Two Kinds of Life

By Lorraine Day, M.D.

Sense Knowledge, rather than Revelation Knowledge, has gained the supremacy over Christianity and dominates it.  The mass of humanity, including the vast majority of Christians, has lost God and does not know how to find Him.  Civilization has failed because the type of Christianity it has accepted has failed.  It is ruled by the Senses and it has no Revelation Knowledge.

“Sense Knowledge” is acquired through the five senses.  It is acquired physically.  We acquire it by what we see, read, hear, touch, taste, and smell.  That is the way we learn in school, that is the way we learn a trade or profession, or read a chemistry book, or a book on Shakespeare, or even when we read the Bible – when we have no spiritual discernment. 

Revelation Knowledge, on the other hand, is spiritual.  It comes only from truly knowing the Lord, by the Lord opening our spiritual eyes so we can understand the Bible from a spiritual perspective.  Revelation Knowledge is gained when God opens our eyes so we can see things from HIS perspective, rather than from our own human perspective, when God puts His spirit and character in us.

As stated above, the First type of Knowledge, Sense Knowledge, is Physical.  But the Second type of Knowledge, Revelation Knowledge is Spiritual.

This concept, though clearly taught by Jesus, Himself, and by the apostle Paul, has escaped the entire Christian Church of today, including the theologians from the most highly-touted seminaries in the land.  They do not understand the concept of, “The First is Physical – the Second is Spiritual” any more than did  Nicodemus, the Pharisee and major leader of the Organized Church of his time,  when he visited Jesus at night, under cover of darkness so he would not be seen.

Jesus said to Nicodemus, in John, Chapter 3, “You must be born again (literal translation – born from above).” Nicodemus responded by asking Jesus, “How is it possible to be born a second time?  Can a man go back into his mother’s womb and be born again?”

Jesus responded by telling Nicodemus, “The First Birth is a Physical Birth – one that can be detected by the five senses.  The physical birth of a baby can be seen, heard and touched.  But the Second Birth – being born again – CANNOT be detected with the five senses while it is happening.  It is a Spiritual Re-birth.  It’s like the wind – you cannot see the wind, you can only see its ultimate affect.”

 When one is born again – and becomes a new creature in Christ – it is possible to see the result of that transformation exhibited in the person’s life.  He begins to develop the character of Christ as he studies God’s Word daily and spends daily time in prayer.  But it is impossible to see the process going on in the heart of the individual

This profound biblical interpretative principle taught by Jesus – the First is always Physical, whereas the Second is always Spiritual, was also taught by the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:44-49.

“It is sown a natural (soulish) body; it is raised a spiritual body.  There is a natural (soulish) body, and there is a spiritual body.

And so it is written, the First man Adam was made a living soul; The last (Second) Adam was made a life-giving spirit.

Howbeit that was NOT First which is spiritual, but that which is natural (soulish); and afterward (Second) that which is spiritual.

The First man (Adam) is of the earth, earthy (Physical); the Second Man (Jesus) is the Lord from heaven (Spiritual).”

Before we continue, we must define some terms.  The word translated as “natural” in this passage and in many other Bible passages, is actually the word “soulish” - meaning a person who does not understand spiritual things, even though he may claim to be a Christian.

1 Corinthians 2:14 defines the word “soulish” (natural) for us:

“The natural (soulish) man does not receive (understand) the things of the spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them, because they (spiritual things) are spiritually discerned.”

Those who gain their knowledge only by their five senses are unable to understand spiritual things.  They have knowledge - - - but NO wisdom. 

Knowledge results from the ability to collect information – facts – with the five senses.

Whereas wisdom is necessary to use those same facts to reach the proper conclusion. 

Without wisdom, a person is completely UNABLE to use their Sense-Knowledge collected facts to reach the correct conclusion.  This is why modern medicine CANNOT cure disease.  This is why the human political system is so corrupt.  This is why organized churches CANNOT bring people to the Lord – they can only bring them “to the Church” – to “man’s” way of thinking – NOT to God’s way of thinking.

ALL Wisdom comes from God – and God alone!  Wisdom cannot be obtained by the five Senses – through Sense Knowledge by the diligent study of books, not even by the diligent study of the Bible, UNLESS one has this eonian Life of Christ in him.

It is only when God opens the mind and heart that one can see things through God’s perspective, then the spiritual interpretation becomes clear.

1 Cor 3:19 The wisdom of man (the world – man’s way) is foolishness with God.

James 1:5 If any man lack wisdom let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally. . .

Ex 31:6  “and in the hearts of all that are wise hearted I have put wisdom, that they may make all that I have commanded thee;  

Ex 36:2 And Moses called Bezaleel and Aholiab, and every wise hearted man, in whose heart the LORD had put wisdom,

Isa 11:2 And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding,

Eph 1:17 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

“Man” has NO wisdom of his own.  ALL Wisdom comes from God!

Whether the subject is Medicine (the pursuit of more DRUGS to find cures for disease – rather than getting well God’s way), or religion (interpreting the Bible, including Revelation, literally - by Sense Knowledge - rather than spiritually by Revelation Knowledge), or Science (the acceptance of evolution rather than creation), without spiritual discernment, all attempts will end ultimately in failure.


Biblical Interpretation Principle

It is this wisdom, that only comes from God, that is necessary in order to understand the biblical interpretation principle:

 “The First is always Physical – and the Second is always Spiritual.”


Life vs. Life

There are two Greek words that are translated life in the New Testament.  One is psuche which means natural, human life; and the other, zoe, which means eonian Life, the life of Jesus that He places in us when He makes us a new creature in Christ.   This life - zoe, in the Bible, means eonian life, but it is consistently mistranslated as “eternal life” in virtually all translations of the Bible.

The words “eternal life” never appear in the Bible, in the original Greek.  But that does not mean that there is no such thing as “eternal life” – living forever - as we understand it.  There is, indeed, “eternal life” but it is not termed as such in the Bible.

We are told in 1 Corinthians 15: 22-28 that “death will be abolished” (in the original Greek) and then “God will be all in all.”  Please note that the passage does not say that “dying” will be abolished, but that “death” will be abolished.  If only “dying” were to be abolished, then after that point no one else would die, but those already dead would remain dead.

But the passage states that “death” will be abolished.  When that happens, then everyone, by definition, will be alive.  And no one will ever die again – because “death” will have been abolished.  Then “God will become ALL in ALL” which means that EVERYONE will be saved.  This is Universal Restoration. 

It is this passage in the Bible, 1 Cor 15:22-28, that tells us that the righteous will live forever - “eternal life” - and that is the only place in the Scriptures where that concept is directly stated.

That type of “eternal life” is a physical concept, meaning that we will live physically forever.

But the words eonian life, consistently mistranslated “eternal life,” do not refer to a physical concept – living forever - but a spiritual one, having the life (character) of Christ in us.  These words refer to the life of God manifested in us when we are truly converted, when we are no longer attracted by the things of the world, when we have truly given up our will to God and want to live HIS way rather than our own way.

It is impossible to live forever – have “eternal” life – UNTIL we possess EONIAN Life, the Life of Jesus Christ in us, exemplified in our character in our everyday life.

It is this eonian life that was given to the apostles at Pentecost, the life of Jesus manifested in them.  It changed them completely.  Peter was an excellent example.  Before Peter received this eonian life, the character of Jesus, he denied Christ three times and even cursed because he feared for his life.

But after Pentecost, after Peter had received the life of Jesus that gave him a new character, after Peter was truly born from above, he was drastically changed.  Where before he exhibited cowardice and fear, he now exhibited great strength and a total lack of fear.  Even after being arrested and imprisoned, Peter went right back to preach and teach at the very place where he had been forbidden by the Pharisees to preach.

He was a “new” man!

John 4:24  God is Spirit; and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”

God is “Spiritual” and we must worship Him with Spiritual discernment – and in truth.

The New Creation is the most outstanding miracle of human experience.  To think that a man can receive into his spirit the very Nature and Life of God is an incredible thing to the natural mind.

The natural man doubts the Bible and doubts the ability of God’s natural methods to cure disease.  It is perfectly normal for him to do this because he cannot understand them.  They are in a realm above him.  That’s why so many Christians die of disease.  They truly cannot understand how God’s Natural Health Plan can reverse disease.  They cannot understand, because they cannot understand spiritual things.

Natural man can only learn by experimentation.  Sense Knowledge has no other means of learning except by imitation or experimentation.  It is said that Edison experimented over 3,000 times before he developed the electric light.

The Natural (soulish) man is spiritually dead.

Eph 2:1  “And you did He make alive, when you were dead through your trespasses and sins.”

Spiritual Death is the nature of the adversary.  When Adam sinned in the garden, he became a partaker of Satanic nature.  This nature must be taken out of man, and a New Nature must be given to him.

“Our popular Christianity today is the product in part of the Dark Ages.  It is not the Christianity of Paul’s Epistles.  Consequently there is much said about sin, and repentance for sin, but there is little said about Eonian Life. 

“If it were possible for God to forgive a sinner his sins, it would do him no good, because he would go on sinning.

“The thing that the sinner must have is a New Nature.  He must be Re-created.  This Re-creation can only be accomplished by imparting to him a New Nature.”

2 Peter 1:4  “We have become partakers of the Divine Nature and escape the corruption that is in the world by lust.”

“That corruption is Spiritual Death.  We only escape it by the New Birth, receiving this New Nature.” Two Kinds of Life, by E. W. Kenyon, p 13

Jesus came to bring to man a New Nature, Eonian Life.

           John 1:4  “In Him was Life; and that Life was the Light of men.”

In John 5:24, Jesus said:

“He that heareth My Word, and believeth Him that sent Me, hath Eonian Life, and cometh not into judgment, but has passed out of Death into Life.”

The one who receives Eonian Life, the Life of Jesus, passes out of the realm of Death, Satan’s dominion and realm, into the realm of Life.

 He passes out of Death into Life – from Satan’s family into God’s family.

Col 1:13:  Who delivered us out of the authority of darkness, and translated us into the kingdom of the Son of His Love.”

That is the New Birth.

That is what it means to “receive the Spirit” – God’s Spirit.  That is the TRUE meaning – and ONLY meaning - of being a “Spirit-filled Christian.”

2 Cor. 5:17, 18:  “Wherefore if any man is in Christ, he is a New Creation:  the old things are passed away; behold, they are become new, but all these things are of God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ.”

1 John 3:14,15.  “We know that we have passed out of Death into (eonian) Life, because we love the brethren.”

“The New Life that has come into us is God’s Life.  God is Love; so it is a New Love that has come into our Life.

“He that loveth not abideth in death.”  (text)  He has never yet been Born Again.”  Ibid, p 15        

Christianity is not a religion.  It is not joining a church.  It is not having your sins forgiven.  It is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is receiving in us the very Nature of Jesus Christ, Eonian Life.

When we become a New Creation in Christ, we get a new sense of God, a new understanding of the Word and enjoy studying it.  Before, the Word was confusing, dark, mysterious, and uninteresting.  Now it is alive!

John 6:62  “The words that I have spoken unto you are spirit (spiritual), and they are (eonian) Life.

John 6:47  “He that believeth hath Eonian Life.”

1 John 5:13:  “These things have I written unto you, that you may know that you have Eonian Life, even unto you that believe on the Name (character) of the Son of God.”

The 11th and 12th verses read:  “And the witness is this: that God gave unto us Eonian Life, and this Life is in His Son.  He that hath the Son hath (eonian) Life; he that hath not the Son of God, hath not (eonian) Life.”

The “Church” Does NOT Understand the term “Eonian Life.”

“The Church has made more of the manner of living than it has of the “Life” that would make our living like the Master’s.  The Church has never understood the meaning of the Greek word, zoe.  The Church has translated it “Eternal Life.”

The life we live on this earth is Physical – but temporary.  Everyone eventually dies.  “Eternal” (eonian) Life has been interpreted by the Church and the Bible translators as Physical Life – but Permanent – living forever.  But that is the WRONG interpretation.

Eonian (mistranslated “eternal”) Life is a Spiritual phenomenon, not a Physical Life.  Eonian Life is a spiritual state of being, of having a character like Jesus.  It does NOT mean “living forever.” 

Eonian Life – the life of Christ in us - is the necessary spiritual condition that allows us to have Eternal Life – to live forever!

John 10:10  “I came that they may have (eonian) Life (zoe – the life of Christ living in us) and have it abundantly.”

The Church has been busy concentrating on conduct, conversation, and habits because they are in the Sense Knowledge realm.  They have always appealed to the babes in Christ.  We like to be told what we can do and what we cannot do.

But when one truly has Eonian Life, the life of Christ in them, their conduct, conversation, and habits will automatically become like Christ’s.

Under Grace, Not Under the Law 

That is why a Christian who has Eonian Life, the life of Christ, is “under Grace” and no longer “under the law.”  It does NOT mean that the Christian no longer has to keep the Law.  It means that that Christian will automatically keep the Law.  It will become his very Nature – the Nature of Christ – who perfectly kept the Law.

That Christian will KEEP the Law – NOT because he is told to keep the Law – but because it has now become his very Nature to keep the Law!

This concept is totally misunderstood by the entire Christian Church.

Christianity is NOT a religion

“Christianity is a relationship between the Father and His child

It is not a religion.
It is not have your sins forgiven.
It is not joining the church.
It is being made a New Creation in Christ.  It is being born from above.
It is receiving the Nature and Life of Christ.
It is being united with Christ.”  Ibid, p 24

Romans ;6:5  “For if we have become united with Him in the likeness of His death, we shall be also in the likeness of His resurrection.”

We are united with Him in Resurrection Life.  The New Creation is to enjoy the dominion that Adam lost in the fall.

Ezekiel 36:26,27  “A new heart will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh.  And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you shall keep mine ordinances and do them.”

Spiritual Death

“When man disobeyed God he made partnership with Satan.  Spiritual death gave to us mortality with all its diseases and pains that end in the physical dissolution of the human body.

“Spiritual death is the parent of all sorrow, grief, and tears.  It marred not only the human, but the animal and vegetable world.  It is the curse that came upon everything at the fall of man.

Man is not lost because of what he DOES,
but because of what he IS.

“You can see now that forgiveness of what a man does would not reach the issue.  He must have a New Nature.

“This old nature must be taken away, and a new one must fill its place.  That is the reason why Jesus said: ‘I am come that ye might have (eonian) Life and have it in abundance.”  That life is the Nature of God.  The spiritually dead man is to receive this New Nature – Eonian Life, which will make him a New Creation in Christ Jesus.”  Ibid p 28

 Spiritual Forces

The mightiest forces in the world are spiritual.  They are not electricity or dynamite, but the unseen and unheard powers of the spirit – the spiritual nature.

Words are more powerful than bombs and tanks.  Spiritual forces are the greatest forces of the world.

When one has the life of Christ exhibited in him, he will love like Christ loves.  And love conquers all.  Love never fails.

Sense Knowledge Faith

“Most of the faith that we see today is Sense Knowledge Faith.  It says what Thomas said:  “When I see the print of the nails in His hands and feet and put my hand into the wound in His side, I will believe.”

“It says what the crowds that gathered around Jesus said:  ‘Do some miracle that we may see and believe.’

“The miracles that Jesus performed did not produce real Faith in the people.  It was only Sense Knowledge Faith.  Real Faith requires no sight, no feeling – nothing but the Word.

“Real Faith grows by ACTING on the Word.  Faith is the products of the human spirit, not of the reasoning faculties.”  Ibid p 34,35

A New Type of Christianity

“Discerning men and women have been asking for a new type of Christianity.  They do not want a new philosophy or a new metaphysical concept of Christ, but an unveiling of the reality that was seen in Jesus in His earth walk.”  Ibid p 143

The main stream Christian Churches are dying.  Christians are gravitating to the Evangelical Churches where there is excitement, ecstatic Sense Knowledge experiences that are NOT of God, such as speaking in tongues, and entertainment, such as Rock Bands, in the Churches.  Why?   Because the Gospel has lost its power. 

No one understands what Spiritual Eonian Life really is.  No one understands that when Jesus puts His Life in us, we are changed in every way.  We have power to live life as He lived.  We have power over the Adversary because Christ is making our decisions.  We learn to trust Jesus with our very life.  We no longer trust in man, whether it is doctors, ministers, or the so-called experts in every walk of life.  NOW, we trust in God!

Everyone is confined to Sense Knowledge, and therefore, cannot understand the concept of the Life of Christ in us.

This new man will be like Christ.

Eph 2:10  “We are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus.”

We have been redeemed out of the hand of the enemy.  We have been recreated.  We have received the nature and Life of Jesus Christ.  Disease and sickness have lost their dominion over us, because now we trust completely in Jesus Christ, and live and eat HIS way, rather than living and eating OUR way.

The sick are continually searching for someone who can pray the prayer of faith while they continue to live in the realm of unbelief.  But most of those they would call to pray, don’t really have faith either.  They trust in “man” – doctors – rather than trusting in God to lead them.

Two Kinds of Wisdom

There are two kinds of wisdom spoken of in the Word.  There is one that comes  from the Lord above, and one that is of the earth – earthy, sensual (of the senses).

The wisdom that Jesus exercised when He was on earth is the wisdom we can access.  This wisdom allows us to defeat the adversary.  No matter what plans he makes, we can defeat him if we learn the secret of utilizing this wisdom.  We have been trusting in lawyers and doctors who have nothing but Sense Knowledge.

John 8:12  “I am the light of the world he that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of Life.”

This means that we are no longer to walk in doubt, fear, and uncertainty.  We walk with a sure step, as Jesus did.

1 John 2:10,11  “He that loveth his brother abideth in the light and there is no occasion of stumbling in him.  But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth because the darkness has blinded his eyes.” 

This is what Eonian Life does in us.  We no longer stumble, we are no longer confused, we no longer walk in darkness because Jesus has put His light in us.

The First is Physical – and the Second is Spiritual

This concept:  The First is Always Physical – the Second is Always Spiritual, is found in many other biblical doctrines, including:

A) As already stated:  The First Birth is Physical – a baby being born, whereas the Second Birth, being Born Again, is a Spiritual process.

B) The First Death is Physical – the Death that is in us when we are born.  A baby starts do die the moment it is born, culminating in physical death much later.

 But the Second Death is Spiritual – dying to the sin in our life.  Becoming a New Creature in Christ.  The Second Death is NOT a Physical Death or eternal burning in Hellfire. 

C) The First type of healings that Jesus performed on earth were instant Physical healings.  They did NOT change the heart.  For example, of the ten lepers that Jesus healed, ONLY ONE came back to thank Him.  The rest were healed, but there hearts were NOT changed.

The Second type of healings that Jesus is doing now, in this age, are Spiritual Healings, Healings that occur over time as Jesus changes the heart and puts His Life in the person.  These are not the razzle-dazzle, instantaneous, smack-on-the-forehead spurious “healings” entertainingly performed on television by evangelist hucksters.

The real healings of today occur slowly, over time, as a person learns to live and eat God’s way, so the body can heal itself as God intended.

Disease is a Spiritual problem, because we want to eat and live OUR way, rather than eating and living GOD’S way.  Healing will occur – but ONLY when Jesus changes our heart so we want to do HIS will rather than our OWN will.  When Jesus gives us His disposition and His character, when Jesus changes our heart, when Jesus is making every decision in our life, then we will learn how to eat and live HIS way, which will lead to Spiritual healing of the heart and Physical healing of the body and the mind.

This type of healing is NOT instantaneous.  It is NOT able to be perceived by others as the process is occurring.  Only the result can be seen.  It takes time and dedication to God’s Health Plan, but the healing that results is even more miraculous, because it not only heals the body, it changes the heart, and instills the very Life of Jesus in us.  As God has promised in Psalm 103:3:

            “He forgives ALL our sins and heals ALL our diseases.”


How Do I Know If I’m Converted?

If my heart has been changed, if I am truly converted, I will exhibit the following characteristics:

1)    Jesus has become the center of my life.  I look to Him, rather than to my husband, wife, children, friends, doctors, ministers, or others, for the answers to my problems.

2)     I WANT to spend time with Him EVERY DAY in Bible study and prayer

3)    I seek out and enjoy studying the Bible with others who are also looking for truth.

4)    I will never say, "Is this information necessary for my salvation?" because I will want to know EVERYTHING I can about Jesus.  "To KNOW God is Life eternal (eonian)." (John 17:3)

5)    The salvation of all the other people in the world will be as important to me as my own.

6)    I would be a Christian even if there were no eternal life or hell.

7)    I realize that the major issue in life is not MY salvation, but the issue is God's reputation and character.  Am I representing HIM properly?

8)  I will delight in keeping God's commandments, not because of any possible

     punishment or reward, but because I love Jesus, and I know that His ways are

     always right.  Jesus said, "If you love Me, keep my commandments." John


9) I will give up my right to myself and give it over to God, letting Him make all

     my decisions for me instead of revering the "wisdom" of man, because Jesus

     owns me.  He bought me with a price - His death on the Cross.

10) I will allow Jesus to be my Plan-maker, Problem-solver, Burden-bearer,

      Physician, and Saviour.

11) I will be “anxious for nothing” as the Bible directs, casting all my cares on the


12) I believe that what God has promised, He Will do.

Can you pass this test?


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