So, What's the Real Story on Anthrax?
Always Remember - Who Benefits?

Lorraine Day, M.D.

Ever since the Gulf War, there has been a controversy over vaccination of U.S. troops against Anthrax. There have been numerous criticisms of the Anthrax vaccine: it is dangerous, it doesn't work, it contains other harmful substances, it caused, or at least contributed to, the Gulf War Syndrome, it has not been adequately tested, and on and on. Over the last several years, the controversy has increased so much that many military personnel are refusing to take the anthrax vaccine, even to the point of being court martialled.

Opposition to Anthrax Vaccine - Some Examples:

* "Facing a firestorm of protest from the public and a quiet rebellion among the ranks, an Air Force panel who convicted Capt. John Buck of 'disobeying' an order to submit to the controversial Anthrax shots, decided to forgo sending the young physician to prison.

"The 11-man panel at Keesler AFB in Mississippi deliberated for 90 minutes before handing down a sentence last month of 60 days 'base confinement', a $21,000 'fine,' (spread out over 14 months) and a letter of 'reprimand' added to Buck's personnel file.

"The emergency room doctor and first physician in the U.S. military to say NO to being 'guinea-pigged' with the so-called Anthrax 'vaccine,' could have received five years imprisonment and a dishonorable discharge," according to

* MAJ Sonnie Bates, USAF, a pilot at Dover, AFB, Del. was headed for a court martial and up to five years in prison until he went on "60 Minutes" and told what was going on. More than a dozen members of Bates' squadron came down sick with a variety of illnesses including thyroid and liver damage, memory loss, bone and joint pain, fevers, dizziness, infected cysts and lesions.

* More than thirty pilots and tanker crew-members at Travis AFB in California quit rather than take the shots. So did pilots in the Wisconsin Air National Guard. And Air Force Capt. Clifton Volpe, assigned to a VIP transport squadron at Andrews AFB, Maryland, is being thrown out of the military for refusing to take the controversial injections.

* SGT Sandra Larson of Fort Riley, Kansas is dead of "aplastic anemia," a virulent blood disease caused by suppression of the immune system. She died just 30 days after completing her series of Anthrax shots. Her sister, Nancy Rugo, says the young NCO "went from a healthy woman just four weeks prior to her death - June 14, 2000 - to having no bone marrow, platelets and an extremely low count of red and white blood cells. It was as if there was something in her that was killing her immune system, shutting her down." In the final months of her life, Sandra told her sister it was the Anthrax shots that made her sick. SGT Larson said the threat of court-martial or prison made her reluctantly submit to the shots that ended up costing her her life.

* Retired Air Force LTC Redmond Handy, who resigned his officer's commission rather than participate in what he calls a "terrible crime against our men and women in uniform," warned "there are others currently at risk because of this flawed vaccine. I'm afraid SGT Larson's death won't be the last," he told "When will the Pentagon end this madness?"

The bottom line is that Anthrax vaccinations have had a VERY BAD reputation! More and more people, especially the military, were dead set against them.

Besides, vaccinations don't work: They are neither safe nor effective.

The military was losing their propaganda battle. Recruits weren't signing up and those within the military have been leaving or mounting increasing opposition against the Anthrax vaccinations.


(Or so our enemies within our own government decided.) Something Horrible and Diabolic had to be done to permanently change everyone's mind about the Anthrax vaccine!

So, what was their Plan?

Simultaneously with the increased opposition to the Anthrax vaccination program in the military, there was an increase in deluging the American public with "News-Talk" on all the networks and in the newspapers, about a "100% Chance of an Anthrax Attack in the U.S.!" As one author put it - - "100%! WOW! What do the TelePrompter readers know that we don't know? And why do they fail to mention how terrorists came into possession of Anthrax?"

Just HOW did the television news stations KNOW ahead of time that there would be an Anthrax "bioterrorism" outbreak?

And NOW they're telling us that there will be a Small Pox "Bioterrorism" outbreak. Please note that Small Pox has been totally eliminated from the earth, except for the supply of small pox bacteria kept in the U.S. Biological Warfare laboratory. This supply has been a source of major controversy, with many scientists over the last 20 years urging the government to destroy it. But of course, the government refused. Their excuse was that they needed to have a source of bacteria to make a vaccine "in case there was an outbreak in the future!" How convenient!

It's interesting to learn that Admiral William J. Crowe Jr, who was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1985 until he retired from the Navy in 1989, and who subsequently was rewarded by Bill Clinton with the post of ambassador to Great Britain, has gotten a "sweetheart deal" from the Pentagon to produce this questionable Anthrax vaccine that is supposed to "protect" the nations' military from the deadly organisms.

Crowe is part owner of BioPort of Lansing, Michigan, the producer of the Anthrax vaccine, a company that was temporarily shut down by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after it failed an inspection in November, 2000, according to MAJ Glenn MacDonald, USAR (Ret). MacDonald has asked, "Why has the Pentagon 'fronted' BioPort with millions of dollars in taxpayers' money when the troubled manufacturer has experienced continued failures? Does that have something to do with who some of its owners and investors are?"

But a Bioport Corp. employee has died, apparently from the anthrax vaccine. "Richard Dunn had worked for BioPort and its predecessor, the state-owned Michigan Biological Institute, since 1992. The 61 year-old man, who cared for and monitored test animals at BioPort, was required to take the same vaccine given to the nation's military personnel. "Dunn received 11 doses of the vaccine - the last, given in April. An autopsy performed in August suggests the vaccine as a factor," Ionia county Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Robert Joyce said. "The autopsy," Joyce said, "showed Dunn had an inflammatory response to the vaccine throughout his body." (Lansing STATE JOURNAL)


Since Anthrax has now been found in:

a) the American Media Building in Florida, where five grocery store tabloids are published including, the Star, The Globe, The Sun, and the National Enquirer, and where one employee died of anthrax,

b) the NBC building in New York where News Anchor Tom Brokaw's assistant tested positive for cutaneous anthrax,

c) the Microsoft Building in Reno, Nevada, and

d) (possibly) in the ABC headquarters in New York,

What NOW is the mood of the country? - - - - - - - -


People are now downright ANXIOUS to be vaccinated for anthrax, they will line up and pay any price to be vaccinated. Plus the drug Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) is in enormous demand, with its price sky-rocketing.

First of all, let's talk about how the Anthrax powder got into these four buildings.

The American Media Building: The commercial media (Newsweek, Oct 22, 2001) has focused on "a one-page handwritten love letter addressed to Jennifer Lopez, which was passed around the editorial offices." Newsweek reported that enclosed in the envelope was a "small Star of David and a tablespoon or so of a bluish substance that resembled dishwashing powder." The work station of Bob Stevens, the man who also read the letter and who subsequently died of anthrax, was said to be a "hot spot of anthrax."

However, five additional employees "who worked way down the hall and around the corner (and for a different tabloid newspaper) were also exposed (their blood tests came back positive)." Yet, they apparently had NO exposure to the "Jennifer Lopez letter."

So, the authorities really DON'T know how the American Media anthrax exposure occurred.

The NBC Building in New York: Erin O'Connor, Tom Brokaw's assistant, reportedly received a "suspicious business letter addressed to 'Nightly News' anchor Tom Brokaw " which contained a white powder. "Within days," Newsweek continued, "O'Connor developed a rash below her left collarbone which tested positive for cutaneous anthrax." However, the FBI testing of the white powder in the envelope, found it to be negative for anthrax!

When reported this incident (10/12/01), they failed to mention that the envelope tested NEGATIVE for anthrax! Curious!!

"When the FBI interviewed O'Connor more extensively," Newsweek continues, "she recalled that she had gotten another letter, postmarked Sept.18. She hadn't thought anything of it. But, she finally remembered, it did contain some kind of dark, sandlike powder." The FBI supposedly reported on Oct. 12 that that letter, postmarked Trenton, N.J., contained "traces of anthrax."

Let's get real. With the amount of mail that comes into the NBC building in New York on a daily basis, the chances of finding some obscure, forgotten letter almost a month later would be virtually impossible. Do they really expect us to believe that?

The Microsoft office in Reno, Nev.: This episode is even more bizarre. According to the Newsweek report, a letter received On Oct. 13 "tested positive for anthrax: the envelope, in which Microsoft had sent a check to a vendor in Malaysia, had been returned, with the check intact. It also contained pornographic pictures cut from a magazine, and dusted with anthrax spores."

Anthrax spores are NOT visible. How would anyone know the anthrax spores were there? There is no evidence that EVERY piece of mail at Microsoft was being sent to a laboratory for analysis for anthrax spores, that would be too expensive. So why did they check this one particular letter? What would make anyone think that anthrax spores were there since they are not visible?

ABC Headquarters in New York: "A 7-month-old boy who visited the network's headquarters in New York for several hours on Sept 28 contracted the cutaneous form of the disease. The boy is the son of a freelance news producer. Investigators do not know the source of the anthrax and have not ruled out suspicious packages."
(ABC, 10/15/01)

THE BOTTOM LINE IS: There is virtually NO evidence that anthrax was sent through the mail in ANY of these cases.

All four of these episodes are very vague. So we're back to the obvious probability that the anthrax powder was purposely planted in the buildings, not sent through the mail.

And NOW, just recently, a "letter" containing "a powder that tested positive for Anthrax has been sent to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle which has potentially contaminated as many as 29 people, including two Capitol Police officers."

This will, of course, insure that Congress will pass all the harsh, restrictive, rights-destroying legislation that the behind-the-scenes rulers of our country will demand!

Who's responsible for these treacherous acts?

Let's consider, as any good detective should, OPPORTUNITY AND MOTIVE!


Who would have access to each of these buildings, particularly during non-working hours, WITHOUT raising suspicion? Since ALL four corporations are owned by Jews, individual Arabs or a group of Arabs would be highly suspicious if found roaming around their buildings. The owners wouldn't allow it, especially since September 11. They obviously would have NO off-hours access either. But certainly the owners of the specific companies, or their representatives, would have unlimited access.

But why would someone allow Anthrax to be planted in his own building? Isn't that a little far-fetched? Not if you're part of a small elitist group of internationalists dedicated to controlling the world and all of its resources. Each one is expected to do his part. Besides, after the initial planting of the Anthrax and the exposure of enough employees to cause major public panic and possibly death of one or many individuals, the building can then be closed, decontaminated and made ready for use again. Mission accomplished!

MOTIVE (Who Benefits?):

What would the obvious motive be?

To cause epidemic fear and overwhelming panic which would result in: a) a major demand for the anthrax vaccine which would eliminate the previous public and military resistance to the vaccine and bring great profits to the vaccine manufacturer, b) a burgeoning market for the drug Ciprofloxacin, at any price - bringing huge profits to the pharmaceutical company that produces it, and c) a desire by the public to have maximum protection from these diseases no matter what the monetary cost or the sacrifice of their individual rights.

By the way, orthodox medicine's drug of choice for anthrax is plain old Penicillin, which is very cheap because it is no longer patentable. Why are they instead pushing Cipro which is very expensive and restricted by the pharmaceutical company patent rights?

So, who would have the MOTIVE?

a) Those who want to create Panic in America to cause a major plunge in the stock market and a subsequent depression of the U.S. economy - to prepare the U.S. for takeover by the One World Government of the United Nations, with its plan for tyranny and TOTAL control of everyone on the planet. Also, a stock market crash provides the opportunity for the BIG MONEY players to buy up huge amounts of stock at bargain-basement prices, just like the Rockefellers did in the Crash of '29!

Who Are These People? These would be the same people who were responsible for the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks - - and, again, it's NOT the Arabs! The obvious candidates would be those who have infiltrated the U.S. government, particularly the CIA, who have an allegiance to World Government and to Israel, NOT an allegiance to the U.S. and the interests of the average American. (Please see "World Trade Center/Pentagon Attack.")

b) The major stockholders of the company who makes the anthrax vaccine

c) The major stockholders of the company who makes Ciprofloxacin

Many, if not most, of the Pharmaceutical companies that make drugs and vaccines are owned by the groups with the same allegiance as mentioned in (a) immediately above.

Who would have ACCESS to the Anthrax powder?

In at least one instance, the powder was said to be of very high grade which would ONLY be found in a high quality laboratory, particularly a government laboratory. Scientists say that it would be virtually impossible for anthrax powder or spores to be found in places such as these without a deliberate planting of it there.

The owners of ALL of these four businesses, and their top men, are close associates, both by professional association and cultural and ethnic background, of those who are involved with Secret Societies such as the Bilderbergers, The Club of Rome, and others whose agenda is Population Control and World Dominance!

What is the evidence for Population Control?
Who's behind it and Why?

In the UNESCO Courier of November 1991, Jacques Cousteau wrote:

"The damage people cause to the planet is a function of demographics - it is equal to the degree of development. One American burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshes . . . This is a terrible thing to say. In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people PER DAY. It is a horrible thing to say, but it's just as bad not to say it."

Bertrand Russell, an advisor to many U.S. presidents, in his book, "The Impact of Science on Society," wrote,

"At present the population of the world is increasing . . . War so far has had no great effect on this increase . . . I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others . . . If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full . . . the state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to suffering, especially that of others."

In the Global Assessment Report of UNEP (a United Nations sponsored study group), Phase One Draft, Section 9, the authors quoted an expert who suggested that:

"A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion. At the more frugal European standard of living, 2 to 3 billion would be possible."

In "The First Global Revolution," published by The Council of the Club of Rome, a secret international elitist organization of the New World Order, whose diabolical duty it is to devise methods to decrease the world's population, the authors note that:

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine, and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention . . . The real enemy, then is humanity itself."

In Elberton, Georgia, there is a Druid-like monument, erected in March 1980 and funded by a mysterious man using the pseudonym, R.C. Christian. The words engraved on the massive stone pillars are the Ten Commandments of the New Age: They read as follows (with my editorial comment underneath each one):

1. Maintain humanity under five hundred million in perpetual balance with nature.
(Since there are 6 billion people on the earth presently, 5 1/2 billion will have to
be exterminated.)

2) Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity.
(Forced abortion, limit couples to one child, aborting before birth or killing after birth
any disabled or deformed child.)

3) Unite humanity with a living new language.
(One World Language - as in the tower of Babel.)

4) Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason.
(One World Religion, with the elimination of God and the Rule of Reason as was
the case in France during the bloody French Revolution.)

5) Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
("They" will decide what laws are "fair" and what "justice" is.)

6) Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court.
(Governors will be appointed by the New World Order, not elected by the people.
National rights will no longer exist. All disputes will be settled in a world court,
with no right to appeal.)

7) Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
("They" will decide the definition of "petty" and "useless.")

8) Balance personal rights with social duties.
(Pure Communism. Individual rights must be given up in favor of the community.)

9) Prize truth, beauty, love . . . seeking harmony with the infinite.
("Tolerance" is their buzz word. No one's morals, or standards or religious beliefs
have any more validity than anyone else's. Everyone decides his own morality.)

10) Be not a cancer on the earth . . . leave room for nature . . .
(Worship nature, rather than the Creator of nature. Nature becomes god. Animals
and plants are more important than people.)

(For more information on the Georgia Guidestones, visit the website: or search under the heading: Georgia Guidestones.)

So you can see, there IS a plan to eliminate most of the population of the world. This is the goal of "environmentalism."


One thing you can be sure of, there will be MORE CONTROL!

Who knows what they have in mind for sure, but maybe any or all of the following:

1) Getting the population used to the possibility of biological warfare, and eventually many different plagues with millions of deaths.

2) Putting the population into panic. When people are in a state of panic, they are more susceptible to propaganda.

3) Again blame something else on the Arabs, so the U.S. and Israel can go bomb them out of existence. They can also crush, take over and control Afghanistan and its strategic position for their proposed oil pipeline for the massive oil reserves in that area and any other Arab-occupied areas with oil or other natural resources.

4) Markedly increase the cost of mail delivery. After all, they will have to take "special precautions" with all mail and that will be expensive.

5) Elimination of all sealed envelopes. All mail would have to be left open for inspection. (This would obviously serve the purposes of the New World Order.)

6) Elimination of all regular mail with an immediate shift to electronic mail only. (Then they could read your mail more easily.)

7) Major profits for the Pharmaceutical companies with the sale of Cipro and the Anthrax vaccine.

8) Frequent searches of vehicles, persons and possessions for the presence of Anthrax, or other "bioterrorism" bacteria or viruses.

9) Searches of homes, without warrants, for Anthrax or other "bioterrorism" bacteria or viruses - "for the safety of the neighborhood, city and country."

10) Increased security at airports, with NO carry-on luggage.

11) National ID cards "to eliminate terrorists and terrorism."

And anything else that comes to "their" mind.

Just How dangerous is Anthrax?

Anthrax is a disease of sheep, cattle, horses, goats, and swine caused by Bacillus Anthracis, a gram-positive spore-forming aerobic rod. The organism is transmitted to humans by inoculation of broken skin or mucous membranes or by inhalation causing either cutaneous or pulmonary infection. Anthrax is usually a rare occupational disease of farmers, veterinarians, and tannery and wool workers.

In cutaneous anthrax, a reddened small swelling appears on an exposed area of skin which then develops into a blister, with a purple to black center. The surrounding area is also swollen and forms blisters. The center of the area involved finally turns black, dies and sloughs off.

The lymph nodes in the surrounding areas enlarge and there is fever, malaise (unease or discomfort), headache, and nausea and vomiting. After the central area of involvement sloughs, the disease can spread by the blood to other areas of the body resulting in shock, sweating, cyanosis (bluish color of the skin due to decreased hemoglobin), and collapse. Hemorrhagic meningitis may also occur.

Pulmonary (lung) anthrax results from inhaling of spores (a form of the bacteria that is encapsulated with a microscopic outer shell that inhibits its being killed by routine sterilization methods). Pulmonary anthrax is characterized by fever, malaise, headache, shortness of breath, cough, congestion of the nose, throat and larynx, and evidence of pneumonia.

The mortality rate is high, particularly for the pulmonary form, despite what orthodox medicine considers proper therapy. They advocate Penicillin G, 2 million units intravenously every 4 hours, according to the accepted medical textbooks. Notice, the drug of choice is NOT Cipro (at a very high price), but instead it is Penicillin (which is dirt cheap.)

How Dangerous is treatment with Cipro?

The Pharmaceutical company, Bayer, makers of Cipro (ciprofloxacin) give stern warnings about the adverse side effects of the drug, as follows:


Other Adverse Reactions documented to have occurred with Cipro:

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, restlessness, rash, cardiac palpitation, fainting, hypertension, angina, heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, nightmares, hallucinations, manic reaction, irritability, convulsive seizures, anorexia, depersonalization, depression, painful oral mucosa, oral candidiasis, difficulty swallowing, intestinal perforation, gastrointestinal bleeding, jaundice, joint pains and stiffness, kidney failure, urinary retention (inability to urinate), urethral bleeding, vaginitis, shortness of breath, swelling of the larynx, pulmonary edema, coughing up blood, blood clots to the lungs, full body itching, full body swelling, swelling of the neck, face and lips, anaphylaxis (total body collapse and death), delirium, toxic psychosis, liver destruction, pseudomembranous colitis (the lining of the colon sloughs off), life-threateningly low white blood count and severe anemia, and many more. (Source: Physicians' Desk Reference, 2001)

Penicillin also has side effects and can cause death in someone who has a penicillin allergy.

But antibiotics are really not the answer. They're only a short term fix and don't address the underlying cause of the problem. And ALL antibiotics have side effects.


You bet there is!

Antibiotics are NOT the answer because germs are not the problem. Germs don't cause disease anymore than flies cause garbage. The whole "germ theory" on which all orthodox medicine is based, is WRONG! Vultures don't attract dead animals. Dead animals attract vultures. The dead and dying tissue always attracts the clean-up crew.

Germs (bacteria and viruses) are not part of the problem, they are actually part of the solution, as strange as that may sound. They are part of the clean-up crew. We are surrounded by bacteria and viruses all the time. They are in our nose, our mouth, our throat and our intestine. Most of the time, they don't bother us at all. They only cause us trouble when our immune system is not working properly, when we are full of sick cells and dying tissues which is a result of improper diet and lifestyle, then the bacteria and viruses move in to clean out the dead and dying tissue.

When the toxins from the dead and dying tissue are dumped into the blood stream for elimination through the kidneys, the toxins cause symptoms - these symptoms are then identified as a "disease" by the doctor who then wants to fill you with dangerous drugs! This is all explained on my videos "Drugs Never Cure Disease" and "Sorting Through The Maze of Alternative Medicine."

The EXACT PLAN necessary to rebuild the immune system is found on my video "You Can't Improve on God!" This is a totally natural, rigorous, Ten Step Plan, designed to be done at home, a Plan that is TOTALLY FREE, except for food (and you have to buy that anyway).

The BEST AND ONLY way to avoid ALL infectious diseases is to have your body in a MAXIMUM healthy state with a properly functioning immune system. If the body's immune system is working properly, it is virtually impossible to contract ANY infectious disease!

Remember, in EVERY disease epidemic in the past,

no matter how severe or extensive it was,



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