What About the Muslims?


Lorraine Day, M.D.


On occasion, when people read my website including the information found there about the Jews, their culture and their religion, they ask me, “But what about the Muslims?  Aren’t THEY the problem?  Aren’t THEY the ones who are trying to take over the world and destroy Christians and Christianity?”


Here is the answer.  Picture a large thermometer resting on its side (not standing up) with the hottest end (the highest temperature), the most hostile and volatile end of the thermometer, to the RIGHT, representing the group that is the most hostile and vehemently antagonistic to Jesus Christ, Christianity and Christians.



Now picture the various religions of the world and their relationship to Jesus Christ.  We will start on the LEFT with the group that is the CLOSEST to Christ and His character, and proceed in progression to the RIGHT as the various world religions reveal themselves to be farther and farther away from God and more and more hostile toward Jesus Christ.  Until finally, we will see the world religion that is the FARTHEST away from God and Jesus Christ, the world religion that is the greatest Adversary to Jesus Christ, Christians and Christianity.



  1. First: The TRUE Christians – the TRUE followers of Jesus Christ who believe that Jesus Christ is fully God, those who believe that He is the “express image of the Invisible God” (Colossians 1:15), those who understand that God is NOT a “Killer” God, who understand that God loves EVERYONE the same, and because He IS God, has the power, authority and the WILL (HIS Will) to save EVERYONE.  They believe that they are to LOVE their enemies (as Jesus commanded), rather than destroy them.  They are against war of any kind and do not believe in any type of self-defense that can maim or kill another person.


These TRUE Christians are the closest to the character of Jesus Christ.


  1. Second:  The “Christians” of the organized denominations of the world - the Organized “Christian” Churches - who CLAIM to be followers of Jesus Christ and believe that Jesus Christ is God – even though Jesus, who said “Love your enemies – do good to them that hate you” is the OPPOSITE of the God they worship.  They worship a God who is going to burn in hell the majority of all those He has ever created. 


They believe that international problems are solved by going to war against other nations and killing them BEFORE they kill us (this is certainly NOT what Jesus Christ taught), they believe in self-defense (although Jesus did NOT employ self-defense and said to us, “Follow ME!”) and who believe that God will save some – but NOT all – because we “Christians” have “FREE WILL” and WE have made the right choice.  The others did NOT make the right choice and they deserve what they will get!”


According to the “Christian” churches, ALL those who do not believe as they do will be exterminated, but the “Christians” will not have to dirty their own hands to do the deed.  Instead, they have God as their “cosmic hit-man” who will do the killing for them, in order to destroy all His (and their) enemies.


The “Christian” churches, by and large, believe that all those who do not believe as they do will eventually be exterminated by God or will burn forever.


  1. Third: The Buddhists who believe that the secret of life is love, including the love of one’s enemies.  The ultimate goal of life is Nirvana, a complete state of peace and love.  They believe that God is impersonal and Jesus was merely a “god-man” but not necessarily the ONE true God - but they DO believe that Jesus was a GOOD “man.”


  1. Fourth:  The Hindus believe that God is impersonal, that the essence of life is to develop the “god within” to a state of moral perfection by performing righteous deeds and works, while at the same time they embrace a rigorous caste system that condemns those who are sick, lame or disabled as deserving of their situation.  There is no obligation of the strong to help the weak.  Jesus was a GOOD man, they believe, an enlightened teacher and a prophet. They believe that their holy book, the Bagda Vita, is superior to the Bible.


  1. Fifth:  The New Agers believe that EVERYONE can become “god” by looking inside himself to access the “power within,” and thus make heaven on earth.  They believe that if we all come together in unity – even though it must eventually be FORCED unity – that the world will then have peace.  They believe that Jesus was just one of an array of Ascended Masters, but NOT the One and Only true God, but they at least believe that Jesus was a GOOD man. 


But those of us who refuse to unite with the FORCED Plan for World Peace eventually will have to be put to death, but it will be, they say, “for our own good” because their doctrine of reincarnation will allow us to come back again and again (as a bug? or an animal?) until we finally “get it right.”  So the New Agers believe in the extermination of ALL who do not believe as they do.


  1. Sixth:  The Muslims believe there is no god but Allah and his prophet, Mohammed.  Muslims accept the Koran as the verbatim unadulterated, direct speech or language of God and that the Bible is not really reliable.  Jesus is considered a GOOD man and a prophet, but not the divine Son of God. They believe that salvation is attained by following the five religious duties of Islam.  The Muslims claim Judaism failed and Christianity became corrupt, therefore God raised up the prophet Mohammed to reform the corruptions of an apostate religion.


Does Islam Promote Violence?  According to Dr. Javeed Akhter, Executive Director of the International Strategy and Policy Institute, at www.americanmuslim.org, this is Islam’s response to the question of violence against non-Muslims:



“Let us examine the verses in question with these exegetical principles in mind.  One of the verses says:

‘Put down the polytheists wherever you find them, and capture them and beleaguer them and lie in wait for them at every ambush’ (Koran 9:5).

“The immediate context, as Muhammad Asad (The Message Of The Qur’an) points out, is that of a “war in progress” and not a general directive.  It was an attempt to motivate Muslims in self-defense.”

There are many other passages on this issue at this Muslim website that make it clear that Muslims DO believe in war and in killing.  Certainly, if attacked they will fight back.  Some Koran passages also could be interpreted as offensive action.

However, virtually all “Christians” and Jews also believe in self-defense and both “Christians” and Jews have instigated wars against other nations who have not even attacked them, such as World Wars I and II, the Korean war, the Vietnam war, and the present Israeli slaughter of the Palestinians.

So how are “Christians” and Jews any different from the Muslims?

7.    Seventh:  The Jews, in their “holiest” book – the Talmud – (which is  NOT the Old Testament and, in fact, is the antithesis of the Old Testament) state that “even the BEST of the ‘Gentiles’ should ALL be killed.”  Most Christians know almost nothing about the Jewish Culture and the Jewish Religion of Judaism.  The Talmud promotes a) hatred towards Christianity, b) hatred towards Jesus Christ, c) the murder of Christians, and d) promotes stealing, lying, pedophilia and other types of degeneracy.

The ACLU and ADL (Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith) are both Jewish organizations whose main goal is to eliminate from our society a) true Christianity, b) all TRUE Christians, and c) ALL knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

In essence, they are “killing Christ” all over again!

But unlike ALL other major religions, the Jews do NOT believe that Jesus was a GOOD man, or a prophet, or an ascended master.  In fact the Jewish Talmudic culture and religion (Judaism) HATE Jesus Christ!  The Talmud proclaims that “Jesus is boiling in hot excrement in hell” and that His mother, Mary, “was a whore.”

According to the Talmud, “Gentiles” (non-Jews) are ALL beasts – nothing but animals - and can be treated as such, and that the Jews are better than everyone else and deserve to rule the world – to rule over all others who are to become their slaves.  (Please see the documentation in the Talmudic quotations and references available on this website.)

The Jewish culture and the Jewish religion (Judaism) are the Anti-Christ – they are farther away from truth and from the character of Jesus Christ than everyone else, including the pagan religions, the Muslims and even the atheists – who are indifferent to Jesus Christ but do not hate Him.

The “Gentile” atheists are like the Roman ruler, Pilate, who did not hate Jesus Christ, and stated that he “found no fault” in Jesus.  But the Pharisees and their followers – who were the spiritual ancestors of today’s cultural and religious “Jews,” called for the murder of Jesus Christ, a just and perfect “man” who promoted true peace and love of one’s enemies.

Of all the religions/cultures on the earth today, the ONLY ONES who HATE Jesus Christ - are those of the Jewish Culture and the religion of Judaism, both of which are governed by the Jewish Talmud. 











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