False Prophets

 Who are they?  What are they teaching? 

 Can you definitively identify them - and refute them?

 How much have they invaded the Christian Churches? 

Lorraine Day, M.D.

“But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.”  2 Peter 2:1

There are presently so many false prophets in the “Christian” church, it boggles the mind.  How can a true Christian keep up with the heresies that are bombarding Christianity?  How can one definitively identify and refute these heresies?

The assault on truth is fierce because Satan’s “time is short.”  The New World Order is ten years behind in their schedule for bringing in a One World Government and a One World Religion.  So the pace of deception is increasing rapidly and the types of deception are becoming more numerous, and extremely subtle.

We must remember that the tree “in the midst” of the Garden of Eden was not the “tree of evil” – it was the tree of “good and evil” – some “good” mixed with a lot of evil.  If one’s mind has not been opened by the Lord, he will be totally deceived. 

Satan has been a deceiver for thousands of years.  Human beings are no match for his deceptions.  Unless we have the “mind of Christ” we will be misled.

There are many groups or systems that are distorting the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  We will discuss some of the main ones in this Bible study.

What are avenues by which the New World Order will bring in a One World Religion?

a.     Denigrate Jesus and “gut” the doctrines of Christianity

b.    Meld Christianity with New Age

c.     Meld Christianity with Judaism

d.    Destroy the Christian’s faith in Christianity

e.    Deny the presence of Evil in the world

The Jesus Seminar

The Jesus Seminar was originally formed in 1985 under the sponsorship of the Westar Institute in Santa Rosa, California, to “renew the quest of the historical Jesus.”  Thirty scholars participated in the first meeting, in Berkeley, California (a well-known hot-bed of atheism, socialism, and communism), and approximately 200 people now call themselves “fellows.” 

The goal of the Jesus Seminar is supposedly to “separate historical fact from mythology” according to its founder Robert Funk, whose wife, Char Matejovsky, is a writer of children’s books promoting evolution.  Funk taught at the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem, and was a Guggenheim Fellow as well as a Senior Fulbright Scholar.  The surname Funk is a very common Jewish name and his wife also has a name that could well be Jewish.  Could this be yet another attempt by the Jews to assault the veracity and credibility of Jesus Christ?

Be that as it may, the efforts of both husband and wife have been focused on destroying all belief in the biblical Jesus Christ and His creation of the earth and humanity.

Since that first meeting in 1985, the Seminar has rejected:

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead

The virgin birth

All of the miracles found in the Gospel accounts

Over 80% of the teachings normally attributed to Jesus.

The Jesus Seminar believes that any accounts of Jesus are merely legends written long after He walked the earth.  They state that the accounts of Jesus were not written by eyewitnesses to the events, and the foundation of the Christian faith cannot be trusted.

It is obvious that these people know very little about the Bible even though they consider themselves Theological experts and Bible scholars.  But they do not understand the following text.

“The natural man receives not (cannot understand) the things of the spirit of God.  They are foolishness unto him.  Neither can he know them because they (spiritual things) are spiritually discerned.”  1 Corinthians 2:14

The proper translation of the word “natural” in this text is the word “soulish” – meaning the person who can only understand things with the five senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell – as opposed to “spiritual understanding” which requires knowing the Lord and having God open one’s mind to revelation truth.

These people are telegraphing to the world that they don’t know God, and therefore cannot understand the truth of the Bible. 

“All of these biblical records have been rejected because Seminar fellows have determined that they are merely legendary accretions with no historical foundation.  For example, only two words of the Lord’s Prayer survive as authentic:  “Our Father.”

“The Jesus Seminar begins all of its debates with a shared, yet concealed, presupposition – that anything outside the realm of natural explanation can never be backed by historical evidence.  Therefore, it seems no papers ever follow the stated goal of ‘separating historical fact from mythology.”  Jesus Seminar – Misguided Conclusions, allaboutreligion.org/jesus-seminar.htm

They hold that it is impossible for the Gospels to be historically accurate, because they record things that simply “can’t happen” like people walking on water, food multiplying, and people being raised from the dead.

This method of Bible interpretation is known as the historical-critical method, or “higher criticism” which embraces the teachings of philosophers Plato and Descartes who taught that one must “doubt everything.”  This historical-critical approach concludes that Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, His burial and resurrection were ‘pure fiction’ and ‘wishful thinking.’  Liberal Catholic scholar John Crossan, the Co-chair of the Jesus Seminar, believes that the body of Jesus was probably just consumed by dogs.  Vine and Branches, Spring 1994, p.1

Seminar member Dr. Marcus Borg of Oregon State University stated of Jesus, “We’re making him a Buddha-like figure, not just another philosopher but a really big one” (Ibid.).

“Thus Saith the Lord” or “Hath God Said?”

“The gradual shift from the inerrancy, infallibility, and authority of Scripture to the current state has been a complex historical process.  The results of this digression has been a measurable degeneration and apostasy in many mainline Christian churches.  Membership in these churches has significantly declined and American culture has shifted from a Christian base to a humanistic, New Age, relativistic one, with increasing moral decline.”  Craig Branch, The Jesus Seminar: The Slippery Slope to Heresy, ovrind.com/FalseTeaching/Jesusseminar.html

Over the last couple of decades, the assault by the media against the Bible’s Authority has been relentless.  And what the majority of pastors, theologians, Bible scholars and Christians in general do not understand, is that ALL the media is owned by the Jews – ALL television networks, virtually all newspapers, virtually all magazines, and most of the radio networks.  It was the Pharisees who wanted to eliminate Jesus Christ when He was on earth.  Now, their “spiritual” – NOT physical – offspring, the present-day Jews, are attempting to accomplish the same thing – the elimination of Jesus Christ and His true followers.

A Course in Miracles

“In 1965 a Jewish atheistic psychologist from Columbia University, Helen Schucman, began to channel messages from a spirit she believed to be Jesus.  She ultimately produced, or she says Jesus revealed to her, well over a thousand pages of revelation during the next seven years.

“As she began to write, she was surprised to see ‘This is a course in miracles’ appear on the paper.  She went on to say that this was her introduction to the ‘Voice.’  According to the dictated materials, the voice of The Course was Jesus.  As a result of the influence Christianity has had on humanity, The Course chose Christian terminology to convey its message.

“A 1977 pamphlet published by the Foundation For Inner Peace states ‘its only purpose is to provide a way in which some people will be able to find their own Internal Teacher’ - - in other words, their personal ‘Spirit Guide.” Russ Wise, A Course in Miracles: A Biblical Evaluation, leaderu.com/orgs/probe/docs/thecourse.html

Some of those who play key roles in The Course are Marianne Williamson, a former lounge singer and now the most celebrated guru in The Course, appearing on numerous television programs, including Oprah.  In fact, Oprah purchased a thousand copies of A Return to Love, Williamson’s book, to give to her television audiences.

Geral Jampolsky, M.D., a psychiatrist well-known in New Age circles, and formerly on the faculty of the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco, has written several books based on what he has gleaned from The Course.

In his influential book, Good-Bye to Guilt, Jampolsky describes his conversion to The Course.

“I began to change my way of looking at the world in 1975.  Until then I had considered myself a militant atheist, and the last thing I was consciously interested in was being on a spiritual pathway that would lead to God.  In that year I was introduced to. . . A Course in Miracles. . . My resistance was immediate. . . Nevertheless, after reading just one page, I had a sudden and dramatic experience.  There was an instantaneous memory of God, a feeling of oneness with everyone in the world, and the belief that my only function on earth was to serve God.”

“As a result of the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of our society, namely the baby boomer generation, there is a ready-made market for the ‘feel good’ spirituality of The Course.  Through the influence of Williamson, Jampolsky, and others, a growing number of Christians are being sucked into this whirlpool of spiritual confusion in which they exchange the truth for a lie.

“We have already established that The Course uses Christian terminology and its followers believe it to be the revelation of Jesus.  As a result, a number of denominations within Christendom have embraced The Course as being legitimate and introduced it into their churches. 

“Baptists, Methodists, and Presbyterians have used The Course in Sunday schools and special study groups within the church.  Presently there are over 1,500 official study groups that have utilized The Course both inside and outside traditional Christian churches.”  Russ Wise, p 2

The Course teaches, “Only love is real.”  All that is negative is illusion.  It simply does not exist.  If anything negative is in your consciousness, it is real only because you give it reality by holding it in your mind.  According to The Course, sickness, hate, pain, fear, guilt, and sin are all illusions. 

The Course also teaches that evil does not exist.  It is an illusion that must be overcome by right thinking.  Volume one of The Course (The Text) reads, “Innocence is wisdom because it is unaware of evil, and evil does not exist.”  In essence, evil only has reality as the individual believes its existence.  “So, you might say that the rape victim created her own evil situation and thereby caused her own suffering.  The victim is guilty: the perpetrator had no choice.”  Ibid. p 3 

The Course also teaches that there is no need to feel guilt because there is no sin.  Sin does not exist.  Therefore, there is no need for the cross because there was never a transgression that needed to be dealt with by God. 

The stated goal of The Course is to change how one thinks, to change one’s belief system by subtle deception.  The individual is for the most part unaware of the transformation he or she is undergoing because The Course utilizes Christian terminology.  The Manual for Teachers (volume three of The Course) boldly says, ‘It cannot be too strongly emphasized that this course aims at a complete reversal of thought.”  Ibid, p 4 

Helen Schucman’s new psycho-spirituality is not new at all.  The Hindus have been taught for centuries that the world and all that is in it is an illusion. 

Kenneth Wapnick, A Jewish agnostic, who later became a Catholic monk, founded the Foundation for a Course in Miracles.  Wapnick states that The Course and biblical Christianity are not compatible for the following reasons: The Course teaches that God did not create the world.  The Course teaches that we are all equally Christ.  Jesus is not the only Son of God, and The Course clearly teaches that Jesus did not suffer and die for man’s sin. 

The Course teaches that there are no absolutes; truth is relative and is determined by one’s experience.  “Only what is loving is true.”  So truth is subjective. 

Jesus is one of many enlightened beings, according to Williamson. 

“The Course identifies with much of New Age thought in that it teaches false Christology.  New Age proponents teach that The Christ is the one who is the most highly evolved being during a given age.  This Christ, whether it be Buddha, Krishna, or Jesus, is the messiah for a given age.  They believe, for example, that Jesus was The Christ for the Church or Piscean Age.  According to their philosophy, Jesus achieved Christhood, and by right-thinking we too can achieve Christhood.”  Ibid., p 6 

This is the true Word of God. 

“Take heed that no one deceives you.  For many will come in My name saying, ‘I am the Christ,” and will deceive many.”  Matt 24:4,5 

The Scripture teaches that Jesus alone is the “Christ, the Son of the living God.”  Matt 16:16  And we are not His equals.  John 1:20; 20:31.

Oprah Winfrey promotes New Age Christ 

Beginning in January, 2008, “Oprah & Friends” offered a year-long course on the New Age teachings of A Course in Miracles, a lesson a day to cover the 365 lessons.  Oprah is a friend of Course guru, Marianne Williamson. 

“Here are some examples of what The Course teaches.  Lesson #29 asks you to go through your day affirming that “God is in everything I see” (Pagan Pantheism).  Lesson #61 tells each person to repeat the affirmation “I am the light of the world.”  Lesson #70 teaches the student to say and believe “My salvation comes from me.” 

“Those who finish the Course will have a wholly redefined spiritual mindset – a New Age worldview that includes the belief that there is no sin, no evil, no devil, and that God is “in” everyone and everything.  A Course in Miracles teaches its students to rethink everything they believe about God and life.  The Course Workbook bluntly states: “This is a course in mind training” (actually Mind Control) and is dedicated to “thought reversal.” Warren Smith, Nov. 2007, “Oprah and Friends” to teach course on New Age Christ, crossroad.to/articles2/007/smith-oprah.htm 

Author, Warren Smith, was a former New Age follower and devoted student of a Course in Miracles, but eventually understood that the Course was the truth of the Bible turned upside down.  Here Smith quotes from the “Jesus” of A Course in Miracles:

*  “There is no sin. . .”

“Most Christians recognize that these teachings are the opposite of what the Bible teaches.  In the Bible, Jesus Christ’s atoning death on the cross of Calvary was hardly a “useless journey.”  His triumph on the cross provides salvation to all those who confess their sin, accept Him and follow Him as their Lord and Saviour.  His victory on the cross rings throughout the New Testament.  It has been gloriously sung about in beloved hymns through the ages and is at the heart of our Christian testimony.” Ibid. p 2 

Oprah Winfrey is arguably the biggest entertainment name on earth at this time.  Her endorsement and promotion of the blasphemous false doctrines in the Course in Miracles will lead literally millions away from the true God.   

Practicing the Presence of God - Book by Brother Lawrence 

"The 17th century French monk, Brother Lawrence, developed a technique--mostly through inspiration and intuition--which leads to results akin to those developed by the continued practice of either Zen or mindfulness meditation, or even self-hypnosis. In The Practice of the Presence of God, he wrote:

"This made me resolve to give the all for the All: so after having given myself wholly to GOD, to make all the satisfaction I could for my sins, I renounced, for the love of Him, everything that was not He; and I began to live as if there was none but He and I in the world ... I worshipped Him the oftenest that I could, keeping my mind in His holy Presence, and recalling it as often as I found it wandered from Him. I found no small pain in this exercise, and yet I continued it, notwithstanding all the difficulties that occurred, without troubling or disquieting myself when my mind had wandered involuntarily. I made this my business, as much all the day long as at the appointed times of prayer; for at all times, every hour, every minute, even in the height of my business, I drove away from my mind everything that was capable of interrupting my thought of GOD. Such has been my common practice ever since I entered into religion." From Western Mystical Traditions (Quote by Brother Lawrence from First Letter) 

"Dancing Violently Like a Madman"

"The fact that Brother Lawrence was in the Carmelite order means his spiritual practices were derived from or heavily influenced by Teresa of Avila who reformed that order in the previous century.  In a book titled Christian Mystics, Professor Ursula King makes the startling revelation that:

Given her (Teresa of Avila) partly Jewish background, her thinking was also affected by Jewish Kabbalistic mysticism, elements of which can be detected in her writings. 

Brother Lawrence is often quoted by contemplative authors for his habit of what he called "practicing the presence of God."  But what was the actual nature of this presence? Was it something that would reflect the true character of God? I find the following account from a devout advocate of Brother Lawrence both questionable and disturbing:

It is said of Brother Lawrence that when something had taken his mind away from love's presence he would receive "a reminder from God" that so moved his soul that he "cried out, singing and dancing violently like a mad man." (Gerald May, The Awakened Heart (New York, NY: Harper Collins, First Harper Collins Paperback Edition, 1993) p. 87, citing from The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence, translated by John Delaney, Image Books, 1977, p. 34.) 

This behavior does not come from God, it is the behavior of the demon-possessed man that Jesus healed, who then sat calmly at Jesus’ feet.  It is obvious from where Brother Lawrence was receiving his messages – and it was not from God! 

Brother Lawrence says that secret conversations with God must be "repeated often in the day," and "for the right practice of it, the heart must be empty of all other things."  God abhors vain repetitions.  And emptying the mind is the practice of New Age meditation. 

Brother Lawrence speaks of the trouble of wandering thoughts and says that the habit of practicing the presence of God is the “one remedy" and the "best and easiest method" he knows to dissolve distractions. (from A Time Of Departing, 2nd ed., p. 146-147) lighthousetrailsresearch.com/brotherlawrence.htm

It is clear that this is a mixture of New Age mediation, self-hypnosis, topped off with demonic possession, a system straight from the Jewish Kabbalah, the origin of witchcraft.  There is nothing “Christian” about Brother Lawrence’s “Practicing the Presence of God.”

Messianic Judaism

“Messianic Judaism is a religious movement that differs from mainstream Christianity and from Judaism by combining elements of each into a single faith

Like other Christian groups, its adherents believe that Jesus of Nazareth (to whom many Messianic Jews prefer to refer by the Aramaic form of his name, Yeshua) is the resurrected Messiah and often the Divine Savior.

Messianic Judaism adds to this some observance of Jewish Law, which is not generally practiced (and often discouraged) in Christian churches. These observances include observing the Sabbath from Friday sundown until Saturday sundown, abstaining from pork, shellfish, and other foods forbidden by Jewish law, and the observance of some Jewish holidays.

As of 2003, there were at least 150 Messianic congregations in the U.S. and over 400 worldwide.  By 2008, the number of Messianics in the United States was around a quarter million.  The number of Messianic Jews in Israel is reported to be anywhere between 6,000 and 15,000 members, including the mainly Messianic Jewish village of Yad HaShmona, near Jerusalem.  There are 200 Messianic groups in Israel. 

Some Messianic Jews are ethnically Jewish, and argue that Messianic Judaism is a sect of Judaism.  Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism are, however, unanimous in their rejection of Messianism as a form of Judaism.  Both Christians and Jews consider Messianic Judaism to be a form of Christianity, seeing Messianic belief in the divinity of Jesus as the defining distinction between Christianity and Judaism.

Belief in the Talmud

Some Messianic Jewish congregations believe in the Talmud, a series of Jewish “holy” books that denounce Jesus Christ as “burning in hot excrement in hell.”

Messianic Jewish opinions concerning the “Oral Torah”, encoded in the Talmud, are varied and sometimes conflicting between individual congregations. Some congregations believe that adherence to the Oral Law, as encompassed by the Talmud, is against Messianic beliefs and outright dangerous.  

Other congregations are selective in their applications of Talmudic law.  Still others encourage a serious observance of the Jewish Halakha.  Virtually all Messianic congregations and synagogues can be said to believe that the oral traditions are subservient to the written Torah. Wikipedia  

Messianic Jews believe the ethnic Jews are the “Chosen People” of God.

According to the Jerusalem Council, "the people of Israel are members of the covenant HaShem made with Avraham, Yitzhak, and Ya'akov. Covenant membership is extended to converts to Judaism from the nations, as well as to the descendants of covenant members. Israel is a nation of nations and their descendants, or more specifically a people group called out from other people groups to be a people separated unto HaShem for his purposes.

HaShem's promise of covenantal blessings and curses as described in the Torah are unique to Am Yisrael (People of Israel), and to no other nation or people group. The Bible describes an Israelite as one descended from Ya'akov ben Yitzhak ben Avraham, or one who has been converted or adopted into that group by either human or spiritual means."

Messianic Jews want to be “Jews” far above being followers of the Messiah!

Messianic Jews accept Jesus as the Messiah primarily because they falsely believe Jesus was/is “Jewish.”  In addition, they cannot truly be Christians because they embrace, and even promote, their supposed ethnicity of “Jewishness” more than their belief in Jesus Christ, who they refer to as Yeshua. 

Jews for Jesus

Wikipedia states that Jews for Jesus is a Christian evangelistic organization that focuses specifically on the conversion of Jews to Christianity. Its members consider themselves to be Jewish — either Jewish as defined by Jewish law, or Jews according to Jews for Jesus — as "living out their Jewishness." Jews for Jesus defines "Jewish" in terms of parentage and as a birthright, regardless of religious belief. The identification of Jews for Jesus as a Jewish organization is overwhelmingly rejected by Jewish religious denominations and secular Jewish groups due to the Christian beliefs of its members. The group's evangelical activities are opposed also by some Christian organizations and scholars.

A summary of the beliefs of Jews for Jesus:

* The Old and New Testaments, as originally written, are divinely inspired and inerrant.

* Recognition of the value of traditional Jewish literature, but only where it is supported by the Bible.

* God the creator exists as a Trinity, is perfect, all wise, all powerful and all loving.

* Jesus is the Messiah, the second person of the Trinity, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died for the sins of all humanity, rose again, and is co-equal with God. Jesus will return to earth in the near future.

* People are saved through a belief in Jesus as savior and an acknowledgment of their sins, not by their achievements.

* Heaven is a reward for those who are saved; Hell is a place of "everlasting conscious punishment" for the lost.

* Israel exists as a covenant people through whom God continues to accomplish His purposes and that the Church is composed of both Jews and Gentiles who acknowledge Jesus as Messiah and Redeemer.

Jews for Jesus takes the mainstream Christian positions that Jesus is the Messiah, that His coming was prophesied in the Tanach (the Old Testament), and that Jesus is the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity.

Jews for Jesus believe that ethnic Jews are the “Chosen People” of God

According to an article on Jews for Jesus by B. Robinson of Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance,

“Their doctrinal statement is basically indistinguishable from Evangelical and other conservative Christian groups. ... They differ from some Evangelical Christian groups in their belief that Israel continues to exist as a "covenant people." They also integrate some Jewish customs and use Hebrew and Yiddish in some literature.”

Both Messianic Jews and Jews for Jesus ignore completely the Bible passages that reveal clearly that God doesn’t care anything about one’s ethnicity.  His only interest is if we are for Him or against Him.

“Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made.  He saith not, And to seeds, as of many: but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ.  Galatians 3:16

“And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”  Galatians 3:29

Those who are followers of Christ are “Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”  God is interested only in our spiritual condition, not in our physical genealogy.

When “ethnic” Jews hang on to their “Jewishness” as more precious than Jesus Christ, they cannot be considered true Christians.

“Bridges” from “Christianity” to Judaism

Evangelical Christianity

Many if not most of those who identify themselves as “Evangelical Christians” falsely believe that the Jews are God’s Chosen people and they falsely believe that Christians “must do everything to support the Jews because that will hasten the coming of Jesus.” 

Tim LeHaye (“Left Behind”), Jack van Impe, Pat Robertson, the late Jerry Falwell, and the present John Hagee are just a few illustrations of the insanity that has invaded the supposedly “Christian” Church. 

The following article on John Hagee explains the enormity of the problem and the extreme delusion under which they are operating.

Is the Devil in Him?

By Thomas L. McFadden

John Hagee, the megachurch televangelist, is approaching the Washington, D.C. area again, ready to land in his private jet on July 20. An army of politicians and wide-eyed believers will follow this professed “man of God” who outdoes, in a sinister way, televangelists Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell combined. Although Falwell did receive a Lear jet from the Israeli government in 1979, he never had an 8,000-acre luxury ranch loaded with mansions, hotels, barns and a private landing strip. But Hagee, the “corpulent con man,” as he is popularly known, does.

This Texas pirate is running a large number of organizations all geared toward spreading the word of the coming rapture and promoting war for Israel.

Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and John Hagee Ministries telecast his national radio and television ministry, carried in America on 160 TV stations, 50 radio stations and eight networks and are heard or seen weekly in 99 million homes. He is the founder of Christians United for Israel (CUFI).

Hagee spreads misery, destruction and greed wherever his Lear jet lands. He is pumping part of the cash he fleeces from the flock into the illegal settlements in the counterfeit state of Israel, while the child murderers there are aiming to dispose of the remainder of the Christians and Muslims in Palestinian villages with phosphorous bombs received free from America.

Regardless, just like for food, obese Hagee has a bottomless appetite for dead American kids as well, endlessly pushing for a war on Iran to satisfy his Zionist masters and strange followers who jump up and down like so many steroid-loaded basketball players waving their Israeli flags while the cash is collected. He is burning both ends of the candle manufacturing “moral support” for the endless flow of limbless and lifeless bodies that are flown and wheeled back to America to their parents from Iraq and Afghanistan.

But this is not enough for Hagee. At the last Washington conference he said: “[I]t is time for America to embrace the words of Sen. Joseph Lieberman and consider a military pre-emptive strike against Iran to prevent a nuclear holocaust in Israel.” Actually jetsetter Hagee and his gang were lobbying Congress for the territorial expansion of Israel and a genocidal American nuclear strike on Iran. These well-financed people seem to be living from holocaust to holocaust just for the excitement of it.

His group made a single donation of $9 million to Israel in December 2009 in the presence of no less a con man than Elie Wiesel. Hagee is in the ancient “the-end-of-the-world-is-coming-so-give-me-your-valuables” business. The private conversation in the conference halls is about good little Jews accepting Jesus Christ (instead of spitting on His servants) and all going home to Israel and the rapture and the angels with the trumpets and all the trimmings.

He claims to believe there are “10 biblical signs” verifying that the end is near and that we have to hand our assets all over to the state of Israel. The stated hope in the minds of the reverend and his followers is: If they support Israel, they actually promote the possibility of the Second Coming. Israel is viewed by them as a useful tool for achieving Armageddon and the killing of 2 billion of the world’s people—except, of course, Hagee and his demented followers.

In reality, we are looking at an Israel-controlled scam for the rationalization of war after war for the Middle Eastern mini-state.

Hagee organizes around 30 meetings a month, and the creme de la scum is following him on the gravy train. Already in 2001 he gave himself a $1.2 million salary, but that was actually one of those lean years. By now his personal wealth is estimated at around $25 million, and he draws in, via his numerous businesses, around $25 million more per year. Hagee does better than a Goldman Sachs partner. The organization is saturated with “Christian” Jews—false flag operatives—like Nick Israel, campus coordinator, and Kara Silverman, public relations agent, and surrounded by an army of useful and well-paid activists and U.S. politicians like Lieberman, former Sen. Rick Santorum and former Rep. Tom “Rapture Ready” DeLay from the Coalition for a Conservative Majority all wanting to hand over America to their Israeli friends since the end is so near—a very touching story.

Also hanging around is Dore Gold, former Israeli ambassador to the U.S.
Hagee, at the July 2007 Washington conference of CUFI, actually stated that Christians should “support the Jewish people and the state of Israel today, tomorrow and forever until the Messiah comes.”

This is a considerable, perhaps infinite, expenditure if we add up the direct and indirect U.S. spending for Israel, plus the cost of the wars we fight for it.

Hagee is also a frequent guest of Israel. He met Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu just recently, a day before Vice President Joe Biden arrived and was humiliated by the Israeli leader.

Hagee also receives extraordinary coverage from the U.S. media, publicity that could not be purchased for tens of millions of dollars. He even appeared as a guest writer for The Washington Post in January 2009 under the title: “My Hopes and Concerns for Obama.”

This is a major PR drive to extend the useful life of the “Holocaust” and to serve the Zionist agenda in the United States. There are hundreds of millions of dollars donated by these Israel-worshippers.

How long can this trip for Hagee go on? As long as he serves Israel, no IRS agent will touch the wheels on his jet. His plane will be safely flown and serviced by the Israeli crew.

Should something go wrong with the operation, a 9.5 magnitude earthquake will be engineered for his psychopathic empire, and the golden walls will be crashing down on his degenerated behind just like they did on Jim Bakker so many years ago. Some already speculate that Hagee might end up like Bakker once he becomes useless for his Israeli handlers. The reader can be confident that the Israelis have the goods on Hagee, just in case.

There must be a few hundred people in this country who will stand with their signs in every city where Hagee shows up. And these signs should clearly state that Hagee is a child of the devil and should visit his father soon.

Assemblies of Yahweh

The Assemblies of Yahweh is a nonprofit religious organization headquartered in Bethel, Pennsylvania, founded in 1969 by Jacob O. Meyer.  The group professes to follow the Old and New Testaments as closely as possible causing it to be viewed as an admixture of Judaism and Christianity.  Indeed, one of their websites refers to the Assemblies of Yahweh as “the Bridge” between Christianity and Judaism. 

Members affirm “that in order to interpret correctly the Inspired Scriptures, we must use the Old Testament as a basis of our faith.”  They are part of the “Sacred Name” movement that refers to God as “Yahweh.”  The group proclaims the seventh-day Sabbath as a period of rest and worship, believes in baptism by immersion, adheres to the dietary restrictions laid out in Leviticus 11, Deuteronomy 14, and practices tithing, and they claim they “stand between the great religions of the west, Christianity and Judaism.” 

Do the Assemblies of Yahweh Believe that the “Jews” Are God’s “Chosen People”? 

Here is a quote from one of their websites:

“True Israelites - are not Jews, are not of the Modern State called Israel, do not accept or follow Jewism (the Anti-Torah Religion of the Jews), or the mystic Jewish Kabala, or any of the opinions of the various Talmuds. As True Israelites we worship only Yahweh the One Almighty Sovereign Creator Power of all that exists. This belief is called "Yahwism." Yahwism is the same belief also taught by Yahweh's adopted Son Yahshua the Messiah. Yahwism holds only to the pure Historical Hebrew Covenant teachings, as recorded in the ancient Hebrew Tanakh (Scriptures), and the applicable Aramaic and Greek historical writings. We do not accept the self appointed Paul/Saul as a true Apostle. We reject him where he deviates from the teachings of Yahshua and Scriptural Yahwism.”

According to Wikipedia:

"Sacred Name believers teach that 'God' and 'Lord' are mere titles that cannot properly carry the meaning of His name, and that many titles ascribed to God are tainted by their Pagan ancestry. They believe that it is necessary for salvation that one use the correct name of God, which in the Hebrew Bible is the tetragrammaton (usually rendered as Yahweh, but some variants used by SNM groups include 'Yahveh, Yahvah, Yaohu-Ul, Yahovah and the older transliteration Jehovah)." 

"The Sacred Name Movement (SNM) accepts the New Testament and Jesus as the Messiah. However, the name spelled 'Jesus' is seen as either a badly corrupted transliteration of the Messiah's true name or a Pagan-influenced name. SNM groups refer to him most often as Yahshua, but sometimes as Yeshua, Yahushua, Yahoshua, Yaohushua, Y'shua or Yahshuah. The title Christ is also seen as Pagan, and is replaced with 'the Messiah' or 'the Anointed'." 

Assemblies of Yahweh believe, according to their website, that the “Sacred Scriptures must be interpreted as literally as possible.” 

Matters that the Assemblies of Yahweh reject as unbiblical are the Trinity, infant baptism, homosexuality, polygamy, female ministers and eternal hell.


Christian Identity 

Christian Identity developed out of British Israelism, a Protestant religious movement popular in the Victorian era of British history.  It asserted that the Europeans, Anglo-Saxons, Germanics and Slavs were the original descendants of the twelve lost tribes of Israel, whereas British Israel teaches that the British are the Ten Lost Tribes.

Christian Identity asserts that the people of Europe - the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Caucasian peoples - are the true and only descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Israel – God’s Chosen People.  The argument is that the lost tribes of Israel were taken into captivity and deported by Sargon, king of Assyria as punishment for failing to honor the terms of the first covenant given by God to Moses.   America is considered to be the tribe of Joseph’s older son, Manasseh, the UK and Ireland are thought to be the offspring of Joseph’s younger son, Ephraim, and the remaining tribes are the other western European nations.

The modern-day Jews are considered Edomites, offspring of Esau, who mixed with the House of Judah in Babylonian captivity, or are Khazars from the nation of Khazaria, a country snear the area of present-day western Russia, whose ancestors adopted Judaism in 838 A.D. to avoid warring with Christian Europe, or the emerging power of Islam in the Middle East.  This is known as the single-seedline version of Christian Identity.

Dual seedliners, as they are called, believe that Eve was seduced by the Snake (Satan) had intercourse with him, shared her fallen state with Adam by lying with him, and gave birth to twins with different fathers: Satan’s child Cain and Adam’s son Abel.  Cain then became the progenitor of the Jews in his subsequent matings with non-Adamic races.  This doctrine is a revival of a medieval folk belief ascribing the ancestry of legendary monsters such as Grendel to Cain. 

Two-seedline adherents believe that Jews are genetically compelled by their Satanic ancestry to carry on a conspiracy against the Adamic seedline, which is the white race, and today have achieved almost complete control of the Earth through their illegitimate claim to the white race’s status as God’s chosen people. 

Most Christian Identity adherents follow the Mosaic law of the Old Testament (e.g. dietary restrictions, the seventh-day Sabbath, certain annual festivals such as Passover).  It is also commonplace for adherents to follow the Sacred Name Movement and they insist on using the original Hebrew names when referring to God (Yahweh) and Jesus Christ (Yahshua). 

Unlike many Protestant Fundamentalists, Christian Identity adherents reject the notion of a Secret Rapture, believing it to be a Judaised doctrine which “the Bible does not teach.”  They do believe in the inevitability of the end of the world and the Second Coming of Christ with Christ’s kingdom being established on earth. 

The Christian Identity movement, though critical of the present-day Jews for claiming they are the “chosen people” of God, fall into the same “pit” by claiming the Anglo-Saxon, Caucasian race comprises the “chosen people.” 

The Bible clearly states that the “chosen people” of God are the ones who are the true followers of Jesus Christ.  The “chosen people” designation is made on a spiritual basis, NOT a physical/ethnic basis.

“Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made.  He saith not, And to seeds, as of many, but as of one.  And to thy seed, Which is Christ.

“And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”  Galatians, 3:16,29 

Obviously the Christian Identity people can only think in “sense knowledge” terms – according to their five senses, rather than having “revelation knowledge” which would give them spiritual understanding as the Bible states in 1 Corinthians 2:14: 

“But the natural (literal: “soulish”) man receives not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know (understand) them, because they (spiritual things) are spiritually discerned.”


This is only a small sampling of the False Prophets who have entered – and almost taken over – the Christian churches of today.  The only way to avoid being deceived is to be aware of the many warnings God has given us in His Word, as those listed below, and to continue in diligent, daily, personal study of the Bible as well fervent prayer, until we know the Lord as well as we know the closest member of our family.  

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  Matt 7:15

And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.  Matt 24:11

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.  Matt 24:24 

For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall show signs and wonders, to seduce, if [it were] possible, even the elect.  Mark 13:22 

Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.  Luke 6:26

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.  1 John 4:1