Muslims, Christians and Jews
ALL Worship the Same God -
A Killer God!

 Lorraine Day, M.D

It has become popular and trendy for Christians to bash Muslims because of the beliefs of Islam.  Little do those Christians know that they are responding right on cue – just like good little puppets – to the propaganda of the Jewish media, on television, radio and in the newspapers, all of which are owned and run by the Jews. 

Christians are being told that the Muslims believe in a very harsh religion, a religion that believes all non-Muslims should be destroyed, and that is pretty close to the truth. 

Attached is a pretty good overview of what Muslims believe and teach. 

But also attached Is what Jews believe – which is essentially the same thing.  Jews believe that ALL Non-Jews should be destroyed. 

And look what Christians believe!  Let’s start with the Catholics, who have a well-documented – but horrible – track record during the dark ages.  They tortured and killed all who refused to convert to Catholicism. 

And Protestant Christians are not much better.  Even though they are disgusted at the thought of the persecution during the Dark Ages, Protestant Christians still believe that those who don’t believe in Christianity should all be killed.  But Christians are too cowardly to do it themselves.  They will let their “God” take care of the killing – by torturing those infidels in burning hellfire either forever, or for “as long as they deserve.” 

The bottom line is that Muslims, Jews, and Christians, including Catholics and Protestants, ALL believe the same thing: “if you don’t believe as I do, you deserve to be tortured and killed.” 

But a “god” who does that is the antithesis of Jesus Christ.  So NO “Christian” could believe the party line of any of the churches or denominations, and still claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  They actually believe in a “god” of violence and hate, who will destroy His enemies by unending torture, something Jesus would never dream of doing. 

Jesus said, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.  Pray for those who despitefully use you.”  Matt 5:44 

Jesus said, “the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.” Luke 9:56

“God is the Savior of ALL mankind.” 1 Tim 4:10 

Behold the Lamb of God who TAKES AWAY the sin of the (whole) world.” John 1:29 

Everything in the character of the “god” who is worshipped by Muslims, Jews, and Christians is the antithesis of Jesus Christ.  There is nothing in the life of Christ when He was on earth that bears any resemblance to a “god” who would destroy His enemies – either now or later. 

Jesus never hurt or killed anyone while on earth.  In fact, He allowed those He had created to torture and murder Him through beatings, humiliation, crucifixion and a painfully slow death.  His only response was, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.” Luke 23:34 

And it is clear that Jesus was God in human form.

He was the “express image” of the Father (Heb 1:3). 

Mary was told, “Thou shalt call His name Emmanuel meaning “GOD with us.”  Matt 1:23 

When Phillip asked Jesus to show the disciples “the Father.”  Jesus responded by saying, “Have I been so long with you and you don’t know Me, Phillip?  If you have seen ME, you have seen the Father.” John 14:9 

It is clear that Jesus was – and is – God in human form.  So, therefore, Jesus cannot have a character different from God because they are the same person. 

The Ten Commandments are a transcript of God’s character, as fully revealed by the life of Jesus when He was on earth, and the commandments include, “Thou shalt NOT kill.” 

Jesus was horrified when His disciples, James and John, suggested bringing “fire down from heaven” to consume the Samaritans who did not want Jesus traveling through Samaria.  His response was: 

“You know not what spirit ye are of.  I came not to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.” Luke 9:56 

And God would never think of burning His children alive as Satan desires, as shown by the pagan gods Molech and Baal, to whom the pagans AND the Israelites offered child sacrifices, which required the parents to place their innocent baby on the burning hot hands of the statue while loud music played to drown out the child’s piercing screams as it was burned to death. 

God said to the Israelites, “You offer your children as sacrifices to Molech, which I never commanded you to do.  The thought would never have entered My mind to do this great abomination.”  Jer 32:35 

It is Satan who is the author of disease, torture and death.  It is Satan who demands human burning sacrifices as he has shown through Molech and Baal.  This is a pagan practice worthy of a pagan god controlled by Satan. 

Anyone who believes that God is going to burn even one of His children in Hellfire actually believes in Satan. 

And many Christians go even one step further in saying that if you’re not a member of the organized church, you are lost. Read the attached interview with Rick Warren, who believes that you are lost if you refuse to join the organized church. 

So before Christians start Muslim-bashing, they should look not only at the religion of Judaism, but at their own Christianity – a religion that is more “churchianity” than having anything to do with Jesus Christ. 

It is true, Muslims, Jews, and Christians in the organized church worship the same God – a Killer God with all the attributes of Satan himself.  Satan has put his own character on the face of God – and ALL the churches have embraced that lie. 

Let’s look at the evidence!

Muslims: Is the Quran Hate Propaganda? 

Jewish Talmudic Quotes  Are the Jews any different from the Muslims? 

Do the Catholics also believe they’re better than everyone else? 

Selected Quotes from the
Writings of St. Alphonsus Liguori
On the Necessity of the Catholic Church for Salvation

"We should constantly thank the Lord for having granted us the gift of the true faith, by associating us with the children of the Holy Catholic Church. How many are the infidels, heretics and schismatics who do not enjoy the happiness of the true faith! Earth is full of them and they are all lost!" 

"Consider, moreover, the special love of God towards you in allowing you to be born in a Christian land and in the bosom of the true Church. How many people are born of idolaters, Jews, Mohammedans or other heretics: and all of them are lost!" 

"We must believe that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true Church; hence, they who are out of our Church, or they who are separated from it, cannot be saved." 

"Mary obtains salvation for all who have recourse to her. Oh! If all sinners had recourse to Mary, who would ever be lost? . . . He who is protected by her will be saved; he who is not will be lost." 

"If you persevere until death in true devotion to Mary, your salvation is certain." 

"Innovators say that the Lord gives each of the faithful a clear knowledge of Scripture. Behold, the 'private interpretation' of the heretics which has produced such a variety of creeds! Hence, after all of the Congresses and Synods they have held, they have never been able to draw up a formula of uniform belief; hence, everyone knows that among the Reformers there are as many formulas of faith as there are individuals. This alone is sufficient to show that they are in error and do not have the true faith. God arranged that the true faith would be preserved in the Roman Church alone, so that, there being but one Church, there would be but one faith and one doctrine for all the faithful." 

"The Catholic faith alone produces miracles, which are never seen among heretics. Plants of this sort cannot grow in a soil cursed by God; they can take root only in that Church where the true faith is professed. . . God cannot sanction the performance of a miracle except in favor of the true religion; were He to permit it in support of error, He would deceive us. 

"All the misfortunes of unbelievers spring from too great an attachment to the things of life. This sickness of heart weakens and darkens the understanding, and leads to eternal ruin. If they would try to heal their hearts by purging them of their vices they would soon receive light, which would show them the necessity of joining the Catholic Church where alone is salvation."

Are Protestant Christians any different? 

What Protestant “Christians” like Rick Warren say about non-Christians and non-Church members


Church Membership - Salvation Requirement

Another area in which Warren reveals himself to be very confused is concerning membership in body of Christ. In chapter 15 he makes the following statements:

    Pg 118 “When we place our faith in Christ, God becomes our Father, we become his children, other believers become our brothers and sisters, and the church becomes our spiritual family.” 

    Pg 118 “You became a member of God’s family by your second birth” 

But in chapter 17 he seemingly changes his opinion and views "church" purely on a local institutional level, becoming a member of which is not based on being born of God but rather jumping through the hoops of whatever the requirements are established by the local institutional leadership. Notice his rhetoric: 

    Pg 132 “Membership in the family of God is neither inconsequential nor something to be casually ignored.” 

So which is it? In chapter 15 becoming a member of God's family is by rebirth. But here on page 132 to become a member of the family of God one must become a member of a local institutional church. 

    On page 131 he says, “the church is a body ... Christ’s body” 

Here again he is referring to local institutional churches. So according to Rick Warren's theology if you’re not an institutional member of a local church then you are not a part of Christ's body. 

Now let's see where he gets this from the Bible. On page 132 He quotes Eph. 2:18, “Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household.”  Here he interprets this to mean that  “members of God’s household” refers only to those who are institutional members of a local church.

Church Membership – Divisiveness

While sandwiched between chapters 15 and 17 is a chapter dealing with the priority of love, in fact pushing institutional church membership is divisive by it's nature. Paul dealt with such divisiveness in 1 Corinthians: 

     1 Cor 1:12,13 One of you says, "I follow Paul"; another, "I follow Apollos"; another, "I follow Cephas"; still another, "I follow Christ." Is Christ divided? and 1 Cor 3:4 For when one says, "I follow Paul," and another, "I follow Apollos," are you not mere men? 

So also with those who identify themselves as follows: "I belong to such and such Presbyterian church" or " I belong to Grace Chapel" or "I belong to Hope Christian Church." 

Now let's consider one aspect of the  divisiveness this promotes between members of institutional churches. If the theory is that only members of institutional churches are members of the body of Christ then why is it that members of one institutional church may not be qualified to becomes members of another institutional church? If all churches are members of the body of Christ then why don't they all have the same membership requirements? For instance, if you're not a Calvinist, a Christian can't join a Calvinist church - like a Presbyterian church. And even so called "non-denomination churches" have membership requirements and many are not qualified to join as a member. 

Warren's obsession with church "attendance" and institutional members is a stumbling block to the practice of Christian love. Furthermore is it not more unifying to identify ourselves not as members of local institutional churches with their particular denominational differences, but rather to identify ourselves simply as "Christians", there being but one church of which we are all members? 

Criticizing "The Church" 

      Page 132 Warren says, "I can't imagine saying to Jesus, 'I love you, but I dislike your wife." Or "I accept you, but I reject your body." But we do this whenever we dismiss or demean or complain about the church. In saying this Warren is trying to exempt himself from criticism, just as he implies in his other statement, "Never criticize what God is blessing." 

And of course this is typical of institutional leadership. Even in Jesus' day we see the institutional leaders criticizing others while exempting themselves from criticism. On the very next page Warren freely mocks non-institutional Christians labeling them as "bunny believers". And he goes on to criticize saying, "Many believe that one can be a good Christian without joining a local church, but God would strongly disagree". Thus Christians who are not church members, Warren reckons with contempt as bad Christians. But of course since he doesn't reckon any Christian who hasn't  joined a local church, a member of the body of Christ he feels free to disdain and reject them. And such is the attitude he promotes among the Christian community. 

The Jews, Muslims, and Christians ALL worship a Killer God – a God who endorses the destruction of those who don’t believe as they do.  The Jews and Muslims have no problem doing the killing themselves.  However, the Christians are apparently more squeamish and choose to leave the killing to their “Cosmic Hit man” – God. 

The Bible says that we become like the God we worship. 

“But we all, with open face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory even as by the Spirit of the Lord.”  2 Cor 3:18 

When one worships a God who kills His enemies, then that person also becomes a killer.  Therefore, the Jews, Muslims, and Christian all worship the same “god.”  And that god is NOT Jesus Christ.