The Monster Beast and the Lamb-like Beast of

Revelation 13
(Literal Translation)

Lorraine Day, M.D.

 Revelation 12:17

And the dragon is angry with the woman, and came away to do battle with the rest of her seed (offspring), who are keeping the (commandments) of God and who have the testimony of Jesus (exhibit Christ’s character).

Chapter 13: 

1  And it (NOT John, but the dragon - Satan) was standing on the sand of the sea.   And I (John) perceived a wild beast ascending out of the sea

It appears that the dragon is CAUSING the beasts to appear - the two beasts of Rev. 13 are the “creations” of   the dragon - Satan.

having ten horns (the ten “Kingdoms” of the New World Order)

and seven heads

Seven is the perfect number.  The number “Seven” means  that  ALL heads of government  or  ruling authorities are included.

and on its horns ten diadems (crowns - symbolic of rulership  or authority – kingdoms)

and on its heads blasphemous names.

The wild beast has a “name” - a character - that blasphemes – denigrates or degrades Christ and/or takes the place of - Christ.

“A special union exists between the dragon and the beast from the sea, because both possess the same seven heads and ten horns (12:3; 13:1).  The fact that the dragon delegates his power and throne to the beast from the sea is an intentional   imitation   of  how God has delegated His power and throne to His Son, Christ Jesus (see Rev. 5:12,13; 13:2).  This remarkable parallel   marks   the sea  beast as the antichrist power.”  LaRondelle, pg 29)

2   And the wild beast which I perceived was like a leopardess (the leopardess of Dan 7:6),

and its feet were like a bear’s (the she-bear of - Dan 7:5),

and its mouth as the mouth of a lion (the lioness of  Dan 7:4 ). 

This beast is the combined power of ALL religions (see study on Daniel 7 in “Bible Studies” – a One world Religio-political    World Government.   The Religious powers have united together  in a One World Religion, then the One World Religion unites with the Political Authorities (Ten Kingdoms)  which is the uniting of Church and State, a condition  that ALWAYS brings persecution of those who do not agree with  the majority)

This perfectly depicts a One World Government/One World Religion of  the United Nations – run from behind by Jewish Zionism.

All together they are ONE beast consisting of ALL the world religions and political powers united in one MONSTER beast.  This is most likely the UNITED NATIONS, and that is an institution born, raised up, and  CONTROLLED by JEWISH ZIONISM.

3  And the dragon (Satan) gives it (the Wild Beast) its power and its throne and great  authority. 

The Beast power gets EVERYTHING from Satan!  The Wild Beast is COMPLETELY under the control of Satan. 

And I perceived one of its heads as if it had been slain to death, and its death blow was (already) cured

The deadly wound had both occurred and HAD BEEN CURED - BEFORE the beast arose out of the sea.

In other words, at the time this monster  beast, (Jewish Zionism  hiding behind its “front” – the United Nations) actually appears as a One-World Religio-Political Government  including the One World Religion part which was signed into place Sept 6,7,8, 2000).  The deadly wound had long ago occurred and was already healed.  The wound is NOT future, after the beast’s appearance.  The wound is PAST – and has already HEALED at the time the beast first appears.

Jewish Zionism controls, the Illuminati, Atheism, Judaism, Gnosticism, Freemasonry and ALL the other Mystery Religions, Secret Societies  and  Pagan groups.

Freemasonry is controlled from behind the scenes by Jewish Zionism.  So is the Catholic church.    Freemasonry was practically wiped from the face of the earth several centuries ago when it was serendipitously exposed, but it has surreptitiously made a comeback as a supposedly “Christian” organization.

In addition, the Catholic Church was devastated by the Reformation.  But now the agreements between Protestant churches (including the Evangelical Lutherans) and the Vatican have virtually wiped-out the “Reformation.”   And the Jews were dispersed in 70 A.D. when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans.  But the Jewish/Talmudic culture has risen again – AND their goal is to rule the world.

and the whole earth marvels after the wild beast (Jewish Zionism). 

Notice, it says the “WHOLE EARTH,” including virtually ALL of the Christians, EXCEPT for the small group of followers of Christ  who are defined as those who “keep the Commandments of God”- ALL of the Commandments, in the right way – from the heart, and “have the testimony of Jesus,” meaning they exhibit the character of Jesus in their lives. 

Jesus NEVER killed or even hurt ANYONE!  Here is the doctrine of Universal Restoration.  Jesus, who is God in human form, will NOT permanently annihilate ANYONE nor literally burn ANYONE either “for a while” or for eternity.

Jewish Zionism is behind, and controls,  the following organizations:

a.  Freemasonry

b.  the Illuminati

c. the Catholic  Church

    d. Atheism
    e. Communism
    f. New Agers
    g.  The money supply of ALL countries.   All Central Banks of all countries, thereby controlling  the governments of all countries 

4) And they WORSHIP the dragon (Satan),

Freemasonry worships Lucifer.   However, the Freemasons  are told this ONLY at the 33rd degree level.

The issue in the end - where we are right NOW in time - is: WORSHIP!  WHO will you worship, Christ or Satan?

The following  groups worship Satan/Lucifer.

 1)  Freemasons (33rd degree) (controlled by Jews).  Freemasonry will  be the eventual One World Religion,

2)  Illuminati  (the majority are  Zionist Jews).

3)  Skull and Bones of which George Bush Sr. , George W. Bush, and John (Kohn) Kerry are all members,

4)  Satanists, and

5)Christians!  - because ALL denominations worship a “God” who KILLS His enemies.   Yet Jesus NEVER killed or hurt anyone while He was on earth.

Satan KILLS His enemies, while Jesus “came NOT to destroy men’s lives, but to SAVE them.” (Luke 9:56) 

ALL of these groups worship a “god” who kills,  or  tortures  forever, his enemies.  That  is  the character  of  Satan, NOT the  character   of Jesus. 

Jesus said

“Love your enemies.  Do GOOD to them that hate you.” (Matthew 5:44)


4 (Continued) And they (The WHOLE EARTH – including virtually ALL Christians) worship the wild beast (Jewish Zionism), saying, “Who is like the wild beast?” and “Who is able to battle with it?” 

No one will be able to battle against it because the beast power will have disarmed ALL nations and individuals.  Only the beast power will have armaments and the ability to satanically control EVERYONE else, all of whom will be completely unarmed!

5   And to it (the Wild Beast - Jewish Zionism) was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies. And to it was given authority to do what it wills forty-two months.

It will demand that the whole world worship it - the Beast - Jewish Zionism -instead of worshiping God, our Creator.

And It has power to enforce its will on EVERYONE for 3 1/2 years.

The time of trouble will be 3 1/2 years, literally (forty-two months), the same period of time of the Lord’s ministry, which was certainly a “time of trouble” for Him.  As we discussed in our previous study, the time period is spoken of in “months” because it is describing what the wicked are doing.  The wicked work “in the dark”, therefore the time period is given in “months” – months are determined by the earth’s relationship to the moon (darkness).

6 And it opens its mouth in blasphemies toward God, to blaspheme His name (character) and His tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven

The Beast will come against God’s temple, meaning the true followers  of Christ - His “Called Ones” - the ecclesia , which is NOT an organized church but just individuals who are worshiping the true God, the God who does NOT kill His enemies.

Blasphemy means to claim to be God or to take the place of God or to slander God.  Secular humanism elevates man to God-status and does away with God. God’s “tabernacle”, His “temple” is composed of His true followers, so they and those in heaven (Jesus and the angels) are also the targets of the anger of the “Beast.”

7 And to it (The Beast - Jewish Zionism) was given to do battle with the saints (true  Christians) and to CONQUER them. 

Obviously, the true followers of Christ will be hunted down, conquered, and imprisoned by the Beast, and some will be martyred.  This text reveals the deception of the doctrine of the Secret Rapture!  The true followers of Christ will be here on earth during the tribulation,  all the way up until Jesus comes.  They will NOT be up in heaven having a party!

And authority was given to it (Jewish Zionism) over EVERY (1) tribe and (2) people and (3) language and (4) nation.

The number “four” in the Bible means to encompass the whole earth.  These four signify that this is a total and complete One World Government which will have both political AND religious authority - “worship,” a One World Religion - over EVERYONE on earth!

8  And ALL who are dwelling on the earth WILL BE WORSHIPING it (the Beast - Jewish Zionism)

That means ALL religions, including the Christian religion, will worship the Beast power – Jewish Zionism, except for a very small group who understand the character of God,

everyone whose name is not written in the Book of life of the Lamb

those who do NOT worship the Beast power will have the character of Jesus - “Love your enemies, do GOOD to them that hate you!” - Universal Restoration.)

slain from the foundation of the world. 

This plan was all worked out by God BEFORE He created the world and humanity.

9  If anyone has an ear, let him hear (understand). 

10  If anyone is for captivity, into captivity he is going.  If anyone will be killing with   the sword, he must with the sword be killed. 

Those who do these things will reap exactly what they have sown.)

Here is the endurance and faith of the saints

This is a message to the saints to be patient and endure.  God has it all worked out. 

Vengeance is God’s, not ours.  He will repay!  Those who oppose truth WILL reap what they have sown, but the eventual result of this judgment will be the ultimate salvation of those who have opposed truth.  It will NOT be eternal burning!



Characteristics of the First Beast of Revelation 13:

1)  Will rule the whole world – politically and religiously  (7 heads)

2) Will be composed of 10 kingdoms world-wide,  revealing its political nature

3) It is composed of the beasts (of Daniel 7) who are feminine (lioness, she-bear, leopardess ) – which denotes a religious organization, rather than  a political organization, which is usually designated by a male figure.

4) Will attempt to eliminate God from civilization, and it will blasphemously claim to be “God.”

5)  It will be a One World Government combined with  a One World Religion – combining of Church and State, a condition that ALWAYS brings persecution to the dissenters.

6)  Satan will be controlling it

7)  It will have appeared before in civilization, (Phariseeism (Jewish Zionism)  was strong when Jesus was on earth, but when the “Jews” were taken into captivity in AD 70, Phariseeism faded from the scene  – only to re-appear as Judaism and Jewish Zionism in today’s world)but this time will have much greater ferocity and power.  It had a deadly wound, but the deadly wound was healed BEFORE it appears the final time. 

8)  It will involve worship of Satan/Lucifer

9)  It will disarm the entire world, all individuals and all nations (gun control, disarmament)

10)  It will have authority over the world to do whatever  it wants  for 3 1/2 years.

11) It will not only blaspheme God and His character, but it will persecute and kill those who are the true followers of Christ, those who exhibit Christ’s character.

12) The final issue will be a religious issue - worship.  The whole earth will worship this beast (therefore, it  obviously will be a religious power as well as political), except for a small group of the true followers of Christ.

13)As we will see from studying the second beast of Rev. 13, the First beast will rule from behind - unseen - in the shadows.  It will control the Second Beast who will be doing publicly the will of the First beast.  But the first beast will remain hidden or secret.


Conclusion: The First Beast of Revelation 13 is - - Jewish Zionism

1)  It is the only world-wide power that wants to destroy God, Jesus Christ, Christians and Christianity.

2)  They will blaspheme Christ by “taking His place.”  In the literature of Jewish Zionism, the Jews say that they have waited too long for their Messiah and have decided that THEY, the Jews, ARE the Messiah and THEY will bring “peace” to the world - - - by force!

3)  It will demand to be worshiped.  There is now almost a worshipful attitude toward Jews, particularly by the evangelical Christians.  Also, watch the attitude of people visiting a Holocaust museum, it is more worshipful than those attending a Christian church.

4)  It (Jewish Zionism)  is the author of Secular Humanism, Atheism, Communism, Fabian Socialism, Satanism (see the Kabbalah – the books of Jewish mysticism and witchcraft) Freemasonry, and all the other Secret Societies, all of which either eliminate God from society or worship Satan/Lucifer outright.

5)  It will persecute the true followers of Jesus.

6)  It will control world-wide Christianity from behind the scenes (see next information about the Second Beast of Revelation 13)

7) In Israel , it is already a crime for Christians to evangelize Jews.

8)  Jewish Zionism, in their most holy book, the Talmud, declares that Jesus is boiling in hot excrement in hell.  NO OTHER religion in the world denigrates Christ as does the Jewish “holy” book, the Talmud.





The SECOND BEAST of Revelation 13


11   And I (John) perceived ANOTHER wild beast ascending out of the land (the earth),

Notice the dragon was thrown from heaven, Rev 12:4, the first wild beast of Rev. 13 came up from the sea, and the second wild beast of Rev. 13 came up out of the land (earth).

This shows that the dragon (Satan) is in charge, or appears to be - at least temporarily, of all of God’s creation:   (“For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth,  the sea, and all that in them is.”  Exodus 20:11

and it had two horns (ruling strength or authority) like a lambkin’s (baby lamb) and it spoke as a dragon

This Beast power appears to be Christ-like (a follower of Christ), “like a lamb”, Jesus is the “Lamb”, but it speaks as a dragon - Satan.  Clearly  this second wild beast represents world-wide Christianity (looks like a lamb)..  It masquerades as a group of followers of Christ (looks like a lamb) but it speaks what the dragon (Satan) tells it to speak.

It speaks what the First Beast tells it to speak because the First Beast gets its authority from the dragon – Satan.

12   And it is exercising ALL the authority of the first wild beast (Jewis Zionism) in its sight

The Second beast, World-wide organized apostate Christianity, is in complete collusion with the first wild beast, the Anti-Christ power - Jewish Zionism - that rules the world. 

“In its sight” means that it is “under the direction of” the First wild beast.

and makes the earth and those dwelling in it to be worshiping the first wild beast, whose death blow was cured. 

World-wide apostate Christianity, which  eventually will become  “Christian” Zionism, will be the tool and puppet of the Anti-Christ Beast - Jewish Zionism.  World-Wide  Apostate Christianity - the Organized Church - will FORCE everyone on earth to worship the Anti-Christ power “the First Beast - Jewish Zionism”.

The Lamb-like beast (the Second Beast) does the dirty work for the First Beast who controls it from the shadows.  This Second Lamb-like beast is out in front but is being controlled from behind the scenes by the first beast.

This “lamb-like” beast is obviously the counterfeit of Jesus.  Twenty-eight times in Revelation, Christ is portrayed as the “Lamb of God” making it the central symbol and coordinating principle of the entire book. This Beast appears to be docile, but speaks like a dragon (Satan.)  See Matt 7:15

The Lamb is Christ and His true followers.  The beast is “Lamb-like.”  It is composed of those who appear to be followers of Christ - Christians - but who do not exhibit the true character of Christ because they believe in a God who kills His enemies, therefore they, too, believe they have a right to destroy their enemies.  That’s why the majority of Christians support the war against Iraq, the phony “War on Terror”,  and have supported other wars in the past.

“The earth beast wants to be taken as Christ-like, but its words reveal the lies, the heresies, and murderous plans of the dragon and of the antichrist-beast.” (La Rondelle)  Jesus warned: “Watch out for false prophets.  They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”  In Matt 24:24, Jesus warned of coming “false Christs and false prophets” who “will perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect -- if that were possible.”

13   And it (the Second beast - World-wide Evangelical Zionist Christianity) is doing great signs so that it makes fire come down from heaven into the earth in the sight of (under the direction of) mankind

under the direction of humans - not under the direction of God.  In other words, secular humanism.

The “fire” symbolizes signs, miracles and wonders, such as tongue speaking – the “fire” of Pentecost – miraculous healings, apparitions s of  Mary, etc. 

14  And it (the Second Beast – Christian  Zionism) is deceiving those dwelling on the earth because of the signs which were given it to do in the sight of (under the explicit direction of) the wild beast (the First Beast - the Anti-Christ Beast - Jewish Zionism), saying to those dwelling on the earth to make an image to the (First) wild beast (Jewish Zionism)

When one makes an image “to,” or “of,” something, one becomes an exact likeness of that individual or system.  (Jesus is described as the “express image of God.”  He exhibited the exact character of God.) 

Thus, this Second Beast (Apostate Christianity - the Organized Church) demands that the whole world must become like, and give homage to (must worship), the First Beast - the Anti-Christ power - Jewish Zionism, which had the blow of the sword and lives.

The SECOND beast of Rev 13 (the Lamb-like beast) demands that those who dwell on the earth (the world’s population) to “make an image to the First  Beast.

Jesus is described as the “express image of God” because He exhibited the exact character of God.   When one makes an “image” to the beast power, he develops the exact character of the beast power. 

 In other words,1) he believes that wealth is extremely important (prosperity religion), 2) he believes that he is better than others in some way, even though God says we are ALL the same in God’s sight, 3) His “god” is money (mammon), 4). He worships “man” while claiming to worship God, 5) he believes he has “Free Will.”  In other words, God can’t do ANYTHING with “man” unless “man” allows it.  So MAN’S “will” has become superior to God’s “will”, in which case, “man” has become his own “god.”

“Man” has taken the Mark (character) of the  Beast when he develops the same characteristics – the works of the flesh - of the Beast power as detailed in Galatians 5:19-21:

Now the works of the flesh are evident, which are these;  adultery, fornication, uncleanness, licentiousness,

Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, contentions, jealousies, wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions,

envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

When one has any of the above in his character, when one thinks he is better than ANYONE else, for ANY reason, he has taken the Mark of the Beast.  Christians believe they are “better” than non-Christians (although few would admit it) because THEY have made the right choice.  THEY are going to be saved, and the other people who DIDN’T make the right choice are  going to be lost.

Whites often think they are better than blacks, Japanese think they are better than Koreans, Jews think they’re better than everybody.  Not every Jew thinks that, of course, but that philosophy is embedded in their culture and exudes from their “holiest” book - the Talmud.

Some denominations, including the Seventh-Day Adventist s (SDAs), teach  that the Lamb-like beast is the United States for the following reasons:

1) It “comes up” out of the earth (rather than out of the sea:  “sea” means multitudes, or a highly populated place).  “Earth” is defined by the SDA’s as an “unpopulated area” as opposed to the “sea” (meaning multitudes) where the First Beast appeared.

But this interpretation is not correct.  “The dragon was from heaven, the first beast from the sea, the second beast from the earth.  John repeatedly used a three-part division of the cosmos (Rev 5:3,13; 9:1; 10:6; 12:12; 12:1).”  LaRondelle pg 302

2)  It has Lamb-like horns (the U.S. constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of religion) but speaks as a dragon (meaning that it will eventually DENY freedom of religion while appearing to uphold it).

However, ALL the powers in Revelation are World-wide powers.  Revelations speaks of the “kings of THE EARTH,” not localized nations.

3)  The U.S. will form “an image to the beast” when it reaches its hand across the gulf to join with Catholicism to combine church and state, thereby bringing persecution on anyone who refuses to worship as the Catholic church demands.  The State will then enforce the religious beliefs of the Catholic church on the entire population.  Those who don’t comply will not be allowed to buy or sell.  This will occur primarily by the institution of the “Sunday Law.”

However, the Catholic church by itself cannot be the Beast power because it does NOT want to do away with God and Jesus Christ, but Jewish Zionism DOES!  And the Catholic church does NOT deny that Jesus came as God  in the flesh, so it cannot be the Anti-Christ power (see 1 John, chapters 3 and 4).  Jewish Zionism DOES deny that Jesus Christ was the Messiah.

The immediate context of Rev 13 itself uses the term “earth,” in a worldwide sense, for all the worshipers of the antichrist power (Rev 13:3, 8) and places the “earth” in contrast with “those who live” or “tabernacle” in heaven (Rev 13:6).  This religious contrast is also presented in Rev 12:

“Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you.” (vs 12)

I do not believe that the Second Beast of Revelation is the United States.




Interpretation of the Second Beast of Rev 13:
Who or what is it?


What we DO know:

1)  A “beast” is a ruling power, political or religious or a combination of both.

2) The book of Revelation is world-wide in scope, so a beast must be a world-widepower too, meaning the ruling power must be a world-wide power.

3)  This beast is Lamblike (“Christian” – those who claim to follow Christ), but it speaks as a dragon.  Obviously it has a pious appearance or façade, but underneath its motives and goals are dark and Satanic. 

Revelation describes Christ and His true followers as “the Lamb.”  If this beast is “Lamb-like” but speaks as a dragon, it must be world-wide apostate Christianity.

4)  It has the characteristics of the “false prophet” in Rev 16:13, so it apparently has some characteristics of a religion, even though it also has some ruling authority or power.

5)  The leaders of apostate Christianity will be the ones out in front persecuting TRUE Christians.  These false Christians will be doing the bidding of the Jewish Zionists.

We can already see this scenario developing with the relationship between the Evangelical Christians and the Jewish Zionists.


15  And it was given to it (the Second Beast - the Organized “Christian” “church” – Apostate Christianity) to give spirit (life/breath) to the image of the wild beast (the First Beast - the Anti-Christ Power - Jewish Zionism), that the image of the wild beast should be speaking also, and should be CAUSING that whosoever should NOT be worshiping the image of the (First) wild beast may be killed! 

The leaders of false Christianity will be the ones out in front persecuting Christians and calling for their death!

There is absolutely NO DOUBT that the Number ONE Issue in the end will be WORSHIP!  Who will you worship?  Will you worship the Creator, the God of heaven and earth, or will you worship the Beast Power - the Anti- Christ Power - Jewish Zionism (Satan’s group)?  The “Image of the Wild Beast” refers to all those who have been forced by Christianity - the Organized “Church,” to worship (and become like - “make an image to”) the first Beast - the Anti-Christ power - Jewish Zionism.

Here we see the PLAN!  The leaders of Jewish Zionism will (and already have), from behind the scenes, manipulate the Organized “Church” - Christianity   into forcing the rest of the world to become like - and worship - Jewish Zionism.

That happening right now with Evangelical Christianity’s total support for Israel, even as Israel not only commits genocide on the Palestinians, but persecutes anyone  in Israel who preaches Jesus Christ and His Gospel.  Eventually, ALL of Christianity - World-wide, will be deceived, and unite with this plan and support present day literal Israel (and their Satanic Zionist agenda) as God’s supposedly “Chosen People.”  The Organized “Church” - World-wide Christianity - will be totally and completely deceived by Jewish Zionism.  This is happening right now. 

Then, the whole world will unite (make an “image” to the beast) and “speak” (make laws) and “cause” (enforce those laws) upon all those who refuse to worship the image of the beast, to be killed  - those who refuse to give their allegiance to the first beast - the Anti-Christ power, which is Jewish Zionism.

The laws will force everyone to worship Jewish Zionism or suffer the penalty of DEATH!

Cain and Abel both worshiped the SAME God.  Abel worshiped God in the way God wanted.  Cain worshiped God in his own way, in “man’s way.  Cain (the one who worshipped his OWN way) ended up murdering Abel, who worshiped God in God’s way. 

This is a prophecy for the end times - NOW!  Those “Christians” who worship God in their OWN way (Sunday worship and other false doctrines) will end up calling for the death of those who worship God in God’s way.

We are here, NOT to do our own will, but the will of Him Who sent us!

16   And it, the Second Beast, is causing ALL, both small and the great, rich and the poor, and free and slaves, that they may be giving them a emblem mark on their right hand,

those who may not agree with Jewish Zionism, but will go along with it in order to eat and live

or on their forehead

The Mark in the forehead symbolizes the location of the frontal lobes of the brain where reasoning and moral judgment take place - these people actually AGREE with Jewish Zionism and openly support it.

A financial embargo will be placed against individuals who refuse to pledge their allegiance to the world government and world religion, just as embargoes are placed against countries who do not adhere to the demands of the United States..

The emblem (mark) is either in the forehead – the frontal lobes where moral judgments are made, or in the right hand, where actions take place.  It is possible to DO what the NWO wants without agreeing with it.  In that case the Mark is in the hand rather than in the forehead.  The person ACTS in accord with the NWO, even if he or she doesn’t agree intellectually with the NWO.

17  that NO ONE may be able to buy or sell (a political and financial embargo against nations and/or individuals) EXCEPT those having the emblem (mark) of the wild Beast or its name (its character) or the number of its name (character).

The “Mark” is not necessarily a physical mark.  The word “mark” comes from the Greek word charagma  which means character.

“The function of the mark of the beast stands in glaring contrast to the seal of God (Revelation 9:4). The basic function of both is to symbolize a religious commitment: to Christ or both is to symbolize a religious commitment - -  to Christ or the antichrist.  Both the seal and the mark contain the inherent motifs of ownership and protection.  (Ezek 9:4; Rev 7:2,3; 9;4;13:16,17; 1 Peter 2:9; Mal 3:17-18)

The mark is a demonic travesty of the seal of God.  On a deeper level both signs represent the CHARACTER that corresponds with either the mind of Christ - or the Anti-Christ power.  Both symbols represent the reputations of  the respective givers.  Both are religions signs of loyalty.   LaRondelle, pg 308

When one projects the character of someone else, they become the “image” of that individual.

18 Here is wisdom. 

Wisdom comes only from God.  Wisdom is the ability to take facts - knowledge - and reach the right conclusion.  Without wisdom from God, it is IMPOSSIBLE to reach the right conclusion.

Let him who has a mind calculate the number of the (First) Wild Beast (Jewish Zionism), for it is the number of mankind (anthropos - humanity), and its number is six hundred sixty-six.  (666)

We notice in Chapters 12 - 14 that “the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus” are the explicit standard of loyalty to heaven (Rev 12:17; 14:12).  These are the characteristics of the Saints.  This implies that the covenant law of God, the Decalogue, will be internalized in the hearts of the saints through the Spirit of God since the saints of God are the true followers of the Lamb (Rev 14:1-5).

The Mark of the Beast stands in flagrant opposition to both God’s commandments and Jesus’ testimony in Holy Scripture.  This implies that the followers of the beast obey a counterfeit moral law and follow a pseudo-messiah. The line of demarcation is not merely an external compliance with a moral or civil law, but the union of heart and mind with Christ or with the AntiChrist power.

The number 666 is the number of humanity, Secular Humanism, the elevation of man above God.  “Man” has become his OWN “god.”  The number 6 (man) falls short of 7 – the number of God. 

God’s number is 7.  The number 6 falls short of the number 7 which signifies God’s perfection.  The number 6 is the number of humanity.  666 symbolizes man’s attempt to become “God.”  But regardless of how hard man tries (6 - 6 - 6), man can NEVER become God.  It takes “6” (man) plus “1” (God) to produce 7= perfection.

The Jewish Star, falsely called the  “Star of David”, is a SIX pointed star, a combination of two Egyptian pyramids (triangles), the symbol of Satan and sin in the Bible (text).  This 6- pointed star is called a Hexagram from which we get the word “Hex!”  Satanists use a hexagram to pronounce a “hex,” or curse, upon a person.

The recipients of the Mark are “the inhabitants of the earth” (earth dwellers), that are consistently described as the followers of the antichrist-beast  power and those who rejoice at the death of the two witnesses (The Old and New Testaments of the Bible). They represent the universal hostility of the earth against God.


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