The Destruction of Childhood – by Loving Parents! 

Killing them “Softly”! 

By Lorraine Day, M.D.


Loving, caring, parents are ignorantly and unknowingly robbing their children of their childhood and increasing their children’s risk of premature aging, life-threatening disease and premature death, death from violence, and severe mental illness.

“Forcing” Your Child into Precocious (Early) Puberty!

The onset of Puberty has decreased by approximately 6 months every decade since the mid 1800’s.  Puberty used to occur in the late teens, when the individuals were almost old enough to get married, and the young girl’s body was physically capable of carrying and delivering a baby.

But now many children enter puberty at age 8 or 9, and even a small percentage at ages down to 3.  Children are being robbed of their childhood.  Instead of little girls and boys playing with toys, they are interested in the opposite sex, they become sexually active at a very young age, and some little girls even get pregnant.  Abortion is often recommended by doctors because the little girl’s body is too small to deliver the baby without a threat to her life.

Abortion INCREASES the risk of Breast Cancer

Having an abortion significantly increases the little girl’s risk of developing breast cancer as she grows up.  When a woman gets pregnant, there is an increase of type 1 and 2 lobules in the breast that are most sensitive to carcinogens.  It is only after 32 weeks of pregnancy that type 3 and 4 lobules, resistant to carcinogens, are formed. 

If a woman has an abortion before 32 weeks, her risk of developing breast cancer doubles.  However, teenagers less than age 18 who have abortions between 9 and 24 weeks of pregnancy have an 800% increased risk of developing breast cancer.  But if a teenager less than age 18 has an abortion and also has a family history of breast cancer, her risk of developing breast cancer is infinity!  In other words, her risk of developing breast cancer is 100%!

Also, an early onset of puberty exposes the young girl’s breasts to many additional years of estrogen, and a boy’s prostate to many more years of testosterone, both of which significantly increase the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer respectively. 

Why is this happening?

The two MAIN factors are:  Diet and Stress

Over the last 100 years, the Standard American Diet has had a progressive and alarming increase in the amount of animal products (including dairy products) consumed, all of which contribute to the early onset of puberty, even before there were hormones used in factory farming.  Meat, poultry and fish are approximately 40% fat – and animal fat in the diet, as well as the normal hormones produced by the animal, contribute to early puberty.  With the addition of large amounts of hormones added to the animals’ diet to fatten them up rapidly for slaughter, the problem of precocious puberty has escalated dramatically.

Medical studies have shown that children who are fed a vegetarian diet enter puberty significantly later than children who eat flesh food.

In the early 1900’s, the standard American diet was overwhelmingly plant-based – fruit, grains, and vegetables in their natural form, no processed food, no fast food, few restaurants, no MSG, no artificial sweeteners, very little refined sugar available, and only a small amount of meat – often from a family-owned cow, grazing on grass in the family’s back yard, or home-grown chicken.

Over the last 100 years, mass production of animals, and so-called “progressive” techniques of factory farming have wreaked havoc on the diet of the population, especially of the children.  The amount of whole grains and regular potatoes eaten has dropped to half of the amounts consumed in 1900, whereas the amount of meat-eating has doubled, the amount of milk-drinking has doubled, and the amount of chicken-eating has risen 300%. 

During that same period of time the incidence of cancer of all types has gone from 1 out of 33 in 1909, to 1 out of every 2 people today.  And it is estimated that by the year 2020, everyone will develop cancer at some time in his or her lifetime.

So, while parents today, including Christian parents, are trying to teach their children morality and warning them of the dangers of becoming sexually active at a young age, these very same parents are feeding their children the exact diet that will force their young children into early puberty, bringing on intense sexual urges that they are far too young to handle, and leading to the very real probability of early sexually activity – just what the parents don’t want!

How much better it would be for the parents and the children to eat a vegan vegetarian diet, a diet that would improve the whole family’s health, help prevent disease, and prevent early puberty, bringing peace and freedom for the whole family from the intense stresses that accompany precocious puberty.

Loss of Vitamin B complex: In those who eat meat on a regular basis, the intestines are never clear and the meat putrefies in the digestive tract.  Putrefaction produces toxins and amines that accumulate in the liver, kidneys and large intestines, destroys bacteria in the intestines which are necessary to synthesize vitamin B complex – vitamins that are critical for the nervous system of the child (and the adult) to prevent Attention Deficit Disorder.

The toxins from the putrefaction of flesh food in the intestines are picked up by the blood stream and, when the liver is overloaded and becomes unable to sufficiently cleanse the toxins from the blood, the toxins are circulated throughout the body to all the cells, promoting cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Obesity, now at epidemic proportions in Americans, including in children, is also a major factor in precocious puberty.

Stress is also a puberty accelerator, with familial disruption, including father absenteeism, being one of the most effective stressors, and levels of divorce as well as single-parent families have rapidly escalated in the U.S. and many other countries.

Even television watching is linked to early puberty.  A study published in the respected Biologist magazine, and reported widely throughout Great Britain, found links between habitual TV viewing and obesity, attention disorders, and the onset of puberty.  The hormone melatonin regulates the body’s internal clock and also governs the speed at which puberty develops.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain, and regulated by light – usually from daylight – coming into the eye, that plays a key role in regulating the body’s internal clock.  The light emitted by television screens, mimicking natural daylight, may play a part in suppressing melatonin levels in the blood, which may disrupt the sleep patterns of children and teens as well as the age at which they enter puberty.

Giving your child Diabetes, Asthma and Allergies!

Drinking milk and eating dairy products, (as well as eating refined sugar and animal fat) are the primary causes of Diabetes Type I (juvenile-onset diabetes)  that results in life-long use of insulin injections, and a high incidence of severe vision problems and blindness.  Asthma and allergies are also caused, in large part, by the intake of milk and dairy products.

Refined sugar contributes to hyperactivity (ADD, ADHD), by robbing the body of enzymes, minerals and vitamins, especially B vitamins.  B vitamins are essential for proper brain and nervous system function.  A deficiency in B vitamins includes symptoms such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations, and muscle weakness and tenderness.

All of these severe problems could be eliminated by eating a vegan vegetarian diet.

Making Sure Your Child is “Protected” by Vaccinations!

Most Vaccines contain mercury as a preservative, a highly toxic substance that can cause autism, death, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and learning disabilities.

The Gardisil vaccine, touted as a prevention for HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), has caused a number of deaths in teenage girls.

Making Sure Your Child is “Protected” from Cavities by Fluoride!

Fluoride is a toxic byproduct of Aluminum production.  Its presence in the water supply is illegal mass medication of the public, without their will or consent.  Fluoride does not significantly reduce the rate of cavity formation.  When the idea of fluoridation of water was first presented to the dental associations, they condemned the proposed practice because of its dangers.  Later on, government propaganda was effective at overwhelming the common sense and scientific truth that the dental associations had acquired, and the dentists eventually acquiesced. 

Now the Dental Associations and the individual dentists promote and defend the fluoridation of water, irrespective of its damaging effects on the human body.

Lethal Overdoses in the Dental Chair

Jan 30, 1979, the New York Times ran the following story:  $750,000 Given in Child’s Death in Fluoride Case – Boy, 3, was in City clinic for Routine Cleaning.

“A State Supreme Court jury awarded $750,000 to the parents of a 3-year-old Brooklyn boy who, on his first trip to the dentist in 1974, was given a lethal dose of fluoride at a city dental clinic and then ignored for nearly fie hours in the waiting rooms of a pediatric clinic and Brookdale Hospital while his mother pleaded for help, and he lapsed into a coma and died.

“After a routine teeth-cleaning, a dental hygienist, using a swab, spread a stannous fluoride gel over the boy’s teeth as a decay-preventive.  The boy swallowed some of the gel and began vomiting, sweating and complaining of headache and dizziness.  He died within hours.

On November 3, 1979, the Melbourne Truth of Australia carried the following story:  Fluoride Tablets Kill Baby Jason.

The mother was told to give Baby Jason fluoride tablets every day.  She had also been told to take them during her pregnancy. 

One day she saw Jason sitting on the floor playing with the bottle of fluoride tablets.  He apparently put several in his mouth.  Subsequently he lost consciousness and was placed on a respirator.  Four days later, he was brain dead.  At first the doctors told the mother that it was impossible for fluoride to kill her son.  Finally they admitted that it was the fluoride.

Fluoride in toothpaste: A Death Warning

There is now a mandated warning on every toothpaste tube that contains fluoride that a young child can die as a result of swallowing only the amount of toothpaste that is normally placed on a toothbrush.

Fluoride (at the concentration in drinking water) suppresses the immune system by decreasing the motility (ability to moved) and phagocytosis ability (the ability of white blood cells to encapsulate and “eat up” foreign material, such as germs) of white blood cells, the disease-fighting cells.  Fluoride slows down and weakens those very cells that serve as the body’s defense system and thus allows foreign agents such as bacteria, viruses, and chemicals, as well as the body’s own damaged or cancerous cells to wreak havoc throughout the body.

Fluoride and Premature Aging

Fluoride interferes with collagen formation causing premature aging and  abnormal calcification of ligaments, tendons, cartilage and bones, causing them to be brittle and rupture or break more easily.  It also contributes to arthritis, hardening of the arteries and premature aging of the skin.

Fluoride and Cancer

Fluoride has been shown to contribute to the formation of cancerous tumors, particularly osteosarcomas, an aggressive bone cancer found primarily in young boys 0-19 years of age.

Fluoride and IQ

“Children’s intelligence declines as their natural drinking water fluoride levels increase, concluded a Chinese study in the May 2003 journal, “Fluoride.”  Children scored inferior IQ’s even when fluoride levels were similar to that added to U.S. water supplies to supposedly prevent tooth decay.

Fluoride and lethargy

Fluoride has been a component of many general anesthetics.  It causes a decrease in awareness by the brain and cognitive functions are decreased, resulting in lethargy – the individual is less aware of danger to himself and his society and is able to make sound judgments.

Fluoride, according to the 1984 issue of Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products, 5th Edition (1984) is more poisonous than lead and just lightly less poisonous than arsenic. It is used as a rat poison. The EPA has set 0.015 ppm as the maximum “safe” level for lead in drinking water—yet the maximum “safe” level for fluoride is currently set at 4.0ppm, over 250 times the permissible level for lead.

Studies have shown that fluoride causes motor dysfunction, IQ deficits and/or learning disabilities in humans. Fluoride exposure impairs memory and concentration, and causes lethargy, headache, depression and confusion in humans. Interestingly, suicide occurs more frequently than expected in populations of fluoride workers.

Fluoride and Infertility:  Population control

Fluoride has been shown to decrease the sperm count and sperm motility in men, leading to infertility.  “Low sperm motility and count.” International Journal of Fertility 39 (6) 337-346. 1994.

For documentation of the above factors, see Fluoride: the Aging Factor, by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, Health Action Press, 1993.

Results of Watching Television

Even when children have the time and the opportunity to play outdoors, often they prefer to stay indoors and watch television.  A great deal is known about children and television, because there have been thousands of studies on the subject.  Researchers have studied how TV affects kids’ sleep, weight, grades, behavior, and more.


TV viewing starts earlier than other forms of media – often beginning before age two.  In recent years, TV, video and DVD programs geared to babies and toddlers have come on the market – and now even a cable channel for babies.

How big a presence is TV in kids’ lives?

On average, kids spend nearly 4 hours a day watching television, DVDs and videos


What about TV violence?



Watching TV can cause sleep problems.


Children who watch more TV are more likely to be overweight.


Kids who watch TV are more likely to smoke.


Childhood TV habits are a risk factor for many adult health problems


(Source:  University of Michigan, at


Encouraging Your Child to Become a Killer?


Organized Sports


For most of human history, competitive sports have been a masculine activity – closely linked to the martial tradition of preparing for war.  Competitive sports have been termed “war without guns.”


In our era, sports have become something very different – dominating our culture.  Churches are expected to adapt their schedules to accommodate sporting events.  Universities have long since abandoned Latin, Greek, and rhetoric and many have become little more than a conduit for the football team (as well as other sports).  High school sports have become a bastion of cut-throat competition, as college scholarships often hinge on performance.


Competitive sports, especially high school, college, and professional are really not about exercise and learning teamwork.  They have become big business.  They’re not about fun and relaxation, but rather have to do with money, college admission, and career opportunity.


In societies that engaged in constant warring, as America is fast becoming, health and strength were of the utmost importance for the young men (and now women).


Ancient origins of Sports


Most early sports were used in preparation for war or to develop hunting skills, and because of this many were referred to as combat sports.  The Greeks and the Romans were the first to establish sporting festivals that served as celebrations as well as the functional use of preparing men to fight.


General Douglas Macarthur said, “I was convinced that the soldiers who practiced sport had become the best combatants.  They were the boldest, hardest and most courageous of those that fought alongside me.  These men, when they took part in battles, fighting other human beings and submitting to the rules of the combat, were the ones that more readily were prepared to accept and accomplish missions.”


How to turn a Caring young person into a Soldier willing to Kill!


-An emotionally intelligent person is also emotionally sensitive.

-An emotionally sensitive person would not want to learn to shoot guns or kill people.

-An emotionally sensitive, and emotionally intelligent person would look for other ways to resolve conflicts.

-Schools do not reward or encourage emotional sensitivity.

-In particular, a sensitive individual’s feelings (whether teacher or student) must be subordinated to obedience to authority in order to survive in the school environment.

-Sport in particular minimizes feelings and encourages competition.

-This kind of preparation is exactly the kind needed to make soldiers willing to kill other human beings out of otherwise caring, sensitive, empathetic young people.


Competitive sports – since ancient times – has been the best way to train young people to take orders, to subjugate their own desires to that of the group and to the leader of the group, to be willing to cause injury to a member of the opposing team, and, eventually, to kill other human beings in war.





Dangerous injuries to the young athlete’s body – particularly the musculo-skeletal system.


Children are very different from adults when it comes to sports.  Children have fragile growth plates at the end of their long bones that are responsible for the ultimate growth of the extremities.  When a young child is injured, the growth plates may also be injured, leading to early growth plate closure that results in a shortened extremity if the growth plate closes prematurely, or a deformed knee, elbow, wrist, or ankle joint secondary to injury to only one side of the growth plate.  As the child matures, after such an injury, he or she will be much more prone to severe arthritis. 


No Creative Play


Children really don’t “play” anymore.  Creative play has gone the way of the Model T Ford.  Creative play helps the child learn to solve problems on his own, leads to development of the creative side of the child’s personality, teaches the child to make his own fun and not have to be constantly entertained, forces him to learn how to get along with others without domineering supervision by coaches and parents, and thus helps him – or her - prepare for life. 


Instead, after school, every day, children are driven to sporting events by their mother or in a car pool, told to put on uniforms so they all look alike, taught to subjugate their individuality for the good of the team, taught to be aggressive, and taught that winning is everything – which stresses them to the maximum.


And Stress leads to Disease – and Dysfunctional Behavior!


Children have no time to relax, no ability to entertain themselves inexpensively (that’s why they are frequently “bored” if they are not being constantly entertained), and no idle time to just enjoy being a kid.


Sandlot baseball, a slice of American life enjoyed for decades by boys from coast to coast, appears on the verge of extinction.


Many men over 40 remember those summer days when they headed to the park or vacant lot and played ball all day – or until Mom sent word that it was time for dinner.


At the present time, most neighborhood ball fields sit empty on summer afternoons, the idea of unsupervised play having gone the way of the rotary-dial phones kids once used to round up the fellas for a game.


The reasons for the sandlot’s demise, baseball coaches and sociologists say, go back to the changing family structure, video games, parents’ fear of crime, and the proliferation of organized and so-called “select” teams for more-talented kids.


Johnny Damon of the New York Yankees says the structured environment of “select” ball sacrifices the fun kids get from playing on their own.  “I think nowadays kids are getting so worn out playing baseball all year-round that by the time they get to the high school level they’re kind of tired of it, and tired of the politics of it, instead of just going out there and playing baseball,” Damon said.


Does Competitive Sports REALLY Bring out the “Best” in Young People?


Rather than competitive sports bringing out the “best” in young people, in most cases it brings out the worst:  the desire to win at any cost, injuring another player becomes a legitimate part of the game – and is often admired and rewarded, it teaches aggressive behavior, it increases enormously the stress in the child’s life, it eliminates the possibility of creative, non-stressful play that is fun for the child, it has a great potential to injure the young child’s body, particularly his musculoskeletal system that can cause long-term – and possibly permanent- damage to the child’s body.


Did Jesus promote Competition?


Video games 


Another “perfect” tool to teach young children to accept and embrace war, killing, and all violence as “normal” is the ubiquitous video game.  Children become lost in their own world, focusing on “killing the bad guy” even though they have no idea what the “bad guy” has done to deserve to be killed.  Therefore, they are taught to “kill on command” and never question whom they are killing, or why they are doing the killing.  Their response becomes robotic – on command.


Children become self-absorbed, prefer to play by themselves, become hypnotized by the game, and learn to kill on command.


Lack of discipline


Many parents, including fathers, do not know how to parent.  They were never taught – because THEIR parents didn’t know how to parent well enough to teach them.  And they do not seek information from the Bible, which is the best “handbooks” in the world for learning to “parent.”  Because of the teen pregnancy rate, children are raising children.  They grow up self-willed, aggressively resistant to authority - including their parents, and without self-control.


And they “raise” children just like themselves.


Any person without control over his temper and his desires, will have an unhappy life.  The state of society will deteriorate even further.


Tolerance - Promotion of homosexuality, promiscuity, pornography, debauchery, and self-indulgence


Under the guise of “tolerance” many parents are subliminally teaching their children that the child is the center of the universe – that the world owes him a living, that he can do as he pleases with no restraints whatsoever.  This will lead to marked unhappiness as the child grows up, because “life” will teach him – and in the harshest way imagineable.


Lack of Education – Dumbing down in the schools


Sports have become more important than education, it pays a whole lot more at a professional level, and one becomes famous.  But few make it to the big leagues, and those who do usually sacrifice domestic tranquility and the ability to be home to raise their children – for fame and money, a very poor trade-off, indeed.


Music and its Effects


Nowadays, people are getting more and more involved in Music and for them, it has become a part of their daily life.  Their mind has become so saddled with tension, and the tempo of life is so fast that they seem to accept high blood pressure, nervous breakdown, and the use of antidepressant drugs as the unavoidable side effects of modern civilization.  It is a pity that they do not pause to think about the adverse effects of music on their physical and mental health.


The positive effects of Music


Researchers have found evidence that young children who take music lessons show different brain development and improved memory over the course of a year compared to children who do not receive musical training.


The findings, published in the September 2006 issue of the journal Brain, show that the brains of musically-trained children show improved memory and general intelligence skills such as literacy, verbal memory, visio-spatial processing, mathematics, and IQ.




Music’s Psychological Effects


An experiment conduced by The Institute of HeartMath revealed how different types of music affect a person’s body and psychological/emotional states.  Two groups participated, an adult group and a teenage group.  The four types of music used were Classical, New Age, Designer Music, and Grunge Rock.


The positive qualities measured were Caring, Mental Clarity, Relaxation, and Vigor.  The negative qualities measured were Hostility, Fatigue, Sadness and Tension.


Grunge Rock increased the negative qualities of hostility and tension up to almost 60%, whereas the Classical and New Age music reduced those qualities below the Zero percent line.


Classical music produces relaxation and is ofen used in hospitals.


Music’s Physiological Effects


Music affects not only the psychological state, but also the autonomic nervous system (A.N.S.) and the immune system.  It is known that negative states such as grief or anger can suppress the immune system.  Cells are biochemical factories that produce behavioral chemicals.  Those chemicals can produce peaceful, restful, calm behavior or angry destructive behavior.  For instance, after a summer RAVE concert of heavy metal music, police had to be called when most of the audience later began destroying stores in the local Sunnyvale, CA shopping mall.


Music changes the peptides (parts of proteins) produced that change emotions, and thus the immune system.  Another study by HeartMath Institute has shown if Grunge Rock music is played, cortisol and adrenalin – the fight or flight hormones – are produced.  These hormones dramatically increase aggression and suppress the immune system.


Path of Music in the Body


The vagus nerve is connected to the internal organs.  Sound/music enters the eighth and tenth cranial nerves.  These carry sound impulses through the ear to the brain.  The vagus nerve and the emotional responses to the limbic system (part of the brain) are the link between the ear, the brain, and the autonomic nervous system (A.N.S.), an important factor in how and why music works in treating physical and emotional disorders.



Effect of Music on the Heart Rate


The heart is a vital organ in the human body.  Though only the size of the fist, it pumps blood to the rest of the body by rhythmic expansion and relaxation.  The frequency of this cardiac cycle is measured by the term - heart rate.  The heart rate is the number of contractions (beats) of the heart in a minute.  The heart rate responds to a wide variety of conditions like vigorous physical activity or, according to our hypothesis, music.  Music has an arousal effect that is related to its frequency and tempo.  Studies reveal that physiological responses (heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure) were greater during excitative music than during sedative music.


Loss of hearing, decreased IQ, inability to concentrate or learn


Excessive noise is the main cause of hearing loss.  Experts agree that continued exposure to noise of 85 decibels or louder, over time, will eventually harm hearing.  A typical rock concert can be between 110 and 140 decibels.


Statistics support doctors’ observations that people are suffering from hearing loss at younger ages.  About 28 million Americans have hearing loss, and, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), it occurs among adults of all ages.


According to a Centers for Disease Control study, nearly 13% of Americans ages 6-19 (more than 5 million) have suffered noise-induced hearing loss.  The dangers of repeated exposure to loud music estimates that 60% of all rock stars inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are hearing-impaired.


Teenagers are often indifferent to these warnings because the consequences of high decibels often don’t show up for years.  Hearing is usually lost in tiny increments.  You don’t notice any problem until you’re already half deaf, at which point it’s too late.


How Loud is Loud?


A helicopter and a motorized/power mower can damage hearing after 1 hour of exposure per day.


Sand-blasting, squealing pigs, inboard motorboat, typical night club, can damage hearing after 30 minutes exposure per day


A military jet, air raid siren, shotgun, and hydraulic press can damage hearing after 3.75 minutes exposure per day


Amplified Rock Music can damage hearing after 3.75 – 30 minutes exposure per day


Conclusion:  It’s not difficult to see how loving, caring, parents are ignorantly and unknowingly robbing their children of their childhood and increasing their children’s risk of premature aging, life-threatening diseases and premature death, death from violence, and severe mental illness.


The Good News is that the incorporation of God’s natural Ten Step Health Plan into their life and the lives of their children will prevent all these problems.  (See

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