Actor Paul Newman Dies by His OWN Hand!
(But he had an Accomplice!)

Lorraine Day, M.D.


Actor Paul Newman, a former chain smoker, has died from lung cancer. 

What can we learn from his death?

1)    Smoking CAUSES cancer, which he and everyone should have known many decades ago.  Newman died by his own hand – his own hand that bought - and lit - the cigarettes he chain-smoked apparently for many years.

2)  Suicide can occur in one moment with a shot to the head, or it can occur over time.  It is suicide nonetheless.  It is death by one’s own hand.

3)    But Paul Newman had an accomplice in his “suicide.”  The supposed “treatment” by the so-called “experts” at the supposed “best” hospitals in the country is actually designed to KILL you. 

Paul Newman received his “treatment” at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, the first hospital in the U.S. that diabolically promoted the use of chemical warfare agents such as Nitrogen Mustard, on human beings – and still promotes that same toxic chemical, as well as many other horrific toxic chemicals, on cancer patients today.  These deadly chemicals NEVER cure cancer.  In fact, they CAUSE Cancer!

4)    Paul Newman had an entire line of “health” products, which obviously did not help HIS “health” because these products were man-made, packaged and preserved for a LONG shelf-life, and really do NOT promote “health” at all.  The ONLY foods that promote health are the ones GOD has made, and only in the form that GOD has made them.  “Man” CANNOT Improve on God!

5)    At one point, a “New York hospital” (probably Memorial Sloan Kettering) announced that Paul Newman had undergone  “Life-saving surgery” after his cancer diagnosis.  (See article below) That was only wishful thinking of course, designed to promote the reputation of the hospital, the reputation of the surgeons and “modern” medicine.

Obviously, the surgery they performed on Paul Newman was NOT “Life-saving.”  It was a total failure!  But it WAS very expensive – and extremely painful!  But we heard nothing about this FAILURE from the hospital or the commercial media.  In fact, the massive operation performed undoubtedly suppressed his immune system even MORE than it already was, leading to an earlier death for Newman. 

But the surgeons got their fee!  And the hospital got its publicity!

6)    After his diagnosis and the beginning of his “treatment” at Memorial Sloan Kettering, Newman continued to lose weight, his hair thinned demonstrably, his skin became pale – almost white, his energy waned, and he looked more and more gaunt.

These are the hallmarks of a person undergoing chemotherapy – much more than a person just with cancer.  The chemotherapy is chemical POISON.  The POISONOUS chemotherapy, along with the massive surgery, destroy a cancer patient’s immune system (the one system God has given every person to help him or her get well), and destroy ALL their ability to fight the disease.

7)    Yes, Paul Newman unfortunately reaped what he had sown because his years of chain smoking caught up with him.  But the “treatment” given him by Memorial Sloan Kettering – the hospital that promotes all the wickedness and greed of the DRUG companies – delivered the coup de gras on Paul Newman.  The hospital was an accomplice in his “suicide.”

8)    You can bet that Newman and his family, with their unlimited financial resources, believed they were getting the “finest” care. 

But Paul Newman is DEAD!  And he died painfully and EXPENSIVELY – by his OWN HAND!  With the “assist” by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Paul Newman was obviously interested in “health.”  But he walked down the wrong road – the road of man-made products – rather than turning to God and the Natural things that God has made to Get us Well, and to Keep us Well.

And he was totally ignorant of the fact that disease begins in the “heart” – because we want to live, think, act, eat, and handle stress OUR way rather than GOD’S way.  In order to Get Well, we must CHANGE all those things.  We must have a change of “heart.”

And he was totally ignorant of the fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a Sick person Well – by giving him POISON!

What a tragedy!  He was an accomplished actor, and he seemed like a decent man.  But he chose to ignore God’s Natural way – and pursued “man’s” way - the doctors’ way - of Mutilating Surgery and Poisonous Chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, he believed the so-called “Experts” in the Medical/Drug Industry – and it cost
him his LIFE!