Posted May 30, 2009
(All the documents included in this posting are in the public domain.)

Scans of the two DNA tests of Danny Shelton, Brandy Shelton and the child presented as Trinity Murray are shown at the bottom of today’s posting.
The test results show that Danny Shelton is not the father of the child who was tested, presumably (but not confirmed to be) Trinity Murray.  Danny has repeatedly stated that I would not post these results, but he is obviously wrong.  I have no axe to grind.  I just want to know the truth of why Danny dumped his wife Linda Shelton from 3ABN only a few weeks after he made false accusations against her.
Danny is the one who brought up the subject of the paternity of Trinity, I did not.  I just asked him if he was willing to document with DNA testing what he claimed to be true.  That was when he made the demand for $10,000.00 in order to be tested!
In these results the DNA testing laboratories do not explicitly state that Brandy Shelton is the mother of the child tested, and I am not schooled in reading DNA test results, so I don’t know.
But assuming the child tested was in fact Trinity Murray, then a number of extremely troubling questions remain, questions that raise huge red flags regarding the integrity of Danny Shelton:
Was it outright GREED?
1. If Danny Shelton knew all along that he was not the father of Trinity Murray, why would he try to extort $10,000.00 from me in order to be tested?  After all, He – not I – was the one who brought up that possibility (the rumor that he was the father of Trinity).  (Please see e-mails below.)  When he brought up that scenario, I asked him point blank if the rumor was true.  He said, “No, it is not true.”  I then asked him if he would be willing to have DNA testing done to prove it was not true.
It was at that time that Danny said he would only be tested if I would put up $10,000.  He held to that demand for many weeks.  It was only a short time before a specific date was chosen for the testing to be done that he, without any explanation, dropped the demand for $10,000.00.
What would be his motivation for trying to extort $10,000.00 from me, if it wasn’t outright greed?  Does Danny do nothing unless he can make money at it?
2. And why would Danny Shelton try to extort $10,000.00 from me, a friend who had helped his family in the past?

When Danny’s mother, Goldie, was found to have inoperable cancer (her abdomen was opened up – and closed up by the surgeons because she was full of cancer), Danny called me right away.  I dropped everything I was doing and immediately flew to Southern Illinois – at my own expense - to help his mother, a patient with advanced cancer, who had been given up by the medical doctors, declared inoperable, and terminal. 
Danny asked me to help his mother learn to follow God’s Health Plan in order to get well, as I had, something that Goldie eventually – and unfortunately – decided not to do.
(Just to set the record straight about the events surrounding her death, Goldie called me a couple of weeks after she began the Health Plan, telling me she hated the “ugly juice.”  When I inquired what she meant by “ugly juice” she said she was talking about the green leafy vegetable/apple juice required on the Health Plan.  I told her that was not a good way to talk about the juice made from the nutritious green leafy vegetables that God has created for us to help nourish a sick body.  But she continued to refer to it as “ugly juice.”
She later called me to say she wanted to drink some “Chik juice.”  Again, I said, “What do you mean by “Chik juice”?  She responded that she wanted to drink the juice from the can in which the meat substitute Fri-Chik was packed.  I grimaced, and told her in no uncertain terms that neither “Chik juice” nor any kind of meat substitute was allowed on the Health Plan.  That is all processed food that is forbidden on the Health Plan and highly likely to contain MSG which is very harmful to any sick patient, particularly someone with cancer.
Then she said, “Well then, I want some “Bean Juice.”  Again, I asked what she meant by “Bean Juice.”  She explained that it is the juice from the cooking of beans, something she liked to drink it.
I reminded her that ALL beans are forbidden on the Health Plan while a person is getting well from cancer or any other life-threatening disease. Beans are relatively high in protein and a sick person has difficulty digesting them, plus they often produce gas and bloating that can cause great discomfort and the inability to eat. 
But, on her own, Goldie decided to drink “bean juice.”  And as predicted, she became bloated and unable to eat.  She was miserable and decided to give up.  Within a week or so, she died.)

 Or must Danny punish those who do not believe him without supporting evidence?

Could it be that Danny Shelton must “punish” those who don’t believe everything he says – even without him offering any proof for his statements.  Danny has surrounded himself with present (E.T. Everett and her husband), and former? (Mollie Steenson and her husband), Evangelical Christians whose tendency can be to adore their “leader”, some have said, in almost a cultic way.  According to that brand of religiosity, no proof is needed for Danny to be believed.  If he says it, it must be accepted as truth and never questioned.

I have even heard that some at 3ABN have said, “God talks to Danny Shelton, and Danny Shelton talks to us.”
Others in top positions in the SDA denomination have said, “3ABN represents the Adventist church, and Danny represents 3ABN, so we must support Danny Shelton.”  But I ask, “Even if he is wrong?” 
How can anyone know if Danny Shelton is right or wrong without hearing Linda’s side?  Why has Danny, at every turn, tried to silence Linda – and others - with “Silence Agreements”? 
Danny has very deep pockets.  In an e-mail, he told me that someone is providing a minimum of $15,000.00 per month for his legal fees.  With that kind of extravagance, and his desire to sue almost anyone who opposes anything he says, how can Linda feel free to tell her side of what actually happened? 
And that is exactly where Danny wants Linda!
Since Jesus said, “I AM the. . .truth” wouldn’t it be wise to pursue Jesus and the truth rather than mindlessly and vapidly supporting an institution – without even demanding evidence?
Is the response of present-day Adventists to the need for finding the truth, the equivalent of a young person’s casual, nonchalant, uncaring, and disinterested answer - - - - “Whatever!”  
Why hasn’t Linda been allowed to publicly tell her side of the story without the fear of being taken to court frivolously by Danny who will get yet another “Silence Agreement” against her to shut her up for good, so her side of this tawdry episode will never see the light of day?
Linda does not have a deep-pockets donor to give her a minimum of $15,000.00 per month for legal fees as Danny does.

3. If Danny knew that he was not the father of Trinity Murray, why did he and Trinity – and Brandy – ALL secretly get tested for DNA on their own before I came to Southern Illinois to obtain the DNA specimens.  Danny admitted to me that they did that.
If no fraud was planned for the real DNA testing, then why would they all secretly get tested beforehand as a “dry run”?  There is no legitimate reason for them to do so.  It makes no sense.
Each series of DNA tests costs approximately $450.00.  Why would Danny Shelton waste that money getting secretly tested if he knew he was not the father of Trinity?  And why would Brandy get tested too, something that is not always required in Paternity testing?  Wouldn’t she already know that she is the mother of Trinity?  (Unless, of course, it was not Trinity that was to be tested.)
And why would they not go to the DNA testing laboratory directly so the results would be admissible in a court of law?  The cost is the same.
No, they chose to do it secretly, at home.  Why?
4. If Danny knew that he was not the father of Trinity, why would he and Brandy keep Trinity hidden under a blanket in the back seat of a truck for the hour or so we were all together, except for the few seconds when the DNA specimens were taken?  Why was Trinity not allowed to stand on her own feet rather than Danny holding her over his shoulder like a baby, something a 9-year old doesn’t usually like.  And why did Trinity not say a single word?
5. Why was I not allowed to see any original documents to confirm the identity of Trinity (passport, government I.D.)?  Why was I given only Xerox copies, copies that could easily be altered?
6. Why was I not allowed to fingerprint Trinity to confirm her identity, something that is always required by the DNA testing laboratories when they are taking the specimens?
There are still major questions left unanswered about this DNA testing episode, in addition to the even bigger question as to WHY a husband - Danny Shelton - who claimed to love his wife, Linda, would falsely accused her of both “spiritual” adultery (whatever that is) and physical adultery, would destroy her reputation publicly, would have her fired from her job of 18 years, would tell her within about 4 weeks of his first false accusation against her that he wanted her out of his house, would divorce her in a Quickie Guam divorce less than 3 months after his first false accusation against her, and order 3ABN employees to remove Linda’s name from every television program, every document, and every other nook and cranny at 3ABN within one month of the time she was fired and divorced by Danny?
This is clearly overkill!  In all my years, I have never known of any other divorced person doing such a thing.
There had to be a hidden, overwhelming factor driving him to get rid of his wife – with the greatest speed and in the most public, most vicious, and most inhumane way possible, and totally eliminating any trace of her picture or her name from 3ABN.
As we continue to gather evidence, that hidden, overwhelming factor will eventually become clear to all.
Who IS the father of Trinity Murray?
If the real Trinity Murray was actually tested – a statement that still cannot be confirmed - who IS her father?
Trinity’s last name on her birth certificate is “Murray.”  According to available public records, Brandy was still married to Shawn Brannack when she became pregnant (in May or June of 1999) with Trinity by a man other than her husband, according to Brandy, herself, since she is the one who designated Trinity’s father as Kevin Murray. 
Brandy and Shawn Brannack were married in June of 1996 and divorced on October 7, 1999, according to public records.  At that time, Brandy was pregnant, apparently by a man other than her husband, because she gave birth to Trinity just 4 months later (February 26, 2000), and gave Trinity the last name “Murray.”  Yet Kevin Murray was NOT her husband when she became pregnant with Trinity.
In June of 2000, four months after the birth of Trinity, Brandy married Kevin Murray, (marriage certificate) who is now, or has been, in jail as a drug offender (cocaine and marijuana) according to public records. (picture, etc)  
It is interesting that Brandy’s oldest daughter, Jody, apparently born out of wedlock three years before she married Shawn Brannack, uses the last name “Murray.”  Did Kevin Murray adopt Jody, Shawn Brannack’s child?
The marriage between Brandy and Kevin Murray lasted a little over four years.
According to public documents, Brandy’s first marriage was to Shawn Brannack on 6/10/96, three years after she gave birth to his child, Jody.  That marriage lasted a little over three years.  The divorce occurred on 10/07/99.
So here is the sequence:
Brandy – apparently unmarried at the time - became pregnant by Shawn Brannack, and gave birth to daughter Jody, Nov. 15, 1993.
Brandy married Shawn Brannack on June 10, 1996, 2 1/2 years after the birth of the child, Jody (according to available public court records).
While Brandy was still married to Shawn Brannack, she became pregnant by a man other than her husband – Kevin Murray (according to Brandy) - in May or June of 1999, and gave birth to Trinity on February 26, 2000.
Brandy herself named the father of Trinity as Kevin Murray, even though she was married to another man at the time she became pregnant by Kevin Murray..
Brandy and Shawn Brannack divorced on October 7, 1999 – when Brandy was already 4-5 months pregnant by a man other than her husband.
That appears to be a clear case of adultery by Brandy – the very sin of which Danny Shelton has FALSELY accused Linda!!
Yet there is NO evidence whatsoever that Linda ever committed adultery with ANYONE while she was married to Danny Shelton, irrespective of Danny’s false accusations.
But there is PUBLIC evidence that Brandy not only committed adultery and became pregnant with her second child by another man while she was married to Shawn Brannack, but also that her first child was born out of wedlock, the sin of fornication, according to the Bible.
So Danny maliciously and viciously dumped his wife, Linda, in a whirlwind of false accusations of “spiritual” and physical adultery, yet immediately took up with – and then married - Brandy, who is, by available court records, a fornicator and an adulteress!!
Isn’t there something wrong with that picture?
Brandy divorced Kevin Murray, the man she claims is the father of Trinity, just a little over 3 weeks before she supposedly left metropolitan Tampa in sun-drenched Florida to arrive in Danny Shelton’s tiny, rural, rainy, home town of Thompsonville, IL (population 588) - - - - - supposedly knowing no one.
How curious can it get!  Something is not quite right here!
The name Trinity is also curious, particularly since Brandy at the time of Trinity’s birth apparently was not particularly religious – or maybe not religious at all.  Why would she name her child such an unusual name, a name meaning “God”, a name also meaning “3.”   There is a “3” in 3ABN of course, and the name “Trinity” is in Trinity Broadcasting Network, the religious network Danny often watched years ago and from where he may actually have gotten the idea to start a religious network of his own.
The name “Trinity” certainly would have a history with Danny Shelton.  But where is the significance of this name for Brandy prior to her association with Danny?  (Her other daughter’s name is Jody, who is probably named after Brandy’s twin sister - now deceased).
One wonders, why a mother would name her child, “God”?
Wouldn’t that be considered blasphemy – to name a human being - “God”?
Unless of course, Brandy chose to name her daughter after a lead character (named Trinity) in the violent, anti-God, science fiction movie called Matrix which debuted in theaters in America in March of 1999, just one year before “Trinity” was born.
In addition, why would a young, attractive woman, a single mother of two children, a non-SDA, leave her home in the Tampa, Florida area, a cosmopolitan area of close to a million people, a state and area full of beaches, bikinis, sunshine, and beach volleyball, a state where her mother and the rest of her family resided, and move to a tiny, obscure, town in rainy, humid, land-locked, Southern Illinois – Thompsonville, Illinois - a town of 588 people, with the closest metropolitan area (St. Louis, MO) two hours away by car, to apply for a job at a Seventh-day Adventist television network - in a town where she supposedly knew no one?
If Brandy had an over-whelming desire to be associated with a Christian organization, the east-coast headquarters for numerous Christian ministries, including one of the world’s largest and most respected – Campus Crusade for Christ - is Orlando, Florida, a short drive up the road of about an hour and a half from where she was living in Tampa.  After all, Brandy was not a Seventh-day Adventist at the time, so why wouldn’t these other ministries be fine?
And she is said to have first arrived at 3ABN on November 11, 2004.  Any earlier date specified for her supposed arrival would have raised unwanted questions as Brandy was still married to Kevin Murray until October 14, 2004.  According to public records, her divorce from Kevin Murray occurred just a little over 3 weeks before her supposed arrival at 3ABN.

Yet there are a number of perplexing questions still unanswered regarding this “arrival” date.  As I have stated below, I worked with Brandy at 3ABN in June of 1999 when I was there doing some television spots for 3ABN.  In addition, there are other events that took place in April and August of 2004, and even before, that strongly suggest that Danny knew Brandy much earlier than announced – in fact, long before her supposed November, 2004 arrival.
Yet Danny states that he first laid eyes on Brandy – as an adult – when she arrived at 3ABN on November 11, 2004.
These apparent discrepancies require in-depth follow-up. 

If I have misinterpreted any of these publicly obtained documents, chronologically or in any other way, I invite any reader to show me my error and I will correct it.  I have not posted these documents maliciously, I just want to know the truth – as everyone should. 
I want to hear both sides of any issue I investigate.  Yet, Linda’s right to speak has been quashed – suppressed - repeatedly by forced “Silence Agreements” purposely obtained by Danny Shelton and his attorneys.  Obviously, there is a cover-up going on.
Is everyone so apathetic or so blinded by their own self-righteous attitude that they have no interest anymore in Truth? Or is everyone so terrified of Danny Shelton's vengeance with his demonstrated propensity either to fire - or sue - anyone who doesn't agree with his version of events or who even whisipers a kind word about Linda and her innocence.

My biggest question is why is there such a monumental, egregious, DOUBLE-STANDARD held by Danny Shelton, 3ABN Board Chairman, Walter Thompson, Kay Kuzma, Mollie Steenson, and the other 3ABN Board Members, as well as many others at the top level of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination.
It is abundantly clear that there is NO evidence that Linda Shelton committed adultery with anyone at anytime during her marriage to Danny Shelton.  Linda Shelton is NOT an adulteress – either “spiritually” or physically.
That is obviously the reason she was forced to sign a “Silence Agreement” under the threat of receiving NO compensation at all when she was thrown out of 3ABN by Danny and the Board, if she did not sign it.  Obviously, no one at 3ABN, including Danny Shelton, wants Linda’s side of the story told.
Yet, according to public records, Brandy Shelton IS an adulteress and has also had a child out of wedlock.  But it seems no one cares at all – and Brandy is accepted with open arms by the very same people who have destroyed Linda Shelton’s reputation throughout the world with FALSE accusations of the SAME sin.

Let's face it, this has been nothing but a witch-hunt against Linda Shelton, to get rid of her once and for all, so Danny Shelton could marry his twenty-years-younger "trophy wife"!