Can “Man” Control the Weather?

Let's examine what man knows today about weather control.

"Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was born in Croatia. He emigrated to the United States in 1884, worked for a short time for Thomas Edison, and became a naturalized American citizen. A pioneer in high-tension electricity, he made discoveries and inventions of great value to the development of radio transmission and in the field of electricity. 

He invented the alternating current (AC) system by which electricity can be transported through wires of thousands of miles, then sent into industrial plants to operate machinery, and into homes to provide light, heat and energy." (Newswatch Magazine, "Earth Hanging in the Balance" Dec. 1, 1998) 

There are over 400 patents in the U.S. Patent Office registered to Nikola Tesla. 

Tesla also wrote of a method whereby weather could be controlled so that deserts could become farmlands, and where cold could be modified and heat tempered. 

"Shortly after the turn of the century, Tesla theorized that by using coordinated radio impulses, it should be possible to manipulate the part of the earth's magnetic field that resides at the edge of space up in the ionosphere by generating giant standing waves. These waves, said Tesla, could then be manipulated to change the course of giant wind patterns, like the jet stream, that shape our weather." (From "The Killer Electric", by Lowell Ponte, published in Gallery magazine, August 1978.) 

"Around 1900, Tesla invented and patented a system of utilizing the earth's natural vibrations to transmit power through the earth without wires. 

"Tesla's system involved the use of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) electromagnetic cycles per second. Tesla proved that it is possible to create gigantic standing electromagnetic waves (sometimes thousands of miles long) which can be used to modify the weather and create man-made droughts, floods and storms. Tesla's giant standing electromagnetic waves can also create long-lasting high-pressure areas." (C.B. Baker: July 1982, in Youth Actions News, P.O. Box 312, Alexandria, Virginia 22313) 

"At Tesla's death in 1943 some of his papers went to a museum in Belgrade (Yugoslavia). But apparently some found their way to Russia...If indeed the Russians have succeeded in uncovering some of Tesla's lost secrets, the disarmament committees may be in for some real earth-shaking proposals." (Bill Boshears, Cincinnati Enquirer, November 19, 1978) 

The May 27, 1983 issue of Don Bell Reports (P.O. Box 2223, Palm Beach, FL 33480) contained detailed information as to how the Soviets are operating to manipulate the weather of the United States. 

"Combining secrets gained from Tesla and technological materials and equipment obtained from the United States, The Soviets have constructed giant transmitting stations capable of producing frequencies of 40 megawatts, or 40 million watts. The highest radio transmission in the U.S. for commercial broadcasting is 50,000 watts. The Voice of America uses 100,000 watts in some of its broadcasts. But this is hardly comparable to the 40 million (40,000,000) watts used by these Soviet transmitters to project their scalar waves." (Newswatch Magazine, Dec 1, 1998) 

In 1987-88 America suffered a series of record-setting weather related disasters. Why? 

The July 8, 1987 Arizona Republic reported that on July 7, 1987: "For reasons unknown even to weather experts, the temperature at Greensburg, Kansas jumped 20 degrees in ten minutes. In a phenomenon most people will not witness in their lifetime, the city's temperature rose to 95 degrees by 7:40 am from 75 degrees at 7:30 am," said Bill Ellis, an observer for the National Weather Service. "I've never seen anything like it, and I don't know anybody that ever has." He described the change as a 'sudden wave of heat' like you're standing in a cool room, and you open the oven door...Greensburg's temperature dropped to 86 degrees by 8:00 am and to a more normal 77 degrees at 10:30 am." 

Greensburg, Kansas appears to have been directly targeted by Soviet scalar weapons, operating in a special 'produce energy' mode. Such a scalar mode is described in Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden's article, "Tesla's Electro-Gravitation, Electromagnetics and Its Soviet Weaponization." 

The weather started going crazy. A freak tornado in Moran Junction, Wyoming was described in the August 8, 1987 Washington Post newspaper. 

"One of the worst tornado disasters in Canadian history" was how the Edmonton Journal described the July 31, 1987 tornado there that killed twenty-seven people, injured 250 and resulted in $150 million in property damage. According to the newspaper, "it killed more Albertans than ALL previous tornadoes combined." 

On January 18, 1987 Los Alamos, New Mexico received 49 inches of snow from a three-day storm that broke all records. 

The July 18, 1987 Washington Post stated that severe rains on July 17 in San Antonio, Texas "were caused by a block of thunderstorms that stalled for three hours as it moved along the Guadalupe River, leaving 11 inches of rain behind by dawn." 

"During the summer of 1987, massive lightning-generated forest fires occurred. The September 2, 1987 Washington Times reported that in 2 days alone, "California had 4,954 lightning strikes that resulted in 717 fires," stated John Carter, information officer at the Joint U.S. Forest Service and California Department of Forestry command post. In southern Oregon. Lightning detectors recorded "more than 1,700 lightning strikes within 24 hours," said Denver James of the Forest Service in Portland. 

The freak weather all across America has continued to the present, killer heat waves, droughts, record-breaking snow storms, massive earthquakes and the lowest temperatures on record are now almost becoming common on the news. 

Remember El Nino? Think about the name. It means "the boy child" in Spanish (Could it be that this is the Adversary's mocking counterfeit for the real Boy Child, Jesus, who had power over the wind and the waves?) 

And look at the acronym of the group appointed by President Clinton to follow the course - and the carnage - of El Nino: The National Oceanic Association ---NOA, as in Noah, the man who survived the flood that destroyed the whole earth. 

In 1977, the Trilateral Commission (an organization of the New World Order planning total Global Control) published official paper #13 entitled: "Collaboration with Communist Countries in Managing Global Problems." That official report recommended: "Trilateral/Communist cooperation in nine areas of global concern" including international energy cooperation, international control of oceans and space, Trilateral/Communist cooperation in the areas of weather modification and earthquake control..." 

On September 6, 1987, the National Public Radio show, "All Things Considered," carried an interview with Dr. Bernard Eastlund, "a physicist and an expert on oilfield development, who is a consultant for the Atlantic Richfield Oil Company (ARCO)... Dr Eastlund assigned the patent rights on his new invention to APTI, Inc., a Los Angeles subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield." according to the New York Times, August 15, 1987. Dr. Eastlund stated that his new invention could be used to change the weather by redirecting the very high wind patterns (jet stream).

These scalar waves can also be directed to specific areas and to specific depths to cause earthquakes by disrupting the tectonic plates. 

Dr. Eastlund's invention has been incorporated into a mammoth U.S. government project titled "The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program" (HAARP). The December 15, 1991 Alaska Daily News carried a big article on HAARP: "Electrical energy floats high over Alaska, where it is visible as the aurora borealis, a shimmering white, green and crimson curtain. These brilliant northern lights are, in fact, the product of a huge natural generator that produces up to 10 million megawatts of power as particles from the solar wind crash into the earth's magnetic field...There are concentrated currents, called electrojets, that flow in the ionosphere, and may sometimes reach millions of amperes. When the electrojet touches earth, as it sometimes does during magnetic storms, it can knock out telephone cables and power grids." 

The newspaper reported that researchers from the University of Alaska, UCLA, and Penn State all engaged in pre-HAARP work: "The scientists had achieved some promising results by beaming energy into the ionosphere to create extremely low frequency (ELF) waves that can travel long distances and to great depths. " (A perfect way to create an earthquake wherever one wishes!") 

The June 21, 1977 New York Times reported that the U.S. shipped a 40 ton magnet (the largest in the world at that time) and a team of American scientists to the Soviet Union. That 40 ton device could generate a magnetic field 250,000 times greater than that of the earth. The purpose of that shipment was to build a more efficient Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic (MHD) power generator to help the Russians repeatedly override, blank out, and interfere with the earth's natural magnetic field. 

Within a short time after the start of U.S. and Soviet through-the-earth transmissions, this planet's internal dynamo was affected. The December 13, 1984 Washington Post reported that the earth had experienced a sudden unexpected slowdown in rotation. 

Scientists at the U.S. Naval Observatory and at the Jet Propulsion Lab found that the "earth, like an unbalanced washing machine," has developed "wobbles as it spins" (July 15, 1988 Wall Street Journal). 

We are heading for disaster, just as it is prophesied in Revelation. But WE ARE GOING TO DO IT TO OURSELVES!

Just as those brilliant, ungodly, evil, genius minds brought the flood on themselves by, most probably, the same mechanism that is occurring today: weather modification with scalar waves that reached down to great depths and disrupted the massive areas of water within the earth and reached high into the atmosphere to disrupt the water canopy that surrounded the earth. 

Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and volcano eruptions can now be brought about in any area in the world where the New World Order wishes to cause death, devastation and economic destruction. 

And everyone will blame it on God - - - An "Act of God!" 

(For more information on weather modification, see "Hanging in the Balance", December 1, 1998, Newswatch Magazine, 1420 West Ross, Waxahachie, Texas 75165. 

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