Jewish women’s magazine named after a DEMON!


A Jewish women’s magazine published since 1976, advertises itself as “Independent, Jewish & Frankly Feminist” and has the name LILITH. 

LILITH, a name that appears in the Jewish Talmud and Midrash, is a female night demon believed to harm male children.  “Late medieval Jewish legend portrays her as the first wife of Adam.  Considering Adam inferior, Lilith left the Garden of Eden of her own free will.  Adam, according to the Jewish legend, asked three angels to find Lilith and bring her back.  When Lilith refused, God punished her by commanding that she slay 100 of her children, called Lilin, each day.  Lilith is also sometimes considered to be the paramour of Satan.”  From Wikipedia, online encyclopedia.

This legend has, of course, no basis in fact and is definitely ANTI-biblical.  But why would any group of women, other than those directly involved in witchcraft, take as their name, the name of a DEMON, a mythological creature of utter debauchery?   That should tell one a great deal about the moral character of the women in the group and of the Jewish culture in general.

As mentioned above, the magazine, Lilith, is advertised as “Independent, Jewish & Frankly Feminist.”  It seems that it has more “bark than bite.”  Jewish women are far from being “independent.”  These women have published their magazine for THIRTY YEARS and yet Jewish women are still not allowed to study the Talmud.

In their vocal attacks on the Muslims, Jews frequently point out the Muslim males’ demeaning attitude toward women and use it as a reason to bring “democracy” to their countries.  (That, of course, is a ludicrous excuse for slaughtering the Muslims – the Jews’ arch enemies.)  Yet it is rarely, if ever, mentioned that in Jewish society, women are not much better off.

Jewish girls and women are not allowed to formally study the Talmud, considered by the Jews and Jewish Rabbis to be their ‘holiest’ book – even ‘holier’ than the Old Testament. (See below.)  (In reality, the Talmud is the antithesis of the Old Testament because the Talmud turns everything in the Bible upside down!) 

Just WHY are Jewish women not allowed to formally study their supposedly “holiest” book?  Probably because it contains much information that is violent, sexually abhorrent, immoral and despicable.  Yet, this is still a clear case of discrimination against women that should be embarrassing to both Jewish men and Jewish women, particularly in light of their ranting and raving against the Muslims. 

Please see the evidence in these articles linked below.