My Old Colleague, Julie Gerberding, continues to LIE about Vaccines and Autism

My Old Colleague, Julie Gerberding, continues to LIE about the Association between Vaccines and Autism, just as she lied for decades about the AIDS epidemic.  Dr. Julie Gerberding was on the staff at San Francisco General Hospital in the Department of Infectious Diseases for years when I was there as Chief of Orthopedic Surgery.  The AIDS epidemic in San Francisco hit the headlines in 1989 when the first healthcare worker, reportedly a female nurse at our hospital, was reported to have contracted AIDS from a single needle stick - something that for years I had predicted would happen.  Yet the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), of which Julie Gerberding would later become the director, ridiculed me incessantly for saying so, as did the public media.

When it finally happened as I had predicted, I was invited to be a guest on many, many television shows to discuss the issue.  At that time, I was very naive politically.  I thought that the media really wanted to inform the public of the dangers.  But how wrong I was!  Their goal was to discredit and ridicule me.  But fortunately, they were not successful.

The very first television show on which I was a guest on this issue was a local San Francisco TV station.  Both Julie Gerberding and I were invited. How shocked I was to be present on camera to see her deliberately LIE to the public about the seriousness of AIDS.  At that early time in the epidemic, every physician knew that there was no cure for AIDS - and that it was virtually a 100% fatal disease, yet Julie Gerberding, on camera, said the opposite.

As we were leaving the studio after the show, I walked out with her and asked her WHY she would deliberately LIE to the public about that issue? Her response was, "We must be careful of the psyche of the AIDS patient."  I responded, "But what about our obligation to tell the TRUTH to the public?"  She just shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

Julie is a "company woman" and was handsomely rewarded for her willingness to follow the party line - regardless of its untruthfulness.  She was given the directorship of the CDC and continued to cover up the truth of AIDS during her time there.

As you can see from this video, she also lies about the association of Vaccines with autism.  Her responses are FULL of "double-speak" - a plan to deliberately confuse the public and cover up the negligence of the CDC for its unwillingness to tell the truth.

You will see what I mean when you watch this video clip.