Who is Dr. Lorraine Day?

Lorraine Day, M.D., an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best-selling author, was for fifteen years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert.

The AIDS Epidemic in San Francisco

As an orthopedic trauma surgeon at San Francisco General Hospital during the beginning, and rapidly escalating, AIDS epidemic, Dr. Day arguably operated on more AIDS patients than any other doctor in the country. She strongly advocated the handling of the AIDS epidemic as a public health issue rather than a political issue, a position that was contrary and offensive to the controlled media.

When she was speaking out publicly, in the late 80’s and early 90’s, on the government’s cover-up of HIV/AIDS, she was invited to be a guest on virtually all the major news and talk shows in America including, Nightline, CNN Crossfire, Oprah Winfrey, 60 Minutes, and many others, their objective being to attempt to destroy her credibility. But their attempts were unsuccessful.

Subsequently, she was contacted by some of the remaining good people in high places, including some in positions “above” our government (Yes, there is a group “above” our government), who proceeded to feed her information. Eventually she developed a very large network of reliable information sources on issues in politics, medicine and religion, including the machinations behind the plan for a One World Government and a One World Religion.

Alternative Cancer Therapies

In 1993, Dr. Day was diagnosed with breast cancer, biopsy proven at two major medical centers in California. She refused chemotherapy, radiation and mutilating surgery because of their destructive side effects and chose to use natural methods to rebuild her immune system and regain her health. Through her long and difficult struggle to get well, she was shocked to learn of the enormous cover-up, by Organized Medicine and the pharmaceutical companies, of natural, inexpensive cancer therapies.

Eventually her tumor began to grow rapidly to a huge size and she became very ill and was bedridden for six months. At one point she was not expected to live through the night. But she continued to refuse conventional cancer treatment and persisted in her dedication to natural therapies. She concentrated on re-building her immune system, and has now been totally well and cancer-free for over 10 years.

For thirty years, Dr. Day, who was raised in the Christian church, had been an agnostic but when confronted with what was diagnosed as terminal cancer, she knew she needed more help than human knowledge could offer. She turned to God and began studying the Bible and praying for wisdom. She was completely healed, but NOT “miraculously.” Her healing was a long slow process (that is available to everyone), but one that changed her life in every way. Through this struggle for her life, she became a Bible-believing Christian but she does not believe in Organized Religion.

The exact way she got well, by natural methods, is found in her DVDs/videos, CDs/audios and in her Workbook at www.drday.com

It was through her experience of speaking out regarding the AIDS epidemic, in addition to her personal struggle with life-threatening cancer, that she learned of the extensive cover-up of truth in politics, medicine and even religion.

Threats and intimidation against Truth-tellers

Because of the tyrannical threats and intimidation perpetrated by the cabal of Jewish Zionists and Illuminati against those who attempt to tell truth, many truth-tellers become frightened and ultimately become compromised. Then the truth on issues of major importance begins to be ignored or diluted.

Because the commercial media, TV, newspapers and now much of radio, is owned and controlled by these same Jewish Zionists and Illuminati, there are few outlets for truth. Even the internet spokespersons are being compromised because of threats of violence and pressure on their advertisers by these same groups.

But Americans and others around the world need to know the truth. Truth empowers and uplifts. Without truth, the world will plunge again into the Dark Ages.

Mission: To Tell Truth

The mission of this website is not only to tell truth, but also to give hope, to give the solutions for the terrifying problems that are on our doorstep. Without the solutions, the future can look bleak and hopeless, indeed.

But there IS a way out of the trouble, and that information is available on this website. This website will present the problems – AND the solutions!

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