An Open Letter to Professor Dershowitz
April 20, 2006

Dear Prof. Alan Dershowitz,

It is so transparent what you are doing when you say:

"...They think that a population of five million Jews — which is less than 2%
(not 3%, as Mearsheimer and Walt assert) of the U.S. population — is somehow
able to bully and confuse two hundred ninety-five million non-Jews into
consistently acting against their own true interests."

You are hoping for enough non-Jews who read your rebuttal, that they will not
be able to stretch their ego to accept the author's contention that in
political terms: "The Jewish lobby has America by the balls." (My paraphrased

The fact is that 40% of the billionaires in the United States are Jewish or
come from interfaith backgrounds where one side of the family is Jewish. This
in a nation that represents 25-30% of the global economy.

According to J. J.  Goldberg (the current editor of the Forward) in his book
Jewish Power he boasts that 45% of the fundraising for the Democratic party
and 25% of the funding for the Republican party come from Jewish funded
Political Action Committees. Richard Cohen of the Washington Post has recently
updated this data to read 60% for democrats and 35% for republicans fundraising
come from Jewish funded Political Action Committees.

Since the 1930s according to Forbes business magazine, 25%-30% of the
wealthiest families in America have been Jewish.

In Canada the sixth biggest economy in the world, Jewish-Canadian
billionaires represent 49% of the Canadian stock market. And Jewish-Canadians
of wealth are notorious heavyweights for political donations in U.S. politics, in effect
helping the cause for the Zionist entity, through the military might of the U.S.

To suggest that the U.S. Jewish population is only 2% is misleading. Do I
have to remind you? how the Jewish lobby is so powerful, that they are the only
group to have successfully petitioned the U.S. Census Bureau not to be counted
in their compilation. Historically, Jews where ever they have resided have
always wanted and have been officially undercounted for political purposes.
Mearsheimer and Walt's assertion of 3% is low.

Even if we keep to your figure of 2%, you have to keep in mind that the
United States has hundreds of ethnic groups and subgroups. There are 220 nations
and territories on this planet and the U.S. has virtually the whole amalgamation.

Yet 2% of the pie ranks Jews as the 11th largest ethnic group in the United
States. If you eliminate the non-white ethnic groups who have might in numbers
but not economic might, then Jews as an ethnic group rank 8th in size.

See census chart at:


If you eliminate the top three groups, the overlapping German, Irish and

English Americans who are as American has apple pie in assimilation and
norms and then eliminate the 5th largest group which are labeled just "American"
...Jews now move-up the ladder as the 4th largest ethnic group. If you take the
more realistic figure of 3%, instead of your figure of 2% they become tied in

second place with the French-Amercans and the Polish Americans. Some
anecdotal data suggests that Jews are about 4-5% of the U.S. population when
you count hyphenated Jews, who categorize themselves as to be secular.  After
eliminating the top three groups, Italian-Americans would rank as the largest white
ethnic group in the U.S. at 5.6%.

J.J. Goldberg reports:

"Fully 50% of Jews report having a "strong emotional tie" to their "country
of ethnic heritage" -- less than Hispanics, at 62 percent, or Arab Americans,
at 56 percent, but much more than Asian Americans, at 43 percent, or Italian
Americans, at 37.5 percent. What is particularly striking is that unlike the
other groups, the country to which Jews are attached is not one their
grandparents came from, but Israel, one which for the most part they have
only read of in newspapers or learned about in religious schools."

[ ]

If you notice the only other ethnic group mentioned above that has both the
numerical might and the economic might are Italian-Americans, an European
ethnic group. Even though some other groups can be more "cliquish" or just as
cliquish they fail to have both numerical power and economical power. Instead
they have one or the other, but not both!

As noted by Jewish pundit Dr. Gerhard Falk:

"Ten of the 100 U.S. Senators are Jewish. We are five times over-represented
in the U.S. Senate because the non-Jewish population votes for Jews not
because the candidates are Jewish but because the American population is
generally not bigoted. The fact is that Jewish assets in this country are in the
trillions." []

Dr. Falk uses the same figure that you embrace the unscientific 2%. Just in
numerical might alone Jews are in the top 5 largest ethnic groups in the US
senate. Coupled this with the fact that Jews amongst the numerical mighty ethnic
groups are the most affluent with assets in the trillions, makes the US senate
at 10% Jewish, the one ethnic that is both numerically and economically
mighty. Even if you don't eliminate the top three groups, the overlapping German,
Irish and English Americans no other ethnic group is more powerful in the U.S.
senate than the Jews, because 60% of the fundraising for the Democratic party
and 35% of the funding for the Republican party come from Jewish funded
Political Action Committees.

Earlier I summed-up Mearsheimer and Walt's working paper by saying: "The
Jewish lobby has America by the balls."  On reflection I take that back.  "They
got our balls!"

My question to you is how can you disagree with The Lobby working paper when
in a debate on Irish radio with the British journalist, Robert Fisk, you said
to him:

"Anti-American sentiments are anti-Semitic."

Robert Fisk told me he taped the debate and this is what you said! Please
explain yourself.

I am waiting for your reply. Thank you in advance.


Michael Santomauro
Editorial Director
253 West 72nd street #1711
New York, NY 10023\


"Many rabbis and professionals have told me recently that they fear for their
jobs should they even begin to articulate their doubts about Israeli
policy--much less give explicit support to calls for an end to the occupation."

-- Rabbi Michael Lerner
April 28, 2002 in the Los Angeles Times


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