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California to become First State to MANDATE
Vaccines for Adults: Criminal Penalties for Refusal

Crisis Actors, Training, Planning & Strategy
for Staged False Flag Events

Bill and Melinda Gates (Jews) Sterilizing
young women in India

Hillary Clinton Liar/Crying Video

EU Nations to be Morphed into ONE Nation -
Post Brexit! = SLAVERY to the Elite

Red Cross exposed as Huge CRIMINAL FRAUD

FBI Asks Agencies Who Responded to Pulse
“massacre” to DENY Records Requests

Killing Newborn Babies NO DIFFERENT from Abortion,
say (MURDERING) Medical “Ethicists”!

22,000 nurses REFUSE Mandatory
vaccinations: BRAVO!!

Jewish Run Britain to “Phase out” WHITENESS by
2030 (or earlier!)

Jews HATE to be called “White!” To Jews,
it is a “racial slur”

Trump Campaign Details 49 Blistering
Allegations about (Jewish) Hillary Clinton

Failed Trump Assassin Michael Sandford Trained
(by the Jew-controlled FBI) with Omar Mateen

This is how JEWS behave - even in their own
Parliament - like uncouth, barbarian savages!

The Greatest Story Never Told: The Untold
Story of Adolf Hitler

Flu shots contain 25,000 times MORE poisonous
Mercury than the “safe” dose

European Union Parliament Building Designed to
look like Tower of Babel = One World Government

Walls for ME, but NOT for Thee, says
(Jew) Mark Zuckerberg

Strange: Orlando Victim “Antonio Devon Brown”
“Killed” at Pulse shooting? He already died
in 2013 in W. Va!

Orlando Hospital Staffers Forced to Sign
Non-Disclosure Agreements over Gay
Nightclub Shooting

Why It’s O.K. for Israelis for own Guns - - but NOT you!

Call for Crisis Actors in Bernie Sanders’
Home Town during the Democratic
National Convention!!

LifeTec Advertises their FAKE Trauma DUMMIES
were used in the Boston Bombing

President of European Commission says,
“When it becomes serious, we have to lie.”

Communist Mass Murderer Irina Bokova
Leads Race for UN Boss

NY Degenerate Jewish Doctor Knocks out
patient with Propofol, then Masturbates
on her face

It’s Starting!! Couple Sues Chase Bank
After $25K Savings Account Disappears!

U.S. Air Force Places Craigslist Ad for
Crisis Actors that Speak Arabic and Dari!!

Even Mainstream Media Confirms Hillary
is a Lying Crook!

Yet ANOTHER “Holocaust Survivor”
Admits He LIED!

11-year-old Iraqi body tells it like it is:
American Military MURDERS CHILDREN
for NO good Reason!

Dinosaurs still living among us - Alway
Have: Created when “man” was created - video

Very Curious Craigslist Ad Seeks Arabic and
Dari Role Players for McGuire AFB in New Jersey

Supreme Court says Cops can BREAK the
Law in order to Enforce it

The EVIL Clintons Cash In on EVERY
Tragedy - video

Cops were ordered NOT to pursue the Orlando
“killer” - Obviously a rigged Hoax!

Brexit Referendum in CHAOS! Voting machines
ONLY register “Remain” votes

Venezuela Keep Dissidents under control
by giving food ONLY to those who
SUPPORT the Gov’t

Trumps Hillary Killer: Miller Exposes
Hillary’s MASSIVE Corruption

Satanic symbolism of Superbowl 2016 -
the Fifth Dimension of Demon Possession

Orlando Shooter to “Informants”

“Eye Witness” says there were FIVE shooters:
a different story every minute!

Orlando Shooting: Someone held the door shut?
Yeh, a Crisis Actor!

Orlando Shooting: 5 Reasons to Question Official Story

Was the Orlando killer a Mossad Agent?

Orlando Shooting Hoax: Corrupt U.S. Gov’t’s
way of nullifying Posse Comitatus law

Which Corporations Control the World?

Omar Mateen (supposed Orlando shooter) was GAY!

Orlando Shooter Employer Stages Crisis Events!

Orlando Shooting: “Rescuers” drop the wounded
when they think they’re not being filmed

Why were the “injured” being carried by untrained
people THROUGH the crime scene

Hitler’s UNDENIABLE, extraordinary peace efforts

Get Ready for Artificial Meteor Showers

DHS Issue New Terrorism Warning - Question:
Why Can’t they STOP Them??

STUPID, IGNORANT Doctors Believe the Lies about
Vaccines, then Murder Babies with them

Chicago Sun Times Posted article on Orlando

FBI LIES to caller about Orlando Shooting

Well, well, well: Here is Omar Mateen!
(Clip from “Big Fix” Documentary)

Omar Mateen’s apartment left completely open
by the FBI - supposedly part of a CRIME!

Clinton Campaign Headquarters just 2 floors
below U.S. Atty Gen Loretta Lynch! Hmm.

Hillary Clinton Believes your Daughters should
be taught to be murderers!

Controlled demolition of Las Vegas Casino
JUST LIKE Controlled Demolition of Bldg 7

Central Banks Will Replace Your Money In
Banks with Future Dated Government Bonds

Hillary Clinton Received Secret Memo Stating
Obama Admin “SUPPORT” for ISIS

Exec. Order signed by Bill Clinton legalized
medical experimenting on military without
their knowledge

“Injured” being carried BACK to Pulse - What a Hoax!!

UK Parliament Members order champagne,
scotch and gourmet meals direct to their offices

Columbine Massacre appears to have been
another government false flag attack

Jew Aaron Russo exposes the elitist Jews who
plan to enslave everyone in the world

Rockefellers are Jews

JonBenet Ramsey’s Satanic murder either by
her parents or with their complicity

More Damning Info on Orlando “Massacre” Hoax

Gun Shop Owner: 5 weeks ago, we called FBI
after Mateen Tried to buy Body Armor

BIGOTED JEWS: Marriage of a Jew to a non-Jew
in Israel carries a prison sentence!

Orlando “shooter” Mateen’s father was frequent
visitor to Hillary Clinton’s office

DHS Issues new Terrorism Warning - to
Declare Martial Law? and Suspend the Election?

(Jew) Hillary’s Top Donor (a Saudi)
gave gay men 14,200 lashes

More on the Fake Orlando Shooting

Orlando Shooter exchanged text messages
with his wife DURING the shooting??

CNN Journalist: Governments PAY
us to Fake Stories!

Craigslist Ad Seeks Actors/Role Players to
Assist the Military in Vermont

DHS Issues a US Advisory Alert until the end
of the year! Why don’t they just STOP the “terrorists”?

UN hiring “Disarmament Officers” to
Take American Guns!

Russia Quietly Strips Jewish Dual Citizenship:
Very SMART Move!

Hillary (a Jew herself) is one of the biggest
bigots of ALL time!

LYING Crisis Actor “gets shot in hand”
but NO wound or bandage!

Police Investigation Reveals Orlando
Shooting an “Inside Job”

Study Confirms Link Between HPV
Vaccine and Ovarian Cancer

Sorry, Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust!

Agenda of Bilderberg elites: Stop Trump, Boost
Hillary, Stop Brexit, Boost Immigration

Traitor John McCain Directly Responsible
for Rise of ISIS

Virtually ALL False Flag Attacks are Planned
and Funded by U.S. Government

Red Cross Just as CORRUPT as other
money-grubbing “Charities”

MURDER of Millions of BABIES By Doctors,
Drug Companies and the Government

(Jew-Controlled) Media Distorting Facts Like
NEVER Before, says journalist

The “War on Terror” has INCREASED
Terrorism by 4500%!!!

Corrupt (New World Order) Pope Francis
now offering Indulgences again

It’s About to Get Ugly: U.S. Gov’t and Military
getting ready for Massive Civil War in U.S.

Jews ADMIT their #1 Priority: MASS immigration
into U.S. (but NOT into Israel)

Don’t you see? The Jews HAVE to confiscate
our guns BEFORE they Collapse our Economy!

CIA Connections with families of Omar Mateen
and Tsarnaev brothers: We use ‘em, then Kill ‘em!

NDAA 2017 includes Draft for Women, and
Indefinite detention of American citizens

Is something BIG Coming? FEMA just
Quietly Activated their Civilian Corps

Orlando Shooter: Deeper Hidden Ties to the FBI

at killing cancer cells

They have Drills in Schools ALL the time - so they
can film then and claim they are REAL

World War III? U.S. and Russian jets in Showdown
over Syria, as Putin bombs
Pentagon-backed Rebels (ISIS)

Eye Witnesses tells how U.S. Ambassador INSTIGATED Revolution in Syria!

Snow in Hawaii, Mexico, Ukraine, New Hampshire,
California, Alaska a Week Before Summer

It appears that the CIA did the Orlando Shooting

Call for Crisis Actors in Bernie Sanders’ Home
Town during the Democratic National Convention

No Blood - No Bodies - in Orlando: Just
as FAKE as Sandy Hook

American Bishop Explains How Religion is “Made up -
and used to Control People”

More Holocaust Lies!

DHS (run by Jews) encouraging extremist
muslims to flood into U.S.

Communist Jew Angela Merkel’s Muslims Committed
69,000 Crimes in Germany in 1st Quarter

(Jew) Hillary talks about income inequality in a (ugly)
jacket that costs more than a new car

Don’t Forget the Clinton Death Pool!!

Bernie Sanders Wins California Landslide,
but 2/3 of his votes NOT Counted!

(Jew) Hillary Admires (Jew) Margaret Sanger, founder
of baby-murderers: “Planned Parenthood”

Bilderberg: The elitist super rich (mostly) JEWS
meet to decide how to kill us!

UN Takeover: Calls for LACK of education of your
children - so they’ll be poor and controllable!

Sorry, Hillary. You are NOT the first woman to
be nominated for President: It was Victoria Woodhull

Jewish-run Bilderberg Runs the World

Court Awards Family Historic Settlement
for Vaccine Injured Child

(Jew) Soros Destroys EU Through Migrant Crisis,
then PROFITS Off Collapse!

Countries with Most Vaccinations have Highest
Infant Mortality Rates

Bill (Clinton) and Jeff (Epstein’s) Orgy
Island - with underage girls

FBI Steps up Use of Stings: Is that what happened in
Orlando - to promote gun control?

Scientific Study done by Liberals shows Liberals
are Psychotics - AND LIARS too!

Orlando Shooting: The Spin Begins - there were
TWO shooters - but now only ONE!

Economic Collapse will Serve ONE Purpose: Global
Governance and the Enslavement of Mankind

Orlando Nightclub was in a gun-free zone, so NO
ONE could defend themselves

Brain-dead Jew Neo-con Bill Kristol told C-Span
(years ago) “Iraq war will last only 2 months!”

Another “Holocaust Survivor” Hoax Exposed

Jew-Owned NY Times says, “Believing that U.S. Gov’t
targeting its citizenry” is a “Mental Illness”

Spineless UN Sec’y General Admits
to giving in to Blackmail

All the taxes we pay weren’t around 100 years
ago when U.S. was Prosperous

Orlando Killer Worked for Company Transporting
Illegal Immigrants Inside US

Former Agent Claims FBI Manufactures Nearly
ALL Terrorists Incidents

Orlando Shooting Hoax - TERRIBLE acting! - video

Orlando Shooting Hoax: More Fake Crying

MK-Ultra Triple Play in Orlando

Cancer Scientists’ Pension Fund Invested in Tobacco!

Drill for 9.0 Earthquake along Western U.S.

Sweden’s Migrant Rape Epidemic: Planned and Funded
by the Jews - will Soon come to America

Very Stupid California Gov. Jerry Brown Legalizes
HIV-postive organ donations and transplantation

More Americans Killed by Police Since 9/11 than
Soldiers Killed in War!

New York Catholic Church Paid Lobbyists $2.1
Million to Block Child Sex-Abuse Law Reform

Jew Professor says American Patriots MORE
DANGEROUS than Foreign Terrorists

Suicide of America: Philadelphia Schools add

Working families being destroyed by this economy

(Jew) Hillary’s Looooong Record of LYING - video

Criminal, murderous Drug companies make millions
by giving peanut allergies through vaccines

Holocaust Hoax Exposed - video

The Clintons’ CRIMES bring them $50 BILLION.
Trump will STOP them! So they HATE him!

DHS (Homeland ??Security??) Bringing VANLOADS
of Illegals INTO America

Homeland Security is a Jewish Construct to
Enslave Gentiles

UN Adopts “Education” Plan to Brainwash
Kids on Globalism

Suicide Kills FIVE TIMES as Many Troops as Combat!

Court: Cops Don’t Need to Know the Laws
They’re Enforcing

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is a Jewish
Communist: Flooding Germany with Muslims!

(Jew) Soros and other billionaire Jews Fund Muslim
Invasion of U.S.

Former Fed Reserve Chairman, (Jew) Greenspan:
Global Economy Headed for Disaster

Communist Jew Obama and his Jew Handlers
Destruction of U.S. Economy

Pilots, doctors and medical scientists
comment on chemtrails

New Information about Vince Foster’s Murder

Global Warming: Insider Admits It’s a FRAUD for
purpose of Redistributing the world’s wealth

Obama’s Transgender bathroom directive is
even worse than you think

San Diego Admits Their “Climate” Action Plan is
to get at least 50% Out of Their Cars!

Israeli Jew made President of Brazil’s Central
Bank: What Else is New?

(Jewish) DARPA and MSM team up to push
microchips for your children!!

PROOF: CDC is a Murderous Agency that KNEW
Vaccine Preservative CAUSED Autism

Obama is a Communist Jew (Yes!) who cut Vet
Benefits to pay for Muslim Visas

Idiot Professor says: “Because there are dumb kids,
you should make sure your kid is dumb, too.”

"My opinion of Christian Zionists? They're scum.
But don't tell them that. We need all the useful idiots
we can get right now." -- Benyamin Netanyahu, at the
time a former prime minister

PROOF Vaccine thiomerosal (mercury) causes Autism:
CDC forced to admit they KNEW

More evidence of OUTRAGEOUS IRS

Caught on camera: U.S. Special Forces fighting
alongside ISIS in Syria!

The Truth about the Jews - video

Netherlands (run by Jews) to allow growing of
embryos (BABIES!) for Research!

UN (run by Jews) to CENSOR Internet against
Truth (labeled “Extremism”)

Congressman admits, Washington D.C. is a
“Sinkhole of Leeches”

The Real Truth About Auschwitz told by a Jew - video

Sweden in Satanic Death Grip: Same
is Happening in U.S.

Is the New World Order “Jewish”? A Jew says,

Jewish Kabbalah: Blueprint for Gentile Genocide

Jewish man featured in Time mag. cover story
imprisoned for CHILD PORN

“Black Lives Matter” Leader arrested for human
trafficking and pimping 17-year-old child

The Shift to a Cashless Society is Snowballing

U.S./NATO Saber-rattling on Russian border
trying to PROVOKE war with Russia

Satanic Illuminati Jews Control the Entertainment
Industry - video

ALL 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli-owned
“Security” Company

U.S. Gov’t (VP Dick Cheney) behind “Stand Down”
to allow 9/11 to happen

9/11 Commission Admits Its Report is FALSE
- it was Based on Government LIES

Giulani Admits He was TOLD that the World

Scripps College says, “Hatred of Whites is legitimate
response to oppression”: Then can we
ALL hate Jews?

Jewish Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt (Rosenveldt)
Sold Out U.S. to Jewish Federal Reserve

Bush, Obama, Kissinger, Pope (and others) ALL
call for a New World Order! - video

How do you gas to death 4 million people
in a 3-car garage?

U.S. Bank Laundered BILLIONS of dollars
from Mexico’s Murderous Drug Gangs

Electric vehicles pollute MORE
than gas-powered cars!

More evidence Michelle Obama was born a man

Australian Insider Unveiled World Satanic Control

Holocaust Born in Washington D.C.

The Jews LITERALLY are “in the toilet”!

The U.S. War Machine’s Budget Could Buy
EVERY Homeless American a $1 Million Home

Glenn Beck: Stupid Liar and Faker - watch this video

American now: an insane, delusional, pathetic
land of the “politically correct”!

Planned Destruction of U.S. Military by the Jews
- including Jew Obama (His Mom was Jewish)

The Sandy Hook Massacre. .. .um. . . I mean Drill

Look what Member of European Parliament
goes through to read TTIP - video

Truth About the Jews - video

Murderous Drug Companies Target Pregnant
Womenfor Vaccines: Population Extermination

Immigration Agent commits suicide and leaves
note exposing what Government will do to us

Burgers Contain Rat and Human DNA, Study Finds

Continuing to exercise as you get older decreases
chance of Alzheimer’s

Anonymous Congressman writes book showing
immense CORRUPTION in Congress.

Study Finds Tylenol (Acetominophen)
Decreases Empathy

What is Agenda 21? Educate Yourself!

More than ONE vaccine per year is priming
children for Depression

Murdering Drug Companies: HPV Vaccine (Gardasil)
DESTROYS Young Woman’s Ovaries

Communist Jewish (yes!) Obama plans to Destroy
your home value by Low Income Housing

The Illuminati Plan to Enslave Americans

“Synthetic” humans? An attempt at “creation!”
We’re certainly getting near the END!

70% of Americans taking Drug “medications”

Hillary and her cocaine habit

FBI is enrolling church leaders - and everyone else
- to SPY on you = Communism!

The Psychotic Militarization of Law Enforcement

Wall Street Bankers Buying Up World’s Water

Man in women’s restroom chokes 8-year old girl into unconsciousness

Government hiding microphones in public places to
record your conversations

Wikipedia’s Censorship of Alternative Medicine

More California Lunacy: Shop-lifting Decriminalized =
Destruction of Small Businesses

TTIP will allow Corporations to take over
Government and KILL the population

The CIA was behind the formation of thez
European Union!

FDA Commissioner hid drug dangers from public
so elite could make MILLIONS

6 Million Jews, My A##

U.S. Government spending MILLIONS “training”
journalists (to do what government says!)

German Girl Clobbers Muslim Thug in Elevator

Jewish Elitists are DESTROYING the Earth with
Weather Control: People don’t seem to care!

Tax-Exempt “Conservative” Heritage Foundation
wrote NAFTA AND legislation to DUMB
DOWN the Schools

The Truth about the Great Muammar Gaddafi

Why Government-Funded Science Leads
to Science FRAUD

Israeli Justice Minister says: It’s Anti-Semitic to
EVER Criticize Israel!

What Really SCARES Big Pharma? People
who can CURE their OWN disease.

Global Police Force Taking Place (Told you so!):
Chinese police patrol Italy

Obama Admin LIES Again: “We NEVER Said, ’No Boots
on the Ground.” video

Hundreds of tanks move through Houston, TX

Communist Knights Templar Admit they Plan to
Eliminate the White Race

Is Donald Drumpf (Trump) and Illuminati Jew?

Are the Jews Running China?

Leaked TTIP Deal to merge U.S.
and EU triggers Outrage!

Neo-Conservatives are NOT conservative: They are
Communist Jews who have stolen the GOP

Scientists Link Diet Drinks to Heart Attack and Stroke

DHS to Orchestrate “Fake” Terror Drill by
releasing gas in NY Subway

America’s Outrageous Ultimatum: Washington
Demands Syria’s Surrender to Al Qaeda!!

Corrupt Traitor Obama: TTIP Necessary to Protect
MegaBanks From Prosecution

Jewish Clintons are Corrupt Criminals Who accept
multi-million dollar BRIBES! - video

Great video and song: “ClimateGate - Now I’m
a Denier”

Corrupt Pentagon working secretly
on way to RIG internet voting

25,000 Ukrainian children Abducted and
Murdered by Israel for their organs

UN Declares Zionism is RACISM!

Republicans behind the #NeverTrump
Campaign: Now we know who the criminals are

Food being contaminated to promote vaccinations?

Even Energy Drinks Used to Promote Satan
and eliminate Christianity

Large Number of Harvard Students previously
vaccinated for Mumps - Get the Mumps!!

Proud to be an American? REALLY? - video

German Journalist Admits that ALL Journalists,
around the world, are taught to LIE

U.S. Government (Jews) killing us by melting Arctic
with ionosphere heaters - video

When We're Young, We Grow Taller -
But Why Don't We Ever "Grow Up"?

Everything in Politics, in every nation around the
world, is about Jesus Christ!

As You Grow Closer to God, Doesn't
Your Life Get Easier?

Is There a Correlation Between Eating Meat,
Pountry and Fish
Stupidity, Wickedness and Disease?

Questioning The Holocaust

Americans spend more on taxes than on housing,
food and clothing combined: We are SLAVES!

DHS raising a FEMA Youth Army to
Stop Resistance to NWO Tyranny

Jews Push homosexuality and Transgenders for
the GOYS (Gentiles) But NOT for Jews

Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil

Rampant Satanic pedophilia at the highest levels
of government and religion

Fluoride is a Nerve Toxin

EVIL UN’s Plan for Population
Reduction (Massive KILLING)

Ted Cruz’s father Was a CIA Linked Cuban Exiled
to Canada: Involved in JFK Assassination?

If you want to know the REAL Truth about
9/11 - video

Jews Control Media, Government, and
Politics of U.S. - video

Video of Cruz Blatantly Bribing Delegates
- - Criminal!!

SHAMELESS, EVIL RNC Member says they’ll
Still ROB Trump of Delegates!

Chief HPV Scientist Admits Vaccines
are a Deadly Scam

Why the Jews HATE Trump

How Can We Be Sure We Are Living in
the "End Times"?

Can God "...lead us into ALL truth" if we remain
a member of The Organized Church?

The Real "Religion" of America Today

Jewish-run CIA using Jewish-run Hollywood movies
for Propaganda

“Economic Collapse” erupting all over the world:
Global leaders begin to panic

2/3 of Londoners cannot afford home
heating - many died

Millionaires Fearing Civil Unrest are Fleeing
Chicago by the Thousands

Fluoride officially classified as a neurotoxin in
World’s most prestigious medical journal

Vaxxed: The documentary that Destroys the
CDC’s LIES about Autism and Vaccines

More Proof Organic Foods Far
Superior for Health and Wellness

UN’s Plan to DECREASE births (decrease fertility)
and INCREASE Deaths (KILL people)!

The Hoax of “Anti-semitism”

Unbelievable arrest and imprisonment of woman
for owning a BMW!! Must Watch video

CDC LIES (Again) about Zika Virus
causing microcephaly

Personal Income Tax is ILLEGAL

Chinese Communism was Started by the Jews

The REAL Truth about Hitler and the
supposed “Holocaust”

Megachurch False Prophets 100% Exposed

The End of April: A Time of HUMAN Sacrifice
for the Satanists who run America

Mandatory Euthanasia Coming Soon to California

(Jew) Hypocrite Zuckerberg lectures Trump on
Walls: then returns to his own Walled-off compound

Black man says, “We must Exterminate
White People off the face of the earth.”

The Plan of the New World Order Jews
Exterminate White People (Jews don’t consider
themselves “white.’)

New Documentary PROVES “Global Warming”
LIE is ALL about Population Extermination

Wow! The Plot Thickens! Was Ted Cruz’
father involved in the assassination of JFK?

CIA Just Backstabbed Obama:
No Loyalty Among Thieves!

Atheist Jew George Soros now using churches
to Push New World Order

Crisis actor at Brussels “Bombing” Lies
Through His Teeth!

Black Professor Calls for “Whiteness” to
be Abolished

Festival Threatened by “High Government
Officials” NOT to Show Anti-Vaccine Movie

Jewish Owned Diebold “hackable” makes voting
machines to CHANGE election results

Black man’s BIGOTRY: He says,
We should “Dismantle Whiteness”

Satanic Temple of Baal Coming to New
York - and Hundreds More

False Flag Coming in Missouri??

Top Illuminati Grand Wizard: We Control
Islam and will use it to destroy the West

Cancer-causing Poison in your canned food

Jews Accomplish their goal: STAGGERING
Illiteracy Rate in U.S.

Evil Pentagon Deliberately Hooks Soldiers
on Amphetamines Painkillers and Steroids

NASA Admits Dosing Americans with Air-borne
Lithium, Vaccinations and other chemicals

Non-Conformity and Anti-Authoritarianism are
now considered “Mental Disorders”

Degenerate LGBT’s say INCEST is “NORMAL” -
call it “Genetic Sexual Attraction”

Jewish Al Gore trying to Criminalize
Global Warming Critics

UN’s New Climate song for kids: “Don’t
need no cars” “Don’t need no baths”

China’s WAR on Christianity: Tears down
THOUSANDS of Crosses

Israel did 9/11: Youtube closing ALL
accounts who expose this!

Jew-controlled 60 Minutes plans to shift blame
for 9/11 from Israel to Saudi Arabia

Yes, Saudis MAY have helped Israel with 9/11
because Saudi Royal family is JEWISH!

51 U.S. Sailors involved in Fukushima rescue
have CANCER - from RADIATION!!

ATF Spying on Phoenix residents from
cameras on utility poles

DEGENERATE Congressman Hastert gets
away with molesting 4 young boys

Muslims shouting to White Brits: “This is
OUR country now. Get out.”

Study shows Splenda can lead to
Cancer and other serious diseases

The Great Debate: Warmonger (Jewish)
Churchill vs Peace-loving Hitler

Continued Assault on our Civil Liberties

Depopulation through hidden
sterilization through vaccinations

How Today’s Medical Establishment
was Deliberately Bastardized

Top German Journalist: “MSM news is
FAKE! We ALL Lie for the CIA!”

Hospice Owner tells nurses to KILL
patients with drug ovedose!

FDA Document Admits Vaccines Linked to Autism

Jade Helm 16 is Coming: The Plan to Withhold
Food from American Public

Outrageous: Pediatrics Journal says to
Stop Calling Breastfeeding “Natural”

Yet Another Jewish “Holocaust” survivor
Memoir Exposed as a HUGE LIE!

Criminal Jewish-Owned Drug Companies
Adding POISONOUS Borax to vaccines

Forced Vaccinations are about Money and
Control (and Killing) - NOT Public Health

Heidi Cruz authored (for the CFR) report calling
for merging of U.S. and Mexico

Can You Handle the Facts About the Jews?

Top Illuminati Grand Wizard: We Control Islam
and We’ll Use it to Destroy the West (WW3)

Proof: New World Order promoted by
Jewish Elite and those they control

Kasich: Apparently a Lying Homosexual
Hypocrite married to a woman!

Murdered DC Madam Phone Logs
Allegedly Show Cruz Calls!

Hacker Says He Rigged Presidential
Elections in 9 Countries

Obama Prepares Public for Nuclear False Flag Terror

Post in Jewish Corruption, Degeneration and Crime

FDA.Gov Website Admits That
Vaccine Causes Autism

The ONLY Export of the U.S. is - - - KILLING!

The Jewish Plan for European and American
Genocide of the White Race

The Ripon Society: Jew Globalists working
toward a One World Government

Stock Market Crash This Summer?

If Christians Really Believed God is Powerful
They Would Relate to Him Differnently

What Does it Mean to Be "Alone With God?"

When Jesus "Called" the Disciples Did the
Disciples Become "Christian"?

Why the Jewish Elite HATES Donald Trump - video

Why You Can’t Believe ANYTHING you See
on the News: They EDIT in Real Time

Immigrants ATTACK 60 Minutes Crew: This is
what the Jews WANT for ALL countries!

Belgian Intelligence had Advanced knowledge
of Attacks - - but “could NOT stop them!"

JEWISH AIPAC Guests SLAM Netanyahu’s Racism

Lying, Jewish-run CNN uses video footage from
2011, Claiming it’s Brussels Attack

Brussels Attacks: CRISIS ACTOR
Caught Carrying a Fake Baby

UN Seeking Full-Spectrum Biometric
Dominance of the Human Race

Brussels Attack on 3/22 = Occult number of
Skull and Bones (NOT ISIS)!

The Most Dangerous Man in America

Less than 3% of Americans Have Healthy Lifestyle

Muslim Uber Taxi Drivers (in U.S.) Now Raping
U.S. Women in Their Taxis

Italian Court: Mercury and Aluminum in
Vaccines CAUSE Autism

Hillary Admits U.S. Started Al Qaeda

Fake Wounded at the Brussels Fake Terror Attack

Brussels looks like yet Another False Flag Hoax!

LIES: Video claiming to be Brussels
Metro Explosion was filmed in 2011

Belgian Intel Had PRECISE Warning about
Airport targeted Bombing

Brussels Validates Trump Campaign

Israeli Intelligence Operatives Run
Security at Brussels Airport

Gardasil developed to kill and maim
young girls and destroy their ovaries

Wake Up America! They SHOW us
how they FAKE Terror Attacks!

U.S. teaches soldiers brutality - then
wipes their memory “clean” with DRUGS!

75% of Children in Mexican town who received
vaccinations - DEAD or Hospitalized!

Feds Seek “Mental Health” Testing for
ALL Adults and Children = COMMUNISM

What you Need to Know about the
Belgium Attacks - video

Slip of the Tongue: Mossad did London Bombing!

Belgium Terror Incompetence Laid Bare

Rich Jews Plan to Wipe Out the White Race
(Jews don’t consider themselves “White”)

Gentiles are Mind Control Prisoners of Masonic Jews

Human Experimentation Rampant in the United States

Why Japan Banned the MMR Vaccine

LA Times Admits Drought Over: Releasing
Water from Overflowing Reservoir

U.S. Government has paid out $3 Billion to
Vaccine Injured Families

The “Enterprise” is the Jewish Illuminati New
World Order/One World Government

Fukushima =f 500 to 1,000 Atom Bombs
of Radiation: Everyone on earth Exposed!

Kasich Co-Chair on Donald Trump: “You’ve got
to take him out with a HEAD SHOT!”

Trump Attacker, Tommy DiMassimo, is a
paid ACTOR!!

Ted Cruz at “Kill the Gays” Rally

Violent Trump Protestors (organized by Jews)
vs Peaceful Trump Supporters

Obama Appoints FIFTH JEW to Supreme Court:
Jews Getting Ready to KILL Christians

BOMBSHELL: (Jew) Larry Silverstein designed
NEW WTC7 in 2000 (BEFORE 9/11/01)!

Danny Williams Claims to be Illegitimate
son of Bill Clinton

Jew Admits Jews OWN Hollywood - Fails to Admit
Movies Used for Propaganda!

(Jew) Soros Board member chairs firm controlling
online voting in Utah

Cruz Born in Canada: Entered U.S. ILLEGALLY

California Crab Season Cancelled Indefinitely:
Fukushima Radiation!

Stuxnet Virus: Israel’s Planned
destruction of Iran Nuclear plants

Uncovering America’s Secret Prisons

New Mexico: Another MASSIVE
Movement of Military Vehicles - video

Court Rules: U.S. Government (NOT James Earl Ray)
Killed Martin Luther King!

“Global Warming” is an invention of the CIA

Jews decide that “telling the truth” is a crime,
requiring incarceration

World War III About to Begin

The Criminal Clintons: Even Chelsea’s
father-in-law is Jewish criminal!

NWO Jew Trump Haters Tell Protestors to
“Bring Guns to Trump Rally!”

United Nations NWO Forming GLOBAL Police Force

Black man brutally stabs woman in
elevator in Philadelphia

Jews move Muslims into Swedish Village to

Gov’t/Hollywood Complex to Sell “Patriotic”
Martial Law in new Movies

Ted Cruz, tool of the Jews, is Closet Pentecostal:
Speaks in tongues

When you look at the figures,
Most Charities are CON Games!

The CDC LIES AGAIN about HPV Vaccinations!

U.S. Army Indoctrinating Soldiers
on Dangers of “White Privilege”

Billionaire Jew George Soros Seeks to Destroy
Trump’s Challenge to New World Order

10 Shocking CIA Operations

U.S. Military Will Begin Microchipping brains
of soldiers to interface with computers

Gov’t’s OWN Study: Death Rates INCREASE
in Elderly after Flu Vaccine!!

Sleazy Jew Journalist Calls for Trump Assassination

Why the Corrupt Government Insiders HATE Trump

Does a JFK, RFK, MLK “Moment” Await Trump?
Will they Assassinate him?

Jew Professor says the White Race should

Voting can be totally rigged - video

Government and Hollywood to sell Martial Law

Sweden begins 5-year countdown to
eliminate ALL Cash

Winston Churchill Admitted: Communist Jews
are Mass Murderers!

Gun control/world Disarmament by JEWS so JEWS
can KILL the population

U.S. Helicopter RESCUES ISIS Leaders:

Scalia Murder Begins to Unravel

Hillary Clinton Cough Compilation - video

Marilyn Monroe Murdered by her Psychiatrist
on orders of Bobby Kennedy

Marco Rubio Homosexual Duplicity

The Robots are Coming!

“Secret Police” Plan Called “Unprecedented” -

They ARE controlling you with Subliminal Messages!

“Concerned Citizens” at Two Hall Meetings
are often PAID ACTORS

Movie Exposes Unbelievably CORRUPT (Jewish)
Hillary RODITSKY (not Rodham) Clinton

The Zika Virus is Not the Cause of Microcephaly

Jews have sent Muslims into Europe
for Population Extermination

Kabbalah: Jewish Blueprint for Gentile Genocide

Vincent Foster Suicide?? SECOND
Gunshot wound found in his neck!

Cell towers are weaponized to kill the population

American Association of Pediatrics KNOWS
Vaccines Cause Autism!!!

Jewish BALONEY: Jew Researchers say “Holocaust
memory” passed in the genes!

Catholic Priest Snorts Cocaine: Organized Religion

LOOK! This drill shows how they pull off False Flag
Attacks: Crisis ACTORS!

Was Justice Scalia Murdered?

Urgent Calls for Scalia Autopsy

Scalia’s Death Could Mark End to Constitution

Robert Kennedy was NOT killed by Sirhan Sirhan

U.S. Founded and continues to Fund ISIS

The Jewish role in the genocide of American Indians

CDC is a Corrupt, Criminal Tool of the Drug Companies

Another Jew with a BIG LIE about the Holocaust -
to make money! - video

“Land of the Free”?? An “Annoying, Offending”
e-mail will not be a CRIME in AZ!

Zika virus is FOR SALE: Check here!

Cops Lie, Cheat, and Forge Police Reports

U.S. (Jewish) Gov’t now plans to Monitor
how parents raise their children

Brother Nathanael (Jewish) shows the
“Holocaust” never happened!

Establishment Elite are RIGGING the Election

Suicide Kills Almost FIVE TIMES as
many Troops as Combat!

(Jewish) David Rockefeller Says “Conspiracy”
about One World Order is TRUE!

Why Mega-Banks Want a Cashless Society

Cop Gives Ticket: “It’s Against the
Law to Offend Someone”

The Jews who RUN Congress

Babies born in Auschwitz - and LIVED!

Who’s behind Gun Control? They’re ALL Jews!

Martial Law in Burns, OR

Cover-up in Bobby Kennedy Assassination

Martin Luther King assassinated by U.S.
Gov’t: King Family Civil Trial Verdict

You are branded a “Domestic Terrorist”
for “revering liberty”

Feds Announce They OWN Your Kids

Oliver Stone: Jewish Control of the Media is
Preventing Free Holocaust Debate

Zika - Zika - Zika! It’s a Replay of Ebola!

Plans for “Refugee Crisis” began 100 years ago -
to ELIMINATE the White Race

The CDC is the Medical CIA - to enforce
Population Extermination

Mind Control: The Truth about the Pledge of Allegiance

Zika Hoax: Five Things That Will Happen Next!

Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections

Movie “American Ultra” - Jewish Hollywood trying
to make Jewish CIA Mind Control look cool!

The Weather isn’t Reported - It’s Scheduled!

Your children MURDERED by CDC: 3 more vaccines
" added - 74 vaccine doses by age 17

WAKE UP! Open Mexican Borders
means North American Union!!

How the Jewish Lobby pushes for Global Wars:
Haul out the “Holocaust Hoax”!

Hello! The Army’s plan for tight underwear will cause
Infertility - NOT prevent Anthrax!

The TRUTH about the Zika Virus!

Zika Freakout: The Hoax and the Covert Op Continue

Zika virus: What the Mainstream Media
Isn’t Telling You

After Bill and Melinda Gates Tinker with Zika -
It Gets Worse!

Trump Gets Booed for Exposing the GOP Donor Class

Hillary is crooked, foul-mouthed, obnoxious,
degenerate - - and Jewish!

Weather Made to Order

CIA Pilot: NO Planes Flew into the Twin Towers!

“Whiteness SHAMING” Month at
Portland Community College

Texas Economy Collapses

Monkey Adopts Puppy

Why would ANYONE participate in a “Drug Trial”?

What Chemtrails Can Do to the Brain

Saudi Billionaire bringing 750,000
Muslims to Wyoming

With Oil Prices Plunging, One-third of U.S.
Industry Faces Bankruptcy

The Jewish-run CIA RUNS the USA

Mind Control Domination through the Crisis of NOW!

Stack and Pack Shipping Containers for Housing

The CDC OWNS the Patent on the Ebola Virus!!

Jewish Elitists reveal how they plan to
DESTROY us - video

The Zundel Trials: 1985 and 1988

Jewish Supremacist CEO CONFIRMS Jews’
Plans to Eliminate the White Race

True Horrific Side Effects of Lasik Surgery

Vaccines Suspended at UK School after up to
15 Students Collapse

Antidepressants can RAISE the Risk of Suicide

Is the Dreaded Zika Virus just Another SCAM?

Is Zika Virus the Next Tool for Forced
Sterilization, Vaccination and Depopulation?

Are VACCINES the Cause of baby brain
deformity blamed on Zika?

In World War II, the U.S. and UK were the
Aggressors - NOT Germany!

Bilderbergers (Jewish Shadow Government)
to meet in Sierra City, CA in 2016

The War on Cash: A Country by Country Guide

What is life like for women in London
since “refugee” crisis? video

Satanists to deliver Prayer at Phoenix
city council meeting

Eyewash: How the CIA Deceives its
OWN Workforce about operations

THOUSANDS of cases of POLIO in India
from Polio Vaccines, but now called
“Non-polio” Paralysis!!

Bloomberg’s Felons Push Fake Shootings

300 Scientists want NOAA to Stop Hiding its
“Global Warming” Data

Even Many Jews are “Holocaust Deniers”

Here’s what the Jews do to you if
you Question History!

Who Was the Firest "Conspiracy Theorist"
in Recorded History?

Why Do I Need to Know the Politcal Stuff?
I Just Want to Study the Bible!

The Descendants of Cain are Destroyers:
3500 years ago --- and Today!

20th Largest Bank in the World says
2016 Will be a “cataclysmic” year

“Whiteness SHAMING” Month at
Portland Community College

Gov’t Officials BRAG about how they

Cashless Society coming SOON!
Beast Power in Charge!

U.S. Gov’t LIED about economy in
1929 just like they’re LYING today!

Celebrities who committed horrible crimes - and got
away with them (Jewish Hollywood ties!)

Jewish Illuminati Control of Education:
Destruction of America

Miracle of German Recovery Under Hitler

Waco: A New Revelation - video

Mind Control of America by Tavistock
Institute through Beatles, Stones, etc.

If you don’t conform to the crowd now - you’re a radical!

Fall of the Soviet Union Pre-planned and
Orchestrated: A “Controlled Demolition”

Government and Corporate Internet Trolls
Distort Public Opinion, Spread Propaganda

Pope’s Older Brother Ran Filthy Camp for
Severe Sex Abuse of Young Boys

Mass Mind Control Through Pop Music

Muslim jihadists told to “Pretend to be Christians”
(Just like many Jews do!)

Saudi Arabia Royal Family are JEWS

Corrupt EPA Itself Pollutes with Impunity - but
Convicts 185 Americans

Jews lead Gun-Control Charge to Force Gentiles
into Total Submission

Orthodox Cancer Industry runs on “Scientific”
Quackery and Fear-Based Sales Tactics

Voting is for Chumps, says Staffer: “Deep State”
(Jews) Already Control America

Royal Bank of Scotland tells Investors:
“Sell Everything - Crash is Coming 2016”

Christian Cemetery Vandalized by Jews in Israel

Israel Lobbyist: “We Need a False Flag to Start
War with Iran!”

Undercover Common Core Video Exec says,
“I hate kids… it’s all about the Money!

Horrifically Dangerous Methane Leak in Los Angeles:
a “Mini Chernobyl.”

Murder by Big Pharma

Sandy Hook: Massive Hoax Blown Wide Open

In 1967, the CIA created the term “Conspiracy
Theorist” to shut up Truth-tellers

Cancer Screening has NEVER Saved Lives!

Here we go again! The Jews are
continuing to cover up their Lies!

Drug Company Child Killers Admit Vaccine,
Autism, SIDS Link

WHO Admits Small Pox Vaccine Caused AIDS
epidemic - (AIDS was IN Vaccine!)

Pope Wants You To Pray for a One World Religion

The Ebola Breakout Coincided with UN Vaccination
Campaigns = Population Extermination

According to DEA Death Statistics, Guns are SAFER
than Prescription Drugs

Jews Post Anti-semitic Slurs and blame it
on Muslims - AGAIN!

DHS and Supreme Court Collude to Cut Off
Cell Communication in American Cities

Jews’ “Holiest” book promotes bigotry and degeneracy

Hitler was a remarkably talented artist: See his paintings

Children eat their body weight in sugar by age 5:
NO WONDER they get cancer!

Burning Skyscrapers Don’t Collapse - video

Here we go! California Initiative would make
Questioning of the Holocaust ILLEGAL!!

World Trade Organization FORCES U.S. Meat
Labeling Law Repealed!

Jews Declared War AGAINST Germany:
That’s Why HItler put them in camps

Pope says this may be our last Christmas

What Will Happen When the Dollar Collapses?

What will Happen in 2016?

25 Adverse Reactions to Vaccines According to
CDC and Big Pharma

Just a Coincidence: Charlie Hebdo sold to Rothschild
family just weeks before 1/7/15 shooting

Insider Admits Federal Reserve RIGGED the
Stock Market: Crash Certain!

Corrupt FDA has known since 1970s that processed
meat Causes Cancer

How Corrupt is the American Government?

The HORRIBLE Dairy Industry (Excuse the language
of this important video)

It’s Official! Police Departments only hire
DUMB Applicants

Jewish Communist Merkel HURLS Europe into Chaos - PURPOSELY!

Americans are NOT “Free”: Question history -
lose your job!

Vile Corruption in U.S. Family Courts

Worst Year’s Stock Market Start - - EVER!

Historic Week: Dow Plunges 1,079 points

Holocaust Deceit

Jews Hate Blacks

Ted Cruz is a Satanic Freemason

Stupid, Stupid Psychiatrists: Eating Healthy
has now become a “Mental Disorder”!!

Dreams of My REAL Father by Communist
Barack Obama

Pope’s Older Brother Ran Filthy Camp for
Severe Sex Abuse of Young Boys

Mass Mind Control Through Pop Music

Muslim jihadists told to “Pretend to be Christians”
(Just like many Jews do!)

Saudi Arabia Royal Family are JEWS

China Unveils Most Orwellian Scheme EVER!

Climate Chaos, Across the Map - -
PLANNED Weather Control!

“There’s a New World Coming” by Mama
Cass Elliott - 1970’s!!!

IMF Warns of Economic “Shocks” in 2016

Sugar encourages the growth of Cancer
(So what else is new?)

Agenda 21 Micro-Apartment Stack-and-Pack
Rolling Out FAST

Jews Lead the Charge Against Gun Control

Jewish Assault on Gender and Family

Flu Vaccine is Dangerous, Doesn’t Work, and
is part of Population Extermination

HTTP Error 451 Now Global Standard for
Government Censorship on Web

Gov’t orders church groups helping Muslim “Refugees”
to remove ALL crosses from facilities

Rhode Island MURDERING 7th Graders - with
Mandatory HPV Vaccines

“Fire” does NOT destroy high rise buildings:
Dubai hotel STILL Standing!

Obamacare Prices will SKYROCKET in 2016

Gee, Why Didn’t The Dubai Hotel Fire Cause a Collapse??

It is now LEGAL for failing U.S. banks to STEAL
your Bank Account

More evidence Sandy Hook was FAKED

Doctors Killing Babies with Vaccinations

Documents Show FDA Covered up risks of GMOs
since 1991

JEWS MOCK Palestinian Baby’s Death: Jews are
Haters and Bigots

Gay Men with AIDS Can Now Donate Blood!!!
(Population Extermination)

Numerous Loose Ends in San Bernardino
Shooting (False Flag)

“Brain Dead” son fully recovers after armed Dad
refuses to allow Doctors to Pull Plug

Cell Phone of Killed ISIS Commander
shows direct ties to Turkey

DHS Planning Nationwide Raids to Allegedly
Round Up Illegals and Deport Them

Illegal Central Americans Migrants Must GO -
but Illegal Muslims can Stay??

Find the FEMA Camp Nearest You

You are branded a “Terrorist” if you are a: Christian, a Constitutionalist, and 70 other things

German Scientist Accuses NASA of Massive
Temperature Alterations

Jews Facilitate and Fund the Islamic Invasion of
Canada (AND U.S.)

GOP Manager Pat Brady says Trump should be
assassinated! Where’s the outrage?

Russian Colonel: ISIS is a division of the CIA

Obama’s Deliberate Destruction of Property
Values by Ghetto Low Life!

San Bernardino Shooting: What REALLY
Happened Behind the Scenes

23 Unanswered Questions on 3rd Anniversary of
Sandy Hook

American Journalist Murdered by Western Ally for
Exposing ISIS Ties

U.S. Moon Shot Faked - video

Kissinger, Helms, Rumsfeld Admit that the Moon
Shot was Hoaxed

Van Allen Radiation Belts Kept Astronauts
from going to the Moon

NASA Admits that we STILL CAN’T Go to the Moon!

NASA Admits that we Never went to the Moon!

Obama officials Admit that Sandy Hook was a drill:
NO children died

Dead Again! Sandy Hook child victim,
Noah Pozner also “killed” in Pakistan

Vaccines are POISONING Children and American
Pediatric Society KNOWS it - video

Florida University Prof FIRED for Questioning
“Gov’t Facts” of Sandy Hook

Tank convoy rolling down Freeway in
San Bernardino County Dec 17, 2015

15 Ways to Detect a False Flag Operation

Exposing the Real Genocide of Nazi Germany - video

Globalism through Regionalism = Communism

Agenda 21 Demands Forced Relocation of Americans

Plan to Steal the Election for Jeb Bush

Jimmy Carter is NOT “Cured” of his cancer:
That’s Hype from Big Pharma!

17 Black Gang-bangers Burn a White Girl Alive: Where is Obama’s Outrage??

Gun Control Executive Orders Expected within Weeks

UN Police Action to Confiscate American Guns

Canadian Astronaut’s Blunder (We didn’t go to the moon!)

Man forced to take Whooping Cough vax to
see his newborn, now quadriplegic

3rd Eyewitness to San Bernardino shooting
says Muslim couple did NOT do it

San Bernardino Attack carried out by Government-hired mercenaries says Intel contractor

30 Solid Scientific Studies that Prove
Vaccines CAUSE Autism

San Bernardino False Flag: Multiple Witnesses
Reported 3 WHITE MEN Shooting

San Bernardino “shooters” clearly FRAMED by Feds!

The Islamization of Paris - Warning to America - video

San Bernardino “Shooting”: Fox 11 Tweets
3 WHITE men in Military Gear

Hacking Democracy: Mass Voting Fraud in
America - video

GMOs Cause Tumors in Rats

Only 3 countries in the World Without a
Rothschild Central Bank - video

Christmas trees OUT: Menorahs IN - Jews Run America

Witness: San Bernardino Shooting done by 3 White
Military Shooters: Gov’t PsyOps

Drills going on EVERYWHERE there are Mass
Murders and Terrorism! Hmm.

Is Jesus Christ the CEO of
Corporate Religion?

Obscene Religion

San Bernardino Shooting has all the signs of a Staged Government False Flag

San Bernaradino Shooters were wearing GoPro Cameras: Recorded for gory propaganda

Active Shooter Drills Carried Out at San Bernardino Facility EVERY MONTH: False Flag!!

Britain labels opponents of war as “Terrorist Sympathizers”

Cops Take More Property From Us than Burglars Do

Obama’s LIES about Mass Killings in U.S.

Israel is Main Buyer of ISIS Oil

Elitists Manipulate the Masses as Society Collapses

Israel Promoting War in Syria because of New
Discovery of Oil in Western Syria

Jewish psychologist, Dr. Lewinski, defends actions
(in court) of irresponsible police shootings

Looks like San Bernardino shooters were nothing but
PATSIES for gov’t false flag

Do Mass Killings Bother You? How about 1,626 Killings?

More evidence accused (now DEAD) San Bernardino
Shooters were PATSIES!

San Bernardino “Shooting” totally Staged False Flag

San Bernardino Shootings a HOAX

27 Major Stock Markets around the world have already CRASHED!

Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings:
What are the Odds?

San Bernardino SWAT Team was Training Near
By and “Ready to Roll”

San Bernardino: Evidence of Drill, Staging,
possible FBI Informant

Can’t shoot an assault rifle through rolled-up windows!

Obama Administration now planning to Confiscate Your Retirement Account

Climate Change is U.N.-led Hoax to Create
NWO say Aussie PM Advisor

San Bernardino Shooting HOAX! One Shooting - but
TWO Locations!

CIA Creates more Terrorists Than it Kills

World’s Biggest Cloning Factory Ready to Clone Humans

The Pentagon says it is preparing for Huge Civil
Unrest in U.S.

Warmonger McCain Just Spilled the Beans
on Paris Attacks

San Bernardino Shooting Has ALL the Classic
Hallmarks of a False Flag

Paris Attackers Trained in Israel! No Surprise!

3 Stories that Show That Show the War of Terror is A Fraud

Jew-Controlled Media Goes Nuts over TRUTH that Blacks Kill Blacks (and Whites)

JEWS control immigration laws and JEWS
are bringing millions of Muslims to US

Turkey: The Home Base for ISIS

TPP Is the Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History

Tracking ISIS to DC’s Doorstep

Manufactured Droughts UNTIL Jews get ALL land into
THEIR hands

U.S.-backed Terrorists Kill Parachuting Russian Pilots

Coca-Cola’s Five Darkest Secrets

Be Happy! This Pill will Lower Your IQ Permanently

“Rebel” Anti-Tank Gun that shot down Russian Helicopter
was American

ISIS actually stands for - - Israeli Secret Intelligence
Service- according to Israeli Mossad

Paris Crisis Actors “Duping Delight” - Elitists always have to MOCK the Masses

Changing Our Society to Merge U.S. Into New World Order

Obama hid “gay” life to become
President (AND - he’s a Jew!)

Tamiflu Causes Abnormal Behavior and Hallucinations

Inaccurate Medical Tests Put Thousands in Danger

France Moves to Make “Conspiracy Theories” Illegal by Government Decree

Israel now working with Google and YouTube to CENSOR anything against Israel!

Jews Caught Operating White Slavery Ring in Israel

Corporate Takeover of the U.S. Supreme Court

TTP, TTIP and TISA are the Plans for a Global
Government - negotiated in SECRET

ISIS is political “Cover” for smuggling Oil to Turkey
- AND Israel

Russia has “more proof” ISIS oil (from Syria) being
routed through Turkey

U.S,/Israel-founded and funded ISIS controlling
Heroin trade

Video: Proof that the News is Scripted

More Proof of Simulated Terror Exercise
on Day of Paris Attacks

42 False Flags Governments Admit to

Israel’s Use of False Flags in Global Terrorism

How ISIS Oil Flows to Israel (Because Israel -
and U.S. OWN ISIS)

Jewish Communist Angela Merkel’s goal is to
DESTROY Germany!

A History of Israeli Mossad Black Ops and False Flags

The Paris Climate Talks Will Emit 300,000 TONS of CO2

When False Flags Don’t Fly - video

The Bataclan Theatre in Paris, owned by JEWS
for Decades, was sold 2 months before Attacks

French and German Intel Knew a Month
Ago that Paris Attacks were Coming

Steering the Masses Toward Total War

Mandatory Vaccines for Vets: U.S. Gov’t wants to KILL
them rather than take care of them

Sustainable Development and Climate Eugenics -
Population Extermination!

48 Hours BEFORE Paris Attacks, Twitter
Account Posted Death and Injury Toll

Planned Destruction of the White Race

150+ killed by “Terrorists” in Paris - while Oakland Cops

A Globalist Plan to Take Down the Whole World

ISIS is US! U.S. Marine Ken O’Keefe Exposes
Paris Attacks False Flag

Witness Says Paris Attackers Were Clean Shaven
White (Jewish Mossad?) Men in a New Mercedes

Illumicorp: A “Training video” for new members of Illuminati

The Weird World of Illuminati Children

More Evidence: Mass Shooting DRILL in
Paris on SAME DAY as Paris Attacks

They’re still trying to KILL us! “Scientists Create a
Dangerous New Form of SARS”

So much for the “War on Cops” -
Police fake their own shooting!

Why it would be INSANE to Elect Hillary Clinton!

Candidates Ready to TRASH Constitution to Fight ISIS:
That’s EXACTLY what the JEWS want!

Fighters in Syria given Captagon: an amphetamine
that makes them reckless KILLERS

French-Jewish Community Warned on FRIDAY
MORNING of coming Paris Attacks

U.S. Economy is Collapsing: Americans Out of Money

(Jew-controlled) U.S. Gov’t SNEAKING in BUS LOADS of “refugees’ on UPS flights in the middle of the night

Paris Attackers Trained in ISRAEL! No Surprise!

U.S. Pilots Confirm: Obama Admin BLOCKS 75% of
Flights Against iSIS

Russian Cruise Missiles Pummeling ISIS:
Kill 600 in ONE Strike!

2/3 of Democratic Money Comes form Jewish Donors

How Israel CONTROLS Congress

U.S. Corporate Media (owned by Jews) are Government Propaganda Shills

The Push to separate us from our cars
(and get us on bicycles) Begins!

U.S. Spends Most of its money on KILLING and
Bailing out the Rich!

LIES about Coffee: Study Undoubtedly
Funded by Coffee Industry

Whooping Cough Emerging in HIGH VACCINATED Areas

Paris had AMPLE Warning of Attacks coming

1960s Subliminal Videos of National Anthem say:
Obey - and do NOT Question - Government - video

Communist Jewish Kerry (Kohn) says Doubters of
Global Warming (Hoax) Must be Silenced!

LAX to Build Terminal EXCLUSIVELY for the Rich
and Famous

The 5 Dancing Israelis on 9/11

Jews Openly BOAST about being Behind the
Homosexual and Transgender Movements

Gun control does NOT decrease killing by guns -
regardless of what the liberals say

Homosexual (Half-Jewish) Obama: first sitting
president on cover of LGBT Magazine

“Climate Change” - Elitists’ New Method of Control:
( Read “Report from Iron Mountain”)

Vatican Properties operating as Brothels
and Massage Parlors for Priests“Religion” is

If the Sun is getting “colder” - how can we
have Global “Warming”?

TPP: a Jewish Global New World Order affair

Jews want Europe to be “Multi-cultural” but NOT Israel,
so Jews are the Biggest Bigots of ALL

MILLIONS of U.S. Taxpayer dollars used to PAY
Sports teams for promotion of WAR and KILLING!

Paris Attacks: False Flag to Promote War
against Syria and Iraq

Muslim Invasion: The Forced
Collective Suicide of Europe

87-year old German Woman sent to PRISON
for 10 months for questioning History

U.S. Military Deployed to 147 Countries in
2015: All we Export is - MURDER!

How Convenient! Syrian Passport found
near Paris Stadium Bomber!!

Officials Admit ISIS, like Al Qaeda, was a Creation
of U.S. Foreign Policy

Coincidence? Paris Shooting BEFORE Paris Summit:
Real Agenda Exposed

CIA nothing but an Assassination Machine

Paris! How’s your liberal “no gun” and
“open border” policy working?

German Politician proposes COMPULSORY labor:
force German students to SERVE illegal Migrants

Netherlands Refugees Complaining they were
PROMISED a better life - BY WHOM?

Israeli Mossad Agent Arrested for LEADING ISIS Militants

The Evil of Freemasonry - controlled by Jews

The Jesuits: The (Jewish)
Power Behind the Catholic Church

Secrets behind (Jewish) Freemasonry

The (Jewish) Rothschilds Own and Run the World

Well, Well, “Who Benefits?” Netanyahu offers “Anti-Terrorist Support” to France

Paris Attacks: Cafe with “suicide bomber” -
no windows broken

Who benefits? U.S. John Kerry declaring
war on Syria because of Paris attacks

Syrian Passports found at Paris Attacks
scene were Fakes made in Turkey

The European Refugee Crisis was Created
(by the JEWS) to bring about Chaos and War

U.S. Helicopters PROTECT ISIS Convoy!!

Paris Attacks: Who Benefits?

Emergency Drill was going on the SAME
morning as Paris Attacks!

Jeremiah: The "Weeping Prophet"

How to Find Peace for the coming Time
of Trouble

Why Do Christians Refuse to "Tarry in

It Begins! Government to Pay Doctors to Tell
Patients to Kill Themselves

(Jewish-run) UN Staff with 380 lbs of Pot,
Sharing Child Porn - wants to run the world!

Deadly - and ineffective - Flu Vaccine
KILLS Healthy People!

(Jew) Bill Gates promotes Population Extermination
and the HOAX of Global Warming

Nearly 60% of All U.S. Adults are on Prescription Drugs

Angela Merkel, Communist Polish Jew,
HATES Germany: Destroying it with “Refugees”

Mainstream Media hides fact that most “Holocaust”
Survivors were Well Fed: Look!

U.S. Patriotic Jew, Freedman, Exposes the JEWS’
role in WWI, WWII and Coming WWIII

Obama gives “Syrian” Refugees $1000.00,
Wal-mart gift cards, apartments, and S.S. benefits

Huge U.S. Treasury Dump in 2015!

It’s not Global Warming, but the One World
Government that’s Destroying Society

A Chronological HIstory of the New World Order

Big Pharma IS Organized Crime!

Christian “Missionary” Organization used
as SPY Front - FUNDED by the Pentagon!

Great Billboards: “STOP Spraying Us!”

Nobody Died at Sandy Hook - video

(Jew) Dov Zakheim, 9/11 and Remote Control Planes

Russian ship half the size of U.S. ships:
shoots missiles 3 times as far and 4 times as fast!

Iceland JAILS the Banksters, PAYS the people,
RECOVERS from Recession of 2008

CDC Withheld - and attempted to Destroy -
Info linking vaccines to Autism - video

Demand doctor sign form taking full responsibility
for your FORCED vaccination (He won’t do it)

George Soros (Jew) supporting MASSIVE refugee
flooding of Europe

Putin is right: Global Warming/Climate
Change is a FRAUD

First EVER U.S. Presidential Forum held in

Israeli Forces tell Palestinians “We will
GAS you till you ALL die!”

Your life under the New World Order - video

Jewish Illuminati Oil Control in Iran:
Total Corruption in U.S. Government

Eurozone to Indict several countries for
NOT passing Bail-IN laws to CONFISCATE
their Depositors’ Money

U.S. Special Forces in Iraq/Syria as
human shields for ISIS - to provoke war with Russia

Google and YouTube now CENSORING
Internet - Big Time!

Russia Warns of Growing U.S.-funded Bioweapons
Labs in region surrounding Russia

U.S. Controlling Weather as Global Warfare

Forced Vaccinations = Deliberate Population
Extermination by Jewish Illuminati

Would YOU have put your child in Sandy Hook
School? Very Revealing!

TPP, TTIP, Agenda 2030: Blueprint for a One
World Corporate COMMUNIST Government

Israeli General Confesses to Israel-ISIS Coalition

94-year old hockey player dominates the rink

Iceland sends 26 top bankers to prison for their role
in financial crisis!

It is Here: Court Ruling Paves Way for MASS
Gun Confiscation in U.S.

Gov’t GAG ORDER on National Weather
Service and NOAA

6 Books that Undermine the Matrix of Control

Agenda 2030: Bankrupting the third world,
one country at a time

3 Former Australian PMs Accused of
Participating in Pedophile Ring

ISIS Colonel was Trained by Blackwater and U.S. State Department for 11 Years

Hitler - the Mufti - and Netanyahu

When you think it can’t get funnier: Bibi -
Hitler - and the Mufti: A Must Watch video

CDC Admits Deadly Formaldehyde, Deadly
Mercury, and Deadly E. Coli in Vaccines

Vaccine Hoax is Over: Documents from
UK Reveal 30-year Cover-up

The 80’s movie “Back to the Future” Predicted 9/11
(Illuminati “Revelation of the Method”)

Weather Control: Life-threatening Floods
Expected over South Central US

The CORRUPTION in the U.S. Government is almost incomprehensible!!

BARDA: Another NWO organization (like
DARPA) developing new ways to KILL us

Oct. 2015: Idaho Advertises for Ebola
Coordinator: What are they Planning?

Sen. Al Franken Admits getting the “Jew Call”
Warning him BEFORE 9/11

U.S. Plans to Retaliate and HARM nations
Refusing GMOs

When LBJ Changed Immigration Forever
(And LBJ was JEWISH)

Grandpa Walks into a Guitar Shop

Al Franken for President?? WAKE UP! Franken,
Sanders and Hillary are ALL JEWS!

IMPORTANT: Governments CLAIMING “Debt Crisis”
when they are FLUSHED with (Hidden) Cash.

Wow! U.S. Presidential Forum in Jerusalem? It
Figures - because Israel OWNS America

Communist Jew Bill Kristol Shilling for TERRIBLY
NAIVE and INEPT Ben Carson

Tampons and Sanitary Pads Contaminated with
Monsanto’s DEADLY Cancer-causing Glyphosate

Horrific Injustice with Orthodox Medicine: Question
the doctor - LOSE your children!

Agenda 2030: Latest UN Plan for World Government

Timberwolves Coach dies in 4 months from HIS
CHEMO TREATMENT - NOT from his cancer

UN Rolls Out Agenda 2030 “Global(ist) Goals” - video

Pharma Giant Funded Their Own Study- Then
LIED about Deadly Effects on Kids

Corrupt U.S. Government Training Film for Offensive
Chemical and Biological Warfare - video

German town DROWNS in Migrant trash, filth and feces

Agenda 21 in Southern California: New World
Order Stealing ALL the LAND - video

China now “scoring” citizens on political
correctness, etc. - U.S. Next

UN says: Make it ILLEGAL to Question “Climate
Change” - What are they Hiding?

Israelis (and newspaper Haaretz) Support Trump!
NOT a good omen for those of us who understand!

20 Migrants sue for not getting welfare fast enough!

New Anti-Hillary Ad is Brutally Honest - video

Why Did Bernie Sanders Defend and Minimize Hlllary’s
Email Scandal? Because they are BOTH JEWS!

Wal-Mart’s Worst Stock Crash in 27 Years:
Economy Rapidly Falling Apart

Remote Control of Your Brain by Magnetic
stimulation - video

Ebola Virus found in semen 9 months later

Central Bankers Preparing Aggressive
Measures to BAN Cash

U.S. Government Objective: Provoke Nations
Around the World to Start the Next War

100,000 Child Sex Slaves in U.S.

Hillary Clinton’s Corrupt Cover-up of Her Own
Responsibility in Benghazi

Global Police Force now run by UN through
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)

Rosenthal (Jew) says Climate Change “Denial” Worse than Holocaust Denial!!

U.S. Gov’t Doc ADMITS they have CONTROLLED
the Weather for over 30 years!!

Liar McCain (and supporter of ISIS) Now Looks
Even MORE Stupid about Syria

German Police chief: Hell has broken out in
migrant camps - violence, rape and religious wars

U.S. “Sanctuary Cities” Free over 9,000 Migrant
Criminals - now roaming our neighborhoods

“Scientific” Findings of Obama’s Mind Control, Social
Behavior Science Team

Jewish Rabbis say it’s their “Religious Duty”
to KILL Palestinians

Sweden Going Cashless

Saudi Arabia (Jewish-controlled) WORST
Violator of Human Rights

German Concentration Camps had Movie Theater,
Stage Plays, Soccer Team, Libraries

U.S. Bombs Hospital: Burns to death
patients AND Doctors from “Doctors Without Borders”

International Bankers Orchestrate Economic
Crises to Loot Masses

How Interesting! Nobel Peace Prize Winners
Turn Out to be Murderers

Did Obama and his Jewish Handlers Bomb (and MURDER) Doctors Without Borders for Opposing TPP?

For Those Skeptical about One World
Government! Read the TPP!

The Reality of Weather Control AND Weather Warfare

U.S. Senate Candidate Sacrificed a
Goat and Drank Its Blood!

“Pink” October Big Money-Maker (for THEIR Charity)
but does NOTHING to Cure Breast Cancer!

ISIS Rise - a “Willful Decision” of Obama Administration
says former U.S. Defense Intelligence Chief

CIA involved in JFK Assassination - new video

Jade Helm Assets Now in Position

Jews persecute and harass truth-teller Fred Leuchter who exposed Holocaust Hoax

Migrants Dump Garbage from their windows:
Augsburg, Germany - video

Banning Guns INCREASES Gun Violence! - video

Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness
is a Manipulative Tool for Centralizing Power

Why is God Destroying the Christian Church?

How is God is Re-creating the Exodus WITHOUT Moses!

Germany will give fines, prison sentences,
and take away children for anti-immigration
comments: Now U.S., TOO!

Why the “War on Police” is a Complete Sham!

This is for the “Nothing is Happening” Crowd

At UN Summit, World Leaders Adopt Agenday
for World Socialism (really COMMUNISM)

New Patch for U.S. Troops “fighting” ISIS
- looks like ISIS logo!

(Jew-run) U.S. Government PROMOTING Brutal Child Rape

Stupid Obama’s Stupid EPA Warns:
Sunlight is Dangerous to Plants!!!!!

Chicago is Gun Control Area but 50 people shot
per weekend - last two weekends!

(Jew) Al Gore Brainwashing School Children
with LIES of FRAUD of “Climate Change”

MORE Murder of Children by Gov’t: Maine will vax children against Parent’s will

STUPID Cops ARREST Husband speeding his
wife (IN LABOR) to Hospital

MORE Evidence U.S. and Israel are behind ISIS

U.S. Bombs Hospital in Afghanistan:
Civilian patients burned alive in their hospital beds!

Jewish Zionist Leader called for “World
Conquest” in Early 1900’s!

Why hasn’t the supposedly “Arab”
ISIS EVER attacked Israel?? (I wonder why!)

CNN Just Admitted that ISIS forces
are led by the U.S.!! - video

Ending Child Labor helped end deadly childhood
diseases - NOT the intro of Vaccinations!!

Stupid, clueless host on HLN gets Pranked
without even knowing it - video

Staged ISIS Execution Video leaked by hackers - video

UN Report Says Israel Supports Al
Qaeda and ISIS (No Surprise!)

How the U.S. Helped to Create Al Qaeda and ISIS

OR College Administrators stopped
armed vet from shooting shooter! - video

Mega-churches, New World order Agendas Exposed

The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to
manipulate, Deceive and Destroy Reputations

Jews Demand U.S. Take in More Refugees:
But Israel REFUSES Refugees!

Marching Rapidly to a Cashless Society

Sandy Hook: Emergency Field Hospital Set
up for UN General Assembly - WHY?

Warning to Parents: CPS now in Public Schools -

FDA says Walnuts are now DRUGS -
and can be controlled by FDA

Welcome to Communist U.S.A. - passports
needed for domestic flights

Jews Train Whites and Christians to Hate Muslims

Chicago Mayor Emanuel (a Jew) Proposes
Massive Property Tax Increases

INSANITY: Tennessee University:
“Stop using ‘him’ and ‘her

Present Pope Francis Fully Supported Brutal, Dirty,
CIA War in Argentina to benefit the Wealthy

Jews Facilitating Arab Immigrant Invasion of Europe -
to wipe out Christian Culture

The Brutally Honest Conspiracy Theory Cartoon
that NBC only aired ONCE!

Europe Braces for MILLIONs (not Thousands) of
Refugees (Also coming to U.S.)

(Jew) Eisenhower’s Holocaust film
Exposed as a FAKE - video

Putin Goes to War Against ISIS: Why
Does America HATE That?

The Pope is Just Another SHILL for a
One World Government

Refugee Crisis or Political Ploy: A Jewish Agenda

Pope Pushes for a “New Global Order”

Snopes Website Heavily Funded by Jew George Soros

Hippie Movement was an MK Ultra,
CIA, Mind Control Program

Welcome to Communist America: UN Agenda 2030

Was Hitler REALLY the Most Evil Man Alive? - video

Rabbi: Jews are Jewish - and NOT “White - and Must Fight RACISM (How about Racism in Israel?)

23 Seniors DIE after Flu Vax from Pharmacy

Obama Administration Condones and
Facilitates Pedophilia

The Instant Incredible ISIS Machine
(TOTALLY Funded by U.S. and Israel)

Nobel Laureate Exposes Global Warming HOAX!

MIT Warns of Dangers of Weather Modification

Former NYSE Head says Stock Market is Rigged

MSM Admits that ISIS Leader is U.S. Trained

The False Flag Attack has ALREADY STARTED:
ISIS Jihadists invade Europe and U.S.
(Refugee Crisis?)

10 Disturbing Facts Most Americans Are
Too Fearful to Face

World War III is Coming FAST!

New York City Rolls Out New Heavily Armed
Units to Combat Terrorists & Protestors

New Shopping Malls being constructed with Guard
Towers for Conversion to FEMA Camps

NO PLANE hit the Twin Towers: Video is a FAKE!

Throngs of violent muslims ready to attack
Hungarian Police: This Jew-initiated
problem is coming to America

Wicked Texas Judge Keith Dean
Co-conspirator in CPS Cover Up of Sexual Abuse

What the Jews did to Germany and Russia -
they are doing to America

Planned invasion of illegal immigrants into
Europe (AND U.S.) - 2015 - Watch Out!!

Four out of Five Migrants are NOT from Syria

Jews Admit they want to Eliminate the White Race

“I’m Donald Trump and I’m a BIG Fan of Israel.”

Escondido, CA City worker forced to resign for
telling truth about Jews

Ex-Marine Exposes the Criminal U.S. Gov’t,
Jewish Bankers, Obama, Bush AND Israel

Alex Jones’ MASSIVE Jewish connections Exposed!

Cheney’s Halliburton and the Jews involved in 9/11

Israeli Lobbyist says we need a False
Flag to get us into war with Iran

2 Weeks Later - Virginia Journalist Hoax Shooting
Completely Disappears from MSM

40 Outrageous Facts Most People Don’t Know

The Best Vaccine Information Video

List of 190 U.S. Cities where Jewish-run ISIS terrorists (NOT “Syrian Refugees) will be placed:

Fake Comments Posted BEFORE Fake
Virginia Shooting Even Occurred!

Air Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems
Shut Down Now - Just Like 9/11 - WATCH OUT!

Hollywood Exposed: Witchcraft, Satanism, and
Pedophilia in Hollywood and Government

(Jewish owned) Monsanto’s Round-up Linked to
Brain Cancer in Children

Enhanced” ID will be necessary to travel or
to enter federal buildings

September Stock Market Crash Cycle

Virginia Journalist Shooting: 100% FRAUD! - video

Virginia shooting yet ANOTHER False Flag!

INSANITY: Academics who criticize
(PHONY) war on terror are “lawful targets”
for military attacks!!!

Conspiracy of Silence - Franklin Scandal: video

The Shooting Epidemic: We Can’t Stop Laughing - video

Disturbing Tyrannical UN Document
HIdden from the Public

Cops are vicious, violent and out of
control because they’re being trained in Israel

Ads for “Role Players” (Crisis Actors) for
Boston for Sept 2015: Coming False Flag??

Three-year-old Jewish children are
taught that non-Jews are EVIL

Destruction of the White Race

Globalist, Anti-White Programming by the Jews

Jews Are Worst Mass Murderers of ALL
Time, Says Jewish Author

Virginian Shooting a total HOAX! - video

HAARP is back!

Communist California Gov. Brown wants to
charge $65.00 for residents to use highways

Jews are NOT “Superior People” except in Corruption, Degeneration and Crime

What Hitler said about FDR

The Pentagon Declares War on America

Proposal to “Temporarily” Sterilize ALL NZ Teenage Females

Cathy O’Brien Story: Illuminati, MK
Ultra Monarch Mind Control - video

Depopulation Has Begun! Bill Gates’ “Temporary Sterilization” Microchip for Females

Israelis train U.S. Police: THAT’S WHY POLICE

Nearly ALL Ground Beef Sold in America has Feces in it

U.S. Run by 400 People with a combined wealth of Trillions: Guess their nationality?

Six of the Most Brilliant Men of the Past Century
Understood the Evil Plot of the Jews against Gentiles

Jews Panic over Internet Reaction to Jews

Rothschilds BOUGHT Jerusalem
in 1829 - see Newspaper article

Faurisson’s exposure of the Holocaust Hoax

Coming Soon? Alien Invasion Hoax

Journalist Shooting: Crisis Actors Hoax

3 Public Housing Buildings in Jersey City
imploded by Controlled Demolition - - Just Like 9/11

Another Agenda 21 meeting coming in
December 2015 = Population Extermination

The PLANNED Decline in Quality:
From Christian Morality to Pagan Immorality

Well, well, well: Exec Director of IMF also
VP of BRICS Bank = One COZY little Family!!

El Nino Beast: How do they know it’s coming?
They PLANNED it!

Physician explains why vaccination
of children (and adults) is an “egregious CRIME”

On Sept 15, 2015, Agenda 21 will be Changed to
(Demonic) “The 2030 Agenda”

33 Remarkable Things that are going to happen
in September 2015

Planned Parenthood Baby Murderers:
Harvesting Brain from Living Baby

If “Black Lives Matter” - Why Do So
Many of You Kill Each Other?

We have Already Witnessed the first
1300 Points of the Stock Market Crash of 2015

Big Pharma Criminal Intimidation tactics
against Anti-Vaccine activist

Hundreds more Armored Military Vehicles moving through Louisiana: More Jade Helm?

The Government’s Covert War on Small Businesses

The (6 million) Jews in America want
to DISARM the (12 million) Hunters
in America! No Surprise!

Stock Market Tanking: Corporations
Buy Back Their Own Stock to Make it Look Profitable

This Economic Collapse will Turn the
U.S. into a Third World Country

FDA Making Drug Addicts of 11 year-olds

Jewish Monsanto family (Int’l black
slave traders) linked to Kiev’s Illegal Use
White Phosphorus in Donbass

If countries were the size of their Stock Markets

Jews Exploit Blacks by stealing from them
and encouraging blacks to hate whites

Shemitah year - 2015 - Financial Collapse?

Evil, disgusting police BEAT hand-cuffed
teen who was complying

Germany now owned and run by Jews -
sinks into Jewish Degeneracy

"Who understands there's NO Freewill?"

Do You Want to Get a Whole Lot Smarter?
You CAN!

U.S. Cops Murder 550 Civilians during 2015

CORRUPT CDC Introduces 271 NEW
Vaccinations it is working on: MORE MURDER

Police are getting more corrupt,
violent and outrageous - video

British SAS Forces are actually ISIS Forces

Great Safety Presentation by Flight Attendant - video

Pentagon: A New Vaccine against “Religious Fundamentalists”!!!!!!!

Man arrested, charged with
multiple felonies for educating jurors about their rights

The Nashville Theater Shooting (HOAX):
Welcome to this week’s version of “The Daily Shooter”

Abortion is not about “choice.” It’s about escaping the consequences of YOUR choices.

MSM to Pro-Vaxxers: Don’t argue
the facts, show scary pictures

Burning Christian Churches is Legal under Jewish Law

Document shows Drug Companies
BRIBE “influential” people to promote vaccines:
Oprah, Disney, ESPN

Beautiful Woman DESTROYED by Flu Vax

Federal Reserve Issues Warning to 8 Biggest U.S. Banks: Collapse Could Be Near

Government Says Big Pharma Kills More
People than ALL Illegal Drugs COMBINED

Planned Parenthood:
Abortion Mill Crassly Selling Baby Parts

Truth-telling is now called unwanted “Spam” by Youtube

Collapse of America: U.S. Marines Practice
Controlling Angry Citizens Demanding Food and Water

Here it is! Kentucky FORBIDS Pastors
to identify homosexuality as a sin!

Chemtrails: Aerosol and Electromagnetic
Weapons in an Age of Nuclear War

3 year old London child deemed “Extremist” placed in gov’t Reeducation program

Corrupt Drug Companies FAIL to Report
Adverse Drug Events to FDA: Cause DEATHS!

Boy Scouts Allow Gay Scout Leaders: Feeding Frenzy for Homosexual Pedophiles!

Documents showing link between Vaccines and Autism

How the Jews LIED, Reinvented themselves,
and Conquered the West

Obviously, Sandy Hook was an
Abandoned, Unused, School

1984 is HERE! Changing the language:
The word “American” is now “biased.”

Jewish Obama’s Jewish Handlers can
now revoke your right to travel - no trial and no recourse

HALF of ALL scientific Medical literature
is UNTRUE: say Editors of 2 most
powerful journals in the world

Israeli Diplomat says, “Maintaining Germ
Guilt about the Holocaust (Hoax) Helps Israel”

“6 Million”? 6 Million LIES!

Proof U.S. Govt Recruited Stanley
Kubrick (to FAKE moon landing)

Rhode Island Mandates Killer HPV
vaccine for 7th Graders: This is Deliberate MURDER!

UK Teens Taught Hardcore Porn, Oral Sex, in School

Aborted Human Fetal Cells in your Food,
Vaccines and Cosmetics

Creating a "Post-Gender" World!!!
(Not a Joke! They're really doing it!)

Do-It-Yourself “Mind Control”
Does the Bible Endorse This Method?

Revisiting the Beast Powers of
Revelation, Chapter 13

Arrest of Dylann Roof Obviously Staged

Dylann Roof’s picture in room Staged and Photoshopped

Artificial Intelligence Soon To Replace Family Doctor

Jew-run Children’s Cancer Fund accused

China Dumps Half a Trillion Dollars:
“Something is Very Wrong” - Reset Oct 2?

Commodity Prices Falling Means
Financial Crash in the Fall?

The Tyranny of the Criminal Justice System

Chattanooga’s “Made-for- TV” Terror Psychodrama

The La Movie house shooting: The gov’t-planned
“shooting of the week” for gun confiscation.

Polio Wasn’t Vanquished by Vax - just Redefined

Anti-Vaccine Billboards Going Viral

Chattanooga Hoax? Victim Reported
Dead Years Before Shooting

Biggest Science Fraud in History: Earth is
actually COOLING - but NASA/NOAA Faking Temps

LYING PBS Propaganda says 100 people
died from Disneyland Measles: Truth? ZERO died!

Israel ADMITS supporting ISIS

Global Derivatives: 1.5 QUADRILLION Time Bomb

Changing HIstory: Jewish PBS Whitewashes
the Murderous Black Panthers

Satanic Group Unveils Statue of Baphomet (Satan)
in Public Ceremony

Children of Gay Couples Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

UN Wants Control of ALL Private Education

This Time Around, Entire Countries Will Go Bust

It’s Worse Than You Can Imagine:
Schools Assess Kindergartners for “Pre-crime”

Soon coming to Communist America:
Execution vans come to your door!

DARPA Plotting to Remote Control Fear,
Nervous Systems - YouTube

Now Mandated Adult Vax in California? Clearly Population Extermination!

U.S. Government Secret Police Exposed

U.S. Gov’t-supported Planned Parenthood selling body parts of aborted babies

58 times more likely to be killed by Cop than by a terrorist

Chattanooga shooting of Marines:
You can BET it’s another Gov’t False Flag!!

13 Men in Prison (for Life?) for “Shaken Baby Syndrome” When Vax Can Do it

Sanders vs Hillary: BOTH JEWS:
They win either way, America, Don’t You Get It??

Sandy Hook: Port-A-Potties and “Sign in” sign there DAY BEFORE - from FEMA!!!

Coincidence? Jade Helm goes live, and - BANG - Domestic Terrorist” shooting in Chattanooga!

FBI Tracked Chattanooga Shooter’s
Family for Years: False Flag!

ISIS ready to strike on American soil: How “convenient” - with Jade Helm just starting!

FEMA buses at back of Oklahoma Mall:
preparing for Lockdown?

NATO to launch largest military exercise in 13 years: Getting ready for war with Russia?

Forensic Proof Sandy Hook an Inside Job: Hoax!

Vaccine/Autism Link Confirmed in Scientific Journal

Dangerous Jewish Sayanim are EVERYWHERE

South Carolina Judge SEALS Church Shooting Documents: Obvious False Flag!

Here it is! Gen. Clark (Jewish) wants to detain you for the length of the War on Terror (Forever!)

U.N. Agenda 21 Still Advancing Worldwide

Christian Universities and Christian Churches
WILL Compromise to Stay in Business

Shameful, Degenerate John McCain
Exposed by Vets and POWs

Bankruptcy of the Planet Continues -
24 Nations Facing Debt Crisis

Bruce Jenner Illuminati symbol: “Death” of the male -
rise of the female Goddess

More In-depth Startling information on Jade Helm

Obama Admits: “U.S. training ISIL Forces”

Bernie Sanders: just another Communist
Jew being “puffed” by the Jewish elitists!

The Roving Body of supposed Charleston
Pastor Clementa Pinckney

15 Questions on the Charleston
Shooting that NEED Answers

Florida Government STEALING children
from loving parents for NO reason

Pentagon Bans Media from Covering Domestic
Jade Helm War Games

WalMart lovers: Here’s how you get cheap
merchandise: Killing buses!

Jade Helm will work clandestinely, infiltrating cities:
NO media coverage

Ten Strange Things That Have Happened in
the Last Few Weeks

Democrats introduce bill to BAN “Husband”
and “Wife” as “Anti-gay” words

Soon the Euthanasia Truck will come to your door

MORE COMMUNISM COMING! Seattle to do away with single family homes

Lying Media “Spins” Unemployment Figures

San Diego TB Rate Twice National Average (from Illegals)

Israeli Diplomat in Berlin: Maintaining German Guilt about Holocaust Helps Israel

Looks like Jade Helm: FBI sets up 56
U.S. Command Center (?? to monitor fireworks????)

US Distracted by Rainbows and Flags while the Financial Meltdown Begins

Jade Helm: U.S. Football Stadiums to
be used Internment Camps?

Israeli Diplomat in Berlin: Maintaining German Guilt about Holocaust Helps Israel

Lying Media “Spins” Unemployment Figures

Timothy McVeigh was a CIA Asset at time
of Oklahoma Bombing

Jew-Controlled PBS Now Promoting Transgender
Lifestyle to Children

Where have all the Crisis Actors gone?

Craigslist Ad asking for Crisis Actors for
July 4 Removed after Exposure

More Truth about the Oklahoma Bombing and Tim McVeigh

Jew-controlled CIA Creates “Islamic Terrorism”
on American Soil

Vaccine-induced Scurvy and Shaken-Baby Syndrome

Sandy Hook: Ryan Lanza now Dead!!

Dept of “Justice” to Legalize 12 new Perversions, including pedophilia and bestiality

ISIS Run by Israeli Mossad agent - Simon Elliott

Chemtrail Pilot Blows the Lid off U.S. program for Worldwide Weather Control

UN Founded by - and still run by - Jewish Communists

Death by Medicine - video

CNN to broadcast corporate propaganda as “news”

Study Shows that 1 in 4 Cancer
Research Papers Contain Faked Data

Charleston: An Obama/Spielberg/Katzenberg Production

FBI, DHS issue terror warning for July 4:
Why Can’t THEY Stop terror incidents?

Obama says, “Change your Religious Views
to accept Gay Marriage!”

Churches using Mind Games and
covert manipulation to “win converts”

More evidence Charleston shooting
was a Staged False Flag Event - video

Even the Degenerate Tattoo Business Created by Jews

86 Year-old arrested for questioning the Holocaust

Obama: A Communist, Groomed for the U.S. Presidency

Obamacare urges (chump) doctors
to tell patients their poor health tied to Global Warming

Author of Forced Vaccine Bill was Highest Recipient of Big Pharma Cash (BRIBES!)

Confirmed: The U.S. , U.K. and Saudis are behind ISIS

“White Supremacists” now Target of “War on Terror”

Jade Helm Military Participants Trained to Shoot Americans

Long-term Evidence of U.S.
Experimenting on U.S. Citizens

EPA Chief: “Climate Deniers” aren’t “Normal People

Taxpayers Pay $866,615 for
(polluting) jet fuel bill for Obama’s Earth Day speech

AMA Wants to Limit Your Health Freedom - AGAIN!

UN Wants “Urgent Measures” To Control
Guns after Charleston Shooting

Judge Believes Raping a 3 year
old is NOT “intent to harm a child”

Obama Signs New Executive Order Making Slavery LEGAL

“New World Dollar” Coming October 20, 2015

Gun Confiscation Storage Crates:
One MAIN purpose of Jade Helm

More evidence Charleston shooting was a
Staged False Flag Event - video

Churches using Mind Games and covert
manipulation to “win converts”

Where have all the Crisis Actors gone?

Body of Doctor who linked vaccines to autism,
found floating in the river

Charleston: 15 Questions that Demand Answers

Police Killed More Americans in 2014 than ALL U.S. Mass Shootings Combined

Police Killed MORE in 2014 than ALL
Mass Shootings Combined

Charleston Church Shooting: 10 Signs it was False Flag

Charleston Shooting: There’s more to
the story than we’re being told

U.S. Department of RELOCATION Containers in Idaho

Big List of Drug-Induced
(Mind-controlled?) Killers: It’s NOT the guns!

Long List of BLACK Serial Killers

Military vehicles, Construction Equipment, white ambulances, being moved into CA, OR, TX and other states

Why do Mass Shooters all have wild eyes, bowl haircuts, and zombie stares?

Obama dines with Jews Spielberg
and Katzenberg to discuss gun control

Charleston Shooter tried to kill himself?
Like a “good” Mind-control slave?

$29 Million in Hush Money to Charleston Shooting Victims’ families??

South Carolina Church Shooting: Were
the photos of Dylann Roof digitally altered?

PROOF of Weather Control: For $150,000 UK company will Control Weather for your Big Day

Charleston Black Church Shooting
a Hoax? (for more gun control)

Jade Helm Re-named “Operation Raider Focus” in Colorado

A look inside closed-down Wal-mart: FEMA Staging Facility

Jade Helm Crisis Actor Orientation - video

Total Emergency Alert: Elite Now Evacuating

U.S. Marine Boasts of What they
will do to U.S. Civilians under Martial Law

DHS preparing Students to go to
FEMA (Internment) Camps in case of Crisis

Americans Have Lost Confidence in - - Everything

Obama Calls for Gun Control in
Wake of Church Shooting - Yawn!

Jade Helm: Old NV State Prison
being turned into FEMA Camp

Nano-particles Enable Remote Control Brains

American Psychiatric Association article
says “Mental Illness is a Jewish Disease”

North Korea: worst drought in 100 years: HAARP Weather control/population control

EXPOSED! UN Medic Trucks Caught Trying to Hide Logo

Homeland Security Run TOTALLY By Jews

Kidnapping of Children and Babies by U.S. Government CPS

Climate Change Speaker Wants INDIVIDUAL CO2 Budget: Programmed DEATH!!

U.S. Teachers to students:
There is no such thing as a boy or a girl

UK Provides Weapons to Saudis BECAUSE both countries “owned” by Jews

Former CDC Chief, Julie Gerberding, now making $2.5 MILLION as Vaccine Chief at Merck

CDC Continues to withhold Info on Dangers of Thimerosal in Vaccines

Jewish Privilege (not White Privilege) at Harvard: and NOT because they’re smarter

Even the City Council Elections are Rigged

Jews FORCE “diversity” in the U.S.
but denounce “diversity" in Israel

New Obama Order Demands Low Income Housing in Upscale Neighborhoods

CIA/MK-Ultra Mind Control Hearings - 1996

Dairy Farmers Want to Hide Aspartame in Milk

Many more Thousands of Army Vehicles
in Northern California - video

Saudi Arabian Military Vehicles in Texas!!

Hillary Clinton Admits U.S. Founded
and Funded Al Qaeda - video

Soldiers Deliberately Exposed to High Levels of Radiation

License plates being scanned in Walmart parking lot in Calif. by surveillance vehicle

Obama wants to build low-income housing in wealthy neighborhoods: Communism

Zimbabweans will get $5.00 US for 175 quadrillion local dollars: America is next!

97% of Jews are actually GENTILE Mongol Turks!

Dogs that say Grace before dinner - video

UN to spend $6 Million to “train”
journalists to promote Agenda 21 = Communism!

German Police Storm Home of German Woman who Debated Holocaust

Election 2016: For the Jews ONLY! Your vote is a Joke!

More Amazing Truth Exposing the Holocaust Hoax - videos

Tennessee Baby Dies less than 4 days
after receiving SEVEN vaccines

FBI says, NO ONE KILLED at Sandy Hook

It’s Official (for REAL): Police Departments
only hire DUMB Cops (I.Q. cap)

9/11 Victims talk about BOMBS in the Lobby

Montana Man being Prosecuted for Holocaust Denial!!!

The Federal Reserve -
a PRIVATE Corporation - Pays NO Taxes!!

West Unleashes New Propaganda War
Against Russia

U.S. Preparing for War Against Russia

Rockefeller’s Anti-Fertility Vaccine

Jade Helm has already Started: Live Explosions in Flint, MI

Sandy Hook School was NOT in Operation During Alleged “Massacre”

70% of News Advertising Comes from Big Pharma

The “Holocaust” - The Greatest Lie Ever Told - video

Nestle Poisons India with Lead -
in Nestle Noodles: Population Extermination!

Huge military Convoys Moving In America -
Transporting RAZOR WIRE!

Massive Die-Off of Creatures in Ocean:
Fulfills Biblical Prophecy

The “Holocaust Hoax” is essential to
Jewish Power in America Today

Feds Sanitize Vax Injury Reporting Big Time!

Adam Lanza: a totally fictional
“perpetrator’ of Sandy Hook

The BS Propaganda about Bird Flu
Starts Again!! Don’t Buy It!

It’s Bill Gates again: Wants to
exterminate the population with vaccinations!

Heroic German Woman Debunks the “Holocaust”

Bankers Plan Secret London Meeting to ‘End Cash’

Recently Seen: Truckloads of thousands
of signs saying “Martial Law Is Now in Effect”

Hitler wanted Peace: The Allies Wanted WAR!

EPA Land Grab: Essentially now controls
ALL Private Property

Supposed 9/11 Hijacker had
Blackwater’s phone number in his notebook!

CDC Takes $MILLIONS in Funding from Drug Companies!!

U.S. Building Chemical Weapons in Ukraine

Adolf Hitler: A Champion for ALL Humanity

Netanyahu PROMISES the Evil Talmud Will Be Israeli Law!

HUGE Price Hikes Coming for ObamaCare: 50% Increase?

Government is Preparing to Seize
Your 401(k) Retirement Plan

Communist Australian Government
wants to ABOLISH the Family

Secret Pentagon Report Reveals
U.S. Created ISIS to overthrow Syria

Ferguson Protestors PAID up to
$5000/Month by George Soros

70% of Network News Revenue comes
from Advertising by Big Pharma

70% of Network News Revenue
comes from Advertising by Big Pharma

The Roots of Christian Zionism - video

BOA tells its Shareholders to own

Jade Helm: Newly Released Document Reveals True Intent

Jewish Billionaires CONTROL U.S. Politics

TSA Demands Internal Passport for
Domestic Travel in U.S. = Communism!

“Most Cancer Research is Fraudulent,” says Linus Pauling

Big Pharma can now RUSH drugs to market even MORE carelessly!

Israeli Lobbyist Admits U.S. INITIATES
False Flag Attacks to Start Wars!

Jade Helm to Start in JUNE - not July!

Microwave Crowd Control Weapons
moved into NV for Jade Helm

U.S. Intelligence Officer: “Every Single
Terrorist Attack in U.S. was a False Flag Attack.”

Gutsy Putin dresses down the Wealthy Oligarchs

Agenda 21 Re-Wilding; Bringing Wild
Animals Back to Britain - a Disaster!

Israeli Official says Palestinians are Beasts - not Human

Hundreds of Military Humvees Heading to Cleveland, OH

Debt to GDP Ratio for Entire World: 286%

Well,well, well: Look at the Corporate
“Partners” of the CDC: BIG PHARMA!!

Immense Military Activity All Across U.S.
- NOT “just a drill”

CNN and BBC Busted FAKING Atrocities
to Encourage WAR

New “Gun Registry” Law would outlaw private sale of guns

Yes, there IS a Red List and a Blue List of Truth-tellers the Government HATES

FBI now going door-to-door questioning
those exposing Jade Helm!

California’s New Water Legislation Held “Top Secret”

Massive Troop Buildup in Virginia

UN Finds Credible Ties Between ISIS
and Israeli Defense Forces

Decapitated: Brazilian Journalist Investigating
Child Prostitution and Corruption Killed

Obama gives (Jew) John Kerry (Kohn) Authority over NDAA: Indefinite Detention

RFID chips in your toilet to check
you for drugs in your urine and feces!!!

Chemo Brain is Real: Chemo can
lead to Chronically “wandering” mind

Medical-Drug Destruction of Live: by the numbers

Will an asteroid hit earth In September, 2015?

Jade Helm Bombshell! Train with Shackles

Baltimore Riots: A Product of Soros Machine

Baltimore Police told to “Stand Down”
and let Riots Continue

War on Cash Has Begun

FDA “Owned” by Drug and Food Corporations

Kids “Set up” by Police for Baltimore Riots: SICK!

Hellstorm: The Horrific Genocide of the
Germans by the Allies - Must See video

Corrupt, Lying CDC knew about vaccine-autism risks for DECADES!

Fox News Posts FAKE picture of
“burning Baltimore.” It’s from Venezuela!

ISIS has “71 militants in U.S. read to
strike.” Obviously DHS is a FRAUD!

Cancer Drug Market Just Hit $100 Billion!

ISIS was founded, funded and is
controlled by U.S. and Israel

Nurse Reveals How Vaccines Cause
Babies to Stop Breathing

“Conspiracy Theorist” now a “Personality
Disorder” - Welcome to Jewish Communism!

Australian Top PM Advisor admits:
“Global Warming” a LIE -
to bring about Global Government

UN is a Jewish Communist
Organization that plans to rule the world

FEMA manual shows Sandy Hook REHEARSAL
done day BEFORE “Sandy Hook” Hoax

Sandy Hook: Obama Officials Confirm
“It was a DRILL and NO children died!”

Princeton Study Shows: Congress
DOESN’T CARE What You Think!

Was Dr. Josef Mengele a Monster:
Or is that more Jewish Propaganda?

Jade Helm 15: a Psychological
Operation with Special Forces

This is your body on “Organic”

The Tragedy of Christian Zionism - video

Jade Helm and Gun Confiscation

Jewish-Controlled Jade Helm and the
Jewish Shemitah Jubilee

America’s Weaponization of Ebola

Jade Helm: Military Equipment in Texas Backwoods

Outrageous: U.C. San Diego Course
requires students to get naked to pass course!

Fake Photo-shopped pictures of
young Barack and Michelle Obama

Slow KILL: 11 Signs of Global Depopulation

Oklahoma Bombing: MORE
on “Timothy McVeigh NOT Dead.”

Physician Exposes Pharma as Organized Crime

Michigan Baby Dies: THREE Pathologists
confirm VACCINES Caused Death!

Jade Helm: Marines Train for Internment
of Citizens Under Martial Law

How Do Sinful and Hurtful Things Glorify God?

Nurse Reveals How Vaccines
Cause Babies to Stop Breathing

Fox News Posts FAKE picture of “burning Baltimore.”
It’s from Venezuela!

Corrupt, Lying CDC knew about vaccine-autism risks for DECADES!

Surgeon General and Elmo Team up
to DECEIVE the Public about Vaccines:

Chief Rabbi tied to Violent Gang:
Just MORE Jewish CROOKS!

(Black) Rev.Manning says Blacks are HATERS!

Male ROTC Cadets Forced to
wear Red High Heels to run race

Fracking-Induced Earthquakes Highlighted in USGS Map

Jade Helm: Gun Confiscation coming SOON!

What the Jews have done to the
Palestinians - they will do to ALL Gentiles!

Jewish-run U.S. government uses Jewish-run
Hollywood for propaganda against Russia

Hollywood Producer Blows the Whistle
on Boston Bombing Hoax

Brain damaged victims of Swine Flu
Vax Win $63 Million Law Suit

Government named as OWNER of
ALL the water; COMMUNISM

Walmart tied to DHS: Suspicious sudden closings

Are Nationwide Walmart Closures
Tied to Detention Centers for Americans?

Dr. William Happer Destroys “Climate Change” Hysteria

Exposing 9/11 Lies in 5 Minute video

Black Philly Cops Target White Males:
Plant Drugs - Extortion!

Israel: Serious abuse of Thai Farm Workers

A Jew tells how MUCH Jews HATE
Christians and want them dead!

Californians Outraged: Oil Companies
and Fracking excluded from water restrictions

Bigoted Israel sending Black African refugees to Rwanda

Tsarnaev brothers set up as patsies by FBI

U.S. not a democracy but an oligarchy ruled by the Jews

TPP will Destroy ALL Ownership of
ANYTHING, including storage of CASH

Clinton Corruption and Drug Running in Mena, Arkansas

Israel Pushes for Anti-Semitism to be an International Crime!

Now Government plotting Adult Mandatory Vaccinations = MURDER

Only Jews are allowed to use the word "Holocaust"

Israel moves to cover-up its alliance with AlQaeda in Syria

Cover up: Porn Money Used to Launch
Wikipedia and Trash Alternative Medicine

Sell Vaccines Like Coca Cola:
World Health Organization

The war on cash is here and
they’re slowly making it illegal

50% of America’s Wealth Confined
within the Green Circle

Government and Organized Medicine’s
LIES about the “Safety" of Vaccines

National Geographic is propaganda tool:
calls free-thinkers "anti-science”

31 Facts about the Criminal Internal Revenue Service

TPP Paves the Way for World Government

Media Panics over Measles cases
but houses Ebola Patients in Hotel

Tsarnaev brother found guilty in U.S. “Kangaroo” Court

Child Chemo Survivors have
Debilitating Health Problems Later On

More LIES from the Clintons!

More LIES in Boston Bombing Trial

Man-made Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Pedophilia "woven into the fabric of
Society" in the UK - and now into the U.S.

The U.S. government is coming for your children

"Lobbying" is nothing more than
a nicer term for BRIBERY

In the 1600's, the British sold the Irish
as Slaves! Blacks were not the only Slaves

Jewish-controlled German Courts
Continue to Enforce Holocaust LIE!

Jewish Holocaust Scholar Debunks Himself!

The REAL Reason Hitler Entered Poland

The Holocaust in a Nutshell

Graphic Air Force “Songbook” celebrates
Rape, Pedophilia and Bestiality

New TPP: Trading Our Sovereignty for Cheap Tariffs

ISIS Using Weapons Made In Israel

CDC Admits 10-30 Million Received Polio
Vaccine contaminated with carcinogen

Massive Military Equipment from Canada
heading for U.S. West Coast

Forced Vaccinations VIOLATE Basic Medical
Ethics of Informed Consent

Why Income Tax is Not Necessary
to Fund the Government

In Defense of Dzhokhar:
The REAL Smoking Gun in Boston

Corporate Pollution: One Cruise ship =
13 MILLION cars

Male ROTC Cadets Forced to
wear Red High Heels to run race

80 people with as much money as
1/2 of humanity: More than 50% are Jews

FBI Admits Using Fraudulent Forensic
testimony to sentence innocent people to death

Monsanto Sued in Los Angeles County
over False Advertising

Roundup-Cancer Link: 30,000 Doctors Agree

RFID chip already in your credit card:
Track you anywhere

Death From Above:
The New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleet

Chemtrails Exposed: History of the
NEW Manhattan project

X-ray of Implant found in woman’s back

Jade Helm: Gun Confiscation coming SOON!

Jade Helm: HUGE Military
Vehicle Buildup in Southern California

In Defense of Dzhokhar:
The REAL Smoking Gun in Boston

What the Jews have done to the
Palestinians - they will do to ALL Gentiles!

Jewish-run U.S. government uses
Jewish-run Hollywood for propaganda against Russia

Hollywood Producer Blows the Whistle
on Boston Bombing Hoax

HAARP, Chemtrails, and Weather modification: The True Source of "Climate Change."

The Global Spread of U.S. Military and Intelligence Bases

The U.S. government is coming for your children

Pedophilia "woven into the fabric of Society" in the UK - and now into the U.S.

Terrorism is made in the U.S.A.

FDA Must be Held Accountable for its Scientific Misbehavior

How the Public is Deceived by the News

Officials Declare "Eating Healthy" a Mental Disorder

The FRAUD of Einstein

FDA is Caught Hiding 22 Fraudulent Trials

Half of ALL Americans will be wiped out in next financial crisis

Drought in U.S. West and Freeze in East - ALL Planned Weather Control by Government

Bail-Ins: the Banker's Coup that will BANKRUPT ALL OF US

Pension Plans to be LOOTED by Government

Israel Acknowledges Jews ARE KHAZARS: Plan Reverse Migration to Ukraine!

Jews want multi-cultural Europe and America - but "Jewish ONLY" Israel

Big Pharma gets "Legal Immunity" from ALL future law suits for Ebola Vaccine

Original Sin: Cal State Pres Believes ALL White People are BORN Racist

1936: Jews WHINE about "Holocaust" 7 Years BEFORE it "Happens"

Injectable 3D Vaccines that can target your immune system

African Women Injected with Vaccines Containing Infertility Agents: Thanks (Jewish) Bill Gates!

Jews behind U.S. Government Control Jews who own Hollywood.. (No surprise!)

Former Inside: The NSA's Ultimate Goal is Total Population Control

Madonna "Illuminati" Song leaked: "Illuminati is the Truth and the Light!"

Apple Factory Workers in China: TOTAL SLAVES

Bail-Ins: the Banker's Coup that will BANKRUPT ALL OF US

Pension Plans to be LOOTED by Government

Israel Acknowledges Jews ARE KHAZARS: Plan Reverse Migration to Ukraine!

Jews want multi-cultural Europe and America - but "Jewish ONLY" Israel

Big Pharma gets "Legal Immunity" from ALL future law suits for Ebola Vaccine

Original Sin: Cal State Pres Believes ALL White People are BORN Racist

1936: Jews WHINE about "Holocaust" 7 Years BEFORE it "Happens"

Injectable 3D Vaccines that can target your immune system

African Women Injected with Vaccines Containing Infertility Agents: Thanks (Jewish) Bill Gates!

Jews behind U.S. Government Control Jews who own Hollywood.. (No surprise!)

Former Inside: The NSA's Ultimate Goal is Total Population Control

Madonna "Illuminati" Song leaked: "Illuminati is the Truth and the Light!"

Apple Factory Workers in China: TOTAL SLAVES

The Jewish Communists' Planned Destruction of the Family

Dept. of Treasury buying Survival Kits for ALL employees. (What do they know?)

Chicken factory farmer speaks out - video

Vaccines to be made from human cancer tumors

Pearl Harbor: Mother of ALL False Flag Conspiracies

Occult Message from IMF leader: Crash Coming in July 2015?

Lying "Holocaust" article in 1943 Reader's Digest BEFORE Jews supposedly killed

School children line-up at Sandy Hook a fake

Ferguson Burning after Grand Jury Announcement

Provoking Black/White Riots in Ferguson

Doctors are PUPPETS for Vaccine Manufacturers

Gaddafi on Women and Wage-Slavery:
Why the U.S. HAD to Kill Him!

Water Crisis Hoax!

Israel Declares Itself a "Jewish" State -
for Jews ONLY!

The Last President America Ever Had:
John F. Kennedy

Churches getting Federal Tax Credit
for Pushing Environmentalism

Will September, 2015 bring the END
of the U.S. Dollar - and CHAOS?

Mali Ebola Deaths Follow U.S. Vaccines

Lymph Node Surgery for Breast Cancer has
NO BENEFIT and MORE Complications

26 Things about (the U.S.-Sponsored) ISIS
that the Pres. Does NOT Want You To Know

Ferguson Burning after Grand Jury Announcement

Provoking Black/White Riots in Ferguson

Doctors are PUPPETS for Vaccine Manufacturers

Gaddafi on Women and Wage-Slavery:
Why the U.S. HAD to Kill Him!

Water Crisis Hoax!

Israel Declares Itself a "Jewish" State -
for Jews ONLY!

The Last President America Ever Had:
John F. Kennedy

Churches getting Federal Tax Credit
for Pushing Environmentalism

Will September, 2015 bring the END
of the U.S. Dollar - and CHAOS?

Mali Ebola Deaths Follow U.S. Vaccines

Lymph Node Surgery for Breast Cancer has
NO BENEFIT and MORE Complications

26 Things about (the U.S.-Sponsored) ISIS
that the Pres. Does NOT Want You To Know

Obama's TPP Trade Agreement: Huge Step toward One World Government

Media 100% Busted Showing Fake Ebola Pictures

Media Programming you that Ebola vaccines are your "Savior" - Christ  

Officially Sanctioned Fraud at Dachau

3 City States that Rule the World

RNA Viruses are MAN-MADE

Fraudulent Ebola Vaccine Coming!  Watch Out!

Horrors!!! US Military learning War Atrocities from - - - - Israel!

Government says: "Kill your sickly parents because it's cost effective!"

Jesus Christ the Ulitmate Transplant Surgeon

What is Needed Before Jesus Can Change Our Heart?

Ebola: A Government

Mass Sterilization: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-Fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine

Vaccine-relaed autism Increases as more vaccines grown in human aborted fetal cells

Common Core Co-Author Admits He Wrote it to END "White Privilege"!

CIA Role in Narcotics Trafficking

Israel Forcibly Injected Jewish/African Immigrants with Anti-Fertility Agents

Bill Gates Killing Indian young girls with vaccine experiments

Is the Ebola Virus Real?

IMF lays groundwork for global wealth confiscation

More Proof that Ebola is a Conspiracy

Vaccines CAUSE Disease

Sandy Hook:  Obama Officials Confirm it was a Drill an NO Children Died

85 Richest have as much money as Poorest 3.5 Billion

Proof Israel Attacked US Liberty with Orders to Kill 294 Americans

Zionist Christians Love Jews More Than They Love Jesus

The TPP Agreement: Another HUGE Step towards a One World Government

Satellite images show Kiev shot down MH-17

CDC now says that Ebola can be transmitted by a sneeze

Israeli closure of mosque on dome of the rock (Temple Mount) is Declaration of WAR!

Israeli closure of mosque on dome of the rock (Temple Mount) is Declaration of WAR!

CDC Director Arrested for  Child Molestation and Bestiality

Thugs with Keyboards to spread Propaganda

Gov't-backed study: How to Brainwash public to FEAR Climate Change and Over-Population

CDC Deletes Ebola Page Discussing Transmission by Coughing and Sneezing

ISIS: Founded, Funded and Controlled by U.S. and Israel

29 Members of House of Representatives are Dual U.S./Israeli Citizens

Anti-Quarantine Nurse Hickox Was Trained by CDC as Intelligence Operative

World Health Org. Advisors Received Kickbacks from H1N1 vaccine manufacturers

Mainstream News is CONTROLLED: What Else is New?

Delusional Christians Zionists Proclaim Blind Love for Jews, Israel

U.S. Gov't "Identifies" 72 Types of "Potential Terrorists" - - EVERYBODY!

Ebola: Who Benefits? A Windfall for Military/Industrial Complex

ISIS owned by U.S.: has weapons, HumVees, and soon planes from U.S.

Homeland Security Confab to be held in ISRAEL

What is the One Thing We Need
Before Jesus Can Change Our Heart?

Know the Symptoms of Aspartame Poisoning

Only Racism you Can't Criticize is Jewish Racism

How Jewish Money Controls Elections

The Ebola Covert Op: 30 Answers to "Who Benefits?"

Coughs and Sneezes Can go 17-20 feet: CDC WRONG with 3 ft. rule

Pope Endorses Evolution.  Says God is Not a Miracle Worker with a Magic Wand.

Scrubbing down Ebola apt? Crazy! Just Seal if off: Germ will die in few days.

The Ebola Deception: It's all about Jews and their Diamond Mines

Estimates for Fatalities from Major Epidemics: Ebola is a "dot"

ANOTHER U.S. Terrorist organization:  MEK - Destabilizing Iran

Ebola Airborne? Best way to get Ebola is to get VACCINATED for Ebola

Canada Criminalizes Criticism of Israel

Thousands more troops headed for Liberia: So U.S. can TAKE OVER Liberia

Nurse who tested NEG Twice for Ebola - still Quarantined.  Gov't policy Out Of Control

MSF Doc from W. Africa travels ALL OVER NY to Spread Ebola PANIC

Ebola: Millions of doses of vaccines coming soon - to CAUSE an Epidemic!

MSF Nurse arrives from Sierra Leone: Blood test and fever Negative: Quarantined!!

The Supposed Ebola Epidemic: Nothing but Propaganda!!

ISIS Terrorist Leader is CIA Agent

U.S. Responsible for Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

"NIH Mated Live Ebola with Common Cold" - Bioweapons Expert

DHS Faulted for Expired Pandemic Supplies at Ebola Hearing

CIA-Mossad Doctor "Infected" with Ebola

Ebola Scare Fabricated

U.S. Hyping Ebola to Steal West African Oil

Man Living In Ghana Confirms:  Ebola is a HOAX!

More Proof Ebola is a Hoax - video

Jewish Faces in Chinese Government

Multiple STAGED Incidents = Canadian "Terror" False Flags

SWAT Training Drill During Washington School Shooting?

CDC Whistleblower on vaccines: "What terrible things we did."

Israel did 9/11: All the Proof in the World

More Proof:  Head of ISIS is a Mossad-trained JEW

John McCain Linked to ISIS

Ebola Vaccine Trials Began in Mali, Oct 8: Now Ebola patients in Mali!

Oct 23: "Ebola now spreads to Mali" (Not a surprise)

NIH/DOD Ebola Drug (Vaccine?) Trials in Sierra Leon in JANUARY 2014

"Clipboard man" escorts Ebola Patient

CDC:  You Can Give - But Can't Get - Ebola on a Bus!  Huh?

CDC LIES through their teeth!!

Obama names Ebola Czar with No Healthcare Experience (because it's all PR anyway)

U.S. Has Military in 150 Countries (3/4 of countries in the world)

Gardeners Discover Bag of ISIS Flags in Northern Israel (Belong to Bibi?)

"Clipboard" man unprotected, in vicinity of Ebola patient: HOAX "Pandemic"

CDC and Dental Association working together to Poison Americans with Fluoride

Obama WANTS Ebola in U.S.: Visas from Ebola countries expedited

U.S. Exposes Troops to Ebola to Test Vaccines (and then bring Ebola back to U.S.)

U.S. Biowarfare Labs in West Africa are the Origin of the Ebola Epidemic

CDC Whistleblower Exposes Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips

Press TV Reporter's Death in Turkey - No Accident!

Johns Hopkins Scientist Reveals "Shocking" Report on Flu Vaccines

Nine Real Technologies That Will Soon Be Inside You

U.S. (Jewish) Government has been creating Terrorists groups for Decades

Sandy Hook: CT Police Lt. Vance a Liar!

Sandy Hook:  LIES Exposed - video

Lead HPV Vaccine Developer "Comes Clean" So "She Can Sleep at Night"

De-population of countries by contagious diseases is not a "new" idea of the Elite

Weaponized Ebola made in the 1980s to kill black Africans

Ebola Biowarfare previously in Zimbabwe

U.S. Planning Perpetual War: Insanity!!

Ten Pieces of Evidence that U.S. Government ENCOURAGING Spread of Ebola in U.S.

New Ebola Czar is Proponent of Population Extermination

Video of man stuffing ballot box with hundreds of ballots. And YOU'RE going to vote?

Megyn Kelly Exposes CDC Director's Ebola Deceit - video

Bill Gates' Plan:  Population Reduction Through Vaccine Poisons

M.D. says Vaccines NEVER have prevented disease - video

Green-Screening Lies into Reality - video

The Supposed Ebola Epidemic: Nothing but Propaganda!!

Africans blame Jewish owned "Doctors Without Borders" for Ebola epidemic from Vaccines

Founder of Doctors Without Borders is a Jewish Communist

Ebola: NIH says, "We may need to vaccinate the whole country." (forced)

U.S. Links to Bio-warfare Labs in Ebola Zone

Pandemic Martial Law Nears in NY - even WITHOUT a Pandemic!

UK Faces Coldest Winter in 100 years:  More Population Extermination by NWO

Pro-Life former SC GOP Directors says, "KILL ALL Ebola patients."

Perfectly Timed Photos

UK Planning False-Flag Attacks, blame them on enemies, then go to war

Medical Robot Kills Ebola with UV Light

Sandy Hook Hoax families PAID OFF BEFORE Event by FREE Houses

Journalist ADMITS U.S. Government PAYS Journalists to LIE

More Whistleblowers confirm that Merck LIED about Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

Ebola: Mainstream Media removing stories when viewers point out inconsistencies

Forbidden Photos of Adolf Hitler

Ebola Total HOAX: Actors!! (Excuse Bad Language) - video

The Ebola Media Mess in Spain: Everybody Lies!

The 1918 Flu Epidemic was Caused by Vaccines

Population Extermination: Forced Ebola Vax Coming

FBI Whistleblower: ISIS is nothing more than Re-branding of Al Qaeda

CDC Lying Hypocrisy about Ebola HCW Safety

US Moves Armored Vehicles to Russian Border

Jews consider themselves Jews by blood - not religion

NIH Pushing to Vaccinate Entire Countries with Ebola Vaccine (to KILL them!)

Rockefeller Foundation's Futurist Paper Details "Ebola Plot" occurring NOW!

America Spends $68 Billion on Intelligence Agencies: Why can't they stop "Terrorism"?

Important to Understand:  
Jews do NOT consider themselves "white."

(Jew) Hillary Clinton Admires (Jew) Margaret Sanger: Champion of Population Extermination

Africans Know Ebola and AIDS are Manufactured Bioweapons

FBI Statistics Prove Sandy Hook was a Hoax!

How the "Holocaust" was Faked!

Ebola Outbreak Coincides with UN Vaccination Campaigns in West Africa

U.S. Prof. says U.S. Defense Dep't Manufactured Ebola

Sierra Leone Closes Bioweapons Lab

Link between U.S. Bioweapons Lab and Ebola Outbreak?

Gaddafi was Assassinated by U.S.because Jewish Rothschilds couldn't control him

Unvaccinated children immune to Enterovirus 68: No Surprise!

The Case Against Immunizations

The Case Against Ebola

Sandy Hook: The Best-Kept Delusion

Dumbing Down of Your Children: STUPID "New Math"

Jim Traficant: "Israel has used us like a whore." video

Oklahoma Beheading Story apparently a Complete Fabrication

The Khorasan Group:  Another FAKE Terror organization to justify bombing Syria

Wikipedia used by Government to Smear Alternative Media Personalities

The Islamic State "Big Lie"

Boeing demonstrates Remote Control Airplane:  They used it for 9/11

U.S. Vaccines Caused Spanish Flu

Auschwitz Survivors recall Orchestras, Grand Pianos, watching movies, playing soccer

Scotland Independence Vote Rigging - Caught Red-handed!

CIA being asked to TRAIN ISIS - AND to COMBAT ISIS

Oh! So NOW Ebola is Airborne! (Of course!)

Bohemian Grove: Occult, Disgusting Playground of Rich and Famous Men

U.S. sending troops to Ukraine to start war with Russia

Chemtrails on video

NSA "Mapping" the entire internet worldwide: They can find YOU! - video

Pharmaceutical Giant Dumps 45 Liters of Live Polio Virus Into the Belgian Water Supply

America CREATED Al Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group

Jewish Groups Pay to Send U.S. Police to be Trained by Israel!!

Former CIA Spy: Benghazi was a CIA Operation: NSA and DHS USELESS!

Creator of the Experimental Ebola Drug "Jokes" about Culling the Population

Defense Contractors and Foreign Gov'ts Funding Pundits and Think Tanks

U.S. using ISIS to control Iraq's Oil and to keep the war going

White skin, red hair, and Jewish nosed "Arabs" in ISIS?

How the News is Faked

ReThink 9/11 Billboard in Times Square Bldg 7 Controlled Demolition

24 Hard Facts About 9/11 that CANNOT be Debunked

ISIS is a CIA Operation: Gov't Trauma Mind Control

Top 5 Billionaires with the Most Political Control are ALL Jews

Fraudulent "Hunt in the Woods" at Sandy Hook - video

CIA-made ISIS/ISIL Spawns Terrorism

U.S. TAKEOVER of Western Africa for 11 U.S. Corporate CEOs. It's ALL about Business!

Disgusting Miley Cyrus: Jewish Hollywood's Degradation and Humiliation of Gentile Women

CRAZY Psychiatrist wants to put Lithium in water supply (to numb everyone's brain)

Turkey's President is a Jew

Leader of ISIS is a JEWISH Mossad Agent - Simon Elliot

Israel and the U.S. Created Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda- AND ISIS

Obama to send Military Forces to West Africa (to STEAL their natural resources)

U.S. Government Killing Children through School Lunch Program

"Panic" Measures against Ebola, destroying West Africa economy (That's the U.S. Plan!)

Ten More Proofs that Sandy Hook was FAKE

The Jewish Global Military Beast Power

CIA Admits filming FAKE jihadist videos in 2010

CIA Admits filming FAKE jihadist videos in 2010

Visualizing the Growth of Federal Regulation Since 1950 - video

Jewish Steven Sotloff's links to Israeli Mossad, and his FAKE Beheading

Was Ebola purposely transmitted to de-populate West Africa to steal its resources?

Best use for Coca Cola:  Clean your Toilet

While Raging against ISIS "terror" - Obama leaves U.S. borders completely open

The REAL truth behind the Ebola "Epidemic"

Fox News Mistakenly Posts ISIS attack on U.S. on 9/11/2014: then Deletes it

The (Jewish-controlled) U.S. Government wants us dead - video

Is This Who ISIS Really Is?

Obama says, "Part of this job is the Theatre of it."  How TRUE!

U.S. Government developing implantable brain micro-chip to "treat" mental disorders

How the Government Admits Vaccines Cause Autism

Software Programmer confirms that U.S. elections are rigged - video

"Christian" Apostasy at its peak: Pre-packaged communion snacks

Read how a Father Told His Child's Pediatrician "No" to Vaccines

10 Signs that ISIS is a Scripted PsyOp

Helsinki's Plan to Make Private Cars Obsolete

ISIS/ISIL Founded and Run by U.S. says Ex-CIA Contractor

5 Companies Control the World's Food: Coming Famines

Top of British Society is a Racket for the Privileged

Blatant Pagan Debauchery in Nevada Desert

CDC Whistleblower Publicly Admits Vaccine Study Fraud

CDC Autism/Vaccine Cover-up Extends to Journals and Media

James Foley's sister way too "smiley" for a grieving sister

Chicago Cop puts gun in suspect's mouth

Enron, Taliban, and Warburg: The Untold Story

Why Does ISIS Fit in so well with the Jewish PNAC Plans?

Lt. General says "We're LESS SAFE today" - Then what good is Homeland "Security"?

$80 Million Fence to Protect Lying, Cheating NATO Politician THUGS!

CA political Caucuses: Black, Latino, Gay and Lesbian & now, Jewish: but NO "White"

24 Years of U.S. Unemployment in 10 Seconds

Walmart Offers Healthcare for $40.00

Former Mossad Agent Admits Mossad did 7/7 London Bombing

On-the-job death rate for police officers is 0.001%.  Why do they have military weapons?

Fear the Math Teacher

9/11: A "Conspiracy Theory" - video

De-bunking "the Saudis did 9/11" nonsense

Court Rules Companies Can Legally LIE to their Employees

CA Supreme Court: "Silence" of a Defendant now - - PROOF of GUILT!

A Black Man Tells it Like it is - video

Fantastic Gymnast - - who has no legs! - video

Deliberate Fraud by CDC in covering up Vaccine/Autism Link

The Effects of Fluoride on Consciousness and Will

Boston Bombing Clean-up Crew - video

False Flag: James Foley "Beheading" - Watch siblings SMILE

How to Brainwash a Nation - video

The Most Stylish Workout of the Year - video

Israeli Teens are Brainwashed into Virulent Hatred

CDC LIES: Denies MMR Vax/Autism Link: Story Promptly Censored

James Foley "Beheading" Used to further War Agenda

ISIS Exposed as 100% CIA Op - Don't Be Fooled

Africa Rich in Resources:  Not a coincidence they're dying!

Foley "Beheading" video may have been staged

NATO using Foley and ISIS as Pretext for Bombing Syria

Israeli General says STARVE Palestinians: Cut off all food and water

How the Banks are planning to take your money

A Jewish Defector Warns America - Video

International AID used for Population Control

ISIS is a U.S. Covert Intelligence Operation

Sandy Hook Student Says it was a DRILL! - video

Wind Farms Paid Record Sums NOT to Produce Electricity

UN founded by Jews, and still run by Jews - behind the scenes

Boeing's Flight Control System and Remote Hijacking

Babies now called "Carbon Legacies" by Population Exterminating Environmentalists

You're Brainwashed into liking BAD Pop Songs

CIA Intends to use Drugs to Change People and Society

Jews Run America: Dual U.S./Israeli Citizens!

Cop Kicks Handcuffed Woman in the Head

Only 11 Countries Free from Conflict

Terror by Taser: Cops MURDER another citizen for riding a bicycle!

Ropes, Handcuffs, Sex Toys taught in 9th Grade: Disgusting!

Dutch Justice Ministry Employee says:  ISIS is a Jewish Creation

Ebola Extreme precautions

George Soros (Illuminati Jew) Places Multi-Billion Dollar Bet AGAINST U.S. Economy

False East/West Paradigm Hides the Rise of Global Currency

Russia is Dominated by Global Banks, too

We are Witnessing the Collapse of Democracy

Militarized Police Occupy USA

U.S. Military Contractors Responsible for the Killing of Eastern Ukrainians

Emergency Room Closures will force doctors to treat patients by Skype

Police State: Nearly Half a Billion Dollars Worth of Military Gear Sent to Police

Pentagon is Preparing for WAR Against U.S. Citizens

Opportunist Jesse Jackson Booed Off Stage in Ferguson

The Insidious Conditioning of an Uninformed Population

The Reichstag Fire was NOT a False Flag

Jews ADMIT: Jews Control the Media

"Outside Agitators" Worsening Unrest in Ferguson

Ferguson is a PsyOp to Declare Martial Law

It's Official: Martial Law in Ferguson: Gov. brings in "National Guard"

ISIS formed and perpetuated by U.S. CIA and Israeli Mossad

Rash of Anti-Almond milk articles written by those supported by Dairy Industry

Israeli Jews/Mossad Mercenaries Believed to be Responsible for Ukraine Massacre

The Human Ebola Virus is Patented, meaning it's MAN-MADE

Malaysian Fl. MH17 "Shot Down" but NOT with a Missile

U.S. Government RETALIATES Against Countries that Refuse Dangerous GMOs

Cop Steals From Dead Man:  How FAR Americans Have Fallen

Israel Created Hamas to Avoid Peace

Entire Homeland Security Industry is a Jewish Racket

Totally Open Mexican Border is part of Coming North American Union

"Ebola infected doctor" walks into hospital under his own power! I smell a rat!

Malaysian Air Investigation Led by Those who Covered up Lockerbie

Ukrainian Troops will Control California when Martial Law Declared

Ebola Patient:  Timeline Says it's a Psyop Hoax

World War II and "Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories"

U.S. Bans A:: GMOs and Pesticides from Wildlife Refuges - but O.K. for Humans

Gov't says Ebola "Air-borne" warnings for Healthcare workers: NOT for the Public!

Why Obama bought Ebola to the U.S.

Anti-Semitism: The Ultimate Zionist Weapon

Why did U.S. take Ebola patient to Atlanta instead of Fort Detrick, Maryland?

U.S. Government Patented the Ebola Virus in 2009: Obviously THEY made it!

Report Finds Government Agents "Directly Involved" in Many U.S. Terror Plots

Another Sham: Dutch investigators are NOT visiting the MH17 Crash Site

Ebola-stricken Dr. Kent Brantley works for "Samaritan's Purse"

CEO of Samaritan's Purse is Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham

Ebola Vaccine Trials Soon: Perfect Way to Spread it

Evidence Conclusive: Ukraine Military Shot Down MH17 in False Flag Operation

U.S. Press Statement refers to "Ebola ATTACK" - Smoking Gun!!

Drugs Prescribed by Doctors Kill 100,000 Americans every year: Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Dictionary Publisher officially Redefines Marriage: George Orwell Newspeak

Leader of supposedly Arab ISIL is a JEW: a Mossad Agent

More Government Propaganda Scare Tactics on Ebola

CDC Removed the Phrase "Contaminated Air" from its Ebola Webpage: Panic sells Vaccines!

Jewish Encyclopedia Confirms:  Jews More Insane Than Everybody Else

Hypocritical Israeli Jews gas Palestinians to death in make-shift Gas Chambers

Rough Translation of Alleged Phone Call Between Obama and Porky

Palestine pre-1948, before Zionism/Israel - video

Movies of Palestine in 1896: So much for "There Never Was a Palestine."

Russian Satellite Imagery on MH17

WOW! Israel says OPPONENTS of Israel's GENOCIDE of Palestinians are the "Problem."

How the "Good Jew" - "Bad Jew" Mind Game Works: Don't Fall for it!

The Jews Stranglehold on America

Jewish-funded ISIL forces Behead 50 Syrian soldiers!

Cops Killing Americans Directly and Indirectly (By neglect)

Israeli Army Murders its own soldiers if one is captured

2,500 Ground Zero Workers have Cancer - from nuclear blast in Twin Towers

Cop Murders Innocent Man, then waves to camera

Malaysian Flight MH17: 16 Facts that Cannot Be Ignored

Government to take over ALL Water Rights??  That's Communism

Obama Hid Gay Life to Become President

CIA Mind Control:  MK Ultra

25% of Community College is 6th Grade Level

Environmentalists call for END of Capitalism: Here comes Communism!!

Vicious, murderous Americans: 57% Approve of Israel's genocide of Palestinians

Hillary Clinton Admits U.S. Government Created AlQaeda

Outrageous Hypocrite Jew Nancy Pelosi Compares Illegals to "Baby Jesus"

Ukrainian Jet Fighters Hid Behind Malaysian Fl MH17 in order to bomb E. Ukraine?

Sandy Hook Hoax Smoking Gun

Malaysian Plane, MH17, Downed by Israelis

The Cunning Cover for Continued
Genocide of the Palestinians by the Israelis

U.S.-made Weapons being used by ALL sides
in ALL wars

Why Joe McCarthy had to be Destroyed

Was Joe McCarthy Assassinated?

The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part 1

Moscow: No Buk Missile Systems Crossed Russia/Ukraine Border

Bizarre: Some of the bodies on Malaysian Flight 17 had been dead a long time

Was Ukraine's Ministry of Interior Behind Downing of Malaysian Fl MH17

Cynthia McKinney: U.S. Lawmakers Forced to Sign Support of Israel

Senator Harry Reid tied to MASSIVE Bribery Case

"The Ultimate Goal of the NSA is Total Population Control": NSA Whistleblower

Hillary Clinton (Jewish) says she will REPEAL Second Amendment

LaRaza has Lied: U.S. Southwest and Texas were NOT Stolen from Mexico

MH17 Flight Downed by Missiles from Jets - not from the ground

Was MH17 Sabotaged by an Israeli Security team at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport?

NBC News Declares: BILLIONS could Die as Water Aquifers dry up (That's their GOAL)

DEA PROTECTS Drug Trafficking for the Elite

U.S. Propaganda begins on Flight MH17

Downed Malaysian Flight MH17:  Who Benefits?  Israel's Netanyahu!

US Air Force Using Social Media for Mind Control

The HIV/AIDS Virus was purposely developed in U.S. Germ Warfare Laboratory

Russia has pictures of Kiev Gov't Installing BUK Missiles in E. Ukraine

Passports supposedly from Malaysian MH17 are Pristine AND Invalid (or Expired)

Jews Drop Illegal, Cancer-causing White Phosphorous Bombs on Palestinians

Government Agents "Directly Involved" in Most High Profile Terror Plots

PROOF FBI Pushed Muslims to Plot Terrorist Attacks

Israelis Publicly call for the rape and genocide of Palestinians

Netherlands to lead MH17 Investigation:  Fox is in the chicken coop!

LIES are POURING out of Washington about Malaysian Fl MH17

Bloodthirsty Israel and their Planned Genocide of the Palestinians

Billionaire Warns: Yellen Ignorant! Coming Crash will be like no other!

Texas Co. receives $120 Million to Build shelter for Illegals, but nothing for U.S. Homeless

Christian Witchcraft Isn’t that an Oxymoron?

$27 Million Paid to Sandy Hook families and Workers

HHS will "Muzzle Media" During Tour
of Immigrant Child Housing

Mossad Chief Predicted: "3 Teens
WILL BE Kidnapped" 3 weeks BEFORE it happened!

Jewish Satanic Monsters force-fed
gasoline to young man then burned him alive

One Fifth of Detroit to be Bulldozed:
Rewilding (Look it up)

Google's CEO Wants to Reduce Car Ownership

Bill Gates Foundation and plans
for Population Extermination

The Micro-chipping of human
beings has begun!

ISIS is a Creation of the Israeli
Mossad: Israeli Secret
Intelligence Service: ISIS

World War III:  U.S. is Militarizing
Ukraine to Attack Russia

A Jewish Journalist Admis:
Jews OWN the Media!

79% of Americans "satisfied"
with level of freedom?  WAKE UP!!

Janet Napolitano: steal $42B of UC
Pension funds, then become
Governor of FEMA Region 10?

Here Comes the "North American Union"
for a One World Government

9/11 was Clearly and Inside Job
by U.S. Government

U.S. Elite Running Genocide in Ukraine

"Pedophilia is Natural and Normal
for Males" says Cambridge
Univ. Conference

Israel Acknowledges Jews are Khazars:
Mongol GENTILE Turks!

1984 Arrives 30 Years Late: Teacher
FIRED for questioning Sandy Hook.

Government-Protected Jew Pedophile
|Savile had sex with dead
bodies in hospital morgue!

Tobacco Companies now adding
chemicals to make sure you
become Addicted - faster!

SWAT Teams now Private Corporations:
NO Public Disclosure necessary

Poor Ol' Hillary: Clintons Dead Broke? Oh sure!

The Dow is Rigged

Mindless Parrots in Newsrooms Brainwash the Public

Red Cross - just another SCAM!

Shock: EPA Employees Asked to
Stop Defecating in Hallways

Jew Bill Gates Funding the DUMBING
DOWN of children via "Common Core

Flu Vaccine Contains 25,000 times
more mercury than
legally allowed in Drinking Water

UN Weapons Enforcement Vehicle
Spotted in U.S. - WHY?

Fatal Heart Attacks NOT Reduced
AT ALL by daily low-dose Aspirin?

You will now PAY to have TSA Grope you!

ISIL is Richest Jihadist Group in the World.
Why? It's Funded by CIA

Big Oil Threatens Penn. Dept of Health:
DON'T TALK to Concerned
citizens about Fracking

Whole Foods Fined for Price Gouging

The BIG Hollywood Lie:  
Denying that the Jews Control the Film Business

Sandy Hook: Ten Articles Proving it was a Hoax

U.S. Police involved in ILLEGAL
Search and Seizure Raids on Americans

More evidence Sandy Hook was a Lie

1940: UK Pledges New World Order to US Jews

Filthy Jew, Jim Savile, raped,
molested hospital patients (children) at will

GMO Insulin Causes Type 1 Diabetes
|in Type 2 Diabetes patients

Your "energy efficient" mercury-containing
bulbs can give you cancer,
brain damage - even when intact

Tyson Foods dumps 18 millions pounds
of toxins into waterways annually

Facebook Proves its just another
CIA-Managed Media Experiment

Mind Control Scientists
Using Light to Alter the Brain

Why did Hitler Invade the Soviet Union?

22 Quotes That Lay Out the Elite Agenda

Jews Control U.S. Immigration -
Ship Thousands of Illegal
Immigrants to Boston

Crisis actors needed in Houston

Jewish Scholar Refutes the Holocaust

Jewish-controlled U.N. Plans to Disarm
ALL citizens, including Americans

Lee Harvey Oswald Quietly Added
to CIA Memorial Wall

Filthy-Mouthed Jewish Teen
Wows America's Got Talent

Jew Senator Lieberman's 2 Puppets:
McCain (married to a Jew)
and Sen Lindsey Graham

Stupid, Greedy U.S. Leaders forcing
the Collapse of the Dollar and
Economic Catastrophe for America

ISIS Terrorists Post a Selfie with John McCain

California Prison Caught Sterilizing Inmates

Jewish Hollywood's Pedophile Ring

Judge who Sentenced Saddam Hussein
to death in 2006 has been executed by ISIS

Hypocrite Hillary EXPLOITS Women and Children

San Diego Cops Drag Woman out
of car for trying to view name tag

49-yr old Chief Investigator of Sandy Hook
DIES after "brief illness"!!

Watch False Flag and Propaganda
in the making: Duping people - video

Sandy Hook Deception: Associated Press
stories and Photos Pre-date the "Massacre"

The Curious Parents of Sandy Hook
child victim Noah Pozner

ISIS, Inc. attracts Fighters and
Investors with annual reports & glossy PR Reports

U.S. Trained ISIS at Secret Jordan Base in 2012

85% of those getting
measles have been vaccinated

Is U.S. Gov't Planning False Flag
Attack on Capitol Building
in Washington D.C.?

Tesla Denounced Einstein as
a Crank and a Fraud

Vegas Shooters Had Relationship with Police

Banks Stealing Personal Bank
Accounts: Is Yours Next?

The Illuminati ISIS Ploy:
Yet ANOTHER False Flag in Iraq

Sandy Hook: Obama Officials
Admit it was a DRILL: NO children died!

Black girl beats up white girl.  
Black girl yells racial slurs.
 Police say "No Hate Crime."

Inventing Terrorists: FBI sets
up Muslims in Terror Plots

Jewish-owned New York Times says,
"Lack of Major Wars May
Be Hurting the Economy!!!"

Jewish Michael Moore Offered Funding
for another anti-gun film
3 Days after Sandy Hook

U.S. and its allies CREATED
and are FUNDING ISIS - another inside job

Free Will Revisited!

The “Doctrine of Balaam” A Perfect
Illustration of When It’s Wrong to Pray

How Soon Will the U.S. Govrernment
Declare Martial Law?

Coming Fake Alien Invasion

Pentagon Preparing for Mass Civil Breakdown

ALL Americans Will Receive a
Microchip Implant by 2017 per ObamaCare

U.S. and U.S.S.R. - a FRENZY
of Nuclear Detonations over 70 years!

U.S.-backed Ukraine Gov't Drops
White Sulphur on its own people

Criminal U.S. Government Dropped
2.5 MILLION TONS of Bombs on Laos

U.S. Gov't Threatens to take boy from
parents because boy "twirled" a pencil

Globalists PURPOSELY forcing
Developed countries into 3rd World Countries

Supreme Court Justices Re-write
Opinions After they have been Published

Oregon School Shooting: FALSE FLAG -
Reports of Multiple Shooters

The True Bilderberg story:
Nuclear War with Russia?

FBI PLANS Terror Plots then
Brags about thwarting them

D-Day = Devil's Day 666

6th grader finds synthetic Sweetener
"Truvia" is a deadly toxic pesticide

Pentagon Lasers:
Used to put voices in your head

A Camp that Trains Boys to be Homosexuals

U.S. COMMUNIST Government is
Claiming right to indoctrinate YOUR child

Drug Companies KILLING Orphans

U.S. Jewish President, FDR,
set up Japan to attack us

Police are becoming nothing
more than violent thugs

A "First" - Pope to allow reading of
Koran and Islamic Prayers at Vatican

American Leaders Joke About the
Deaths of U.S. Veterans and Children

How the Israel Lobby Controls
Those Running for Congress

Veterans Affairs Employee Salaries
in Phoenix:  SHOCKING

Mass Murderers Brazenly Hold Conference:
Discuss Tools of the Trade

ObamaCare: "Predictive Modeling" to
Order you to take Drugs BEFORE you get sick!

Parental Authority Being Eviscerated by the State

9/11 Museum:  NO MENTION of BUILDING 7

Crude Obama Chews Gum during
D-Day Program:  No Class!

Mathematical Proof of Creation: Fractals - video

Compare Poe, Shakespeare, and the
degenerate ramblings of Maya Angelou

Ruling the World in Eight Simple Steps

A quick overview of the U.N.'s
Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development

Bill Gates and Big Pharma Collude
to Kill children in 3rd World Countries

U.S. Navy Official Admits Flight 370 Cover-up

All Private Prison Contracts Provide
for Guaranteed Population

The Federal Reserve
Explained in 7 minutes - video

New World Order Quotes:
You Can't Say You Weren't Warned

How Global Agri-Business DESTROYS Farming:

U.S. Measles Outbreak sets record:
The MORE vaccinations - the MORE disease

Wealthy Elite and Corporations
Now Control 75% of World's Farmland

Unbelievably Ignorant Congressman
worries about Guam Capsizing!

Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax -
Pathetic acting by Father - video

Obama's Private Police Force

Wake Up Folks! Why are Researchers
ENHANCING the ability of
Flu Virus to SPREAD?

Detroit Shuts Off Water to Citizens
but NOT to Corporations

Joe Biden calls for a New World Order - video

Ex-Australain PM says Israel deliberately
attacked U.S.S. Liberty and involved in 9/11

Time Line of Jewish World Domination

Climategate: Blogger Threatened
for Exposing 97% Consensus Fraud!

Le Pen:  Murder the Masses with Ebola!!

Yet another False "Holocaust" story

Feds Own Staggering One-Third of ALL U.S. Land

How the U.S. Government ENSLAVES Americans

Jewry's Puppet: Ukraine's newly-elected
Poroshenko (real name: Valtzman)

Chemtrail Device Installer Speaks Out - video

Jewish ADL Brags that it indoctrinates
and trains U.S. Police
Departments (in Brutality!)

How the Jews Took Great Britain

Jewish Mega Bankers Buying Up
Control of ALL Water

Cops Beat Man in Hospital Waiting
for Dialysis: Cause Stroke - and Death

Merck issues mass recall of Gardasil
vaccines: glass shard contaminants

Israel: The First Cashless Society?
It Figures!

Monsanto: Sowing the Seeds
of Famine in Ethiopia - then the World!

Santa Barbara Shooting: Another False Flag?

Newton Tax Assessor shows that families
involved in Sandy Hook
given free houses in 2009

"Corrosive Substance" spill - FLUORIDE -
eats through Concrete!  But "good for you"??

Santa Barbara Shooting:  Multiple
Witnesses saw TWO men in BMW

Homeland Security says YOU
are the one who is Dangerous!

Didn't Take Long: CT Senator renews
gun control efforts after CA shooting

A German War Pilot Escorts a U.S.
damaged War Plane to Safety - video

Zionist Canada Bows to the Holocaust Religion

KY ObamaCare Contractor says days
are spent "playing games"

Government admits HAARP is for
weather control ("to control the ionosphere"

CA Governor Moonbeam:
San Diego Wildfires Due to "Global Warming."

Boko Haram is a CIA Covert Operation

USDA Gears Up for Wars Against
Farmers: Buys Sub-machine Guns and Body Armor

Former Abortion Clinic Operator:
We sexualized Kids to Keep Abortion Cash Flowing

These Men Are Training to Put
You and Your Family in a FEMA Camp

Dept. of Agriculture now buying unknown
number of Submachine Guns- For What?

Boko Haram and "Lost" Nigerian girls" a Psy Op

U.S. Plans MASS Executions and MASS Detentions

The FDA Should Be Charged With Murder

Planned Population Extermination by:
GMO food and vaccines - video

How they vote in (U.S. backed)
Ukraine Parliament - video

If Anyone Scoffs at Conspiracies -
Show Them These Videos

ALL NSA Intel Goes Directly to Israel

No computers used at Sandy Hook
School since 2008

Sandy Hook:  Free Homes and "Big Bucks"
for Sandy Hook Players and Leaders

The Strategy Behind the Hoaxes
at Tucson (Gabby Gifford), Aurora and Sandy Hook

Hate Laws Intended to Silence Truth

Did U.S.-backed Ukraine use nerve gas on its citizens?

Senate introduces Bill to Tax drivers by the Mile

They're Hyping Bird Flu Again -
with a bigger number: H5N6!

Insane Chuck Hagel pushes
Global War while U.S. Goes Bankrupt!

Stupid, Violent Cop Tasers Guy reading a book

Gee, Ya Think?  Officials Now Say Fl 370 Landed!

Finally, something GOOD in Washington D.C.:
Beautiful Pictures of Wildlife

Is this the beginning another Stock Market Crash?

"Dirty Harry" Reid Caught Again:
Owns 93 Acres next to Bundy Ranch

Jew John Holdren (Obama appointee)
calls for  forced abortion and sterilization

Evidence that U.S. is supplying Kiev Military - video

"Billionaires Club" (ALL Jews plus
Jew-Controlled Oprah) Meet to
Discuss Population Control

10 Examples of "Big Brother" Taking Over Your Life

Rand Paul: Totally Controlled by the Jews - What a Pity!

U.S.- backed Ukrainian Forces
Prepare Provocation Against Russia in Donetsk

25 Interesting Places to See

Ron Finley: A Guerilla Gardener
in South Central LA - video

ALL Wars Are Jewish Bankers' Wars

Americans are Prisoners in an Open Air Prison

Media trying to make Population
Extermination Look GOOD!

FBI Threatens Man's Life for Refusing
to become an Informant

More Criminal Behavior (Murder?)
Surrounding Obama "Birth Certificate"

Pope calls For Redistribution of
Wealth TO 3rd World Countries

Billionaire Jew Bill Gates' Depopulation
Plans Caught on Camera - video

Netanyahu Promises Talmud will
be Israeli Law: Talmud says "Kill ALL Gentiles"

State Department Moving Explosives
Across U.S. and to other Countries

400 U.S. Mercenaries on Ground in East Ukraine

East Ukraine: 89% vote for Self Rule

Number of Jews in the world
INCREASED between 1933 and 1948!!

DHS ADMITS Boston Bombing
DRILL was Planned Months Before Marathon

State Department Stockpiles
Massive Amounts of Explosives: Why??

When Planes Crash - Airlines MAKE MONEY!

What REALLY Happened During
Odessa Massacre? - video

Joe Biden's Son Appointed Legal
Director of Ukraine's Largest Gas Co. - That Stinks

Agenda 21:  The Plan for a Global
Communist Dictatorship

MSNBC's COMMUNIST Host Harris-Perry
says: "Children Don't Belong to their Parents."

"Dirty Harry" Reid and More Shady
Deals: Wants Bundy Land?

The Shocking Massive Discrimination
BY Jews AGAINST Gentiles at Harvard

Girlfriend of MH370 passenger Phillip Woods, continues to communicate with him.

A repeat! Scare you with "deadly"
MERS!! Then DEMAND you get vaccinated

Cat Nurses Ducklings - video

Sea Lion Pup Jumps On Boat -
Cuddles with Driver - video

Snowden: NSA gathers MORE Info
on U.S. Citizens than foreign nations

UK Breast Implant Causing Cancer:
But Doctors say, "Don't Worry"!

Here we go again! 11 "AlQaeda Terrorists"
arrested for missing Fl. MH370

10 Reasons Why the Economic COLLAPSE is Here

"Jews for Jesus" Hypes the Holocaust

The REAL truth about the "Holoscaust" - video

Netanyahu says:
 Israel is for Jewish People - ONLY

Israeli Jews Build HUGE Wall, Imprisoning
ALl Palestinians

Dozens of FBI, CIA Agents in
Ukraine "Assisting Ukraine Security"

No Way Out: U.S. Economy WILL Collapse - Soon

Dangerous New Move by Organized Medicine to eliminate Waivers for Vaccinations

Racist Jew Howard Stern's Bigoted
comments about Japanese and Palestinians

Kent State Massacre was Purposely
Provoked by FBI - video

"Post-Antibiotic Era" - In just 70 years,
Antibiotics no longer work!

From 9/11 to Ukraine: Script Foretold:
PNAC Neo-Cons? Why Not Call a Jew- a Jew!

"Severe Weather" Spawned 31
Tornadoes: Weather Control!

Colorado Students Told to
"Pledge Allegiance to Allah"

5 Dangerous Substances Big
Ag Pumps Into Your Meat

Martial Law is HERE!  Police No Longer
Need Warrant to Search Your Car

Government wants to Monitor
Internet and TV for "Hate Speech"

Major HAARP Signals Detected
Before Recent (April 2014) Tornadoes

Marines Looking for ACTORS to play
"Terrorists" in Training Drills! Here we go!!

Senator Harry Reid Alleged Recipient
of Massive Bribe: Dirty Harry?

Cars of the '50's

EVIL NV Sen Harry Reid Threatens:
"Something Will Happen to Stop Bundy"

40 Veterans Die after being placed
on VA Hospital Secret Waiting List

Hypocrite Glenn Beck uses
Vicks drops to Fake Crying

Evil Feds Edit Bundy Remarks
to try to make him look racist

CDC Reports BIG Measles Outbreak -
but not that 90% had been vaccinated

Former Oil Executive says, "Fracking NOT safe."

Economist says, "O.K. to LIE about
Global Warming to Promote a Certain Agenda."

Psychiatrists now say "Non-conformists"
are Mentally Ill

Bodyguard continues to stand behind Bundy - video

U.S. University prohibits Students
from handing out the U.S. Constitution

Hypocrite Bankers:  Many WATCH
Porn, but punish the Porn Stars THEY watch

Weather Control has been around
for over 60 years -
just getting more sophisticated!

How They Lengthen a Cruise Ship
(Time Lapse): Amazing video!

CDC Outrageously LIED about
Swine Flu Cases: What Else is New?

MH370: U.S. and Israel Caught
Again Planning False Flag Against Iran

Study shows U.S. Public has NO
Influence on Public Policy

CIA Operative: You can buy a
good Journalist cheaper than a good Call Girl

Police Recruitment Video shows
Cops in Military-Style Camo Ghillie Suits

Jewish Hollywood Pedophiles

Another Jew Racist:
NBA Owner Sterling (AKA Tokowitz)

Former Merck Doctor Admits Gardasil
Vac Doesn't Work and is DANGEROUS

What World Famous Men Have Said About Jews

Ron Paul Warned about the BLM in 1997 - video

Jews Beat Up Black Gay -
But court says "Not a Hate Crime"

FDA Admits Vaccines Cause
Autism and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Hollywood's Big Secret:  Pedophilia

Monsanto Workers BAN GMO
Food From Their Own Cafeteria

Watch this Commercial that was
banned in Switzerland - video

The Ebola Virus in Africa is a NEW
Strain: made in a lab in the U.S.?

Lying U.S. Government Controlled by
Secret Shadow Government

U.S. - a Communist Government
Hell-bent on Confiscating Private Property

Suicides at Record Levels Among
U.S. Special Forces: Higher than Combat Deaths

Why is a Twin of the Missing
Malaysian Airplane sitting in a hangar in Israel?

Indicted Businessman Names
Harry Reid as Recipient of Massive Bribe

Diary of Anne Frank is a Fraud

Robocops will start patrolling U.S. streets this year

Awaken Your Kids Books: Stop the Brainwashing

Harry Reid:  The Epitome of Corruption

Florida Congressman says CDC
CANNOT Be Trusted Regarding Vaccination Safety

FAKE Shooting at Jewish Center: Hoax again!

8 Mumps Cases at NJ College:  
ALL had been vaccinated against Mumps

Irony: Food Poisoning Strikes Diners attending Gov't Food "SAFETY" Conference

More Despicable Jewish Hollywood Pedophilia

Bundy Ranch Supporter Crushes NBC News Host

Rampant Illuminati Child Abuse - video

Hollywood's Satanic Agenda - video

Harry Potter Books Introduce
your children to Witchcraft

STUPID Common Core's Teaching of Subtraction!

Amputee Crisis Actors: Amputee at
Boston Bombing was a FRAUD

Globalist Gangsters Use Agenda 21
for Nevada Land Grabs

Sandy Hook School CLOSED in 2008 -
a STAGE for False Flag in 2012

Jewish Israeli Mossad CST is

Christian Zionist Problem:  Khazar DNA

Deconstructing the Myths of Albert Einstein

More Shameless LIES of the Jew:
Jesus at Auschwitz for Easter

Wind Farms for Energy is a

Sandy Hook and the 26 Christmas Trees

Bird Flu "Scare" - Again! -
Big Pharma says BUY

Ten Foods Americans Eat that
are BANNED in Other Countries

Stand-off in NV Really About
Fracking Leases and BLM
Confiscation of Property

American War Machine - run by Jews -
DESTROYING American Vets

Israelis in the WTC PRIOR to 9/11
working for a front company

DHS Preparing for the next False
Flag Disaster - to Cover up Economic Collapse

Mao Tse Tung:  ALL his advisors were Jews

Fl 370 Passenger's Partner was
High Level Exec at Israeli Tech Co.

Prosecutors refuse to give Tsarnaev
defense team pictures of autopsy
of "victims" (because NOBODY Died!)

Rich Jew Sheldon Adelson Shamelessly
Will "Buy" a Republican Presidential Hopeful

Outrageous BLM: Set up a small
"Free Speech" Zone near Bundy Ranch

Bundy Ranch:  
Government Confiscation of Private Property

Broken Blockade: Bundys Save
30 cows that FEDS were allowing to Starve

FEDS Seize $424 Million in tax
refunds from children to pay
back debts of their parents

Senator Harry Reid Behind Bundy
Ranch Land Grab for Corporations

Why the Standoff at the Bundy
Ranch is a Very Big Deal

Report Claims Cell Towers Shut
Down by Feds in area of Bundy Ranch

NV Senator Reid and son up to
their eyeballs in making money with China

Ebola Virus: Another man-made
virus for Population Extermination

BLM trying to Confiscate Bundy
Ranch While China Buys America

Holocaust museums in the U.S.
and the world  - Holocaustianity

Co-pilot tried to make a cell phone
call AFTER Plane "vanished"
but was suddenly cut off

Torturing Children at School

Bundy Ranch: Fed Retreat
Psyop: Next Wave Soon

Colorado Couple getting "Bundyied"-
Gov't taking their property

Alabama Journalist Jailed for
| 5 Months for Doing His Job

Ebola Virus Man-Made: Ebola
| Epidemic ALSO Intentionally Man-made

Muslim Bomb Factory set up for FBI -
for 1993 WTC Attack

Federal Court Admits Hep B
Vaccine Caused Child's Death

Diego Garcia: MSM now trying to
cover-up the U.S. Gov't's EVIL

NV Senator Harry Reid Looking REALLY
Bad over Bundy Ranch Episode

Martial Law: Obama Confiscates
National Guard Helicopters
from ALL 50 States

Sandy Hook:  Staged Hoax - video

Feds Release all 400 Cattle
taken from Bundy Ranch

French Pasteur Institute:  We've LOST 2,349
vials of SARS Virus -Here we go again!

Harry Reid wants Civil War

U.S. Communist Government's
Armed Agents Surround Bundy Ranch

Sandy Hook School: Closed in 2008 -
a Stage in 2012

Stealing the Bundy Ranch is
all about BLM Fracking Leases

Ad on Craig's list for role players
for staged Ft. Hood disaster

Jewish-produced Movie "Noah" is
total lies: nothing Biblical about it

Is Michele Obama a Transvestite Man?

Cell Tower Frequencies: Just another
part of Population Extermination

Strange Facilities Under the Sea
at Diego Garcia U.S. Military Base

Illuminati Ritual & Occult Worship
on Display at Rothschild home - video

Sold Out to Satan:  
Illuminati Controlled Musicians - video

Check out these pictures:
Michelle Obama - a man?

GPS: Flt #370 Passenger Phillip Woods
was/is on Diego Garcia - video

Israeli Double-Cross: Israel's Theft of Fl 370

(Fake) Alien Space Invasion talk
by Reagan, an now Clinton: Project Blue Beam?

The Holocaust Con is On Again

Fl #370:  Plane Still Intact

Now they say, "Flight 370 Black
Box Batteries were Dead." Nice Try!

Proof the Music Industry is Faked

American Idol is Faked

UK Police Say Anti-Pedophilia
Banner is "Offensive in a Diverse Society"

FDA Vaccine Insert Lists Autism
and Infant Death (SIDS) as Adverse Reactions

Flight 370 had  Military Escort to Diego Garcia

300 mpg VW NOT allowed for sale
in U.S. Oil companies block it

INSANE UN Committee wants to
"suck the carbon out of the air"

Radiation for Breast Cancer Causes
|Lung Cancer (Duh!)

Pentagon Blocks ALL Military
Leave Going to Diego Garcia

Why are there NO Sandy Hook Lawsuits?

The Organized Church IS
The “Golden Calf”

How Long Can You Live Without Breathing?

Remote Control Hijacking
Technology Known for 15 Years

Why is the U.S. Government's BATF
Making Its OWN Bombs?

Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Causes
Cancer and Other Diseases - video

Marijuana doesn't cure ANYTHING:
You just are "happier"
while you're getting worse

Everything is a LIE: The Deliberate
Intent to Deceive the Population

ObamaCare Debacle Explained in
FOUR Sentences

8 Headlines the Main Stream
Media Doesn't Have the Guts to Print

Christians too Cowardly to Expose Evil

Antibiotics CAUSE Disease

Michelle's "Death Row" School
Lunches: Killing Children Slowly\

Phony "conservation": BLM plans to KILL
Tortoises they are supposedly "Protecting"

The Moral Breakdown of

HAARP: Mega Military Machine
to Cause Destruction by Weather

U.S. is a Communist gov't:
Private Property Confiscation

Ten Scientific Studies Prove GMO's are Harmful

LYING Investigators "soon to bring
closure to FL 370 families" - with MORE LIES!

New York Cops Suppressed Evidence:
Man spends 25 years in prison!

Aha! Here we go!  
New demands for MORE Airport Security!

Free-thinking has now become
|a Mental Illness

More evidence Rothschild owns
patent - now that Malaysian Plane is "lost:

The Cover-up: AirAsia Pilot Suspended
for claiming Kuala Lumpur is "hiding facts"

Diego Garcia Secret Military
Base includes TORTURE Prison

Aspartame, Depression and SSRIs

Autism Increased 30% in last TWO YEARS!

Ex TSA Agent: "We steal from
passengers All the Time."

SHOCKING: Leaked DHS Drill Military,
Veterans, Capitalists are the ENEMY

How the "Holocaust" was Faked

Diego Garcia: U.S. Military Base -
Islanders forcibly deported: their dogs killed

NASA Documents: Global Warming
deliberately caused by
Chemtrails and Weather Control

Cashless Society almost here,
with ominous implications!

It's the War-mongering Elitists
who are Fouling the Earth

Governments Deliberately Misleading
Public and Families on Malaysian Plane

Hillsong United Church Steeped in
Satanic Illuminati Symbolism

Diet drinks cause heart trouble

New evidence of Intelligence Links to
(supposed) Boston Bomber

Secret List of Supposed Child
Abusing Parents without Due Process

Judge: Probation for Dupont Heir
|who raped his 3-yr old daughter:
 "He would not fare well in prison"

COVER-UP: Malaysia says there
is sealed MH370 "evidence"
that cannot be made public

White House LIES Again: NBC
found NO Russian Troops at Ukraine border

Who's Running America - Video

Most Cancer Patients Die from
the Chemotherapy - not their Cancer

Ten Reasons Sandy Hook was a Total Hoax

Absolute Proof that Boston
Bombing was a Hoax

Jews have Controlled and Ruled Germany -
TOTALLY - since World War II

Wicked Women in Power -
and they're ALL Jews - yes, ALL!

The Jews and their stranglehold
on world power

"Lost" Malaysian Plane:  
Defy Israel - Lose an Airliner

Gay Jews have "higher souls" than
Gentiles;  More Jewish Bigotry

Battle for Ukraine Planned by U.S.
and Israeli Jews way back in 1997

Here's What REALLY Happened to
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Watch Out! Aspartame Re-named
'Amino Sweet' - still just as deadly!

Elitist Pedophiles: Children Forced
to Have Sex with "Royalty,
Politicians, Academicians"

James Jesus Angleton: a Jewish
agent for Israel, was long-term
Director of Counter-Intelligence for CIA

Jewish Presidents and Vice Presidents

The Illuminati and Depopulation

Raunch: Jewish author says:
Friends should have casual, meaningless sex

Millions paid to victims of
vaccine-induced Narcolepsy

Mar 24, 2014: Israel Closes ALL
Embassies World Wide: Coming False Flag Attack

Malaysia Airplane Diverted to U.S.
Airbase by Remote Control

$26 BILLION in Jewish "Charities" in U.S.
- Support Israel

Kansas to Criminalize Complaints Against Cops

Chemtrails: a Coming Global Pandemic -
Part of Populations Extermination

Pretext for War:  How governments
deceive their citizens into going to war

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Moonshot Hoax:  We did NOT go to the moon!!

Photos of "Sandy Hook" actually
taken MONTHS before Sandy Hook took place

Who is Robbie Parker - Really? - Another LIE!

The Strange Purchase Date and
Price of Sandy Hook Homes

Illuminati Eye Symbol in
Sandy Hook Charity Poster

How Did Adam Lanza Kill Himself?

26 Christmas Trees Hidden
Behind Sandy Hook Fire
Station BEFORE "Massacre"

More Evidence of FAKE Sandy Hook Parents

Are Sandy Hook Children "Killed"
a Year Ago Still Alive?

Citizen Journalist's Raw Footage of
Sandy Hook: School probably
vacant VACANT "Massacre"

Live footage of Police running into
Sandy Hook school - was another School

Sandy Hook:  FREE homes for
those who who were willing to LIE?

FDA Threatens - with DEATH - those who oppose it

Free Energy Device Being Marketed in Brazil

Princess Diana wrote, before her death,
"My husband is planning to kill
me in a car accident."

Engineered Snow Storms:
What are they Spraying?

Another AMAZING video on
the Sandy Hook Hoax

10 facts that prove Sandy Hook a Hoax

Obvious Climate Engineering:
Weather Control by U.S. Gov't

The Academy Awards or the Anti-White Awards

Pet Faces

Who's Behind Gun Control?  
The Jews (No Surprise!)

Your Vote is Useless:  Elections are Rigged

Chicken and Seafood now even
MORE dangerous - coming from China

Now it's U.S. (Jewish) anti-Russian
Propaganda: Are the Germans
off the hook for awhile?

Be aware:  Internet being heavily infiltrated

The Best Layoff Letter

Israeli teenagers refuse to go in
Israeli army: accuse Israel of war crimes

New China study: 42% of ALL
Reported Drug Reactions
are Caused by Vaccines

U.S. Pushing for War with Russia:
Is U.S. Crazy Enough to Try Another False Flag?

Incidence of "Lethal" Breast Cancer
INCREASED by Mammogram Screening

Prison-owning Corporation in U.S.,
allowing Gangs to Run Them: Saves Money!

Antibiotics are a significant CAUSE of Obesity

U.S. Blackwater Mercenary Troops in Ukraine

English High Court Judge -
and Pedophile - is
"Advisor" to Queen Elizabeth (who is Jewish)

White House Suppressing Info on
Yellowstone Volcano Super-activity

Israeli Rabbi's want to set up Death
Camps for Palestinians

Ukrainian Gold Reserves Loaded
in a Plane and Sent to U.S.!!

No gun permit in Nancy Lanza's name

No evidence Adam Lanza or his
Mom went to shooting ranges

Martial Law is Coming

Little Rascals Unseen Episode -
Video (Our Evil Government)

Need more Proof that these "Revolutions"
are being Orchestrated from the Outside?

Police Dash Cam:  NO Evidence
Children were being evacuated
from School as "Official" story says

U.S. Schools Go Full-Bore Soviet -
in exchange for U.S. Gov't MONEY

"Revolt" in Ukraine is part of "War"
between U.S. and Russia over Natural Gas

ALL Wars Are Jewish Bankers' Wars

If Joseph Owned a Gun . . . !

The Amazing Wonder of Destruction! 

Bankers Brag About Their Crimes

Corporation Sold Beef from Cows with Cancer

The Unknown Hitler: Ten Ironic Facts

Truly Macho-man Putin vs. Effeminate Obama

FDA Spies on Whistleblowers
to Protect Big Pharma

Fake "Patriot" Hosts: also add Limbaugh

Idaho passes bill to hide from public
heinous treatment of animals on factory farms

VACCINES - NOT Parents - Responsible
for Trauma of supposed "Shaken Baby Syndrome!

6,248 Permanent INjuries and 144
Deaths Following Gardasil HPV  Vaccinations

Murder by Fracking:  
NWO Population Extermination

Supreme Court Rules Murdering
Drug Companies are Exempt from Lawsuits

Fordham University Mumps Outbreak
affects ONLY those who have been Vaccinated

The more children who are vaccinated
for Polio - the more Polio they get!

Jew Agent Provacateurs in Kiev, Ukraine

Jewish Media and their LIES:
Routine Use of Fake Images by
Western Media

Sandy Hook GAME OVER:

How they STAGED the Boston
Bombing - video

Hidden CDC documents prove that
mercury in vaccines CAUSES Autism

"Poliolike" Illness IS POLIO:
These children WERE vaccinated for Polio -

Backpack Nukes Produced by
U.S. Gov't YEARS Ago:
U.S. Gov't used them at Boston Bombing

Racist Israeli Rabbis: The Ugly Face of Israel

Going to the doctor and getting a
flu Vax GIVES you the FLu!

Putin Rebukes U.S. for Abandoning
God and Promoting Homosexuality

Stock Market's Scary Similarity to 1929

FBI "saves us" from Terrorist
attacks the FBI, themselves, Planned

The Jewish Zionist Steamroller:
30 Who Got Crushed!

School Safety Expert Threatened for
Questioning Sandy Hook

The Jews in Clinton's Cabinet

Jew John Podesta (WH Advisor)
Pushing Agenda 21 -
Communist Income Redistribution

Jew John Podesta (WH Advisor)
Pushing Agenda 21 -
Communist Income Redistribution

EPA Bans Wood-burning Stoves:
|More Population Extermination by U.S. Gov't

Jews Controlled the Slave Trade
|and were the largest owners
of Black Slaves in America

It was the JEWS Who Brought
the Slaves to America

Nikola Tesla:  Greatest Inventor
who ever lived - almost forgotten: Why?

Weather Control by Jewish Illuminati
to Cause Severe Drought in Western U.S.

Elitist Wall Street Bankers MOCK
the American public they steal from

Weather Control/Climate Change -
all from the NWO

Dead Bankers, Economic
Collapse and the End of Humanity?

Lots More on the Boston Bombing

The Final Jewish Swindle of American
Private Wealth Has Begun

Hand Vein Scan Payment System Launched

43 Million Americans to Lose
Health Care BECAUSE of ObamaCare

Staged Power Grid Attack in California
in 2013 - to Create Fear!

Jews say: "Extraordinary Crisis"
Needed to "Preserve" NWO (Like another 9/11?)

Yet Another Jew Caught
Manufacturing "Anti-Semitism"

Pope Pius turned the Confessional
booth into a "Paradise" for pedophile priests

The Reichstag Fire was NOT a "False Flag"

How Pet Food is Killing Your Dog

Katy Perry gives Satanic, demonic
performance at Grammys

Dark Side of Fast Food

Your Local Government is a Terrorist Organization

NFL Rigged - More Corruption in America

STUPID, MACHO, Police arrest
a firefighter who is caring for wounded vicim

Stupid Militarized Cops Needlessly
Terrorize Family in Iowa - video

Inferior Sochi Accommodations
built by Communists - who also run the U.S.

Here comes the "SCARE" talk again -
after ONE death from supposed "Bird Flu"

When Will the Anti Christ Beast Power Appear?

Perverting the Gospel of Christ 

Satan Has Something For Everyone – 
How even “Christians” are Deceived!

“Ask and it shall be given…”

Why Jews Push Homosexual Depravity

Snow in Tennessee Burns - and won't melt. Probably plastic

Snow Burns, but does not melt - in Atlanta

UK - just like U.S. -
deliberately killing children
with vaccinations

(Jew) Woody Allen Sexually Molested His Own 7-year old Adopted Daughter

Agenda 21: UN and Feds
Coming for Your Water Rights

New York Rabbi Gives
Baby Herpes During Vile Circumcision

Snow does NOT melt - it burns: Engineered snow storms

Fake Snow videos

San Francisco Market Street video before 1906 Earthquake: What a difference 100 years makes!

Horrid Israeli-trained Cops
sticking their bare hands down people's pants at routine traffic stops

DEA Involved in Drug Smuggling

Israeli Company in charge of Sochi, Russia Olympics Security: Perfect set-up for False Flag!

Vile, Corrupt State Crime Labs Get Paid to get FALSE Convictions!

Jewish-owned Disney 666 Logos:
Satanic Illuminati Symbols

Obama Continues to LIE about 9/11- video

Decadent Pot-Head Obama:How FAR U.S. Presidency has Fallen

Geo-Engineered Fake Snow Storms

2009! Chinese Scientists Create Artificial Snow Storm over Beijing

A Rash of Deaths - with Ties to Wall St. Investigations

Worldwide Cancer Cases Expected to Soar 70% over next 20 years

115 Fold Fetal Death from Flu Vaccinations During Pregnancy

Agenda 21: Wake Up! We'll all be living in 500 sq ft. Rabbit Warrens

Barack Obama - the First Gay President (Clinton at Least Cheated with Women!)

Doc gives ObamaCare Mega Smackdown

U.N. says: Global Warming Caused by Humans: "Let's Kill them ALL!"

High Risk Drugs Used in Livestock - causing Super-bug Resistance

More than 50% of Chicken Has 'Superbug' Bacteria

Rotten to the Core: US Public School Common Core Indoctrination

Lenin, Stalin, Obama, Hillary -
ALL JEWS!  Read what they said!

Baby-murdering CDC conspired
to bury evidence of
vaccine-induced fetal deaths

Rare, Stunning Photos of
Legends of our Time

Population Extermination Propaganda
by the Jewish Elite: Get Rid of Gentiles!

MSNBC Interrupts important
Info on NSA spying for - - news on Justin Bieber!!

U.S. Atty Gen. Holder wants to
"negotiate" with Snowden.
Notice: Holder's "pants are on fire!!"

Where the Global Warming
Hoax Was Born - ("It's Population Extermination")

Mexico is ruled by Thugs:
U.S. is ruled by Thugs in suits!

(Jew) Eisenhower's Death Camps
for Germans: the REAL Holocaust

Satanic Eisenhower's (Jewish)
Starvation Orders for Germans

Horrifying Disney/NSA Drone
Mind Control Indoctrination of children

Illuminati Training Video?

U.S. used to have Jobs - and Smog:
Now China has our jobs AND our smog!

Study finds Flu shot really DID
make people sicker!

U.S. Government is Nation's
LARGEST Drug Smuggler

Obama Administration wants to test
DEADLY Anthrax Vaccine on Healthy Children

America's ONLY Export: Perpetual
Wars and Perpetual KILLING

USDA: approval of Agent Orange Corn?  
They're not Dumb - they want to KILL us!

OBAMA LIES: "The Economy is Improving!'
Talk to Penny's, Macy's and Best Buy!!

Jewish Bolshevik Communists Killed
50 Million White Christians - the REAL Holocaust!

Washington Post (owned by a Jew)
is backed by the CIA ("owned" by the Jews)

Ex-Swiss Guard Complains of
Sexual Advances in Vatican

Homeland Security - Another Jewish Racket

80% of Funding for Homeland
Security goes to Jewish Organizations

Economic Recovery?  Obama's LYING Again

Toddler "learns" from his parents
to be a thug just like them:
"thug" talk and "thug actions:

Death Threats for Woman who
proved many college athletes
read at grade school level

The 7 LAST Plagues have begun:
"And every living soul in the sea died" Rev 16:3

Markets are Rigged: Poverty
is Rampant: NO Economic Recovery!

(Jewish) JP Morgan Behind (Jewish)
Madoff Ponzi Scheme: Scamming mostly JEWS!!

US Police Declare Martial Law

Jewish Marxist Social "Scientists"
and the Destruction of the Individual

Taylor Swift: Another Illuminati Slave!

TSA is a Jewish plan for humiliating
and controlling "Gentile" Americans

Obama's Planned Nuke Attack on
Americans Thwarted by Military Brass

Jews Doing to America What They Did to Germany

U.S. Government's Planned Destruction of Cars to force population into city high-rise ghettos

Foreign Troops in America to
Take us Over for the New World Order

More Americans Believe that Aliens
Have Visited the Earth than
Believe that Jesus is Son of God

LAPD handcuffed woman, sexually
assaulted her, then pushed her
out of speeding patrol car

5 Billion Human Beings to be Murdered - video

George Bush, Sr. talks about the
Coming New World Order

How Vaccines are Used to Sterilize the Masses

Cows' Hooves Fall Off after
being Given "Growth Drug" Zilmax

UN Climate Chief:  COMMUNISM
if the "best" way to fight Global Warming

LA County's Top Cop to
Retire Amid FBI Investigation

"Perfect" way to CAUSE Flu
epidemic: Mandatory
Flu Vaccinations in NY

Cop assassinates unarmed 18 year
old who was pinned on
ground by two other officers.

Israeli Rape of Africa

"Modern Art" - a (Jewish) CIA "Weapon"
to Degenerate Americans

"Underwear bomber"
was working for the CIA

Deceptions: Mel Gibson's movie "Passion"
and Rick Warren's book

Extreme Moral Collapse in America

"Many Going to Super Bowl in
New Jersey for child sex"

N.J. Governor Christie exacts
retribution for lack of support

Chicago Breaks 96-yr old Show Record:
So much for "Global Warming"

Group: NO ONE has lower
costs under Obamacare!

There will be NO Economic Recovery - video  

Surprising Facts about
Diana's Car Crash - video

Unmistakable signs of (Jewish instigated)
Black on White Race Wars in America

Israeli Rabbi says even Gay Jews
have "higher souls" then Gay "Gentiles"

Sharon said, "End the enslavement
of the Palestinians" -
Then Sharon suddenly "DIED"

Weather Control! Temperatures in
Northeast drop to -50 windchill

Jewish Role in African Slave
Trade Admitted by Rabbi

A Devastating False Flag Attack is Coming

McDonald's website advises staff
NOT to eat fast food
(Don't eat at McDonald's!)

LYING Media & Drug companies
say, "(HIghly Toxic) Mercury in
Vaccines is GOOD for children"

Gov't Ripping up Food Gardens:
Agenda 21 - Population Extermination

Obama promotes Obamacare to gay,
half-naked, juvenile-acting homosexuals

Newborn dies 70 minutes
after Vaccine injection

Jews used "6 million" Meme from
1915-1938 - long BEFORE
supposed Holocaust

Mounting Evidence that Drug -
and bomb-sniffing dogs just
"Props" for illegal searches and seizures

Jewish-run DARPA has ability to
PREVENT Tsunamis -
as well as CAUSE them

Global Sea Ice Area largest on
record: so much for Global Warming

Yet another vaccine researcher
caught faking research results

TV News Protects Monsanto - Lies to the Public

Jews Hate Blacks: Israel deporting Black Jews

$1 Trillion in Stealth Taxes in Obamacare:
to destroy middle class

Prisoner, in prison for Fraud,
wrote most of Obamacare bill

I wonder why only Whites are
"racists" and no other race is???

National Security is a SCAM:  
NSA is setting up a Police State

Lack of blood in newly released
Sandy Hook videos:  
Obviously no one was killed.

DHS Insider:  Preparations have
been finalized for Martial Law

Queen Elizabeth is NOT
the rightful heir to the throne

Princess Diana: Abortion and Murder
in the Ambulance on
night of car crash

The Coming Chinese Invasion of America

Israeli Jews STEAL
More Land from Palestinians

Pentagon May Court Martial Soldiers
Who Share Christian Faith

Cop who forced dozens of anal
cavity searches for fun and
humiliation gets only 2 yr sentence

Destruction of Christianity by Music

John Lennon Talking about the Illuminati

Why the Illuminati Killed John Lennon

Obviously the News is totally Managed!

Gosh!  How did the NSA miss 9/11
|and the Boston Bombing??

CIA Controls the Youth with Sex,
Drugs, and Rock and Roll

Doctors Vaccinate to make money:
CDC LIES about flu deaths!

Israel Torturing Palestinian
children in cages, Israelis reveal

FBI Involved in Staging or Covering
up Shooter or Terror Hoax EVERY 6 WEEKS!!

Sandy Hook Hoax:  Full length video

9/11 Attacks carried out by U.S.,
Israel and Saudi Arabia

Police Murder yet another American

U.S. Government asks Google to
Remove 4,000 Political
items from Search

Scientists desperately trying to
make Bird flu MORE DANGEROUS!!

How Celebrities Sell Their
Soul to the Devil - video

Obviously Jewish, Al Goldstein,
Pornographer and editor
of Screw magazine

Evidence at Sandy Hook

ObamaCare Restricts Your
Travel and Where You Live

U.S. Military is EVERYWHERE:
U.S. is a KILLING Machine

Cash will be Obsolete
in 3 years - PayPal

Cooking with Splenda found to
release cancer-causing dioxins in food

More evidence that the
Holocaust is a total Hoax

Why are you so shocked at
your president's LIES?  
ALL Presidents LIE!!  Wake up!

Snow in Egypt for the first
time in 100 years

Mass Violence Linked to
Psychiatric Drugs

Texas Judge forced to resign after
texting prosecutors during trial

Photos and Eye Witnesses Confirm
Boston Bombing used FAKE
canister Smoke Bombs-video

Utah Public Health Bans Gardasil vaccine

Scientology. CIA, MK Ultra,
Illuminati Mind Control

Roseanne Barr and Cathy O'Brien
on Mind Control - video

King of the North and King of the South
Daniel, Chapter 11

16 yr.old drunk driver kills four -
gets probation from judge
"because boy's family is wealthy"

Proof General Electric KNEW its
design for Fukushima
nuclear plant was unsafe

Police slam hand-cuffed man's
head into cement wall
for clearing his throat - video

Death by "Weather" on the rise:
Weather control and De-population

Outrageous grade inflation:
 Average grade at Harvard is A-

CIA "wants" to Control the Weather?
 They already DO!

Gun confiscation begins in New York City

The TRUE Story of "Saint" Mandela

End of Private Property Rights in U.S.

Nelson Mandela: The Myth and the Reality

37 Reasons why "U.S. Economic
Recovery in 2013" is a LIE

Racist Israel Will Pay Africans $3,500
Each to Leave

Pedophilia is NOT a "Sexual
Orientation" - it's a Crime!

Catholic Church Admits Saturday -
NOT Sunday - is the Biblical Sabbath

Origins of Medical Industry Corruption - video

44 teaspoons of SUGAR in a
"movie-size" Coca Cola!

Pope Benedict was Forced to Resign:
Arrest warrant for child trafficking and torture

Human Sacrifices, including children,
in the Catholic Churches - vatican

Vatican Witchcraft and Satanism - video

Selling Their Soul:  The Luciferian Contract

Illuminati Stars: Before and After

The Next Epidemic the FDA,
CDC and U.S. Gov't are Planning

Is the Knock-Out "Game" the work
of U.S. Gov't Provocateurs
to start a Race War?

Before and After the "Holocaust."  
Jewish Encyclopedia proves
Hitler didn't kill Jews

California now confiscating
legally-purchased guns

Pastors getting RFID chip and
encouraging their members to get it too

America's New Social Classes:
Jews On Top - Gentiles Impoverished

Cops Kill 8 Times MORE
Americans than Terrorists

The Current Vaccine Reality:

Jewish War on Christmas - and Christians

And so it begins: New York sending
out Gun Confiscation Notices

Brainwashing by the Media:
ALL the "News" is Managed

Hollywood Jewish Film Producer
ADMITS He was an Israeli Spy:
Why doesn't he get arrested??

Study proves VACCINES - NOT
"Vaccine Refusers" - are behind
Whooping Cough Outbreak.

Jewish Controlled U.S. Gov't now
trying to provoke war with China

Australia is now officially a Police State

Martial Law "drills" taking place all over U.S.

World's 100 Richest earned enough
in 2012 to end global poverty 4 times over

Bill Gates' Polio Vaccine Program
Eradicates Children, not Polio

The Knock-out "Game" - Blacks
attacking white people randomly

OUTRAGEOUS: Father arrested
for legally picking up his children after school!

Jewish Bankers in U.S. pay huge
amounts to daughter of Chinese P.M.

U.S. Wants Base in Philippines:
They say NO. So U.S. "Typhoons"|
Philippines - Get Base!

Broadway:  Built - and owned - by the Jews

Cops kill SAME number of U.S.
civilians. as U.S. military killed in Iraq

More Evidence Israeli Mossad
Killed JFK over Israeli Nuke program

Secret Service ORDERED to STOP
protecting Kennedy minutes
before He was Assassinated - video

Israeli Mossad Killed Both Kennedys

NSA's Evil Plan to track "anyone,
anytime, anywhere" right
out of the Jewish Talmud

The Dark - and Satanic -
Heart of Centralized Power

More Evidence the JEWS were
behind JFK's Assassination

HUGE List of Commanding Generals
FIRED by (Jewish) Obama Administration

Largely Black on White HATE "Game" Growing

Google Private Jets Blow 100 MILLION lbs
of CO2 in air then blame
citizens for "Global Warming"

19 yr-old dies 24 hours after receiving a flu shot

JFK Assassination was done by the Jews

Sleezy, Lying Obamacare's Hidden
secret: You lose ALL rights to privacy

Kissinger says Military men are
dumb, stupid animals - video

Chemtrail becomes HUGE "Roll Cloud"
-  More Weather Control

Lyndon Johnson's role in Kennedy
Assassination - video

Filthy LA Schoolteacher blindfolds
23 kids and spoon feeds them his semen

Philippines PUNISHED with
Typhoon disaster perpetrated by U.S./Israel

Propaganda they're teaching your kids

Jewish Rabbis kidnap and torture -
for BIG money: What a degenerate religion!

U.S. Federal Mandate to sicken and
Kill your children by forcing
them to eat Junk Food

Chinese Troops on American Soil -
Why? Because they have no problem killing us.

Father Tased by Cops upon
Learning of his Toddler's Death

TPP - Huge Give-away to Corporations:
Destruction of U.S. Sovereignty - video

FEDS setting up "voluntary" check
points for DNA and blood tests!!

Police force man to undergo $6000
of invasive anal procedures
looking for Drugs: NONE found

LYING Obama: 36 times he LIED! - video

The Stupid Ignorant "Scientists"
are going to Kill Us ALL!

This is what ObamaCare is all about
- Population Extermination - video

More Evidence Jews Killed JFK

Arafat Assassinated by Israeli
Jews using Plutonium

Revealed: Under ObamaCare, BEST
Hospitals will be reserved for the Rich!

Israeli Jews call for Deportation of Arabs

Official DHS "Operation ENDGAME"
- a Plan to put dissidents in Concentration Camps

Stupid IRS Refunded $4BILLION
in tax "refunds" to Identity Thieves!!

Saudi Arabia (run by JEWS)
is planning to attack Syria

Sarah Palin, Trump, and Murdoch
at Billy Graham's party: these are his "friends."

UC Berkeley BANS term "Illegal
Immigrant" - George Orwell "Newspeak"

Gays (promoted by Jews) Admit
ENDA legislation is about
"Criminalizing Christianity"

(Criminal) Cop TASERS Handcuffed
woman in the heart for "mouthing off"

9 Questions that Stump
EVERY Pro-Vacine Advocate

"They" know ALL about you!!!
- AMAZING vide

Why Do Virtually ALL Christians
Dishonor God by Doing God’s
Work Their OWN Way?

Documents reveal "Chemtrails"
originated at Department of Defense

It is Corporations (not people) who
are destroying Environment - and giving us Cancer

Saudi Arabia's Tyrannical Government
run by JEWS! (Their Monarchy is JEWISH)

CDC KNEW - 14 years ago -
the HORRORS of Vaccinations

Belgium (controlled by Jews)
wants Euthanasia for KIDS!!

Why is it ILLEGAL in 16 countries
to deny the "Holocaust" when
NO gas chambers have ever been found?

Sharp Drop in Gov't Infrastructure
Spending: America Going to Pot!

Poor Deceived Pat Boone
Hawking Land to Support Israel

LAX Shooting Hoax:
That's a Dummy in the Wheelchair

Rabbis Arrested for Running Money
Laundering Scheme

ObamaCare - What the
Government's not telling you

Well, well, an "Uncomfortable
Truth" now exposed: Matthew
Shepard's death NOT a Hate Crime!

U.S. and Foreign Governments
PAYING CNN to Control the News

Deadly Aspartame Changes Its
Name to "AminoSweet"

LAX Shooter: Another False Flag
aimed at Gun Confiscation - video

EVIL, DEGENERATE Psychiatrists
now ENDORSE Pedophilia

IRS Putting Woman in
Jail who owes ZERO Taxes

Police and Government
Cover-up of Pedophilia by Elite

Rihanna, an Illuminati Princess,
promotes Satanic bondage to teens - video

Melyssa Ford Talks about Satanic Contracts

Lady Gaga Admits to Pact with Satan

Paris Jackson Warns
|the World about the Illuminati

Illuminati Stars: Before and After

More evidence LAX shooting a
Hoax: "Blood" is obviously PAINT!

Photo of Dummy Presented as
LAX wounded Shooter

LAX Shooting Suspect named
CIA - N - CIA: How stupid do they think we are?

Sandy Hook "crisis actor" Kid
spills the beans: It was a DRILL

Here it is Folks: Dianne Feinstein
Cries "Gun Control" in wake of LAX Shooting

Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses - video

Black woman kidnaps 12 yr old
white boy and tortures him
to death with a blow torch

Racist Rabbi says Gentiles
on earth to serve Jews

If your Doctor Says Vaccines are
Safe, Have Him Sign This Form

Big Pharma OWNS the Government

Veggies protect against radiation

Here's Who Really Runs Things
in America:  JEWS!

The Business of America is War

CNN is PAID by Foreign And Domestic
Government Agencies for Specific Content Control

If a vaccination is mandated
for your work or school,
have the doctor sign this document!

Government Program to Control|
Religious Thought - and every other Though - video

Rothschild says:  International
Currency within 5 years- video

Chemotherapy INCREASES Cancer Growth

U.S. Gov't pays out $2 BILLION in
damages caused by vaccines, including autism

Internal TSA Documents Admit:
 NO Terrorist Threat: Scanners
are to Harass regular people

1939: NY Times Actually Gave
Truthful account of Hitler

Planned Parenthood - pushing
Child Pornography in the name of Sex Education

CNN says Global Warming
caused by Humans:  Population Extermination

Sandy Hook Contractors
Forced to Sign Confidentiality Agreements:
MORE Cover-up

U.S. Army Defines Christian Ministry
as "domestic Hate group"

Mainstream Journalists Expose 9/11 Hoax

IMF Lays Groundwork for
Global Wealth Confiscation

JFK vs. the  (Jewish) Federal Reserve

Jewish Control of Saudi Arabia

Israel willing to destroy the whole
world to prevent "another
Holocaust" (that never was)