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If you truly want to be well there are no "Quick Fixes". That is why I refer you to my materials, because it takes time, study and patience to get well.

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24. Q. Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV). I have a 5 year old son who was diagnosed with EBV last October.  We recently found out that he still tests positive for high levels of EBV and due to my ingorance, I simply don't know what to do.  His pediatrician said that he may show high levels for some time.  My concern with the research I've done is that EBV is linked to several other diseases such as MS and Burkitt's Lymphoma as well as Hodgkins disease.  My son's symptoms were a severe fever for about 17 days, sore throat, swollen spleen.  After being admitted to the hospital and given numerous anitbiotics, he developed a severe rash and I was worried about tick-borne illnesses as he was possibly exposed during a previous trip.  But after testing negative to EBV the first time, he was transported to Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston and the doctors advised us that he was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics.  It seems he is allergic to Rocephins, etc.   Anyways, they sent him home to follow up with his pediatrician who is drawing blood every 6 mos.  Well, it has been a year and he still has high levels of EBV and this is worrying me. 

My question to you is, if your son contracted this possibly during our hurricane evacuation last Sept. and is still testing to high levels of EBV, what would you do as far as treatment or the seeking of other medical help.  I don't know where to turn other than to pray but it seems that this is a common virus.  I'm just worried for his health now and in the future.  He has recently started complaining about his back hurting and now I'm wondering if this has any relevance, or am I being paranoid.  Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

A. I realize this may be a difficult answer for you to understand because it requires a whole different way of thinking, but here goes.

Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) is NOT the problem.  It ISN'T EVEN the diagnosis, though doctors have told you that.  Viruses CANNOT cause disease in our body UNLESS our immune system is not working properly. We are surrounded by bacteria and viruses ALL the time.  Why isn't EVERYONE sick ALL the time?

The answer is:  It all depends on the condition of your immune system!

You are concentrating on the SYMPTOMS rather than concentrating on the underlying cause of the problem.

In order to get rid of the EBV you must build up your son's immune system.  The way to do that is to follow the Health Plan I used to get well from Cancer and that others have used to get well from all different kinds of disease. (DVD - You Can't Improve on God)

You must concentrate on building up his immune system, NOT on "destroying" the EBV.  All the antibiotics he has received have caused even MORE problems than he had before.  They have wiped out the good bacteria in his colon (that are needed for health) and allowed the "Bad" bacteria (and viruses) to overgrow.  

In fact, it is entirely possible that the EBV problem actually started from his being given antibiotics (or other medicines) in the past (for ear infections, for a sore throat, etc.)  

In addition, vaccinations are very harmful to the immune system and contain all sorts of dangerous contaminants, including harmful viruses which can take hold BECAUSE the immune system has been suppressed.

On my video/DVD "Drugs Never Cure Disease" I explain why Germs Don't CAUSE Disease anymore than Flies CAUSE garbage!  You know that flies DON'T cause garbage.  The garbage (the dead vegetable and animal tissue in the garbage) attracts the flies.  Well, that's what happens in the body.  The dead and dying tissue in the body (caused by the way we are eating and living) attracts the "clean-up crew" - the bacteria and viruses.  THEN we develop symptoms and we think the bacteria or viruses are the CAUSE - when the REAL cause is the bad food we have been eating, junk food, fast food, processed food, sugar, Nutrasweet, MSG (hidden in ALL processed food), our improper sleeping habits, lack of exercise, lack of water drinking and instead drinking sodas with caffeine and sugar or harmful sugar substitutes, etc., etc., etc.

This is all explained on my video/DVD "You Can't Improve on God."

If one has a "clean" body with a properly working immune system, the viruses WON'T take hold because there's no "garbage" in the body to "clean out."  The ONLY way you can get your son truly well is to rebuild his immune system so his IMMUNE SYSTEM can fight the disease.  But this will take MAJOR life-style changes for your son and your whole family.  Are you willing to do that?  

ANY DRUG that is given him to "Kill" the virus will end up causing more problems.

You will understand it better if you watch that DVD.  

The PLAN to rebuild one's immune system is on my DVD/video "You Can't Improve on God."  Another DVD/video that would be helpful is "Diseases Don't Just Happen."  

It's impossible for me to write in an e-mail what you need to do to get your son well, that's why I put it all on DVDs/videos, CDs/audiotapes, and in my Workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well.  You'll have to study it out in order to understand it.  But your son CAN be well.  It's just that DRUGS will NOT make him well.  And that's ALL doctors know how to do - give DRUGS! 

As I said, you CAN get your son well, but NOT the way the doctors do it.

23. Q. Autism. Autism is being diagnosed at an astonishing rate and I have heard all sorts of theories on the cause.

What are your thoughts on Autism and it origin?

A. Certainly the MAJOR cause of autism, if not the ONLY cause of autism, is vaccinations.  The diagnosis of autism is increasing at an astonishing rate BECAUSE more and more - - - and more - - - vaccinations are being given to children at younger and younger ages.

Vaccinations DON'T work and they are NOT safe.  I discuss autism, and vaccinations in general, in my Workbook entitled "Getting Started on Getting Well."

22. Q. Dr. Day, Are you really a doctor? I would like to start your Plan curing my cancer but I need to check your credentials. Stating on the net that you are a doctor does not prove to me that you are one.

AMA does not have any record of you being a doctor. Can you help me to find some credible info from a government facility about you, your practices and where I can get references? I would appreciate a personal answer by replying to my e-mail.

A. You can check my credentials as a medical doctor by going to the Google search engine, type in "California Board of Medical Examiners", then when the list comes up, click on "Medical Board of California: A-Z"

Then on the left hand side about half way down it says something like "Check on your doctor online."  If you click there, then type in my name, you will see that I am currently licensed by the State of California and I have had my license since 1969 or 1970.  I can't remember the year exactly.  I graduated from medical school at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine in 1969, then took my internship at San Francisco General Hospital from 1969-1970, then we (all  in my class) took our "Medical Boards" in 1970, I think.  After that I took my residency in Orthopedic Surgery (another four years of training) again at U.C. San Francisco Medical school and finished in 1974.  After that, I was on the faculty of that same medical school for 15 years - until 1990, when I moved to Southern California.

You can check it all out.

The AMA could have told you how to check my credentials.  But obviously they didn't. The reason the AMA doesn't have any information on me is that I am not a member of the AMA because I do not believe in what they do.  The AMA is nothing more than a Union for Doctors.  It is ONLY interested in what is good for the doctors and cares little, if at all, for the patients.

If you trust the AMA and the government so much, why are you not planning to take the conventional treatment of chemotherapy and radiation?  THAT is what the AMA and every government institution would recommend.  All they know how to do is give out dangerous, poisonous chemotherapy, damaging radiation, and perform mutilating surgery.  And that's all I learned in my training too.

And, unfortunately, that's what I taught my medical students and the residents I trained.  But I didn't know any better at that time.

The AMA and the government institutions are never happy with doctors who want to get people well naturally, without drugs.

Everything I learned about how to get well from cancer, I learned OUTSIDE of my formal medical training.  Everything I recommend to get people well and build their immune system has NO harmful side effects.  The AMA and government institutions HATE the natural way.

Yet the documentation for the Plan is used IS in the medical literature. You will see it in my Workbook, 17 pages of it. It's just not taught to doctors in their training. You'll see why on my DVD's.

ANYONE can get well the same way I did, and it doesn't take a medical doctor to do it.   The plan is designed to be done at home the way I did it. All the things that are necessary to build one's immune system are FREE, except for the nutrition part, but you have to buy food anyway.  It's just that with this Plan, you have to buy nutritious, natural, wholesome food.

You appear to want to get well, the natural, non-harmful way, yet you want the approval from a government agency.  I'm afraid that will never happen.  The very institutions that you look to for their expertise and approval are the very institutions that use terribly harmful methods of treatment for virtually every disease.

I do hope that if you decide to go the natural route as I did, that after you see and read my materials, you will learn NOT to trust the AMA and government "experts."

21. Q. Autism and Seizures. I am just desperate for my daughter. My daughter is autistic she is 36 and severely retarded with no language. At 32 she started having seizures and no one can help. It only is about once a month around her period (week before & or after) and now she is almost always upset and cries for no reason, hits her head and shows some other emotional behaviors. I have talk to her doctor and many others but so far no help. I do not like drugs and she has problems taking them too, so i give her liquid skullcap and acupuncture but the crazy emotional stuff is driving me crazy. If you can help it would be great.

A. The major cause of autism is the administration of vaccinations, because of their contents, specifically mercury and other harmful substances. 

The most important thing one can do in the case of an autistic patient is to rebuild the immune system by the method I talk about on my videos/DVDs, "You Can't Improve on God''  and "Diseases Don't Just Happen."  You will learn the things that can cause hyper-excitability of the nervous system that can lead to seizures - and the things you can eliminate from her diet that will help decrease this excitability, as well as the things that you can add to her life and her diet that will also decrease this excitability.  All without drugs.

On these DVDs/videos, I don't specifically talk about Autism, but you will learn a lot about the nervous system and the brain which is the area where the seizures are occurring.

I have letters of testimony from many people who have eliminated their seizures by this Plan, and who have reversed their trigeminal neuralgia (also called tic douloureux - another nervous system disorder) as well as other neurological conditions

20. Q. Portions for children. How many juices would a 45 lb. 5yr old autistic child need? How much Barley Green? How much fiber cleanse? Is there a children's section in your CD, DVD, or books?

A. The amount of fluid per day (fresh home-made vegetable juices and water) I talk about on my videos/DVDs is for an average adult person of approximately 150 lbs. A 45 lb child would need a little less than a third of the number of juices of a 150 lb adult. The same would go for Barley Green, and probably for fiber cleanse. But I suggest you read the label on the fiber cleanse.

There is no specific "children's section" in my CDs, DVDs or books, but you can figure things out with the same general percentages, based on weight.

You may be interested to know that I have started to put together a book on children's health. I can't even give you an estimate of when it will be completed. I have several other projects going all at once, so it may be about two years until I get it finished

19. Q. Neurologic Disease. Do you offer any treament for a 78 year old man with OPCA? If so, I would be anxious to know what you have to offer!

A. Please realize that initials such as you used in your e-mail can have different meanings in different medical sub-specialties. So I don't know what specific medical sub-specialty area you are speaking of. It's better if you use the whole term, then we'll both be on the same page and we won't have any miscommunication.

Q. Thank you for responding and the following is a description of OPCA.

Olivopontocerebellar atrophy (OPCA) refers to a group of ataxias characterized by progressive neurological degeneration affecting the cerebellum, the pons and the inferior olives. OPCA may be classified based on clinical, genetic, or neuropathological findings; thus, there are many classifications of the disorder. Among the different classifications there is wide variation in severity and age of onset. The symptoms of OPCA differ from person to person. Most patients experience difficulty with balance and coordination of the legs and arms (ataxia) and slurred speech (dysarthria). Other symptoms may include muscle spasms or weakness and stiffness of the muscles; numbness or tingling of the hands or feet; tremor (shaking) of the hand or arm; reduction or slowness of movements; loss of thinking and/or memory skills; difficulty controlling the bladder or bowels; and feeling faint when standing up. Some patients also have fatigue and/or trouble with sleep. Generally symptoms of OPCA begin in mid-adult life and progress slowly over the course of many years.

Please review and let us know your imput.

A. You will notice that in this diagnosis, Olivopontocerebellar atrophy, as in virtually all diseases diagnosed in allopathic (orthodox) medicine, the "Diagnosis" is just a description of what YOU, the patient, ALREADY know is happening.

In other words, if you as a patient come to the doctor telling him or her that you are having trouble with your balance, or slurred speech or tremors or loss of memory, etc., they'll give you some big word that describes some area of the brain that may be involved.

The "olivopontocereballar" just designates a specific area of the brain. The "atrophy" just means it is either literally shrinking, or that it is not working properly. The description in NO WAY tells you what is causing it or how you can prevent or reverse it. It just describes your symptoms - which YOU already told them! And THEY want you to pay them for giving an undecipherable long name to the description of the symptoms you just told them.

They DON'T know what to do about it except to give you DRUGS - ALL of which have harmful side effects - and NONE of which will cure or reverse your disease. The drugs will only, in some cases, cover up your symptoms for a while, while the disease continues to get worse.

If you look at the description of symptoms in your e-mail above, there is NO way that one can distinguish THOSE symptoms from Alzheimer's or even from Parkinson's.

If some, or all of these, are your symptoms, what can be said is that you have a neurological disease that is progressive. But neurological diseases CAN be reversed. They don't have to progress!

Neurological diseases occur from the way we eat and the way we live. I discuss neurological disorders and diseases on my video/DVD entitled "Diseases Don't Just Happen," and how we can prevent and reverse them. If you go to my website at and look at the "Frequently Asked Questions" portion which you can access at the bottom of the home page, you will see the materials I recommend for "Diseases Other Than Cancer."

You don't have to just sit around and wait to get worse. You CAN change what is happening to you by changing the way you eat and changing the way you live. I describe how in the materials I recommend in that area of my website.

18. Q. High Blood Pressure. I am a forty year old male who last year was diagnosed as borderline hypertensive.  I was put on 20 mg per day of Benacar.  My father had recently and unexpectedly died of a heart attack. My blood pressure has ranged from high 140s over 90s to recently as low as 95 over 66.  At my last doctor visit my pressure was measured at 128 over 80, though I was somewhat nervous over the result.  I am 5' 8" and last weighed on a bathroom scale at 182.  My pressure seems to vary a lot.  In the evening after work it can get down in the teens over seventies or lower, but it seems to be going back up recently.
Just this morning the highest I measured my blood pressure was 145/87 when I first put the cuff on which dropped in a few minutes to as low as 120/82 at rest.  I may have forgotten to take my medication yesterday.
Last month I took a stress test on a treadmill and the results were normal, there was no underlying heart disease.   
I averaged my blood pressure a few days ago for blood pressure taken several times during the day and it was around 120/77.
 I am really out of shape and am inactive and have been all my life, though I walk the dog 20 minutes a day and am on my feet all day at work.
I have recently changed doctors, I am only seeing a physician assistant.  I have not been recommended any lifestyle change.
My previous physician said that I am borderline hypertensive, but since I am not gaining any more weight, he said he wasn't too worried about it.
The physician assistant when I first saw her changed my prescription from Benacar to Benacar HCL. 
What kind of regimens or lifestyle changes would help my blood pressure?

A. You have identified TWO of your problems in your e-mail.  I have "bolded" them in your e-mail above.  You are overweight, whether your doctor wishes to recognize it or not, and you, by your own admission, are inactive and out of shape.

You are WAY too young to have high blood pressure.  I'm not suggesting that there is ANY age where it is appropriate to have high blood pressure, certainly not if one is following the Ten Step Health Plan.

Also remember that ALL medications, including high blood pressure medications, have harmful side effects!

You don't say which of my video/DVDs you have.  Remember, the rules for writing are that I will only answer questions that are not answered in my published materials, otherwise I would have to say the same thing over and over and over again.  In these cases, I direct you to where you can find the answer in my materials.

There is no "Quick Fix." You will have to learn how to take care of your health. That will take time and study.

The information about preventing and reversing High Blood Pressure is specifically in my DVD/video, "Diseases Don't Just Happen."  In fact, High Blood Pressure is one of the disorders specifically mentioned in the information on that DVD/video on my website at

In addition, you would be helped by the Ten Step Plan as detailed on my video/DVD "You Can't Improve on God" and my Workbook entitled "Getting Started on Getting Well."  

You may wish to go to the "Frequently Asked Questions" on my website at where I write about other materials that are helpful.  It's about the 4th or 5th question down: "What materials do I need to start the Plan if I have a diseases other than cancer?" is the question - followed by the answer

17. Q. AIDS. I would like to know if any one has been cured of  AIDS using your system? 

A. The term AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.  That means that the person has a deficient immune system (an inability to fight disease) that was ACQUIRED - meaning he or she was not born with it.  He or she ACQUIRED it sometime after birth.

Cancer is ALSO an Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in that one can ONLY get cancer if his or her immune system is deficient (not working right).  Generally people are not born with cancer, but it develops because of the way we eat and live.

Because one's immune system becomes deficient from the way we eat and live, the way we get well is to STOP doing the things that suppress our immune system and START doing the things that will nourish it and build it up.

I discuss the way one strengthens the immune system by natural methods on my video/DVD "You Can't Improve on God" and "Diseases Don't Just Happen" plus in my workbook, "Getting Started on Getting Well."

And for a direct answer to your question - YES, it is possible to reverse AIDS (totally) by using the Ten Step Natural Health Plan that I used to get well from Cancer.  And Yes, people HAVE done it!

There are NO incurable diseases.  However, remember, in order to get well it is necessary to STOP all habits and activities that harm the body.  One CANNOT get well from ANY disease if he or she continues to harm his or her body and continues to suppress the immune system

16. Q. Mad Cow Disease. My question is about mad cow disease. Is it possible that this disease is a result of cows being fed cow remains in the form of meal? Cows are herbivores not carnivores and is it possible that the undigested cow remains as it passes thru the 7 stomachs of a cow begins to mutate or develp into the disease. I am not a doctor nor a scientist. Its just that God did not intend any humans to eat human flesh and if God made cows herbivores then they were not intended to eat cows. I know from the little research I have done that other countries allow cow remains in the feed of their cattle.I have not found that to be the case in the US. At least up until the late 90's when I had done the reseach on this.

A. You are exactly right!  Cows are meant to be vegetarians - to feed on grasses.  But now, due to factory farming, they are feeding the cows ground up dead animals - calling it "Nutritional Pellets."  These "Nutritional Pellets" are reported to be composed of ground-up dead animals who died from deadly diseases, ground-up animals that have been euthanized at the animal shelters, and even road-kill.

The first "Mad Cow-like" disease that was reported was Scrapie, which is Mad Sheep Disease.  It's called "Scrapie" because, when the sheep become diseased, they start acting crazy and, among other things, scrape their bodies along the fences, sometimes until they're bleeding.

Well, the sheep that died from Mad Sheep Disease (Scrapie) were not "wasted" by the evil people who do the factory farming.  No, they were ground up and fed to the Cows, in order to save money on feed, and to make the cows grow bigger - faster.  So what did the cows get?  Mad COW disease!

But, the question still remains, Why did the Sheep get Scrapie (Mad Sheep Disease) in the first place?  The answer is the one that you gave in your e-mail.

Sheep (AND cows) were both created to be vegetarians.  If they are fed MEAT (animal products of any type), eventually they will get sick!  And that is exactly what has happened.

But that scenario also carries over into human beings.  Human beings were created to be VEGETARIANS.  I explain that scientifically on my videos/DVDs.  When they eat meat, poultry, fish, dairy products and eggs - eventually they WILL get sick from that diet.

In my workbook entitled, Getting Started on Getting Well, I have many pages of excerpts from the finest medical journals PROVING the terribly damaging effects on human beings caused by eating a diet of meat, poultry, fish, dairy products and eggs. 

The documentation is overwhelming!

But the next question I always get is "But didn't God SAY we could eat meat?"  That question is answered in my videos/DVDs, CDs/audiotapes and Workbook, as well

15. Q. Insulinomas. I am looking for information on natural alternative treatments for insulinomas. Is it possible? Can you please lead me in the right direction for my research? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Books, articles, sites, testimonials.. anything.
My husband has an insulinoma in his pancreas and he believes the only way out is through surgery. Please help me provide him with good information on the alternative treatments.

A. As I'm sure you know, an Insulinoma is a tumor (of the insulin-producing cells of the Pancreas) that produces Insulin resulting in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

The real question is this:  Do you, or does ANYBODY, believe that your husband's insulinoma was caused by not having had enough operations in his lifetime?  

The answer is "Obviously, No!"  

And you might think that is a silly question.

But, I'm trying to make a point.  Insulinoma, as EVERY OTHER TUMOR - whether benign or malignant, is the result of a body that is not functioning properly.  And the "improper functioning of the body" is caused by the poor way we eat and the poor way we live.

A body that is functioning properly will NOT produce tumors of ANY kind!  

As I say on my videos/DVDs and in my books, Insulinomas and other medical problems DON'T "Just Happen" even though that is what we doctors are taught in medical school.  Instead, these diseases all have a cause.  And the causes ARE known.  But they are NOT taught to doctors because the proper treatment of these "causes of disease" does not require Drugs or Surgery, the ONLY two methods of treatment EVERY doctor is taught.

It appears that you are not familiar with my DVDs, CDs and books, since you ask that question.  My materials discuss the causes of virtually ALL diseases - and their prevention and reversal, particularly on my video/DVD entitled "Diseases Don't Just Happen."  Even though I don't specifically mention Insulinoma, I DO tell what causes these types of diseases and how to change one's life in every respect, in order to prevent and/or reverse them.

In order to get rid of his insulinoma, your husband will have to STOP doing the things that caused it in the first place.  But he may well resist the fact that his diet and life-style were significant factors in the developement of his Insulinoma.  

But if he believes THAT way, then he is at the mercy of the doctors - with their drugs and surgery.  If he has the insight to at least investigate the possibility that his diet and lifestyle were the CAUSE of his Insulinoma, then HE has the power to change things and - GET WELL!

Just think about it, if he has the Insulinoma surgically removed - but then keeps doing everything he was doing when it developed - it will either come back again, or he will develop some other type of serious, possibly life-threatening, disease.  And he will be powerless to prevent it because he will have NO understanding of what he is doing to his body that is resulting in these problems.

I realize that the doctors will tell him "We don't know what causes Insulinoma," but that's because all any of us doctors were ever taught in medical school was "Drugs" and "Surgery."  The average doctor knows NOTHING else.   We are NEVER taught how to get people REALLY well! 

But there IS a way to be well, and it does NOT involve Drugs and Surgery.

14. Q. Building the Immune System. I am on your diet because I want to build up my immune system. I have become a vegetarian and isn't it funny how everyone questions my sanity. My friend is not very receptive to changing her eating habits. I have given her all your tapes, and your workbook. What do I do? I have said it all and nothing? My heart is broken she has gone the traditional way (all the x-rays, etc.). I feel completely helpless.

A. Please remember that the Health Plan I used to get well (and still follow) is NOT a diet!! The proper nutrition is absolutely essential to getting well and staying well, but diet is ONLY TEN PERCENT of the Plan. ALL the rest of the NINE Steps must be followed with 100% commitment in order to get well or stay well.

About your friend. She has the right to eat and live as she chooses. If you have told her about God's Natural Way, the only thing left to do is Pray - and Pray fervently, then leave it in the hands of the Lord.

The problem is, many people don't want to take charge of their own health and take the time to study and learn by reading or viewing the materials. They're used to the DOCTOR just giving them a pill and saying, "You let me worry about this. Just enjoy your life and don't be concerned about your illness." The person with an illness has given over his or her entire life - and health- to the white coats.

Well, my materials tell a person how to proceed so they can take charge of their own life and health. It's all there for anyone who wants to know. The problem is, a lot of people DON'T want to know.

But that is their right, so I don't interfere.

13. Q. Barleygreen. I am ordering your products for the first time.  Can you provide me with information so that I can decide if I should order barley green with kelp or without?
Thanks for sharing your testimony!   I am 35 years old and I am using your products for preventive measures. 

A. Kelp is a sea vegetable. It is FOOD - it is NOT a drug. Like many other foods, it can be used dried or dehydrated. After drying, it can be powdered and used as a condiment for flavoring, or as a salt substitute. Kelp, because it is a natural food, is a rich source of vitamins, especially the B vitamins, as well as a good source of many valuable minerals and trace elements. It is reported to be very beneficial to brain tissue, the membranes surrounding the brain, the sensory nerves, and the spinal cord, as well as the nails and blood vessels.

Because kelp is a natural food source of iodine, it has been used in the treatment of thyroid problems particularly hypothrodism, and it is useful for the other conditions as varied as hair loss, obesity, and ulcers.

Kelp is added to the Barleygreen as good source of vitamins and minerals and an especially good source of iodine, because many who are interested in their health refuse to use regular commercially available "iodized" salt. Commercially available salt can be damaging to one's health, and in my materials, I explain what kind of salt to use, and how much.

Again, kelp is just food - a vegetable that grows in the sea.

I happen to use the Barleygreen WITH kelp.

12. Q. Breast Cancer. In your video, "You Can't Improve On God", you refer to ductal adenoma as a potentially fatal growth. I did some research on the Internet and discovered that ductal adenoma is generally classified as "benign," it is not life-threatening. What are the facts?

A. You didn't listen carefully enough to my words in that video.  If you listen to my video again, you will hear that I say "ductal ADENOCARCINOMA of the breast" NOT "ductal adenoma."  

You can go to my website at and click on "Dr. Day responds to her critics" on the home page.  Then click on "Loma Linda University."  In that information, there are links to both of my biopsy reports, one from Loma Linda University Medical Center, and one from Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, CA, both of which reveal that my diagnosis was carcinoma of the breast.  Carcinoma means Cancer!

You can SEE the facts there for yourself.

11. Q. The Medical Industry. I have been browsing your web sites.  Your story of how you cured yourself of cancer through natural means is fascinating and inspiring.  You also have stated that these natural means are known of by science but are being suppressed because they would adversely affect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.  Doctors in the United States at least are only trained in allopathic medicine, which uses drugs and surgery to treat disease mostly only on a symptomatic level but doesn't really address the root cause.
I have done some research and questioning about how allopathic medicine came to monopolize the medical profession.
Prior to 1847 there was a wide choice of treatment options in America ranging from native American and naturopathic remedies to allopathic remedies.  Then in 1847 an association of allopathic doctors was formed called the American Medical Association which began a propaganda campaign to turn public opinion against herbalists and naturopaths, labeling them as quacks in order to eliminate competition to drug oriented medicine.
Another event instrumental in the creation of this monopoly was the appointment of Daniel Coit Gillman as president of Johns Hopkins University.  Gillman had been a member of the Order of Skull and Bones at Yale College and had helped turn it into a privately owned corporation in 1856.  Under Gillman, Johns Hopkins began to set the standard for medical training in the United States.
Another factor was John D. Rockefeller, who through his tax exempt foundation helped propagate allopathic medicine and financed the establishment of the modern pharmaceutical industry.
From reading your web pages I gather that you have researched some into the subject of secret societies and the New World Order. 
Q. What is the underlying belief system of modern conventional medicine and how are doctors indoctrinated into it? 

A. I discuss this in great detail on my videos/DVDs Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore, Double Blind:  What Science Can't See, and also some on "You Can't Improve On God." 

Q. What are doctors taught about health and disease and how are they taught to treat it?

A. This information is also found on these videos/DVDs and many of my other nine videos/DVDs on health.

Q. Who or what at the very highest levels really controls modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry?

A. I give lots of information on this question on these same materials listed above, as well as on my website, in the medical/health section

10. Q. Showing the videos/DVDs. I am a missionary serving in __________.  I am preparing to purchase your materials to help with my own health issues (Celiac Disease, Diabetes, Candida, Parasites).  Your website makes it clear that these materials are for home personal use only.  Here in this country, the people are not very well off and have very little access to the health message.  May I have permission to share your materials with others here in this country?  That could involve having people watch it in our home or possibly showing it in a church.
Thank you for taking the time to respond when you are able.  May God bless your work.

A. I have problems with requests like this one.  

This is the reason:  Learning to follow God's health message is NOT something one can understand from seeing a video in a congregation, it doesn't even work very well if someone sees it in a group in someone else's home, even though the latter way is much better.

It only works if a person is highly motivated to investigate it (usually because they have serious health problems - or some other life-threatening reason) and has the videos/DVDs and other materials themselves and watches them (or listens or reads them) over and over and over and over again.

You may think that showing my videos to a group will excite their interest and they'll want to know more.  I can tell you that it will probably have the opposite effect.  The people who are NOT sick (or at least don't know they are sick because the serious disease that is brewing in their body has not yet surfaced) will say, "I already eat pretty healthy" (even though they're eating a "garbage" diet of fast food, etc.), OR they will say to themselves "I could NEVER live and eat that way" (which of course, they can't - at least not without God's help), OR all they will concentrate on is the diet, and they will not even understand ALL the other TEN STEPS of the Plan which MUST be followed with 100% commitment for a person to get well.

But you will respond, "But these people are poor and they can't afford to buy a video."  But my answer is, "What good is Christianity if Christians don't believe in God's promises?"  God has promised to "supply ALL our needs."  Do your church members and friends actually BELIEVE that?  If a person is truly interested in following GOD'S way and NOT "man's way, God will lead them into truth as He has promised and provide for them individually, not corporately.

In addition, they can only watch my videos or DVDs if they have a television set and a VCR or a DVD player.  If they are that poor, they won't be able to afford a television set!  But you know and I know that almost EVERYONE has a television set!  So where did they get the money to buy the TV set?  People somehow find the money for what THEY think is important.

Even more, if they have a serious disease, they will have to start eating highly nutritious food and drinking fresh home-made vegetable juice, which will require money for a lot of produce and also a juicer.  Who is going to supply THAT?  Well, God, of course.  Again, HE promises to supply all our needs IF we are really serious about doing it HIS way and NOT "man's" way!

Many, many "poor" people spend much more than the cost of a video on non-essential things, including trinkets, unnecessary recreational activities, and even improper, non-nutritious "food" that satisfies their tastes but actually harms their body. 

But God is NOT going to supply the needs of people unless they themselves recognize how MUCH they need God and STOP going to man (doctors) for the answers to their problems.  Christians profess to trust GOD, but when there is a problem (with health, finances or anything else) they actually trust "MAN" - and NOT God!

In addition, people RARELY cherish what is GIVEN to them.  They cherish what they buy themselves, because they spent their own hard-earned money for it.  In the past, I have given huge amounts of materials away, but I realized after awhile that many people didn't even look at these materials.

ONLY when they have a real need that THEY THEMSELVES recognize and when they have a REAL DESIRE to know truth, will they study the materials and put them into practice in their life.

Look at all the people Jesus, Himself, spoke to who turned away from Him and went their own way.

The very best way to witness to your congregation is for YOU, yourself, to go on the Health Plan and turn your OWN health around FIRST (ALL TEN Steps), then you can personally witness, in an individual one-on-one way, to anyone who is willing to listen, whether IN your congregation or group or outside of your congregation.  You can then share YOUR story with your congregation or group, publicly from the pulpit, and privately on a one-to-one basis.

YOUR story of getting well will be just as powerful as mine.  You may say, "Oh, but you're a doctor and people will listen more to you."   But we must remember, that it is God's spirit that quickens the heart of people, so it really doesn't matter whose testimony it is.  If we witness, and pray for those we witness to, then we just leave it in God's hands.

SOME will listen, but the majority will not.  We have to understand that and accept it.  Remember that at the end of Jesus' ministry, ALL had left Him except one disciple, John, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene and a couple of other women.  In human (corporate) terms, Jesus was a BIG failure.  But we know that He was NOT a failure, even though He had very few followers at the end.

So, my suggestion is to get started on the Health Plan yourself, and then YOU can be the primary witness about how WELL the plan works, reminding people that it takes ALL TEN steps in order to get well.

9. Q. Which one of your books talks about immunizations?

A. My Workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well.

8. Q. Will Barleygreen help ALS?

A. Barleygreen is GOOD FOOD.  It is the dried juice of the young green barley leaf.  It is highly nutritious but it is NOT magic!  It can be used as part of the proper nutrition that the body’s immune system needs to fight disease – EVERY type of disease.  In its powdered or tablet form, it is concentrated GOOD FOOD and therefore, just a part of ONE step of the Ten Step Plan to Get Well!  Nothing more and nothing less.  The Plan to get well contains TEN STEPS.  ALL TEN STEPS must be done with 100% commitment in order to get well.

7. Q. I have Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs).  I have seen two heart specialists and both have said more or less to “learn to live with it.”  The beats are very annoying and distracting to my daily living.  Obviously, I did something to myself to cause these irregular beats, but not sure what it was.  Sometimes I think it is stress from my job, or what’s happening in the government.  Can you point me in the right direction?

A. You are correct in deducing that you have done this to yourself.  We give ourselves disease every day by the way we eat and live.

Yes, stress can be a major factor in PVCs.  So can the caffeine and caffeine-like compounds in coffee, soda, chocolate and tea.  There are also irritating substances in meat (as an example, arachidonic acid) and harmful substances (for instance, MSG and Nutrasweet) in fast food and processed food. 

You CAN get rid of the PVCs, but you have to change the way you live your life, including the things mentioned above.  But there are more steps that are necessary and they are all detailed in the TEN STEP Plan, which is the subject of my DVD/video “You Can’t Improve on God.”

6. Q. What is the cause of heart failure?  Is it a congenital defect or the result of arteriosclerosis?

A. Both of the above can cause heart failure.  Other causes include high blood pressure and cardiomyopathy (damage to the heart muscle by infection, inflammation, drug use, regular prescription drugs or street drugs, etc.)  I discuss cardiovascular problems and their prevention and reversal in my DVD/video “Diseases Don’t Just Happen.”

    5. Q. Lung Cancer. My husband has already had chemo and radiation for his lung cancer.  He now is very weak and hardly eats anything as I’m sure the cancer has spread to other areas like the bone, etc.  Is it too late to start the Ten Step plan to curing cancer?

A. It is NEVER too late.  As long as there is life, there truly is hope!  I was sick for two years and bedridden for 6 months.  At one point I was so seriously ill that I was not expected to live through the night.  And now I am totally well and cancer-free and it has been 14 years since my tumor first appeared.

    Is your husband's lung cancer caused by smoking?  If so, has he given up smoking?  One cannot get well while continuing to destroy his or her body.

One reason your husband is so weak and has such a poor appetite is that he has been given large doses of poison (that's what chemotherapy is) and radiation (which also kills good cells as well as bad cells).  This type of treatment would destroy a healthy person, and even more so someone who is already sick with cancer.

When one has already had huge damage from chemo and/or radiation, he can still get well, but it's harder and takes longer because he has to dig himself out of a deeper hole because the "treatment" has done so much damage.

And remember, the Ten Steps must be done with TOTAL 100% commitment.  This is no time to play around with the plan, and do it "sort of."  That approach will never bring success.

The TEN STEP PLAN is given on my DVD/video “You Can’t Improve on God.”

God is the Healer.  He just does it through His natural Health Plan that is on my videos/DVDs and in my Workbook.

If your husband is willing and interested in doing what is necessary to get well, you can go to my web site and click on "Frequently Asked Questions."  About the third or fourth question will tell you what materials he needs to get started.  After he masters that material, he will then, over time, need to get additional DVDs/videos or CDs as his understanding progresses.  There is a very specific Curriculum given in my Workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well, on how to proceed after that.

I can't be your husband’s doctor from a distance, but all the information he needs to get well is on my DVDs/videos, CDs/audios and in my Workbook, Getting Started On Getting Well, and in the other information on my website.  He'll eventually have to turn to the Physician I had, the Great Physician who taught me how to get well, the One who still directs my life - Jesus Christ.

4. Q. Losing Weight From Cancer. My sister has Fourth Stage cancer and it is now in her liver.  She is losing weight.  What should we do to fatten her up.

A. I discuss this problem and give the answer in my Workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well, in the Workbook section entitled “Frequently Asked Questions.”

3. Q. Bitter and Fatalistic. My husband recently passed away from kidney cancer.  I tried all of the things you and everyone else suggested for 3 years and he passed away anyway.  My belief is that after going through the hell I went through with him for those 3 years that no matter what you do, no matter what you eat, if it is your time, it is your time.  I spent a lot of money over the last 3 years of his life doing everything anyone suggested to help get rid of the cancer.  One thing I do know is that all cancers are different.  Breast cancer is different from kidney cancer.  So the intent of this letter is just to say that it does not matter in the end, we will all pass away from something.  None of us is meant to live forever.

A. I know how hard it is to lose a loved one, particularly after seeing him suffer for so long.  I also know what It is like to be the one suffering.  So, I can sympathize with you from both sides. 

You are bitter now and fatalistic, saying things that I don’t really think you believe.  It DOES matter how we eat and live.  That has been proven over and over in the medical literature.  In fact, I have included in my Workbook, Getting Started on Getting Well, seventeen pages of abstracts from the finest medical journals in the world showing just how IMPORTANT it is to live and eat right if you want to be well.

Of course, everybody dies eventually.  But who wants to be old and sick?  Or even more, YOUNG and sick?  That’s what’s happening more and more because of the increased stress, eating terrible food, and drinking huge amounts of caffeinated beverages that seriously dehydrate the body, etc.,  (Caffeine – in coffee, soda, and other foods and drinks -  is a diuretic.  It takes more water out of your body than comes in with the drink.)

Regarding your statement that “all cancers are different,” that is what the orthodox medical profession propagandizes the public to believe.  That is what they want you to believe, because then you will feel totally helpless, totally out of control, and you will RUSH to put your life in the hands of the doctors.  You will willingly fall on your knees in front of the white coats.

I explain on my videos, particularly the one entitled “Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore,” how all cancers are virtually the same.  Cancer is Cancer!  It doesn’t matter what organ or body area it is in.  Oh, I know, the doctors will tell you that each cancer is very different from all the others.  But, if that is true, why do the orthodox doctors treat ALL cancers the very SAME way – with chemotherapy (chemotherapy is poison – the doctors just pick a slightly different type of poison for each type of cancer, but they ALL seriously harm the patient’s immune system), radiation (which burns the patient and also seriously harms the patient’s immune system), and surgery (as though the cancer were a localized phenomenon that you can just “cut out” like a rotten spot in an apple, and as though cancer were not caused by a very sick body in the first place).

We give ourselves cancer (and every other disease) one day at a time, by the way we eat and live.  We “injure” our body daily in many different ways, by not feeding it the proper nutrition it needs to make healthy cells, by being angry and damaging our immune system, by not exercising our body, and in many other different ways that I explain on my DVDs/videos and CDs.  When we keep daily injuring our body over a long period of time, eventually we will get sick.  It’s inevitable!

But we CAN reverse the problem by STOPPING the injuries.  All we have to do is learn what we are doing that harms our body and then learn how to develop the willpower to do the right thing.  I specifically discuss that in the materials I mention in “Frequently Asked Questions” on my website at

2. Q. Babies with Cancer. You say that we give ourselves disease by the way we eat and the way we live.  What about babies and very young children?  Some babies are born with cancer.  How could babies have done anything wrong and when did they have the time to do it?

A. Where does an unborn baby get its nutrition – its oxygen – its blood supply – its EVERYTHING?  From its mother.  That is why it’s SO important for a pregnant woman to be so careful about her nutrition – REAL nutrition, not the “food pyramid” type of “nutrition” that is controlled and contrived by greedy companies with commercial MEGA-FOOD Corporation interests.

How can an unborn baby have stress?  The physical, mental and emotional condition of the mother when she is pregnant surrounds the unborn baby.  The baby cannot escape from that situation.  When the pregnant mother is emotionally upset, angry or seriously stressed, hormones and other substances are produced in the mother’s body, many of which cross over into the baby’s blood stream and into the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby, relaying the results of the mother’s stress directly to the unborn child.

Illnesses of the mother or exposure of the mother to toxic substances, (including some of those found in processed food), while she is pregnant will also affect the baby, as will prescription drugs and street drugs.  Alcohol and smoking, even in small quantities, have a seriously detrimental affect on the unborn child.

These are just some of the factors involved in producing disease in a baby before it is born.  And since the baby’s immune system is not well-developed before it is born and in the early months after it is born, the factors affecting the mother have an even greater effect on the unborn child.

1. Q. When are you going to be Podcasting again? 

A. Soon, I hope.  Just as I got the Podcasting equipment pretty well figured out, I had to get involved in a project that took almost all of my time.  That project is pretty well accomplished now, so I will try to get back to the Podcasting.  In the meantime, I will also answer questions in this Question and Answer column. 


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