An Open Letter to Christina Applegate


Oh, Christina Applegate, you poor, disillusioned, beautiful, young woman.  You have PAID the doctors to mutilate you by allowing them to cut off both of your breasts.  What a shame!  You must believe that you developed breast cancer because you had too many breasts!  But cutting them off will NOT solve your problem.

It is true, as you say, that you probably will not die of breast cancer, but it is highly likely that you will die – painfully - from some OTHER type of cancer.  Your cancer did NOT “just happen.”  Cancer is a disease of old age.  The reason so many young people – like you – are developing cancer is that they are prematurely AGING their bodies by the terrible way they are eating, living, and handling stress.  In addition, many young people use “recreational” drugs or prescription drugs, ALL of which are very harmful to the body.

You live life in the fast lane and you become addicted to excitement, never realizing that the fast, exciting life is taking a terrible toll on your mind, body, and immune system, and will lead you to an early, tragically painful, death.

You gave yourself this breast cancer (as everyone does - who has it) by the way you have been living, eating, thinking, acting, and handling stress.  And now you have PAID the doctors a large sum of money to mutilate your body by cutting off your breasts.

You did not inherit a tendency to breast cancer from your mother – or anyone else in your family.  On the contrary, you LEARNED how to give yourself cancer.  You LEARNED how to live, eat, and handle stress the SAME WAY your mother did, and therefore you have developed the SAME disease she developed.  She gave cancer to herself – and you gave cancer to yourself – just like I gave cancer to myself.

You did NOT inherit the BRCA1 gene mutation from your mother.  YOU caused your own gene mutation by abusing your OWN body, by the way you have been eating, living and handling stress. 

It has been known for decades that cancer is NOT inherited, even though doctors have recently been brainwashed into believing it is.  All one has to do is look at the 60 or 70 year old women in Japan who eat mainly rice and vegetables and live a relatively non-stressful life.  Their incidence of breast cancer is very low.

But bring those same Japanese women to America and put them on the rich, Western diet – high in animal protein and fat - combined with the stresses of the fast-paced American life – and these older Japanese women develop the same incidence of breast cancer as American women have.

Cancer is passed down in families all right, but NOT in the genes.  Grandmother teaches Mother how to live, eat and handle stress, and Mother teaches daughter how to live, eat and handle stress.  So since YOU have been living, eating and handling stress in the way that you LEARNED from your mother, YOU have developed the SAME disease as your mother.

Changing your lifestyle can CHANGE your genes, as Dr. Dean Ornish has scientifically shown. 

If you CHANGE the way you live, eat and handle stress, you don’t have to develop any kind of cancer, or any other disease. 

ALL animal products (meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs) PROMOTE the growth of cancer (and ALL other diseases).  Refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, MSG (in all processed food), and fast foods, ALSO promote the growth of Cancer (and ALL other diseases).  Stress – all types – and not getting enough rest at the proper time of night ALSO promote the development and growth of cancer and ALL other diseases.

How we think and what our minds dwell on, also play a part in our immune system’s ability - or lack of ability - to fight disease.  To be physically and mentally healthy, we must keep our minds focused on what is good, noble and upright and pure.  But the degenerate sit-com “Married with Children” in which you participated for a number of years was absolutely disgusting, and contributed to your suppressed immune system and ultimately to the cancer you now have. I'm sure you won't believe that, but it is true.

What goes into our mind (the music we play, the TV shows and movies that we view – or participate in) and into our heart (forgiveness – or lack of it, loving – or hating - our enemies, selfishness or unselfishness, etc.) is just as important as what goes into our mouth, as far as our health is concerned

You have had your breasts cut off so you “won’t die of breast cancer.”  But your breasts were NOT the problem.  It was the rest of your body that CAUSED the cancer to develop in your breasts.  It was the way that you have been eating and living and handling stress that allowed cancer to develop in that particular area. 

But even though you have had your breasts cut off, you still have the REST of your body intact.  So, now that your breasts are gone, you will just develop cancer somewhere else in your body, or you will develop some other life-threatening disease, UNLESS you dramatically CHANGE the way you are living, eating, and handling stress - permanently.

If you were very sick with the chicken pox, you would never go to a surgeon and ask him or her to cut out all the pox marks in your skin so you would be instantly well.  Of course not, that would be foolish.  Because the pox marks in your skin are just a local manifestation of a systemic disease – a disease that affects your whole body.

It’s the same way with a cancerous tumor.  The cancer is just a local manifestation of a systemic disease.  The tumor is just a local sign that your whole body is sick – even though you may not feel sick.

The BRCA1 gene mutation or the BRCA2 gene mutation, or any other gene mutation means that YOU have done this genetic damage to yourself, by the way you have been living, eating and handling stress. But this gene damage CAN BE REVERSED, if you will STOP doing the things that have damaged your genes. The body is designed to heal itself - but ONLY if you STOP injuring it daily by the way you are living, eating, and handling stress.

The reason that a woman with cancer in one breast has a significant risk of developing cancer in the other breast, is NOT because she has inherited a cancer gene from her mother or grandmother.  It’s because she is STILL eating, living and handling stress in the SAME way she did that caused the cancer in her FIRST breast.

ALL one has to do to eliminate the possibility of developing cancer in the second breast – or anywhere else in your body - is to permanently, and dramatically, CHANGE the way you are living, eating and handling stress.

Also, before a cancerous tumor is large enough to be diagnosed, even by microscopic examination of a biopsy, the cancer has been there for YEARS.  And ALL that time, the SAME blood that has been flowing through your cancerous tumor has been flowing through the rest of your body.

The doctors often want to give you chemotherapy or radiation to “kill” these other cells that may be wandering around your body.  But chemotherapy is POISON, and radiation BURNS your body.  And BOTH chemo and radiation actually CAUSE Cancer.  Every doctor knows that.  Yet, they still torture patients with these so-called “treatments” that more often than not – KILL the patient – very painfully and very expensively!

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a sick person well by POISONING him or her, or by BURNING him or her – OR by cutting off their body parts!

And it is IMPOSSIBLE to “cut out” cancer because, as I said, the same factors that allowed the cancer to develop in your body in the first place, are still operating in the rest of your body that remains - UNLESS you CHANGE the way you are living, eating, and handling stress.

And every time you go to the doctor, you are going to be terrified that the cancer may have returned – no matter how cheery a front you put up now.  Your friends will all gather around you and say what a stiff upper lip you have.  How heroically you are behaving.  And breast cancer foundations will rush to “use” you and your name to raise funds for their cause. 

But after they all leave, you are still all alone with your fear.

If you want to learn how NOT to be afraid of cancer, and how to rebuild your immune system, so you don’t have to worry about the cancer coming back, please visit my web site at and see how I REVERSED my severe, life-threatening cancer without chemotherapy, without radiation, and without mutilating surgery.  See why, “Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore.”

Then you won’t have to be afraid of cancer anymore, either.


Lorraine Day, M.D.