Coretta Scott King

How - and Why - did she die?

Lorraine Day, M.D.

Coretta Scott King, the widow of Martin Luther King, died from ovarian cancer two or three days after arriving at an Alternative Health Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, run by Kurt Donsbach, a chiropractor, according to news reports. Bishop T. D. Jakes, a well-known televangelist, assisted in her transfer to the Donsbach facility, according to the media.

It is reported that Mrs. King arrived under an assumed name and without her medical records. Without the accompanying medical records verifying her previous treatment and the drugs she was taking, it is almost impossible for the doctors at any Clinic to begin definitive treatment on any patient. In addition to her cancer, Mrs. King was totally paralyzed on one side from a stroke suffered several months before, according to news reports.

Very shortly after arriving at the Tijuana Clinic, Coretta King died. And the media had a field day at the expense of the Donsbach Clinic. Immediately, the Mexican federales (most probably assisted and encouraged by a salivating group from Organized Medicine in the U.S.) closed the Donsbach Clinic – as though the Donsbach Clinic had been responsible for Mrs. King’s death.

How totally unfair!


End-Stage Cancer

Coretta King arrived at the Donsbach clinic with end-stage ovarian cancer. No mention was made in the media regarding the U.S. doctor or the U.S. hospital where she was originally treated OR the type of treatment she had received for her cancer BEFORE she was sent, literally dying, to the Donsbach clinic.

I would bet a hefty sum that Coretta King, because of who she was, had received the “best” treatment, at the hands of the “best” doctors, in the “best” hospitals in the U.S. – the “best” that orthodox medicine had to offer: chemotherapy, more chemotherapy, and even more chemotherapy!

And what was the result? The “best” treatment the U.S. conventional doctors gave her left her almost dead!

She, undoubtedly, was given all the expensive and destructive chemotherapy that the orthodox doctors could throw at her, until finally they must have told her, “You’re going to die. There’s nothing more we can do.”

After receiving the “best” that U.S. conventional medicine had to offer, the resulting condition of Mrs. King – almost comatose and very near death – was the “best” the conventional doctors could do.

(If anyone has any information to the contrary, I would be happy to receive it. I tried to research her previous treatment but, not surprisingly, the media have completely ignored it.)

Then, after her immune system had been completely destroyed by the deadly “treatment” she had received at the hands of the conventional medical doctors in the U.S., she or her family decided to try the Alternative Cancer Clinic in Mexico as a last ditch attempt to save, or extend, her life.

She arrived at the Alternative Clinic literally just hours from death. And the Mexican Clinic got all the bad press! How thrilled the vicious opponents of Alternative Medicine must be. No mention has been made in the press of Mrs. King’s previous treatment. The Mexican Clinic has taken all the bad press because she died on their doorstep.

What else is new? The same thing happened with Steve McQueen.

The same chain of events occurred with actor Steve McQueen. After his conventional cancer treatment in the U.S. had totally failed, and the doctors had sent him home to die, McQueen went to a clinic in Mexico for Alternative Treatment.

When he died there, all the blame again was placed on the Mexican clinic.

The following is an interview with Steve McQueen’s biographer, Marshall Terrill:

    I read you interviewed many employees of the clinic Steve went to in Mexico to try an alternative cancer treatment. What did they say about his condition, appearance, disposition during his stay there?

    Marshall Terrill: I don't understand why his decision to try an alternative approach to cancer was radical or controversial given that he was handed a death sentence by doctors at Cedars-Sinai hospital in December 1979. They told Barbara Minty, "Take him home and put him to bed. When the pain becomes too much, we'll give him medicine for the pain and he'll go peacefully." Barbara said Steve asked, her, "Do you want to go away somewhere alone and spend our last days quietly or fight it?" Barbara said, "Let's fight it."Well, McQueen decided to fight it through alternative medicine, which required him to go to Mexico …

    To answer your question of his appearance and condition, he was thinner. And his skin had a grayish pallor, and his stomach was distended because of a tumor in his belly. He didn't look or feel good and was in a lot of pain. In fact, the entire time he had cancer he was in constant pain. It was a grim and gruesome experience for him and those who had to witness him during this ordeal.

Editor’s Note: By the way, it’s not surprising that Steve McQueen developed cancer, considering his diet. Here’s another part of the interview with Marshall Terrill.

    What was his favorite food?

    Marshall Terrill: I seem to recall many associates told me he liked nothing better than Mexican food and a cold beer, which fits in perfectly with McQueen’s image. I think he liked American-style food: steaks, burgers, fries, chili, nothing really fancy but good. His former manager Hilly Elkins told me he preferred Denny’s and other greasy spoons over trendy restaurants.

So, like Steve McQueen before her, Coretta Scott King’s death provides yet another occasion for a hysterical Medico-Political Propaganda Extravaganza put on by the media and Organized Medicine in America against Alternative Medical Treatments.

American Organized Medicine, the very ones who were responsible for Coretta King’s near-death condition on her arrival at the Alternative Health Clinic in Mexico , not only ran for cover, but lost no time in blaming the Tijuana Clinic for Mrs. King’s death.

And another Alternative Medical Clinic is unfairly closed!

One more hypocritical propaganda “win” for American Organized Medicine. One more major loss for the health of the American public.


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