6,000 Years since Creation:
What has been its Purpose? 

Has it been primarily for “saving souls”?

Or has the primary purpose been something else?

 Lorraine Day, M.D.

Genesis, Chapter One, tells us that God created the earth in six days, and instituted the Sabbath on the seventh day.  Why did God chose a seven day week rather than some other Biblical number, such as ten, twelve, or even five?  (See the study, “When is Jesus Coming Back?)

Jesus will return when the earth is 6,000 years old.  God chose one day of creation for each 1,000 years of this earth’s history.  Why?

We know that the earth is being destroyed before our very eyes:  pollution of the air, the oceans, the streams, deforestation, droughts causing destruction of farmlands, disease in wild animals, sea creatures dying in huge numbers, increases in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes; all these affirm the continued, progressive destruction of the earth.  It’s documented in the newspapers and on the Television News.  

The book of Revelation tells us in vivid detail the final events of this earth’s history:

The Seven Seals:  Revelation 6

severe famine,
death from the sword, from hunger and from attacks by beasts,
a great earthquake,
the sun will become black,
the moon will become as blood
the stars will fall,
heaven will depart as a scroll
every mountain and island will be moved out of their places

Seven Trumpets:  Revelation 8 & 9

hail and fire mingled with blood
1/3 of the trees will be burned up
all green grass will be burned up
1/3 of the sea will become blood
1/3 of the creatures in the sea will die
1/3 of the ships will be destroyed
1/3 of the fresh water will become as wormwood (bitter - undrinkable)
1/3 part of the sun, moon and stars darkened and will not shine for a third of the day
locusts on the earth to torment men five months
men shall seek death, but can’t find it
1/3 of mankind will be slain

Seven Last Plagues: Revelation 16

malignant ulcers on those who have taken the Mark of the Beast
every living creature in the sea will die
fresh waters will become blood
the sun will scorch men with fire
kingdom of the beast will be full of darkness
“great earthquake such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake and so great”
great city will be divided into three parts
cities of the nations will fall
every island will flee away
mountains will not be found
hail weighing 100 pounds will fall


It is obvious that the Seals, the Trumpets and the Plagues detail the progressive, complete and total destruction of the earth.  After these disastrous calamities, nothing inhabitable will be left.

This is the DE-CREATION of the earth!

God created the earth in 6 days.
It has taken Satan 6,000 years to utterly destroy it!

 However, the way Satan has chosen to utterly destroy the earth, is to do it through mankind.  Man, himself, has brought about his own destruction and the destruction of the earth.

The Seals, Trumpets and Plagues are the results of MAN’S wickedness, greed, ignorance and ineptitude as man tries to rule the earth WITHOUT God!

Let’s look at each day of Creation and it’s de-Creation by Satan (through man) during the Seals, Trumpets and Plagues:


Day 1:  Light          Darkness will prevail

Day 2:

Firmament formed by the division of the waters which had surrounded the
entire earth.  Note that these waters, the water canopy above the earth that
provided the perfect atmosphere for life to exist, and the waters in the earth that
provided mist and dew irrigation for the vegetation were put in place on Day 2.

Note that the de-Creation of the earth has been progressing since Satan successfully tempted Adam and Eve to sin.  As death came upon the earth, both in the animal and plant kingdom, deterioration began immediately and continues at present.

One major step forward in the de-Creation of the earth was the Great Flood.  The water canopy surrounding the earth was destroyed, leading to extremes of weather conditions, causing an increased deterioration of the vegetation, as well as animal and human life.  The earth was no longer watered by underground reservoirs.  Instead, rain, which could be very destructive, including its resultant floods, began.

The “firmament”, our atmosphere, now suffers from extreme pollution, chemtrails, and the results of weather modification.

The seas will become blood
Every living sea creature will die

Day 3: 

Dry land was formed;   much of it is being flooded by weather control, or being taken
from the people by NWO elitists.
Islands will flee away.       
Vegetation:  Blight, pollution, will be destroyed by great hail weighing 100 pounds
Grass: First 1/3 will be burned up, then ALL will be burned up
Herb yielding seed after its kind:  terminator seeds, hybridization, patenting all seeds
all growing lands owned by three mega-corporations
Tree yielding fruit after its kind:  (Same as for herb yielding seed)


Day 4: 

Lights in the firmament: 
Sun - will become black, later will scorch men with fire
Moon - will become as blood 
Stars - will fall from the sky
Later, the sun, moon and stars will be darkened

Day 5:

Sea creatures:  Fish farming by corporations - hybrid fish;  Massive fishing by corporations.  Whale hunting, etc.  Disease in sea creatures from pollution of the oceans and streams;  first 1/3 will die, then they ALL will die

Birds:  Disease and deformities in birds has become a big problem.  Air and vegetation pollution, oil spills and other man-made catastrophes are damaging the birds.

Day 6:

Land creatures:

Wild beasts: will attack man in large numbers.  (Domesticated animals may turn on man as well.)
Domesticated animals, including cattle will be destroyed by the 100 lb hail, the lightning and the earthquakes.

Mega-corporations cloning animals; cross-breeding hybrid animals

Nature (animals and mother earth) more important than man, although God said the other way around.

Mankind:  Severe famine, death from the sword, from attacks by beasts, drinking water will be either in very short supply or totally unavailable due to pollution, severe malignant ulcers (Cancer?), men shall seek death but not find it, scorched by the sun, in darkness, killed by earthquakes, lightning, 100 pound hail.

Mega-corporations own our personal DNA, cloning humans, cross-breeding humans with animals.

Mankind told to be “fruitful and multiply.”  The New World Order wants to stop the human race from being “fruitful and multiplying”:  abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, homosexuality, fluoride in the water, vaccinations, cancer, heart disease, fast food, emerging diseases, restriction of medical care.

Nature becomes more important than man.  Environmentalism.

Eventual worship of creatures ( Sun worship, worship of Gaia – mother earth, worship of animals and insects - as happens in all pagan cultures) rather than worship of the Creator.


The Seventh-day Sabbath:  This has been done away with almost entirely and replaced with worship on Sunday, the day of the Sun god whom the pagans have worshipped for thousands of years as the “sustainer of life.”  Worship of the “created” rather than the Creator.

It is clear that humanity, under the tutelage of Satan, has been destroying the earth since sin entered.  There was a major step “forward” in earth’s destruction at the time of the flood.  In fact, the flood returned the earth to exactly the condition in which it was in Genesis 1:1,2.

Since then, humanity, with Satan in charge, has been progressively de-Creating the earth year after year.  Now, in the last days, de-Creation is going at break-neck speed.  Its rapid increase is depicted in the Seals and in the Trumpets.

The final culmination of total destruction of the earth is found in Revelation 16:  The Seven Last Plagues.

God’s people will HAVE to be caught up off the earth to meet the Lord in the air as the earth crumbles beneath their feet.  If they were not caught up in the air, they would perish on the earth.  This will truly be a major rescue mission for the Lord.

So this 6,000 years has primarily been for Satan to use every type of government, administration or rulership to attempt to prove that he can run this earth better than God can.  Revelation reveals to us that ALL of Satan’s attempts will end in utter failure.  The earth will disintegrate before his eyes.

The righteous will spend the millennium in heaven as the earth will be uninhabitable for 1,000 years.  The earth must have this 1,000 year rest to make up for the many sabbatical years that the earth was NOT rested from farming.

Satan and his demons will be bound to earth by a “chain of circumstances” to ponder the results of his attempts at rulership.  This is not just vengeful punishment - God is NEVER vindictive.  All God’s judgments are salvific - meaning they further our salvation.

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