You Can’t Twitter Your Way to Health!

Lorraine Day, M.D.

There are only three things in life that really matter: 1) one’s relationship with God, our Creator, 2) one’s relationship with the members of his or her family, and 3) one’s health.

And if you don’t have your health, life is barely worth living.

Yet no one wants to spend time, diligent study, effort, and self-control to maintain their health or to retrieve it, once it is lost.  People are willing to spend money – even lots of money – for drugs and surgery, but they’re NOT willing to spend time, diligent study, effort and self-control to get well.

The following is an actual e-mail – word for word - I recently received.

Dr. Day:  I sent you a self-addressed envelope regarding how to treat breast cancer naturally.  I have not received anything yet.”

My response to her was the following:

“I have sent you a self-addressed envelope requesting full information on how to fly a 747 jumbo jet.  I have not received anything yet.”  Or, it might have been:

“I want to be a lawyer.  I have sent you a self-addressed envelope.  Please send me in that envelope everything I need to know to pass my bar exam.”

People are more willing to spend time going to Beauty School to learn to cut, color and style hair than they are willing to spend time learning how to maintain or re-gain their health.

It is almost unbelievable that a person would think that a letter-size envelope could contain all the information that is necessary to get well from a life-threatening disease.

Virtually everyone has given his or her life over to the supposed “Experts” with the unstated request that he or she (the one with the life-threatening disease):

  1. not be asked to do anything for themselves,
  2. not be asked to diligently study and learn anything for themselves,
  3. not be asked to deny themselves anything they like to do, or eat, or watch, or read – even if it is clearly harmful to them,
  4. not be asked to think things through to analyze the long-term consequences of their choice of treatment,
  5. not be asked to make a decision that might cause their family members to disagree with them
  6. not be asked to follow any course that could possibly be frowned on by their friends
  7. not be asked to do anything that would require hard work and total commitment in order to regain their health
  8. not be asked to commit to a health plan unless they know exactly how long it will take to get well
  9. not be asked to be patient in turning around a lifetime of abuse of their body by the way they have been living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress
  10. not be asked to really trust God – as they much prefer to trust “man” - the doctors – who they can see and touch!

It seems that everyone wants to “twitter” his way to health.

For those who are not familiar with this term, Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.  Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to the author’s subscribers who are known as followers.

And this is how people approach their health.  “Tell me how to get well from a life-threatening disease in 140 characters or less!”

Why are people so resistant – and so apathetic – to learning how to be healthy, even resistant and apathetic to learning how to reverse a disease that can kill them?

A. I trust my doctors knowing that “God works through doctors.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.  God does NOT work through doctors.  Everything that a doctor uses to “treat” diseases is devastatingly harmful to the body’s immune system – the one system in the body God has given us to get us well.

See:  “Are Doctors a Gift from God?” (link directly below)

B.  Sense Knowledge “Understanding” of God’s Health Plan

  1. Many people write to say, “I’m following your ‘diet” - - - - but God’s Health Plan is NOT a “diet.”  The proper nutrition, though critical for recovery, is only Ten Percent of the Health Plan.  In order to Get Well, one must follow ALL Ten Steps of the Health Plan with 100% commitment.

Disease is a “Spiritual” problem.  It begins in the “heart” because we want to live, think, act, eat and handle stress our way rather than God’s way.  Yet, the only part of the Health Plan that most people seem to grasp is the “food” portion of the plan. 

They seem to have NO Spiritual understanding, and that applies to Christians as well.  They only understand things with their five senses: what they can see, touch, hear, taste and smell.

The Bible tells us:

“The natural man (the unspiritual man – the one who can only understand with the five senses) cannot understand the things of the Spirit of God (Spiritual things).  They are foolishness to him.  Neither can he know them because Spiritual things are Spiritually discerned (understood).”  1 Corinthians 2:14

In order to understand Spiritual things, one must have the same connection with God that the authors of the Bible had when they were inspired by God to write the books of the Bible.  Only when God opens the heart and mind of the individual, will he or she be able to understand Spiritual things.

                  “Juicing and Stuff”

One woman referred to God’s Health Plan as “Juicing and Stuff,” trivializing it, as though that would be the total method whereby God “heals ALL our diseases” as He has promised to do in Psalm 103:3.  That characterization is insulting to God.  God says,

“IF you follow My laws (that includes His Ten Natural Health Laws) My Commandments (ALL Ten of hem – including the Seventh-day Saturday Sabbath) and My decrees (including learning to FORGIVE everyone who has ever wronged you, including learning to LOVE your enemies, including learning to be Unselfish, including learning to truly TRUST God completely – rather than trusting “man” (doctors, family members and friends), I WILL keep you FREE from EVERY disease.”  Deuteronomy 7:11-15

That is a 100% guarantee by God to heal ALL our diseases, but the guarantee is given only if we do it HIS way.  And it includes far more than “Juicing and Stuff.”

God is the only One who can guarantee the Health Plan because He is the One who knows your heart, He is the One who knows if you are cheating on the Plan, He is the only One who can tell you what you need to get rid of in your heart in order to start on the road to recovery.

Others write to say, “I’m drinking 3 glasses of carrot juice a week” as though that is the Health Plan.  Not only is that nowhere nearly enough carrot juice, but again, these people are unable to understand the enormous Spiritual component of their illness.

They are unable to understand that we give ourselves disease slowly, one day at a time, by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.  Diseases do NOT “fall out of the sky” nor do they “just happen.”  We give them to ourselves by the way we live, think, act, eat and handle stress.

In order to Get Well, one must be willing to admit to himself and to everyone else that he gave himself this disease, just as an alcoholic must stand up in front of the others at AA and say publicly:  “I’m an Alcoholic.”  Yet everyone, particularly those who are Christians are unwilling to admit they caused their own disease.  Unfortunately the “Church,” erroneously and unbiblically, teaches that disease is unrelated to the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.

When Jesus is making every decision in our life, we will not be sick because we will automatically be following God’s Ten Step Health Plan, and obeying “His Laws, His Commandments and His Decrees” (Deut 7:11-15) in every area of our life.

C.  Unwilling to spend the time required in diligent study

            Tell me what to do:

People are used to going to the doctor to receive a prescription for pills with specific directions for when and how to take them.  Or they go to an Alternative doctor who sells them hundreds of dollars worth of supplements or uses some device on them.  The idea that they must change their habits, their thoughts, their way of living, their spiritual understanding, and their belief system, is almost incomprehensible to them.

Those things take time and effort and self-control.  It is a process - - not an instantaneous “Quick-fix.”  And few have the intestinal fortitude and the determination to follow through.  They have been “trained” by the media, by society, by their parents, by their family and friends, and by their church to give over their decisions on their life and health to a doctor.

Many say, “A friend loaned me your video. . .” as though one viewing is all that is necessary to understand the program on how to keep their most complex, delicate and important “machine” – their body and mind - in proper working order.

Some become indignant saying, “Why don’t you have your information on CDs so I can listen while I drive my car around town, running errands,” revealing their total inability to understand the crucial importance of giving their undivided attention to the matter at hand - their health - particularly when they are often suffering from cancer or some other life-threatening disease. 

They want to “catch the info on the run” rather than slow down – and sit down – and devote their undivided attention to their health, one of the most important things in their life.

When a person has a life-threatening disease, their complete focus must be on getting well.  The whole family must rally together and relieve the person of the bulk of their responsibilities so their time and energy – with the help of their family – can be devoted to one thing and one thing only – for as long as it takes – and that is “Getting Well.”

The Health Plan is not something that can be done as a side issue.  It has to be the central Issue in one’s life.  If it isn’t, the person’s priorities are ALL Wrong – and he or she will not Get Well.

D. Unwilling to trust God to provide for us even though God promises “to supply all our needs”

God has promised to supply all our needs – but ONLY if we learn to trust Him.  And ONLY if we are willing to obey all we already know.  In other words, we must already be obeying ALL that we already know before God will provide the understanding for the next step – and before He will supply the means to obtain what we need.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Luke 12:31

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:19

God knows our hearts.  He knows if a person is willing to follow God’s health plan with 100% commitment.  And if so, He will supply all their needs.

E.  Why People Can No Longer Think

Fluoride is in the water and in toothpaste.  It is a poison.  (See the Death Warning on the toothpaste tube.)  It is also a major component of anesthetics used in the operating to make a person unconscious.  Fluoride affects the brain, causing a decrease in mental acuity resulting in the inability to make proper decisions.

Educational “dumbing-down”: Please look at the 8th grade test of 100 years ago

Lack of attention span:  Rapid changes in the picture on TV, MTV, commercials and the movies leading to a very short attention span, as do the use of energy drinks, caffeine, sugar, fast food, fat and hormones

Atherosclerosis and Obesity:  A diet of animal products causes obesity and atherosclerosis.  The arteries become clogged with fatty deposits limiting blood flow to the brain resulting in the inability to think and make sound judgments.

Lack of exercise causes sluggishness because not enough oxygen reaches the brain and muscles.

Laziness: very few people are interested in doing anything that is difficult – or uncomfortable – or requires dedication, commitment, and tenacity.  People are often just plain lazy.

Drug medications:  Every drug medication has an effect on the brain, causing a decrease in mental function.  Some decreases are so small they are barely measurable.  But many common drug medications cause a significant decrease in cognition and moral judgments.
Street drugs:  God directs us by communicating with us through our brain – impressing us with his directions.  If our brain function is suppressed with street drugs, drug medications, or alcohol, we cannot hear God’s voice.

Extreme sports:  Everyone wants to be “thrilled” with more extreme feats of sports, strength, treachery, or action.  But these often cause the production of adrenalin in the body, ultimately sending the person into “adrenalin debt” resulting in extreme fatigue, tiredness, and exhaustion.  Constant stimulation of the adrenal glands in this and other ways, can cause adrenal fatigue – one of the potential problems in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

TV watching causes a person to revert to the level of a 6th grader, the level to which nearly all TV programs are geared.  The viewer loses his ability to think and make sound judgments.

Consuming Sugar decreases memory and brain acuity, robs the body of vitamins and minerals crucial for proper brain function, such as the B complex vitamins, and causes irritability and emotional lability.

After a while, the person becomes putty in the hands of the New World Order, ready to accept the rule of his “master.”  He has truly become a Slave!

F.  Immaturity:  Lack of Self-control and lack of Patience

Everyone wants a “Quick Fix.”  The general definition of “lust” is: “I want what I want when I want it.”  I must have instant gratification in everything in my life.  I can’t wait.  I can’t put off immediate gratification for a future benefit, even though it will be enormously important for my life.  I must have thrills in sports, excitement in my job, everything I eat must taste good and everything I do must make me feel good.

But that is what a 2 year old wants – instant gratification – or else he will throw a tantrum.

But as we grow bigger – we must also “grow up.”  We must mature and be able to put off what we want right now for our greater good later.  Two of the “fruits of the spirit” are Self-Control and Patience. 

I can’t count the number of times a person with cancer or some other life-threatening disease has said one of the following to me:

            “I’m not going to give up my meat.”

            “I LOVE chocolate.”

            “I hate to exercise.”

            “I hate water.”

            “I can’t stand carrot juice.”

            “I hate veggies.”

            “How long will this plan take?”

            “Now that you’re well, can’t you eat anything you want?”

These are all big red flags that literally scream out that the person has not yet matured.  He or she is acting like a 2-year old - who is more interested in satisfying his or her immediate desires – than actually SAVING his or her LIFE!

That is a sad situation.  And people who don’t have self-control, can’t get well. 

Yet, if they turn to the Lord, and seek Him with all their heart in earnest and diligent Bible study and prayer, He WILL give them the self-control and maturity that they need.  That’s what Jesus Christ is all about.  That is what it means to be a Christian – having the disposition, character and self-control of Jesus Christ Himself, exhibited in us.

We must “grow up” in Christ.

Christianity is about the here and now.  Christianity is about letting Jesus make every decision in your life – NOW!

G.  People don’t want to study, concentrate, and learn.  They shy away from anything that is hard to do – even to the point of losing their life.

It is amazing that people will go to school for 9 months or longer to learn how to cut and style women’s hair or to be a barber, or to be a dental assistant, or some other job.  But they don’t want to spend any time or concentrated effort on learning to be healthy, learning to reverse their life-threatening disease – so they can LIVE!

They want to be “spoon-fed” and coddled.  They don’t want to work hard or study hard – at getting well.  They don’t want to change their schedule, deny themselves something they like in order to learn life-saving information. 

But without diligent, concentrated, determined study to learn WHAT is necessary to get well – and WHY – a person cannot be successful.

H.  How little money it takes to Get Well – GOD’S way!

Orthodox therapy for cancer costs between $300,000.00 and $500,000 – on average.  Yet people rarely complain.  “Any price is worth it to continue to live,” they say.  And any experimental drug that a doctor puts in front of them – no matter HOW potentially harmful it is – the desperate person will gladly take.

But many don’t want to spend the equivalent price of a couple of tickets to Disneyland – a pleasure that lasts only a day – to invest in life-saving information that can benefit every member of the family every day of their long and healthy life, information that can prevent and reverse life-threatening diseases.

It all depends on the person’s priorities!

One can only shake one’s head at the short-sightedness that permeates society.

In addition, God PROMISES to supply ALL our needs, IF we Trust Him!

But my God shall supply ALL your needs, according to His riches in glory, by Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:19

Unfortunately, almost no one – including Christians – actually believes that text – and acts on it.

I.  Obeying “man” – rather than God: Taking the advice of family, friends and doctors rather than trusting God.

The Bible clearly instructs us to obey God – rather than man.

            “We ought to obey God, rather than men.”  Acts 5:29

Yet, I constantly hear the following:

“I would prefer to follow God’s way and get well naturally, but my children want me to have chemotherapy.”

“I know chemotherapy is harmful, but my family is so worried about me, they want me to have it.

            “The doctors tell me that I should have radiation.”

“My husband wants me to see the oncologist and do what the oncologist says.”

But God says,

“If any man will come to Me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.”  Luke 14:26

A person’s choice of treatment has eternal consequences.  Will you choose GOD’S way – or will you choose “man’s” way – the way of the doctor and the advice of your family and friends?

The following is a question I recently received.

Q. My wife has been diagnosed with lymphoma. She has lumps around her neck. She is 52 years old and had been compelled by your testimony to take an alternative route to healing. Now, her family is pushing hard to get her to go the chemo avenue.   She is confused, and I am afraid that she won’t give the Lord a chance to heal her by taking care of her body like He wants her to. I have seen death from the chemo and radiation too many times in my life through family members and friends.

A.  This is a crossroads in your wife's life - and yours as well.  She must decide whom she trusts:  God - or "man" (friends, family and doctors). When one chooses his or her method of treatment, they often don't realize that it has eternal consequences.  It is a matter of Allegiance - either to God - or to "man."

Again, God says the following:

"If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his father, and mother, and wife (or husband) and children, and brothers and sisters             yea and his (or her) own life also, he (or she) cannot be My disciple." Luke 14:26
God does not use the word “hate” as man does.  In this passage, God is telling us that we must put Him – and His Word - above everyone else in our life.  We must put our trust in Him – and NOT in “man” – whether it be doctors, or family or friends.

"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love the other: or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other."  Matt 6:24

                        "We ought to obey GOD - - - rather than men (mankind)."  Acts 5:29

Confusion is caused by lack of obedience.  If we are confused, it is because we are not obeying all that we already know.  God holds us responsible for ALL that we know – and – ALL that we have the opportunity of knowing.

If we reject truth "God will bring on us a STRONG DELUSION so we will believe a lie." 2 Thess. 2:11

If your wife decides to trust God - then she will be under God's protection. If she trusts in "man" (family, friends and doctors) then she will NOT be under God's protection - and there is only one being left whose "protection" she will be under, and that is Satan.  There is no place in between.

As I said, your wife is going to have to make her choice.  I imagine she probably considers herself a Christian, and she "believes" she trusts in God.  Well, here is where the rubber meets the road.  Most Christians THINK they trust God - but they really don't.  When the chips are down, they RUN to "man" and trust "man" (doctors, pastors, church members, family and friends).

It is God who has created her body and knows everything about it, and everything used in the Health Plan was created by God - in the exact form God created it.  It is God who gave His life for her and OWNS her ("You are bought with a price").  We are told to "glorify God in our bodies."

Your wife gave herself lymphoma, just like I gave myself breast cancer. Neither of us meant to do it, we did it ignorantly - by the way we were living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress.  The only way to reverse cancer and every other disease, is to change the way we are living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress.

We are on this earth for one thing and one thing only - and that is to learn to know God - and to trust Him with everything in our life.  

When Jesus is making every decision in our life - we will NOT be sick.  

God promises to "heal ALL our diseases" (Psalm 103:3) but only if we do it HIS way and HIS way only (Deut 7:11-15).

Those promises were written over 3,000 years ago before there was "modern medicine," before there were poisonous drugs like chemotherapy, before there was burning radiation (both of which cause Cancer and destroy one's immune system - the only system in our body that God has given us to Get us Well and Keep us Well) and before surgery was available - including mutilating cancer surgery.  

So how did God fulfill His promises 3,000 years ago - without the horrors of "modern medicine"?  

The same way He does it now - by our learning to trust Him and His ways – by using the things that He has created - in the form that He has created them (not modified by “man”).

Remember when Jesus was on earth - the only thing that was needed to be healed was belief - belief that God would do what He has already Promised to do – “Heal ALL our diseases” - but only if we do it HIS way - and NOT "man's" way (the way of the doctors).

"Without faith (the same word as trust and belief) it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God."

"He that cometh to God must believe that He is (that He actually exists) and that He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him. (He rewards by fulfilling His promises – but only if we actually believe that He will do it - and if we actually follow His Plan and NOT the plan of the "world" – the plan of the doctors).  Hebrews 11:5

Learning to trust God is never easy.  It is a struggle, but this will show where her "heart" is - with God - - or with "man."

As I said, the decision she makes has eternal consequences.  Who does she trust?  God – or man?

Q. We have purchased some of your material, and are eagerly awaiting its arrival. Is there someone like you near out town in the Georgia area who we may speak to on a personal basis?  I’m afraid unless we speak personally to an alternative medicine doctor or someone who has been healed God’s way, my wife will go with chemo.

A. Yes, there is - a physician who is willing to take care of her, to give her advice on her treatment and to comfort her in her distress.  I spoke with Him this morning and He is willing to take care of her at no cost.  And He makes house calls.  His name is Jesus Christ.  He will never leave her - and she needs to learn to trust Him - and NOT doctors or family and friends!  Your wife can – and should – speak to Him every day, “on a personal basis.”

In order for a person to Get Well, he or she must study, study, study, my materials over and over and over again, and develop a relationship with GOD - NOT with doctors.

The whole point of this life - as I said above - is to learn to TRUST GOD - NOT to trust "man" – including doctors!

If your wife decides on chemotherapy, that will be unfortunate –she will be exhibiting her allegiance to "man" - and NOT to God.  And everything that the doctors will do to her will DESTROY her immune system, the one system God has given her to Get Well.

If Christianity does not give us faith (trust) in Jesus Christ - then what good is it?  It's a useless ritual!

Disease is a wonderful opportunity to show who we believe in.  God allows us to get ourselves into terrible circumstances because we want to live, think, act, eat, and handle stress our own way.  Then, when we get ourselves sick - as your wife has done to herself - and as I did to myself - God says, "Turn to Me."

The Bible tells us clearly that God is NOT found in a church.  

"Howbeit the Most High does NOT dwell in temples made with hands."  Acts 7:48

"God that made the world and all things in it (including your wife's body) seeing that He is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth NOT in temples made with hands."  Acts 17:24

God is not found in a church.  He is found by fervent Bible study and prayer - alone with God - in our own room, on our knees, in a struggle between God and us only.  In order to truly find God, we must struggle it out with Him in the privacy of our meetings with Him – alone.

Your wife should also start reading the information on my other website at

As I look back, the BEST thing that ever happened to me was developing Cancer.  It seemed horrible at the time - and I was in terrible pain for much of the time - but through it all I got to know God - up close and personal - and learned to trust Him with everything in my life.

J. Can’t I get well without God?

Q. My father has metastatic cancer.  He has had chemo and radiation, but he’s now worse than ever.  He’s not very religious, but he is thinking about following your Health Plan.

A. You say your father is "not very religious."  If he is thinking clearly he should consider about how "well" he is doing running his own life.  He has gotten himself close to death by doing things his OWN way - just like I did.

I wasn’t “very religious” either when I developed cancer, but as I got closer and closer to death, I finally came to the conclusion that I needed the Lord to run my life.

Your father has to decide if he trusts himself (the one who has gotten him close to death), or the doctors (who have only made him worse) or GOD - who created His body and PROMISES to "heal ALL our diseases"  (Psalm 103:3) but ONLY if we do it GOD'S way and NOT our own way.  (Deut 7:11-15)

ALL diseases - including ALL cancers - are a Spiritual problem.  They begin in the "heart" because we want to run our own life - our own way.

ONLY when we give up our right to our self and realize that we need God to run our life, will we have the strength and the understanding to really Get Well by following the Ten Step Health Plan with 100% commitment.

K.  We must view disease as a blessing:

We have the idea that we are on this earth to have a good time, to enjoy life, and for everything to go smoothly.  But that is NOT biblical.

Jesus said,

"In this world, you WILL have tribulations.  But be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."  John 16:33

When everything is going fine - we don't change.  It is TROUBLE that forces us to CHANGE.

We are on this earth for one thing and one thing only - to get to know God - up close and personal - and to learn to trust Him with everything in our life.

God is not into "gratuitous violence."  In other words, He does not let things happen to us that are "random."  Everything that happens to us is part of our purification process.  It is meant to build character.  We are told to "glory in our tribulations, because they build patience and character." Romans 5:3-5

I had a horrendous struggle trying to get well.  I had severe pain 24 hours a day for many, many, months, and I, at one time, was moments from death.  The struggle lasted 3 1/2 years - 2 years getting worse, trying to learn how to get well - and 18 months getting well.  In human terms, I wouldn't wish that terrible time on anyone.  But as I look back on it, I realize that Cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me.  I finally realized that I knew NOTHING (even though I was a physician and knew everything every other physician knows) and that God knows EVERYTHING.  And HIS way is always best.

ALL Cancers - and all other diseases - are a Blessing - because they are supposed to turn us to God to let HIM run our life rather than us running our own life.

God rarely tells us why we are going through what we are going through while we are going through it.  Only much later can we look back and see the blessing in it.

Since the Bible tells us that "ALL is of God" (Romans 11:36 - and many other texts) then you better understand that your son's condition is a Blessing - whether you understand that right now or not, because

"ALL things work together for GOOD to them that love God, to them that are called according to His purpose."  Romans             8:28

God does not make mistakes - and He is in control of everything.

Being a Christian does not mean that everything will be perfect.  Being a Christian means that no matter how bad things get, with everything coming down around us, we can still be at peace because we are holding the hand of the ONE who knows why everything is happening - and the One who will eventually "work all things together for good" - Jesus Christ.

Through my long struggle in learning how to Get Well, I learned a lot about God. Please go to my website at and click on the red, rectangular navigational button on the home page that says, "Spiritual Truth." Begin reading there and then as you scroll down you will see a very large number of Bible study topics, including many more in the link called "Monthly Home Bible Study."  Start studying all those Bible studies.  They will help you cope with what you are going through right now, and they will help you see your situation from GOD'S point of view - rather than from YOUR point of view.

You will see what I learned about God - and what I am still learning about God. No matter what terrible things seem to be happening to us, God will ultimately turn them into something wonderful - a fantastic blessing.

To see and understand how God can - and will - do this, read the story of Joseph, beginning in Genesis, Chapter 30.

During Joseph’s life, his brothers almost killed him, they put him in a pit where he would starve to death, then they decided instead to sell him as a slave and he was taken to Egypt.  He never saw his mother again.  After he was in Egypt, he was falsely accused by the wife of Potipher (Joseph’s boss) and narrowly escaped the death sentence.  Joseph was wrongly imprisoned for several years.

After all was said and done and Joseph was reunited with his brothers again, his brothers were terrified that Joseph would have them killed.  But his response was,

"YOU meant this for evil - but God meant it for GOOD."  Genesis 50:20

You can’t change the past - so LET IT GO - and spend time with the Lord every day in Bible study and prayer, praising Him for the wonderful blessing you will one day understand was necessary for your sanctification.

One excellent book that helped me abundantly during my struggle - and a book I still read every day - is:  My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers.  It is available at any Christian bookstore and it can also be ordered on either of my websites.

Reading that book - along with reading the Bible (start with the book of John) - will give you the strength to get through all this - and even have peace and joy through it all.

L. Trusting God: if I am a church member and I go to church – then I know I trust God.

Christians believe that if they are a “born again” believer and a church-goer, they are just fine with God.

Q.  I have breast cancer.  I am a Christian and a born again believer in Jesus Christ.

A. I know this will be difficult for you to hear – as it is for all Christians - but you actually believe in "man" and not in Jesus Christ.  Let me explain.

God promises to "heal ALL our diseases" (Psalm 103:3) but only if we do it His way - and only His way.  (Deut 7:11-15)  In that passage, God says,

"IF you follow My laws (that includes His Ten Natural Health Laws that are on my DVDS, CDs, and in my books) and My Commandments (that includes ALL Ten Commandments - which I explain on my 5 CD series entitled Stress Success - are far wider-reaching than any church teaches) and My decrees (including learning to FORGIVE everyone who has ever wronged you, including learning to LOVE your enemies, including being against ALL wars, including learning to be Unselfish, including learning to trust God with everything in one's life - including having God in charge of our protection, rather than ourselves (self-defense) or the government, and all the other Ten Steps) then God says, "I WILL keep you FREE from EVERY disease."  Deut 7:11-15

People have the idea - because physicians have indoctrinated and brainwashed them into believing it - that every disease must be "treated" with a specific, unique regimen that is different from every other treatment for every other disease.  But that's not true.

When a person gets truly Well, it is their immune system that got them well.  (I'm not talking about taking drugs to cover up one's symptoms.)  So, then, in order to get well - from ANY disease - one must concentrate on doing the things that will get his immune system working properly again.  That is the information on my DVDs, CDs, and in my books.

As I said above, people are so used to going to doctors, seeing the doctor for 5 or 10 minutes, receiving a prescription for a drug medication of some kind, then going home and "taking" the drugs, that they have NO IDEA what they need to change in the way they live, think, act, eat, and handle stress in order to Get Well.

In order to find that out, it takes diligent study of my materials - over and over and over again - to get rid of the brainwashing and indoctrination with which "modern" medicine has propagandized us.

I realize you are taking herbs and not drugs.  But there is NO disease caused by a "deficiency of herbs."  So herbs aren't going to solve your problem, because you will continue to live, think, act, eat, and handle stress the same way you always have, and THAT is what caused your problem in the first place.

Disease is a "Spiritual" problem first and foremost - because we want to live our lives OUR way, rather than GOD'S way.

Your disease has been developing slowly over many, many years.  It did not "just happen."  It may have been "just diagnosed" - but it has been building up slowly over many, many years because of the way you have been living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress.

And it occurred while you were a Christian.  But when Jesus is making every decision in our life, we will not be sick.  And if Jesus had been making every decision in my life, many years ago, I wouldn't have developed cancer either.

So, that is why disease is a "Spiritual" problem.

Unfortunately, many Christians respond by saying, "Well, I'm a Christian so I know I'm fine with God."  That attitude suggests that there is no more to learn about the Lord - which is not true.

It also tends to suggest that God is a Liar because:

God promises to "heal ALL our diseases" (Psalm 103:3) but only if we follow His way (and not the ways of the doctors)  Deut 7:11-15,  So if you believe your are following God - and yet you are sick - there can only be two options:

  1. Either you are not living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling

     stress God’s way - OR -
2.  God is a Liar.

And we know that God does NOT lie!

The churches all teach that diseases "just happen" because we live in a sinful world - that it has nothing to do with how we conduct our own life.  But they are all very wrong.  I discuss that in great detail on a number of my DVDs, including "Believing is Seeing" and "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: Is it Ever God's Will that you NOT be Healed?"

In order to get well, we must learn how to take care of our body God’s way.  I cannot give that information to you in one e-mail or even a dozen e-mails.  You have to sit down and study my materials over and over and over again, because each time you do, you will understand something that you didn't quite "get" the last time around.

Your health is one of the most important things in your life so your health deserves ALL the time and attention that is necessary in order to learn how to maintain it or re-gain it.  And it requires diligent study, major commitment, and determination in order to follow the Health Plan.

Q. You said that I need to spend more time with the Lord.  But since you don't know me you have no way of knowing what my walk with the Lord is.

A.  Actually, it is easy to tell.  You have cancer.  You developed cancer while you were a Christian.  You gave yourself cancer just like I gave myself cancer:  we were living, thinking, eating, and handling stress like every other Christian.  We were not letting Jesus make every decision in our life.  We give ourselves cancer one day at a time, because we want to run our own life rather than letting Jesus make every decision in our life.

The Bible says, "By their fruits, ye shall know them."  My "fruit" was developing cancer which - by definition - telegraphed to the world that I was not living totally God's way.  Your developing cancer happened the same way.

When Jesus IS making every decision in our life - we will not be sick - we will not eat the wrong things - we will not take drug medications of any kind (as you have been taking), which the Bible defines as Sorceries and Witchcraft (see my article entitled "Are Doctors a Gift from God?" for the Biblical reference), we will not be going to doctors for disease - any kind of doctors.  We will trust only in the Lord and follow His ways only.

There it is, God promises us that IF we follow His laws, His commandments, and His decrees, He WILL keep us FREE from EVERY disease.

So, if we develop disease while we claim to trust God completely, and be His follower, then either we are NOT following His laws, commandments and decrees with 100% commitment - or God is a Liar!

And we KNOW that God does NOT lie!  

Q. (Her Response) Let me tell you that Jesus is the most important person in my life and I rarely go a day without feeding from the Word.  I am also a person committed to prayer.  I am a Christian counselor who counsels all my clients from God's Word.  I base my life on the Word of God and I absolutely KNOW from personal experience over the years the absolute necessity of living in constant forgiveness and "thinking on things that are good, pure, true, lovely and of good report."  I also know that "as a man thinks in his heart, so is he."

I made some mistakes that led to my cancer.  My doctor had me on hormone therapy for 25 years. 
I disagree when you said I've depended on a doctor.  My doctor is a strong believer and told me right off that the diet would never work without the commitment to the Lord.  He was an MD and went back to school to become a Naturopath.

A. Again, God says HE is the Healer.  He doesn't use doctors to do HIS healing.  As I said above, the Bible refers to ALL drug medications as Sorceries and Witchcraft, so if a doctor is giving out those medications, he is NOT doing things God's way.

And if you were taking them, then YOU were NOT following God's way.

Q. My doctor says my skin is going to break open and this thing is going to start coming out.  That frightens me a little because of the possible pain involved. 

A. Doesn't that tell you that you are not getting better - and that the advice of your doctor is not working?

Since God PROMISES to "heal ALL our diseases" (Psalm 103:3) if we do it HIS way and His way only (Deut 7:11-15) isn't that evidence that there is something - or a number of things - that you are not doing, that are required in God's Health Plan.

In my Workbook I have a section entitled "Reasons for Failure" and another section named "How Do I Follow My Progress on God's Health Plan?"

Q. I try to live my life just like you do as far as depending on God.  He is my source, not man. 

A. I realize that virtually all Christians believe they trust in God, but when it comes right down to it, they really trust in "man" (doctors for their healing, pastors and the church for their salvation, themselves for their "Self-defense", and the government for their safety).

How much do you want to be well?

Getting well God’s way – which is the only way to truly Get Well - is not a “cakewalk.”  (Pardon the pun – since “cake” and ALL “sweets” are forbidden on the Health Plan.)  It is one of the hardest things anyone can ever do, and you must have your priorities straight.

It requires that you admit to yourself and your friends and family that YOU gave yourself this disease – by the way you were living, thinking, acting, eating and handling stress.

It requires that you blame no one for your disease – except yourself.  (It is the way YOU react to your life that gives you disease.)

It requires tremendous self-control.

It requires your belief that God can give you that self-control.

It requires that you give up many things you like to eat or do – because they are harmful for you.

It requires a permanent change in everything in your life.

It requires that you give up your right to yourself and give it over to God.

It requires that you admit that you cannot run your own life successfully and you need God to run your life for you.

It requires that you learn to trust God (NOT “man” – doctors, pastors, family, friends, etc.) completely - with everything in your life.

It requires that you spend the necessary time to diligently study and learn how God wants you to run your life and take care of your body and health – no matter how long it takes!

The body is a very complex organism, but the maintenance of it is very simple – simple – but not easy, because God will change everything in your life.  Old habits die hard, but Jesus will continue to test you until you allow Him to run everything in your life.

And when Jesus is making every decision in your life – you will NOT be sick.