The Difference Between Jews and Gentiles

Ed McMahon (a Gentile), “was gracious to all the contestants on Star Search.”
(see below)
Simon Cowell (a Jew), judge (and part owner?) of American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent, was disgustingly rude to Susan Boyle, a Gentile Christian - that is, BEFORE he heard her sing.  Now he has signed her to a contract with his company, so he can benefit financially from her talent.

“Cowell is notorious as a judge for his blunt and often controversial criticisms, insults and wisecracks about contestants and their abilities, or lack thereof.”  Wikipedia

Degenerate Ryan Seacrest (also a Jew), shows his immature, degenerate behavior in his actions toward Kathy Griffin and others.

“During the 2003 American Music Awards, "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest gave the audience a surprise presaging Janet Jackson's 2004 Super Bowl shocker - by ripping co-presenter Kathy Griffin's blouse open on stage to expose a frilly, black lace bra. Unfortunately, Griffin was equally surprised. "Ryan Seacrest physically assaulted me," she later complained.”

It is this type of degenerate, discourteous, rude behavior that marks the difference between Jews and Gentiles.

Unfortunately, because of mass “programming” of young minds by the commercial press (ALL owned by the Jews) on TV, in movies, and in print, the “Gentiles” are rapidly becoming like the Jews – disgusting and degenerate.

Simon Cowell's rude behavior is now so popular with the viewing masses that he has been offered a gigantic raise, up from $36 million - now to $144 million - to stay on with American Idol, and continue his disgusting and contemptible behavior towards the contestants.

This process is what the Bible terms - “making an image to the Beast.” The people in America - and all over the world - are becoming just like the “Beast power.” The Rude, Disgusting and Degenerate behavior of the Beast Power has now become "mainstream." Americans apparently LOVE to see other people treated rudely!

What a pity.

This is predicted in the Bible! 

This is what happens when a civilization eliminates Jesus Christ from their society and embraces the degenerate behavior of the Talmudic Jews.

The “Beast power” of Revelation 13, 14 and 17 is International Jewry.
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