August 3, 2006

 What about Jews who think the same or worse as Mel Gibson? 

by Michael Santomauro

I have met a sizable number of Jews who think that Jews create most of the problems in the world. Except for a few most are boastful about it! This is the major reason I got so enthralled with the subject matter I address: The Jewish Question.

I remember about 25 years ago explaining to a Jewish-American woman I was having a dinner date with, that an author I was reading was saying that Galileo, Newton and Darwin are the hinges for the modern advancement of our civilization. I thought to myself, Galileo more so than Descarte?  Then I tried to express to her that I thought it was sloppy thinking not to see the nuances of dozens of other great thinkers in the sciences in between the era's of these great men, that contributed to their work either in a direct or indirect way. Before I could finish she says "and they were all Jewish." I asked "who?" She says "the three men you mentioned"

My mind was so far removed from knowing who was Jewish and who was not. There was a delayed reaction on my part to her interjection, that had nothing to do with my conversation with her. I then said that I didn't know if Isaac Newton was Jewish, but that Galileo was excommunicated from the Catholic church for his thought crimes and I was pretty sure if Darwin was Jewish I would have heard about it from my many ethnocentric Jewish friends. For the sake of the conversation I granted her wanting need for Newton to be Jewish, since I did not know or care. But, she kept insisting that Darwin was Jewish too! My head was spinning with why are Jews so obsessed on who is Jewish and should I confront her about that. Or keep my mouth shut and play dumb, since my goal after dessert was to get intimate with her. Sex or debate? I decided on the debate!

"What difference does it make?" I asked. Well, it got more interesting then any possible sex I could have had with her. She blurted out "Jews are the greatest people on this earth and the worst!" I focused on why she thought the worst. She went on to explain that her father told her that Jews are the ones that create the problems in the world through revolutionary warfare. She thought Napoleon was Jewish. Later she suggested that Hitler was a secret Jew, because who else would cause such havoc. And she was sure Leonardo da Vinci was Jewish, "because he was a genius." The woman was a college graduate!

At a later time frame I relay this to my two Jewish friends who happened to be in the movie industry. Andy Boxer whose father won the Oscar for sound engineering for the movie Apocalypse Now. What I decided to relay was the essence of her thinking, not the fact that she thought every great thinker was Jewish. Much to my chagrin Andy agreed, that Jews cause the problems in the world, but expressed it with pride "it's because we are smarter." My friend Ethan at the time a film student, was able to see her point of view and later I would discover that he had a hate and love relationship with his Judaism always saying to me "Jews are always messing things-up and so many have no class." The problem with Ethan is that he thought Jackie Gleason, Lucille Ball and what he thought was the classiest guy in show business Bob Hope were all Jewish. I corrected him with the first two comics, I didn't have it in me to correct him about Bob Hope after he just told me he thought most Jews had no class. At a later date when I told him Bob Hope was as a WASP, he had an emotional fit.

More recently, I ran into a Rabbi on the street who was visiting his apartment building he owned. We got talking about New York politics and was a big time Rudolph Guliani fan. He told me he would always vote for Italians if any were on the ballot or for any white Gentile conservative for political office over Jews. He just did not trust Jews to run the government. "Too liberal" he would say. His views for Blacks was worse, pointing his finger to his head. Yet he would be boastful and say that Jews financed all the wars in world history in the last 300 years including the U. S. Civil War. He went on to explain that if it was not for Jews since the First World War, the US would not be the super power in the world today if not for Jewish capital. The repetitiveness of his discourse was like a mantra saying that Jews are behind the scenes because "we have the capital and when Jews are in charge they are a disaster, better to have the Italian's or the WASPs running America. This country needs a Mussolini!" The whole time he thought I was Jewish!

I remember having a four hour conversation with an Israeli woman who was a lesbian, and who had the look of a thinner version of Bella Abzug wearing one of those big floppy hats. She thought two problems plagued mankind. Technology and the Jews.

She felt Hitler was right, that the Jews cause most of the problems. And said it with so much joyful glee. And felt Hitler had to have been part Jewish saying "who else could hate Jews so much but another Jew." She felt technology should be destroyed for the benefit of mankind. "Destoyed? Then what about the Jews?" I asked. She would say in essence that the Jews run the world and they can't be destroyed, they are the chosen people. God will always protect them.

Many Jews really believe this zany stuff and most are boastful in a perverse way.

Including another Rabbi I met who thinks God punished the Jews through Hitler saying that Hitler could not have done what he did without the intervention of God's hand. My question to this slow talking Rabbi was why would God want to punish the Jews through Hitler. He said "because they did not obey the Torah." His prediction, God will punish the people of the book again with another Holocaust since most Jews are secular.

The difference about Jews that I know and meet that think like Mel Gibson is that they are not drunk when they express this stuff! 

So my statement to the general public at large: Don't tell me you have not met Jews who don't think like Mel Gibson or worse.


Michael Santomauro
Editorial Director
253 West 72nd street #1711
New York, NY 10023


"Deep down, I believe that a little anti-Semitism is a good thing for the Jews - reminds us who we are." --Jay Lefkowitz (NYT Magazine. Feb.12, 1995. Page 65).

--Jay Lefkowitz is now Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy.

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