More False-Flags to Promote War with Iran

 Moscow Subway Bombings – an Inside Job!

Russia’s Leader, Vladimir Putin, is against the U.S. going to war aginst Iran, and apparently has even been selling weapons to Iran.

Obviously, the Israelis want to punish him and the Russian people.  What better way to do it than to bomb a couple of subways during rush hour, kill a lot of innocent Russian people, then blame it on Muslim “women” – thereby “killing two birds with one stone.”  The Jewish owned world-wide press can blame the Muslims for the incident, 1) stirring up hatred against the Muslim countries, including Iran, and 2) justify their carnage against the Palestinians, especially against innocent women and children – because “Now, isn’t it obvious that we (the Israeli Defense Forces) have been right all along in (brutally) killing Muslim women?  Can’t you see how dangerous they are?

If, indeed, the “suicide bombers” were Muslim women, how could the bomb KILL at least 25 people and injure many more, yet leave intact enough of the “suicide bomber” to be identified immediately as a “Muslim woman”?  The News reports said that the faces of the “Muslim women suicide bombers” were intact so they could be identified as “Muslim women.”  

That scenario is about as believable as the intact, unblemished Passport that gently landed right after the 9/11 incident, a Passport that authorities stated belonged to one of the 9/11 “Muslim” plane hijacker.  One clever and unusually honest journalist said, “The U.S. Government has trouble finding a bleeding elephant in a snowbank, yet they can immediately find one clean, untouched Passport in the rubble from the Twin Towers.

The Moscow Subway Bombings has the fingerprints of the Israeli Mossad all over it.

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