U.S. to CREATE a “Bird Flu” Virus Mutation - - -
To Purposely Infect Human Beings!

Lorraine Day, M.D.

The “Bird Flu” (supposed) pandemic is not happening fast enough for the New World Order/Illuminati, so to make sure that a pandemic does occur and to make sure that masses of people do die, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is now creating a mutation of the “bird flu” virus that will do a better job of infecting human beings. According to the Wall Street Journal, and reported by United Press International on March 24, 2006, the “CDC scientists (inside an ultra-secure laboratory) are combining the genes of the H5N1 avian virus (“Bird Flu”) with the genes of an H3N2 virus, the strain behind most recent (regular) human flu outbreaks.”

“The goal is to substitute the eight genes of each virus, one by one, with the eight genes from the other virus to see which of more than 250 possible combinations create flu viruses that could spread easily among humans.”

As stated in my previous article, “Bird Flu” Hoax, only about 65 people in all of Asia (population over 3 billion people) have died from “Bird Flu” over the last SEVEN YEARS! (Even if we could believe their numbers!) That, in NO way, qualifies as an epidemic. Yet U.S. President George W. Bush is talking of calling out the military and quarantining large numbers of people. The UK is discussing plans for mass graves, anticipating that 320,000 people will die in Britain. Yet NOT ONE person, either in the U.S. or in the U.K. has died from this supposed “Bird Flu”!


The object of this diabolic plan is to frighten people into getting vaccinated, or even worse, to declare mandatory vaccinations for everyone IN ORDER TO INFECT THEM with many different diseases that will be included purposely in the “Bird Flu” vaccine. This will assure the Illuminati of the Pandemic and mass deaths they so fervently desire.

The CDC and the government will explain this away by saying, “We just want to create this virus that will easily infect human beings, so if it ever happens in nature, by chance, we will be ready with a drug to “treat it” (they’re planning to use chemotherapy!) or a vaccine to prevent it.” DON’T believe them. This is part of the Illuminati’s plan for Population Control, the plan to kill 90% of the population of the world within a decade or so.

Vaccinations – ALL vaccinations – are neither safe, nor effective. They do not prevent disease. They CAUSE disease!

Prince Philip and his son, Prince Charles, frequently speak of “Sustainable Development.” That is a euphemism for eliminating the vast majority of the world’s population so THEY and their Illuminati friends can have the entire earth for themselves. They want to return to what they term a “Post-Industrial Society”, a society like the one that existed before the Industrial Revolution, a society in which there were the wealthy - - - and the slaves - - - with NO middle class. In this society, the wealthy own everything, including the slaves!

They cannot achieve their goal of owning everything without creating horrific pandemics that kill millions of people.

How does one protect oneself? By NOT taking the vaccinations! And if one does get sick, use natural methods for treatment. Drugs NEVER cure disease. They only cover up the symptoms so you, temporarily, feel better while the disease gets worse.

As noted by Dr. Eleanore McBean, a naturopathic physician who was alive during the devastating (and man-made) 1918 flu epidemic, the ONLY people who developed the flu were the ones who had been vaccinated. Furthermore, the death rate in flu victims treated by orthodox physicians with their drug medications was 33%, whereas the healing rate in those treated by natural methods (water treatment, proper diet, etc.) was close to 100%! (Reference, The Swine Flu Epidemic, by Dr. Eleanore McBean. See this web site for text - coming soon.)

There is no need to be afraid if you learn to take care of your own health and the health of your family.

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