Don’t Be Deceived by
The Da Vinci Code 

Lorraine Day, M.D.


Rather than being advertised as a novel – a fictional account – a story from the imagination of the author, the Da Vinci Code is being billed as fact. Yet the author has played fast and loose with the truth.

The fictional story in the book includes the following errors.  (These are just a sample):

Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene

Jesus died but was not resurrected.

Mary Magdalene was pregnant at the time of His death.

After His death, she moved to France and had a daughter who intermarried with the French royal line.

All this has been known for centuries by the secret societies, but the truth has been kept from the public for fear of destroying the power of the church.

The secret societies guard these documents that, if made public, would destroy Christianity as we know it.

The secret societies had to be kept secret, because the church denies these “truths.”

The secret societies do not want to upset Christianity, because even though it is a myth, it helps the “little” people get through life. (Christianity is a crutch!)

The “Holy Grail,” thought to be the chalice (cup) that Jesus drank from the night before His crucifixion, is not a cup, but Mary Magdalene herself, who by giving birth to the child of Jesus became the “cup that held His blood.”

Jesus really wanted Mary Magdalene to be the “Head of the Church” rather than Peter, but the “church” wanted to suppress this matriarchal hierarchy and promote patriarchal authority.

Jesus wanted Mary Magdalene to be “Head of the Church” because He was a feminist and desired for the church to participate in goddess worship.

Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicea, chose the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) that are included in the Bible because they confirmed his desire for a patriarchal society.  The church apparently wanted a celibate male savior who would perpetuate male rule.  The Gnostic gospels teach the “divine feminine” so were rejected by Constantine.

At the same Council of Nicea, Constantine invented the deity of Christ.

The offspring of the daughter of Jesus (named Sarah), became the royalty of Europe and is known as the Merovingian bloodline.

One does not find salvation through Christ, but through sex rituals.  “Physical union with the female remained the sole means through which man could become spiritually complete and ultimately achieve gnosis – knowledge of the divine.” 

But this use of sex to commune directly with God posed a threat to the Catholic Church because it undermined its power so the Church worked hard to demonize sex and recast it as a disgusting and sinful act.  Other major religions did the same.

The Priory de Sion is the original Secret Society that guards this information.  It still exists today.  The Catholic organization that wants to destroy this “truth” is called Opus Dei.

The author of the Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown, states that “All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals in this novel are accurate.”


This book is a total deception.

The artist, Leonardo Da Vinci, was reportedly a member of the Priory de Sion.  The illegitimate son of a woman who lived in the small Italian town of Vinci, he was known as Leonardo OF Vinci. 

In order for members to communicate with each other and hand down this information to the next generation, secret codes were placed in literature and painted into paintings, according to Dan Brown.  When Leonardo painted The Last Supper, Brown states, the apostle on the right side of Jesus, thought to be John, was actually Mary Magdalene.  The features of that individual are effeminate (however, there is no hint of breasts) and there is no cup on the table in front of (her) him, supposedly signifying that she, indeed, IS the Holy Grail, rather than a literal cup.

This, AND the Gnostic gospels, apparently are the basis for this whole sordid tale.

Let’s now address these erroneous statements.

1. There is no evidence, biblical or historical, that Jesus was married to anyone, including Mary Magdalene.  The Bible tells us that we, the believers in Christ, are His bride and that Christ and His “bride” (His followers) will be together at the marriage feast of the Lamb.

2. The biblical account states clearly that Jesus was crucified and resurrected.  Naturally, unbelievers deny the resurrection because,

“The natural (soulish) man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him:  neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.  1 Cor 2:14

3. There is no evidence, biblical or historical that Jesus had a romantic relationship with anyone including Mary Magdalene.  The Gnostic gospels contain this foolishness but, rather than being historical books, they are the random musings of philosophers, most of whom are not identified.

4.  Secret societies claim to have this “secret knowledge” when, in fact, these lies will be used eventually to control the world and enslave its citizens.

5. There is no evidence that Mary Magdalene ever lived in France, nor that she was ever married to anyone, nor that she had any children 

6. The Secret Societies, rather than trying to “preserve” Christianity, have as their primary goal, to DESTROY Christianity, knowing that Christians who have a close, personal relationship with Jesus will be completely resistant to the coming totalitarian One World Government and the worship of the Beast Power of Revelation 13.

7. The “Search for the Holy Grail,” whether it is a cup or Mary Magdalene, is a ruse.  The object of a cup, or the dead body of Mary Magdalene have no spiritual significance, other than the fact that Mary Magdalene (Mary of the city of Magdala – on the shores of Galilee) was one of the few who truly understood that, a) Jesus was/is God, b) Jesus would be crucified, and that, c) Jesus was/is our Saviour 

8. Jesus gave no indication that He wanted Mary Magdalene to be the “Head of the Church.”  Jesus didn’t even want an “Organized Church.”  Jesus, Himself, wants to be the “Head” of His followers – with NO organization!  Organizations of “man” all eventually become corrupt!  God said, “I just want to be your God, and you be My people.”

9.  Jesus was God in human form.  He is/was FULLY God.  Jesus treated women as equals.  He did not discriminate.  When He arose from the dead, Mary Magdalene was the first to see Him alive.  He told HER to go tell His disciples that He was alive.  The disciples did not believe her, probably in large part because she was a woman 

10. Emperor Constantine did NOT chose the gospels for inclusion in the Bible at the Council of Nicea.  The documents detailing what was discussed at this Council are available and there is no mention of this topic being anywhere on the agenda of the Council.  These gospels had been chosen by the believers over 100 years before 

11. The Gnostic gospels were written between 150-200 years AFTER Christ by unknown authors who chose pseudonyms, such as, “The Gospel of Phillip,”  “The Gospel of Mary,”  “The Gospel of Thomas,” in order to bring credibility to and sales for their books.  They clearly lied about who they were 

12. The “royalty” of Europe and the Merovingian bloodline are NOT descendants of Christ OR Mary Magdalene.  Most of these “royal” families of Europe are Jewish (even though they masquerade as “Gentile” Christians) who hate Jesus Christ, yet claim to be His offspring!

13. The ONLY way to Salvation is through Jesus Christ.  It’s not hard to understand where these lies came from when one considers that the Gnostic Gospels promote SEX as the way to finding God!  This is “self-salvation.”  This false doctrine contains all the fingerprints of the arch-enemy of Christ – Satan

14. The Priory de Sion IS a Secret Society, one of the earliest, hundreds of years older than Opus Dei, therefore Opus Dei could not have been the early opponent of the Priory.

15. The Priory de Sion IS a Secret Society, one of the oldest – and the father of many of the current Secret Societies, such as Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, etc.



From Where Did This Attack on Christianity Come?


The Jews Are Behind the Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is an unprecedented attack on Christianity and Jesus Christ.  But most people don’t know that those orchestrating this project are the Jewish media giants.

“Sony Corporation, the force behind the Da Vinci Code movie, is the eye of this Jewish promotional octopus.  In the late 1980’s, Sony of Japan bought out Metro Goldwyn Meyer, Columbia Pictures, and United Artists.  Former president of Jewish-owned CBS, Howard Stringer (a Jew), became second in command of Sony International.  He is chair and CEO of Sony of America.

“Sony of America is dominated by Jewish names.  Emily Susskind is president.  Robert Wiesenthal is executive VP and chief financial officer; Nicole Seligman is executive VP and general counsel.  Phil Weiser is CTO and senior VP.  Michael Fidler Jr. is senior VP.  Jay Samit is general manager of Connect.  Gretchen Griswold is director of corporate communications.

“Sony’s subsidiary, Columbia Pictures, maker of the Da Vinci Code movie, is headed by Amy Pascal, a Jew.  She is also chairman of Sony’s Motion Picture Group.  The producer of the film is Brian Grazer, a Jew.  The screenplay was written by well-known, Jewish screenwriter Akiva Goldsman. . .

“Sony worked closely with NBC in promotion of NBC/Universal’s anti-Christ Book of Daniel last winter.  Now NBC, presided over by its Jewish head of television programming, Jeff Zukor, has lavishly promoted Sony’s Da Vinci Code movie on NBC.  This past week, Today Show host Matt Lauer led the nation on a European ‘treasure hunt’ in the steps of the Code.  CBS, presided over by Jewish Sumner Redstone, and ABC, by Jewish Michael Eisner, have helped build a firestorm of public curiosity about the book and movie.”  The Jews Behind DaVinci Code, by Rev. Ted Pike at

The Jews Are the Originators of the Gnostic “Gospels”

The Jewish Encyclopedia informs us that Gnosticism was of Jewish origins.  “It is a noteworthy fact that heads of Gnostic schools and founders of Gnostic systems are distinguished as Jews by early church fathers.  Some derive all heresies, including that of Gnosticism, from Judaism.  The principle elements of Gnosticism were derived from Jewish speculation.  Since the second century BC, Gnostic thought was bound up with Judaism, which had accepted Babylonian and Syrian doctrines.”  (Jewish Encyclopedia, “Gnosticism,” p 681)

The National Geographic Society (run by Jews) Takes Pot-Shots at Christianity

One of the Gnostic Gospels called the Toldoth Jesu:  The Gospel of the Jews, the Generations of Jesus, encourages Jews to laugh at Christ. The Toldoth Jesu was featured on a show produced by the National Geographic Society (NGS) entitled the Book of Judas, the NGS is clearly seeking to subvert Christianity.

“Of the nine influential experts on the NGS’s Codex advisory panel, five are probably Jewish.  The Jewiish Family Services’ sourcebook for genealogy confirms that Bart Ehrman, Stephen Emmel, Jill Levine, Marvin Meyer, and Elaine Pagels have Jewish names.  Jewish names also belong to Frieda Tchacos Nussberger, alleged owner of the Book of Judas; Herb Krosney, the TV producer who brought the Book of Judas to the NGS: and Sara Laskin, Michael Rosenfeld, and Cheryl Zook, members of the NGS Codex team.”  Judas: Historic Jewish Hero, Rev. Ted Pike,


Abraham Foxman (Jewish), says the New Testament is Anti-Semitic

Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (the Jewish arm of Freemasonry), wants to censor the multitude of passages in all the Gospels of the New Testament that reveal a pharisaic conspiracy to entrap and finally murder Christ.  Yet the Book of Acts lays the blame for the crucifixion squarely upon the Pharisees and the nation of the Jews.  Acts 2:23,36; 3:13-15; 4:10; 5:30; 7:52

Foxman claims that Roman officials, not the Jews, masterminded Jesus’ death, even though Pontius Pilate was the only Roman involved.  And Pilate himself  said about Jesus, “I find NO fault in this man.”  But Pilate was a weak-willed political opportunist who was coerced by an entire Jewish Sanhedrin and a mob of Jewish citizens who screamed, “Crucify Him!  Crucify Him!  His blood be upon us and on our children.”  Matt. 27:22,25

What is the Origin of the Merovingian Bloodline and What Is Its Importance Today?

Merovee, king of the Franks from 447 to 458 A.D., was an adherent to the religious cult of Diana.  His son, Childeric I, (458 to 481 A.D.) practiced witchcraft.

His son, Clovis I, (481 to 511 A.D.) adopted Christianity in 496 A.D.  The Roman emperor, Constantine, (307 to 337 A.D.) (supposedly) embraced Christianity in 324 A.D., divided the Roman Empire, and eventually moved his throne to Constantinople.  It is called Istanbul, Turkey today.  Constantine upset the political structure of the Imperial Roman empire and created a division in fourth century Christianity.

“After the death of Constantine, the Roman Empire split between the east and the west.  The Eastern Orthodox Church grew in power and influence, while the Roman church faltered.  In 496 A.D., the Bishop of Rome made a pact with Clovis, the grandson of Merovee, and the king of the Franks, calling him the “New Constantine,” giving him authority to preside over a “Christianized” Roman empire.  The Pope did so to consolidate the power of the faltering Roman church.

The so-called offspring of Mary Magdalene were thus established as leaders of the empire.  Five generations after Clovis, Dagobert I fathered two sons who carried on the Merovingian bloodline.  The first was Clovis II, and the succession continued to Childric III.  He was the last known Merovingian to sit upon the throne of France.

“It is difficult to trace many of the ancient genealogies.  It is said that the Merovingian bloodline found its way to most of the thrones of Europe.  From the Merovingian bloodline has come most of the ruling families of Europe and has even included some popes of the Roman Catholic Church.  Among them was Pope Stephen IX, leader of the church in the 11th century, during the years of the Crusades.  The Crusades, by the way, played an important part in the promotion of the Merovingian bloodline.  Many of the Crusaders were French who went to Palestine to liberate the Holy Land from the Moslems.

“By 1061 A.D., the Catholic Crusaders had conquered the city of Jerusalem and established Godfroi de Bouillon (of the Merovingian bloodline) on the throne of Jerusalem.  Claiming to be of the lineage of David, Godfroi de Bouillon organized a secret society called Ordre de Sion, today called Priory de Sion.  The clandestine Priory of Sion still exists after almost 900 years.  It is very much alive today.

“In the years that followed, Godfroi de Bouillon and his secret group, the Priory de Sion, began to lay plans for a front group to carry out their goals.  In 1118 A.D., Hugues de Payen organized the Knights Templar and made Baudouin, the brother of Godfroi de Bouillon, its first Grand Master.  They adopted the Merovingian birthmark as their emblem, a red cross (Rosy Cross = Rosicrucians, the secret society that produced the Freemasons).

“The stated purpose of the Knights Templar was to guard the highways around Jerusalem to protect the pilgrims coming for worship.  Though there is no historical proof, it is believed that they spent the next 9 years digging up the buried treasure of the ancient Jewish Temple.

“In 1953 a copper scroll was found din a cave near the Dead Sea which told of a fabulous Temple treasure, estimated at more than 138 tons of gold and silver which had been buried by the Jewish priesthood in 64 locations before the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70 A.D.  24 of those hordes of gold were buried under the Temple Mount.  It is believed that the Knights Templar plundered the treasure of the Temple and took it back to Europe.  After nine years in Jerusalem, the Templars returned to Europe wealthy beyond belief and instituted an international banking system across Europe and had the resources to loan gold to kings and governments.

“The secret purpose for the Knights Templar, however, was to preserve the Merovingian bloodline in hopes of one day establishing a world government and putting their king upon the throne, a king who could claim to be the offspring of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.”

Thus, virtually all the royal families of Europe are Jewish, including the royal families in Great Britain and Spain, though they all masquerade as Christians.  Their goal is to set up a One World Government under their complete control.  As members of the Illuminati, they will rule the world as cruel despots.


The Da Vinci Code, both the book and the movie, are being used to propagandize a submissive, television-watching, movie-going, non-thinking, non-spiritual public who want to find “God” – but not the God of the Bible.  They want a “God” who has no standards, no restrictions, and no purity, a “God” who approves of illicit, casual sex, a life of self-indulgence and debauchery.  In other words, they want to make “God” in their own image.

In addition, the New World Order will convince the world that these lies in the Da Vinci Code are not lies at all, but the truth, and will at some date in the probably near future, declare that they have found the bones of Christ (“proving” that Christ did NOT really arise from the dead), destroying the faith of many supposed Christians, and will establish THEIR dynasty (the supposed “bloodline” of Christ) as the Rulers of the World.

How interesting it is that though these “Royal” Ones HATE Christ, they all want to be in the bloodline of Christ. 

Since God runs the world and everything in it, He obviously has a sense of humor.

How should we as true Christians react to the hoopla surrounding this movie and book?  Don’t fall for their lies.  Hold fast to Biblical truth.  Explain the truth to those who really want to know.  But let the rest believe what they wish.  Pray for them as only God can open their minds.

Remember, “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still!”

And pray for the “royals” who either believe the lie that they are of the bloodline of Christ or are aware that they are deliberately lying to the whole world.  They are living lives of degeneracy, debauchery, profligacy, and demonism.  They, and others, are the fulfillment of the fierce First Beast of Revelation 13, the Jewish Zionists who plan to rule the world!

The Bible tells us that right before Jesus returns, “The Whole World will follow after this Beast.”  Revelation 13:3. 

Only a very small group will not be deceived.

There are a number of books available that document the lies in The DaVinci Code. 
One of the better ones is “The DaVinci Deception” by Erwin W. Lutzer,
Tyndale House Publishers.  It is available in book form or on CD.

© Lorraine Day, M.D. 2006. All Rights Reserved.
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