The FAKE “Moon Landing”

 No, Virginia, we did NOT go to the moon!”

The 40th anniversary of the supposed Apollo manned mission to the moon is set to take place.  Noticeably absent will be Neil Armstrong, the Commander of the mission, and the first man to step on the moon, has refused to give interviews about the space flight since it took place.  When questioned by journalists about the mission, he runs away and gets angry, sometimes even attacking the journalists.

Buzz Aldrin, another member of the mission, has apparently spent his life since the time of the supposed moon mission, anesthetizing himself with harmful substances, hoping to ease the pain of this enormous deception.

And the U.S. government propaganda machines are running at full speed.  NASA “admits” that the original tapes of the mission were “erased.”  How convenient!  But they assure us that they were able to generate NEW ones from some previous footage – and have “RE-MASTERED” the tapes.  I’m sure they have!

They have obviously tried to remove ALL the tell-tale information in the tapes that PROVE that the Apollo Moon mission was a fake – that it was filmed on a private sound stage.

Some of the things they have undoubtedly changed are: 

  1. Removing the U.S. flag waving in the breeze (from the air conditioners blowing on the sound set) since it is known that there is NO atmosphere – and NO wind – on the moon.
  2. Erasing the shadows that go in opposite directions on the surface of the moon.  Because, if they were REALLY on the moon – which would be lit by natural sunlight – ALL the shadows would be going in the SAME direction.  But they are not!  The sound stage was lit by artificial light so there were shadows going in different directions, relating to the artificial light that was closest to the objects.
  3. Footage of the astronauts putting black felt pieces in the porthole windows of the space capsule (to simulate “night” on part of the earth’s surface) to make the capsule appear to be farther away from the earth than it was.  (You have to see the evidence in the Moon Movie, available on this website.)
  4. The letter “C” on the fake rock on the “moon” – which was obviously directly from “Central Casting” on the movie studio lot.
  5. The lack of a crater under the space capsule after it landed on the (supposed) moon surface, which would have occurred with any REAL landing.
  6. And many other things that are explained in the “Moon Movie.”

Now NASA has doctored up the whole thing and will present it to another generation of Americans, to deceive them.  And this generation is far LESS informed about political events, and far MORE “dumbed down” than previous generations.  They get ALL their information from television and movies, because very few of them read.  Very few of them even know HOW to read.

Moon Rock is FAKE - as they all are