Myron Fagan

True American Patriot

As a Broadway playwright and later as a Hollywood script-writer, Myron Fagan was an insider in the entertainment industry both in New York and California during the time that Senator Joseph McCarthy was exposing the Communists in the government. 

Because the entertainment industry is, and always has been, controlled by the Jews, Myron Fagan who was also a Jew, knew that Communism was rampant in that industry.  Being a true American patriot, he chose to expose his own Jewish kinsman and their conspiracy to destroy the United States, rather than “go along to get along.”

His courage in telling the truth led to Fagan losing almost everything, including his reputation and most of his friends..  He was isolated and black-balled by Hollywood and Broadway, both of which refused to employ him.  Even Ronald Reagan, who later became President of the United States, was exposed by Fagan as a communist sympathizer during Reagan’s years in Hollywood.