The recent introduction of invasive patdowns - particularly of women wearing feminine hygiene products - is deliberate humiliation and degenerate sexual assault on the population by the Jews who are in charge of the entire surveillance of U.S. citizens.

The average American citizen has no idea that the Jewish Talmud - the "holiest" book of Orthodox Judaism - a series of books also revered by ALL Jews, has one whole book as thick as an average Bible, dedicated to the investigation and examination of women and their monthly periods.  As unbelievable as it may sound, there are Jewish rabbis whose specific job it is to  examine the pads worn by women for their monthly periods to tell the woman if it is acceptable now to have sex with her husband (which is only allowed when there is not a hint of vaginal bleeding from the woman's monthly period).

An Orthodox Jewish man is not allowed even to TOUCH a woman who is having her monthly period.  Her husband is not even allowed to hand her a set of keys, or any other object.  He must place the item on some surface (table, or bed, or chair) and then she must pick it up without ever touching her husband - because in Orthodox Judaism, she is considered UNCLEAN!

The religion of Judaism is a SICK religion.  Any Rabbi who would spend his time examining the menstrual pads of women has to be mentally SICK as well.  

Yet, the average American has NO IDEA of the degeneracy and utter debasement of Judaism and the total dysfunction of Jewish families.

Even a man passing ANY woman on the street who is having her period, is not allowed to touch her - not even to shake hands.  But the obvious question, is HOW would any Jewish man on the street KNOW if a woman is having her period.  But the Talmud and the Jewish Rabbis don't care about that question.  The edict exists and somehow the Jewish man is supposed to obey it - even though it CANNOT be obeyed.

This is just one tiny aspect of the Jewish Rabbis and their filthy, degenerate Talmud's TOTAL CONTROL over the life of the Orthodox Jew.  The Talmud has a rule for every moment of every day and every activity of the Orthodox Jew.

This is what Jesus STRONGLY REBUKED when He was on earth.  He said, "You keep for doctrines the traditions of men."  And by doing so, "You make the law (God's Ten Commandments) of no effect."  Those "oral traditions" taught by the Pharisees were later written down and became the Talmud.  Jesus also said, "You lay heavy burdens (of the Talmud) on the people, but you (Pharisees) don't even keep them yourself."

The Talmud is probably the most sexually degenerate book on the face of the earth.  It condones pedophilia, incest, and grovels in the private life of both men and women, including the sexual activity between husbands and wives, and even women's monthly periods.

The increasing control of U.S. citizens, with surveillance cameras everywhere, with invasive sexual patdowns at the airport (and now being considered for every public activity, including entering a Courthouse, or going to a ballgame) comes directly from the control measures endorsed and demanded by the Jewish Talmud.

However, another Jewish "holy" book - the Kabbalah - is for the elite.  It allows absolute licentiousness with NO restraints whatsoever.  It promotes homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, sex slavery of women, and every possible degeneracy.  

The Talmud and the Kabbalah are the two "holiest" books of a totally degenerate "religion" - the "religion" of Judaism.

This will explain why the Jews who run America are introducing these outrageous, invasive, humiliating procedures, as shown in the following article.