NASA Scam to Reproduce the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

For over 15 years, NASA has had the ability to reproduce - with lasers and holograms - the Second Coming of Christ  - as most Christians believe He will come.  They have the ability to project the images into the sky in such a way that the whole world will be able to see them.  In addition, they can project the figures of the leaders of the various world religions, and everyone on earth will be able to hear them speak in their own language.  

They have already begun to produce similar phenomena in the sky.

Some of the supposed UFOs now seen are deceptively produced this way.

Now, they have projected a cross in the sky over Russia.

Soon, it is probable that a figure of "Mary" will be produced in the sky to tell all the Catholics around the world that they must join with the New World Order and support the people who are planning a One World Government.

Later, their Plan is to project images of Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, and Jesus Christ, all of whom will "tell" the world that "differences in religion are the cause of all the chaos and violence on planet earth and in order to STOP the chaos and violence - and to ‘please God’ - everyone must join together in a One World Religion."

Then, all the figures will merge into one - which will be the New Age "Christ" - NOT Jesus Christ.

And the deception will be complete.

Everyone will say, " I saw it with my own eyes!"

What they won't tell you up front is that the One World Religion of the New World Order Zionist Jews will be the religion of Freemasonry  that - at the highest levels - worships Lucifer!