain that I have cured that very debilitating condition.  Thank you again, Dr. Day!  You are indeed an inspiration to all who implement God’s Health Plan.  Thank you so much for all your caring and kindness.  K.M.  Arizona 

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Lou Gehrig’s Disease):  Thank you so much for your materials.  I was diagnosed with ALS three years ago.  My disease was traveling rapidly and a year ago, my doctor said they would have to send an ambulance for me for my next appointment which was scheduled 4 months later, because I was becoming so disabled that I wouldn’t be able to get into a wheelchair.  

Then someone told me about you and your Health Plan.  I purchased your materials and started following the Plan.  My health started to improve right away.  When the time came for my next appointment, not only did I not need an ambulance, I didn’t even need a wheelchair.  I was able to drive myself to my doctor’s office and walk in under my own power.  My doctor was stunned.  I am now almost totally recovered from my ALS.  I walk normally, my previous symptoms are gone, and I am getting stronger every day.  Thank you.  Thank you.  A.R., Victoria, B.C.